WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS

                                                                                                       AUGUST 2005
                                                                                                Vol. 45, No. 3   FOUNDED 1948

                                                                                              Editors: Uel & Bev Carter 909-394-0073

                                                                                               E-mail: beverlycarter10@hotmail.com

                                                                                               WESTERN JAMBOREE
                  TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                             WEST COVINA, CA
                                                             Page                                 MAY 26, 27, 28
PRESIDENT‟S MESSAGE ......................................... 2                                    WATCH FOR DETAILS SOON
NEXT WSDA GENERAL MEETING ........................... 2
WSDA BOARD MEMBERS ........................................ 3
FUTURE STATE CONVENTIONS ............................. 2
ADVERTISING DUE DATES ...................................... 4
CDSC FESTIVALS ..................................................... 4
WSDA CLUBS ............................................................ 5 - 7
WSDA FRIENDSHIP BADGE..................................... 8
AD PRICES ................................................................ 9
NEWS AND ARTICLES .............................................. 10
CLUB NEWS .............................................................. 11, 12
DANCE AT A GLANCE, DANCES ............................. 13
BAKERSFIELD FIESTA ............................................. 15
FIESTA de la CUADRILLA ......................................... 17
FUNSTERS ................................................................ 18
GRIN „N‟ SQUARE IT ................................................ 19
SETS IN STEP, LA CRESCENTA .............................. 20                                        WHERE TO SQUARE DANCE?
SQUARE AFFAIR ...................................................... 22                              http://www.dance4fun.com
WESTERN WEAVERS ............................................... 24
    MATERIALS ......................................................... 21

                           COMMERCIAL ADS

 WEAR SHOP ........................................................... 26
BEV OREN ................................................................. 1, 4
R & R VIDEO .............................................................. 1, 4, 7

WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3                                                       Page 1                 August, September and October 2005
          PRESIDENT‟S MESSAGE                                            Millice; and from the Spellbinders- Andre & Jean Giacomeli.
                                                                         I am proud to announce the 2005 Square Dancers of the
                                                                         year are the Spellbinders‟ Andre & Jean Giacomeli.
                                                                         Thanks goes to Frank Lescrinier for being our MC/caller and
                                                                         to the other callers who came out to support the dance. I
                                                                         would like to thank everyone that put in so much work and
                                                                         time to make it the success it was, Elaina & Lloyd Miles,
                                                                         Sharon & Leslie Gillmore, Linda Einstein, Gilbert Leon,
                                                                         Helen Flores, Gary Marsh, Shannon Russel, Judy Smoot,
                                                                         Monty Montgomery and my kids.
                                                                               More good news The 2006 WESTERN FRONTIER
                                                                         JAMBOREE is off to a great start. Our new location will be
                                                                         EDGEWOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL in West Covina. The dates
                                                                         will be May 26,27,28 2006. Yup it will be a 3-day dance.
                                                                         We have so many surprises for you that I wish I could share,
                                                                         but trust me you won't want to miss this one. Ribbons will go
                                                                         on sale soon, so please buy one and get in on this truly fun
                                                                         time. We are also putting together a committee for the 2007
                                                                         Jamboree. If you want to have a great time working with fun
                                                                         people give me a call, we would love for you to come join
                                                                              On a sad note, I need to recognize the fact that we have
                                                                         recently lost two of our Member Clubs; the Foot 'n' Fiddle
                                                                         and the Merry Twirlers -- clubs that had lots of history and
                                                                         will be missed. We are hoping that the members of these
     Hi, everyone. My name is Pauline Bereiter and I am the              two clubs will be warmly welcomed into our other clubs. It is
new president of WSDA. I want to take a moment to thank                  a sad time when a square dance club has to fold; it seems to
our Past presidents Gilbert Leon and Don Orsbern for all                 be happening much too often. It tends to bring about a
they have done as President and for all they have taught me              defeatist attitude. I surely hope that the members of our
about the job. I hope I can live up to their fine examples.              clubs can maintain a positive attitude and reach out to those
Thank you to those on my elected board that have decided                 in the community that would so benefit our organizations
to stay on and help me out. There are still some openings if             with their enthusiasm. There are so many possible square
anyone is interested. We need a new 1st vice president. If               dancers out there we just haven't reached them yet. Our
that doesn't interest you and if you are willing to work, we will        classes are so very important and fellowshipping at those
find you a job.                                                          classes is one of the most important jobs any of you can do.
    For those of you that don't know me, my home club is the                 I would like to thank Bill Geist for stepping up and
Funsters, which is a natural for me „cause I love to clown               becoming our newest Director. The Directors play a very
around. I am also a hard worker. I am half owner of an                   important part in the communications aspect of our
Electrical Contracting firm and I have 6 kids, so as you can             Association.
see I know about work too. I started square dancing in 1987                That's about all for now, as always please remember to get
with the Schmidt Kickers. I wasn't able to continue at that              your club news into Bev & Uel Carter for the WSDA
time. I had my fourth baby girl that fall, then 2 boys followed          ROUND-UP NEWSLETTER. We look forward to hearing
shortly thereafter. Zip ahead 10 years and my kids find out              about the people in your club and things you do together that
about a square dance class being held by the Funsters and                are fun and are what bring you together as a club.
they wanted to go. The rest, as they say, is history. I have
been dancing with the Funsters since then. Although at one                    Pauline Beritier, President, WSDA
time or another each of my children have square danced                            NEXT WSDA GENERAL MEETING
(except Sarah) only my younger son Joseph is still dancing
with me. He has to keep dancing because at the Nationals
                                                                                        November 27, 2005
this year he promised to go to the Nationals in Long Beach                         Denny‟s, 6550 Irwindale Avenue
with me in 2009.
    The WSDA Graduation Dance was very nice. I want to                       From the 210 Freeway, take the Irwindale off-ramp and
congratulate the graduates for all of their hard work and                go north (towards the mountains). Turn right at the first
welcome them again into square dancing. I would also like                street. Turn right at rear of street and you will be in Denny‟s
to congratulate the nominees and the winners of the                      parking lot. The Ex-Board meets at 1:30 p.m., General
SQUARE DANCER OF THE YEAR award. It does my heart                        meeting at 3:00 p.m. The meeting usually adjourns no later
good to hear about all of the many years of sacrifice and                than 5:00 p.m.
dedication these folks have put into the activity that we all
love so much. The Nominees were from Aces and Deuces-                       A club president is automatically a club rep to
Danny & Joan Wright; Funsters-Bill &Pat Sutman; Glendale                 the WSDA unless someone else is appointed.
B&B's-Mary Ramsey, Grin „n Square It-Tom & Norine

WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3                                      Page 2                        August, September and October 2005

