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									Pull Your Credit Report at Least Once Each Year
   Pull your credit report from the government sponsored website, www.annualcreditreport.com.
   Don’t be tempted by advertising campaigns to pull your “free credit report” from anywhere
   else. Those advertisement campaigns usually tout websites owned by one of the three big
   credit bureaus. While they will allow you to pull a free report from that one credit bureau, they
   will also do their best to sell you products and services you may not need or want.

   Your credit report contains your personal identifying information, where you have been
   employed and for how long, your credit history, a list of everyone who has requested your
   credit file and any public records filed with the state or federal courts. Once you have your
   report in your hand, verify that all of the content of the report is accurate.

   Follow the credit bureau’s instructions for investigating and updating any inaccurate
   information. Be patient; an investigation and subsequent file correction can take up to 90
   days to complete. You can speed up the correction process if you have documentation from
   a creditor showing accurate payment history or balance information.

   Every credit bureau provides a proprietary branded credit score. Their score parameters are
   unique to the individual credit bureau. If you choose to purchase a credit score purchase
   your FICO credit score when you are pulling your credit reports on
   www.annualcreditreport.com. FICO is an independent company that formulates credit scores
   using the same parameters based on the information in any credit bureau’s records.
   Comparing your Trans Union FICO score to your Experian FICO score to your Equifax FICO
   score is the equivalent of comparing apples to apples to apples. If you purchase each credit
   bureau’s proprietary credit score, think of it as comparing apples to oranges to pears.

This information is provided by:
         U. S. Postal Service Federal Credit Union       800-877-7328 www.uspsfcu.org

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