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 Oceanic Minerals
 Bladder Infections
 Non-toxic Sun Care
                                     picnic season

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    21st Annual Dog-A-Thon
July 23rd at Fort Steilacoom Park,
 Tacoma-Pierce County’s annual
     walk for homeless pets!

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                                       a note from
                                    If you read this column you know I am a big fan
                                    of canines. I do love dogs! Would you believe I
                                    don’t even have one? I’ve always felt I’m away
                                    from home too much to keep a dog. I do have
                                    three “grand dogs” I get to see now and then,
                                    and in between I love to read about them. My

                                    latest find is Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz.
                                    Since reading it I’ve found many others who remark
                                    on how much they enjoyed it, too.
The book is not an “easy read” but it’s very educational about what dogs see, smell and understand.
For instance, “The dog observes us, thinks about us, knows us. Do they then have some special
knowledge about us, born of their attention to us and to our attention? They do!” Apparently they                            table of contents
know things about us we don’t know ourselves. We are recognizable by our smell, our looks, how
we move, and by our behavior.
The author of this great book has a dog of her own, Pumpernickel (Pump for short), whose actions                       2       A Note from Marlene
and antics are woven into the book. She shows how Pump, and probably your dog, too, can
manipulate you for attention. It makes you realize how their minds work.
                                                                                                                       3      From the Editor’s Desk
This book teaches you about the colors dogs can and can’t see, how they can be aware of their
owner’s health, truthfulness, even their relationships. The author compares wolves and dogs at                         4-5    Take 5: Five Ideas for
times – for instance, a wolf will try and try to get into a container for a bit of food until he succeeds,
while a dog tries until it appears too difficult and then looks around for a human to assist him, and                         Summer Picnics
then begins a variety of attention getting behaviors until the person relents and helps.
The author gives a lot of space to the dog’s marvelous sense of smell. I also enjoyed her discussion
                                                                                                                       6      Sea Minerals for Full
of learning a lot about a dog by how he carries his head and his tail.                                                        Spectrum Health
I could go on and on. Perhaps you can find the book yourself and have a better summer with your
four-legged friend just by knowing some of the things in this book. Whatever you do, be kind and                       7      Himalayan Salt for Inner
understanding with your pet and give him or her your time as generously as you can. If you want                               and Outter Health
a dog after reading this, remember all those at the shelter that need homes. Adopt one for me, too.
Oh, and visit our booth at the Pierce County Humane Society Dog-a-Thon on Saturday, July 23,                           8      Natural Treatment for
9 am – 2 pm at Steilacoom Park. It’s a fun day centered around our special friends.
                                                                                                                              Bladder Infections

                                                                                                                       9      Pure, Enlightened Suncare

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from the
                       editor’s desk
Herbalist Jovial King and naturopath Guido Masè, ND joined us recently
from Vermont to talk about Urban Moonshine, the niche line of herbal
bitters they make by hand with great love and care. Many of us were re-
invigorated by King, a wilderness-loving earth mother clearly in love with
her babies, and Masè, a dreadlocked professional in suit and tie, and their
heartfelt message of helping humanity reconnect and live in closer harmony
with the “greenworld”. It’s such an honor to know that through our work
at Marlene’s we get to help foster and promote that same message. It thrills
us when we’re able to help you reconnect with the awesome living gifts of
Nature – culinary, nutritional, medicinal, aesthetic.
While they talked about learning to         I’d never eaten a dandelion flower
identify wild plants and prepare them       before but it was easy and made me
as medicinal foods, I kept thinking back    smile as I chewed. We both agreed
to a meal I’d had the week before at        the meal’s best component was the
my friend Patricia’s home. I always look    fermented salad - not too tangy with
forward to these invitations. A longtime    just the right blend of sweet organic
Waldorf educator who’s lived all over       carrot and raw ginger. I also loved
the world, Patricia never fails to surprise knowing the good dose of friendly
me with some variation on Chinese duck flora it contained would help keep the
soup or Indian rice and lentils. Last week peace in my colon.
she invited me to come early to pick        As for the dandelion tea… even with
nettles. This was my second foray into      a generous portion of almond milk,
her nettle patch, so I knew to show up      dear readers, I had trouble getting it
covered well – no stinging arms or legs     down. At least at first. Talk about bitter!
for me! I was dispatched with scissors      Yet… within a few minutes of my first
and steel bowl and told to return when      sip I noticed I wanted another … then
I’d gathered plenty.                        another… until I’d finished most of the
An hour later we were feasting on           cup. As I struggled with the last few
cold roast chicken served over fresh        swallows, Patricia reminded me her
dandelion greens and flower heads, a        recipe could be modified to include
side of lightly steamed nettles, and the    chicory, dried date pieces, more honey
pièce de résistance - cultured ginger       or best of all, whatever’s coming up in
carrot salad Patricia had fermented the     the yard or garden that week.
week before. We ended our repast with       It will be early July when you read
dandelion tea and almond milk with wild this and by then other plants, with
local honey.                                other and properties and gifts, will be
How did it all go down? Wonderfully, for     in season. I hope you’ll make time
the most part. Steamed nettles, it turns     regularly this summer to relax deeply
out, are very mild in flavor and have        into the greenworld – and bring some
a delicate, spongy texture when lightly      of it back with you into your kitchen.

