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									                                                                                                 February 2010
                                                                                                  Issue No. 50

First Church News
First Presbyterian Church, 815 Church Street, Hawley, PA 18428
               The Rev. William L. Samford, Pastor       (570) 226-4835

Pastor’s Page
By Pastor Bill Samford
                                                                   INSIDE THIS ISSUE
                                                                   Pastor’s Page                                 1
                                                                   Per Capita                                    2
           “See, I am making all things new.”
                                                                   Music ~ Music ~ Music                         2
                     Revelation 21.5
                                                                   Calendar                                      3
                                                                   Upcoming Events                           4&5
       It seems that we just celebrated                            Deacons’ Corner                               6
Christmas and New Year’s and now Lent is right                     Session Highlights                            6
around the corner. The season of Lent begins at                    Hawley Good News Café                         6
First Presbyterian with our annual Ash                             Birthdays & Anniversaries                     6
Wednesday Soup Supper and Communion
                                                                   Picture Page                                  7
Service at 6 PM on February 17th. Lent is a time
                                                                   Contact Information                           8
to stop and reflect on our spiritual journey. The
season of Lent is the time to prepare for Holy
Week and the glory of Easter. I am excited                              I also have been thinking a lot about
about a wonderful opportunity for members of                     and praying for the people of Haiti. It is hard
First Presbyterian Church to prepare for Easter                  to imagine the pain and suffering they must
with a seven week study on Monday evenings                       be experiencing. I have been grateful for the
starting February 22nd. Every Monday during                      donations you have given on Sunday mornings
Lent (and the Monday right after Easter) you are                 for Haitian relief through Presbyterian
invited to join your brothers and sisters in                     Disaster Assistance. To see how PDA is
Christ for a supper prepared by Nancy Brill                      responding,      go     to    their    web-site:
beginning at 6 PM in Blough Hall, After the             It is not too late for you
meal, we will participate in “Word for Lent” – a                 to make a donation. Please send your gift or
spiritual encounter that is designed to engage                   bring it Sunday morning. Be sure to make the
the heart and open the mind using and                            check out to First Presbyterian Church and
reflecting on the scriptures for the Sundays in                  note that it is for Haiti. We will then send one
Lent. Helping in this process will be a series of                big check to PDA. Our prayers and our help
Sunday bulletin inserts that include devotions                   will be needed for months to come.
exploring how God’s word is revealed in Jesus                           See you Sunday mornings and on
Christ.                                                          Monday evenings starting February 22nd.
       I hope you will accept this invitation to
participate in this journey as together we                                         Grace, Peace, and Love,
prepare for the message of “new life” that is
offered by Easter.
                                                                                   Pastor Bill
 Page 2                                                                       First Church News
                                        Per Capita: What is it?
                                         Marion Pfeiffer, Treasurer

In a nutshell, Per Capita is the means used to support the operations of the governing bodies of our
denomination. Those governing bodies include the General Assembly, the Synod, and the Presbytery. Each
year the governing bodies estimate their operating costs, then those costs are divided by the total number
of active individual church members to determine the Per Capita (or per member) amount. The
Presbyterian Church has been using this method of funding for over 150 years, since it enables each active
member the ability to share equally in the cost, as well as the benefits, of membership in the entire faith
For 2010, the Per Capita for each member in our congregation is $27.50. Since Session calculated we have
194 active members as of last year, the total cost for our church is $5335. This total amount is due and
will be paid by our Treasurer to the Presbytery in January. It is the hope of the Session, and the
Administration & Finance Team that as many of our members as possible will contribute their share
towards this denominational commitment, so that our regular giving may be used for other purposes.
Below for reference is a chart showing Per Capita giving by our members to date:
               Per Capita Goal                $5,335

               Date                Received
               1/3/2010                       225.00
               1/10/2010                      467.50
               1/17/2010                      367.50
               Total to date                1060.00

               Receipt %                     19.87%

                                      MUSIC - MUSIC – MUSIC
                                                    By: Adele Harrison

The Chancel Choir is enjoying a break during January and February. Meanwhile, we have been enjoying special
music offerings every Sunday. Thanks to all who have volunteered their services. We have a few openings in
February, so come on in and sign up…both vocals and instrumentals welcome! Chancel Choir rehearsals will
resume on February 17th, immediately following the Ash Wednesday service (weather permitting). After
February 17th, rehearsals will be held every Wednesday at 7 PM. We welcome new singers anytime…rehearsal
cds are provided and additional help is always available. The Chancel Choir returns to the loft on Sunday,
March 7th.

First Church Chimers will begin rehearsing on March 3rd, at 6 PM, to prepare for Palm Sunday (March 28th)
and Easter (April 4th). Chimers, please let me know as soon as possible if you will be able to attend rehearsals
and ring on those dates…I need time to prepare the music. New ringers are always welcome…all music is color-
coded, counting is done for you, and it’s lots of fun (we do “on-the-job” training)!
First Church News                                                                                                           Page 3

                                    February 2010
    Sunday              Monday                Tuesday          Wednesday            Thursday              Friday            Saturday
                    1                     2                    3                   4                  5                 6
                                               12:30 PM
                                               Art Class
                        12:00 PM                                    12:00 PM          11:00 AM
                           AA                                          AA            Bible Study
                                               7:00 PM

                                                8:00 PM
7                  8                      9                    10                  11                 12                13
 9:00 AM Grace
                        12:00 PM                9:00AM              12:00 PM          9:30 AM            10:00 AM        11:30AM – 1:00PM
10:00 AM Worship           AA             Mission Committee            AA            Parish Life      Worship & Music   Hawley Good News
     Service                                                                                                              Café Luncheon
Holy Communion                                 12:30 PM                               11:00 AM
                   6:00 PM PW Potluck          Art Class                             Bible Study
 11:00 AM Coffee
      Hour                                     7:00PM                              1:15 PM Deacons
                       7:00 PM PW              Admin
                    1st Anniversary &
                   Election of Officers        8:00 PM

