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					       Management Committee Meeting Minutes
Notes from Management Committee Meeting held 24/02/11

Date: 24th February 2011
Venue: Waltham House, Bradford Place
Present: Tricia Griffiths (Chair), Catherine Wenger (minute taker), Russell Jones, Tony Cooke, Phil
Present to give reports on projects: Anthony Slaughter, Gloria Sturgess
Apologies: Ramesh Patel, Mary Taster, Nonn Vaughn

                               Agenda Item                                          Actions
                                                                               (To be completed
                                                                               by next mtg unless
                                                                               stated otherwise)
 1.     Review of previous meeting minutes and Matters Arising
        Previous minutes accepted as accurate record.

 2.     Finance
            Balance is £1651 at end of January.
            SIP cards – sold 1,360. Balance of £650 available for further

             Need to appoint two new signatories to replace Sandy,
               Gareth and Ramesh.
             RJ and CW agreed.
             CW to progress application form.                                 CW

            Not certain if Damian Evans still available
            PG has asked VCVS to advertise for treasurer.
            Ramesh has kindly agreed to temporarily keep the books
              until a new treasurer is appointed.

        Environment Wales
            Balance on this grant £273 – will be spent by the end of
               March on bags, publicity for community garden and publicity
               for recycling event.
        Tidy Towns
            £500 grant agreed.
        Co-op Grant                                                            PR
            TG/PR have submitted application but have heard no news.
               PR to follow up.
            This grant key to establishing community garden.

        Future funding
            General note GPG requires approx £1000 per year for general
              expenses e.g. insurance, registration, and publicity with
              specific grants for projects on top of this.
            This financial year raised £130 from collections at meetings.
            PR suggested could try VCVS for grant
              information/ideas/possibilities for next financial year. TG      TG

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      Management Committee Meeting Minutes
             to follow up

3.    Recycling Event
          PG met Michelle to discuss.
          Date set for April 14th.
          To be called a Recycling Surgery.
          Plan is to park the recycling van in the lay-by where the
             British Legion parks (outside the Marie Curie charity shop).
          GPG to publicise and be present but event is primarily            All
             staffed by council.

4.    Cittaslow
           PG vice chair of Cittaslow committee. Progressing slowly
              working through the application.
           No action for GPG other than to stay involved/informed.

5.    Student Projects
          CW keeping in contact with Welsh School of Architecture
            students. Last term was research phase of project now
            moving into project stage.
          Four project teams looking at:
                – energy in domestic buildings in Penarth (assessing
                   current energy use and proposing improvements –
                   using real case studies),
                – Autonomous Town (could Penarth be self sufficient in
                   food, energy, politics etc)
                – Pier/Esplanade developments
                – Community scale energy demand and supply (mapping
                   energy use in Penarth and considering alternative
                   ways to satisfy)
          In parallel Susannah is in contact with Planning School
            student project focussed on food issues.

6.    AGM
            AGM 7th March 2011 must be concluded before 7.30pm as
             Bingo in hall after us.
            Will need to ensure 4 voting members present in addition to
             the management committee.
            CW to advertise on the web.                                     CW
            CW, TC, RJ, PR, PG will all stand again.
            Projects will do brief updates following AGM.

7.    Raising Awareness
          Discussed if we could/should be doing more to raise
          CW suggested film showings. CW to look at possible films and      CW
             hall availability/costs.
          RJ to write short quote for journalism student on Penarth         PG/RJ
             Esplanade – PG to forward detail of original inquiry.

8.    Update from Sustainable Wales Energy Meeting
            TC and AS attended meeting to hear about a solar electricity
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      Management Committee Meeting Minutes
            The scheme is financially backed by Empower Community
             Fund for whom Green Renewable Wales is approaching
             community groups to arrange involvement.
            Some groups have already signed up however TC and AS felt
             there were many unanswered questions and more
             information was required before decisions as to suitability
             for Penarth could be answered.
            In parallel Sustainable Wales are considering doing their own
            TC/AS to stay in contact to hear of developments.                TC/AS

9.    Project updates -
      Plastic Bag Scheme
           Ordered.
           PG to attend Ecoschools general meeting.                          PG

      Plot share scheme
           Another match has been made, now have 3 pairs.

      Loyalty cards
          49 member shops
          TC suggested collecting ideas from shops of how they have
             successfully used SIP promotions.
          Jess has suggested energy auditing the shops – CW mentioned
             that Carbon Trust may be able to help do this.
          RJ to do spring version of poster.                                 RJ

      Orchard project
          Hedgerow to be planted Sat March 12th.
          Gate now on and locked.
          As has registered with Common Ground.
          AS spoke at Horticultural Society and they have invited GPG
            to have table at all their future events.

      Food Group
          Big lunch 5th June on the clifftops
          17th July Penarth Food festival at Kymin as part of the
            Penarth Festival. PG has put in application.

      Community Garden
          Group of 6 volunteers.
          Have identified Wordsworth Park as primary site.
          Phil Beaman has been very supportive of application
          Public meeting on 17th March 7.30pm at Art Depart ment on
           Tennyson Road to gauge local support and set up steering
           group. Kate Jones from Community farms and gardens
           booked to give a talk. Leaflets and posters being handed out.
          Two other sites also being reviewed.
               – Penarth Station – TC leading,
               – Bute Lane Nursery – AS leading. AS to send PR email          AS
                  regarding council cabinet to try and encourage
                  support. AS to talk to head teacher. PR to talk to
                  Mark Wilson.

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      Management Committee Meeting Minutes
      Sustainable Transport
          No update
          CW to contact Paul Kinnersley to see what is happening.           CW
10.   AOB

      Energy Type Projects
      The discussion on the Sustainable Wales meeting led to a discussion
      about trying to get more members with energy experience and
      interests. RJ to talk to Ian Knight to see if interested.              RJ

      Party on the Pier Event
      March 12th 11am-4pm
      PG to set up stall but needs other to help man during the day.         All

11.   Next committee meeting
      7.30pm 5th April 2011 – Waltham House, Bradford Place.

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