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					                                        The Blessing

Inspired by real supernatural stories, the blessing follows the story of supernatural demonic
possessions of people in the 21st century.

Andrew west a 45 year old priest who understudies former dead priest Father peter moor after his
mystery death after performing a exorcisms on a girl just two weeks before his death, steps in as the
churches exorcist and goes to study with the best exorcists in Yorkshire. Andrews’s inner scepticism
toward paranormal activity conflicts his beliefs towards possession of the body until he encounters a
small family; the family consists of a woman named Sarah Lincoln and her 17 year daughter Debbie
Lincoln. Taking into account everything that he has learnt Andrew begins to perform an exorcism on
young Debbie and find that paranormal and demonic action is really true. Andrew successfully
performed and exorcism and leaves to go home.

 That night Andrew has a very unusually dream which awakes him with extreme night sweats. Soon
after he is awake he then received a phone call saying that girl Debbie Lincoln had hung herself. The
next day Andrew goes to speak with Farther Alex Bronte about his dream and the failure to save
Debbie Lincoln from the demon. Farther Alex tells Andrew that he must go visit the mother and pay
his respect to the family. When he gets there he is greeted with a unusually feel to the place and
finds that a picture of Debbie falling from the shelf and smashing before him. Sarah enters the room
just before as this happens and feels that Andrews’s spirit is in danger. Sarah offers Andrew a tarot
card reading to endure that his sprit is safe; after a little convincing Andrew agrees to the tarot card
reading. Sarah takes Andrew into a small room and gives him a tarot reading; she finds that two of
the tarot cards are very bad and tell Andrew that his soul is in a lot of danger she asks that Andrew
must come back the next day for a clearances of this bad energy following Andrew around. A little
shook up Andrew leaves Sarah’s house and goes home

That night Andrew again has a very bad dream which consists of him murdering Sarah with a cross in
her bed chambers, he awakes with a slight vision of blood on his hands but when the phone rings
the blood is gone. He answers the phone to be greeted by the police which ask him to come down to
the station for questioning.

When Andrew gets to the police station he soon finds out that Sarah Lincoln was found dead with a
cross stabbed into her heart. The police hand Andrew a letter that was written by Sarah. The letter
repeats over and over, “Count your blessings he is coming for you”. The next morning Andrew
confides again with farther Alex and says forgive me farther for I have sinned I think I killed a woman
last night. Farther Alex tells Andrew that he can’t killed anyone because he is a believer in god and
tells Andrew that he needs a break from the church. Before Andrew goes home farther Alex
performs a blessing on Andrew to protect him from any evil and reminds Andrew that god is always
watching over him.

Farther Alex walks Andrew to his car and tells him to take things easy from now on and make sure he
prays six times a day. Everything seems to be bright and happy until Farther Alex gets run over on his
way back into the church. Andrew checked to see if Farther Alex is ok and finds he is dead. In anger
he walks to the car to find out there is no one in the car he then hears a demonic voice on the radio.

Now scared for his life Andrew runs back towards the church for protection but finds he can’t enter
the church for some strange reason without getting hurt. Andrew then gets into his car and goes
home. He researches on the internet about demonic activity and find that the electricity to his
house cuts off. He is left with the light of a candle glowing in the corner of the room. He starts to
hear strange noises as he walks towards to candle. He pick up a cross and starts the pray and ask for
the name of the demon, things begin to smash and something cuts Andrew on his arm.

The lights come back on and Andrew finds that he is faced with the demon for a half of a second as
the lights come on. Andrew then goes to bed where he has another nightmare this time when he
awakes the demon is crawling onto of him on the bed. Andrew is unaware of this but as the audience
we see this. The next morning Andrew asks the church for advice and they send him to a demon
specialist who helps Andrew conflict the demon that is following him around. Simon Shephard
records a séance and calls out to the demon. Simon starts to see paranormal activity and tries to exit
the séance but finds he can’t move and has becomes taken over by the demon which starts talking
to Andrew. He reminds Andrew of all the sins he has every committed in 7 different languages. The
demon reminds Andrew of his worst sin of murder. Andrew starts to perform a exorcism on Simon
but is too late as the demon take Simons life.

Scared for his life Andrew runs away from the house and gets into his car where he is greeted with
the sound of the demon coming from his radio. Andrew drives off and finds himself faced with
obstacles of demonic activity on his way home. He runs to him home and shuts the door behind him.
He blesses the house to protect it from evil. The film scene of the film Andrew is in conflict with the
demon but manages to get rid of it after the torment and horror it shows Andrew.

The very last scene of the film Andrew burry’s Farther Alex in the local church and tells everyone
that he is very sorry for their loss. A strange wind blows a tarot card into Andrews hand, the card
reads a death symbol and Andrew runs towards to church however the churches giant crucifix falls
on Andrew and he dies.