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music cd & dvd catalogue

     ngel Air Records was formed early in 1997 primarily to issue Audio CD’s from the Rock, Pop and Jazz genres featuring artists from the 60’s
     to 80’s. Over the past 14 years we have issued in excess of 375 Audio titles based around our twin areas of focus.
1. Re-issues of historical,live and classic albums re mastered with bonus tracks with the artist where at all possible having input by providing per-
sonal photographs, memorabilia, control of artwork and wherever practical overseeing re-mastering.
2. Releases of new product from both 20th and 21st Century by familiar artists or artists who may not be too well known but whose music is com-
patible with the overall quality of Angel Air’s releases. All of Angel Air’s Audio releases have: Colour Picture Discs. Authoritative and informative
sleeve notes-12 to 24 pages. Clear Jewel cases and are Shrinkwrapped. During 2011 we plan to release in excess of 40 Audio Titles from artists
The label has built a unique worldwide reputation for quality and integrity with reliability and sustained growth.
ADAM FAITH                                   3    GERRY McAVOY                                 9    PHIL CORDELL                                          18
AFFINITY                                     3    GILLAN                                    9,10    PHILLIP GOODHAND- TAIT &
AFTER THE FIRE                               3    GLITTER BAND                                10    The STORMSVILLE SHAKERS                               19
AL ATKINS                                    3    GO WEST                                     10    QUATERMASS                                            19
ANCIENT GREASE                               3    GREENSLADE                                  10    RACING CARS                                           19
ANDROMEDA                                    3    HADLEY, NORMAN & KEEBLE                     11    RATS The                                              19
ANDY DAVIS                                   4    HEAVY METAL KIDS                            11    RAY RUSSELL                                           19
ATOMIC ROOSTER                               4    HIGH SOCIETY                                11    RICK DERRINGER & ROCK SPECTACULAR19
ATTACK                                       4    HONEST JOHN PLAIN                           11    RJ WAGSMITH BAND                                      20
BEARDED LADY                                 4    IAN GILLAN BAND                             11    RMS                                                   20
BEAU                                         4    ICE                                         11    ROBERT JOHNSON                                        20
BIG BOY PETE                                 5    JACKIE LOMAX                                11    ROBIN GEORGE                                          20
BLACKHEART                                   5    JAGUAR                                      11    ROB THOMPSON                                          20
BLUE OYSTER CULT                             4    JAMES WARREN                                11    ROCK WORKSHOP                                         20
BO DIDDLEY                                   5    JAN AKKERMAN                                12    ROCOCO                                                20
BOBBY HARRISON                               5    JEFF CHRISTIE                               12    ROGER CHAPMAN                                         20
BRITISH BLUES QUINTET                        5    JOHN DU CANN                                12    ROY YOUNG                                             20
BRITISH LIONS                                5    JOHN DUMMER BLUES BAND                      12    RUBETTES feat BILL HURD                               21
BROKEN ENGLISH                               5    JOHN FIDDLER                                12    RUNNING MAN                                           21
BROKEN HOME                                  5    JOHNNY WARMAN                               12    SAILOR                                                21
BULLET                                       6    KING EARL BOOGIE BAND                       12    SAXON                                                 21
CARLO LITTLE ALLSTARS                        6    KORGIS                                   12,13    SNAFU                                                 21
CARMEN                                       6    KROKUS                                      13    SPENCER DAVIS GROUP                                   21
CHAS JANKEL                                  6    LIFE                                        13    SPLIT KNEE LOONS                                      21
CHICKEN SHACK                                6    LINDA HOYLE                                 13    SPRINGWATER                                           21
CHRIS SPEDDING                               6    LONG JOHN BALDRY                            13    STACKRIDGE                                         21,22
COLD RIVER LADY                              6    MAGGIE BELL                                 13    STEVE ELLIS                                           22
COLOSSEUM                                    6    MAGNA CARTA                                 14    STONE THE CROWS                                       22
CONSORTIUM                                   6    MAMA’S BOYS                                 14    STORYS                                                23
DAMAGE CONTROL                               6    MAMMOTH                                     14    STRAPPS                                               23
DANIELZ & TARAZARA                           7    MARSHALL LAW                                14    STRAY                                                 23
DANNY PEYRONEL                               7    McCOY                                       14    SUMMER WINE                                           23
DAN THE BANJO MAN                            7    MEDICINE HEAD                               14    SUNDANCE                                              23
DARELL BATH                                  7    MELANIE                                     15    TEN POLE TUDOR                                        23
DAVID BYRON BAND                             7    MICK RALPHS                                 15    THIRD EAR BAND                                        23
DAVE DAVIES                                  7    MIDNIGHT FLYER                              15    TOMMY JAMES                                           23
DAVEY PATTISON                               7    MIKE d’ABO                                  15    TONIGHT                                               23
DAVID COURTNEY                               7    MIKE HURST                                  15    TONY STEVENS                                          23
DEKE LEONARD                                 7    MIKE READ                                   16    T-REX                                                 23
DESPERADO                                    7    MIKE READ & SIR JOHN BETJEMEN               16    TYGERS OF PAN TANG                                 23,24
DICKEN                                       8    MO FOSTER                                   16    VARIOUS ARTISTS - Do You Dream?                       24
DIESEL PARK WEST                             8    MONKS                                       16    VARIOUS ARTISTS -
DOC THOMAS GROUP                             8    MOTT                                        16    The Best Of Homegrown Music 1968-1980 24
ERIC BELL                                    8    MOTT THE HOOPLE                          16,17    VARIOUS ARTISTS -
FAMILY                                       8    MOUSE                                       17    Ventis Secundis, Tene Cursum-This Is Progressive Rock 24
FANCY                                        8    MR BIG                                      17    VERDEN ALLEN                                          24
FANDANGO                                     8    NINE BELOW ZERO                             18    WARHORSE                                              24
FAVOURITE SONS                               8    NOBODYS BUSINESS                            18    WHITE LIGHNING                                        24
FIRE                                         8    NOIR                                        18    ZZEBRA                                                24
FOGHAT                                       9    NOTORIOUS                                   18
FREEDOM                                      9    OLIVER DAWSON SAXON                         18    (M) are Mid Price
GARY HUSBAND                                 9    PAUL SHUTTLEWORTH                           18
GARY PICKFORD-HOPKINS                        9    PETE YORK’S NEW YORK                        18    DVD Range                                           25-27

                          ADAM FAITH - I Survive - SJPDCD314                          AFTER THE FIRE - Live At Greenbelt Plus -
                          I Survived/I Believe In Love/ Honey /Foreign                SJPCD190
                          Lady/Change/ Maybe/ Never Say Goodbye/ Goodbye/             Intro (Thunderbirds) / 1980-F / Life In The City/ Frozen
                          In Your Life /Star Song BONUS TRACKS : I Believe In         Rivers / TIme To Think/ Dancing In The Shadows/ Who’s
                          Love (rough mix)/ I Survived (single version)               Gonna Love You/ One Rule For You / Billy Billy / Der
                                                                                      Kommissar / Laser Love/ Starflight / Joy/ Gina 2004

                          AFFINITY - Affinity - SJPDCD111
                          I Am And So Are You/ Night Flight/ I Wonder If I’ll Care    AFTER THE FIRE - Radio Sessions 1979-
                          As Much / Mr Joy / Three Sisters/ Coconut Grove / All       1981-SJPCD301
                          Along The Watchtower [the single] Eli’s Coming / United     1979: Joy/ A Little Sun, A Little Rain/ Laser Love/ Time To
                          States Of Mind [previously unreleased tracks] Yes Man       Think/ One Rule For You/ Suspended Animation/ Check
                          / If You live / I Am The Walrus/ You Met Your Match/ Long   It Out/ Like The Power Of A Jet 1980: Laser Love/ Life In
                          Voyage/ Little Lonely Man                                   The City/ Can You face It/ Who’s Gonna Love You/ Billy
                                                                                      Billy 1981: Frozen River/ Dancing In The Shadows/ Sail-
                                                                                      ing Ship /Bright Lights/ Take Me Higher

AFFINITY - Live Instrumentals 1969 - SJPCD135
Jive Samba· Dis Here· Com in’ Home Baby· Out Of The
Storm/ Fever· 13 Death March· All Blues· 81/ A Day In
The Life/ All Blues/ 81 / Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, / Jive                                 AL ATKINS - Demon Deceiver ..Plus - SJPCD306
Samba/ On Green Dolphin Street                                                                                     DemonDeceiver/MoneyTalks/Blood,Demons          And
                                                                                                                   Whiskey/Drown /Sentenced /Victim Of Changes /Bleed-
                                                                                                                   ing/God Help Me/ Cradle To The Grave/Dreamer De-
                                                                                                                   ceiver BONUS TRACKS: Give Them Hell/A Void To

                          AFFINITY - 1971-72 - SJPCD145
                          Moira’s Hand/ Grey Skies/ Cream On Your Face / Sun-
                          shower / All Along The Watchtower/ It’s About That TIme/
                          Rio/ Poor Man’s Son/ Sarah’s Wardrobe / Highgate
                                                                                      ANCIENT GREASE - Women And Children First - SJPCD260
                                                                                      Freedom Train / Don?t Want / Odd Song / Eagle Song /
                                                                                      Where The Snow Lies Forever / Mother Grease The Cat
                                                                                      / Time To Die / Prelude To A Blind Man / Mystic Mountain
                                                                                      / Woman And Children First BONUS TRACK: Freedom
                          AFFINITY - Origins 1965 -1967 - SJPCD167                    Train (alternative version)
                          Autumn leaves/ Django / My Funny Valentine/ I Got
                          Plenty Of Nothing /Date Dere / Lover Man/ Blues Etude
                          / Some Day My Prince Will Come / Cubano Chant /
                          Jordu / My Funny Valentine· Autumn leaves · You Look
                          Good To Me / The Preacher BONUS TRACK: My Funny
                                                                                      ANDROMEDA - Beginnings 1967-68 - SJPCD243
                                                                                                                   Let’s All Watch The Sky Fall Down (Version I) / A Means
                                                                                                                   To An End/ Day Of The Change/ Darkness Of Her
                                                                                                                   Room/ Garden Of Happiness/ You/ Land Of A Dream /
AFFINITY - Origins: The Baskervilles 1965 - SJPCD238                                                               And Now The Sun Shines/ Sleep/ Too Old/ Let’s All
Christmas Ball, December 1965: She’s Not There/ I Feel                                                             Watch The Sky Fall Down (Version II) / Turns To Dust/ I
                                                                                                                   Can Stop The Sun/ Dreams Of You/ Return To Sanity/
Fine / It’s Good News Week/ Mr Tambourine Man / I Saw                                                              Turns To Dust (Version II) / When To Stop
Her Standing There / Hallelujah I Love Her So / Freight
Train/ Love Potion No9 / You like Me Too Much / Day
Tripper / We Can Work It Out / Peggy Sue Got Married
/ I Can’t Get No Satisfaction/ Yesterday / Bumble Bee /
Perfidia / Another Girl/ Summertime Blues / We Wish
You A Merry Christmas/ Get Off My Cloud / Sweets For                                  ANDROMEDA - Definitive Collection - SJPCD053 2 CD Set
My Sweet/ Hang On Sloopy / Get Off My Cloud· BONUS                                    CD1: Too Old/ The Day Of the Change/ Now The Sun
TRACKS: /Rehearsal, January 65: Mr Tambourine Man                                     Shines/ Turns To Dust (3 parts) //Discovery //Sanctuary
/ Always Something There To Remind Me / You Like Me                                   //Determination· Return To Sanity ( 3 parts) //Breakdown
Too Much I Rehearsal, June 65: Perfidia / Trains And Boats And Planes/ The last       //Hope //Conclusion/ The Reason/ I Can Stop the Song/
TIme /Chemistry Society Party, December 65: Hey You’ve Got To Hide Your love          When To Stop ( 3 parts) //The Traveller //Turning Point II
Away/ Take Five/ We Wish You A Merry Christmas                                        Journey’s End/ Go Your Way/ Keep Out ‘Cos I’m Dying
                                                                                      / The Garden Of Happiness/ Return To Exodus/ Jour-
                                                                                      ney’s End (reprise) / Let’s All Watch The Sky Fall Down
                                                                                      / Darkness Of Her Room/ See Into The Stars CD2: The
                                                                                      Day Of The Change / The Reason/ Return To Sanity/
                                                                                      Keep Out ‘Cos I’m Dying/ Search On / Ode To The Sea/
                                                                                      Lonely Streets/ Sleep like a Child/ I Was Left Behind /I
                                                                                      Just Wanna Live My Life / The Lodger/ Dreamland/ Round House Blues/ Walking
                          AFTER THE FIRE - AT2F - SJPCD218                            On / I’m Searching/ Acidus / All In You/ Step This Way
                          Young Love/ Step By Step/ Don’t Say Goodbye/ Cariba
                          / Who Do You Think You? / Dark Side/ 1984-F / Over
                          And Over/ It’s Over/ Night Is Still Falling/ BONUS
                          TRACKS: It’s Over (No Voiceover) / Genz / Space Walk-
                          ing (Demo) / Stand By Me (Demo)
                                                                                                                   ANDROMEDA - Originals - SJPCD187
                                                                                                                   Lonely Streets/ The Reason/ Day Of The Change / And
                                                                                                                   Now The Sun Shines / Return To Sanity/ Too Old/ Ocean
                                                                                                                   Song/ Turns To Dust/ I Can Stop The Sun / When To

                            ANDY DAVIS - Clevedon Pier - SJPCD211                      ATOMIC ROOSTER - Live And Raw - SJPCD060
                            Women Of Ireland· Jabe / 5 Saxes / Hunger· C1evedon        LIVE 1970-John Du Cann, Vincent Crane and Carl
                            Pier· Basso Symphonie / Over & Over/ Changes/ Prel-        Palmer at Paris Theatre, London: Friday The 13th/ Ger-
                            ude/ Clear Dawns BONUS TRACKS: Magic/ Fred The             shatser / Winter/ Shabaloo / LIVE 1971-John Du Cann,
                            Piano Man                                                  Vincent Crane and Paul Hammond at Paris Theatre,
                                                                                       London: Sleeping For Years / V.U.G / Tomorrow Night/ I
                                                                                       Can’t Take No More

ATOMIC ROOSTER - Anthology - SJPCD280 2CD Set
CD 1: Devil’s Answer / Death Walks Behind You /V.U.G./ Friday 13th / A Spoonful Of
Bromide /Sleeping For Years /Seven Streets/ It’s So Un-                                ATOMIC ROOSTER - Live AtThe Marquee 1980 - SJPCD104
kind/ Head In The Sky /Break The Ice/ I Can’t Take No                                                              They Took Control Of You· Death Walks Behind You·
More /Play The Game/ When You Go To Bed/ They Took                                                                 Watch Out! / Tomorrow Night· Seven Streets· Gershatser
Control Of You CD 2: Do You Know Who’s Looking For                                                                 / I Can’t Take No More/ In The Shadows · Devil’s An-
You? /Broken Window (unreleased 1980) /Hold It                                                                     swer· Do you Know Who’s Looking For You?
Through The Night/ No Change By Me/ Play It Again/
End Of The Day/ The Rock/ Gershatser/ Shabaloo/ No-
body Else/ Don’t Lose Your Mind/ She’s My
Woman/Devil’s Answer (live) /Death Walks Behind You
(Live Studio 1981)/ Tomorrow Night (live)

                                                                                       ATOMIC ROOSTER - Rarities - SJPCD069
                                                                                       Moonrise / Atomic Alert/ Death Walks Behind You/ V/U/G
                                                                                       / Broken Window/ Alien Alert / Throw Your Life Away /
                                                                                       Devil’s Alert / Devil’s Answer/ Do You Know Who’s look-
                                                                                       ing For You? / Don’t Lose Your Mind/ He Did It Again/
ATOMIC ROOSTER - Atomic Rooster - SJPCD188                                             Backward/Forward Revealed / End Of The Day / Lost In
                            They Took Control Of You / She’s My Woman / He Did It      Space / Hold It Through The Night / No Change By Me
                            Again/ Where’s The Show / In The Shadows/ Do You           / Play It Again/ I Can’t Take No More
                            Know Who’s looking For You / Don’t lose Your Mind /
                            Watch Out/ I Can’t Stand It / Lost In Space BONUS
                            TRACKS: Throw You’re Life Away/ Broken Windows

                                                                                                                   ATTACK - Final Daze - SJPCD080
                                                                                                                   Magic In The Air· Mr Pinnodmy’s Dilemma· Freedom For
                                                                                                                   You· Strange House· Feel Like Flying· Too Old / Go Your
                                                                                                                   Way · Now The Sun Shines / Sleep Like a Child · Roll On
                                                                                                                   / Go Your Way (Demo) / You Know He Did· My Letters·
ATOMIC ROOSTER - The First 10 Explosive Years - SJPCD038                                                           Earth Tremor· Spaced Out · The ‘Rock Door· Magic In
Sleeping For Years/ Seven Streets / I Can’t Take No                                                                The Air (unplugged)
More / Taken You Over/ Lost In Space/ Play It Again/
Devils Answer (live) / Rebel With A Clause / Night Living
/ Death Walks Behind You / It’s So Unkind / When You
Go To Bed / Head In The Sky / Break The Ice / Play The
Game / Tomorrow Night (Live)
                                                                                       BEARDED LADY - The Rise And Fall - SJPCD153
                                                                                       Rockstar / Midnight Flight/ Lost In A Place / Head· On
                                                                                       Collision / Floating On The Wind / Warning/ Up In The Air
                                                                                       / The Riot/ Silver Box

                            ATOMIC ROOSTER - The First 10 Explosive
                            Years Volume 2 - SJPCD086
                            Do You Know Who’s Looking For You? / End Of The
                            Day· Watch Out! / Don’t Lose Your Mind· V.U.G/ She’s
                            My Woman· In The Shadow’s · Shabaloo / Friday The          BEAU - Edge Of The Dark - Unreleased
                            13th/ Broken Window· Backward· Nobody Else· He Did         Recordings 1972-1985 - SJPCD293
                            It Again / A Spoonful Of Bromide· I Can’t Stand It / The                               The Smoke Of Eden/ The Last Ballet/ My Star/ St Eliza-
                            Rock· Where’s The Show· Gershatser                                                     beth Of Hungary/ High Mass/ Bristol Museum/ The Com-
                                                                                                                   modore/ Cartoon/ Why Do You Laugh?/ Goodbye/
                                                                                                                   Flowers Of The Sea/ Birds/ Jigsaw/ The Mirror/ Reflec-
                                                                                                                   tions/ Louis’ Fool/ The Cumberland Brigade/ Red Light In

The Dukes Theme/ Make Me Strong/ The Devil In Me/ Fool/It Can Wait For Another
Day/ C.O.D/ Mind Over Matter/ Cut The Wire/ X-MASS/
Open Up The Sky/ City Boy/ The Band Played On/ Dif-
ferent Words/ Leopard’s Skin/ The Buck Stops Here/                                     BIG BOY PETE - The Perennial Enigma - SJPCD224
Somebody’s Looking After You? BONUS TRACKS: Play                                       The Demo / Get Up And Dance / The Farm / All Down
It Again/ Rebel Without A Clause/ Devil Answer (live)/                                 The Road / Havana Juana / Rudy’s In Love/ My Place /
End Of The Day/ Night Living/ Tomorrow Night (live)                                    Who Stole My Garden? / Boleyna / Pig / The Prayer/
                                                                                       Guitar Centre On A Saturday Afternoon

BLACKHEART - Invisible - SJPCD307                                                         BRITISH LIONS - British Lions - SJPCD065
Wednesday Afternoon/ Thank God You Found Me/ The                                          One More Chance To Run/ Wild In The Streets/ Break
Sky And I/ Lochgelly Lives/ Are You Coming Home?/ Fly-                                    This Fool / International Heroes / Fork Talking Man / My
away /Farewell /Goodbye Everything/ Names In The                                          Life’s In Your Hands / Big Drift Away / Booster/ Eat The
Rain/ Glasgow Tuesday 6pm/ The Town Of Maybe/ In-                                         Rich/ Plus 8 previously unreleased BONUS TRACKS:
visible                                                                                   One More Chance To Run * / Break This Fool * / Wild In
                                                                                          The Streets * / Wild One (live) / Eat The Rich: The Sec-
                                                                                          ond Course (Demo) f/ Can’t Get Over You (Demo) # /
                                                                                          Long Distance Love (Demo) # / You Got Everything
                                                                                          (Demo) #/ *From John Peel Show session: 10 May
                                                                                          1978, f Recorded live in Plymouth, Devon, 1978, # John Fiddler/Ray Majors demos
BLACKHEART - Wednesday Afternoon - RAJP905 - Single
                            Wednesday Afternoon (Radio Edit)/ Wednesday After-
                            noon (Album Version)

                                                                                                                    BRITISH LIONS - Live At The Old Waldorf,
                                                                                                                    San Francisco 1978 - SJPCD328
                                                                                                                    One More Chance To Run/ Fork Talkin’ Man/ Break This
                                                                                                                    Fool/ Come On/ International Heroes/ My Life In Your
                            BLUE OYSTER CULT - Bad Channels -                                                       Hands/ Love Now/ Wild In The Streets/ Booster/ Med-
                            SJPCD046                                                                                ley: So You Want To Be A Rock’n’Roll Star/It’s Only
                         Demon’s Kiss/ The Horsemen Arrive/ That’s How It Is /                                      Rock’n’Roll/ Eat The Rich BONUSTRACKS: Demos:
                         Jane Janer / Somewhere In The Night / Blind Faith/                                         One More Chance To Run/Wild In The Streets/ Booster
                         Manic Depresso / Mr/ Cool / Myth Of Freedom / Touch-
                         ing Myself Again / Little Old Lady Polka· ORIGINAL
                         SCORE BY BLUE OYSTER CULT/ Bad Channels Over-
                         ture/ Power Station/ Power Station 11 / Shadow/ V.U./
                         Cosmo Rules, But Lump Controls / Battering Ram / This
                         Dude Is F****d / Pick Up Her Feed / Spray That Scum
                         Bag / Out Of Station/ Tree Full Of Owls/ Cookie In Bootie        BRITISH LIONS - Trouble With Women - SJPCD075
                         / Corky Gets It / Eulogy For Corky/ Spore Bomb/ Re-              Radio Ad·Seattle -French Froggy Morgan/ Trouble With
modeling/ Ginger Snaps/ Moon Gets It                                                      Women / Any Port In A Storm / Lady Don’t Fall Back-
                                                                                          wards/ High Noon / Lay Down Your Love/ Waves Of
                                                                                          Love/ Electric Chair/ Won’t You Give Him One (More
                                                                                          Chance) - BONUS TRACKS: Radio Ad-San Francisco
                                                                                          11 -John Fiddler/ One More Chance To Run (demo) / But
                                                                                          The Night Is Young (demo) / The Studio Song / Eat The
                                                                                          Rich-(Status Quo Salute Version) / Radio Ad San Jose -
BO DIDDLEY - Rock ‘n’ Roll All Star Jam 1985 - SJPCD295                                   Mexican Morgan/ Rising Son (live) / Lay Down Your
I’m A Man with -Chuck Negron/ Bo Didley /I’m A Man                                        Love (demo) / Love Now (live) / Come On (live) / My
/Bo Put The Rock in Rock’n’Roll/ My Ding A Ling with -                                    life’s In Your Hands (live) / Wild One (live) / Radio Ad-All
Chuck Berry/ Destination with -Chuck Berry/ Who Do                                        Of Them Playing Together -Intro by GREG “The Sweg” WALSH
You Love/ Gunslinger/ Hey Bo Didley/ Rock’n’Roll Music
-with Chuck Berry and Chuck Negron

