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                                                                         2009 DATES :
Cambodia - Treks

                                                                                 SAT 31 JAN – SUN 15 FEB
                                                                                SAT 07 – SUN 22 NOVEMBER
                                                                                 SAT 19 DEC – SUN 03 JAN

                                                                         2009 PRICE:
                                                                         Land only (joining in Phnom Penh):
                                                                         1st & 2nd Dep:        £1,750
                                                                         3 Dep:                £1,795

                                                                         Including flights:
                                                                         1st & 2nd Dep:       £2,750
                                                                         3rd Dep:             £2,950

                                                                         2010 DATES:
                                                                                 SAT 30 JAN – SUN 14 FEB

                   Style of Trip:        4-star hotels and comfortable lodge

                   Grade:                Gentle

                   Duration:             17 Days, London to London

                   On Trek:              7 Day walks

                   Group size:           Maximum: 12 clients plus leader

                                         Minimum:       2 clients plus leader

                   Will the trek run?    Guaranteed to run for a minimum of 2 persons.

                                         In the rare event that we cancel a trek we will refund you in
                                         full and give you at least 6 weeks warning. During 2008 most
                                         treks were full, therefore if you want to secure a place(s) on
                                         the dates of your choice we do advise you to book early.

                   Trek Leaders:         Local leader

                                                  Tel: 01453 844400
                                                  Fax: 01453 844422

To the Western eye, Cambodia is one of the least known countries in South East Asia. Tucked away between
Vietnam, Thailand and Laos, outside the capital, Phnom Penh, and the Temples of Angkor Wat, it receives few
visitors. In the outlying regions of Cambodia the trickle of visitors consists of a steady stream of young people
incorporating the remote areas into their gap year travels. Trekking is in its infancy, and long multi day treks
are not an option. The owner of the Terre Rouge Lodge in Ratanakari, an ex-French paratrooper, has done some
multi-day treks through the jungle but this literally entailed slinging hammocks between trees at the end of the
day. In fact much the best way of encountering a cross section of the diverse tribes people is to undertake a
number of smaller day treks in different regions. This itinerary has two key objectives:

1.     To take you to the remote province of Ratanakari where you will stay in a converted Governor's house
       and undertake a series of varied and interesting day treks.

2.     To complete a full and detailed multi-day walking tour of Angkor Wat, trekking from one temple
       complex to another and visiting the hill temples north of Angkor.

In Ratanakari you can enjoy walking around a crater lake, visiting hill tribe farms, swimming in lakes, trekking
through the jungle, visiting strange cemeteries of the Jarai tribe, travelling in long tail dug-out canoes on
serpentine lazy rivers, and swinging on vines above pools next to giant waterfalls. In Siem Reap, instead of
taking the usual sightseeing tour of the temples of Angkor Wat, we have designed a unique walking tour, spread
over a number of days, which will take you to places where other tourists do not go. Nowhere is the walking
difficult but it is always interesting and it will certainly give you an insight into the 'Wild West' of northern

Throughout the tour you will be accompanied by professionally-trained English-speaking tour guides supplied by
one of the best operators in Cambodia, who have a vast fund of knowledge of the country.

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Days 1-3        Fly to Phnom Penh, at leisure and sightseeing
Days 4-8        Drive to Ban Lung, day treks in Ratanakiri District, drive to Kompong Cham
Days 9–14       Drive to Siem Reap, walking tour of Angkor Wat and other sites, fly to Phnom Penh
Days 15–16      Fly to London

Mountain Kingdoms is pleased to announce that it won AITO’s Award for Achievement in Responsible Tourism for
2007. Mountain Kingdoms has been granted the highest 5 star rating for Responsible Tourism, by AITO
(Association of Independent Tour Operators).

Mountain Kingdoms is committed to responsible tourism, through its policies and practices which permeate all
aspects of its business. The company’s policies aim to ensure that Mountain Kingdoms and its clients act in a
way which is socially, environmentally and culturally sound. We feel strongly that all our holidays should
benefit the local communities, protect the environment by minimising pollution, and respect local traditions,
religion and heritage. We tread lightly - low volume, low impact trekking/touring is the best way of preserving
the beautiful and fragile places we visit.

We work with organisations such as Tourism Concern, International Porter Protection Group (IPPG), TICOS, AITO
and various Himalayan charities, to help achieve our responsible tourism goals. In 2007 we set up and funded a
project to provide English lessons for our sherpas in Nepal.