              PRESIDENT – 909-208-5921                            AUDITOR – 626-307-5888
  Pauline Bereiter                                 Carol Mahoney
  20724 Loyalton, Walnut, CA 91789                 3845 Bartlett Avenue, Rosemead, CA 91770
  E-mail: perilous_pauline@yahoo.com               E-mail: mahon5744@earthlink.net

                                                                PROMOTIONS – 909-593-6144
               FIRST VICE PRESIDENT –              Les & Sharon Gilmore
                                                   222 Foothill, Space #5, Pomona, CA 91762
        SECOND VICE PRESIDENT – 909-941-7895
  Bill Sutman                                                           DIRECTORS:
  9149 Amethyst St., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
  E-mail: Wsutman@earthlink.net                    Sharon Johnson (South Central) 909-337-0063
                                                   P.O. Box 702, Blue Jay CA. 92317-0710
              SECRETARY – 949-551-0710
  Lynda Einstein                                   Mary Ramsey (Glendale B „N‟ B‟s) 818-846-8848
  4572 Havenhurst Circle, Irvine, CA 92604         1440 Kenwood Street, Burbank, CA 91505-1855
  E-mail: lynsqrd@aol.com                          E-Mail: mary_c_ramsey@yahoo.com

              TREASURER – 909-941-7895             Shanon Russell (Antelope Valley) 661-274-1321
  Pat Sutman                                       High Desert Director
  9149 Amethyst St., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730    P.O. Box 326, Lancaster, CA 93584
  E-mail: Psutman@earthlink.net                    E-Mail: shanonpass@hotmail.com

              INSURANCE – 626-961-7051                           JAMBOREE CHAIRPERSON
  TBA                                              Pauline Bereiter – 909-941-7895

          PARLIAMENTARIAN – 909-337-0063               JAMBOREE CO-CHAIRPERSONS – 909-941-7895
  Fred Lockard
  P.O. Box 701, Blue Jay CA. 92317-0701            Bill & Pat Sutman
  E-mail: fredlockard@msn.com
                                                             JR. PAST PRESIDENT – 909-864-5851
                                                   Gilbert Leon
        CLASS COORDINATORS – 909-941-7895          P. O. Box 2962, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
  Bill & Pat Sutman                                E-mail: EGLeon@msn.com
  E-mail: Wsutman@earthlink.net
                                                           OTHER ASSOCIATION REPRESENTATIVES
        WEB MASTER/HISTORIAN – 909-595-5505        B „N‟ B‟s – Jeanie McKinney, mjkjni@hotmail.com
  Gary Marsh                                       CCHA – Mickey Manning, momannin@yahoo.com
  114 Avenida Alipaz, Walnut, CA 91789
  E-mail: GLMarsh@aol.com                                    HOSTESS/SUNSHINE – 626-913-7951

         NEWSLETTER EDITORS – 909-394-0073         Helen Flores
  Uel & Bev Carter                                 2295 Paseo Tepic
  1221 E. Dover Street, Glendora, CA 91740         West Covina, CA 91792
  E-mail: beverlycarter10@hotmail.com              E-mail: ninta00@hotmail.com

WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3                    Page 3                     August, September and October 2005
         ADVERTISEMENTS DUE DATES                                      FREE PUBLICATIONS AND MATERIALS
                                                                                  FROM USDA
Club Officer please note that advertising is the                      UNITED SQUARE DANCERS OF AMERICA
best way to attract people to your dances. It is                   provides free materials from recruiting, to keeping
suggested that you advertise in all regional                       class members, how to raise the club‟s enthusiasm
square dance publications like the OPEN                            and much more. See details on Page 25 of this
SQUARES, BLUE BOOK, WESTERN ROUNDUP                                publication.
NEWS, etc.

    It is very helpful for you to be listed on the Internet
at www.dance4fun.com. However, being on the web                          CALIFORNIA SQUARE DANCE COUNCIL
is not a replacement for hard copy advertisements. A                                 FESTIVALS
schedule of publication deadlines is provided below.                          AUGUST-DECEMBER 2005
(Only in printed copy).
                                                                       Sept. 2, 3, 4               A-Square-D Jamboree
ADVERTISING         PUBLICATION DATES                                  Oxnard Community            Contact: Pete & Joan Wellenstein
   DUE              BLUE     OPEN                                       Center                     714-962-9457
  DATES             BOOK SQUARES      **WSDA                                                       pjwellen@aol.com
    Jan 1          Mar/Apr        Mar                                  Sept. 16, 17, 18            Square Affairs
    Jan 15                                   Feb/Mar/Apr               Veteran Cultural Hall,      Contact Bert & Karen Berringer
    Feb 1                         Apr                                   Santa Maria                805-473-8249
    Mar 1          May/Jun        May                                                              bbering@slonet.org
    Apr 1                       Jun/July                               Sept, 23, 24, 25            CCHA Fall Festival
    Apr 15                                  May/Jun/July               Victorville Fairgrounds     Contact: Don Orsbern
    May 1          Jul/Aug                                                                         626-961-7051
    Jun 1                         Aug                                                              orsbernstate@pcmagic.net
    Jul 1          Sept/Oct       Sept                                 Oct. 14, 15                 Jubilee
    Jul 15                                  Aug/Sept/Oct               Blackford High Schook,      Contact: Mary Gingell
    Aug 1                        Oct                                    San Jose                   650-858-1842
    Sept 1        Nov/Dec        Nov                                                               mtg@dehnbase.org
    Oct 1                       Dec/Jan                                Oct. 21, 22, 23             Harvest Hoedown
    Oct 15                                  Nov/Dec/Jan                Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds     Contact: Bonnie Abramson
    Nov 1          Jan/Feb                                                                         916-649-2714
    Dec 1                         Feb                                                              HarvestHoedown@aol.com
**NOTE: Late submissions will be considered. Please                    Oct. 21, 22                 B’s & B’s International Anniversary
notify the Editors if you need to make a late submittal.               Four Queens Hotel &         Contact: Jeannie McKinney
                                                                        Casino, Las Vegas          626-446-0421
Research provided by Vance and Elaine Granger, WSDA                                                mjkjni@hotmail.com
Web Liaison Directors.
                                                                       Nov. 4, 5, 6                Fiesta de la Cuadrilla
                                                                       Balboa Park, San Diego      Contact: Jim & Pam Kidwell
                                                                       Nov. 20                     Coastal Basin Anniversary Dance
                                                                       Bellflower Women’s Club     Contact: Debra Mill

WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3                                Page 4                             August, September and October 2005

