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I know that this topic is not directly on the most recent information
having to do with the Bureau of Public Debt, the W-8BEN, and the W-
8IMY, however I believe that it may help in selecting how you wish to
proceed in the future when it comes to communicating with others
through the use of mail.

I have been using the Post Office exclusively to send all of my Post
instead of the POSTAL SERVICE. Some of you here I know are already
aware of the difference between these two entities, and are
knowledgeable in the know of how both of them work. What I Am going
to share with you, is my experience of my usages of the Post Office, and
contrast that with the purpose and meaning of the use of the POSTAL

Along with this, I will share some of my more personal thoughts as to
the ramifications of these things and why I believe the sending of these
most recent communications that this group is about to send out,
namely to the Department of the Treasury (Republic), and what I
believe the significance is in regard to what our passion is for them to

The sending these documents via the Post Office will have a distinct
advantage over the sending them through the UNITED STATES
POSTAL SERVICE, and the reason why I feel this way I will share in my
concluding thoughts below.

In the mean time, I want to share this data with you so that you may
consider it for yourselves. Whether or not you choose to use it,
experiment with it, or ditch it is totally up to you, for it is within the
dominion of your own liberty, power, and authority, to choose how to
self-govern the walking out of your faith.

Right off the bat:

      Sending anything via the Post Office is considered International;
      Of course sending anything through the POSTAL SERVICE is not;
      The Post Office is the ONLY non-bankrupt entity on this entire
       planet; therefore,
      The POSTAL SERVICE is of course bankrupt and as defacto as its
       mother CORPORATION.

I asked myself these questions and I put them here to be reciprocal:

      "Do I really want to use a bankrupt entity to send my non-
       bankrupt communications through?"
      "How does this reflect upon me in the knowledge of knowing who
       I Am?"
      "What will be the reaction of a Public Servant, albeit Corporation
       or Republic, when they see that I Am claiming to be competent
       but am still using benefits of a defacto Corporation?"

Many do send their mailed communications using Registered Mail,
which is also considered to be International as well, therefore superior
to the jurisdiction of the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE. This
does suffice, however a question to be considered, "Do you still want use
the zip code even when sending Registered Mail?" You will soon see
why I ask this question as you read further.

The biggest difference between using the Post Office, and using the
UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE, is the usage of a zip code. A zip
code is prima fascia evidence of a CORPORATION using a benefit
privilege, which applies only to CORPORATIONS. So then, why do we
have to use zip codes to send MAIL or Post anywhere? Prior to 1973, zip
codes were not in use. When zip codes were mandated, they were only
mandated for select CORPORATIONS. It was only after 1976 that the
citizenry started using the same benefit privilege of the UNITED
STATES CORPORATION, thus entering into another adhesion contract
thus demonstrating being one more step further away from competency.

You see, zip codes were never mandated for use by Living Beings, but for
CORPORATIONS only, and whenever a living being makes use of one,
you are making a statement as to whom you are. Since it is true that
mail did get to where it was sent, prior to the use of zip codes being
introduced, then why can it not get to where it needs to go today without
one? Answer: IT CAN AND IT DOES!
So then, do not use a zip code period! Not even in, "Four-Corners,"
(boxed out) which means do not use it in brackets. "[" and "]", which
means do not even use it as such, "[near 99999]," you do not need to use
THEIR zip codes. After all, THEIR zip codes are for THEIR employee's,
are they not? Therefore, are you an employee of the UNITED STATES?

Zip codes are a copyright trademark of the UNITED STATES POSTAL
SYSTEM, and in being such, there is a "royalty fee," that is charged for
the usage thereof. This is why the rate for a first class mail stamp for the
US POSTAL SERVICE is, I believe now 44-cents (I haven't used one in
quite some time). The charge over and above the rate of Post is a,
"royalty fee," for the usage of THEIR zip codes. The rate for first class
Post is still and has always been .02-cents per one half ounce (.5 or 1/2).
Again, this rate has never changed! There is no royalty fee when
sending via the Post Office. Moreover, your Post is considered
International and this is very significant!

Furthermore, the royalty fee also applies to the usage of the two-letter
symbol that they use in place of spelling out the name of a
State/Republic. This is a RE-presentation of the states united into
TERRITORIES of the UNITED STATES. This is no different from when
living beings are RE-presented by an Attorney. It is a false image. The
usage of these also make a claim to corporate status. So always, write
everything out in long form. The common opinion is to use the 3-
cent to cover any extra unforeseeable fees, which may include
having your Post returned to you; however, I have never
experienced this. This is how you have come to hear of sending mail
using a 3-cent stamp.