steamed. Deep green and full of bio-
available silica, I was happy knowing
my hair, skin, nails, bones and teeth                                                            Only the unfurled “fiddleheads” of ostrich ferns
would benefit. The raw dandelion greens                                                          are considered edible so be sure you’ve correctly
were quite bitter to my taste buds (truth                                                        identified your plant before consuming! If you’re
be told I could not finish them), but                                                            sure you’ve got ostrich ferns, simply harvest and
                                                             Lori Lively is Education Director
Patricia’s vinaigrette dressing (homemade,                   at Marlene’s Market & Deli stores
                                                                                                 wash the unopened leaves, steam them lightly,
of course) and the sweetness of the beets                    and Editor of Sound Outlook         and serve with a bit of butter and salt.
she added helped offset their intensity.                     magazine.

                                                                                                                                              JULY 3
                           take 5 for summer
                                  five ideas
                                                                                  By Debra Daniels-Zeller

                                                                     Picnics can be magical. They tease our
                                                                     sense of adventure, satisfy our hunger for
                                                                     novelty, quench our thirst for community,
                                                                     and best of all they help connect us to the
                                                                     earth. These outdoor feasts don’t have to be
                                                                     fussy or complicated. Sometimes the most
                                                                     memorable outdoor meals seem more like
                                                                     second thoughts than planned events.

The first picnic of every season brings back memories of a picnic that changed my life. On a summer road trip decades ago,
my sister and I stopped at picnic area along the Rogue River in southern Oregon. After we ate sandwiches and soda and a
basket of fresh blueberries, bought in Medford, I soaked in the sun and inhaled the aroma of pine trees. As the river rushed by,
I daydreamed about living in the Northwest. A few years later, I packed my bags and moved to Bellingham.
Not all picnics have to be life changing, but they do include a feast, whether humble or elaborate. It’s been that way since
medieval times.
Hunting parties ended with a picnic feast during the Middle Ages, and country banquets gained popularity among the wealthy
during the Renaissance. In Victorian times, garden party picnics became trendy when authors like Jane Austen and Charles
Dickens wrote about them in them in their novels. The word picnic can be traced back to 1748, according to the Oxford
English Dictionary, but some sources indicate picnics were already popular in France, Germany and Sweden. These early
picnics were more formal and included chairs, tables, fine linen and tablecloths. Servants passed plates of food that took hours
or even days to prepare.
One of the prominent features of picnics 100 years ago was the bring-your-own-dish or potluck. Today picnics are casual affairs,
whether planned or spur-of-the-moment.

Here are five ideas to make your picnic memorable:

                                                                                    Let the food be as simple as possible.
                                                                                    Summer picnics are all about being outdoors,
               Make a list of picnic essentials or create a picnic                  connecting with the earth. Raw fruits and
               kit. Designate a basket or box (humble or fancy)                     vegetables put together in easy ways add
               for your essentials. Here are a few things to                        pizzazz and make eating fun. Try sliced
               include:                                                             avocado in fresh tomato salsa; or toss a salad
              •	 Cutlery                                              of thinly sliced cabbage and shredded carrots with berry
              •	 Plates, bowls, cups                                  vinaigrette. Puree strawberries, apricots or peaches with a
     •	   Tongs                                                       little hazelnut butter and lemon and gently mix with fresh

     •	   Sharp knife, long fork, serving spoons                      berries.
     •	   Corkscrew (for wine)
     •	   Condiments (salt, pepper, mayo, mustard, relish,                        Think beyond potato salad and baked beans.
          catsup, and salsa)                                                      A salad bowl is a blank palette waiting to be
     •	   Foil or covered containers for leftovers                                painted. Think grains, beans, and vegetables
     •	   Table cloth or blanket                                                  paired with condiments, flavored vinegars and
     •	   Stove or grill                                                          other treasures from your pantry. Sundried
                                                                                  tomatoes, kalamata olives, pickled peppers
One of my friends also brings a collapsible table and fold-up         or green beans can tweak favorite recipes or create new
                                                                              Quinoa, Corn and

picnics                                                                       Roasted Pepper Salad
                                                                              (Serves 4)

                                                                              Roasted peppers, corn and pecans define this delicious whole meal
                                                                              salad. Be sure to add the pecans just before serving. Easy to
picnic treasures. Toasted nuts,                                               make, pack, and serve, this has been one of my favorite picnic
diced celery or water chestnuts                                               salads for years.
add crunch or texture, and don’t
forget shredded carrots, red                                                  2                     red peppers