                                                                                                                    BROKEN ENGLISH - The Rough With The
                                                                                                                    Smooth - SJPCD186
BOBBY HARRISON - Funkist - SJPCD056 (M)                                                                             Show A little Mercy / Straight Lace Girls / Don’t Change
                            Cleopatra Jones/ Whiskey Head/ Thinkin Bout You/ King                                   / Emotional Suicide / You TakeMeAway / Comin’On
                            Of the Night / Little Linda Lovejoy / Spotlight/ Long Gone/                             Strong / Casanova / Ball’n’Chain / Love On The Side/
                            Looking For A Friend                                                                    Woman Of Stone / Do You Really Want Me Back?
                                                                                                                    BONUS TRACKS: Comin’ On Strong (fallout mix) / Fire
                                                                                                                    Me Up (long version) / Rough Cut Diamonds/ Running

                            BOBBY HARRISON - Solid Silver -
                            It’s Over/ The Hunter/ Icelandic Rock & Roll/ Overload/
                            Nothing Stays The Same / Hot Stuff/ Guiding Light /           BROKEN HOME - Broken Home - SJPCD129
                            Highway / Victim Of Love / The Shape I Am In / Get On         Stop Looking At Me / Shooting All The Lights Out/ No
                            The Right Track / After The Storm/ Oh Pretty Woman/           Chance/ Death Of A Gog/ Mona Lisa/ Shot Over The Hill
                            It’s Over (Radio version)                                     / Run Away From Home / Jerusalem / The Bird Has
                                                                                          Flown / China In Your Heart

What You Got Is So Good/ As The Years Go Passing By                                                                 BROKEN HOME - Life - SJPCD169
/ San Francisco Bay Blues/ Tamp Em Up Solid / It Never                                                              Life/ Oh Yeah/ I’m Losing You/ Wake Up Mr Doctor / No-
Rains But It Pours / Wishing Well / That’s The Way I Feel                                                           body / Born Too Lose / Stop The Music/ Rainbow Bridge
/ Penicillin Blues/ Walkin’ Blues / I Wanna Thank You                                                               / Dominoe / Solid Gold / The Beat Speaks / Magic Of
Baby / Fog On The Highway / Houston / I Just Wanna                                                                  Trees BONUS TRACKS: Death Boy/ Not For
Make Love To You/ Respect Yourself                                                                                  Glory/Babylon / Oxford Rock/ The Way To Find A
                                                                                                                    Heartache / Hollywood’s/ Highways/ Strong Tower

                             BULLET - The Entrance To Hell - SJPCD281                    CHRIS SPEDDING - Just Plug Him In- SJPCD334
                             Door Opens/Millionaire/ No Witch At All/Taken Alive/ The    Gunfight/ Walkin’/ Catch That Train/ Snakes And Swal-
                             Soul That I Had/ Entrance To Hell/The Orchestrator/ Hell,   lowtails/ Music Breakout/ Who’s Who /Silverbullet/ Loves
                             Demonic Possession/ Fortunes Told/Sinister Minister/        Made A Fool Of You/ Motorbikin’/ Shakin’ All Over/ Hey
                             Jam (The Rock)/ Time Gambler/Monster In Paradise/           Miss Betty/ Hurt/ Guitar Jamboree/ Mary Lou
                             Jay Time/Mr Longevity/ Door Slams/ Jam (The Taker)

                                                                                         COLD RIVER LADY - Better Late Than Never - SJPCD324
CARLO LITTLE ALLSTARS - Never Stop Rockin’ - SJPCD283                                                                  English Graffiti/ The Promise/ Something/ Soft Spot
All Over Now Mystery Train / Born In The Country / Mid-                                                                Rest/ Routing Through The Quagmires/ Hereford Girls/
night Special/ Mississippi /Iko,lko / Country Line Special/                                                            Sauna Bath Blues/ The Travellers/ October Love/ Far In
Chicago Calling / Never Stop Rockin?                                                                                   The Fields/ Living The Lazy Way

CARMEN - Fandangos In Space/Dancing On                                                                                 COLOSSEUM - Live Cologne 1994 -
A Cold Wind - SJPCD229 2CD Set                                                                                         SJPCD162
CD1: Bulerias (a:Cante (song) b:Baille (Dance) c:                                                                      TRACK/ LISTING: Those About To Die· Skelington / Tan-
(Reprise)) / Bullfight / Stepping Stone / Sailor Song /                                                                glewood 63 / Rope Ladder To The Moon/ Stormy Mon-
Lonely House/ Poor Tarantos / Looking Outside (My                                                                      day Blues / Walking In The Park
Window) (a(Theme) b(Zonrongo) c(Finale)) / Tales Of
Spain/ Retirando / Fandangos In Space/ Reprise CD2:
Viva Mi Sevilla/ I’ve Been Crying/ Drifting Along/ She
Flew Across The Room/ Purple Flowers/ Remem-
brances (a(Table Two For One) b(She’s Changed)
c(Gypsy Girl (Caravan)) d(The City) e(Time (She’s No
Lady)) f(People Dressed In Black) g(Dancing On A Cold Wind (Instrumental))
h(Dancing On A Cold Wind (Vocal) i(The Horseman) j(She’s Changed (Conclusion))                                         COLOSSEUM - Reunion Concert 1994 -
BONUS TRACKS: Quiriquitu / Out On The Street                                                                           SJPCD275 2 Disc Set
                                                                                                                    CD: Those About To Die/ Skelington/ Tanglewood '63/
                                                                                                                    Rope Ladder To The Moon/ Stormy Monday Blues/
                                                                                                                    Walking In The Park DVD (NTSC - all regions): Those
                                                                                                                    About To Die/ Skelington/ Elegy/ Tanglewood '63/ THE
                                                                                                                    VALENTYNE SUITE: January's Search /February's Va-
                                                                                                                    lentyne/ The Grass Is Always Greener/ Rope Ladder To
                             CARMEN - The GypsieslWidescreen -                                                      The Moon/ Theme For An Imaginary Western/ The Ma-
                             SJPCD225 2 CD Set                                           chine Demands Another Sacrifice/ Solo Colonia/ Lost Angeles/ Stormy Monday
                             CD1: “The Gypsies”: Daybreak / Shady Lady / High            Blues/ Walking In The Park
                             TIme / Dedicated To Lydia / Joy / The Gypsies/ Siren Of
                             The Sea/ Come Back/ Margarita BONUS TRACKS:
                             Flamenco Fever/ Only Talking To Myself (For John)
                             CD2: “Widescreen”: Veracruz/ La Luz / Tango For Pia/
                             Delta/ Seti / Dancing On A Cold Wind/ Souba/ Iso bel /
                             Hope/ Margarita/ Carmenesque
                                                                                         CONSORTIUM - 13th Hour - SJPCD319
                                                                                         Where/ 13th Hour (radio edit)/ All The Love In The World/
                                                                                         Inside Outside /Lady Doctor/ Sad Girl/Evolution/ Night-
                                                                                         mare/ 13th Hour (full version)

CHAS JANKEL - Chas Jankel - SJPCD202
AI No Corrida / Peace, At Last/ Just A Thought/ Lenta
Latina/ Fuse/ Am I Honest With Myself Really? / Reverie
                                                                                         CONSORTIUM - Rebirth -SJPCD216
                                                                                         Rebirth / It Was You/ Hold On TIghtly / It’s Up To You / It’s
                                                                                         Not Easy / For Me To Forgive/ Stop (Look At Me) / She
                                                                                         Gave Life / I Want You / Time Waits For No Man / I’m

                             CHICKEN SHACK - Stan Would Rather Go
                             Live - SJPCD268 2 Disc Set
                            CD: So Tell Me/ The Thrill Has Gone/ Reconsider Baby/
                            I Know You Know Me/ You Are The SweetestLittle Thing-
                            Hurt/ Stan Webb's Chicken Shack Opera/ Spoonful/
                            Doctor Brown/ I'd Rather Go Blind/ The Daughter Of The                                     DAMAGE CONTROL - Raw - SJPCD311
                            Hillside/ Stan's Blues DVD: Vox Pops-interviews with                                       Raw/ Alice /Savage Song /Damage Control/ One Step
                            fans/ So Tell Me/ The Thrill Has Gone/ Reconsider Baby/                                    Closer/ Selfish/ Pray For You And Me/ Spy/ Redundant/
                            I Know You Know Me/ You Are The Sweetest Little                                            Slaughtered/ Victim/ Seven Golden Daffodils /Bitchin
                            Thing-Hurt/ Stan Webb's Chicken Shack Opera/ Spoon-                                        Blues
ful/ Doctor Brown/ I'd Rather Go Blind/ The Daughter Of The Hillside/ Stan's Blues

DANIELZ & TARAZARA - Behind The Mask -SJPCD341                                        DAVID COURTNEY - First Day -
Fantasy/ The Time Is Right/ All Too Late/ Behind The                                  The Complete Story - SJPCD315
Mask/ Master Of The Deadly Kiss/ Hold Me Tonight/                                     Silverbird/ Don’t Look Now/ Everybody Needs A Little
Wake Up!/ Shout It Out!/ Send Me Your Love Tonight/                                   Loving/ Stranded/ It’s Oil For You/ Life Is So They Say/
Shoot Away The Memory (for Phil Lynott)/ Turning Away                                 My Mind/ Don’t Let The Photos Fool You/ You Ain’t Got
From You (studio demo)/ Sweet Suicide (studio demo)/                                  Me/ Take This Mask Away/ If You Wanna Dance/ When
17 (studio demo)/ Loves Comes Easy (studio demo)/                                     Your Life Is Your Own BONUS TRACKS: Broken
Sweet Suicide (studio demo mix) BONUS TRACKS: Be-                                     Leaves/ Rag And Bone/ Lazy Old Moon/ The Road/
hind The Mask (live May 1985)/ Fantasy (live May 1985)                                Dreaming/ Think It Over/ Silverbird (reprise)

DANNY PEYRONEL - Make The Monkey Dance -SJPCD356
                            Never Been Cool/ Lie For A Lie/ Make The Monkey                                       DAVE DAVIES - Bug - SJPCD179
                            Dance/ Affection/ Midnight At The Lost & Found/ Eight                                 Whose Foolin’ Who / It Ain’t Over/ The Lie! / Let Me Be
                            Twenty-Five/ Happy Without You/ Highway Lady/Bigger                                   / Displaced Person/ Rock You, Rock Me / Flowers In The
                            Than Love/ Ships In The Night/ The Heart Is Broken/                                   Rain BONUS TRACKS: Susannah’s Still Alive(LIVE) /
                            When I’m Dead                                                                         Death Of A Clown(LIVE) / Dead End Street(LIVE)

DAN THE BANJO MAN - Dan The Banjo Man - SJPCD191
Dan The Banjo Man / Bring It On Home/ Collection / I                                  DAVE DAVIES - Transformation - SJPCD212
Got You Dan / Flying Trapeze· Black Magic · Will You                                  Transformation 1 / Who’s Foolin’ Who/ TIll The End Of
love Me Tomorrow · Londonderry · The Locomotion / If                                  The Day/ I Need You/ The Blues/ See My Friends/ Dead
You Are Gonna Break Another Heart/ Oh Susannah                                        End Street/ Rock You, Rock Me / Flowers In The Rain/
BONUS TRACKS: Hard Drive / The Old Chap / Django                                      Death Of A Clown/ Picture Book/ It Ain’t Over (THllt’s
/ Candles / Over The Sea/ Dan The Banjo Man                                           Done) / Bug/ Transformation 11 / livin’ On A Thin line/
                                                                                      Father Christmas / You Really Got Me / Outro

DARELL BATH - Love And Hurt - SJPCD322
                            So Young So Wise /Bit Of Your Pride/ Love And Hurt                                    DAVEY PATTISON - Mississippi Nights/ Pic-
                            /Still Learning /Stop Talkin’ ‘Bout Money/ Sweet Warm                                 tures - SJPCD263 2CD Set
                            Lover/ To Die For/ Tumbleweed/ Gimme’ A Choice/ Don’t                               CD1 “Mississippi Nights” :Have A Look At Yourself/ Mis-
                            Go Waistin’ My Heart BONUS TRACKS: All The Good                                     sissippi Nights/ Daydreaming/ Feel Like Screaming/ I
                            Times 12 Flight 505                                                                 Got The Hots For You/ Pretty One/ Houston Street
                                                                                                                Blues/ Slow Down/ Too Hot To Sleep CD2 “Pictures” :
                                                                                                                Waiting as Fast As I Can/ Married To The Blues/ Gypsy
                                                                                                                Woman?s Got The Blues/ Judas/ I?m The Only One (for
                                                                                                                Valerie)/ John Lee, Jimmy Reed and Mississippi Fred/
                            \                                                                                   Pictures/ Born To The House of Blues/ Wish/ Just Who
                                                                                      You Are/ Mr Henpecked/ Blues at My Window/ Hollywood/ Wild Mountain Thyme (for
DAVID BYRON BAND - Lost And Found - SJPCD312 2 CD Set
For A Pretty Face/ I Need Love/ Safety In Numbers/ Still
Wanna Hold You/ Get’s A Little Crazy/ Learn The Dance
/What’s Your Game?/ One Minute More CD2 :RE-
HEARSALS LONDON 1981: How Do You Sleep?/
Safety In Numbers /I Need Love/ Piece Of My Love/                                     DEKE LEONARD - Freedom And Chains - SJPCD197
Goodnight Blues /Last Chance Jam/ LIVE IN LIVER-                                      The Thrill Of Revolution / I Don’t Love You Anymore /
POOL 1980: Bad Girl/ Start Believing/ July Morning/                                   Cuba/ Guantanamo Bay / Blues / Tahitian Thunder /
How Do You Sleep/ Sweet Lorraine /Piece Of My Love/                                   Palestine / Just Another Woman / Queen Of My Heart /
Liverpool Blues/ Roll Over Beethoven BONUS TRACK:                                     Something In My Heart Says No/ Tomorrow’s Gonna
Angel Song                                                                            Come / Empty Places / The Same Mistake / Is This What
                                                                                      Love Is? / Trapped (In The Jaws Of love) / Blues 2 (The
                                                                                      Meek Mix)

                            DAVID BYRON BAND - On The Rocks -
                            Rebecca/ Bad Girl/ How Do You Sleep?/ Start Believing/                                DESPERADO - Ace - SJPCD154
                            Never Say Die/ Piece Of My Love/ King/ Little By Little                               Hang ‘Em High / Gone Bad / Run Wild Run Free (The
                            BONUS TRACKS: Fool For A Pretty Face/Safety In                                        Maverick) / Heart Is A Lonely Hunter / Calling For You /
                            Numbers/One Minute More                                                               See You At Sunrise / No Angels Here / Made For Trou-
                                                                                                                  ble / Ride Thru The Storm / Son Of A Gun / Emaheevull

DICKEN - From MR BIG to BROKEN HOME and                                                ERIC BELL - Lonely Nights In London - SJPCD316
back again 1977-2007 - SJPCD247 2CD set                                                You’re My Only Woman/ Hoochie Coochie Man/ Dallas/
CD1: ROCK: Stop Looking At Me - Broken Home /                                          On The Road Blues/ Lonely Nights In London/ Me And
Shooting All The Lights Out- Broken Home/ Wild Winds                                   Technology/ Nitros Oxide/ Belfast Blues/ Shake Your
And Lonely Hearts - Dicken/ Broadway - Dicken / Death                                  Money Maker /Taimse 1m Chodladh
Boy Dicken / Oxford Rock - Mr Big UK / Shotover Hill -
Broken Home / Behind Enemy Lines - Mr Big / The Way
To Find A Heartache - Dicken/ You Won’t See Me - Mr
Big/ Mona Lisa - Broken Home / The Bird Has Flown -
Broken Home CD2: SONGS: Hold me - Mr Big/ Romeo
- Mr Big/ Women - Mr Big/ Shot Down (tribute to John Lennon) - Broken Home/ Wake
Up Mr Doctor - Broken Home/ Hollywoods - Broken Home / Oh Yeah - Broken Home/
Rainbow Bridge - Broken Home / Turn All Your Trouble Into Highways - Dicken / Not
For Glory - Dicken / Heaven Is For You - Dicken / Solid Gold - Dicken/ Why Wait For    FAMILY- Best Of Family And Friends - SJPCD264 2 Disc Set
Love - Dicken / Something Special - Mr Big · Matchstick Cross - Dicken                                              CD: FAMILY “Best Of’: Burlesque/ My Friend The Sun/
                                                                                                                    Strange Band (live)/ The Weavers Answer /It’s Only A
                                                                                                                    Movie/ Part OfThe Load/ In My Own Time/ Ready To Go
                                                                                                                    /No Mules Fool/ Larf And Sing/ The Cat And The Rat / A
                                                                                                                    Song For Me BONUS TRACKS: Spanish Tide (live)/ Part
                                                                                                                    Of the Load (live) / DVD: ROGER CHAPMAN “Family &
                                                                                                                    Friends” DVD9 (NTSC all regions): Kiss My Soul/Down
                                                                                                                    Bound Train/ Habits Of A Lifetime/ Midnite Child/ Blind
DIESEL PARK WEST - Damned Anthems - SJPCD240 - 2 CD Set                                                             Willie McTell/ 18 Wheels & A Crowbar/ X Town/ The
                            CD1: Live in Nachtwerk, GERMANY February 1992:                                          Weaver’s Answer/ My Friend The Sun/ Holding The
                            Like Princes Do / All The Myths On Sunday/ Fall To Love                                 Compass/ Shank (Shadow On the Wall)/ Toe Nail Drag-
                            / Walk With The Mountain / Here I Stand/ Boy On Top        gin/ Short List/ Burlesque/ Jesus & The Devil/ In My Own Time BONUS FEATURES:
                            Of The News / TIll The Moon Struck 2 / Safe Life, Safe     Interview with ROGER CHAPMAN
                            TImes / While The World Cries Decency / When The
                            Hoodoo Comes I Roskilde Festival, DENMARK July
                            1989: I Want No Mystery / Maybe Eastern Zone /
                            Jackie’s Still Sad / Like Princes Do / Here I Stand/ All
                            The Myths On Sunday / Mr Soul / Bell Of Hope / House
                            Divide/ Waking Hour CD2: Live in Alton SWITZERLAND         FANCY - Wild ThingTurns You On - SJPCD094
                            April 1992: All The Myths On Sunday/ Fall To Love / Sil-                               Wild Thing / Love For Sale / Move On / I Don’t Need Your
ver Girl/ Walk With The Mountain / Boy On Top Of The News / Turn, Turn, Turn/ Here                                 Love / One Night / Touch Me / US Surprise / Between
I Stand / Bell Of Hope / Doesn’t Candy Look Good / Mr Soul/ Clutching At Love /                                    The Devil And Me / I’m A Woman/ Feel Good / She’s Rid-
Safe Life, Safe TImes / While The World Cries Decency BONUS TRACKS: Rock and                                       ing The Rock Machine / I Was Made To Love Him /
Roll Woman / Revelation Calling / Hey Grandma I Recorded at The Boardwalk,                                         You’ve Been In Love Too Long / Something To Remem-
Sheffield, ENGLAND 2004: When the Hoodoo Comes / Out Of Nowhere / House Di-                                        ber / Everybody Cryin’ Mercy / The Tour Song / Stop /
vided I Recorded at Abbey Park Festival, Leicester, ENGLAND 1988: Good Times-                                      Music Maker / Bluebird
Liberation Blues I Recorded at The Charlotte, Leicester ENGLAND 1993

DOC THOMAS GROUP - The Italian Job - SJPCD278                                          FANDANGO - Slipstreaming/Future Times - SJPCD041 2CD set
I’ll Be Doggone/ She Was really Saying Something/                                      CD1: Slipstreaming:- Candice Larene / RockRoad Blues
Steal Your Heart Away/ My Babe/ Please Do Something/                                   / Independent Man / The Stallion / Slipstreaming /
Shake/ I Got You /Harlem Shuffle/ Talking About My                                     Schoolhouse Party / Sister / Mississippi Lady / TIme Will
Baby /Just Can’t Go To Sleep/ Barefootin’/ Rescue Me                                   Tel l/ bonus tracks· Just Another Day / Wish I’d Never
BONUS ALBUM The SILENCE “Shotgun Eyes”: Leav-                                          Woke Up CD2: Future Times:- Pull Out & Start Again /
ing Here/ Shame,Shame,Shame/ See You Tomorrow/                                         I’ll Never Get Over You / Get Down, Lay Down / She
You Can’t Judge A Book By looking At The Cover/ Gun-                                   Was My Friend / Future TImes / Undercover Man/ Some-
shot/ Doctor Feelgood/ I Think Of you /Let It Rock /I’m                                things Burning / Hard Drink & Easy Women / bonus
Not Talkin’/ I’m Talkin About You /The Fortune Teller/                                 tracks· Is My love In Vain / The Point Of No Return
Don’t Start Me To Talking/ Farmer John/ Route 66 / We’ll
Silence You

                                                                                       FAVOURITE SONS - That Driving Beat - SJPCD139
                                                                                                                   That Driving Beat / Can’t Judge A Book / That’s How
                                                                                                                   Strong My Love Is / TIme Is Short / Leavin’ Here/ Lucille
                            ERIC BELL - Irish Boy - SJPCD255                                                       / Walkin’ Walkin / Cry To Me / First Look At The Purse /
                            Days Of Innocence / Ships/ Ballard By The Irish Sea /                                  Fortune Teller / Jump Back / No Good Without You Baby
                            Just To Get By / Sweet Mystery / You Smiled/ Irish Boy
                            / Priest Of love/ Standing in the Middle / You Were One/
                            Wrong Side Of Town / Newcastle Boy

                                                                                       FIRE - The Magic Shoemaker - SJPCD286
ERIC BELL - Live Tonite ...Plus - SJPCD265                                             Overture (to a shoemaker)/ Children Of Imagination/ Tell
                            The Stumble/ Oh Pretty Woman/ Things I Used To Do/         You A Story /Magic Shoes/ Reasons For Everything/
                            Baby Please Don’t Go/ Madame George/ Walk On               Treacle Toffee World/ Only A Dream/ Flies Like A Bird/ It
                            Water/ Three O’clock Blues/ Hold That Plane/ Whiskey       Wouldn?t Have Never Have Happened In My Day/ War
                            In the Jar The Rocker/ PLUS Just To Get By/ Two Ships/     /Like To Help You If I Can/ I Can See The Sky/ Fathers
                            Gloria                                                     Name Is Dad/ It?s Just Love/ Shoemaker/ Happy Man
                                                                                       Am I BONUS TRACK Mama(When Will I Understand?)