Now, below are the procedures that I use when sending Post via the Post

Always, always, always, use the Drop Box , and never put Post into anything
that is labeled, "UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE." You know the
MAILBOX that blue in color. However, the "Post Office Drop Box" is
always inside the Post Office, and it is always in the wall. Some Post
Office's still have it labeled, "DROP BOX," right above it. A great many do
not, for they have removed it since nobody was using it anymore. However,
this does not mean that the Drop Box has been removed. Remember, the "Post
Office Drop Box" is not a U.S. POSTAL SERVICE MAILBOX, or any blue
box in the lobby of the Post Office marked with the UNITED STATES
POSTAL SERVICE logo on it. Look for the Mail Slot that is in the wall.
The color is usually a very bland gold color, or beige. If you are not sure,
ask the Post Master. Most POSTAL SERVICE employees are not aware of
this. Although you may find one or two that are aware of it; I have!

Nevertheless, if you put your Post into a UNITED STATES POSTAL
SERVICE MAILBOX, it will not be treated as if you were putting it into the
"Post Office Drop Box." It will be returned to you with a postage due
message. That is it; No harm, no damage, no foul; Just a postage due request.
So make sure to use the "Post Office Drop Box" when sending Post only and
do not drop your post into any of the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE
MAILBOX'S (always blue) which are for sending MAIL through the POSTAL

Caveat: Some of the US POSTAL SERVICE locations have downsized and as
a result, you may not find a "Post Office Drop Box," at that location. In this
case, all you need to do is go to a bigger branch office nearby.

Now, for the return address which is more accurately called, "Return Mail
Location," and the addressee, again accurately referred to as, "Mail Location."
However, for the sake of this explanation, and to limit confusion, I will use
"address" and "addressee" (if that is okay with [JAD], ;-) hee-hee :-P ) Below
both the return address and the addressee's address, at the very bottom of the
address and addressee, I reference their Domestic Mail Manuel's zip code
exempt clause, in place of where the zip code would go for the POSTAL
SERVICE, as follows:

             [zip code exempt DMM 602 1.3 e. (2)]
I use a font that is smaller in point size and red print so that it jumps out, but
does not command superior attention. This is only for the purpose of reminder,
not to be misconstrued as a threat in any way possible.

BETTER YET! How about I include a photo example of the envelopes...
Now, I hope that this photo will be in the email. As you can see, at the top over
the addressee it is marked,

this is very important because you are announcing/proclaiming that the contents
of this Post are to be viewed only by the addressee below.

Above the return address, but printed in red, and also below the 3-cent stamp is
printed, "FIRST CLASS MAIL non-domestic."
Since I mailed these out, there has been an upgrade to it. Notice on the right
side a box/enclosure wherein certain statutes and codes are listed. Well, as you
are well aware, this is for employees of the corporation to abide by, for these
are their by-laws, and they do not apply to a living being. Yes, what is printed
there did not negatively affect the mailings, however for the sake of peace and
TRUST, the follow up grade replaces that stamp:

... In addition, this is printed in place of the statutes and codes, put in place
right below the, "FIRST CLASS MAIL non-domestic," stamp.

Once again, do not forget to spell out everything, especially the name of the
Republic/State. Do not use THEIR two-letter abbreviation/insignia which
symbolized a TERRITORY of the UNITED STATES, if you prefer to be
"recognized" as being able to, "walk on water."

Here is an example of a package that I sent to a friend. Enclosed were 6
DVD's. The normal royalty-fee through the UNITED STATES POSTAL
SERVICE was just south of $4.00. However, take a close look at the number
of 3-cent stamps and the fact that they are all canceled. (15-cents instead of
By the way... did you know that when you receive mail and it does not have a
canceled stamp on it, that whoever just sent it has committed mail fraud?
There is great power in a canceled stamp. As a matter of fact when you cancel
a stamp by putting your seal over it and then writing your name across it
diagonally, you are proclaiming that you are the Post Master of that piece of

Concluding thoughts:
The very foundation of the reason why I posted this message is because
by sending Post through the Post Office and not requiring a signature
for proof of evidence, but rather choosing to Trust the Trustee's of
the Corporation; the one receiving the Post, demonstrates a peace of
mind and heart that speaks more loudly and clearly than all the
paperwork that is within the package.