currants, or diced peppers to add                                             1 3/4 cup             water
               inviting colors.                                               1 cup                 quinoa
                                                                              1 cup                 corn, fresh or frozen
                 Get creative                                                 3 Tbs                 balsamic vinegar
                 with sandwiches, the staple of many picnics.                 1 tsp                 garlic aioli spread or
                 Consider alternatives beyond the usual rolls and                                   mayonnaise
                 sliced bread. For example, try tortilla pinwheels            1/4 cup               extra-virgin olive oil
                 and wraps, Thai vegetable lettuce wraps, or                  2 to 3 cloves         garlic, pressed
pita pockets stuffed with hummus or bean spreads. I like                      1/2 cup               chopped kalamata olives
the surprise of a spicy black bean pate, carrot hummus, tofu-                 1/2 cup               sliced green onions
based spreads, grilled eggplant, or even ratatouille with goat                1/2 cup               minced parsley
cheese inside tortilla wraps. My must-haves for sandwiches                                          Salt and pepper to taste
include pickles and peppers, so whatever you decide, make                     1/2 cup               toasted chopped pecans
it your own. (Hint: Sometimes it’s easier if you pack the filling and bread

separately and make them just before serving.)
                                                                              •	   Roast the red peppers in a 350° F. oven for
                                                                                   about 45 minutes or until the outsides are
              Make dessert fun and healthy. Fresh fruit is
                                                                                   blackened. Remove from oven and place in
              always a treat but for something different, why
                                                                                   a paper bag until cool. Peel blackend skin
              not add sorbet to a cold thermos, then pour
                                                                                   away, remove seeds and cut into strips.
              the slushy mixture over berries and angel
              food cake. Slice pound cake and make fresh                      •	   Heat water in a medium saucepan over
              fruit sandwiches at the picnic. Sprinkle a little                    medium heat until it boils. Add quinoa
lavender sugar and splash some sweet raspberry wine over                           and corn, cover and bring to a second boil.
berries. Stir and put them in the ice chest; then spoon the                        Then reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes
berries over sweet biscuits. For another option, mash ripe                         or until quinoa has absorbed all the water
berries, apricots or peaches into yogurt and blend in a pinch                      and is fluffy.
of lavender or chopped spearmint.                                             •	   While quinoa cooks combine balsamic
                                                                                   vinegar, aioli spread and olive oil. When
For 101 inspired quick and easy picnic recipes check out                           quinoa has cooled, blend dressing, olives,
Mark Bittman’s article in the New York Times (www.nytimes.                         onions and parsley into the quinoa. Add
com/2008/07/02/dining/02mini.html). Who knew cold pizza                            salt and pepper to taste. Just before serving
with lemon squeezed over it could be delicious picnic fare?                        blend in the pecans.
Get out your basket, pack your food and go forth and enjoy
the planet.
Who knows, your picnic might just be life changing.

                    Debra Daniels-Zeller is author of The Northwest Vegetarian Cookbook: 200 Recipes That Celebrate the Flavors
                    of Oregon and Washington (Timber Press, 2010). She is a regular contributor to Vegetarian Journal magazine
                    and writes a delightful food blog at http://foodconnections.blogspot.com. She can be reached at (425) 776-4689.

                                                                                                                                             JULY 5
  sea minerals
    for full spectrum health
 Minerals are the building blocks of the body and their full-spectrum presence daily is critical for
 the optimum functioning of every physiological activity. Did you know our bodies do not produce
 minerals? They must be ingested from an outside source – continuously - to maintain life and health.
People who are aware of this                    the 90+ minerals and trace elements that       more difficult for the body to break
physiological need may increase their           supported the first cells of life, something   down and reabsorb. Land minerals
intake of mineral-rich foods; however,          it continues to do two billion years later.    also are not naturally ionic, which
even if one is eating enormous amounts          Interestingly, human blood chemistry           inhibits their absorption. Inland sea
of high quality, organic food, it is still      closely matches the mineral chemistry of       and mined minerals can lack potency
difficult to reach and maintain full-           the ocean. With naturally small molecular      and full-spectrum balance due to
spectrum levels of these vital elements.        structure and being completely ionic           leaching rains over centuries and risk
Isn’t the food we eat supposed to deliver       (suspended in liquid) minerals from the        agricultural contamination. Manufactured
all the nutrition we need, and if it            ocean are highly bio-available, that is,       minerals can have questionable natural
doesn’t, why not?                               easily assimilated by the body.                absorbability, and as compounded
                                                                                               isolates they may create mineral
 Although we may be eating the                  Individuals who supplement with                imbalances in your system. Perhaps most
“recommended daily allowance” of                minerals derived from the ocean report         importantly, however, is the simple fact
 vitamins and minerals, the truth is that       feeling an increase in energy, cleansing       that earth minerals lack the balance of
 modern topsoil is so severely depleted         and environmental detoxification effects,      the complete oceanic mineral spectrum.
 that food grown in it is nutrient deficient.   a strongly alkalizing effect on the
 Add to this the fact that most Americans       bloodstream, better utilization of nutrients   Ocean minerals act synergistically,
 are overly-stressed and eating poor            in foods (sometimes resulting in weight        releasing the power and balance of each
 quality food, plagued with constipation        loss) an overall sense of ‘feeling better’,    mineral as it works together with the
 and poor assimilation of nutrients             and interestingly, healthier adaptation        others. Look for full-potency, naturally
 from that food, and the reasons for the        to stress and the ability to more easily       solar-concentrated, low sodium ocean
 nation’s epidemic mineral deficiency           sustain meditative states.                     minerals.
 come into focus.
                                                By contrast, clay-derived minerals
The answer to this predicament may              (elements from the earth) often have
surround us. Ocean water contains all of        larger molecular structures, making them