At Mountain Kingdoms we feel that the issue of porter protection is immensely important. We
support the work and the aims of the IPPG (International Porter Protection Group) and as such we
have a set of guidelines to adhere to. All porters on Mountain Kingdom’s Local Lodge/Tea House
treks are provided with insurance, wind/waterproof clothing, shoes, and goggles when crossing a
high snow-covered pass.

All Mountain Kingdoms trips, where clients choose to take our international flights, are
carbon off-set.

When we receive your booking we send you a full trek dossier which contains details of visas and vaccinations
required, a suggested gear and clothing list and lots of useful information.

If you do have queries at this initial stage do ring us and we will be pleased to offer advice.

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DAY 1 - SATURDAY:                DEPART LONDON.
Overnight flight to Cambodia.

DAY 2 – SUNDAY:                   ARRIVE PHNOM PENH.
Arrive Phnom Penh, transfer to your hotel. The name Phnom Penh comes from 'phnom' meaning hill and 'Penh'
who was the person who discovered some Buddhas floating in the river and brought them to this hill – hence
Phnom Penh. It is a nice mixture of old colonial French buildings and modern. The pace is relaxed and
everyone smiles. The city is laid out in straight boulevards and the French decorated the large streets with
elaborate old style light stands. The front facing the river is charming and you can see people in sampans
fishing and a few cruise boats. In places there are busy markets and dotted around are many pagodas. On the
other side of the river there are very few buildings – at this point the river is very wide and slow. It is of course
the Mekong coming down from Tibet.

The remainder of day is set aside for you relax after your journey or to begin to explore your immediate
surroundings. Overnight, Imperial Garden or the Bougainvillier Hotel.

A guided tour will be arranged for the morning. It may include seeing the Royal
Palace and the Post Office. The Royal Palace (home to Cambodia's current King,
King Sihanouk) is a striking example of Thai-influenced Cambodian architecture.
The Silver Palace (so called because of the 5,000 silver tiles which make up its
floor) again contains many rare relics of the country's history.

The afternoon is free for you to do your own sightseeing of this charming city.
You could visit the Toul Sleng Museum and the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek. The
Toul Sleng Museum (better known as the Genocide Museum) was the base for the Khmer Rouge security force
and prison and interrogation centre, S21. The building, formerly a primary school, and the photographs of many
of its victims displayed on the walls, now stand testament to the brutality and murderous actions of the Pol Pot
regime. After the prisoners were interrogated here they were taken to Choeung Ek to be executed. Many of the
country’s intellectuals along with some Westerners were labelled ‘enemies of the revolution’ and killed in this
complex. There now stands a stupa filled with human skulls as a memorial to the victims.

Other interesting places to visit include the Central Market and the ‘Russian’ Market. The former is where most
people do their shopping. There are many branches leading off the central area and the market's high roof is
very impressive. Both markets are the place to pick up a few bargains, especially the "Russian" market, which
specialises in antiques, souvenirs and cheap CDs and DVDs. Overnight, Imperial Garden Hotel or the
Bougainvillier Hotel.

DAY 4 – TUESDAY:                 DRIVE TO KRATIE (approx 5hrs)
This morning you will leave your hotel and begin the journey by road to Kratie. Although the road is much
improved in recent years, particularly the section to Kratie, parts of Cambodia’s road network remain very
rough so we’ll travel in 4WD vehicles. The countryside through which we pass is particularly fertile and the
markets here are filled with all kinds of fruit and vegetables. We’ll probably make a short stop for refreshments
in the small town of Snoul, which lies at the centre of a large rubber producing area, but aim to arrive in Kratie
by early afternoon. Kratie escaped much of the damage inflicted on other Cambodian towns during the
turbulent 1960’s and retains much of its original layout and many old buildings.

Situated on the Mekong River, Kratie’s main “claim to fame” however is as a sighting point for the famous
Irrawaddy dolphins. These freshwater dolphins are thought to live in just three rivers in the world: the
Mahakam River in Indonesia; the Ayeyarawaddy River in Myanmar (Burma) and the Mekong River that flows
through Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Growing to around 2-2½ metres on length (6½-8ft) in length the
Irrawady dolphins feed on a mixture of fish, prawns and squid. Less than 200 dolphins are thought to remain on
the Mekong but during the dry season (January – May) the prospects of sightings from just outside Kratie are
quite good, as the river is particularly deep here. Overnight, Odom Sambath Hotel.

