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27) See Chapter 2 .
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33.) See: 9.3.2
34) See 9.3.3
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36) Section 15, ibidem.
37) Council Directive 90/314/EEC of 13.6.90 on Package travel, package holidays
and package tours
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38) Ibidem: Art. 5.2
39) In Irland according to Section 3 of the Package Holidays and Travel Act (1995)
an Organizer can
     be any person organizing packages and for this reason, can cover either the
Travel Agent or the
     Tour Operator..
      In the Neetherlands, Chapter 7A of Book 7 of the Civil Code incorporated as a
result of the E.C.
      Directives on Package Tours, introduceds almost strict liability of the Tour
Operator, in relation
      to the execution of the Package Tours.
   In France: according to the Law of 13.7.92 (Title V; Jo 14.7.93 Pag 9459 the
Resposibility lies
     according to most of the writers- on the Travel Agent who is fully liable as
stated in par. 23 of .      the Law. In my opinion: in both of them. (See infra)
      In the United Kingdom, The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package
     Regulations made on 22.12.92, according to Section 15, the Liability lies on the
    “other party to the Contracto “ and according to Section 2 Interpretation: means
    “the parties other than the consumer to the Contract, that is. the organizar or the
     retailer, or both as the case may be”.
     In Portugal: The Decree-Law No. 198/93 , 27th. May 1993. Diario de la
     Republica, I Serie A No. 123, Pag. 2904, both the Tour Operator and the Travel
     Agency are responsible towards the Consumer.
     In Denmark: According to the Package Travel Act No. 472 of June 30th. 1993,
     Art. 28 Both the Travel Agent and the Tour Operator are responsible for the
    Proper performance of the Contract, but vis a vis the consumer is the Travel
     Agent the responsible, and the Travel Agent subrogates the right the tourist has
    against the Tour Operator

     See also: Dr. Jose Fosman: “The implementation of the European Union
               Directives on Package Tours” submitte to lthe 9th. International
               Congress of Iftta, May 1994.- Dublin

               Dr. Jose Fosman: Last Developments in Israeli Jurisprudence
               regarding the Tour Operator-Travel Agency Responsibility. Submitted
               to the 4th . International Conference of Iftta- Palma de Mallorca.

43. John Cohen v/ Sociaty for the Protection of Nature in Israel and others. C.A.
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45) See also: Dr. Jose Fosman “The Law when awarding Damages” Travel Law
     Journal. Issue two Pag. 47

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