                                                                                                      In-store prices reflect discount

 pure, ethically sourced, and delicious:
 Himalayan salt for inner and outer health
There’s a big difference between the          Khokhar, Bart Burger, CEO of Aloha           reveals that it contains a large number
refined table salt to which most people       Bay, wrote:                                  of trace elements. At least about 50
are accustomed and natural salt, and the      “It is important to understand that          elements are easily detected because
difference can have a major impact on          typically, salt lamps and edible salt are   they occur in sufficient concentration.
your health. Regular table salt is actually    produced in temporary garage-type
97.5% pure salt (sodium chloride) and          workshops, where working conditions
2.5% chemical additives such as iodine,        leave a lot to be desired, even by
fluoride, calcium carbonate, magnesium         Pakistani standards. In Tariq’s factory,
carbonate, aluminum hydroxide,                 all the equipment and production
saccharine and others. Dried at over           spaces conform to or exceed US food
1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, the excessive        manufacturing processes. Employment
heat alters the natural chemical structure     is year-round, which guarantees
of the salt.                                   consistent quality, because the sculpting
 What remains after raw salt is                of the lamps is a delicate procedure.
“chemically cleaned” is pure sodium            We also offer health benefits, insurance,
 chloride, devoid of any life-sustaining       and safe working conditions.”
 minerals. One can say that this salt is      Aloha Bay makes no health claims
 bio-energetically “dead”, because it does    concerning its salt products, but
 not project a specific energetic field       references the work of Dr. Barbara
 around it. To keep this salt from sticking   Haendel, who suggests natural
 together and making lumps, chemicals         occurring salt is beneficial because it:
 are added. Then, to mask the bitter
 taste of these anti-caking agents, more      •	   Regulates water content throughout
 chemicals are added.                              your body
The table salt used for food preservation     •	   Promotes pH balance in your
and cooking can easily be replaced with            body’s cells, particularly your brain
naturally occurring Himalayan crystal              cells
salt. Overall, it seems like a good idea      •	   Supports blood sugar balance
to eliminate synthetics from our diet and
to get most, if not all, of our nutrition     •	   Supports absorption of food
from 100% raw (unprocessed) whole                  particles
foods. Today’s table and cooking salt              through your intestinal tract
is void of the vital trace minerals that      •	   Supports sinus and respiratory
make this Himalayan crystal salt so                health
precious. Crystal salt has spent over 250
                                              •	   Prevents of muscle cramps
million years maturing under extreme
tectonic pressure, far away from              •	   Prevents heat exhaustion                                 aloha bay
exposure to impurities.                       •	   Promotes bone strength                                   Himalayan
Aloha Bay began importing salt from
pristine Salt Range of the Himalayas in
                                              •	   Naturally promotes sleep                                       Salt
Pakistan in 2004, working exclusively         •	   Promoting vascular health                                                        Assorted
with a small, family-owned company in                                                                                       varieties & sizes
                                              •	   Essential for the regulation of your

Mirpur. The salt mined there is easily             blood pressure
metabolized, contains minerals and trace
elements, and has a stronger, richer          •	   Promotes balanced electrolytes to                                                   %
flavor than sea salt. After visiting the           keep the body in homeostasis
first true edible salt “factory” he helped
create there with owner-manager, Tariq
                                              Independent analysis of Himalayan salt                                                   off
                                                                                                    In-store prices reflect discount

                                                                                                                                         JULY 7
natural treatment
                                                    Don’t let chronic bladder infections keep you from
                                                    enjoying your life – try Dr. Hudson’s advice instead!