FOGHAT - Last Train Home - SJPCD355                                                  GARY HUSBAND - The Complete Diary Of A Plastic Box -
Born For The Road/ Needle & Spoon/ So Many                                           SJPCD252 2 CD Set
Roads,So Many Trains/ Last Train Home// Shake Your                                   CD1: Invocation/ England Green/ The Signpost Maker/
Money Maker It Hurts Me Too/ Feel So Bad/ Louisiana                                  a) View Through The Scaffold b) Dream Of Love /2 Mins
Blues/ 495 Boogie/ Rollin’& Tumblin’-You Need Love/ In                               16 Seconds For Miles Dewey/ a) Talking Traffic Light b)
My Dreams/ Good Good Day                                                             Something She Said/ The Stranger/ a) Alan Murphy b)
                                                                                     White And Dark Ribbon/ a) Young Mice b) Moviehouse/
                                                                                     Flashback/ Le Petit Chemin De Fer/ Blue Dreams/
                                                                                     Savoy/ The Photograph/ Eyes Of A Clown/ Promises
                                                                                     Promises/ a) Little Harbour b) Night Star/ Some Splin-
                                                                                     tered Road Jazz pt 1 & 2/ a) Shapes In The Snow b)
                                                                                     Quiet Street /Deja Vu Express CD2: Dreamtown/ Some
FOGHAT - NOT Live At The BBC - SJPCD333                                              Splintered Road/ Jazz pt 3/ Two Butterflies/ Lonely Room/ Neon/ Christmas Mall/
                            Home In My Hand/ Fool For the City/ Drivin’ Wheel/ My    Give Us This Day /a) Jolt b) Peaceland/ a) Spielzeug Soldat b) Magazine/ Displace-
                            Babe/ Mumbo Jumbo/ Chateau Lafitte ’59 Boogie/ Cali-     ment/ Nightclub 1989/ a) Glaciers b) Rooftops Of Innsbruck/ Some Splintered Road
                            fornia Blues/ I Just Want To Make Love To You/ Terra-    Jazz pt 4 & 5/ Showdown/ a) Deco b) Yesterday Story/ a) Water Boatmen b) Savoy
                            plane Blues/ Shake Your Money Maker/ Slow Ride           - Alternate Take/ There Not There/ The Complaint/ Something She Said - Alternate
                                                                                     Take/ (Bonus Track) With Just Heart & Soul

                                                                                     GARY HUSBAND - The Things I See - SJPCD182
                                                                                     The Sixteen Men Of Tain/ Shadows Of / A Temporary
FREEDOM - Black On White (Nero Su                                                    Fault / An Out From Under/ Mr/ Berwell / The Things I
Bianco) - SJPCD305                                                                   See / Wish/ Devil Take /Kinder / Looking Glass
To Be Free/ The Better Side/ Attraction-Black On
White/With You/ The Butt Of Deception/ The Truth Is
Plain To See /Childhood Refections/ Seeing Is Believ-
ing/ You Won’t Miss/ Born Again/ Decidedly Man/ Rela-
tion/ We Say No/ The Game Is Over BONUS TRACKS
:The Better Side (working mix-single vocal)/ The Butt Of
Deception (working mix)/ Born Again (dry version)
Where Will You Be Tonight? (June 1968 single)
                                                                                     GARY PICKFORD-HOPKINS - GPH - SJPCD138
                                                                                                                Outlaw Blues / Faraway Friends / Across The Muddy
                                                                                                                River / Long TIme Coming/ Loving You Means leaving
                                                                                                                You / You’re Gonna Get It / Drifting Away / U.B. Love/
                                                                                                                Take It And Shake It / Sinner Man/ Holocaust
                            FREEDOM - Freedom - SJPCD063
                            Nobody / In Search Of Something / Dusty Track / Man
                            Made Laws / Ain’t No Chance To Score/ Pretty Woman
                            / Freedom / Frustrated Woman

                                                                                     GERRY McAVOY -Can’t Win ‘Em All - SJPCD321
                                                                                     Misunderstood/ Can’t Win Em’ All/ Chose To Sing The
                                                                                     Blues/ Born Too Late/ Behan/ Oh’ What A Shame/Trou-
                                                                                     bled Heart/I Gotta Move/ Midnight Man/ Runaway/ Help
FREEDOM - Freedom At Last - SJPCD175                                                 Me Through The Day
Enchanted Wood / Deep Down In The Bottom/ Have
love Will Travel/ Cry Baby Cry / TIme Of The Season/
Hoo Doo Man / Built For Comfort / Fly/ Never Loved A
Girl / My Life / Can’t Stay With Me / Dusty Track

                                                                                     GILLAN - The Gillan Tapes - Volume 1 - SJPCD004 (M)
                                                                                                                Maelstrom/ Bad News/ Fiji / Take A Hold Of Yourself /
                                                                                                                Come Tomorrow/ No Easy Way (song writing session) /
                                                                                                                No Easy Way / Are You Confident? / Are You Sure? /
FREEDOM - Is More Than A Word -                                                                                 Don’t Want The Truth / It Isn’t Going To Die!* / Restless
SJPCD073                                                                                                        1 / Restless 2 / Higher And Higher/ Smokin And
Together/ Miss little louise/ Sweaty Feet/ Brainbox jam/                                                        Smowakin* / Night lights/ Mutually Assured Destruction
Direction/ Going own/ Dream/ Ladybird                                                                           (MAD) Mutually Insured Third Party Fire And Theft/ Be-
                                                                                                                cause You Lied *Previously unreleased

                            FREEDOM - Through The Years - SJPCD177                   GILLAN - The Gillan Tapes Volume 2 - SJPCD023
                            Freestone / Through The Years/ Get Yourself Together /                              Second Sight/ Future Shock/ Men Of War / Purple Sky/
                            London City / Thanks / Toe Grabber                                                  M.A.D.I.N.T.R.O (The Balance Of Terror)/ M.A.D/ New
                                                                                                                Orleans/ Time & Again/ Post Fade Brain Damage /You’re
                                                                                                                So Right/ If I Sing Softly/ Bluesy Blue Sea / Roller/
                                                                                                                Hadely Bop / Nervous (Variations) / Fiji (No.8) / Pre Brain
                                                                                                                Fade Damage/ New New Orleans/ New New Dehli /
                                                                                                                Demon Driver

GILLAN - The Gillan Tapes Volume 3                                                    GILLAN - No Easy Way - SJPCD273 2 Disc Set
(Plus Free Bonus CD) - SJPCD051 2CD set                                               CD: “Live Hammersmith 1980”: Second Sight/ Unchain
CD1: Running White Face City Boy/ Trouble/ Sunbeam/                                   Your Brain /Are You Sure/ Mr Universe/ Trouble/ On The
I’ll Rip Your Spine Out/ If You Believe Me / long Gone/                               Rocks/ Running White Face City Boy/ Vengeance/ Tor-
You’re Sisters On My list/ Fiji (no 17) / Born To Kill -live                          ment/ Smoke On The Water/ BONUS TRACKS: Un-
/ M.A.D/ -live / Ballad Of the Lucitania Express-The Tril-                            derwater Solo Sonics/ No Easy Way /Thunderwood / If
ogy/ Unchain You’re Brain -live / No laughing In Heaven-                              You Believe Me DVD: “Live Edinburgh 1980”: Unchain
live / So Low/ The Festivals Of Spirit/ Smoke On The                                  Your Brain/ Trouble/ If you Believe Me/ Mutually Assured
Water/ Excerpt From the Confidente Opera BONUS CD-                                    Destruction (MAD.)/ No Easy Way BONUS GILLAN
FOR GILLAN FANS ONLY: CD2: Higher And Higher -                                        ARCHIVE FOOTAGE: Vengeance /Smoke On The
You’re Mother Was Right - Red watch - Abbey Of                                        Water*/ Sleeping On The Job / BONUS FEATURES:
Thelma - Trying To Get To You - Come Tomorrow - Drag-                                 Cannonball-GMT Interviews with JOHN McCOY,
ons Tongue - Post Fade Brain Damage - Egg Timer (Vice Versa) - The Harry Lime         BERNIE TORME, COLIN TOWNS and MICK UNDERWOOD. History of Gillan by
Theme                                                                                 Joe Geesin (* GILLAN MK1)

GILLAN - Live At The BBC - 79/80 - SJPCD055 2CD set
                           CD1: Reading Rock Festival August 25th 1979:- Inter-
                           view with Ian Gillan Sleeping On The Job - Mr Universe                                 GILLAN - On The Rocks - SJPCD119
                           - Dead Of Night - Roller - Vengeance - Smoke On the                                    No Laughing In Heaven /Bite The Bullet /No Easy Way/
                           Water BBC In Concert September 19th 1979:- Secret                                      Thunderwood/Trouble/If You Believe Me/On The Rocks/
                           Of The Dance - Sleeping On The Job - Mr Universe -                                     Vengeance /Tormes Last Stand /Smoke On The Water/
                           Dead Of Night - Vengeance CD2: BBC In Concert Sep-                                     New Orleans/ Lucille
                           tember 9th 1980:- Unchain Your Brain - Are You Sure? -
                           Mr Universe - No Easy Way - Trouble -If You Believe Me
                           - On The Rocks - Nervous - Running White Face City
                           Boy - Vengeance - Lucille BBC Friday Rock Show
                           March 27th 1980:- Interview with Ian Gillan - If You Be-
                           lieve Me

                                                                                      THE GLITTER BAND - Glitteresque - SJPCD282
                                                                                      Angel Face/ Tell Him/ Peppermint Twist/ Just For You/
                                                                                      The Wanderer/ Let’s Get Together Again/ To Know You
                                                                                      Is To Love You/ Rock On/ Goodbye My Love/ Twisting
GILLAN - Live At The Marquee 1978 -                                                   The Night Away/ Rock and Roll Parts 1 & 2/ Jean Jean-
SJPCD254                                                                              nie (with the blue eyes)/ Let?s Get Together Again (club
Second Sight/ What’s The Matter/ Bluesy Blue Sea/                                     mix)/ Does Your Mother Know/ Am I On Again
Black Night/ Trouble/ Born To Kill/ M.A.D/ Hadely Bop
Bop/ Dead Of Night/ Thunderwood/ Bit The Bullet/ Gers
Guitar Medley Volume ll/ Smoke On The Water/ New Or-
leans/ Towns Toons/ Helter Skelter

                                                                                      GO WEST - King Of Wishful Thinking - Live - SJPCD304
                                                                                                                  Don’t Look Down/ Faithful/ Eye To Eye/ Glow/ True
                                                                                                                  Colours /All Day All Night/ Innocence/ Missing Persons/
                           GILLAN - Live Tokyo 23rd October 1978,                                                 The Sun And The Moon/ I Want To Hear It From You/
                           Shinjuku Koseinenkin Hall - SJPCD082                                                   What You Won’t Do For Love/ Goodbye Girl/ SOS/ Call
                            I’m Your Man- Child In Time- Bringing Joanna Back-                                    Me/ We Close Our Eyes/ Tracks Of My Tears/ The King
                           Abbey Of ThelemaFlute On- So low- Dead of Night-                                       Of Wishful Thinking
                           Message In A Bottle- Fighting Man- Back In The Gamer
                           Tokyo Flight- Smoke On The Water

GILLAN - Live Wembley 17th December                                                   GREENSLADE - The Full Edition - Live - SJPCD164
                                                                                      Cakewalk/ Feathered Friends/ Catalan/ No Room-But A
1982 - SJPCD152                                                                       View/ Large Afternoon/ Sundance/ Wherever I Go / On
 Second Sight/ What’s The Matter/ Bluesy Blue Sea/                                    Suite/ In The Night/ Bedside Manners Are Extra/ Joie de
Black Night/ Trouble/ Born To Kill/ MAD // Hadely Bop                                 Vivre / Spirit Of Dances
Bop/ Dead Of Night/ Thunderwood / Bit The Bullet/ Gers
Guitar Medley Volume II / Smoke On The Water/ New
Orleans/ Towns Toons / Helter Skelter

                           GILLAN - Mutually Assured Destruction -                                                GREENSLADE - Going South - SJPCD168
                                                                                                                  Going South/ Chasing The Wind/ Slipstream/ Flying V /
                           Glasgow 1982 -SJPCD184                                                                 Miles Away/ Short TIme Down/ Crane Dance/ Night
                           What’s The Matter/ Bluesy Blue Sea/ Black Night/ Trou-                                 Flight/ Piano Flamingo/ South Revisited
                           ble/ Born To Kill/ MAD // Hadely Bop Bop/ No laughing In
                           Heaven/ Smoke On The Water BONUS TRACKS: No
                           Easy Way/ If You Believe Me

HADLEY, NORMAN & KEEBLE - An Evening Of Gold - SJPCD303                                  IAN GILLAN BAND - Rarities 1975-1977 -
TRACKS: To Cut A Long Story Short/ Highly Strung/ Life-                                  SJPCD134
line /I’ll Fly For You/ Save A Prayer/ Communication/ Mo-                                Finally The Finale/ My Baby Loves Me / Down The
tivator /Through The Barricades/ Instinction/ Only When                                  Road/ You Make Me Feel So Good/ Country Lights
You Leave/ Chant No 1 (I Don’t Need This Pressure On)/                                   (backing tracks) / Child In Time/ Scarabus (backing
True/ Gold /Hey Jealousy                                                                 track) / Smoke On The Water (Live) / Let It Slide/ Reach-
                                                                                         ing Out/ Apathy (backing track) / Twin Exhausted/ Fool’s
                                                                                         Mule (backing track)

HEAVY METAL KIDS - Hit The Right Button Plus - SJPCD323
                            Message/ Girl Of My Dreams /Blow It All Away/ Hit The        IAN GILLAN BAND - The Rockfield Mixes .... Plus - SJPCD166
                            Right Button/ Wildlife/ NY Streetlife/ Viva New York!/ I                                  Clear Air Turbulence / Five Moons / Over the Hill / An-
                            Walk Alone/Crool World/ Whisky/ A Hundred Skeletons/                                      gelo Machenio / Money Lender/ Goodhand Liza / This Is
                            Gotham City/ Voices BONUS TRACKS-LIVE-London &                                            The Way / Apathy (backing track) BONUS TRACKS:
                            Milan 2004: Chelsea Kids/ She’s No Angel/ The Cops                                        Over The Hill (live) / Smoke On The Water/ Interview with
                            are Coming/ Delirious                                                                     Ray Fenwick/ Mercury High (backing track)

HIGH SOCIETY - I Never Go Out In The Rain - SJPCD290                                     ICE - Ice Man - SJPCD176
Go Out In The Rain / Sitting On A Rainbow (Live) / A Talk                                Ice Man/ Whisper Her Name (Maria Laine) / Anniversary
With Your Father/ The Late Late Train / Dancing In The                                   (Of Love) / So Many Times / Walk On Water / TIme’s
Moonlight/ Top Hat & Tails / Paper Cup / Down By The                                     Fading Fast / Ice Broadcast: Day Tripper / Ice Man /
River / Madge / I Shouldn?t Fallin Love With You / I Can                                 Wide Blue Yonder Boy / Open The Door To Your Heart/
Sing High / Walking Down The Strand / Private Eye /                                      Johnson & Simpson Demos: Like A Woman / Skyline /
Beautiful Evening / All My Life I Give You Nothing /                                     Wait / Monday / Tell Me / Silver Lady / University Of Sus-
Mama Said / Powder Blue / Dance Till Dawn / The Late                                     sex recordings: Burning, Burning / Two Hearts / Little Girl
Late Train (Live) / Down By The River (Live)                                             In Wonderland

HONEST JOHN PLAIN - HJP & The Amigos - SJPCD144                                          JACKIE LOMAX - The Ballard Of Liverpool Slim..Plus - SJPCD291
                            Howitt Road/ Rock’n’Roll Heart (Part 2) / SAP/ Sweet                                      Pawn In Your Game /There’s A Woman In It Somewhere/
                            Dreams/ Billy / You Can Give It / Garden Gang/ Funny                                      Spank Yourself /Before the Teardrops Start/ Free At Last/
                            Old Game/ What Can I Do / Beautiful lies / Something In                                   Divorce Blues/ I’m Gonna’ Be There/ The Blues Made
                            The Air                                                                                   Me Do It/ The Rabbit And The Gun/ Baby Slow-Down/
                                                                                                                      Blues In The Blood/ Love Will Find A Way BONUS
                                                                                                                      TRACKS:Sour Milk Sea (live)/ Friend-A- Mine

IAN GILLAN BAND - Anthology - SJPCD284 2 Disc Set
                            CD: Clear Air Turbulence/Five Moons/Over The Hill /An-       JAGUAR - Run Ragged - SJPCD150
                            gelo Machenio /Money Lender/ Goodhand Liza/This Is           Run Ragged/ Feng Shui / As The Crow Flies / No
                            The Way/Apathy/Over the Hill (live)/Smoke On The             Change Given / Living Hell/ Gulf War Syndrome/ Nailed/
                            Water (live)/Interview with RAY FENWICK/Mercury High         Stray/This Is Your life/ Eighties/ My Weakness
                            DVD: Twin Exhausted/ Clear Air Turbulence /Child In
                            Time /Money Lender/ Smoke On The Water/ Woman
                            From Tokyo/ Twin Exhausted BONUS FEATURES: Ray
                            Fenwick interview/ Japan Tour Interview with Ian Gillan/
                            Rarities.Informative sleeve notes from JERRY BLOOM
                                                                                         JAMES WARREN - Burning Questions! - SJPCD217
                                                                                                                      Burning Questions/ Climate Of Treason/ They Don’t Be-
                                                                                                                      lieve In Magic· Possessed/ I Know Something/ True Life
                                                                                                                      Confessions/ It Won’t Be The Same Old Place· Loneli-
                                                                                                                      ness/ Can You Hear The Spirit Dying? / I Want To Re-
                                                                                                                      member BONUS TRACKS: You Made Me Believe/ How
IAN GILLAN BAND - Live At The Rainbow - SJPCD017 (M)                                                                  Did You Know? (featuring Eddie Reader)/ I’ll Be Here
Clear Air Turbulence/ Money Lender/ Child In TIme/
Smoke On The Water / Woman From Tokyo’ Twin Ex-

                                                                                         JAMES WARREN - Jim’s Easy Listening Album - SJPCD210
                                                                                         The Leaving Time / Can’t Get Her Out Of My Mind /
IAN GILLAN BAND - Live Yubin Chokin Hall/                                                Money Talks / The Frozen North / Someday They’ll Find
Hiroshima 1977 - SJPCD076                                                                Out / Hope In My Heart / Can’t You Hear My Heart Call-
                            Money Lender/ Twin Ex-                                       ing / High On love / Love, Death And Photographs / I
                            hausted/ Child In Time/ What’s Your Game/ My Baby            Guess It Means We’re Falling In Love / You’ve Got The
                            Loves Me / Trying To Get To You/ Mercury High/ Rock N        Love That Matters/ The First Kiss/ Never Gonna Make It
                            Roll Medley; Lucille; Jailhouse Rock; High School Con-       Better/ We Didn’t Get Along/ This Love Isn’t Good For
                            fidential; Whole Lotta Shakin Gain On; Lucille (reprise) /   Us / So Much Love/ Everybody’s Got To Learn Some-
                            Woman From Tokyo                                             time (original demo)

                          JAN AKKERMAN - C.U. - SJPCD180                               JOHNNY WARMAN - Hour Glass - SJPCD183
                          See You/ I’m In The Mood/ Dance The Blues Away/ Cot-          Twighlight Zone/ Silver Towers/ It Ain’t Funny/ Laughing
                          tonbay / Kloenk / Blowing/ Slow Man/ Urbanstring             Academy/ Street Angels/ Tomorrows Babies/ Wonder-
                                                                                       land/ So Long/ The Hour Glass/ War Of The Worlds
                                                                                       BONUS TRACKS: Head On Collision/ London’s Burn-
                                                                                       ing/ Mind Games/ Silver Towers (live) / Tomorrows Ba-
                                                                                       bies (live) / Head On Collision (live) / Suicide (live) / It’s
                                                                                       Alright Boys

JEFF CHRISTIE - Floored Monsters Past Imperfect/OUTER LIMITS
- Outer Limits - SJPCD259 2 CD Set
CD1-OUTER LIMITS “Outer Limits” :When The Work Is
Done/ Just One More Chance/ Just Help Me Please/                                       JOHNNY WARMAN - Walking Into Mirrors - SJPCD127
Great Train Robbery (demo)/ Sweet Freedom/ The                                                                        Walking Into Mirrors/ Radio Active/ Searchlights/ Martian
Dream/ Stop Everything I Touch / Any day Now/ See It                                                                  Summer / Screaming Jets/ Three Minutes/ Will You
My Way/ Funny Clown/ Listen/ Paper Jake/ Days Of                                                                      Dance With Me? / (S0S) Sending Out Signals / Dancing
Spring/ Epitaph For A Nonentity/ Man In The Middle Of                                                                 Dolls/ Fantastic Light BONUS TRACKS: American Ma-
Nowhere/ It?s Your Turn Now / Dancing Water/ Look At                                                                  chines/ Automatic Kids/ King Robot/ Future Fun (Live) /
Me/ Run For Cover/ Mr Magee?s Incredible Banjo Band/                                                                  Here Comes The Reds/ Golden Lions
Tomorrow Night CD2- JEFF CHRISTIE: “Floored Mas-
ters-Past Imperfect”: Turn On Your Love light/ Both Ends Of The Rainbow/ You Got
The Love /Midnight Express/ Troubadour/ Back On The Boards/ Another Point Of
View / You And Me/ On The Same Side/ Saints And Sinners/ Take Me As You Find
Me/ Tightrope/ Somebody Else/ In A Rich Mans Shoes/ Jody BONUS TRACKS:
Shine On/ Turning To Stone/ It Ain?t Easy/ Shake Off these Chains/ Back In The         KING EARL BOOGIE BAND - Loaded And Live - SJPCD209
Jungle/ Yuletide Lights                                                                Money To Burn/ Somebody Changed The Lock/ Match-
                                                                                       box/ Going To The Dance/ Who Do You Love/ Blue Slate
                                                                                       Slide/ What’d I Say/ Jelly Roll Baker/ Slow Down/ Ram-
                                                                                       bling On My Mind/ Rollin’ And Tumblin’/ Big Road/ Marie

JOHN DU CANN - The World’s Not Big Enough - SJPCD043 (M)
                          Don’t Be A Dummy· You Didn’t Know Any Better· Fash-
                          ion Fantasy· When I Was Old/ Only One Night/ Where’s
                          The Show! / She’s My Woman/ Throw Him In Jail/ Evil
                          You (part 1) / Don’t Talk/ Your Application Failed/ If I’m   THE KORGIS - Something About The Beatles - RAJP903 - Single
                          Makin’ / Street Strutter· Evil You (part 2) / Hesitation                                    Something About The Beatles / It All Comes Down To
                          BONUS TRACKS: Exodus (Johnny And His Epic Gui-                                              You/ Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime
                          tars) / Moody Child/ Truck Stop/ Well Let’s Go / Para-
                          dise· I Want To Be Alone/ Ode To Mai West/ Wise Man/
                          Ooh Be I Doo/ Thanx For Nothing’/Who Cares? / The

                                                                                                                      THE KORGIS - Something About The
                                                                                                                      Korgis - SJPCD269 2 Disc Set
JOHN DUMMER BLUES BAND - The Lost 1973 Album - SJPCD276                                                             CD: If I Had You /Everybody?s Got To Learn Sometime/
LA Lady /Sunny Wine Song/ Short Haul Line /Reach For                                                                It All Comes Down To You /One Life/ Who Are These
Me/ Goin? Home/ Bad Dream/ Good Rockin? Man                                                                         Tears For/ Find Yourself Another Fool /This World?s For
/Undying Love/ Who?s Foolin? Who/ Stealin? / Keep It                                                                Everyone/ That?s What Fnends Are For/ Hold On/ I
in My Mind                                                                                                          Wonder What Became Of You /Work Together/ Come To
                                                                                                                    Me/ All The Love In The Wond/ Wish You A Merry Xmas/
                                                                                                                    Everybody?s GotTo Learn Some Time (DNA Mix 93)/ It
                                                                                                                    Won?t Be The Same Old Place/ Lines/ Boots And
                                                                                                                    Shoes/ Something About The Beatles DVD-DVD9
                                                                                                                    NTSC - all regions: Cold Tea /Dumb Waiters/ If I Had You
                                                                                                                    / I Wonder What?s Become Of You /That?s What
JOHN FIDDLER - The Big Buffalo -                                                       Friends Are For/ If It?s Alnght With You Baby/ Perfect Hostess/ Young?n?Russian/
SJPCD048(M)                                                                            AlI The Love In The Wond/ Everybody?s Got To Learn Sometime/This Wond?s For
                          Time For Love/ Princess/ Return Of the Buffalo/ Time         Everyone/ Lines/ It Won?t Be The Same Old place/ If It All Comes Down To You
                          Will Tell / Wish / Strong Heart (electric) / Kinda Crazy,    BONUS FEATURES Promo videos “Something About The Beatles”, “Hold On”,
                          Kinda Sad/ let the Kids Know/ Hurt/ (A Day) Without You/     “One Life”, “Everybody?s Got To Learn Sometime” and “Everybody?s Got To Learn
                          Working Class Hero/ Walkin; Blues/ Win Or Lose/ Strong       Sometime DNA Mix” . Korgis documentary-Off The Leash Korgis History and Discog-
                          Heart (acoustic) / This Man’s On Fire/ When I Looked         raphy
                          Away/ Where’s Heaven Now? / I Stand Alone

