101 Things to do

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					                          101 THINGS TO DO AROUND SPOKANE

Go rollerblading or biking on the Centennial Trail* Go Swimming* Visit events happening at the
Interstate Fairgrounds* Go to the a bookstore and find a book to read to each other* Climb the
rocks or have a picnic at Minnehaha Park* Go to garage sales and look for hidden treasures*
Walk around the boardwalk in Coeur d’Alene* Make cookies together* Push each other on the
swings at Cannon Park* Buy “The Book of Questions” and learn more about each other* Go
mini-golfing or play video games at Wonderland* Plant a garden together* Research an
interesting topic at the Spokane Library* Watch videos and eat popcorn with a group of friends*
Inner tube or sled together at Underhill Park…

Work out together at a fitness club or gym* Play Frisbee at Comstock Park* Get a video camera
and make a home made movie* Sit on the Opera House steps and watch the sunset* Join a city
league sports team* Go see a Cougars game down in Pullman* Build a snowman together* Go
fly a kite at Valley Mission Park* Go bird watching or snipe hunting* Go horse back riding
around Indian Canyon* Get a map of the constellations and go star gazing* Go see a play or
concert at the Opera House* Play hide and seek* Catch a foul ball at a Spokane Indians game*
Discover a hidden restaurant* Visit your parents or grandparents* Go to Manito Park and walk
through the gardens and feed the ducks* Give each other a foot massage* Take a hike around the
Bowl and Pitcher* Have a water balloon fight* Window shop at the outlet malls in Post Falls*
Cook dinner for a shut-in* Watch a lighting storm together* Go rock climbing at Wild Walls*
Make a favorite music tape together* Check out Indian Paintings in Tum Tum….

Go to a concert at the Spokane Arena* Plan a surprise party for someone* Attend a book signing
or poetry reading at Auntie’s Bookstore* Play tennis on the lighted courts at Mission Park* Play
sand volleyball at Audubon Park* Go bowling* Ride the carousel at Riverfront Park* Tie dye t-
shirts together* Play on the toys at Friendship Park* Watch people reunite or planes take off at
the airport* Go on a fishing expedition to Bear Lake* Have a Pictionary tournament* Chase
down a partner at Laser Quest* Go sledding down some steep grassy hill* Attend Pig-Out-In-
The-Park*Take goofy photos of each other* Watch the Lilac Parade* Go to the Symphony
together* Explore Silverwood for a day* Go sun basking at a near by lake* Go rafting or tubing
down the Spokane River* Play cards with a group of friends* Camp out at Lake Pend Oreille*
Look through each others childhood pictures* Run the stairs around Joe Albi Stadium* Create a
scavenger Hunt* Check out Cheney Cowles Museum* Volunteer to feed the homeless* Look for
wildlife as you canoe down the Little Spokane River* Shoot some hoops…

Observe a live news taping at KXLY* Join a small group at church* Go ice skating at the Eagles
Ice Arena or Riverfront Park Palace* Go donate Blood* Ride the downtown Gondola* Blindfold
your spouse and take them somewhere special* Attend a cultural event such as the POWWOW
at Riverfront Park* Help pick up litter* Go down hill or cross-country skiing at Mount Spokane*
Tandem bike together* Sit on a bench and watch people at the Northtown Mall* Rally up a group
paintball match* Try an espresso at Starbucks* Eat a bagel at Fitzbillies…

Go to the Fox or Garland to see a movie* Go grocery shopping together* Scream your head off at
a Spokane Chiefs Hockey game* Go roller skating at Pattison’s North* Wash you car* Take a
paddle boat around Lake Coeur d’ Alene beach* Do a work project together* Mountain bike
around Micah Point* Go out dancing* Watch a GUTS comedy performance at Gonzaga* Cook a
favorite food* Visit Cat Tales* Go out for ice cream* Pick fresh fruit at Greenbluff* Run
Bloomsday with a friend* Take a picnic at Finch Arboretum* Go to the IMAX Theater* Stay at a
bed and breakfast* Sign up for a class together* Share a milkshake at the Milk Bottle….