             CLUB LOCATION                               PRESIDENT                    CLUB REPRESENTATIVE

 ACES & DEUCES                               AUGUST
 Palmdale Pks. & Rec. Sr. Ctr.               Ron Pardee & Maureen Dymott        Shanon Russell
 1002 East Avenue Q-12                       745 Camino Real Avenue             P. O. Box 326
 Palmdale, CA 93550                          Palmdale, CA 93532                 Lancaster, CA 93584
 2 Saturday – Guest                          661-266-2306                       661-274-1321
 Anniv. 2 Saturday in June                   E-mail:                            E-Mail: shanonpass@hotmail.com

 Palmdale Pks. & Rec. Sr. Ctr.               Leonard Willey President           Shanon Russell
 1002 East Avenue Q-12                       Tess Pflugrath VP                  P.O. Box 326
 Palmdale, CA 93550                          Jo Russell Secretary               Lancaster, CA 93584
 Dinner/Dance Twice A Year 6:30-10:30 p.m.   Jan Hulsey Treasurer               661-274-1321
 Anniv.                                      E-mail: jsbergee@aol.com           E-Mail: shanonpass@hotmail.com

 APPLE CREEK CLOGGERS                        DECEMBER
 Edgar School                                Joan Zillmer                       Joan Zillmer
 6202 Cerulean, Garden Grove                 7059 Santa Paula Circle
 Mondays - Class 6:30-10:00 p.m.             Buena Park, CA 90620
 1 Saturday 7:00-10:00 p.m.                  714-828-3896
 Anniv.                                      E-mail: CLGRJZ@aol.com

 Sunland-Tujunga Municipal Bldg.             Jim Spence                         Lita Rosen
 7747 Foothill Blvd, Tujunga                 21731 Saticoy St. #36              P. O. Box 5023
  th                    th
 4 Saturdays and/or 5 Saturday               Canoga Park, CA 91304              Sherman Oaks, CA 91413
 Anniv. July                                 (818) 992-4770
 E-Mail: bloominsquares@yahoo.com            E-mail: ecnepsmij@yahoo.com

 FOOT STOMPERS                               DECEMBER
 Christ Lutheran Church                      June Waller                        Susan Johnson
 Citrus Avenue                               3306 E. Holt                       P. O. Box 701, Blue Jay, CA 92317
 W. Covina, CA                               W. Covina, CA 91791                Cell: 909-203-0178
 Class Ev. Tues.. 6-9 p.m. – John Vary       626-332-1812 or 626-332-4292       Home: 909-337-0063
                                             E-mail: June.waller@verizon.net    E-mail: sjbca@msn.com

 FUNSTERS                                    JANUARY
 Covina United Methodist Church              Bill & Pat Sutman                  Leroy & Connie Ball
 437 W. San Bernardino Road                  9149 Amethyst Street               190 E. Jefferson
 Covina, CA 91723                            Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730         Pomona, CA 91767
 1 Saturday – Guest                          909-941-7895                       909-865-2318
 Anniv: 1 Sat. in October                    E-mail: Wsutman@earthlink.net      E-mail:

 GLENDALE B „N‟ B‟S                          JULY
 Methodist Glendale United                   Verda Baker                        Nick Leary and Carolyn Walker
 1015 N. Central                             2001 Amber Lane                    PO Box 913
 Glendale, CA 91206                          Burbank, CA 90504                  Duarte, CA 91009
 Ev. Tues. 7:00-10:00 p.m. – Guest           818-846-4173                       626-338-0976
 Anniv: 2 Tuesday in June                    E-mail: v-baker@worldnet.att.net   E-mail: sqrnikl@netzero.net

WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3                                   Page 5                   August, September and October 2005
              CLUB LOCATION                         PRESIDENT                     CLUB REPRESENTATIVE
   GRIN „N‟ SQUARE IT                  JANUARY
   El Monte Community Center           Randy & Pat Thorpe                   Bud & Betty Kvidahl
   3130 Tyler Avenue                   3055 Treefern Drive                  5412 Marshburn
   El Monte, CA 91731                  Duarte, CA 91010                     Arcadia, CA 91006
   3 Saturday – Guest                  626-358-6485                         626-444-4201
   Anniv: October 18, 1964             E-mail: rsthorpe@yahoo.com           E-mail:

   Vet‟s Hall                          Kirk & Nina Cavalier                 Virginia Carr
   500 Warren Lane                     7580 Coronado Drive                                th
                                                                            5215¼ West 20 Street
   Inglewood, CA 90303                 Buena Park, CA 90621                 Los Angeles, CA 90016
   3 Friday – Guest                    714-736-5105                         323-954-9394
   Anniv: 3 Saturday in June           E-mail: cavalierK6@aol.com           E-mail:

   Granada Pavilion
   1128 Balboa Blvd.
   Granada Hills, CA 91344
   Ev Mon – Class; Sun. 3-5 Dance

   LORDS AND LADIES                    MARCH
   Estelle Van Meter Center            Willie Shepherd                      Jean DeBerry
              th                                   st                               th
   606 E. 76 Street                    143 West 51 St.                      10404 7 Avenue
   Los Angeles, CA                     Los Angeles, CA 90037                Inglewood, CA 90303
   1 Friday – 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.        E-Mail: BettyBoop49@adelphia.net     323-757-4636
   Anniv. 2 Saturday in May                                                 E-Mail: jean90303@yahoo.com

                                       Bob Guthrie & Sue Fisher             Lloyd & Elaina Miles
   Morgan Park
                                       12633 Heflin Drive                   2519 Yorkshire Way #1
   14255 Ramona Blvd.
                                       La Mirada, CA 90638                  Pomona, CA 91767
   Baldwin Park, CA 91706
    rd                                 562-941-9614                         909-625-6142
   3 Saturday Weekend
                                       E-mail: pacesocal@hotmail.com        E-mail: lemiles2@aol.com
   Level A1-A2-C – Call for location
   Anniv. Thanksgiving Weekend
           C-1 – C-4, Ventura

   Hawthorne Memorial Center           Gene Willis                          Phillip Johnson
   3901 W. El Segundo Blvd.            P. O. Box 869                        638 14 Street
   Hawthorne, CA                       Manhatten Beach, CA 90267            Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
   Level – Advanced –Dance Dates TBD   310-374-7200                         310-545-2386
   Anniv 3rd Saturday in November      E-mail: genewillis@aol.com           E-mail: pjohnson1@earthlink.net

   SETS IN STEP                        JUNE
   La Crescenta Woman‟s Club           Taz Kinney & Nancy Freeman           Bill & Hildy Geist
   4004 La Crescenta Avenue            604 De Nova St.                      3585 Emanuel St.
   La Crescenta, CA 91214              La Canada, CA 91011                  Glendale, CA 91208
    st    rd
   1 & 3 Fridays                       818-790-6175                         818-249-7629
   Anniv:                              E-Mail: nanefreeman@dslextreme.com   E-mail: billgeist@worldnet.att.net

WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3                          Page 6                    August, September and October 2005
             CLUB LOCATION                          PRESIDENT                  CLUB REPRESENTATIVE

  Unitarian Universalist Church
  5450 Atherton St
  Long Beach, CA

  SPELLBINDERS                        JANUARY
  War Memorial Building               Mike & Barbara Kline              Barbara Hall
  435 Fair Oaks Avenue                348 Camino Del Sol                342 Stedman Place
  So. Pasadena, CA 91030              So. Pasadena, CA 91030            Monrovia, CA 91016
  2 Saturday – Guest Callers                                            626-359-3327
  Anniv:                                                                E-mail: None

  Felicia Mahood Center               Jesse Thompson                    Jesse Thompson
  11338 Santa Monica Blvd.            3337 Corinth Ave.                 3337 Corinth Ave.
  West Los Angeles, CA 90025          Los Angeles, CA 90066             Los Angeles, CA 90066
  Anniv:                              310-390-5046                      310-390-5046

  WESTERN WEAVERS                     JANUARY
  Little White Chapel                 Tom & Susan Petrique              Denise Morris
  1711 Avon Street                    4981 Clybourn Avenue              424 Milford St.
  Burbank, CA 91505                   N. Hollywood, CA 91601            Glendale, CA 91203
   nd     th
  2 & 4 Friday – Guest                818-763-0948                      818-406-8223 (cell)
  E-mail: redurkee@msn.com            E-mail: petrique@earthlink.net    E-mail: farawayrose@sbcglobal.net
  Anniv: October

     SQUARE DANCE CONVENTIONS                                      WHERE TO SQUARE
          April 21, 22, and 23, 2006:
          Ventura County Fairgrounds                            http://www.dance4fun.com
          April 13, 14, and 15, 2007:
          Riverside Convention Center

                FUTURE NATIONAL

55th June 21-24, 2006 – San Antonio, TX
56th June 27-30, 2007 – Charlotte, NC
57th June 25-28, 2008 – Wichita, KS
58th June 24-27, 2009 – Long Beach, CA

WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3                            Page 7                August, September and October 2005
                                               WSDA FRIENDSHIP BADGE
This program has been in existence for many years, but interest in obtaining a Friendship Badge waned in recent years. A
resurgence has occurred, and in order to make it easier for dancers to earn the badge, the editors have decided to place the
application form in the Roundup News following the list of all WSDA Clubs. Each issue of the Roundup News will contain a list
of dancers who earned their Friendship Badge during the previous three months.

                                              W.S.D.A.FRIENDSHIP BADGE


Name(s): __________________________________________Club: _______________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________

City: __________________________________________ Zip: ____________ Phone: _________________________________

E-mail: Address ________________________________________________________________________________________

Visit fourteen (14) WSDA Clubs plus one WSDA Western –sponsored event and obtain an authorized Club Officer‟s signature
and date of visit. When the form is completed, it should be turned in to your club representative to bring to the next WSDA
General Meeting. Send $2.50 for each Friendship Badge.