                                                                                       THE KORGIS - The Kollection - SJPCD204
JOHNNY WARMAN - From The Jungle To                                                     If I Had You/ Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime/ It All
The New Horizons - SJPCD170                                                            Comes Down To You/ One Life/ Who Are These Tears
From The Jungle To The New Horizons/ Spirit In The                                     For/ Find Yourself Another Fool/ That’s What Friends Are
Sky/ Looking Back (To See If Someone’s Looking Back                                    For / This World’s For Everyone/ Hold On / I Wonder
At Me) / China’s Moving (West) / I Love My Planet/                                     What Became Of You / Work Together/ Come To Me /
(United) The State Of America/ Flying Out Of Windows/                                  All The Love In The World/ Wish You A Merry Xmas/
Dream, Dream, Dream / Y.C. BONUS TRACKS: Satel-                                        Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime (DNA Mix 93)
lite· I Wonder What Makes Us Normal? / Jon Glass/ All                                  BONUS RARITIES: It Won’t Be The Same Old Place/
The IWorld· Zoo· Explorer 8 (The Watcher) / The World                                  Lines/ Boots And Shoes/ Make A Fuss About Us
Came Down/ Into The Void

THE KORGIS - This World’s For Everyone - SJPCD244                                     MAGGIE BELL - Best Of - SJPCD274 2 Disc Set
This World’s For Everyone/ Hold On / Work Together/                                   CD: Cado Queen /As The Years Go Passing By/ We
Hunger/ Show Me / Who Are These Tears For Anyway/                                     Had It All/Wishing Well/ Suicide Sal/ I Was In Chains/
No Love In The World/ One Life/ Love Turned Me                                        Coming On Strong/ No Mean City (Theme from Taggart)/
Around/ Wreckage Of A Broken Heart/ All The Love In                                   Penicillin Blues (live)/ Danger Money- Midnight Flyer /
The World/ Third TIme Around / Everybody’s Got To                                     Bring It On Home To Me -Midnight Flyer with Taj Mahal
Learn Sometime BONUS TRACKS: This World’s For                                         (live) / Respect Yourself-British Blues Quintet (live) DVD
Everyone (demo)/ Hold On (alternative mix) / All The                                  NTSC / all regions: Hey Boy/ Danger Money /Love
Love In The World (alternative recording) / The Way I                                 Games/ Sweet Lovin? Woman/ Poor Little Jimmy/
Feel/ Mount Everest Sings the Blues (Live)                                            Rough Trade/ French Kisses/ Too Much Love/ Penicillin
                                                                                      Blues/ Bring It On Home To Me-with Taj Mahal/ Chain
                                                                                      Gang-with Taj Mahal/ Blues Jam-with Albert Collins/
                                                                                      Stormy Monday Blues-with Albert Collins BONUS FEATURES: Interview with MAG-
                                                                                      GIE BELL/ History of MIDNIGHT FLYER by Keith Smith

                           THE KORGIS - Unplugged - SJPCD213
                           Cold Tea/ Dumb Waiters/ If I Had You/ I Wonder What’s
                           Become Of You/ That’s What Friends Are For / If It’s Al-
                           right With You Baby? / Perfect Hostess/ All The Love In
                           The World/ Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime/
                           Young’n Russian/ This World’s For Everyone/ Lines/ It                                  MAGGIE BELL - Live At The Rainbow 1974 -
                           Won’t Be The Same Old Place/ If It All Comes Down To                                   SJPCD100
                           You                                                                                    Coming On Strong/ Wishing Well/ As The Years Go
                                                                                                                  Passing By / I Was In Chains/ Suicide Sall/ I Saw Him
                                                                                                                  Standing There/ The Preacher/ Penicillin Blues/ Soul
                                                                                                                  Medley/ The Ghetto/ Aileem Machree / Shout

KROKUS - Round 13 - SJPCD031
Heya / Money Back/ Break Free/ Guitar Rules/ Blood
Comes Easy/ Suck My Guitar/ Gipsy Love/ Whitchhunt
/ Backstabber / Wild Times

                                                                                      MAGGIE BELL - Live Boston USA 1975 - SJPCD128
                                                                                      Coming On Strong/ Wishing Well/ I Was In Chains/ What
                                                                                      You’ve Got Is So Good/ If You Don’t Know, I Can Tell
                                                                                      You/ I Saw Him Standing There/ Penicillin Blues/ Goin’
                           KROKUS - Stampede/ To Rock Or Not To Be
                           - SJPCD042 2CD set
                           CD1: STAMPEDE:- Stampede/ Electric Man/ Rock ‘N’
                           Roll Gypsy/ Shotgun Boogie-Nova· Zana / Good Times-
                           She Drives Me Crazy/ In the Heat Of the Night / Rhythm
                           Of Love -Wasteland BONUS TRACK: You Ain’t Seen
                           Nothin’ Yet CD2: TO ROCK OR NOT TO BE:- Lion               MAGGIE BELL - Queen Of The Night - SJPCD200
                           Heart/ Flying Through The Night / To Rock Or Not To Be-                                Cado Queen/ A Woman Left Lonely/ Souvenirs/ After
                           In the Dead Of the Night/ Natural Blonde/ Doggy Style/                                 Midnight/ Oh My My / As The Years Go Passing By / Yes-
                           Talking like A Shotgun / Soul To Soul/ Stop The World/                                 terday’s Music/ We Had It All / The Other Side/ Trade
You Ain’t Got The Guts To Do It / Wagon Gone/ Stormy Nights BONUS TRACK: You                                      Winds BONUS TRACKS: Penicillin Blues (live) / Wish-
Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet                                                                                            ing Well (live)

LIFE - Cocoon - SJPCD329
Dangerous Music/ The Language of Love/ The Ameri-
can Way/ Cocoon/ Freeride/ Don’t Come Crying/ Oxy-
gen/ What Goes Around Comes Around/ Good Times/
Losing You/ I believed in You/ Rush/ Judy/ Let It Burn/                               MAGGIE BELL - Suicide Sal - SJPCD201
The End of the Line                                                                   Wishing Well/ Suicide Sal/ I Was In Chains/ If You Don’t
                                                                                      Know/ What You Got/ In My life/ Coming On Strong/
                                                                                      Hold On / I Saw Him Standing There/ It’s Been So Long
                                                                                      BONUS TRACKS: Coming On Strong (live) / Going
                                                                                      Down (live)

                           LINDA HOYLE - Pieces Of Me - SJPCD117
                           Backlash Blues/ Paper Tulips/ Black Crow/ For My Dar-
                           ling/ Pieces Of Me/ Lonely Women/ Hymn To Valerie
                           Solanas / The Ballad Of Morty Mole/ Journey’s End /
                           Morning For One/ Barrel House Music
                                                                                                                  MAGGIE BELL & MIDNIGHT FLYER -Live
                                                                                                                  Montreux July 1981 - SJPCD246
                                                                                                                  Hey Boy/ Danger Money/ Love Games/ Sweet
                                                                                                                  Lovin’Woman / Poor Little Jimmy/ Rough Trade/ French
                                                                                                                  Kisses/ Too Much Love/ Penicillin Blues/ Bring It On
                                                                                                                  Home To Me (with TAJ MAHAL) / Chain Gang (with TAl
                                                                                                                  MAHAL) / Blues Jam (with ALBERT COLLINS) / Stormy
LONG JOHN BALDRY - Live Iowa State                                                                                Monday Blues (with ALBERT COLLINS)
University 1987 - SJPCD310
Going Down Slow /Every Day I Have The Blues It Ain’t
Easy/ Respect /You Make Me Feel Like A Natural
Woman/ Iko Iko/ Don’t Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie
On The King Of Rock’n’Roll

MAGNA CARTA - Midnight Blue / Live And                                                  McCOY - Unreal Anthology - SJPCD195 2 CD Set
Let Live - SJPCD346 - 2 CD Set                                                          CD1: Walking Strong (WELCOME 1969) / Calling Out
CD1: “Midnight Blue” Slowbone Jones/ NaturalLiving                                      Your Name (THE COOLlES 1970) / Karrola (ZZEBRA
Man/ It’s So Easy/ Have A Nice Day/ Sting Of the Gin/                                   1972) / 1953 Austin Somerset (QUADRANT 1974) / Big
Wind On The Water (with KATE ROBBINS)/ Written In                                       Boss Man (McCOY 1976) / Not As Easy As It Seems
The Wind /Midnight Blue/ Danny/ I’ll Walk Mine/                                         (SAMSON 1977)/ Texas Modern (NEO 1977)/ Don’t Be
Strangers In The Land Of Ulysses/ Cajun Cannonball/                                     A Dummy (John Du Cann 1977) / Getting It Upside
Little Bit Of My Heart /Highway To Spain BONUS                                          Down V.H.F. 1978) / Excerpt From Space 1999 (T.V.
TRACKS: When All Is Said And Done /For The Gypsy/                                       Theme 1978) / Tomorrow Or Yesterday (SAMSON 1978)
Greenfield’s/ Stop Bringing Me Down/ Everytime CD2:                                     / No Easy Way (Alternative Version) (GILLAN 1979) / No
“Live And Let Live” Airport Song/ Sponge/ Abalone Sky-Banjo Man/ Wind On The            Laughing In Heaven (Alternative Version) (GILLAN) /
Water/ Tomorrow Is A Long Time/ Nine Pound Hammer /Sun Ain’t Gonna Rise/ Time           Restless (Alternative Version) (Gillan) / M.A.D. (Mutually
For Leaving/ Call Me the Breeze/ Only Road Home/ Fields Of Eden /Slow Train             Assured Destruction) (Alternative Version) (GILLAN) CD2: Play It Again (ATOMIC
                                                                                        ROOSTER) / The Russians Are Coming (JOINT FORCES) / Hard Times
                                                                                        (TORME/McCOY/THUNDERSTlCK) / Because You Lied (McCOY) / Free Mind
                                                                                        (McCOY) / Temporary Threshold Shift (McCOY) / The Demon Rose (McCOY) / Fat-
                                                                                        man (MAMMOTH) / All The Days (MAMMOTH) / On And On (McCOY) / Josephine
                                                                                        (McCOY) / I Know A Place (SUN RED SUN) / I Don’t Want To Be Responsible (SUN
                                                                                        RED SUN) / Mean Woman Blues (PAUL SAMSON) / Down To Here (GMT) / Shav-
                            MAMA’S BOYS - Relativity - SJPCD081                         ing Cream (THE SPLlT KNEE LOONS)
                            Judgement Day/ What You See Is What You Get/ Laugh
                            About It / Don’t Look Back In Anger/ Cry Salvation/ Res-
                            cue Me / My Way Home/ Don’t Back Down/ Left And
                            Right/ Cardboard City/ Walk all Over Me / Fallin’ / Moor-
                            lough Shores
                                                                                        MEDICINE HEAD - Don’t Stop The Dance - SJPCD185
                                                                                                                    Don’t Stop The Dance/ Dark Side Of The Moon/ Walkin’
                                                                                                                    Blues/ Lay Around/ You Gotta Love Somebody/ Part Of
                                                                                                                    The Play/ Can’t Live A Lie / Just Wanna Make Love To
                                                                                                                    You/ Come On Over/ Mama Come Out/ It’s Got To Be
MAMMOTH - Larger and Live - SJPCD141                                                                                Alright BONUS TRACKS: Don’t Stop The Dance (live)
LIVE Thirty Pieces Of Silver/ Can’t Take The Hurt/ Fat-                                                             / One And One Is One (live) / Rising Sun (live)
man / Always And Forever/ Home From The Storm/ Bet
You Wish LARGER White Mammoth/ Fatman / Dressed
To Kill / All The Days/ Can’t Take The Hurt/ Always And
Forever/ Do What You Want To / Working For The Man/
Catcher In The Rye/ Monster Mania/ Hope You Find It
                                                                                        MEDICINE HEAD - Fiddler’s Anthology -
                                                                                        Greatest Hits - Live - SJPCD147
                                                                                        Rising Sun/ Pictures In The Sky/ One More Chance To
                                                                                        Run/ One And One Is One/ Big Driftaway / Only The
MAMMOTH - Leftovers, Relics & Rarities - SJPCD181                                       Roses/ Strong Heart/ His Guidin’ Hand/ Back Where I
                            Another White Mammoth on The M.1.(Unreleased) / Bad         Started/ Indian Queen/ Slip And Slide/ Let The Kids
                            TImes (Unreleased version) / Can’t take the Hurt (Unre-     Know
                            leased version) / Bet You Wish (Unreleased version) /
                            Tonight (Unreleased) / Always And Forever/ (Unreleased
                            version) / Bet You Wish Too/ (Unreleased) / Long Time
                            Coming/ (Unreleased mix) / Dark Storm (Early Version of
                            Dark Star, (Unreleased)) / Political Animal (Unreleased
                            Version) / Bet You Didgeridoo (Unreleased)
                                                                                                                    MEDICINE HEAD - Live At The Marquee
                                                                                                                    1975 - SJPCD091 (M)
                                                                                                                    How Does It Feel/ Pictures In The Sky/ Two Men Now/
                                                                                                                    Home’s Odyssey/ Mornin’ light/ Oh My Heart To Peace/
MARSHALL LAW - Power Game - SJPCD327                                                                                His Guiding Hand/ Walking Blues/ To Train Time/ Rave
Chain of youth/Another generation/ No justice/ Search-                                                              On / Blue Suede Shoes/ Five long Years/ You Got Me
ing for paradise/Naked aggression/ Power game/ Edge                                                                 Rockin’ and Rollin’ / Jenny Jenny/ One And One 15 One
of the world/ Psychodrama/ Dead zone/ Leviathan                                                                     BONUS TRACK: Pictures In The Sky
BONUS TRACK: Naked aggression (single)

                                                                                        MEDICINE HEAD - Radio Sessions 1971-1977 - SJPCD318
                                                                                        (And The) Pictures In The Sky-1971/ Coast To Coast-
McCOY - Brainstorm - SJPCD026 (M)                                                       1971/ To Train Time-1973/ Medicine Pony-1971/ But The
                            Dreaming Of The Dead/ Heavy Metal Cowboy/ On And            Night Is Young-1971/ Rock’n’Roll Kid-1973/ Rainy Day
                            On / Outrageous / I Know A Place/ Don’t Walk Away/          Blues-1973/ Morning Light-1973/ Only To Do What Is
                            Save Me / Steam Train/ Bad Luck/ Josephine/ Tarot           True-1972/ Instant Karma Kid-1972/ How Does It Feel?-
                            Cards / The Prophets Of Doom / The List-The List Con-       1972/One And One Is One-1973/ Rising Sun-1974/
                            tinues-Zoomusic’ / Disillusioned/ Hawaiians 2- Electolux    Walkin’ Blues-1974/ Slip And Slide-1977/ (I Ain’t Cryin’)
                            1                                                           Over You-1976/ His Guiding Hand-1977

McCOY - Think Hard .. Again - SJPCD001 (M)
Freemind / The Demon Rose/ Loving Lies / Hell to                                                                    MEDICINE HEAD - Two Man Band - SJPCD095
Play/ Heads Will Roll/ Ride The Night/ Fear of the                                                                  It’s Natural/ Wishin’ and Wishin’ / Give It Away/ Si Belle/
Morning/ Jerusalem/ Oh Well! / Night Lights/ The                                                                    Mother Love/ I’m Your Man/ Sun’s Sinkin’ Low/ Over
Sound of Thunder/ Temporary Shift/ Because You Lied/                                                                You/ River Of Tears/ Shake Me / Too Much Love/
Night Lights (alternate version) / Oh Well! (single ver-                                                            BONUS TRACKS: Me And Suzie (Hit The Floor) / Moon
sion)                                                                                                               Child/ Midnight

MELANIE - Solo Powered - SJPCD103 2CD set                                            MIKE HURST - Home/ ln My Time - SJPCD098
CD1: Brand New Key/ Peace Will Come/ Ruby Tuesday/                                   HOME: World Of Glass/ Face From The Past/ To My
Look What They Done To My Song Ma / The Nickel                                       Daughter/ Hung Upside Down/ All I Can Do Is Sing/ Big
Song/ Someday I’ll Be An Old Record/ Missing You/ Cy-                                Cities/ Photograph Of Love/ Demolition Zone/ Scarlett
clone/ Close to It All / Bitterblue / Friends And Company/                           Revisited IN MY TIME: In My Time/ New York City/ Time
Ballerina/ Arrow/ Ring the Living Bell/ Together Alone/                              Will Make It Right / Place In The Country/ Big Jet Song/
Bitter Bad/ Will You Still love Me Tomorrow/ Stop! I Don’t                           Indian Tears/ Show Me The Way To Georgia/ Over
Want To Hear It Anymore CD2: Lay Down/ Candles In                                    Again/ Lord I Don’t Have The Time/ Which Way Does
The Rain/ Beautiful People/ You Could Have Had Me For                                Your River Flow BONUS TRACKS: Never Going Back/
a Nickel/ Any Time At All / Every Breath You Take/ Life                              Silver Threads And Golden Needles SUNDANCE/ So
Will Not Go Away/ Racing Heart / The Sun And The                                     Sad SUNDANCE
Moon / The Natural Man / Perceive It / Long, Long TIme
/ Freedom Knows My Name/ Live Coal/ Ring Around The Moon/ How Can I Help
You Say Goodbye / Long Train Runnin’

                                                                                     MIKE HURST - Producers Archives Volume 1 - SJPCD123
                                                                                                            PAUL & BARRY RYAN “Keep It Out Of Sight” 1967 /
                                                                                                            EPISODE SIX “My Little One” 1968 / RALPH DE BLANC
                            MICK RALPHS - It’s All Good - SJPCD052                                          “So You Win Again 1977/ SHAKIN STEVENS “Never”
                            S.E.X./ Barking Mad / Don’t Need Money/ Jessica /                               1977 / EDDIE HARDIN “Ressurection Shuffle” 1982 /
                            Hideaway (live) BAD COMPANY/ Jazz-Wah/ Train                                    NEW WORLD “Rose Garden” 1970 / NEW WORLD
                            Wreck/ LARGE! / Atmosphere/ Gravy Booby/ Coming                                 “Tom-Tom Runaround” 1971 / NEW WORLD “Kara
                            Up The Hill / More S.E.X.                                                       Kara” 1971 / EDDIE GRANT “Do You Wanna Touch Me
                                                                                                            (Oh Yeah)” 1977 / THE FAVOURITE SONS “That Driv-
                                                                                                            ing Beat” 1966 / THE ALAN BOWN “Strange Little
                                                                                                            Friend” 1969 / FOUR TOPS “For Your Love” 1977 /
                                                                                                            COLIN BLUNSTONE “Never My Love” 1969 / COLIN
                                                                                     BLUNSTONE “Don’t Try To Explain” 1969 / SAMANTHA FOX “Aim To Win” 1984 /
                                                                                     HARDIN & YORK “Tomorrow Today” 1969
MICK RALPHS - Take This! - SJPCD037
All It Takes/ Hey Baby/ Take This/ Give You My Love/
Fast Travelling Man/ On The Run/ Last Chance Saloon/
Rock Fever/ When The Revolution Comes/ Another
Lonely Day BONUS TRACKS: Rock ‘N’ Roller (previ-
ously unreleased) / All Across The Nile (previously un-
released) / All It takes (working mix) / Give You My Love                            MIKE HURST - Producers Archives Volume 2 - SJPCD172
(working mix) / On the Run (working mix) / Last Chance                               “Video Killed The Radio Star” BRUCE WOOLEY & THE
Saloon (working mix) / When The Revolution Comes                                     CAMERA 1979/ CLUB “Show Me Around” MIKE HURST
(working mix) / Another Lonely Day (demo) / Rock ‘N’                                 1965/ “Rock ‘n’ Roll School” FUMBLE 1972/ “Rennais-
Roller (working mix) / All Across The Nile (working mix)                             sance Fair” HUMAN INSTINCT 1968/ “Anytime That You
                                                                                     Want Me” MIKE HURST Jimmy Page First Solo) 1965/
                                                                                     “Here You Come Again” LENA ZAVARONI 1977/
                                                                                     “Songs” LENA ZAVARONI 1977/ “Come Away Melinda”
                                                                                     BARRY ST. JOHN 1965/ “Spooky” SHAKIN’ STEVENS
                                                                                     1979/ “Help Me Rhonda” GARY WILSON BAND 1981/
                                                                                     “Rockin’ With My Radio” SAM FOX 1984/ “Day In My
                                                                                     Minds Mind” HUMAN INSTINCT 1967/ “Takin Time Off”
MICK RALPHS - That’s life - Can’t Get Enough - SJPCD136                              TRULY SMITH 1968/ “This Is The First Time” TRULY SMITH 1968/ “Splish Splash”
                            Under Pressure/ For My Baby/ Our Time/ A to Z / You      JONAS (plus Alvin Lee) 1983/ “Little Queenie” JONAS (plus Alvin Lee) 1983
                            And Me / Hey Hey/ Every Beat/ Nobody Knows Me / Ain’t
                            It Good? / Fool For Loving/ That’s Life / BONUS
                            TRACKS: Budgie/ Can’t Get Enough

                                                                                     MIKE HURST - Producers Archives Volume 3 - SJPCD302
                                                                                                             The ALAN BOWN “All Along The Watchtower” 1968/ The
                                                                                                             CYMBALINE “Can You Hear Me?” 1966/ The AP-
                                                                                                             PALACHIANS “Look Away” 1966/ FORCE WEST “Like
                                                                                                             The Tide” 1968/ SHAKIN STEVENS “I Don’t Want No
MIDNIGHT FLYER - Midnight Flyer - SJPCD198                                                                   Other Baby” 1978/ WARM SOUNDS “Sticks And
Hey Boy/ Love Games/ French Kisses/ In My Eyes/ Over                                                         Stones” 1968/ MURRAY HEAD “She Was Perfection”
And Over / Last Resort/ Do You Want My Love/ Sweet                                                           1967/ MURRAY HEAD “Second-hand Monday” 1967/
Loving Woman/ What Ever I Want/ Midnight Love/                                                               The MAJORITY “Simplified” 1966/The ALAN BOWN
Rough Trade BONUS TRACKS: Rock ‘n’ Roll Party/                                                               “Funhouse” never before released 1968/ DOUBLE FEA-
Waiting For You                                                                                              TURE “Handbags & Gladrags” 1967/ CAT STEVENS
                                                                                                             “Twinkie” never before released 1968/ MIKE HURST &
                                                                                     MIKE D’ABO “Going Going One” 1966/ MIKE HURST “The Banjo Song” 1964/ CILLA
                                                                                     BLACK “Opening Night” 1977 /CILLA BLACK “I Couldn’t Make My Mind Up” 1977/
                                                                                     NIRVANA “Christopher Lucifer” 1968 /BRUCE WOOLLEY “Clean, Clean” 1979/
                                                                                     BRUCE WOOLLEY “You Got Class” 1979

MIKE d’ABO - Hidden Gems & Treasured Friends - SJPCD156
                            Poor Old Joe/ I’m A Ram/ May/ For Jackson/ Soldier,
                            Sailor/ All At Sea/ Relax/ Fuel To Burn/ The Day That    MIKE HURST ORCHESTRA - Drivetime - SJPCD125
                            War Broke Out/ Slim Pickings/ Mighty Quinn/ I Don’t      Theme From Mission Imposssible / Theme From The
                            Want To Be There/ Salvation Song/ West Is Best/ Little   Wild Ones/ Image /Theme From Route 66 / Almost
                            Miss Understood/ My Life Is Starting From Today· Fuel    There/ Good Vibrations/ Macarthur Park/ West Side
                            To Burn· Handbags And Gladrags                           Story-The Jets Song/ Wednesday’s Child (Theme From
                                                                                     Quiller Memorandum) / West Side Story-Cool / Theme
                                                                                     From April Fools/ Sound Of Silence