 for bladder infections
Ten to twenty percent of all women
have some kind of urinary discomfort
or infection at least once a year. A
narrow spectrum of microbes is
responsible for the infections in young
women with acute uncomplicated
cystitis and Escherichia coli (E. coli)
causing the infection 80 % of the time.      cranberry juice are effective in women
Postmenopausal women may also                with active urinary tract infections.
have frequent re-infections which are        Recent studies have shown that
often due to residual urine retention        components in cranberry juice reduce
after voiding, or to the lack of estrogen    the ability of E. coli to adhere to the
causing marked changes in the vaginal        lining of the bladder and urethra.
microflora. Symptoms of uncomplicated        One useful herb for bladder infection
cystitis include painful and frequent        is uva ursi. The antiseptic, antibacterial
urination, the urge to urinate even          and astringent activity of uva ursi is
though the bladder may be nearly empty,      largely due to its arbutin content. It
and pressure and pain in the pelvic area.    also has diuretic properties. Uva ursi
For most bladder infections, a natural       has been used with recurrent bladder
approach is usually effective and the        infections and was shown to be effective
infection resolves quickly without           in a double-blind study of 57 women.
recurrence or complications. The             Pipsissewa, a Native remedy of the              urinary tract infections (UTIs). Lactobacilli
primary goals of a natural therapeutics      Pacific Northwest, is a traditional remedy      species dominate the vaginal and urinary
approach are to:                             for urinary infections, also containing         tract of healthy premenopausal women.
                                             arbutin.                                        Women who have recurring UTIs have an
• enhance the individual’s internal
 defenses against the infection by           Oregon grape root is a rich source              imbalance of their flora. If we can restore
 providing immune support                    of one of the most significant plant            the flora, we can move toward preventing
                                             based antibacterial active constituents,        the infection-causing organisms from
•restore vaginal microflora, enhancing the   berberine. Berberine is effective against       dominating.
 flow of urine                               many bacteria and is also able to fight         D-mannose is a naturally occurring simple
• promote a proper pH                        infections by inhibiting the bacteria from      sugar contained in cranberry juice that is
• prevent bacteria from adhering to the      adhering to the host cell.                      helpful in treatment of UTIs. D-mannose
 bladder epithelium.                         Other mucilage herbs are traditionally          adheres to the bladder epithelium
                                             known to be soothing to the irritated           interfering with the ability of the E. coli to
Increasing the urinary flow is easily
                                             uroepithelium, including corn silk,             adhere, and cause infection.
accomplished by increasing the quantity
of liquids. Water and herbal teas related    marshmallow root and plantain leaf.             With assertive supplementation using the
to the treatment goals are the most          Additional antimicrobial herbs for the          ingredients and concepts discussed in this
logical choices. A total of 64 ounces per    bladder include buchu, myrrh, propolis          article, common bladder infections are
day is the common recommendation.            and juniper berry. Dandelion leaf,              usually resolved with self treatment.
                                             buchu and parsley root have diuretic
No natural approach to cystitis would be                                                     Dr. Hudson is a national lecturer, author,
                                             effects and increase the flow of urine to
complete without mention of cranberry.                                                       educator and researcher. She has over 26 years
                                             help flush the bacteria.
Women have used cranberry juice as                                                           of experience and expertise in women’s health
a home remedy for decades. Several           The use of probiotics (especially               utilizing nutrition, nutraceutics, herbs, natural
                                             lactobacilli) are commonly used                 hormones and other therapies to treat all
studies have shown that cranberries and
                                             by alternative providers to prevent             gynecological and primary care conditions.

      pure, enlightened suncare
       In 2004, aromatherapist and herbalist Nova Covington launched Goddess Garden, a
    line of organic sunscreen products made with mostly organic ingredients. Originally created by
    Nova for her daughter’s sensitive skin, the long-lasting SPF 30 products are derived from minerals
    and reflect 97% of the sun’s harmful UV rays! In fact, Goddess Garden Natural Sunscreens
    protect and nourish without any harsh chemicals, using pure ingredients packed with vitamins
    and antioxidants to hydrate and support healthy skin.

                                                             goddess garden
                                               Natural Sunscreen
                                               • Sheer & non-whitening mineral                   3.5 - 8 oz.
                                                                                         Assorted varieties
                                               • Non-greasy for face & body             Reg. 12.79 - 18.29

                                                                                  Sale price 10.89 - 15.55
                                               • 82% organic ingredients

                                               • Effective immediately                                 %
                                               In-store prices reflect discount                        off

biodegradable • reef safe • vegan • cruelty-free • recyclable
                                                                                                               JULY 9
july speakers & classes
                 Inside the Women’s Lifestyle Retreat at Harmony Hill
                 with Cathy Rogers, ND
                 Sat., July 9
                 12:30-2:30 pm, FREE
                 Federal Way
                 Sometimes the simplest changes to our thoughts and actions create
                 the most lasting changes. And even though we know better, by           Multidisciplinary Management of
                 not taking time for rest and renewal we invite dis-ease, fatigue,      Migraines
uncomfortable physical symptoms and jagged life rhythms that leave us unable to         with Dr. Kathleen Drake, DC,
                                                                                        Dr. Sarah Skolout, ND,
cope with everyday challenges. In this new lunchtime workshop, Dr. Cathy Rogers,
                                                                                        Merianne Jordan, PT, and
naturopathic physician and former dean of Bastyr University, addresses the issue of
                                                                                        Candance Burnikel, L.Ac
effective, lasting self-care when she shares tips and techniques from The Women’s
                                                                                        Thurs., July 14
Lifestyle Change Retreat, the popular five day workshop she facilitates quarterly at    7 pm, FREE
Harmony Hill in Union, Washington. Grab soup and salad in our deli or bring a sack      Federal Way
lunch and join us for a look at dry skin brushing, healing water rituals, lymphatic     Migraines are a unique type of headache
massage, food and dining suggestions and other ways to create more time for health      requiring unique treatment. Successful
and joy in your life. Read more on page 18.                                             management often involves multiple
                                                                                        approaches. Diet, hormones, posture,
                                                                                        spinal alignment, organ health, and
               Six Toxic Home Practices and How to Avoid Them                           stress levels can all contribute to
               with Denise Frakes                                                       migraines. Learn how multidisciplinary
               Tue., July 12                                                            care, including Atlas Orthogonal
               7 pm, FREE                                                               Chiropractic, naturopathic medicine,
                                                                                        acupuncture, physical therapy, visceral
               Headaches, asthma, fatigue…did you know your home may be
                                                                                        manipulation, and CranioSacral therapy
               contributing to your health symptoms? A healthy home is essential not
                                                                                        can prevent and reduce the severity
               just for the sake of cleanliness but also for the prevention of illness.
                                                                                        of migraines. Take advantage of this
You’ll hear about six main culprits of a toxic home and learn simple but effective
                                                                                        opportunity to examine migraines with
ways to minimize your family’s exposure to chemical cleansing agents. Denise Frakes
                                                                                        members of Federal Way’s Natural
is a Master Home Environmentalist Volunteer from the American Lung Association.
                                                                                        Health Center and hear from each on
She is also a certified renovator and co-owner of Blue Sky Services. She has been
                                                                                        their most successful treatment options.
researching, experimenting, and writing about the joys of residue-free homes for the
chemically sensitive. Bring questions about your own home and let Denise help you
reclaim the health and happiness of your home. All attendees will receive a free gift
for attending!
     Class refunds issued with 24 hour notice. For full class registration policy, email us at classhost@marlenesmarket-deli.
                com, call us at (253) 839-0933, or go to www.marlenesmarket-deli.com and click on “classes”.