                        CLUB                                    REPRESENTATIVE‟S SIGNATURE                        DATE
   1. WSDA Event

WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3                               Page 8                        August, September and October 2005
                                                                         ceremony by her proud mother, Eva (Czubak)
                         AD PRICES:                                      Olivera.
FULL PAGE $25.00 8.5” x 11”                                                  Danielle Olivera is a 17-year-old senior
Half page $ 12.50 8.5” x 5.5” or one column                              honor student at Saint Vincent de Paul High
Quarter page i.e. 1/2 column or less, $8.00                              School in Petaluma, CA, where she ranks
Caller and cuer: $20 per year business card, published
                                                                         among the top ten in her class. Danielle has
in two locations.
                                                                         already been accepted at the University of
                                                                         California, Davis where she plans to study
We reserve the right to edit all submitted materials for clarity,        pharmacy.
brevity and to modify copy to fit the printed page. ALL
                                                                             Being part of a square dancing family,
GIVEN TO THEIR SOURCE.                                                   Danielle joined the Adobe Squares in 2001 and
                                                                         rapidly established her individual place within
    All dance event advertisements will be placed on                     the club. She has served as club secretary and
http://www.dance4fun.com at no charge. On this site you will             has been a member of the Anniversary Dance
be able to see club schedules, club flier, maps to clubs and
by request only you will receive free e-mail of weekly dances            committee since 2002, and in 2004, joined the
reported on this site, compliments of Lynn Huber, site owner.            Boots and Bells club in Napa so that she could
and Vance and Elaine Granger, WSDA Web Coordinator                       serve as the Youth Co-Chair for the 2005
Directors.                                                               Golden State Roundup scheduled Memorial
    Clubs are welcome to submit information for CLUB
NEWS. Editors will endeavor to produce fliers for publication            Weekend in Pleasanton.
if a club needs that help. An original copy will be provided to              In his letter of recommendation, Adobe
the clubs for their use.                                                 Squares President Fred Bartow wrote, “From
                                                                         day one Danielle has been an asset to the club.
CONTACT: Uel & Bev Carter Roundup Editors,
1221 E. Dover Street, Glendora, CA 91740
                                                                         She is always there when you need her. Even
Phone (909) 394-0073 E-Mail beverlycarter10@hotmail.com                  with a full load of studies at school and
                                                                         participating in other school functions, Danielle
                                                                         still finds time to be involved with club
                                                                         activities and other square dance functions.
                                                                         Danielle, her family and youth friends attend
                                                                         many different square dance festivals and
                                                                         conventions.” He added that, “Danielle excels in
                                                                         the promotion and perpetuation of the square
                                                                         dance movement. Through the efforts of
                                                                         Danielle communicating to her high school
                                                                         peers the benefits of square dancing, she has
                                                                         brought to our club over three squares of
                                                                         youth.” None of our adult members has ever
   NEWS AND ARTICLES                                                     had this distinction.
                                                                             A major part of the scholarship application
 DANIELLE OLIVERA WINS 2005 CALIFORNIA                                   process is for applicants to write an essay
      SQUARE DANCE SCHOLARSHIP                                           explaining how square dancing has had an
                                                                         impact on their life. Below is Danielle’s essay,
On Saturday, May 14, 2005, California Square                             which she read for the Council members prior
Dance Council Presidents John and Jackie                                 to the award presentation.
Rowe had the pleasure of presenting the 2005
Council-sponsored college scholarship to Novato                                          Impacts of Square Dancing
resident, Danielle Rose Olivera.
   The $250 award was handed out in Modesto,                                   Everything in life becomes a learning experience; a new
CA, during the quarterly business meeting of                                 school, your first time driving a car alone and your first
                                                                             boyfriend. Square dancing has been no different for me.
the Council. Danielle was accompanied to the
WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3                                      Page 9                          August, September and October 2005
   When I started dancing five years ago, I never imagined              in Lakeside (San Diego County) have donated
   the situations that I would face and the experiences I would         an additional $100 towards her scholarship
   gain. Though I have learned many things while being                  award, bringing her total award to $350.
   involved in the square dance community, a few stand out
   in my mind. I have become more outgoing and involved,
                                                                            Congratulations, Danielle, from all of your
   have realized that I am the only one who can judge my life           square dancing friends around the World “
   with credibility and finally, that there are many good people        you’ve been a great ambassador and a
   in this world.                                                       wonderful leader.      This is a well-deserved
      I began dancing when I was in 7th grade and was                   recognition for a well deserving young lady.
   immediately ridiculed for my choice of activity. While my                Many, many thanks go out to all of the
   peers were away for basketball games, I was out dancing.             individual dancers and clubs who have
   While my classmates took a canoeing fieldtrip and
   experimented on a local river, I was on my way to Silver
                                                                        supported the youth scholarship program. If
   State. This is where I began to realize that the way I               you would like to support the scholarship
   viewed myself was the only important one. I believe that             program, donations may be made directly to the
   self discovery is important during the teenage years, and            California Square Dance Council Scholarship,
   often, what most teens struggle with. I have grown a lot             c/o 3039 Bridgeford Drive, Sacramento, CA
   since then and think and do as I like, without being afraid          95833. Or, you can support the scholarship
   of who I am.                                                         program by purchasing California State
      As I entered high school, my square dance involvement
   increased drastically. While at school I was plagued with
                                                                        Convention Grand Prize Tickets each year and
   the constant thought that everyone was terrible, I was               designating YOUTH as the club selling the
   learning that this was not true. I have met many interesting         ticket. A portion of the proceeds from each
   and amazing people while square dancing and have                     ticket sold or purchased on behalf of the youth
   enjoyed the knowledge and the love that each one has                 program will go towards the scholarship
   provided. Entering the community as I did, I feel that I             program.
   really did gain a new family and call some members                       Have a youth dancer who is at least a senior
   grandma or aunt. It is possible to find goodness in a world
   that seems rather grim.
                                                                        in high school but not yet 21? Download a copy
      Stricken with fear, I rarely went out of my way to make           of our scholarship application from the
   new friends, meet people, or help the community. Square              California Square Dance Council, Inc. website,
   dancers definitely pushed me to do this. The people in the           http://squaredance.org.
   community are so friendly and open that it is difficult to
   stay quiet. Their encouragement, interest and support
   have motivated me to take offices in the club, start
   community service and make new friends. I am very
   thankful for this because I am unaware of how long it
   would have been before I could be this open with my life
   and my talents.
      I feel that square dancing has had a large impact on
   every aspect of my life, not only the ones that others see.
   The warmth, friendship and commitment of dancing has
   made me strive to farther become involved in the
   community and I hope that the things I have learned will
   stay with me through life. Today, my friends spend their
   weekends taking the 125 mile drive to Fort Bragg for
   basketball games but I would choose to take the 432.7
   mile drive to Silver State or the 1056.3 mile drive to Boise,
   Idaho over anything else.
                                                                            ARTS-DANCE stands for the Alliance of Round,
   Following an extended ovation from the                               Traditional and Square Dance and brings together
packed audience of statewide leaders, Danielle                          multiple organizations with the goal of revitalizing our
                                                                        activity and educating the public on the multiple
was presented with a plaque by the Rowes. An
                                                                        benefits of dancing. Quite simply, we have this
added surprise for Danielle is that John and                            wonderful, healthful, and fun activity, but with so much
Carol, editors of Local Square Magazine, based

WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3                                     Page 10                     August, September and October 2005
competition with other leisure pursuits, we want to           worry you can come to our September dance and
figure out the best way to bring more people into it.         see what I mean. We will be dancing there again;
    Specifically, ARTS-DANCE is made up of the                it is soooooo special.
CONTRALAB, International Association of Gay Square                On a sad note Funster Dale Johnson passed
Dance Clubs (IAGSDC), National Square Dance
                                                              away recently and we will all miss him very much.
Campers Association (NSDCA), National Square
Dance Convention Executive Committee (NEC),                   He and his lovely bride Alice have been real
ROUNDALAB,         Single Square Dancers USA                  troopers keeping the kitchen running smoothly,
(SSDUSA), United Square Dancers of America                    they both contribute much to our club and he will
(USDA), Universal Round Dance Council (URDC), and             be very much missed.
USAWest Square Dance Convention Policy Board                      We have a new class starting on September
(USAWest).                                                    28th. We have changed our location and will be
    Check out our website at www.arts-dance.org for           dancing at the Masonic Home 1650 Old Badillo
more information or call the toll-free ARTS Hotline at        Rd. in Covina. Our Classes will be on Tuesday
1-866-445-(2787).                                             nights with Frank Lescrinier as caller/teacher. If
                                                              you would like information on the class you can
                                                              call Bill or Pat @ 909-941-7895. We want to
If you have a question for "Ask ARTS" please send to:         thank the the Masons and the people at the
Del Reed - 943 Tamarind Circle, Rockledge, FL 32955           Masonic Home for being so nice to let us come
or E-mail - Delreed3@aol.com                                  there to dance. They have been very helpful and
                                                              we are looking forward to our new class.
                                                                  Don't forget our Anniversary Dance is coming
                                                              up real soon. It is our 51st.....gee I don't feel that
             CLUB NEWS                                        old....we will be having Cliff Simpson for our caller
                                                              so you know its gonna be a dance you don't want
   If your club is interested in being featured in
“Club News,” please have your publicity chairman              to miss.
send articles to the Editors by the deadlines shown               Well I suppose I have gone on here too long,
on Page 5 of this newsletter.                                 hope you are having a FUNtasic summer. See
                                                              you in a square real soon. You‟re friend,
                                                                   Freddy Funster
Hi Everybody
                                                                           GLENDALE B ‟N‟ B‟S
    Freddy Funster, here with lots of news to                    We dance every Tuesday at North Glendale
share. My goodness it has been such a fun                     United Methodist Church; however we will be
summer already and we are looking forward to                  moving to First United Methodist Church of
much more fun still. We all had a great time at               Glendale on July 5th at 134 N. Kenwood at
nationals. Many, many Funsters were there.                    Wilson.
Then some of them went traveling to other places                 Our class graduation will be on June 7th at our
and sent me post cards, it was so neat to see the             club dance (old location).
colorful fun places they went to. I also got a post              We have a special dance on May 24th with
card from little Freddy, he didn't say much, he was           Johnny Preston calling.
on his way to Montana and having a really good                   Our Anniversary will be on June 14th at
time.                                                         Westminster Presbyterian Church on Lake
    We have had some great dances lately, our                 Avenue in Pasadena (exit Lake Ave. from I-210
graduation dance that Aleta Smith put together                north about 2 miles on left). The caller will on
was so much fun. We were very happy to see our                Darren Gallina and Crossfire (live music).
friends the Footstompers, had come out to join us                Our June 4th visitation will be to Lads and
there under the stars. The evening was cool and               Lassies/Farmers and Chambers combined dance
the pretty fountains there made for a very special            at Wilkinson Center in Northridge. The callers will
time. If you missed dancing under the stars, don't            be Mike Seastrom and Mike Luna.
WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3                           Page 11                    August, September and October 2005
    We will be going to see Pajama Game at the                receive a card allowing you to receive the fifth
Glendale Center Theater on June 1st. Tickets are              dance FREE. Hope to see you dancing with
available from our Treasurer, Anna Meyer. This is             SOON.
one of two fundraisers. The other is monthly at                  Nancy Myers
Shakers restaurant in Glendale on Central Ave.                               SPELLBINDERS
just north of the 134 Freeway on the 4th Sunday
every month.                                                     Spellbinders once again celebrated the 4th of
                                                              July by square dancing in the South Pasadena
   Nick Leary Reporting – 626-338-0976                        parade with Dale Hoppers calling and Judy
                                                              Hoppers driving the “sound” truck. Quite an
               GRIN „N‟ SQUARE IT                             impression was made! After the parade a pot luck
     Our new beginners‟ class will be starting on             lunch was held in the park and a few demo‟s done
Tuesday, September 13th at the El Monte Senior                before the heat melted everyone.
Center. Our instructor will be Ron Black this year.              Our new class starts September 28th. A new
     In July we made our annual trek to the                   member (Elizabeth Burson) already had half a
Hollywood Bowl‟s 4th of July celebration. We                  dozen names on her list as class coordinator.
enjoyed the wonderful fire works and lively patriot           Dale Hoppers will be our caller/instructor.
     Bud and Betty Kvidahl held their “annual                      Barbara Hall
beach party” which is located at Huntington
Beach. This is always a lot of fun and gives the                           WESTERN WEAVERS
club a chance to bring out their family to a non-                 We dance to guest callers every second and
square dance event.         Lots of wieners and               fourth Fridays and would love to have everyone
hamburgers were fired up and everyone enjoyed                 join in the fun.
the great salads and desserts brought by the                      Our class continues with many faithful
members.                                                      students and angels
     The Grin „n‟ Square It has a very full visitation            Recycling helps bring in some income and we
schedule. We go out every week we do not have                 are always grateful to the dancers who bring us
a home dance and we visit all around Southern                 aluminum to either our Friday club dances, or to
California, in addition to attending California               our Tuesday classes.
square dance festivals and conventions. We
always return visitations.                                         Susan Petrique
     For more information about the Grin „n‟ Square
It, contact Randy & Pat at (626)-358-6485.