14                 15                     16                   17                  18                 19                20
                                                                    12:00 PM
 9:00 AM Grace           12:00 PM         12:30 PM Art Class                             11:00 AM
     Café                   AA                                  Ash Wednesday           Bible Study
                                               7:00 PM              6:00PM
10:00 AM Worship                               Session            Soup Supper
     Service                                                       & Service
                                               8:00 PM            followed by
11:00 AM Coffee                                  NA            Chancel Rehearsal
21                 22                     23                   24                  25                 26                27
 9:00 AM Grace                                                                                                           11:30AM – 1:00PM
     Café               12:00 PM               12:30 PM                                                    6:00 PM      Hawley Good News
                                                                    12:00 PM            11:00
                           AA                  Art Class                                                    Family        Café Luncheon
                                                                       AA            Bible Study
  10:00 AM                                                                                                Game Night
Worship Service         6:00PM                 8:00 PM              7:00 PM
                    Lenten Supper &              NA                 Chancel
     11:00 AM            Study
    Coffee Hour

 9:00 AM Grace

  10:00 AM
Worship Service

     11:00 AM
    Coffee Hour
Page 4                                                          First Church News

                              Presbyterian Women
                   1st Anniversary Meeting & Election of Officers
                                        February 8th
                                      6:00 PM Potluck
                                      7:00 PM Meeting

  If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for any of the following positions,
          please submit your nomination to the Church Office, Attn: Pastor Samford
                       The following positions are open for nomination:

  In 1990, a Souper Bowl Sunday prayer inspired a group of young people to do
  something more than celebrate a football game. They created the Souper Bowl of
  Caring, and have mobilized youth across the country to raise more than $60 million
  dollars for people in need.

  On Sunday, February 7th, 140 million Americans will tune into the Super Bowl
  football game. There will be parties with abundant food, friendship and fellowship.
  At the same time, there will be people worrying about staying warm, finding shelter
  and a warm meal. Please join young people around the country as they
  demonstrated God’s love by loving their neighbors through the Souper Bowl of
  Caring. It’s a simple, yet significant act of caring for others.

  Drop $1 (or more) in the Soup pot as you leave worship on February 7th. Those
  who need help may not know you cared, but God will. Our young people are
  developing hearts for giving that can last a lifetime. Please support their efforts.
First Church News                                             Page 5

                                           ASH WEDNESDAY
                                               Soup Supper
               Movie Night                       Service
               March 5, 2010
         NIGHT at the MUSEUM                    February 17th
        BATTLE OF THE SMITHSONIAN                 6:00PM
     FPCH Museum Doors open at 6:30 pm
            Desserts to be served
              Movie time 7:10 pm
       ALL are Welcome! Bring a Friend!
                 Movie rated PG

    The Lackawanna Presbytery
            will have a
   Wayne County Cluster Meeting                Hosanna
      Wednesday, March 17th
            at 7:00PM                            March 20th
           Blough Hall,
        First Presbyterian
        Church of Hawley                  Lenten and Easter Activities
Page 6                                                     First Church News

Deacons’ Corner                             Session Highlights
                                              1) Carol Cowan was appointed
             Prayer Chain                        “Clerk of Session”
                                              2) Lenten Study “Word for Lent”
                                                 will be Mondays at 6:00 PM
The Deacons are reorganizing our                 February 22nd – April 5th.
Prayer Chain. We need to know if you
would like to be on the phone or email
list. If you have any questions contact
Denise Speckhardt at 226-3553 or
                                            HAWLEY GOOD NEWS CAFÉ                      If you are seeking out places and ways to
                                           share God's good news, then join us on the
                                                 Saturday, February 13th & 27th.

                                             Call Paul Bortner or Barbara Gindhart
                                                     for more information.

         HAPPY BIRTHDAY                        HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
         3     John Dyson                            4   John & Lois Hall
         4     Laurie Frank
         5     Bob Bryden
         5     Tom Guinther
         5     June Mills
         6     Kate Hammond
        10     Jill Carletti
        12     Rick Franco
        12     Marty Speckhardt
        13     Cathy Bonsangue
        13     Ashlee Simmons
        14     Adam Mackey
        15     Kiera King
        17     Adele Harrison
        19     Aline Townsend
        22     Verna Stebbins
        22     Bill Tarkett
        24     Brittany Benton-Vitz
               Roger deMars
               Walter Ulrich
                                          Happy Valentine’s Day
        25     Sue Courtright
First Church News                                                Page 7

                        Hawley Good News Café

                                                             & Installation
                                                                of Brad
                                                                as Elder

             17th Annual Congregational Meeting & Luncheon
  First Presbyterian Church
The Rev. William L. Samford,
           Pastor                                      FALL & WINTER
     815 Church Street                                   SCHEDULE
     Hawley, PA 18428
                                                              9:00 am
           Phone:                                            Grace Cafe
                                                           10:00 am
            Fax:                                         Worship Service
       570-226-2275                                            &
                                                         Sunday School
           E-Mail:                                      11:00 am
                                                            Coffee Hour

        Office Hours:
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
      9:30 AM – 1:30 PM
                                Mission Statement: We believe that God is alive and active. As
                                faithful disciples we spread the good news of Christ’s love,
                                forgiveness, and grace. Our mission is to be God’s presence within
                                our community. Our ministry is people to people, nurturing spiritual
                                growth, promoting peace, caring for others, and providing fellowship.

   First Presbyterian Church
   815 Church Street
   Hawley, PA 18428

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