MIKE READ - Singles - SJPCD287                                                         THE MONKS - Suspended Animation - SJPCD279
Trainspotters -High Rise/ Trainspotters -Hiring The Hall/                              Don’t Want No Reds /Suspended Animation / Don’t
Ghosts -My Town/ Trainspotters -Unfaithful/ Mike Read                                  Bother Me-I’m A Christian / James Bondage / Grown
-Beatles Lullaby/ Rock-alas -Dizzy/ Mike Read -                                        Ups / Cool Way To Live / Oxford Street / Go / I Can Do
Promised Land/ Mike Read -Tell Me I’m Wrong/ Rock-                                     Anything You Like / Plastic Max / King Dong / Space
alas/ Let’s Dance/ Mike Read -Have Your Own Way/                                       Fruit BONUS TRACKS: Gold And Silver / Cybernetic
Rock-alas -Language Of Love/ Mike Read -Somebody                                       Sister / Ann Orexia / Beasts In Cages / Slimy Gash /
To Love/ Rock-alas -Lie In The Sun/ Mike Read -I’m Your                                Lost In Romance
Man/ Grasshoppers -Teardrops Feel Like Rain/ Micky
Manchester-Chamberlain Said/ Mike Read -Are You
Ready/ Mike Read -London Town/ Micky Manchester -Girls Were Made To Be Loved/
Rock-alas -Big Tears/ Rock-alas -Eyes Of Blue/ 22.Trainspotters -Rock & Roll Hall
Of Fame/ Micky Manchester -Have You Seen Your Daughter Mrs Jones/ Grasshop-
pers -Teen Queen
                                                                                                                  MOTT - By Tonight - Live - SJPCD289
                                                                                                                  Storm/ Great White Wail/ Collision Course/ Hold On,
                                                                                                                  You’re Crazy/ She Does It/ Career/ By Tonight/ Love Me
                                                                                                                  Two Times/ Medley: I don’t Wanna Discuss It- All The
                                                                                                                  Way From Memphis/ Born Late 58/ Love Now/ Medley:
MIKE READ & SIR JOHN BETJEMAN - The Sound Of Poetry -                                                             Rock’n’Roll Queen-it Takes One to Know One-Sweet
SJPCD288 2 CD Set                                                                                                 Jane
                           CD1: Cliff Richard -November Night/ Marc Almond -Nar-
                           cissus/ Don McLean/ Farewell/ Paul Young -Greenaway/
                           Jon Anderson -Youth & Age/ Richard Sharp -Pershore
                           Station/ Colin Blunstone -Peggy/ Gene Pitney -Myfanwy
                           At Oxford/ Leo Sayer -Indoor Games/ Donovan -
                           MoiraMcCavendish/ Mike Read -Distant View/ Colin
                           Blunstone -In Memory/ The Rodolfus Choir -Sunday
                           Morning/ David Essex -Myfanwy CD2: Justin Hayward           MOTT - Gooseberry Sessions & Rarities - SJPCD054 (M)
                           -Tregardock’/SteveHarley -Harrow On The Hill/ Donovan       Love Now/ Love Me Always/ Hey! There Annie/The
                           -Newest Bath Guide/ Elliot Frisby -Archibald/ Annie         Bright Days/ !GYP! (Instrumental)/Shout It All Out/Leave
                           Haslam -Hunter Trials/ Mike Read -Subalterns Love           My Woman Alone by The Overly Brothers Ove and
Song (Joan Hunter Dunn)/ Eton College Chapel Choir -May Day Song For North Ox-         Rend Overly MOTT:The Gooseberry Auditions With Ov-
ford/ Captain Sensible -Parliament Hill Fields/ Ian MacNabb -Slough/ Students Of       erend Watts, Morgan Fisher, Dale Griffin, plus... I’ll Tell
Architecture -NW5 & N6 (Highgate At Eventide)/ Alvin Stardust -Executive/ Mike         You Something Brian Parrish vocal/ Did I Dream Last
Read -The Fete Cham petre/ Cantabile/ Upper Lambourn/ Simon Bowman -Late               Night? Ray Major guitar/ She Does It Nigel Benjamin
Flowering Lust/ David Grant -Conversion/ Alvin Stardust -Christmas                     vocal/ Shout It All Out Nigel Benjamin vocal THE PAPER
                                                                                       BAGS: Christmas Collection 1976 With Morgan Fisher,
                                                                                       Overend Watts, Ray Major & Dale Griffin Arranged by
                                                                                       Morgan Fisher/ Recorded/Mixed by Mick Glossop Krazy
                                                                                       Kristmas Krackers / Pass The Port, Gramps / The Million Ton Snowflake/ Golders
                                                                                       Green (Stomp) / A Christmas Carol/ Massacre/ Let’s Rat/ Ave A Maria/ Broadstairs
MO FOSTER - Bel Assis - SJPCD151                                                       Beach/ Holmes On The Rage
The Light In Your Eyes/ A Walk In The Country/ Gaia/
Crete Revisited / So Far Away/ Analytical Engine/ Pump
II / Jaco/ Bel Assis / And Then There Were Ten/ Nomad

                                                                                                                  MOTT THE HOOPLE - All The Way From
                                                                                                                  Stockholm To Philadelphia - Live 71/72 -
                                                                                                                  SJPCD029 2CD set
                                                                                                                  CD1: Long Road/ The Original Mixed Up Kid/ Walking
MO FOSTER - Live At Blues West 14 - SJPCD207                                                                      With A Mountain / Laugh At Me / Thunderbuck Ram/
                              Hot Buttered Cats/ Prelude/That Dream Again/ So Far                                 Keep A Knocking CD2: Jerkin Crocus/ Sucker/ Hymn
                              Away/ Oh No / The Cry Of The Unheard/ Prelude-Blues                                 For The Dudes/ Ready For Love/ Sweet Jane/ Sea
                              SW19 / Tricotism / Let’s Go Somewhere/ Tradewinds /                                 Diver/ Sweet Angeline/ One Of The Boys/ Midnight Lady/
                              The Four Susans/ The Importance Of Being Invoiced/                                  All The Young Dudes/ Honky Tonk Women
                              Crete; Yet Another Visit/ Blues For B&C

MO FOSTER - Southern Reunion - SJPCD163                                                MOTT THE HOOPLE - Brain Capers - SJPCD160
                                                                                       Death May Be Your Santa Claus / Your Own Backyard / Darkness, Darkness/ The
Gil / Blue/ Achill Island/ Waves/ Tricotism / A Notional An-                           Journey/ Sweet Angeline/ Second Love/ The Moon Up-
them/ Southern Reunion/ Grand Unified Boogie/ Fractal                                  stairs/ The Wheel Of The Quivering Meat Conception
Landscape/ Shin-Kan·Sen BONUS TRACK: The Man                                           BONUS TRACKS: Midnight Lady/ The Journey
From The Everglades

                                                                                       MOTT THE HOOPLE - Fairfield Halls - Live
                                                                                       1970 - SJPCD250
                              MO FOSTER - Time To Think - SJPCD261                                                Recorded 13th September 1970 at Fairfield Halls, Croy-
                              It’s About That Time Of Day/ Leo/ Omapere Dawn/ On                                  don, England: Ohio: No Wheels To Ride/ Rock’n’Roll
                              Frith Street/ Mangonui/ Guardians/ Waves II/ Shades Of                              Queen/ Thunderbuck Ram/ When My Mind Is Gone/
                              Grey/ Let’s Go On Somewhere/ The Long Man Of Wilm-                                  Keep ‘a’ Knockin / You Really Got Me BONUS TRACKS:
                              ington/ A Notional Anthem/ Time To Think BONUS                                      Recorded 16th February 1971 at The Konserthuset,
                              TRACK: Puddy’s Theme                                                                Stockholm, Sweden: Long Red/ The Original Mixed Up
                                                                                                                  Kid/ Walking With A Mountain/ Laugh At Me / Thunder-
                                                                                                                  buck Ram

MOTT THE HOOPLE - Family Anthology - SJPCD196 2 CD set                                  MOTT THE HOOPLE - Mott The Hoople - SJPCD157
CD1: MOTT THE HOOPLE “Walkin With A Mountain” /                                         You Really Got Me / At The Crossroads/ Laugh At Me /
BRITISH LIONS “One More Chance To Run” / OV-                                            Backsliding Fearlessly / Rock And Roll Queen’ Rabbit
EREND WATTS “She’s Real Gone” / MICK RALPHS                                             Foot And Toby lime’ Half Moon Bay’ Wrath And Wroll
“Can’t Get Enough” / LES NORMAN & THE BUDDIES “I                                        BONUS TRACKS: Ohio’ Rnd Your Way (backtrack
Ain’t Got You” / MOTT “She Does It” / THE RATS “Morn-                                   demo)
ing Dew” / DOC THOMAS GROUP” Barefootin” / VER-
AND THE SILENCE “Something Else” / PHIL HEN-
DRIKS “Momma’s Little Jewel” / MOTT THE HOOPLE
“Can You Sing The Song That I Sing” / MOTT THE
HOOPLE “All The Way From Memphis” / ARIEL BENDER BAND “Roll Away The                                                MOTT THE HOOPLE - Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus -
Stone” / IAN HUNTER AND MICK RONSON “American Music” CD2: MOTT THE                                                  Wolverhampton 1972 - SJPCD061
HOOPLE “All The Young Dudes” / BRITISH LIONS “Wild In The Street” / RAY MA-                                         One Of The Boys/ Ballad Of Mott / Darkness, Darkness/
JORS “Leave Me Be” / MOTT THE HOOPLE “Laugh At Me” / MOTT “Born Late 58”                                            Sweet Angeline/ Thunderbuck Ram/ Mr. Bugle Player
/ THE PAPER BAGS “Let’s Rat” / JOHN FIDDLER “Strong Heart” / MICK RALPHS                                            (Mr Tamborine Man) / Honky Tonk Woman/ Till l’m Gone/
“That’s Life” / THE RATS “Telephone Blues” / DOC THOMAS GROUP “Just Can’t Go                                        The Moon Upstairs/ Rock N Roll Queen/ Midnight Lady
HOOPLE “Sweet Angeline” / MOTT THE HOOPLE “The Chosen Road” / BAD COM-
PANY “Hideaway” / MOTT THE HOOPLE “Golden Age Of Rock ‘n’ Roll” / IAN

                                                                                        MOTT THE HOOPLE - Two Miles From Heaven - SJPCD161
                                                                                        DARK CARGO SIDE You Really Got Me / The Road To
                                                                                        Birmingham/ Thunderbuck Ram/ Going Home/ Little
MOTT THE HOOPLE - Hoopling-Best Of Live - SJPCD121 (M)                                  Christine/ Keep ‘A’ Knockin / Black Hills BALD AT THE
                            Walkin With A Mountain / Original Mixed Up Kid / Angel      STATION SIDE Movin’ On / Ride On The Sun/ Growin’
                            of 8th Avenue / One Of The Boys / Ready For Love /          Man Blues/ Until I’m Gone/ One Of The Boys/ Surfin UK
                            Hymn For The Dudes / Sweet Angeline· Golden Age Of          / Black Scorpio/ (There’s an) III Wind Blowing BONUS
                            Rock’n’Roll / Sucker· Roll Away The Stone· Sweet Jane       TRACKS: The Debt/ Downtown
                            / All The Way From Memphis· All The Young Dudes

                                                                                                                    MOTT THE HOOPLE - Two Miles From Live
                                                                                                                    Heaven - SJPCD099 2CD Set
MOTT THE HOOPLE - Live Fillmore West,                                                                              CD1: No Wheels To Ride/ Whiskey Woman/ Walking
San Francisco - SJPCD226                                                                                           With A Mountain/ Stones Medley/ It’ll Be Me / Angel Of
Angel Of Eighth Avenue/ It’ll Be Me / Walkin’ With a                                                               8th Avenue/ Drivin’ Sister/ All The Young Dudes / All The
Mountain/ Whiskey Woman / Darkness Darkness/ No                                                                    Way From Memphis/ Angeline/ Death May Be Your
Wheels To Ride/ Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen/ At The Cross-                                                                 Santa Claus (Wild and Rude demo) / Ballard Of Billy Joe
roads/ Keep A ‘Knockin’ / Thunderback Ram/ Laugh At                                                                (demo) / Rebel (demo) / It Would Be A Pleasure (demo)
Me / You Really Got Me BONUS STUDIO TRACK:                                                                         CD2: American Pie/ Golden Age Of Rock ‘n’ Roll/
Wreck Of The Liberty Bell                                                                                          Sucker/ Roll Away The Stone/ Sweet Jane/ Rest In
                                                                                        Peace/ Here Comes The Queen/ One Of The Boys/ Born late 58 / Hymn For The
                                                                                        Dudes/ Marionette/ Drivin’ Sister/ Crash Street Kids/ Violence/ All The Way From
                                                                                        Memphis/ All The Young Dudes

                       MOTT THE HOOPLE - In Performance 1970-74 -
                       RAJPBOX001 4CD Set
                       CD1: Fairfield Halls, Croydon 1970: Ohio/ No Wheels To
                       Ride/ Rock'n'Roll Queen/ Thunderbuck Ram/When My Minds           MOTT THE HOOPLE - Wildlife - SJPCD159
                       Gone/ Keep'a'Knockin/ You Really Got Me/ BONUS                   Whisky Women / Angel Of Eighth Avenue / Wrong Side
                       TRACKS- recorded 1971 The Konserthuset, Stockholm:               Of The River/ Waterlow / Lay Down/ It Must Be Love/
                       Long Red The Original Mixed Up Kid/ Laugh At Me/ Thun-           Original Mixed-Up Kid/ Home Is Where I Want To Be /
                       derbuck Ram CD2: The Tower Theatre, Philadelphia 1972:           Keep’A Knockin BONUS TRACKS: It’ll Be Me / Long
                       Introduction/Jupiter from The Planets/ Jerkin Crocus/ Sucker/    Red
                       Hymn For The Dudes/ Ready For Love/ Sweet Jane/ Sea
                       Diver/ Sweet Angeline/ One Of The Boys/ Midnight Lady/ All
                       The Young Dudes/ Honky Tonk Woman CD3: Live Heaven
USA Tours 1971-1973: No Wheels To Ride/ Whisky Woman/ Walkin With A Moun-
tain/Jumpin Jack Flash/Satisfaction/ It'll Be Me/ Angel Of Eighth Avenue/ Drivin Sis-
ter /All The Young Dudes/ All The Way From Memphis/ Sweet Angeline/ Death May                                       MOUSE - Lady Killer - SJPCD189
Be Your Santa Claus (wild and rude mix)/ The Ballard Of Billy Joe (demo)/ If Your                                   Going Out Tonight/ You Don’t Know/ Electri It / East Of
Heat Lay With The Rebel (demo)/ It Would Be A Pleasure (demo) CD4: Live                                             The Sun/ It’s Happening To Me And You/ Sunday/ Just
Heaven 11 USA Tour 1974: American Pie/ The Golden Age Of Rock n Roll Sucker/                                        Came Back BONUS TRACKS: Lost In The City/ TImo-
Roll Away The Stone/Sweet Jane/ Rest In Peace/ Here Comes The Queen/ One Of                                         thy Leary’s Ride Home/ Jamie/ Hit & Run
The Boys/ Born Late 58/ Hymn For The Dudes/ Marionette/ Drivin Sister/Crash Street
Kids Violence/ All The Way From Memphis/ All The Young Dudes

MOTT THE HOOPLE - Mad Shadows - SJPCD158
                            Thunderbuck Ram/ No Wheels To Ride/ You Are One Of          MR BIG - Seppuku - SJPCD074
                            Us / Walkin’ With A Mountain/ I Can Feel/ Threads Of        Senora/ Woman/ Place Your Bets/ Here It Comes Again/
                            Iron/ When My Minds Gone BONUS TRACKS: It Would             Tonight/ Lucy/ Goosestep / You Won’t See Me / Behind
                            Be A Pleasure/ How Long? (Death May Be Your Santa           Enemy Lines/ Come Rock With Me / Seppuku / Death
                            Claus )                                                     Boy

NINE BELOW ZERO - Both Sides Of - SJPCD242 2 Disc Set                                OLIVER DAWSON SAXON - It’s Alive - SJPCD130
CD: 11 + 11/ Down In The Dirt Again/ The Rocker /One                                 Power And The Glory/ Rock And Roll Gypsies/ Strong
Way Street /Three Times Enough/ Don't Point Your Fin-                                Arm Of The Law/ Past The Point/ Dallas 1pm/ 747
ger/ Mama Talk To Your Daughter/ Riding on the 1 & N/                                (Strangers In The Night)/ The Eagle Has Landed/ Bitch
I Can't Help Myself/ Hoochie Coochie Coo/ Pack Fair &                                Of A Place To Be/ One More For The Road/ Motorcycle
Square Homework/ Hit The Road Jack DVD: -DVD9                                        Man/ Wheels Of Steel/ Devil Rides Out BONUS
NTSC - all regions : Duke/ Be Careful/ We Rock The                                   TRACK: Strong Arm Of The Law
House/ You Don't Love Me/ Wipe Away Your Kiss/ White
Boys Lost In The Blues/ Loaded Gun/ Ballard of Dom-
bovar/ Walking To Myself/ Bring It On Home To Me/ Wild
Kicking Horses/ Down By The River/ On The Road
Again/ Soft Touch/ Ridin' On The L&N/ Why Don't You
Try Me'/ I Got My Mojo Working BONUS FEATURES: 1.We Don't Make Mistakes
Soundcheck 2. Down By The River Bonus Tracks: You Know It Ain't Right/ Stone
Fox Chase
                                                                                                                 OLIVER DAWSON SAXON - Re-Landed
                                                                                                                 ...Plus - SJPCD277 - 2 Disc Set
                                                                                                                CD: 'Re landed' Power & The Glory /Rock'n' Roll Gypsy/
                                                                                                                Strong Arm OfThe Law/The Band Plays On /Past The
                                                                                                                Point/ Dallas 1pm/ Rockin' Again /747 (Strangers In The
                                                                                                                Night)/ The Eagle Has landed/ Motorcycle Man Wheels
NINE BELOW ZERO - Chilled/ Refrigerator - SJPCD313 2 CD Set                                                     Of Steel BONUS TRACKS: One Sour Krout/ Worlds
                         CD1: Chilled: I Should Have Left It Up To You/Why Don’t                                Gone Crazy/Nursery Crimes. DVD: 'Rock Has Landed-
                         You Try Me Tonight/Spanish Harlem/ Why Can’t We Be                                     It's Alive' NTSC - all regions : Power And The Glory
                         Want we Want To Be/ Egg On My Face/ You Don’t Love                                     /Rock And Roll Gypsies/ Strong Arm Of The Law /Past
                         Me/Loaded Gun/Ballard Of A Dombovar/ White Boys             The Point/ Dallas 1PM/ 747 (Strangers In The Night/) The Eagle Has Landed/ One
                         Lost In The Blues/ Bring It On Home To Me/ How sweet        More For The Road/ Motorcycle Man /Wheels Of Steel/ Devil Rides Out BONUS
                         It Is (to be loved by you)/ One Foot In Heaven, One Foot    MATERIAL: Strong Arm Of The Law/ Band Documentary/ Photo gallery / History Of
                         In Hell/ Helen BONUS TRACKS: Down By The River/             the Band /Informative 12 page CD booklet
                         Soft Touch CD2: Refrigerator: Money Or The Man/We
                         Rock The House/ Wild Kicking Horse/ Go Girl/ Cinna-
                         mon Man/ Tell Me Why Can’t I Just Be Like You/24 Miles
                         Of America/ Bad Behaviour/ Alternative Swing/ Electric/
We Rock The House Again BONUS TRACKS: She’s All The Rage/Line Of Least Re-

                                                                                     PAUL SHUTTLEWORTH - The Solo
                                                                                     Sessions 1977 - 1980 - SJPCD227
NINE BELOW ZERO - It’s Never Too Late- SJPCD297                                      Mixed Up Shook Up Girl/ Take Away Love/ Just One
Mechanic Man/ Breakin’ Down/ Hit The Spot/ You’re The                                Smile/ Say Hello (To Your Pretty Friend) / It Hurts To Be
Man/ Little By Little/ The Story Of Nathan John/ I’m So                              In Love/ Clown To The World/ Boys Cry / Here She
Alone/ It’s Never Too Late/ Hit The Ground Running/ A                                Comes Again/ Just Another Weekend/ Radio Girl/ It Ain’t
Man Out Of You Fairweather Friends /You                                              Gonna Be That Way/ Young Blood/ Cruisin’ For Love/
                                                                                     Suddenly/ Tenth Floor Romantics/ Hi-Livin

Business - SJPCD237 2 Disc Set
                           CD: Bleed Me Dry / Tell Me You Love Me / Losing You/      PETE YORK’S NEW YORK - Into The Furnace - SJPCD208
                           Cut In Two/ Living Up To Love/ Looks Like I’m In Love/                                This Time/ Ways And Means/ Schtick / Now I Know/
                           Unsettled Dust/ White Boy Blue/ Doing The Best I Can/                                 Gimme Some Lovin’ / Into The Furnace/ Blue Mountain
                           Nobody’s Business BONUS TRACKS: Rainbow Bend/                                         Roll/ New Tomorrow/ Water Fall/ The Reason Why
                           Crucifer/ Highway DVD: Bleed Me Dry / Tell Me You                                     BONUS TRACKS: Dreamland/ Carnival Is Coming/
                           Love Me / Losing You/ Vision Of Eros/ Cut In Two / Liv-                               Give Me Be-Bop
                           ing Up To Love

NOIR - Strange Desire - SJPCD248
Walking/ Continental At Heart/ Hotel Europa/ Dreaming/
Travelling/ Wings Of Desire/ Talking/ Sex On The Tele-
phone/ Film Noir/ Darling/ Genie/ Neo Noir Walking Mix/                              PHIL CORDELL - Hearts On Fire Anthology - SJPCD239
Believing/ Walking (Triangle Of Forces Mix) BONUS:                                   I Will Return -Springwater 1971/ Red Lady-Phil Cordell
Walking (Promo Video)                                                                1969/ Move A little Closer-Springwater 1980 / Roadie
                                                                                     For The Band-Phil Cordell 1973/ Close To You-Phil
                                                                                     Cordell 1973 /Londonderry-Phil Cordell-vocal version
                                                                                     1973 / Pumping The Water- Phil Cordell 1969/ I Can't
                                                                                     Let Maggie Go-Riverhead 1974/ Surfin Soul-Beach-
                                                                                     combers 1970 /Movie Star-Phil Cordell 1979/ Lying
                                                                                     Down The River-Phil Cordell 1979/ Hearts On Fire-Phil
                                                                                     Cordell 1979/ Jinny Was A Rock'n'Roller-Phil Cordell
                           NOTORIOUS - Radio Silence - SJPCD332                      1979 /I Will Return (vocal version)-Phil Cordell 1985 pre-
                           Radio Silence/ The S’ Walk/ Arianne/ You Need More/       viously unreleased/ Dan The Banjo Man-Dan The Banjo
                           Better The Devil You Know/ Do Like A Man/ Losing You/     Man 1974/ Madly-Phil Cordell previously unreleased/ Everytime I Close My Eyes-Phil
                           It’s Energy/The Game’s Up/ Eyes Of The World/ I Be-       Cordell previously unreleased/ Sooner The Better-Phil Cordell-previously unre-
                           lieve In You/ Touch/ Soul On Fire/ Love Fades/Good        leased/ Heart Of Stone-Phil Cordell-previously unreleased/ Julie-Phil Cordell previ-
                           Times                                                     ously unreleased/ City Lights-Phil Cordell previously unreleased/ No parking-Phil
                                                                                     Cordell previously unreleased