                  SETS IN STEP

    Our club has enjoyed many great dances with
our guest callers every first and third Friday. We
usually have a Party Night once a month with
special decorations and refreshments.
    Many extra activities for club members include
fundraisers at local restaurants and attending
plays at Glendale Centre Theatre. This April our
past President's trip took us to San Diego with
visits to Seaport Village, Gas Lamp District, an
Irish Pub, the Midway and attending Triple
Expresso at the Horton Grand.
    Sets invite all visitors to attend either as a
group or individually. When you sign in you will

WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3                           Page 12                    August, September and October 2005
                   ON THE WEB
WWW.WSDA-CALIF.COM is the official web site
  of the Western Square Dance Association. On
this site we maintain: Member Club listings, The
 WSDA Board listing, The Bylaws and Standing
rules, Photos of Association events, Association
 forms, News Items, meeting minutes, copies of

  If your Member Club has a web site send Gary
 the URL and we will list the web site URL on the
      club listing and provide a link to your site.
   If you do not have a web site and would like to
       have a single page on our site send the
information and we can host a single information
page for your club. If we provide a club page your
  club name will be highlighted in the club listing
  and a link to your page on the WSDACalif.com
                  site will be provided.
    Either way once you have a web page you should
send the URL to Webmaster@DosADo.com for
inclusion in their national club listing (it is Free)

  Gary Marsh is the (Historian & WSDA-CALIF.COM
WEB Master) Webmaster@WSDA-CALIF.COM


    WWW.DANCE4FUN.COM is an associated
site where the WSDA posts all the fliers that are
supplied by member clubs for publication in Western
Roundup News. There is no additional cost for this
service. Vance and Elaine Granger are the (Web
Liaison for Dance4fun.com) who make it happen, It is
highly recommended that you provide us with fliers in
full color, for they look more attractive on the Internet.
If you have portions that detach to mail in reservations,
make certain that they are on the lower half. Lynn
Huber in Oxnard runs the web site. As a service to the
square dancing world, she forwards you an e-mail,
weekly, by your own request only. It provides the info
on clubs that are listed on her website that dance that
particular week. In addition, with a click you can see
the entire club schedule by going to her site. You can
also print out maps with directions to the clubs.
   Once on the site, you can see future dances, major
events, and print out fliers of interest to you.

WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3                               Page 13   August, September and October 2005
                        DANCE AT A GLANCE
                                            and other clubs

                       All dances are Plus, unless noted. Some have A1-2 star tip.
                    WEEK             WEEK                WEEK               WEEK                 WEEK
    DAY             1                2                   3                  4                    5
                    FOOT            FOOT                FOOT                FOOT                FOOT
                  STOMPERS        STOMPERS            STOMPERS            STOMPERS            STOMPERS
   MONDAY         West Covina     West Covina         West Covina         West Covina         West Covina
                 GLENDALE          GLENDALE           GLENDALE            GLENDALE            GLENDALE
                    B&B‟s            B&B‟s              B&B‟s               B&B‟s               B&B‟s
   TUESDAY         Glendale         Glendale           Glendale            Glendale            Glendale
                                                      GUYS AND           THE ONLY
    FRIDAY                                              DOLLS            SQUARES
                                                      Inglewood        West Los Angeles
                 LORDS AND         WESTERN                                WESTERN
                   LADIES          WEAVERS                                WEAVERS
                 Los Angeles        Burbank                                Burbank
                   SETS IN                                                THE ONLY
                    STEP                                                  SQUARES
                 La Crescenta
                                                     SETS IN STEP
                                                    La Crescenta
                  FUNSTERS          ACES &             GRIN „N‟           BLOOMIN‟
  SATURDAY          Covina          DEUCES            SQUARE IT           SQUARES
                                    Palmdale           El Monte        Tujunga, MS-ADV
                   CREEK                             PACE SOUTH
                 CLOGGERS                           TBA, A1, A2, C1
                 Garden Grove
                                 South Pasadena
                                                     LET‟S DANCE                             LET‟S DANCE
                                                     Granada Hills                           Granada Hills
                                                     PIONEER 8‟S
                                                     Hawthorne, A2
DANCE AT A GLANCE Created by Tom and Pearl Kardos

WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3                     Page 14                    August, September and October 2005
                                    BACHELORS „N‟ BACHELORETTES INTERNATIONAL
                                         SINGLES AND COUPLES ARE INVITED TO ATTEND OUR
                                                        56TH ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND
                                                           OCTOBER 21, 22 AND 23, 2005
                                                    JOIN US AT THE NEWLY REMODELED
                                                    FOUR QUEENS HOTEL AND CASINO
                                               DOWNTOWN @ 202 E. FREMONT ST, LAS VEGAS, NV 89101
                                                           ALL EVENTS UNDER ONE ROOF
                                       CALLER: DARREN GALLINA, CENTRAL CALIFORNIA
                                        CUER: JOHN FLORA, NORTHERN CALIFORNIA

                                            Schedule of events:
               Friday:   7:30pm – 10:30 pm ........          TRAIL-END/WELCOME DANCE
         SATURDAY 7:30pm - 10:30pm ...              56th INTERNATIONAL ANNIVERSARY DANCE
          Sunday:   10:00am .......................         FAREWELL/INSTALLATION BRUNCH
         For Room Reservations call Hotel direct @ 800-634-6045, be sure to mention
     BACHELORS „N‟ BACHELORETTES INTERNATIONAL, for special room rate of $75.00 per
   night based on DOUBLE OCCUPANCY, subject
   to availability. (Rooms must be reserved
  prior to Sept 20, 2005 to assure rate and
              room availability.)
                                          FOR INFORMATION PLEASE CALL: JEANNIE MC KINNEY (626) 446-0421
                                       For weekend dance package mail your advance reservations to:
                                     JEANNIE MC KINNEY, P O BOX 661256, ARCADIA, CA 91066-1256
                                             MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO: BACHELORS ‘n’BACHELORETTES,
                                                                  BELOW WITH YOUR CHECK:

         Advance Dance Package $23.00, Sunday Brunch/Installation $17.00, Dance & Brunch Total $40.00 $___________ enclosed

                                NOTE: Dance tickets purchased at door will be $13.00 ea. Brunch Advance Sales Only!!!
                                                                       OR CHOOSE TO
      The cost for Complete weekend package only $165.00. This will include bus, room and weekend dance package.
                                      % JEANNIE McKINNEY, P O BOX 661256, ARCADIA, CA 91066.
                               IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, CONTACT JEANNIE @626-864-6686 OR
                                                     626-446-0421, E-MAIL @ mjkjni3@sbcglobal.net
                                              Please complete and return this coupon with your check.
                  I will be rooming with________________________________// Need roommate_________________

WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3                                                       Page 15                                      August, September and October 2005
WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3   Page 16   August, September and October 2005
                           The California Square Dance Council, Inc.
                                 Youth Advisory Committee
                                 is pleased to announce the

       1st Annual California Family
         Square Dance Jamboree
    a full weekend of fun for the entire family as well as our non-
                           dancing friends!

                August 4th & 5th, 2006
                            Friday:    Dinner and Square Dance
                         Cedarbrook Dance Center, Garden Grove
                     Featuring Roy Stevenson & Scot Byars on Squares
                           Erin Byars and Eileen Silva on Rounds

                      Saturday: DANCING          AT DISNEYLAND!!!
Spend a day at the famous "House of Mouse" where we will have 3 opportunities to dance and
perform featuring the talents of Scot, Roy, Eileen and others to be announced! In between
"performance" times you're free to enjoy all that Disneyland has to offer.

Events will include dinner and dancing on Friday night; breakfast on Saturday and Sunday
mornings; dancing at Disneyland and much more. You'll be able to register for all activities or just
order discounted admission tickets to Disneyland for your non-dancing family and friends. Mark
your calendars now and start spreading the word. We're hoping to charter a bus to transport folks
down from Northern California, and we'll be looking for clubs and individuals willing to help with
hosting events (like the meals), fundraisers or sponsorships to help keep the costs down so that
as many of our youth dancers can attend as possible. What better way to promote square dancing
than to have a great showing of our youth performing at the "Happiest Place on Earth"?

Want to be sure you get all the details when we have them ready? Be sure we have your name and
address and we'll include you on future messages. Member of a youth or family club? Be sure we
have an address to send registration flyers to as soon as they are available (around November).
There's no limit to how many tickets we can sell -- the more the merrier, so start spreading the

          If you're not already receiving this message directly send your info to:

WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3                   Page 17                 August, September and October 2005
WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3   Page 18   August, September and October 2005
WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3   Page 19   August, September and October 2005
           Funsters Square Dance Club
                          2005 Schedule of Dances
          Sept. 3            Frank Lescrinier                   “Back to School”
          Oct. 1*            Cliff Simpson                     “Happy Memories”
                                                            “51st Anniversary Dance”
           Nov. 5           Doug Houston                      “Thanksgiving Dance”
           Dec. 3           Dale Hoppers                    “Home for the Holidays”
           Jan. 7             David Mee                          “Pajama Party”
           Feb. 4           Doug Houston                     Beverly Hillbillies Dance
           Mar. 4            Lee Schmidt                        “Big Top Dance”
                                                             Freddie’s Birthday Party
          Apr. 1            Bob Van West                          “April Fools”
          May 5             Cliff Simpson                              TBD
          Jun. 3            Dale Hoppers                   “Sock Hop Saturday Night”
           Jul. 1              Ed Foote                                TBD
          Aug. 5           Sylvestor Nealon                    “Hot August Nites”
          Sept. 2            Lee Schmidt                               TBD
          Oct. 7              Ken Bower                        Anniversary Dance
          Nov. 4             Tim Pepper                                TBD
          Dec. 2            Roy Stevenson                              TBD
                      Rounds at 7:30 p.m. and between tips by Carl Belsky
                     Square Dancing Begins at 8:00 p.m. and ends at 10:45 p.m.