Gluten-Free, Dairy Free                                Superfood Desserts
Summer Picnic Foods                                    with Julia Corbett
with Robin Crout                                       Sat., July 23
Sat., July 16                                          1 – 3:30 pm, $30
11 am - 2:30 pm, $30                                   Federal Way
Federal Way                                            Join Julia Corbett, author
Gluten-free and dairy-free                             of Sweet & Raw Pie
and don’t know what to eat?                            Mandalas, to make
Join Robin Michelle Crout for a delicious              live desserts using
lineup of GFDF summer dishes that will                 superfoods and wild
please your whole family. Robin will                   foods along with
demonstrate mini pizzas, crispy chicken                local and seasonal
nuggets, lemony garbanzo salad, and                    fruits. Julia will share
seasonal berry sorbet. Price includes                  simple techniques
samples, instruction, Q&A, and a recipe                using unique and
booklet to take home. Don’t forget to                  nutrient-dense foods
reserve your space by pre-registering at               to create delicious sweet treats that
                                                                                                         NEW* Location now
(253) 839-0933.                                        everyone will love. Together, class will        open in University Place !
                                                       make a Raspberry & Vanilla Rose Cream
Chemical Cuisine: Do you really know Pie, a Peach Chia Parfait, a Chocolate                          University Place Opening Special!
what you’re eating?                                                                                  $90 for 90 days of unlimited yoga
                                                       Superfood Truffle, and a Blueberry
with Gloria Gilbère, PhD, DA Hom, DSC Lucuma Smoothie complete with edible                             at our University Place Studio!
Thurs., July 21                                        art mandala décor! Students will also
7 pm FREE                                              be introduced to exotic superfoods like           (Offer valid for new students only,
Federal Way                                                                                            and for classes only at the UP location.
                                                       lucuma, maca, cacao, mesquite, noni,           No other discounts or promotions apply.)
Learn from an expert about                             chia and more, and will be shown how
the causes, effects and non-                           to incorporate them into their daily meals.
drug solutions for multiple
                                                                                                       *6720 Regents Blvd. Suite 102
allergic responses and                                                                                  University Place, WA 98466
                                                        It’s Alive: Fermentation, Part 3
chemically-induced immune                                                                                     253-238-3688
                                                       Proper Techniques for Soaking and
system disorders. Dr. Gilbère                          Sprouting
will discuss how chemicals                             with Trish Carty
                                                                                                              2712 N. 21 st. Ste. A
    •	 Cause weight gain, affecting our                Thurs., July 28
           ability to lose it                          7 pm, $20
                                                                                                              Tacoma, WA 98406
    •	 Are neurotoxic, literally                       Federal Way                                              253.756.8066
           stimulating brain cells to death            Sprouting is an excellent
    •	 Affect cognitive functions and                  way to get live, raw                          www.sourceyogaonline.com
           contributing to ADD/ADHD,                   foods into your diet. Join
           Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.              professional chef, nutritional therapy
    •	 Induce inflammation in                          practitioner and Certified Healing
           fibromyalgia, arthritis,                    Foods Specialist Trish Carty for the final
           scleroderma, gout, and so forth             installment of this popular new series
    •	 Cause multiple allergic responses and learn recipes that are easy, fun, and                    HCG WEIGHT LOSS PROTOCOL
                                                                                                      Combined with:
    •	 Are responsible for most                        inexpensive to make at home. Students
           headaches, especially migraines             will learn how and why to soak nuts,           wFood Allergy Desensitization
                                                       seeds, grains and beans properly before        wClass on The Glycemic Index
                                                       consuming, will understand phytic              wClearing of Emotional Eating
                     We are now offering American      acid and its connection with digestion
                     Sign Language interpretation for  and absorption of nutrients, and taste          For more information call
                     the hearing impaired for some     a variety of fresh nut and bean sprouts            253-265-8388
                     of our classes and seminars.                                                          Gig Harbor
                                                       and slow-roasted nuts and seeds. Trish
                     Please notify us two full weeks                                                    Dr. Mary Clement
                                                       also promises to bring her own cultured
     in advance if you would like an interpreter for a
                                                       tea and other surprises to this fun class.           (Griffith)             Mary Clement, RN, ND
     particular lecture by emailing our class host at:
     classhost@marlenesmarket-deli.com.                Please preregister to reserve your place at      www.remediesforrecovery.com
                                                       (253) 839-0933.