PHILLIP GOODHAND TAIT & THE STORMSVILLE SHAKERS -                                     The RATS - The Fall And Rise - SJPCD165
1965 &1966/ Ricky Tick - SJPCD256                                                     Spoonful/ I’ve Got My Eyes On You Baby/ I’ve Gotta See
“1965 & 1966” : What More Do You Want'/ I Feel Good                                   My Baby/ New Orleans/ The Rise And Fall Of Bernie
(live)/ Have you Ever Had the Blues (live)/ No Problem/                               Gripplestone / Stop Get A Hold Of Yourself/ Guitar Boo-
Number One/ It's A Lie/ There You Go/ I'll Do The Best I                              gie/ Morning Dew/ Early In Spring/ Telephone Blues/ It
Can/ The Society For The Protection Of Love/ Long Live                                Ain’t Easy/ I Feel Free BONUS TRACK: The Hunter
Love/ Getting' Ready/ Do What You Wanna Do/ Gonna
Put Some Hurt On You/ Turn On Your Love Light (live)
“RICKY-TICK .. .40 Years On”: Burning Rain/ Back In
The Asylum/ Tighten Up Your Bible Belt/ It's All About Oil/
Loves Refugee/ Across the centuries/ I Want My
Records Back/ R.CT (random chaos theory)/ Fly Me To The Sun/ Walk Through The
                                                                                      RAY RUSSELL - A Table Near The Band - SJPCD258
                                                                                                                 Guadeloupe/ London Revisited/ Avian/ In Search Of
                                                                                                                 Aliens/ No Step/ Snow (a passing phase)/ A Table Near
                                                                                                                 The Band

                           Prayer For The Dying/ Good Day To Die/ Wild Wedding/
                           Suicide Blonde / River/ Long Road/ Woman In Love/ Hit
                           And Run/ Daylight Robbery/ Coming Home/ Circus
                           BONUS TRACK: Undercarriage
                                                                                      RAY RUSSELL - The Composer’s Cut - SJPCD214
                                                                                      Plain Jane Suite (Plain Jane lTV) / Diamond Geezer (Di-
                                                                                      amond Geezer lTV) / Love Again (Love Again BBC TV)
                                                                                      / A Bit Of A Do (A Bit Of A Do lTV Yorkshire) / Precious
                                                                                      Blood Suite (The Precious Blood BBC 2) / Frost “The Ap-
                                                                                      pendix Man- (A Touch Of Frost lTV Yorkshire 1995) /
                                                                                      Grafters (Grafters lTV 1994) / Near Death Experience (A
                                                                                      Touch Of Frost lTV Yorkshire 2004) / Angelo Suite (The
RACING CARS - 76 - 06 30th Anniversary                                                House Of Angelo Hallmark Films 1988) / My Wonderful
Concert/Love Blind - SJPCD236 2CD set                                                 Life (My Wonderful Life BBC TV 1989) / Alleyn Suite
CD1: The TIme Has Come/ Billy/ Swampy/ Downtown                                       (The Alleyn Mysteries BBC TV 1986) / The Quest Suite
Tonight/ While My Guitar Gently Weeps / On Days Like                                  (The Quest lTV Yorkshire 2003-4) / Dangerous Lady
These/ Baby Girl/ Moonshine Fandango / Up Against                                     Suite (Dangerous Lady lTV Warner Sisters) / Capitol Hill-Salute (Remembering 911
Trees/ Had Enough Love/ Lost Without You/ Running                                     Firstcom BMG2003) / Stay Lucky (Stay Lucky lTV Yorkshire 1985) / Frost· Private
Scared/ Calling The Tune / They Shoot Horses Don’t                                    Lives· (A Touch Of Frost lTV Yorkshire 2000) / Madrigal (Madrigal lTV 1982) / The
They/ Faith In You CD2: Are You Big Enough? / Honey-                                  Jump (The Jump lTV Warne Sisters) / The Blue Room (The Blues Firstcom BMG
moon In Babylon/ Love Blind/ Hot Day In June/ Between                                 1989) / Down Among The Big Boys (Down Among The Big Boys BBC Scotland) /
Love/ Take It To The Heart/ You/ Put Yourself In My                                   Lion Queen (The Lion Queen Survival lTV)
Place/ Tear Your Playhouse Down/ Little Miss World
BONUS TRACK: Troubled Soul

                                                                                                                 RAY RUSSELL - Ready Or Not - SJPCD155
                                                                                                                 Ready Or Not/ The Whole Of Tomorrow/ Amy In May/
                                                                                                                 Slave/ Liberty Caps From The Coast/ Living For The
                                                                                                                 City/ The Clapping Song/ Teaser For Lisa/ Sweet Sur-
                           RACING CARS - Bolt From The Blue -                                                    render/ Eighth House/ What Trousers Are These/ Q
                           SJPCD257 - 2 Disc Set                                                                 BONUS TRACKS: Sweet Surrender (backing track) /
                            CD: Bolt From The Blue:The Time Has Come/ Billy/ Up                                  The Clapping Song (backing track) / The Pain Of Love/
                            Against Trees/ Potters Blue/ Running Scared/ Baby Girl/                              I Need Your Love/ The Clapping Song (outtake)
                            Lost Without You/ I've Had Enough/ Faith In You
                            BONUS TRACKS: They Shoot Horses Don't They'/
                            Downtown Tonight (live Ipswich July 5th 2007) DVD:
                            DVD9 (NTSC all regions): 30th Anniversary Concert:
                            The Time Has Come/ Billy/ Swampy/ Downtown Tonight/
                            While My Guitar Gently Weeps/ On Days Like These/
Potters Blue/Baby Dirl/ Moonshine Fandango/ Up Against Trees/ Had Enough Love/                                    RAY RUSSELL - Why Not Now - SJPCD178
Lost Without You/ Running Scared/ Calling The Tune/ They Shoot Horses Don't                                       Outland/ Prelude 1 / Pour Me A Fish/ Blue Shoes· No
They'/ Faith In You BONUS FEATURES : Unplugged-”Potters Blue” and “They Shoot                                     Dance/ Lunday Island/ The Pan Piper/ Childscape /
Horses Don't They'”/ Interviews with band members/ Interviews with JOE ELLIOTT                                    Point Perfect/ Prelude 2 / If Only .../. Murmurs In Re-
and GARY PICKFORD HOPKINS .Informative sleeve notes by KEITH SMITH, Edi-                                          verse
tor “Two Miles From Heaven”

                                                                                                                  RICK DERRINGER - Live At The Ritz, New
                                                                                                                  York 1982 - SJPCD292
                                                                                                                  Easy Action/ Is this a cool world, or what? with Karla de-
RACING CARS - Second Wind - SJPCD245                                                                              Vito/ Just like you with Karla deVito/ Honey rush with
The Wrong Road/ Love Down There/ Waving Not                                                                       Southside Johnny/ Five long years with Southside
Drowning/ Hate To See A Woman Cry / Bolt From The                                                                 Johnny/ Rock ‘n’ roll hoochie coo/ Have you heard with
Blue/ Cuckoo Spit/ On Days like These/ Whatever Sun-                                                              Carmine Appice & Tim Bogart/ Lady with Carmine Ap-
day Brings/ The Heart Of You/ Six Silver Strings                                                                  pice & Tim Bogart/ Cat scratch fever with Ted Nugent,
                                                                                                                  Carmine Appice & Tim Bogart/ Party at the hotel/ Hang
                                                                                                                  on Sloopy with Karla deVito, Southside Johnny,
                                                                                                                  Carmine Appice and Ted Nugent

RJ WAGSMITH BAND - Make Tea Not War - SJPCD149                                                   ROB THOMPSON - Dust - SJPCD342
The Papadum Song· Dogs· A Christmas Message· Do You                                              Dust/ Could You Come Around?/ It All Makes Sense In The
Want To Dance? / Chalk Dust/ Mustn’t Grumble/ Macho Man/                                         End/ I Can’t Tune In/ The Director’s Cut/ Standing Still /Watch-
The language Of Love/ A Small Problem· Keep Fit With Kitter /                                    ing How All The Dust’s Drawn To The TV/ The
Here Comes The Horn Man· Keep Them Guessing· I’m In love                                         Ending Credits/ Dust (radio edit)
With The Girls Next Door/ I Wish I’d Stayed At Home/ Terry
Wogan BONUS TRACKS: Keep Fit With Cupid/ Keep Them
Guessing/ The Language Of Love/ Dogs/ Do You Want To

                                                                                                 ROCK WORKSHOP - Rock Workshop - SJPCD132
                                                                                                                                  Ice Cold/ Wade In the Water/ Hole In Her Stocking/ He Looks
                                                                                                                                  At Me / Mooncross Grove/ Spine Cop/ Born In The City/ Theme
                                                                                                                                  For Freedom/ You Too Lose BONUS TRACKS: Spine Cop (alt
                                                                                                                                  version) / Hole In Her Stocking (alt version) / Born In The City
                                                                                                                                  (alt version) / You Too Lose (alt version) / Primrose Hill / Return
                                                                                                                                  Of The Goddess
                              RMS - Centennial Park - SJPCD148
                              Broadway Rundown/ lactin’ Beck/ After All These Years/ Truck/
                              Centenial Park/ Hoover The Duvet / First love/ Juna The last
                              BONUS TRACKS: Malindi / Juna The Last/ Broadway Run-
                              down/ First Love/ A Kind Of A Blues
                                                                                                 ROCK WORKSHOP - The Very Last Time - SJPCD171
                                                                                                 Living Reason/ Street War (parts 1 and 2) / Going Home/
                                                                                                 What’s Mine Is Mine/ Weeping Wood Mandals / Forgotten How
                                                                                                 To Live/ Light As Light/ I I Think It’s .../ Ella Banta Dum Bundy·
                                                                                                 Very Last Time BONUS TRACKS: Is This The End... Baby? /
                                                                                                 Let My Bluebird Sing (vocals Alex Harvey) / Wade In The
                                                                                                 Water (vocals Alex Harvey) / Ice Cold (vocals Alex Harvey) /
                                                                                                 Heavy Weather / Patterns/ Watch Your Step/ Ashen Besher
RMS - Live At The Venue 1982 - SJPCD174
Broadway Rundown/ Tootin’ Beck/ After All These Years/ Cen-
tennial Park/ Hoover The Duvet / First Love/ Juna The Last/
Memories Of Crete

                                                                                                 ROCOCO - Run From The Wildfire - SJPCD337
                                                                                                                                  HoodLum Fun/ The Hollywood Brats/Quicksilver Mail /Home
                                                                                                                                  Town Girls/Out In The World/Midsummer Hill/Bellatrix /Street
                                                                                                                                  Boy/ The Living Rock /Space Tone BONUS TRACKS: Wildfire/

                              ROBERT JOHNSON - Close Personal Friend
                              - SJPCD285
                              I'll Be Waiting/ Wish Upon A Star/ Guide My Energy (parts 1&2)/
                              Say Girl/ Responsibility/ Kerri /Leslie/ Wreck My Mind/ Debbie's
                              Theme/ Tell Me About It Slim BONUS ALBUM:The Memphis
                              Demos: Bubba Rock/ I'll Be Waiting/ Claudette/ Burning Love/
                              Wish Upon A Star /Jimmy Dean's Back (live) /Shaking It Down/       ROGER CHAPMAN - Live.. Opera House
                              Belter Love/ Deep Love
                                                                                                 Newcastle 2002 - SJPCD298 2CD Set
                                                                                                 CD 1: Kiss My Soul/ Down Bound Train/ Habits Of A Life-
                                                                                                 time/Midnite Child/ Blind Willie McTell/ 18 Wheels & A Crowbar
                                                                                                 CD 2: X Town/ The Weavers Answer/ My Friend The Sun/ Hold-
                                                                                                 ing The Compass/ Shank (Shadow On The Wall) / Toe Nail
                                                                                                 Draggin’/ Short List/ Burlesque /Jesus & The Devil/In My Own
ROBIN GEORGE - Dangerous Music - SJPCD344
Heartline/ Spy/ No News Is Good News/ French Kisses/ Stolen
From My Heart/ Shout/ Showdown/ Hit List/ Shoot On Sight/
Don’t Turn Away/ Space Kadett/ Heartline (tv.) BONUS
TRACKS: Spy (tv.)/No News Is Good News (tv.)/ Heartline
Dangerous mix/ Don’t Turn Away Dangerous Mix                                                     ROGER CHAPMAN & THE SHORTLIST - He Was .. She Was .. You
                                                                                                 Was ..We Was - SJPCD193 2CD set
                                                                                                                                  CD1: Higher Ground/ Duching Down/ Making The Same Mis-
                                                                                                                                  take/ Blood And Sand/ MEDLEY: King Bee // That Same Thing
                                                                                                                                  II Face Of Stone/ Hyenas Only Laugh For Fun/ Night Down No/
                                                                                                                                  2A LA Z.Z. CD2: Prisoner/ MEDLEY: Slow Down II Common
                                                                                                                                  Touch/ Juke Box Mama No.3/ He Was, She Was/ Stone Free/
                                                                                                                                  Unkown Soldier· Reprise EXTRA: I Just Wanna Make Love To
ROBIN GEORGE - Crying Diamonds/ Dangerous Music Live ‘85 -
SJPCD330 2 CD Set
                             CD1: “Crying Diamonds”:Learn The Dance/ Thanks For The
                             Memories/ Face To Face/ Judy/ What Goes Around Comes
                             Around/ Flying/ Cocoon/ Haunted/ Loving You/ Crying Dia-            ROY YOUNG - The Best Of 50 Years - SJPCD296 2CD Set
                             monds/ Kings Call/ Things Have Got To Change/ Yesterday             CD 1: Big Fat Mama/ Hey Little Girl /1 Go Ape /Just Keep It
                             News/ Roulette BONUS TRACKS: Cry From The Heart/                    Up/SheSaid Yeah/ Keep A Knockin/ Use Me/ Space Racer/
                             Chance Of A Lifetime/ Machine/ Red For Danger CD2: “Dan-            Lovely Rita/ Wild Country Wine/ Backwood Road/ Let It Rock/
                             gerous Music Live ’85": Showdown/ Shoot On Sight/ Spy/ No           Searchin/ Like My Mama Boogie Woogied CD2: Boney Ma-
                             News Is Good News/ In The Night/ History/ Hitlist/ Heartline/       roni/ Devil’s Daughter/ Shufflin/ Boogie Man/ Slow Down/ She’s
                             Dangerous Music/ Go Down Fighting/ Shout/ Don’t Turn Away           A Woman/ Beautiful Man/ Mess Around/ Still Young/ Light My
                             BONUS TRACKS: Heartline-from Tommy Vance’s Friday Rock              Fire Again/ Johnny Reb/ White Cliffs of Dover/Victory Day/ I
                             Show/ Spy -from Tommy Vance’s Friday Rock Show/ Shoot               Wanna Do My Boogie Woogie
                             On Sight-from SSC Live in Concert at the Paris Theatre/ Go
Down Fighting-from SSC Live in Concert at the Paris Theatre

THE RUBETTES featuring BILL HURD - 21st                                                               SAXON - Live At Donnington 1980 - SJPCD045
Century Rock ‘N’ Roll - SJPCD343                                                                      Motorcycle Man/ Still Fit To Boogie/ Freeway Mad/ Backs To
21 st Century Rock “n’ Roll/ The Lion Sleeps Tonight/ Where                                           the Wall / Wheels Of Steel/ Bap Shoo Ap/ 747 (Strangers In the
Angels Fear To Tread/ Tonight/ Ain’t No Surprise/ Kiss You All                                        Night) / Stallions Of the Highway / Machine
Over/ Dancin’ The Night Away/ Stop/ Good Lovin’ Gone Bad /I
Can Do It/ Tarzan’s Birthday/ Sugar Baby Love/ Mama Mama

                                                                                                      SNAFU - All Funked Up - SJPCD032
                                                                                                                                     Don’t Keep Me Wonderin/
                                RUNNING MAN - Running Man - SJPCD199                                                                 Bloodhound/ Lock And Key/
                                Higher And Higher/ Hope Place/ Nicholas/ Another/ Find Your-                                         Hard To Handle / Every Bit Hurts / Turn Around / Deep Water /
                                self/ Look And Turn/ If You Like/ Spirit/ Children/ Running Man                                      Keep On Running / Bar Room Tan / Dancing Fee
                                BONUS TRACK: Spirit

                                                                                                                                     SNAFU - Snafu/Situation Normal -
SAILOR - A Glass Of Champagne - Live                                                                                                 SJPCD030 2CD set
                                                                                                                                     CD1: Snafu: Long Gone/ Said He The Judge/ Monday Morning
SJPCD222 2 CD Set                                                                                                                    / Drowning In The Sea Of Love/ Country Nest/ Funky Friend/
CD1: A Glass Of Champagne/ One Drink Too Many/ Blame It                                                                              Goodbye USA/ That’s The Song / Bonus Tracks: Dixie Queen/
On The Soft Spot/ Sailor/ Mack The Knife/ Josephine Baker/                                                                           Sad Sunday CD 2: Situation Normal: No More/ No Bitter Taste/
Vera From Vera Cruz/ Jacaranda / Traffic Jam/ Karma                                                                                  Brown Eyed Beauty & The Blue Assed Fly / Lock And Key/ Big
Chameleon/ Panama/ The Secretary/ Girls, Girls, Girls CD2:                                                                           Dog Lusty/ Playboy Blues/ Jessie Lee/ Ragtime Roll
La Cumbia / Frozen Man/ Give Me Shakespeare/ The Old Nick-
oloeon Sound/ A Glass Of Champagne (reprise) / 1812 / In The
Navy/Hot Stuff/ Girls, Girls, Girls (reprise) / Latin Medley (La
Bamba/Volare/Bambaleyo) / A Glass Of Champagne (Un-
plugged) / Karma Chameleon (Unplugged) / Girls, Girls, Girls
                                                                                                      SPENCER DAVIS GROUP - Live Manchester 2002 - SJPCD131
                                                                                                      I Can’t Stand It / Every little Bit Hurts/ Strong love/ Keep On
                                                                                                      Running/ Somebody Help Me / When I Come Home/ Gimme
                                                                                                      Some lovin’ / I’m A Man / TIme Seller/ Mr Second Class

SAILOR - Traffic Jam - SJPCD267 2 Disc Set
                                 CD: Open Up The Door/ Changes/ Heart OfThe Matter/ Traf-
                                 fic Jam/ Panama/ Stereotype/ Perfect Time/ Brag Brag Brag/
                                 The Street/ My Parachute/ Blame It On The Soft Spot/ The Na-         SPLIT KNEE LOONS - Loon Knee Tunes -
                                 tureman/ The Old Nickelodeon Sound/ Stay The Night/
                                 Jacaranda/ Tomorrow/ Lost My Mode/ A Glass of Champagne/             SJPCD262
                                 Girls Girls Girls DVD: NTSC - all regions: A Glass Of Cham-                                         Arthurs Monologue/ Excerpt
                                 pagne/ One Drink Too Many/ Blame It On The Soft Spot/ Sailor/                                       From The Confidante Opera /Scars/ I Am An Astronaut/ Cosmo
                                 Mack The Knife/ Josephine Baker/ Vera From Vera Cruz/                                               Interviews Arthur/ Dixie (Penguins Away Mix)/ Shaving Cream/
                                 Jacaranda/ TrafficJam/ Karma Chameleon/ Panama/ The Sec-                                            Man (Barbershop Quartet)/ A Live Broadcast From The Divine
                                 retary/ Girls Girls Girls/ La Cumbria / Frozen Man /Give Me                                         Church Of Weedonolgy/ Ooh! You Make Me Dork/ Arthur In-
                                 Shakespeare/ The Old Nickelodeon Sound/ A Glass Of Cham-                                            terviews Cosmo (Courtesy Radio Cleck)/ Mutually Insured
                                 pagne (reprise)/1812/ In The Navy/Hot Stuff/ Girls Girls Girls                                      Third Party Fire And Theft /Slowly Coming Together/ Lets
(reprise)/ Latin Medley BONUS FEATURES: Interviews with Band Members/ History of Sailor                                              Dance/ Salute To The Vikings/ She Was A Real Eggtimer (Live
/Unplugged “Girls Girls Girls”, A Glass Of Champagne” and “Karma Chameleon”                                                          Liverpool Empire)/ Runaway /Theme From Mr And Mrs / Egg
                                                                                                                                     Timer (Vice Versa-Studio Version) The Harry Lime Theme

SAILOR - Treasure Trove-Anthology 1975-                                                                                              SPRINGWATER - Springwater - SJPCD105
                                                                                                                                     I Will Return/ Like Alice/ Mary’s House In The Rain/ Guiding
2005 - SJPCD249 2CD set                                                                                                              Light/ Song For Chris/ Jerusalem/ Amazing Grace/ Stone
CD1: Open Up The Door/ Changes/ A Glass Of Champagne/                                                                                Cross/ Country Life/ Suddenly It’s Summer/ Close To You/ Lis-
Heart Of The Matter/ Chained To The Wheel/ The Secretary/                                                                            ten Everybody BONUS ALBUM: Born Again/ Doin’ The Best I
Traffic Jam/ Karma Chameleon / TV Land/ Panama/ Girls Girls                                                                          Can / Beautiful Baby/ One Man Show/ Cheatin’ In The Dark/
Girls/ One Drink Too Many/ La Cumbia / Stiletto Heels / Stereo-                                                                      Needles And Pins/ Bavarian Nights/ Return Ticket/ God Bless
type/ Farewell To Berlin/ Estopona / Nickelodeon Nights/ Sailor                                                                      You/ Born Again
(live) CD2: Perfect TIme/ Brag Brag Brag/ Office Hours/ The
Street/ Hat Check Girl/ Guns and Guitars / My Parachute /
Blame It On The Soft Spot / The Naturman / The Old Nick-
elodeon Sound/ Stay The Night/ Whatever’s In Your Heart/ The Frozen Man/ Jacaranda/ To-
morrow/ Lost My Mode/ Mack The Knife/ A Glass Of Champagne (live) / Girls Girls Girls
                                                                                                      STACKRIDGE - Anyone For Tennis - SJPCD271 2 Disc Set
                                                                                                      CD: Lummy Days/ Syracuse The Elephant/Dangerous Bacon/
                                                                                                      The Galloping Gaucho /Anyone For Tennis?/Friendliness/ The
                                                                                                      Road To Venezuela/ Coniston Waters/ Fundamentally Yours/
                                                                                                      The Last Plimsoll/ Do The Stanley/ Dora the Female Explorer/
                                                                                                      Humiliation/ Fish In A Glass/ Purple Spaceships Over Yatton
SAXON - Diamonds & Nuggets - SJPCD070 (M)                                                             DVD:-DVD9 NTSC - all regions : Fundamentally Yours/ Dan-
                                Stallions Of High Way (live) / Midnight Rider (live) / Frozen         gerous Bacon/ Grooving Along The Highway On A Monday
                                Rainbow (live) / Turn Out The Lights * / Coming To the Rescue         Morning Once/ The Volunteer/ Syracuse the Elephant/ Anyone
                                * / See The Light Shining/ Stand Up And Be Counted * / Free-          For Tennis? /Wonderful Day/ Ruth Did You Read My Mind?
                                way Mad (Part 2) / Ann Marie * / Lift Up Your Eyes * / Street         /Friendliness/ Dancing on Air/ Fish In A Glass/ Lummy Days /If
                                Fighting Man / Still Fit To Rock n Roll * / Big Teaser (original) /   I Had you/ Teatime/ Happy In The Lord/ Help Under Doors/
                                Frozen Rainbow ** / BONUS ARCHIVE TRACKS: Walking * /                 Everybody?s GotTo Learn Sometime/ The Road To Venezuela/
                                Make Em Rock * / Stone Room Jam* / Ain’t’ You Glad To Be              Can Inspiration Save the Nation?/ The Galloping Gaucho/ The Last Plimsoll/ Something About
                                Alive * / Freeway Mad (part 1) (* previously unreleased, ** fea-      The Beatles/ Slark / Do The Stanley/ Dora The Female Explorer BONUS FEATURES Inter-
                                tures Rod Argent from 1978 )                                          views with WARREN, DAVIS, SLATER & WALTER History of Stackridge by Michael Heatley