                            UNITED METHODIST CHURCH
                              437 W. San Bernardino Rd.
                                     Covina, CA
                                   (626) 918-6319

WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3                   Page 20                 August, September and October 2005
               GRIN ‘N’ SQUARE IT
                                 The Fun Club
                                 2005 DANCE SCHEDULE

SEPT. 17             BACK TO SCHOOL                 RICHARD BREWER

OCT. 15              SCARY SQUARES                  DAVE DONALDSON

NOV. 19              TURKEY SHOOT                   “YODELING” JIM JOHNSTON

DEC. 31              NEW YEAR‟S EVE                 VIC KAARIA


FEB. 18                                             LEE SCHMIDT


APRIL 15             TBD                            ROD SUPPPING

                    ROUNDS 7:30 P.M. AND BETWEEN TIPS
                         CUER: CAROL BROWN

                         3130 TYLER AVE.
                            EL MONTE

                      FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT
                        RANDY & PAT AT 626-358-6485

WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3            Page 21           August, September and October 2005
                                 Sept 2    Lloyd Lewis         Rounds
              Party Night        Sept 16   Arlen Miller        Rounds & Lines

                                 Oct. 7    Ron Durkee          Lines
              Party Night        Oct. 21   “Wild” Bill Horst   Lines

                                 Nov. 4    Roy Stevenson       Lines
              Party Night        Nov. 18   Bruce Jackson       Lines

                Pick up a card – Fifth Dance FREE

                For information please call:
              Nancy Freeman (818) 790-6175
            Jim & Barb Heywood (818) 790-1825

WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3                 Page 22                 August, September and October 2005
                                          Presented by the
                          Pink Ribbon Square Dancers
                                   Sponsored by City of Beaumont

                         Co-Spnsored by
          Sun Lakes Birdies & Bogies, Redland B‟n B‟s,
         Riverside Single Swingers and The Thunderbirds

                     SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2005
                          2:00 – 5:00 pm
                                        Beaumont Civic Center
                      550 East 6th Street, Beaumont, CA
            Take 10 Freeway East to Beamont Aveneue off ramp.
                 Go left to single, turn right. Go one block.
               Hall is on the left, next to large parking lot and
                            Beaumont Police Dept.
                           Callers: Cliff Simpson, Carrie Masters, and Gina Darcy
                        Cuers: Mel Branham and Peter Gomez
                                   DONATION: $6.00 ($8.00 AT THE DOOR

              Send check along with a self-addresed stamped envelope to:
                      Mr. & Mrs. Emil Welden, 35249 Flute Avenue, Palm Desert, CA 92211
                Make checks payable to: American Cancer Society
                           For more information call one of the following:
     Diane or Emil Welden – 760-200-2027 or Peggy or Cliff Simpson – 760-343-0290

WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3                       Page 23                        August, September and October 2005
WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3   Page 24   August, September and October 2005
WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3   Page 25   August, September and October 2005
                 WESTERN WEAVERS
                             CALLERS FOR 2004

              Dance 2nd & 4th Fridays +Plus + A1 Star Tip at break
           Little White Chapel 1711 N. Avon St. Burbank, CA 91506
           (Corner Jeffries & Avon, 1 Block east of Hollywood Way)

 Date            Caller                      Curer                      Theme

Sept. 9      Rod Shuping                 Mel Branham                 Rodeo Roundup

Sept 23      Vic Kaaria                  Jim Spence                  Autumn Splendor

Oct 14       Ron Durkee                  Mel Branham                 24rd Anniversary

Oct 28       Bill (Tex) Gipson           Jim Spence                  Halloween Haunt

Nov 11       Rick Gittelman              Mel Branham                 Veteran’s March

Dec 9        Rick Hampton                Jim Spence                  Snowflake Shuffle

                                 We have started singles Rotations

                                       Visitations returned
                                       Banner for 2 squares

                          President: Tom & Susan Petrique (818) 763-0948

WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3                  Page 26                 August, September and October 2005

USDA has produced club leadership and educational materials for use by
  dancers and leaders to promote and perpetuate the dance activity.
The following is a list of USDA Publications and Education Materials that are available at this time
  via the internet at: http://www.usda.org/educ.htm. Some of USDA's Publications are in Adobe
 Portable Document Format (pdf) and Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view & print. Copies of
     ALL USDA Publications & Educational Materials may be printed from the Internet. FOR MORE
                    INFORMATION ABOUT USDA, e-mail at:           usda@usda.org

         FREE INFORMATION SHEETS (These are one sheet, printed both sides, trifolds)
Number SUBJECT                         Number SUBJECT
IS-001   Recruiting New Dancers                     IS-053    Club Secretary Responsibilities
IS-002   Retaining Dancers                          IS-054    Club Treasurer Responsibilities
IS-010   Club Incorporation                         IS-055    Social Director Responsibilities
IS-018   Square Dance Attire                        IS-056    Club Delegate Responsibilities
IS-020   Square Dance Organizations                 IS-057    Club Member Responsibilities
IS-021   Handicapable Program                       IS-058    Club Caller Responsibilities
IS-023   Class Graduation                           IS-059    Installation of Officers
IS-025   Club Newsletters                           IS-060    Club President Calendar
IS-028   Club Specials                              IS-062    Vice President Calendar
IS-040   Club Checklist                             IS-063    Club Secretary Calendar
IS-045   Master of Ceremonies                       IS-064    Club Treasurer Calendar
IS-047   Square Dance Floats                        IS-072    USDA Information
IS-050   Club President Responsibilities            IS-073    USDA Officers & Committees
IS-051   Vice President Responsibilities            IS-Y03    Support Our Youth In Square Dancing
IS-052   Past President Responsibilities            IS-INS    USDA Dancer Insurance Program Flyer
         FREE PAMPHLETS/BOOKLETS (Pamphlets are 5 1/2" x 8 1/2". Booklets are 8 1/2" x 11")
Number     SUBJECT                         Number SUBJECT

P-010      Club Incorporation              B-018      Square Dance Attire
P-023      Class Graduation                B-028      Club Specials
P-025      Club Newsletters                B-071      Games, Gimmicks, Skits (coming soon)
P-042      Nat'l Square Dance Convention   B-074      Take the First Step (coming soon)
P-070      Club Erosion                    B-075      Recruiting & Keeping New Dancers
P-Y04      Youth Scholarship Application   B-Y02      Take the Youthful Step

Additional Information about USDA                     Copies of the two Youth Pamphlets may also be
                                                      obtained from:
Publication Please contact :                                     JOHN & ALITIA "Al" BECKER
                                                                 USDA Youth Advisory Committee
         USDA Publication Committee CHAIR
                                                                 P.O. BOX:1561,          WEST MONROE, LA 71294
         1316 MIDDLEBROOK DR, LIBERTY, MO 64068
                                                              (318) 345-1030 or by e-mail at: aljonbecker@juno.com
         (816) 781-3598 Fax: (816) 781-3041 or by
         e-mail at: usda@usda.org

WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3                      Page 27                        August, September and October 2005
                                 WESTERN ROUND UP NEWS



WESTERN ROUNDUP NEWS VOL. 45/3             Page 28       August, September and October 2005

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