DAY 5 – WEDNESDAY:              DRIVE TO BAN LUNG (approx 5hrs)
Leaving Kratie we continue our journey northwards to Ban Lung, in the Ratanakari District of the country: a
drive of approximately 5 hours.

Ratanakiri is one of Cambodia’s more sparsely populated regions – a feature largely influenced by the terrain of
hills, mountains, lakes and large tracts of dense impenetrable forest. Bang Lung is the capital of the District,

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although its main street is just a very wide, straight main drag with an assortment of small hotels and shops.
The road is just red dirt all bar 50 yds of tarmac next to the ugly concrete centre piece. The street is wide
enough to land a plane on, made more attractive being tree lined. The province had another capital called
Lumphat which was flattened in 1973 by the Americans and so the provincial capital moved here to Ban Lung.
Out on the other edge of town there is a large lake on the opposite bank of which is the old Governor's House
which has been converted into a hotel by a Frenchman, Pierre Yves. He and
his Cambodian wife, Chenda, have made something very special of the Terre
Rouge Lodge. It is all made of dark hardwoods and stuffed with quality
objects – old Colonial prints, gongs, Buddhas, crossbows, huge pots, lovely
cane baskets and all manner of stuff. There are 14 rooms, no television and
fans only, but with its lovely large garden, attractive open restaurant and
bar, it certainly is a quality place to stay - we particularly recommend the
fried pork in ginger on the dinner menu! Overnight Terre Rouge Lodge.

We take the Ta Veng road to a small Kreung village where we begin a walk along a river valley. Descending into
a valley of bamboo thickets, we wade across the river in places before climbing up the other side of the valley.
We criss-cross remote Kreung farms where we stop for a picnic before arriving at the large Kreung village of O
La-or. Here we can visit the communal long house where important village meetings take place and may be
lucky enough to see a tall groom house, built by young men ready to entertain their new wives. We then return
to Banlung by vehicle. Trek is approximately 11km/6¾miles and will take around 4 hours. Return to Ban Lung.”

Your guide will aim to return to the Lodge by about 4pm. Those that wish can then continue on to pay a visit to
the nearby crater lake. Its about a 15 minute to what appears to be a volcanic crater lake, though one wonders
whether it might have been formed by a meteor impact. No-one seems to know. There is a wooden swimming
platform which is well worth it at the end of your day’s activities. To walk all the way round takes about an
hour and there is a small visitors' centre with an excellent relief model of the area. You can walk some way
round the lake and then head off to visit a small 'farm'. The walk around the lake is interesting as you are
under a canopy of bamboo much of the time. Indeed the whole region seems to be tropical jungle and
wherever there are humans they have cut down jungle to grow cashew nut or rubber – even then the jungle
fights to reclaim the land.

Your local guide may well point out evidence of lynx and an animal called the pangolin, which is somewhere
between an armadillo and a rat. The province is thought to have 500 tigers and even wild rhino but these must
exist in the more remote parts of the jungle. Once the sun goes down the loud noise of cicada remind you that
you are in the Far East. You’ll return to the Lodge shortly after 6pm.

Energy permitting, we suggest you pay a visit to town one evening. There are quite a number of interesting
characters and interesting goings-on. Have a beer at the Ratanak Hotel and say 'hello' to Mr Leng. He is a
small, thin wiry man, always smiling and always too generous. His wife is sister of Mrs Kim who owns the Tribal
Hotel and Mountain Guest House – be careful though as there is something of a family feud between them. Mr
Leng's speciality is phnom pleund (mountain of meat) – a kind of barbecue using thin strips of beef mixed with
eggs and various vegetables, all fried on a portable grill and then dipped into a pepper/salt/lemon sauce –
absolutely fantastic. Everything is 'bootiful' at Mr Leng's. Overnight Terre Rouge Lodge.

                                 TO EXPLORE CHINESE AND LAO COMMUNITIES.
In the morning, following a short (8km/½hr) drive to the village of La Bang we
take an elephant ride. Leaving the village behind, you sway gently along
through rubber plantations and farmland for about an hour to the top of the
Kaatien waterfall. It is an easy climb down to the river below into a fabulous
'lost world', semi circular waterfall. The waterfall itself is probably about 60ft
high, though there is a large volume of water pounding over. Behind the
waterfall is a shelf/cave that runs all the way round at the base so that you can
literally walk all the way behind the waterfall. In many places there are long,
thick lianas hanging down which if you are brave enough you can swing out on
over the pool below. This is really excellent fun. You can then walk back on the road to the village. Lots of
small and large butterflies on the way.