STACKRIDGE - Extravaganza - SJPCD233                                                            STACKRIDGE - The Forbidden City -
Spin Round The Room/ Grease Paint Smiles/ The Volunteer/                                        SJPCD251 - 2 CD Set
Highbury Incident/ Benjamin’s Giant Onion/ Happy In The Lord/                                   CD1: Fundamentally Yours/ Bacon/ Grooving Along/ The Vol-
Rufus T. Firefly / No One’s More Important Than The Earth-                                      unteer/ Syracuse The Elephant/ Anyone For Tennis? / Won-
worm/ Pocket Billiards/ Who’s That Up There With Bill Stokes?                                   derful Day/ Ruth Did U / Friendliness/ Dancing On Air/ Fish In
                                                                                                A Glass CD2: Lummy Days/ If I Had You/ Teatime/ Happy In
                                                                                                The Lord/ Help Under Doors/ Everybody’s Got To Learn Some-
                                                                                                time/ The Road To Venezuela/ Can Inspiration/ Gaucho/ Plim-
                                                                                                soll / Something About The Beatles / Slark / Do The Stanley/
                                                                                                Dora The Female Explorer

                               STACKRIDGE - Friendliness - SJPCD231
                               Lummy days/ Friendliness/ Anyone For Tennis/ The Is No
                               Refugee/ Syracuse The Elephant/ Amazingly Agnes/ Father
                               Frankenstein Is Behind Your Pillow/ Keep On Clucking/ Story
                               Of My Heart/ Friendliness (Part 2) / Teatime BONUS               STACKRIDGE - The Man In The Bowler Hat - SJPCD232
                               TRACKS: Everyman/ Purple Spaceships Over Yatton (Origi-                                         Fundamentally Yours/ Pinafore Days/ The last Plimsoll / To The
                               nal Recording) / C‘est La Vie/ Do The Stanley                                                   Sun And Moon/ The Road To Venezuela/ The Galloping Gau-
                                                                                                                               cho/ Humiliation/ Dangerous Bacon /The Indifferent Hedgehog/
                                                                                                                               God Speed The Plough

STACKRIDGE - Mr Mick - SJPCD234 2CD set
CD1: 0riginal Unreleased Version: Hey! Good Looking/ Break-
fast With Werner Von Braun/ Mr Mick’s Waltz/ Mr Mick’s                                                                         STEVE ELLIS - The Love Affair Is Over -
Dream/ The Cotton Reel Song/ The Steam Radio Song/ The                                                                         SJPCD266 - 2 Disc Set
Slater’s Waltz/ Hazy Dazy Holiday/ Coniston Water (Instru-                                      CD: ”The Last Angry Man”: Life User/ Hear Your Woman/
mental) / Can Inspiration Save The Nation? / Mr Mick’s New                                      Hang On Joey/ Rag And Bone/ Everlasting Love/ Blackmail/
Home/ Fish In A Glass CD2: Hold Me TIght/ Breakfast With                                        Wind And A Lady/ Soothe Me/ Why Do The Good Guys Die?/
Werner Von Braun/ Steam Radio Song/ The Dump / Save A                                           The Last Angry Man BONUS TRACKS: “Basement Days”:
Red Face/ The Slater’s Waltz/ Coniston Water (Instrumental) /                                   EI Doomo/ Sharks Shoes/ I Lost My Feelings/ She's Leaving/
Hey Good Looking/ Fish In A Glass                                                               War Train/ Hold On/ Warm Love DVD: “Last Tango In Brad-
                                                                                                ford” (NTSC all regions) On The Road Again/ Hush/ Back In
                                                                                                Your Arms/ Handbags & Gladrags/ Bringing On Back the Good
                                                                                                Times/A Day Without Love/ If I Could Only Be Sure/ Gimme'
                                                                                                Some Lovin'/ Ain't Too Proud To Beg-Do I Love You (Indeed I
                                                                                                Do)-Uptight (Everything's Alright)/ The Love You Save/ Rain-
                                                                                                bow Valley/ Everlasting Love/ Out Of Time BONUS FEA-
                               STACKRIDGE - Purple Spaceships Over                              TURES: Interview with STEVE ELLIS. History/Discography. Informative sleeve notes from
                                                                                                SVEN GUSEVIK and STEVE ELLIS in 16 page CD booklet.SEVIK and STEVE ELLIS in 16
                               Yatton - Best Of - SJPCD228                                      page CD booklet.
                               Lummy Days/ Syracuse The Elephant/ Dangerous Bacon/ The
                               Galloping Gaucho/ Anyone For Tennis/ Friendliness/ The Road
                               To Venezuela/ Coniston Water/ Fundamentally Yours/ The Last
                               Plimsoll / Do The Stanley/ Dora The Female Explorer/ Humili-
                               ation/ Fish In A Glass/ Purple Spaceships Over Yatton
                                                                                                                               STONE THE CROWS - Live Crows 1972-73 -
                                                                                                                               SJPCD272 2 Disc Set
                                                                                                                               CD: Friends/ Penicillin Blues/ Love 74/ Danger Zone/ Hollis
                                                                                                                               Brown DVD:·DVD9 (NTSC - all regions): On The Highway/
                                                                                                                               Going Down/ Penicillin Blues/ Niagara/ Sunset Cowboy/ Palace
                                                                                                                               Of The King/ Good Time Girl BONUS FEATURES: Interviews
STACKRIDGE - Sex And Flags - SJPCD205                                                                                          with MAGGIE BELL and COLIN ALLEN. History Of Stone The
It’s A Fascinating World/ The Final Blow/ Someday They’ll Find                                                                 Crows
Out/ Big Baby/ Charles Louis Dance/ Wonderful Day/ Bread
And Water/ Sliding Down The Razorblade Of Love/ Dirty
Nightingale/ Something About The Beatles / Wildebeeste /
Grooving Along The Highway On A Monday Morning On Ice/
First Name Of Love/ Beating a Path/ It Must Be Time For Bed

                                                                                                STONE THE CROWS - Live In Montreux 1972 - SJPCD116
                                                                                                Friend/ Penicillin Blues/ Love 74 / Danger Zone/ Hollis Brown

STACKRIDGE - Something For The Weekend - SJPCD235
                               It’s A Fascinating World/ Ruth, Did You Read My Mind? / Some-
                               thing About The Beatles / Help Under Doors/ The Vegan’s Ha-      STONE THE CROWS - Radio Sessions
                               tred Of Fish/ Sliding Down The Razorblade Of Love/ The Youth     1969-72 - SJPCD299 2 CD Set
                               Of Today/ Five Poster Bedlam/ Wildebeeste / Grooving Along                                     CD1: 1969-1970:Raining In
                               On The Highway On A Monday Morning Once/ Someday                                               Your Heart/ Touch Of Your Lov-
                               They’ll Find Out / Drinking & Driving/ It Must Be TIme For Bed                                 ing Hand/ Freedom Road/ Hollis Brown/ Raining In Your Heart/
                               BONUS TRACKS: Sliding Down The Razorblade (Alternative                                         Friend/ Mad Dogs & Englishmen/ Love 74/ Things Are Getting
                               Version) / Sad Romantic/ Ropes Of Pearls/ No Love In Her                                       Better CD2: 1971-1972: Faces/Let It Down/ Big Jim Salter/
                               Heart                                                                                          Keep on Rolling/ Goin’Down/ On The Highway/ Mr Wizard/
                                                                                                                              Good Time Girl/ Penicillin Blues/ On The Highway

STACKRIDGE - Stackridge - SJPCD230                                                              THE STORYS - Luck - SJPCD338
Grande Piano/ Percy The Penguin/ The Three Legged Table/                                        Everybody Wants You To Make It/ Daylight Calls Again/ Burn-
Dora The Female Explorer/ Essence Of Porphyry/ Marigold                                         ing Sun/ California/ Please Come Home/ She’ll Never Do That/
Connection/ 32 West Mall / Marzo Plod/ Slark BONUS                                              Take All The Time That You Need/ Long Way Up/ Paper Plane/
TRACKS: Slark (Single Version) / Let There Be Lid                                               Before I Fall/ All Inside

THE STORYS - Town Beyond The Trees                                                               THIRD EAR BAND - The Magus - SJPCD173
(Special Edition) - SJPCD308 2 CD Set                                                            IThe Key/ Cosmic Wheel/ The Hierophant / The Magus/
CD1: Long Hard Road/You Couldn’t Make It Up/Evan-                                                New Horizon/ The Phoenix/ Kozmik Wheel
gelina/ Alone/It’s All We Really Need/Nobody Loves
You/Town Beyond The Trees/ Heaven Holds You
Now/Feeling Something/ Trouble Deep CD2 BONUS
CD ‘LIVE EP-PART 1”:I Believe In Love/Heaven Holds
You Now/So Long/Be By Your Side/Town Beyond The
Trees/Hollywood/ Evangelina/ King Of Broken Dreams

                                                                                                 TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS - Live And On Fire -
                                                                                                 SJPCD345 - CD/DVD Set
                                                                                                                                CD:“Hold The Fire” Isn’t That The Guy/ Lupe And Joe/ Hold
                                                                                                                                The Fire/ Love Words/ Amalgamation Man/ Sweet Cherry
STRAPPS - Live At The Rainbow 1977 - SJPCD253                                                                                   Wine/ It Keeps On Goin’ /Angels And Strangers/ Give It All/ Or-
                               The Pain Of Love/ Understand It/ Soft Touch/ Child Of The City/                                  dinary Girl/ Amy BONUS TRACKS: I Just Wanna’ Play The-
                               Violent Love - Secret Damage/ Down To You/ I Wanna Know/                                         Music /I Think Were Alone Now (live) DVD: “Best Of-Live at
                               School Girl Funk BONUS TRACKS: Studio: Rikke (alternate                                          The Bitter End” Dragging The Line/ Crystal Blue Persuasion/
                               mix)/ Suffer (alternate mix)/ Rita (alternate mix)                                               Say I Am /Sugar On Sunday/ Getting’ Together/ Tighter And
                                                                                                                                lighter /Crimson And Clover/ Hanky Panky/ I Think Were Alone
                                                                                                                                Now/ Mony Mony/ Sweet Cherry Wine/ Mirage/ Mony Mony
                                                                                                                                (reprise) BONUS FEATURES: Individual Song Commentary/
                                                                                                                                Discography / Full Length Interviews/ Biography

STRAY - New Dawn/ Alive And Giggin’ -
SJPCD 320 2 CD Set                                                                               TOMMY JAMES -Three Times In Love/Hi- Fi - SJPCD350
CD1: “New Dawn” : Dawn Rising/ New Dawn/ No Future/ Dan-                                         “Three Times In Love” - You Got Me/ Long Way Down/ Three
gerous Games/ Maybe You Want Me/ Trouble/ The Man In My                                          Times In Love/Lady In White/Everything I Am/ It’s Magic/ I Just
Head/ White Knuckle Fever/ Further To Fall/ Rock Steady/ Jim-                                    Wanna Play The Music/ Let It Slide/It’s Alright For Now “HI-FI”
ijam/ I Want More/ In The Name Of God CD2: “Alive And Gig-                                       - Go/ Burnin’ For You/ Annie Come Knockin’/ Ordinary Girl/ You
gin”: Leave It Down To Us/ Fire And Glass/ After the Storm/                                      Take My Breath Away
Take A Life/ Jericho/ I Believe It/ Mister Wind/ Buying Time/
Running Wild/ All In Your Mind

                               STRAY - Valhalla - SJPCD336                                                                      TONIGHT - Drummer Man - SJPCD339
                               Move A Mountain/ Dirt Finger/ 1600 Pennsylvania Av-                                              Drummer Man/ Hold On Me/ Stroll On By/ Money (That’s Your
                               enue/ Free At last/ Harry farr/ Skin/ Double Six/ Ghost-                                         Problem)/ Check Out Girl/ City Shit/ Spotlight Lookalike/ Spilling
                               writer/ Sing (The Song)/ Rain Day Blues/24/7/ You                                                My Drink (live)/ No Sympathy/ Don’t Walk Alone/ Jumpdown
                                                                                                                                Turnaround/ I Can Play faster Than You

SUMMER WINE - The Fabulous Summer Wine - SJPCD126                                                TONY STEVENS - Don’t Blame Me ... I Just Play Bass - SJPCD223
 Wasn’t It Nice In New York City? / She’s Still A Mystery/ Why                                                                  Over And Over/ Goodnight The Sun/ In My Eyes/ Run To The
Do Fools Fall In Love? / One Fine Day/ Nancy Sing Me A Song/                                                                    River/ Heavy Weather/ All I Want/ China/ Under My Thumb/ Um
Take A Load Off Your Feet/ Living Right Next Door To An Angel/                                                                  Um Um Um Um Um / Long Way To Go / Always Wanted Your
Sound Of Summer’s Over/ Crying Eyes/ Shenandoah/ Do You                                                                         Love/ No TIme To Cry / Sail On Sailor
Wann’a Dance? / Sherry/ You Got What It Takes/ Well All Right
/ Painted Ladies/ Ode To A Steel Guitar BONUS STUDIO OUT-
AKES: Why Do Fools Fallin love? / She’s Still A Mystery To Me
/ Take A Load Off Your Feet/ Shenandoah/ One Fine Day/ Do
You Wann’a Dance?
                                                                                                                                T-REX - Classic Hits - A Celebration of Marc
                                                                                                                                & Mickey - SJPCD270
                                                                                                                                Ride A White Swan/ New York City/ I Love To Boogie/ Telegram
                                                                                                                                Sam/ Solid Gold Easy Action/ Children Of The Revolution/ The
                                                                                                                                Groover/ Cosmic Dancer/ Born To Boogie/ Hot Love/ Jeepster/
                                                                                                                                Get It On/ 20th Century Boy/ Teenage Dream/ Dandy In the Un-
                               SUNDANCE - Sundance - SJPCD113 (M)                                                               derworld
                               The Smile On Your Face/ Take Your TIme/ What’s Love/ Heart
                               to Beat/ A Song/ Walk Right In / Jealousy/ Never Going Back/
                               Silver Threads And Golden Needles/ So Sad BONUS
                               TRACKS: Cotton fields / Dream Lover/ Those Were The Days/
                               Island Of Dreams

                                                                                                 TYGERS OF PAN TANG - Animal Instinct -
                                                                                                 SJPCD300 2 Disc Set
                                                                                                 CD: “Animal Instinct” : Rock Candy/ Cry Sweet Freedom/ Live
                                                                                                 For The Day/ Let It Burn/ If You See Kay/ Hot Blooded/ Devils
TEN POLE TUDOR - Made It This Far - SJPCD309                                                     Find A Fool/ Winners & Losers/ Crusin/ Bury The Hatchet/ Dark
Made It This Far/ One For The Master/ Football Rockabilly/                                       Rider BONUS TRACKS: Don’t Say Rock’n’Roll Is Gonna Die/
Pete’s Mercedes/ Mohican/ Yippie Yi Yay/ The Occasion /Real                                      Love Potion No 9/ Raised On Rock/ Gangland/ Live For The
Fun /Such Desire/ All My Heart/ St Louis Blues/ I Laid Her                                       Day (Whitley Bay Cup Final Song) DVD: “Live From Berlin
Down/ Football Yobbo/ Last Orders/ To Her Majesty/ Shutup                                        Studios 2008": Intro/ Hellbound/ Take It /Live For The Day/
Tracey                                                                                           Raised On Rock/ Suzi Smiled/ Bury The Hatchet/ Interview/
                                                                                                 Rock’n’Roll Man/ Slave To Freedom/ Euthanasia/ Love Potion
                                                                                                 No 9/ Gangland BONUS FEATURE: Scrapbook Footage Europe 2008

TYGERS OF PAN TANG - Leg Of The Boot -                                                         VERDEN ALLEN - For Each Other - SJPCD040 (M)
Live In Holland - SJPCD206                                                                     A New Way/ If Only/ All Over You/ Email / The Weather Report
Master Of Illusion/ Highspeed Highway Superman/ Running                                        / On The Rebound/ For Each Other/ Loving You/ Second Love
Man/ Insanity/ Youthanasia / Slave To Freedom/ Rock n Roll                                     / Sierra Highway/ 8 o’clock At The Corner / It’s Too Late Now/
Man/ Suzie Smiled/ Don’t Stop By / Take It / Don’t Touch Me                                    Hideaway
There/ Firepower / Hellbound BONUS TRACKS: Highspeed
Highway Superman (2 wheeled version) studio/ Slave To Free-
dom 2004 studio/ Don’t Touch Me There 2004 studio

                                                                                               VERDEN ALLEN - Long Time No See -
                                                                                                                              Long TIme No See/ Son Of the Wise Ones/ Death May Be Your
                                                                                                                              Santa Clause / Fine TIme To Love/ Soft Ground/ This Way
TYGERS OF PAN TANG - Live In The Roar - SJPCD146                                                                              Now/ Wine Ridden Talks/ Hold On To This/ Come On Back/
                             Detonator/ Rock’n’Roll Man/ Lonely At The Top/ Mystical/ Bad                                     Small Change/ Knocking On Those Old Back Doors/ About To-
                             Bad Kitty/ Cybernation/ Running Man/ Suzie Smiled/ Take It /                                     morrow/ Carry On / The Refrain/ BONUS TRACKS: Hypno-
                             Paris By Air/ Deja·Vu / Don’t Stop By / Firepower / Hellbound /                                  tised/ Two Miles From Heaven/ The Chunnel Train
                             Love Potion No9 / Cat Scratch Fever

                                                                                               VERDEN ALLEN - My Masochistic Side - SJPCD294
                                                                                               My Masochistic Side /Find Yourself/ It’s A Funny Old World/
                                                                                               Don’t Do This To Me/ Affected/ Baby /Apollo 09 /In The City/
                                                                                               Long Time No see /Sweet, Sweet Girl
FAVOURITE SONS “Walkin’ Walkin’” 1965/ PHILLIP GOOD-
1966 /The TREACLE “Stop Get A Hold Of Yourself’1965/
OUTER LIMITS “Any Day Now” 1966/ ICE “Ice Man” (radio
session) 1967 /OUTER LIMITS “Epitaph For A Non Entity” 1967                                    WARHORSE - Red Sea - SJPCD035
/DOUBLE FEATURE “Come On Babe” 1967/ FREEDOM                                                   Red Sea/ Back In TIme/ Confident But Wrong/ Feeling Better/
“Where Will You Be Tonight” 1968/ The RATS “The Rise And                                       Sybilla/ Mouthpiece/ I (who have nothing) BONUS TRACKS:
Fall Of Bernie Gripplestone” 1966/ CIRCUS “Do You Dream”                                       Ritual (live) / Bad TIme (demo) / She Was My Friend (demo) /
1967/ FREEDOM “Trying To Get A Glimpse Of You” 1968/ ICE                                       Gypsy Dancer (demo) / House Of Dolls (demo) / Standing Right
“Walk On The Water”1967/ The ALAN BOWN “All Along The                                          Behind You (demo)
Watchtower” 1968/ AFFINITY “Night Flight” 1970/ ANDROM-
EDA “The Day Of The Change” 1969/ AFFINITY “I Am The
Walrus” 1970/ PHIL CORDELL “Red Lady” 1969/ FAMILY “Weavers Answer” 1970 /ANCIENT
GREASE ‘’Time To Die” 1970/ ANDROMEDA “Let’s All Watch The Sky Fall Down” 1969/
ATOMIC ROOSTER “Devil’s Answer” (original demo) 1970
                                                                                               WARHORSE - Warhorse - SJPCD034
                                                                                                                              Vulture Blood/ No chance/
                                                                                                                              Burning/ St. Louis/ Ritual/ Soli-
                                                                                                                              tude/ Woman Of The Devil
                                                                                                                              BONUS TRACKS: Ritual (live) / Miss Jane (demo) / Solitude
                                                                                                                              (live) / Woman Of the Devil (live) / Burning( live)
                             VARIOUS ARTISTS - The Best Of Home-
                             grown Music 1968 to 1980 - SJPCD340
                             Path Through The Forest -FACTORY 1968 /Sea Song- FIVE
                             DAY RAIN 1971/ Don’t Ask Why- ONE WAY TICKET 1975/
                             Baby I Still Love You -CANDY 1980/ Can’t Stop Me Dancing-
                             ONE WAY TICKET 1976/Gone -FACTORY 1968/ Fall Out-
                             FIVE DAY RAIN 1971/ You Know- ONE WAY TICKET 1976/                                     WHITE LIGHTNING midnight
                             Red Chalk Hill -FACTORY 1969/ It’s Too Late- ONE WAY              approaches/ Paradise ... At A Price - SJPCD326 2 CD Set
                             TICKET 1975/ Good Year- FIVE DAY RAIN 1971/ Try A Little          CD1: “As Midnight Approaches”: Lesson One /Danger Man/
                             Sunshine- FACTORY 1969/ Marie’s A Woman- FIVE DAY RAIN            Across the Blue Horizon/ Hypocrite/ London Nightlife/ Right Be-
                             1971/ Mr Lacy- FACTORY 1969/ Lusty Eyes- ONE WAY                  tween The Eyes/ This Poison Fountain/ Losing Streak/ Fright-
TICKET 1975/ Don’t Be Mislead- FIVE DAY RAIN 1970/ Caribbean Way- LLOYD MILLER                 ened Children BONUS TRACKS: This Poison Fountain/
1977/ Too Much Of Nothing- FIVE DAY RAIN 1971/ So Many Ways- ONE WAY TICKET 1975/              Hypocrite/ The secrets In Your Eyes (demo)/ Last Flight To
Soul In A Box- JAC PACK 1979/ Take A Ride- ONE WAY TICKET 1975/ Rough Cut Marmalade            Babylon (demo)/ T.P.O.C (demo)/ Last Flight To Babylon
-FIVE DAY RAIN 1971                                                                            (demo)/ Frightened Children (live) CD2: “Paradise ... At A
                                                                                               Price”: Nailed ( By The Hand Of Mercy)/ Under My Skin/
                                                                                               Dealer/ Swing Thing/ Ticking/ Everything She Said/ Murder In
                                                                                               Your Eyes/ Can’t Get Next To You/ Civilised Society/ Before I
                                                                                               Close My eyes/ Voodoo BONUS TRACKS : Murder In Your
                                                                                               Eyes (demo)/ Can’t Get Next To You (demo)/ Nailed (By The Hand Of Mercy) (demo)/ Dealer
VARIOUS ARTISTS - Ventis Secundis, Tene Cursum-This Is                                         (demo)/ Ticking (demo)/ Paradise .... At A Price (demo)/ Nailed (By The Hand Of Mercy) (live)
Progressive Rock! - SJPCD348
ZZEBRA- Procession Of The ZZebra/ CARMEN – Bulerias/
RUNNING MAN – Running Man/ MO FOSTER – Achill Island/
ROCOCO –Ultrastar/ GREENSLADE – Bedside Manners Are
Extra (Live)/ MOUSE – Ashen Besher/ WARHORSE – No                                                                             ZZEBRA - Lost World - SJPCD089 (M)
Chance/ STRAY – Mister Wind (Live) /AFFINITY -Three Sis-                                                                      Procession Of The ZZebra / No Point/ Society/ Evacuate/ Liv-
ters/ ROB THOMPSON – Dust / ZZEBRA – Amuso Fi (Album                                                                          ing/ It’s Take It/ Leave It / Baila Jo / Word Trips/ Panic (live) / Mr
Version)/ ATOMIC ROOSTER – I Can’t Take No More/ THE                                                                          J (live) / You’ve lost That Lovin’ Feeling (live) / Hungry Horse
IAN GILLAN BAND - Child In Time                                                                                               (live)

