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									ACCOMMODATION – Finding a place to rent

There are a number of key issues to bear in mind when you are searching for

Location – Are there bus routes to your campus? Local shops? Does the area feel safe?
Cost – Is it worth what is being charged? Does it have adequate facilities?
Condition – Is it in a good state of repair?
Type/Length of tenancy – Is it what you want? (See our leaflet Accommodation 2)

Where to look….

    UWESU Student Lettings, our very own accommodation agency! You will find houses in
     the main student areas in Bristol, and all houses will have been checked to ensure they
     reach certain standards. Visit the 4 floor of F block at Frenchay or check out:

    UWE have halls of residences and houses available for UWE students. The largest of
     UWE’s halls, the Student Village, can be found on the Frenchay campus. There are also
     smaller halls at Glenside and St Matt’s – these are ideal if you are studying on that
     particular campus. Halls can also be found in the city centre. UWE managed houses can
     be found in the main student areas in Bristol. Check out Accommodation Services’ web
     site for what’s on offer: http://www.uwe.ac.uk/accommodation/

    UWE’s Accommodation Services also have a regularly updated register with information
     about privately managed properties available to rent for individuals and groups of
     students. See: http://www.uwe.ac.uk/accommodation/

    Accommodation Agencies advertise shared houses to rent and some will advertise single
     rooms to rent. Check whether the agency is managing the property for the owner, making
     them your contact point. This is important so you know who to pay rent to, and also who
     to contact if you have any problems.

    Newspapers, notice boards and shop windows also advertise rooms and houses. It is
     important to remember here that anyone advertising a property this way may not have
     ensured that their houses are safe and comply with current laws.

Types of accommodation….

    University managed properties - The University is not able to offer University managed
     properties to all students, so priority is given to first year full-time undergraduates. These
     are a good way of meeting similar people, who are often experiencing living away from
     home for the first time.

    Private halls of residences – there are some large accommodation providers in Bristol
     who provide rooms in halls in the city centre. There are a variety of rooms available with
     prices starting from around £80 per week.

    Shared houses/flats – May be offered as a group or as individuals and prices start from
     about £250 per person, per month, not including bills.

    For further information about types of accommodation or any other accommodation
                matter then please contact the Students’ Union Advice Centre


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