In the afternoon you journey by road to the small town of Voen Sai. This is another good dirt road and it takes
about an hour. Arriving at Voen Sai, you go down to the Se San river and hire a boat to take you across. There

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is a sense that here is a place where nothing ever happens – the sun shines, the river flows slowly by and people
just farm and fish, hemmed in by the jungle. It takes 10 minutes to cross to where another row of houses runs
along the bank. Treat yourself to a sugar cane juice drink before walking for an hour along the river bank.
There are communities all the way along and scooters sometimes pop pop past you. There may even be ox
carts. Eventually you come to a uniquely small Chinese village. This particular Chinese group arrived here 165
years ago. The nearby Cambodian community and Chinese village are so different – the Chinese have large,
prosperous looking houses, immaculately clean and tidy. Their shops are obsessively organised and the people
are proud and well dressed. The Cambodians on the other hand are quite the opposite. Beyond the Chinese
village are more houses, culminating in a pagoda. Here there is a house for the monks, a meeting/prayer/guest
hall surrounding an open space in front of the Wat. Boat transport will then be found to take you back across
the river to Voen Sai from where you make the return drive to Ban Lung. Overnight Terre Rouge Lodge.

Depart from Ratanakiri to make the full day drive to Kompong Cham (500km/312 miles, 8-9hrs) following the
route of our outward journey from Phnom Penh. We’ll either stop in Kratie, or beforehand in Stung Treng, for
lunch. Both are located along the lazy Mekong River. We cross the only bridge over the Mekong in Cambodia,
called The Kizuna Bridge and enter Kompong Cham with it’s fusion on 1960’s Cambodian chic and French
colonialist architecture, a throw-back to the French influence and the nearby rubber plantations in the

Kompong Cham is Cambodia’s third largest city and is a busy crossroads for trade and visitors travelling North to
Laos and North West to Siem Reap and Thailand. The main attraction here for visitors actually lies just outside
the city, the 11th C temple complex of Wat Nokor. There are five towers in the complex, four outer and one
central (a similar plan to Angkor Wat). The architecture is Hindu as the temple was completed before the rise
of Buddhism in the country. Time permitting we’ll make a short visit to the temple, or take a stroll around the
markets or riverside. Overnight Mekong Hotel.

After breakfast we set off to complete our journey to Angkor Wat, via Kompong Thom. En route you will stop at
the little-visited temple Phnom Suntuk. This is a recent Buddhist temple built in 1938, which lies on the top of a
hill. After climbing the 900-plus steps to the top you will be rewarded with some great views of the surrounding
flat lands. From here it is a short journey to Kompong Thom, where you will stop for lunch.

This afternoon you will make the hour-long journey to Sambor Prei Kuk. This was the ancient capital of Chenla
from the 6th to the 9th Centuries and at its height it had a population of approximately 20,000 people. All the
temples here are dedicated to the Hindu god, Shiva. There are over 100 temples on the site and they now vie
for height with the surrounding lush forest. The area was used by the Vietcong during the Vietnam War and as
such suffered from bombing raids by the American Air Force and Air America. A few temples were damaged as a
result and some of the carvings are now starting to be restored. You will return to Kompong Thom and then
complete the drive to Siem Reap, arriving in late afternoon/early evening. Overnight, Hanuman Alaya Hotel

Although we understand getting up pre-dawn can be something of an
effort, it is worth it to see the sun rise over the temples of in and
around Siem Reap. The earlier you get up, the better the spot you can
secure for those all-important sunrise pictures. This morning we’ll
watch the sunrise at Bakheng, before returning to the hotel for
breakfast with the morning free to do your own thing. After lunch
there is a walking tour which laces together some of the major
“blockbuster” temples of Angkor. These will include Preah Khan, Neak
Poan, Ta Som, Eastern Me Bon and finally we will end up with the
sunset at Pre Rup. Your guide will point out where they shot scenes for
'Tomb Raider'. Satiated, exhausted, we return to overnight at the Hanuman Alaya Hotel.