                                                                                                                                                  JULY 11
  SUMMER FRUIT                                                                            SOUND OUTLOOK
  TRIFLE by Melina Eshinski
  S   ummer baking at its best
      means fresh, seasonal fruit.
  Although summer here in
  the Pacific Northwest is not
  always dependable, a delicious
  Summer Fresh Trifle helps me
  think of sunshine.
  Trifles are a great dessert
  to make just to your liking.
  Traditionally, the trifle is a
  layered dessert of cake or
  cookies, flavored liquor, fruit,
  custard and whipped
  cream. They are usually
  served in a large, clear
  bowl, or other container so
  that the layers are shown.
  Today you can do just
  about anything. Here I will
  show you how to make
  single serving Summer
  Fruit Trifles that will
  inspire you to come up with your own
  tasty version.
  1 angel food cake or pound cake
  1 cup fresh organic strawberries
  1 cup fresh organic raspberries
  1/4 cup + 2 Tbs organic cane sugar
  2 tsp fresh organic lemon juice
  2/3 cup mascarpone cheese
  1 cup heavy whipping cream
  1 tsp vanilla extract

  •Dice the cake into small cubes about 1/2 cup per serving.
  Separate into 8 equal portions.
  •Make the filling by mixing together the mascarpone, cream,
  vanilla, and 2 Tbs of sugar.
  •Wash, dry and hull the strawberries, then slice in thick pieces.
  Wash and gently dry the raspberries. Toss the fruits together with
  the 1/4 cup of sugar and lemon juice. Set aside some fruit for
  •Use 4 clear drinking glasses that can hold 1 1/2 cup each.
  Assemble by layering cake, fruit, cream, in this order, and repeat.
  Then garnish with reserved fruit.
  •Refrigerate for at least 4 hours before serving to help combine
  flavors. These can be made 2 days ahead.
  Recipe by Melina Eshinski, Baker, Federal Way. Graduated from Pastry Specialty Baking
  in Seattle, Melina has worked for Marlene’s Market & Deli for 3 years.
                                                                                                     15 - July
 12 - JULY
              RAINBOW LIGHT                                                        OLA LOA
        Energizer One                                                   Sport
        Multivitamin                                                 Energy Drink
                                                                                                                    30 ct.
                                            90 caps
                                                                                                        Assorted varieties
                                          Reg. 33.99
                                                                                                               Reg. 24.99

                              19                99                                              $
                                                                                             NATURAL FACTORS

Whey Factors                                                                                RxOmega-3
Whey Protein                                                                                   Factors
Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry &                                                               All EFA products on sale      RENEW LIFE
                                                                                                      Assorted varieties
                                                                                                                             Fish Oil
12 oz.


30              %
                                           In-store prices reflect discount
                                                                                                    30               %
                                                                                                                                  Super Critical Omega,
                                                                                                                                Critical DHA & Critical EPA
                                                                                                                                      30 - 60 soft gels
                                                                                                                                         Reg. 29.99

      Entire line
      of Nutrex
      on sale for
                              NUTREX                                                        RIDGECREST
                                                                                                                                     $                    99
      the month     Supplements                                                     Adrenal
        of July!
                                    Assorted varieties
                             200 tabs or 5 oz. powder
                                                                                Fatigue Fighter
                                           Reg. 19.99                                   Build your bodies the natural way!
                                                                                                                    60 ct.         Iridology Eye

                                   13                                                               25               %
                                                                                                                                     Appointments available
                                $               99                                                                                with Iridologist - Jan Pearson
                                                                                                                               July 15 - Federal Way
                                                                                                                     off         July 16 - Tacoma
                                                                                                                             Pre-register by phone or in person!
                                                                             In-store prices reflect discount

                                                                                                                             NATURE’S WAY

                                                                                                                 Alive! Products
                                                                                                                    Assorted varieties & sizes
                                                                                           Alive!® supplements are the ultimate Whole Food Energizers™--
                                                                                           with more invigorating nutrients from more natural sources than
                                                                                           any other product.