I have come to know that part of the test of living this life, is based in
trusting that they are going to be who we believe them to be, and
therefore do what we expect of them to do. The test is about Trust.
Trust is directly connected to Love, for you cannot Trust without Love,
and you cannot Love without Trusting. This is exactly the same for,
"giving" and "forgiving." Love is the foundation from which we do all
things, therefore tis also the power and authority through which we
must do all things if we are to live that which we are and let our light so

So then, do I trust them to do what they are bound to do, or do I not
trust them? To send or not to send, that is the question. Yes, I realize
that there are some, perhaps even many, who do not have this
perspective of how things are and thus will have a tough time with a
thought such as this. However, this is quite all right, and I do not share
this with you to task you or to burden your heart, but rather for you to
consider, as it is your very right to do so!

I believe the challenge with this, is simply this: To dismiss all the
PATRIOT gobbledygook of an, "evil system," and simply, "ACCEPT FOR
VALUE," that the system has become what it is because of our past
believes, actions, and incompetent knowledge of it. How else did it
become what it is? Remember the quote, "When good men do nothing,
evil flourishes? Are you not good? Certainly not! For the first
declaration of which ye are from, before the foundation of this world
was laid, declared Man (male and female) "good," even so "very good."
I do not believe for one moment that declaration/opinion ever changed.
It is a prior and superior claim, first in time, first in line to any and all
declaration made afterwards. Some of you know exactly what I Am
speaking of; others are still dealing with a corruption in their knowledge
of who they truly are. Nevertheless, we have choice to accept or reject
this and thus replace it with something which can only be less than the
original. Have we not all played a part in this through our ignorance of
the how the system works? For I say, "T'is very good to see that good
men are rising up and doing something for the purpose of ceasing the
proliferation of both ignorance and therefore evil." Again, know my
heart... I do not say this to guilt trip anybody, but for the purpose of

This to me has become truly what, "ACCEPTANCE FOR VALUE," is
really all about. Banking is fine but there is something greater that must
be accepted for value. In so doing of these things, do we not take
command of what has been created and empower ourselves to then
change it to what we want, in the way that we want it? Does this not
fulfill the edict to subdue the earth and all that is in it? You be the judge
for your own dominion and determine for yourself if these things be

The way of the Peaceful Warrior will avail much more than the way of a
Warrior who is out for vengeance and/or blood. Forgiveness will always
heap coals of fire on the head of the one who through willful negligence
committed trespasses into our private domain. How can we avoid doing
this and still be known as being peaceful upon the land which we have
been given to take care of, ready to take command of our own ships,
walk on the waters of commerce in competent knowledge, and execute
that knowledge in brilliant life empowering wisdom?

The world becomes exactly what we make of and therefore exactly what
we expect of it. We get coming to us exactly what we put forth. If we
give resistance, we get resistance. If we give solutions, we get solutions.
If we expect failures, we yield failures. Our minds are extraordinarily
powerful, which is why we reap what we sow. We put these things into
motion. Therefore, the answer is to simply change the mind and then
witness the outcome of our different thinking and perspective. So then,
trust our Public Servants, treat them all with all due respect and honor.
Do demonstrate Trust to the one that have been en-trusted with our
Trust, for to do otherwise is to demonstrate incompetence in seeing how
things truly are.

Since the UNITED STATES CORPORATION is a Trust Corporation, was
it not created for the purpose of being trusted? If so, then what is being
said of the one that does not trust where trust has been entrusted? With
all of the misinformation and disinformation concerning the Trust
Corporation, of which we have seen several examples posted in our
tenure in these Yahoo! Groups, as well as many other groups. Is it
possible that these things are set in motion as a part of a test, to test our
very integrity for the knowing of the truth of our disposition in relation
to these things?

When you choose to send using the Post Office, remember that this is
International Post, which falls under the jurisdiction of International
Treaties governed by the Universal Postal Union, which is the top
authority for all commerce on this planet. If you are not confident in
this, then experiment with it first by sending a card to yourself. You
have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Most of all have fun! I have
every confidence in you and I hope that you do also.

Safe Journey Peaceful Warriors