week 9 term 3 - Copy by MeredithF



                        9-10                           10-11                   12:10-1:05                    1:05-2:00               2:30-3:30

 Monday                PE5/6F                           PE5/6M               USSR                     Maths                     Writing group with David
                    Italian 5/6M                      Italian 5/6F          reading      Decimals / place value / ordering
                                                                                                Target Teaching                    Writing Workshop
                                                                                                     3 groups

 Tuesday     assembly          Religious                Maths                USSR                      LAT
                               Education                                    reading                                                     Spelling
                                               Wishball: an interactive                             Project time                   Gp1 Homophones
                                   LAT           maths game using                       Individual assistance / conferencing         Gp2 Anagrams
                                                tenths / hundredths                                                             Writing group with David

Wednesday            Reading                             LAT                        5/6F                      5/6M                       BTN
                  Target groups                  Chn working on their           Visual Arts                Visual Arts
             Guided reciprocal reading                                             5/6M                        5/6F              Question development
                       LAT                           Target groups             Maths: decimals            Maths: decimals           Summarising
            Chn working on their projects       Guided reciprocal reading            TT                         TT

                        Writing                         Maths                USSR                  LAT: Projects                       Grade 5/6

Thursday       Proof reading / editing                 Decimals             reading      Individual assistance / conferencing            Sport

 Friday                 Science: Melbourne Uni Students                     Reading                     LAT                              Mao’s

                               Science / Technology                         Modelled    Chn be given time to conference and           Last Dancer
                                                                                            work on inquiry projects.
                            small group workshops                           Reading

  Teacher                                             Student                                       Parent

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