There may be the option of a second early morning visit to Angkor Wat today. After breakfast you drive north
to visit the elegant temple of Banteay Srei. It is a little uncertain how long this will take, as the road has been
the subject very recently of huge improvements. Wherever there are huge economic projects like this, there
are tales of vast local corruption. The army officers are accused of being involved in illegal logging and
smuggling cheap petrol in from Thailand, obtaining contracts for construction by paying large backhanders to
government officials – but of course this is all just rumour! Built by a Brahman in the            10th Century, the
temple was dedicated to Shiva. The famous pink sandstone structure bears a series of beautiful sculptures, lintels,

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pediments and friezes. These it is said must have been carved by women as the detail is too fine for the hands of a man.
This gives us the origin of the Khmer name, Fortress of the Women. You then continue on to Kbal Spean, 50km north
of Siem Reap and commonly known as the River of a Thousand Lingas, an area of riverbed carvings and lush jungle.
Spend an hour or more, wandering up and down the streambed – there are lovely colours, rich browns and
green lichens. Tragically in a couple of places key carvings have been looted – chiselled out of the rock and
probably smuggled out and sold in Thailand. All the gods and goddesses depicted here are Hindu – Brahma,
Vishnu, Shiva, Lakshmi, and Krishna. Hermits once occupied the area’s many caves and it is still a place of
meditation with people coming here to achieve enlightenment. It is thought that the temple was built and the
Lingas carved in and around 900AD. This site was only ‘rediscovered’ in 1969 and is a tranquil place with an
attractive waterfall. Return to Siem Reap. Overnight at the Hanuman Alaya Hotel.

Today’s walk is a great way to experience the impressive temples of the Small Circuit, including everyone’s
favourite, Ta Prohm. You start your day at the old French dam and take a short walk through the forest to Ta
Nei, Ta Prohm without the tourists as we like to think of it. After exploring this charming temple, you continue
to walk through the forest to emerge on the imposing temple of Ta Keo. After enjoying the views from on high,
you wind your way around the old dykes of the Eastern Baray to the romantic northern entrance to Ta Prohm.
Free of other visitors, the four faces of the Bodhisattva are smothered by a large tree. Taking your time to soak
up the atmosphere in Ta Prohm, you emerge from the East Gate and enter Banteay Kdei through the West Gate.
You leave Banteay Kdei from the South Gate and make your way to the royal bathing pond of Sras Srang where
you can enjoy a well-earned drink.

The afternoon we have left free for you to relax, shop or enjoy having a walk around the cosmopolitan town of
Siem Reap. Overnight the Hanuman Alaya Hotel.

This morning we’ll make an early start for sunrise at Angkor Wat. Once the sun has appeared we recommend
that you walk to the other side of the main temple where you will find it will be quiet but the early morning
colours on the main temples are beautiful. This gives you your first chance to walk down the main causeway
and climb up onto the main towers, to explore the galleries and some of the inner temples. You cannot help
but be awe-struck by the size and grandeur of one of the world's most impressive engineering feats of all time.

This temple is the largest religious buildings ever constructed and is truly one of the wonders of the world.
Believed to have been undertaken as a temple and mausoleum for King Suryavarman II at the peak of the Khmer
empire in the first half of the 12th century, Angkor Wat is the best-preserved of the Angkorian temples. Lunch
at Café D’Angkor – opposite to Angkor Wat.

In the afternoon, soft trekking through the jungle provides a fantastic way to experience the best of Angkor
Thom and offers a real insight into the size and scale of this ancient city. You begin your walk at the impressive
South Gate of the walled city of Angkor Thom. You walk on the immense ancient walls towards the south-west
corner where there is a small temple. You also discover the irrigation and drainage system that enabled the
waters of the Siem Reap river to flow through the city from the north-east to south-west. You continue walking
around to the West Gate, where the causeway has collapsed leaving a muddle of stone bodies looking victims of
some terrible historic accident. From the West Gate you weave your way towards the principal temples,
exploring the Baphuon, the Royal Palace complex and Phimean Akas before arriving at atmospheric Preah
Palilay. You then emerge on the central square of Angkor Thom, winding your way along the Terrace of the
Leper King and Terrace of Elephants on the way to the enigmatic Bayon. Overnight at the Hanuman Alaya
Hotel, where clients on the 19th December departure will enjoy the New Year’s Eve festivities.

DAY 14 – FRIDAY:                FLY TO PHNOM PENH.
This morning (flight schedules permitting) we will transfer to Siem Reap airport and make the short 40 minute
flight back to Phnom Penh. On arrival we transfer you to your hotel and the remainder of the day is then free
for you to either relax or wander amongst the markets looking for last minute souvenirs. Overnight, Imperial
Garden Hotel or the Bougainvillier Hotel.

DAY 15 – SATURDAY:                FLY TO LONDON.
You will transfer to the airport for your flight to London.

DAY 16 – SUNDAY:                  ARRIVE IN LONDON.