                                                                                                                              ZZEBRA - Zzebra / Panic -SJPCD317 2 CD Set
                             VERDEN ALLEN - 20 Year Holiday -                                                                 CD1: “Zzebra” : Cobra Woman/ Mr J/ Mah Song/Ife/ Spanish
                                                                                                                              Fly/ Amuso Fi/ Rainbow Train/ Hungry Horse BONUS
                             SJPCD110 (M)                                                                                     TRACKS: Mr J (single mix) /Amuso Fi (single mix)/ Zardoz
                             Do You Want Me 2 / When It Comes Easy/ One 2 One/ 20 Year                                        (Beethoven Opus 92) CD2: “Panic” :Panic/ You’ve Lost That
                             Holiday/ Through and Through/ All The Feeling Has Gone/ Flat                                     Lovin’ Feeling /Karrola/ Limao /Death By Drowning/Tree/ Put a
                             Out/ Miracle Man/ Colleen                                                                        Light On Me/ La Si Si-La So So BONUS TRACKS: Karrola (un-
                                                                                                                              released alternative mix)/ Put A Light On Me (unreleased al-
                                                                                                                              ternative mix-with JEFF BECK) / Liamo (live)

                                                                                       COLOSSEUM - The Complete Reunion Concert
                                                                                       Cologne 1994 - NJPDVD605N
                                                                                       Those About To Die/ Skelington / Elegy/ Tanglewood ’63 / The
                                                                                       Valantyne Suite / Rope Ladder To The Moon/ Theme For An
                                                                                       Imaginary Western/ The Machine Demands Another Sacrifice/
                                                                                       Solo Colonia/ Lost Angeles/ Stormy Monday Blues/ Walking In
                                                                                       The Park BONUS FEATURES: The Story Of Colosseum/ a
    Back in 2003 the move to creating and releas-                                      90 minute documentary
ing DVD’s was a logical organic growth route for
Angel Air and he imprint Angel Air Waves was cre-                                                                                   NTSC
ated for all DVD releases. With all of Angel Air’s
contacts with artists it was relatively easy to create                                 CULTURE CLUB - Live At The Royal Albert Hall-20th Anniversary
film for DVD release                                                                                 Concert - NJPDVD607/NJPDVD607N
    The philosophy of the Audio label was followed                                                            Intro/ Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? / Black Comedy-Tum-
                                                                                                             ble For You/ It’s A Miracle/ Everything I Own/ Gimme A Sign/I
closely and most of our DVD releases include                                                                 Just Wanna Be Loved/ Talk Amongst Yourselves/ That’s The
Band History, Photo Gallery, Interviews with Artist                                                          Way/ Black Money/ Cold Shoulder/ Move Away/ Strange
                                                                                                             Voodoo/ Church Of The Poisoned Mind/ Miss Me Blind/ Vic-
and Discographies.                                                                                           tims/ Starman/ Karma Chameleon/ Bow Down Mister
    All of our DVD releases since 2006 are All Re-                                                           BONUS FEATURES: Band History written by BOY GEORGE/
                                                                                                             In depth interviews with BOY GEORGE and JON MOSS/
gions NTSC format only                                                                                       Rare unseen photos from BOY GEORGE’s personal photo
                                                                                                             archives/ Footage from HIT Musical TABOO/ Interviews with
AFTER THE FIRE - Live At Greenbelt - NJPDVD623/ NJPDVD623N                                                   fans at the Royal Albert Hall
Intro (Thunderbirds) 1980-F / Life In The City/ Frozen Rivers/
TIme To Think/ Dancing In The Shadows/ Who’s Gonna Love                                                    PAL
You/ One Rule For You/ Billy Billy/ Der Kommissar / Laser                                                  NJPDVD607
love/ Starflight / Joy/ Gina 2004 BONUS FEATURES: Green-
belt radio interview and unplugged session in The Tank/
Photo slide show with reflections of Greenbelt from Peter and                                             NTSC
John                                                                                                      NJPDVD607N
                                                                                       DIESEL PARK WEST - Damned Anthems - NJPDVD628
                                                                                       Live In GERMANY: Like Princes Do / All The Myths On Sun-
                                              NTSC                                     day/ Fall To love/ Walk With The Mountain/ Here I Stand/ Boy
                                                                                       On Top Of The News/ Till The Moon Struck 2 / Safe Life, Safe
                                              NJPDVD623N                               Times/ While The World Cries Decency / When The Hoodoo
                                                                                       Comes Live in DENMARK: I Want No Mystery/ Maybe East-
                      BERNIE TORME - Stratocaster Gypsy -                              ern Zone/ Jackie’s Still Sad/ Like Princes Do / Here I Stand/
                      NJPDVD621/ NJPDVD621 N                                           All The Myths On Sunday/ Mr Soul/ Bell Of Hope/ House Di-
                      Ghost Walking/ Star/ Frontline/ Turn Out The Lights/ Hardcore    vide/ Waking Hour Live in SWITZERLAND: All The Myths On
                      / Shoorah Shoorah / Vampire/ Turn Out The Lights 2 / Mystery     Sunday/ Fall To Love/ Silver Girl/ Walk With The Mountain/
                      Train/ Arabia/ Mystery Train 2 / Bernie’s Guitar Extravanganza   Boy On Top Of The News/ Turn, Turn, Turn/ Here I Stand/ Bell
                      / The Beat BONUS FEATURES: Interview with Bernie Torme           Of Hope/ Doesn’t Candy Look Good/ Mr Soul/ Clutching At
                      / Discography/ Full artist history and profile                   Love/ Safe Life, Safe Times/ While The World Cries Decency
                                                                                       BONUS FOOTAGE: From The Fans (22 minutes): Rock and
                      PAL                                                              Roll Woman/ Revelation Calling/ Hey Grandma/ When the Hoodoo Comes/ Out Of
                      NJPDVD621                                                        Nowhere/ House Divided/ Good Times/ Liberation Blues POP VIDEO SINGLE: Six
                                                                                       Days At Ju Ju AUDIO ONLY: In Germany B4 the War/ Good Times Killed Libera-
                                                                                       tion/You Killed Sugar Ray/ History Of The Band
                      NTSC                                                                                                           DV9 NTSC

                                                                                       GILLAN - Live Edinburgh 1980 - NJPDVD625/ NJPDVD625N
BRITISH LIONS - One More Chance To Run -                                                                     Unchain Your Brain/ Trouble/ If You Believe Me / Mutually As-
Live Germany 1978 - NJPDVD631                                                                                sured Destruction (MAD) / No Easy Way BONUS ARCHIVE
One More Chance To Run/ Fork Talking’ Man/ Come On / In-                                                     FOOTAGE: Vengeance/ Smoke On The Water/ Sleeping On
ternational Heroes/ My Life In Your Hands/ Wild In The                                                       The Job/ BONUS FEATURES: “Cannonball”/ G/M/T/ Bernie
Streets/ Booster/ Wild One/ Eat The Rich - Approx 48 minutes                                                 Torme, John McCoy and Robin Guy (New Track From Ex
BONUS TRACKS: JOHN FIDDLER unplugged: One More                                                               Gillan Members) / In Depth Interviews with JOHN McCOY,
Chance To Run/ Big Drift Away/ Only The Roses/ Return                                                        BERINE TORME, COLIN TOWNES and MICK UNDER-
OfThe Buffalo/ Strong Heart - Approx 20 minutes BONUS                                                        WOOD/ History Of GILLAN by Joe Geesin / Photo Galley
KEITH SMITH/ Band History written by DALE GRIFFIN                                                            PAL
CHICKEN SHACK - I’d Rather Go Live - NJPDVD620N
Vox Pops-interviews with fans/ So Tell Me / The Thrill Has                             GO WEST - Kings Of Wishful Thinking - LIVE - NJPDVD613N
Gone/ Reconsider Baby/ I Know You Know Me / You Are The                                                      Don’t look Down/ Faithful/ Eye To Eye/ Glow/ True Colours/
Sweetest Little ThingfHurt / Stan Webb’s Chicken Shack/                                                      All Day All Night/ Innocence/ Missing Persons/ The Sun And
Spoonful/ Doctor Brown/ I’d Rather Go Blind/ The Daughter Of                                                 The Moon/ I Want To Hear It From You/ What You Won’t Do
The Hillside/ Stan’s Blues BONUS FEATURES: Interview                                                         For love/ Goodbye Girl/ S0S/ Call Me / We Close Our Eyes/
with STAN WEBB/Band History and Discography                                                                  Tracks Of My Tears/ The King Of Wishful Thinking/ Outakes
                                                                                                             BONUS FEATURES: GLOW-Exclusive Preview/ Interview
                                                                                                             with PETER COX and RICHARD DRUMMIE / HISTORY OF
                                               NTSC                                                          GO WEST

HADLEY, NORMAN & KEEBLE- An Evening Of Gold -                                             MAGGIE BELL AND MIDNIGHT FLYER - Live
NJPDVD610N                                                                                Montreux July 1981 - NJPDVD629
To Cut A Long Story Short /Highly Strung/ Lifeline/I’ll Fly For                            Hey Boy/ Danger Money/ Love Games/ Sweet Lovin’
You /Save A Prayer/ Communication /Motivator/ Through The                                 Woman/ Poor Little Jimmy/ Rough Trade/ French Kisses/ Too
Barricades/ Instinction/ Only When You Leave/ Chant No 1 (I                               Much Love/ Penicillin Blues BONUS TRACKS: Bring It Home
Don’t Need This Pressure On)/ True/ Gold/ Hey Jealousy                                    To Me (with TAJ MAHAL) / Chain Gang (with TAJ MAHAL) /
BONUS FEATURES: In depth interviews with HADLEY,NOR-                                      Blues Jam (with ALBERT COLLINS) / Stormy Monday Biues
MAN & KEEBLE / History of the band/Interviews with fans at                                (with ALBERT COLLINS) BONUS FEATURES: Interview with
Pennington’s                                                                              MAGGIE BELL/ History of MIDNIGHT FLYER by KEITH
                                               NJPDVD610                                                                               NTSC

                                                                                                               MEDICINE HEAD - Live In London - NJPDVD616
                                                                                                               Vox Pops-interviews with fans/ Back Where I Started/ TIme
                       HARDIN & YORK - Wind In The Willows - Rock                                              For A Change/ Big Drifaway/ Indian Queen/ Only The Roses/
                       Concert - NJPDVD601                                                                     Slip And Slide/ Rising Sun/ Strong Heart/ Time For Love/
                       Wind In The Willows-Main Theme/ Good Morning Too You/                                   Mornin’ Light/ Blue Skies/ Epitaph Blues/ His Guidin’ Hand/
                       I’ve Forgotten How To Smile/ Fairground Fantasy/ The Wild                               Win Or Lose/ Return Of The Buffalo/ Working-Class Hero/
                       Wood/ The Badger/ Looking Forward To Tomorrow/ The Life                                 Pictures In The Sky/ Changin’ Man / One More Chance To
                       We Left Behind/ Maggie’s Song/ The Piper At The Gates Of                                Run/ Harder/ Walking Blues/ One And One Is One BONUS
                       Dawn/ Why Can’t We Go Home/ Wayfarers All / The Life We                                 FEATURES: Interview with JOHN FIDDLER/ Interview with
                       Left Behind EXTRA FEATURE Love Is All                                                   DARRELL BATH/ Interview with KEITH SMITH, Editor MTH
                                                                                                               fanzine Two Miles From Heaven / Discography and history of
                        DVD PAL                                                                                Medicine Head, British Lions, Box Of Frogs and John Fiddler

HITS AND ANGELS - The Stowmarket Sound - NJPDVD619                                                              DVD PAL
Karma Chameleon - CULTURE CLUB/ The King Of Wishful
Thinking-GO WEST/ A Glass Of Champagne- SAILOR / My
Friend The Sun- ROGER CHAPMAN / Gimme’ Some Lovin -
GILLAN BAND/ Spooky-MIKE HURST ALL STAR BAND/                                             MICKEY FINN’S T-REX - Back In Business - NJPDVD600
Love Potion No 9- TYGERS OF PAN TANG / Rising Sun -                                       Ride A White Swan/ I Love To Boogie/ Telegram Sam/ Metal
MEDICINE HEAD/Stone Free- RMS & GIL EVANS’/747                                            Guru/ New York City/ Solid Gold Easy Action/ Teenage Dream/
(Strangers In The Night) -OLIVER/DAWSON SAXON/Stormy                                      Life’s A Gas/ Spaceball Ricochet/ Cosmic Dancer/ Children
Monday Blues-COLOSSEUM/ Wild Thing-TROGGS/ Jeep-                                          Of The Revolution/ The Groover/ Born To Boogie/ Jeepster /
ster- MICKEY FINN’S T-REX/ Fairground Fantasy- HARDIN &                                   Hot Love/ 20th Century Boy/ Get It On
YORK/ Bringing On Back The Good Times/A Day Without
Love - STEVE ElLIS’S LOVE AFFAIR’/I Recall A Gypsy
                                                                                                                                      DVD PAL
                                               DVD PAL

                       IAN GILLAN BAND - Live AtThe Rainbow 1977
                       NJPDVD608/NJPDVD608N                                               MIKE HURST & All STAR BAND - Hitmaker In Concert -
                       Twin Exhausted (Intro) / Clear Air Turbulence/ Money Lender/       NJPDVD612
                       Child In TIme/ Smoke On The Water/ Woman From Tokyo                                     Rock Island Line/ lovesick Blues/ Hey Good Lookin’ / Cry Me
                       /Twin Exhausted (Outro) - BONUS FEATURES: Ray Fenwick                                   A River/ Silver Threads And Golden Needles/ Island Of
                       Interview - Japan Tour Interview - Rarities - Finally The Finale                        Dreams/ I Love My Dog/ First Cut Is The Deepest/ Mighty
                       - My Baby Loves Me / Down The Road/ You Make Me Feel So                                 Quinn/ Under The Moon Of love/ Treat Her Right/ Spooky/
                       Good / Scarabus/Reaching Out BONUS FEATURES: RAY                                        Who Do You Love/ Baby Let’s Play House/ All Shook Up /
                       FENWICK INTERVIEW- 6 minutes / JAPAN TOUR INTER-                                        Blue Suede Shoes/ One Night/ Crossroads/ You Can’t Do
                       VIEW with Ian Gillan- 8 minutes /RARITIES - 25 minutes                                  That/ High School Confidential/ Cripple Creek/ That’ll Be The
                                                                                                               Day/ Johnny B Good/ Mayby Baby/ When Will I Be Loved/
                      PAL                                                                                      Move It / Wild Thing/ Hound Dog BONUS FEATURES: 50
                      NJPDVD608                                                                                minute interview with MIKE HURST talking about all the artists
                                                                                                               he has recorded with Interview with RAY FENWICK dis-
                                                                                                               cussing his career/ Mike Hurst discography and history
                                                                                                                DVD PAL
KORGIS - The DVD Kollection - NJPDVD622/NJPDVD622N
Cold Tea - Dumb Waiters/ If I Had You/ I Wonder What’s Be-
come Of You/ That’s What Friends Are For / If It’s Alright With
You Baby/ Perfect Hostess/Young ‘n’ Russian/All The Love In
The World/ Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime/ This World’s                                OLIVER/DAWSON SAXON - Rock Has Landed
For Everyone/ lines/ It Won’t Be The Same Old Place/ It All                               Its Alive - NJPDVD603/ NJPDVD603N
Comes Down To You BONUS FEATURES: ARCHIVE                                                 Power and the Glory/ Rock And Roll Gypsies/ Strong Arm Of
VIDEOS Everybody’s Gotta Leam Sometime DNA Mix /Hold                                      The Law/ Past The Point/ Dallas 1pm / 747 (Strangers In The
On /0ne life/ Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime/ OFF THE                                   Night) / The Eagle Has Landed/ Bitch Of A Place To Be / One
LEASH The story of The Korgis documentary KORGIS HIS-                                     More For The Road /Motorcycle Man/ Wheels Of Steel/ Devil
TORY/ KORGIS DISCOGRAPHY                                                                  Rides Out/ BONUS TRACK: Strong Arm Of The Law
                                                NJPDVD622                                                                             PAL

                                                NTSC                                                                                   NTSC
                                                NJPDVD622N                                                                             NJPDVD603N

RACING CARS - 76-06 - 30th Anniversary Concert - NJPDVD626                          STACKRIDGE - The Forbidden City - NJPDVD630
The Time Has Come/ Billy/ Swampy/ Downtown Tonight/                                 Fundamentally Yours/ Bacon/ Grooving Along/ The Volunteer/
While My Guitar Gently Weeps/ On Days Like These/ Potters                           Syracuse The Elephant/ Anyone For Tennis? / Wonderful Day/
Blue/ Baby Girl/ Moonshine Fandango/ Up Against The Trees/                          Ruth Did U / Friendliness/ Dancing On Air/ Fish In A Glass/
Had Enough love/ Lost Without You/ Running Scared/ Calling                          Lummy Days/ If I Had You/ Teatime/ Happy In The Lord/ Help
The Tune / They Shoot Horses Don’t They! / Faith In You                             Under Doors / Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime/ The
BONUS TRACKS: Unplugged Potters Blue/ They Shoot                                    Road To Venezuela/ Can Inspiration/ Gaucho/ Plimsoll /
Horses Don’t They? /Interviews with Band Members and JOE                            Something About The Beatles / Slark / Do The Stanley/ Dora
ELLIOT and GARY PICKFORD HOPKINS / Vox Pops/Gymru-                                  The Female Explorer BONUS FEATURES: History Of The
Cymryg Male Voice Choir/ Band History written by BBC                                Band-Michael Heatley/ Vox Pops-interviews with fans/ Inter-
Radio’s STEPHEN FOSTER                                                              views with Band members/ JAMES WARREN, ANDY DAVIS,
                                                                                    CRUN WALTER, MUTTER SLATER

                                            DV9 NTSC                                                                             NTSC

RMS & GIL EVANS - Live At The Montreux Jazz Festival 1983
NJPDVD617N                                                                          Steve Ellis’s LOVE AFFAIR - Last Tango In Bradford - NJPDVD604
                                                                                                          On The Road Again/ Hush/ Back In Your Arms/ Handbags &
                     Broadway Rundown/ First Love/ The Whole Of Tomorrow/ So                              Gladrags / Bringing On Back The Good Times/A Day Without
                     Far Away/ Hoover The Duvet / Stone Free/ Little Wing/                                Love/ If I Could Only Be sure/ Gimme’ Some Lovin’ / Ain’t Too
                     Gone/Juna The Last BONUS FEATURES: The Conver-                                       Proud To Beg/ Do I Love You/ Uptight (Everthing’s Alright) /
                     gence-the story behind the concert / Band quotes/ Biogra-                            The Love You Save/ Rainbow Valley/ Everlasting love/ Out Of
                     phies/ Photo Gallery                                                                 TIme/ Billy’s Bag BONUS FEATURES: Interview with Steve
                                                                NTSC                                      Ellis Band/Steve Ellis History/Discography

                                                                                                           DVD PAL

                                                                                    STONE THE CROWS - In Concert, Beat Work-
ROGER CHAPMAN - Family & Friends - NJPDVD611/NJPDVD611N                             shop, GERMANY, 1973 - NJPDVD627
 Kiss My Soul/ Down Bound Train/ Habits Of A Lifetime/ Mid-                         On The Highway/ Going Down/ Penicillin Blues/ Niagara/ Sun-
nite Child/ Blind Willie McTell / 18 Wheels & A Crowbar/ X                          set Cowboy/ Palace Of The King/ Good TIme Girl BONUS
Town/ The Weaver’s Answer/ My Friend The Sun/ Holding The                           FEATURES: Interviews with MAGGIE BELL and COLIN
Compass/ Shank (Shadow On The Wall) / Toe Nail Draggin /                            ALLEN/ History of STONE THE CROWS by RICH WILSON
Short List/ Burlesque / Jesus & The Devil/ In My Own TIme
BONUS FEATURES: In depth interview with ROGER CHAP-                                                                              NTSC
MAN / History of Roger Chapman & Family & Friends / Inter-
views with fans at Newcastle Opera House
                                                                                                          TROGGS - Live And Wild In
                                            DVD9 PAL                                                      Preston - NJPDVD606
                                            NJPDVD611                                                     Give It To Me / From Home/ Night Of The Long Grass/ Feel
                                                                                                          like A Woman/ Strange Movies/ Anyway That You Want Me /
                                                                                                          Love Is All Around/ With A Girl Like You/ Wild Thing/ I Can’t
                                            NTSC                                                          Control Myself BONUS FEATURES: Interview with Reg Pres-
                                            NJPDVD611N                                                    ley /Band History

                                                                                                            DVD PAL

SAILOR - Live In Concert-Pirate Copy - NJPDVD609
                     A Glass Of Champagne/ One Drink Too Many/ Blame It On          TYGERS OF PAN TANG - Visions From The Cathouse -
                     The Soft Spot/ Sailor/ Mack The Knife/ Josephine Baker/ Vera   NJPDVD615
                     From Vera Cruz/ Jacaranda/ Traffic Jam/ Karma Chameleon/       Detonator/ Rock n Roll Man/ Lonely At The Top/ Mystical/ Bad
                     Panama/ The Secretary/ Girls Girls Girls /La Cumbia / Frozen   Bad Kitty/ Cybernation/ Running Man/ Suzie Smiled/ Take It /
                     Man/ Give Me Shakespeare/ The Old Nickelodeon Sound/ A         Paris By Air/ Deja Vu / Don’t Stop By / Firepower/ Hellbound
                     Glass Of Champagne / 1812 / In The Navy/Hot Stuff / Girls      / Love Potion No9/ Cat Scratch Fever BONUS FEATURES:
                     Girls Girls (reprise) / Latin Medley BONUS FEATURES:           Interview with ROBB WEIR/ Promo video of “Mystical” /History
                     Band Documentary with in depth interviews with all band        Of Band
                     members/ History of Sailor/ Three bonus tracks recorded “un-
                     plugged” ”Girls,Girls,Girls/Glass Of Champagne/ Karma
                                                                                                                                 DVD9 PAL

                      DVD PAL                                                                             VARIOUS ARTISTS - The 25th Anniversary Of
                                                                                                          The Marquee Club - NJPDVD632
                                                                                                          OSIBISA “Paper Match” 1983 / DR JOHN “Little Lisa Jane”
                                                                                                          1983 / CLIMAX BLUES BAND “Couldn’t Get It Right” 1984 /
SPENCER DAVIS GROUP - Live In Manchester 2002 - NJPDVD602                                                 NAZARETH “This Flight Tonight” 1985 / ALEXIS KORNER
Keep On Running/ When I Come Home/ Every Little Bit Hurts/                                                “Hootchie Kootchie Man” 1983 / IAN MATTHEWS “Lonely
San Francisco Bay/ Dimples/ Somebody Help Me / House Of                                                   Hunter” 1984 / MAN “C’mon” 1983 / WISHBONE ASH
The Rising Sun/ I’m A Man/ Gimme Some Lovin BONUS                                                         “Phoenix” 1983 / The CRY with JOHN WAITS “Welcome”
FEATURES:                                                                                                 1984 / STATUS QUO “Don’t Waste My TIme” 1972 / CHERRY
1967 Documentary (approx 55 minutes) Band Interviews                                                      BOMBZ “Hot Girls” 1986 / MARILLION “Following Us” 1983 /
                                                                                                          TEN YEARS AFTER “Goin’ Home” 1983 / MEZZOFORTE
                                                                                                          “Danger High Voltage” 1984 / DAVE DEE “Bend It” 1983

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