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Phnom Penh
Month            Jan   Feb     Mar    Apr      May      Jun     Jul      Aug   Sep   Oct   Nov       Dec
Min °C            21    22     23     24       24        24     24       25     25   24    23        22
Max °C            31    32     34     35       34        33     32       32     31   30    30        30

Month            Jan   Feb     Mar    Apr      May      Jun     Jul      Aug   Sep   Oct   Nov       Dec
Rainy days per    1     1       3      6       14        15     16       16     19   17     9         4

HOTELS:            PHNOM PENH. We use either the 4 star Imperial Garden Hotel, set at the confluence of
                   three of the kingdoms mightiest waterways just minutes away from the bustling riverfront
                   area or the Bougainvillier Hotel situated on Sisowath Quay, a short walk from the Royal

                   KRATIE. With a great location overlooking the Mekong River, the Oudom Sambath Hotel
                   offers a friendly welcome and relaxed atmosphere with air-conditioning and en suite. The
                   centre of town is a short stroll away.

                   KOMPONG CHAM. We use the Mekong Hotel, which ha s a prime location along the Mekong
                   River. All rooms are en-suite, with air conditioning.

                   BAN LUNG. We use Terre Rouge Lodge, a converted Governor's house with lots of
                   character, in a large garden on the edge of a lake. En-suite bathrooms.

                   SIEM REAP. We use the Hanuman Alaya Hotel. This attractive boutique hotel/guesthouse
                   is situated a short way from the temples at Angkor and is a blend of traditional Khmer
                   design with comfort and modern amenities. All facilities and access to swimming pool and

MEAL PLAN:         Bed and breakfast in Phnom Penh, all meals included elsewhere in the itinerary.

AIRLINES:          International Flights : We will use a reputable IATA airline such as Malaysian or Thai

IMPORTANT NOTE: Whilst every effort is made to keep to the above itinerary, clients will hopefully
                appreciate that this is an adventure tour in a Third World country and that a capacity for
                tolerance and a sense of humour are decided assets. Weather conditions, road conditions,
                and vehicle breakdowns can all contribute to the need for changes. Your guide will do
                everything in his power to see that you are inconvenienced as little as possible in such
                 All timings given are approximate.

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MOUNTAIN KINGDOMS aims to offer the best value for money. We do not charge extra for meal packages
or local charges and try to ensure that all the key elements of your holiday are included - you won't
get any nasty shocks!


   A local leader                                                   All road transport by private vehicles
   Economy class return air fares from the UK                       Sightseeing where specified
   UK Departure Tax                                                 Carbon offset for clients taking our flight-
   All internal flights and hotel/airport transfers                 inclusive option
   Good standard hotel accommodation (usually 4                     A free high-quality Mountain Kingdoms kit bag
   star) in main cities, bed and breakfast basis
   Best available hotels in outlying towns, usually
   on full board


    Travel insurance
    Visa fees
    Single supplements (see box below)
    Lunch and evening meals in major cities
    Airport departure taxes, excepting UK Departure Tax
    Bar bills and laundry
    Optional trips


  From: £95 (please contact the office for details)

Wherever possible we try to absorb these, however from time to time it may be necessary to pass on these
additional costs. All trip prices therefore may be subject to change due to such external factors and the prices
for each individual departure may vary slightly from those published in the current brochure. Any changes to
the price of an individual trip will be advised before a booking is confirmed.

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Thoroughly enjoyed our holiday - and felt it gave us an insight into the country.
 Mr D, Buckinghamshire

A hard but enjoyable tour! The planned route was very good and the Hanuman Alaya
hotel probably the nicest I have stayed in, a gem. Mr S, Preston

1.  Unique itinerary offering DAY TREKS in the remote Ratanakiri district.
2.  A thorough walking tour of ANGKOR WAT, taking you off the standard tourist sites.
3.  Speedboat from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap which traverses Tonle Sap Lake.
4.  Four-star hotels in Bangkok and Phnom Penh. Converted Governor’s house lodge in Ban
5. It is guaranteed to run for a minimum of 2 people.
6. Carefully researched by our M.D., Steve Berry.
7. Great value for money.
8. Excellent English speaking in-country guides.
9. Only 17 days London to London.
10. You will see and experience much more of Cambodia that just the Angkor Wat temples.

 Mountain Kingdoms Ltd, Old Crown House, 18 Market Street, Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, GL12 7AE
            Tel: 01453 844400     Fax: 01453 844422      Email:
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