                                                                                           • 29 Vitamins & Minerals
                                                                                           • 24 Fruits & Veggies
                                                                                           • 14 Green Foods
                                                                                           • 18 Amino Acids
                                                                                           • 12 Digestive Enzymes
                                                                                           • 10 Essential Fatty Acids
                                                                                           •12 Organic Mushrooms             In-store prices reflect discount
                                                                                                                                                                   13 - JULY
                                                                                                                                                                    JULY 13
   sound outlook

                                                                        In-store prices reflect discount
                                                                                                  In-store prices reflect discount

                                                              all terrain                                                            avalon organics
                                        Sunscreen & Insect                                                                           Shampoo &
                                            Repellent                                                                                Conditioner
                                                                                       For adults & children
                                                                                          Assorted varieties                                                   11 oz.
                 naturtint                                                                Reg. 4.99 - 13.49                                         Assorted varieties

                                                                                                                                           2 00of

                                                                                    Sale price 3.75 - 10.09                                                Reg. 9.95

            Hair Color                                                                                        %                                 f
                 Assorted colors
             • 100% grey coverage
                                                                                In-store prices reflect discount
            • Intense & radiant color
                 • No ammonia                                                 emerita                                                 metroelectro
                 • No parabens                                         Pro-Gest                                                 Micronutrient
                 • No resorcinol
                 Reg. 17.95
                                                                    2 oz. cream or Single use 8 packets

                                                                                            Reg. 28.99                                                         1 liter

                                                                                                                                                            Reg. 2.09
             $                                                                                                                                                 49
                                        Emerita Pro-Gest Cream
                                        4 oz., Reg. 43.99......................................................32.99

                                                                                                                            There’s no more enjoyable way
                                                                                                                            to build immunity against colds
        AROMATHERAPY ON THE GO!                                                                                             and flu, relax and rejuvenate the
                                                                                                                            nervous system, refresh and cleanse
                                                                                                LATIO                       the mind, brighten mood and
             Keep them handy in your                                                    INHA                                promote feelings of well-being.
                        * purse * car

                                                                                    11                 49
                                                                                                                            Pure essential oils in convenient
                      * desk * gym bag                                            $                                         inhalers. Our healing scents are
                                                                                                                            easy to use and come in
                                                                                                                            specially-capped inhalers to keep
                                                                                                                            your fingers clean of oils!
 14 July
14 - JULY
         NUMI                             LARABAR
    Organic                            Fruit & Nut
   Bottled Tea                            Bars
                           12 oz.                           1.6 - 1.8 oz.
                Assorted varieties
                       Reg. 2.29
                                                      Assorted varieties
                                                              Reg. 1.75

                                             SANTA CRUZ
                                                           1      19 Alternative
                                                                            32 oz.
                                                                            Assorted varieties
                                                                            Reg. 3.19

       Tortilla                            Organic
        Chips                             Lemonade                          2      $

                       5.5 - 6 oz.                               32 oz.     for
                Assorted varieties                    Assorted varieties

                    2                                          3
                       Reg. 3.25                             Reg. 3.15
                                                                                                          LATE JULY
                $                                     2      $                                    Organic
                                                      for                                            Rice
       R.W. KNUDSEN                       MUIR GLEN
                                                                                                             5.5 - 6 oz.
      Spritzers                        Organic Fire                                                   Assorted varieties
                                                                                                             Reg. 3.15
                                     Roasted Tomatoes

                   4 pk., 10.5 oz.
                Assorted varieties
                       Reg. 5.15
                                                                 28 oz.
                                                      Assorted varieties                              $           19
                                                             Reg. 3.79


                    3       49                         $

                                         GARDEN OF EATIN’
                                                         2        39        SPECTRUM NATURALS
       TrueBlue                            Tortilla                         Olive
         Juice                              Chips                           Oil
                                                                   9 oz.    33.8 oz.
                           46 oz.
                Assorted varieties                    Assorted varieties    Reg. 20.75

                                                               5 13
                       Reg. 5.39                             Reg. 3.85

                    3       89                                              $                    99
                                                      2      $
                                                                                                                  15 - JULY
                                                                                                                   JULY 15
 sound outlook
               amy’s kitchen
               nature’s path                                               nature’s path                                               nature’s path
            Organic Veggie
            Organic Flax                                           Organic                                                              Boxed
             Plus Cereal                                        Eco-Pac Cereal                                                         Granola
                                  10.6 - 14 oz. oz.
                                             10                                                                   32 oz.                                   11.5 oz.
                             Assorted varieties
                                 Assorted varieties                                                    Assorted varieties                         Assorted varieties
                                    Reg.Reg. 6.49                                                             Reg. 8.55                                  Reg. 4.15

                                  $       79
                                         99                                                             $
                                                                                                           5            99
                                                                                                                                                    $           29

             double rainbow                                                            lifeway                                           sonoma
              Organic                                                              Frozen                                              Organic
             Ice Cream                                                              Kefir                              16 oz.
                                        Quart                                                                                                                  6 ct.

                             Assorted varieties                                                                     Reg. 5.65                     Assorted varieties
                                    Reg. 6.45
                                                                                                                        99                               Reg. 4.99


                               4         89                                                                                                         $           55
                                                      Lifeway Organic Kefir
                                                      32 oz., Assorted varieties............................................3.39

             sunridge farms                                              turtle island                                                 chino valley
            Frosted Star                                                  Tofurky                                                  Naturally Fertile
              Cookies                                                     Sausage                                                    Brown Eggs
                                                                                                                  14 oz.
                                  Reg. 8.69 lb.                                                        Assorted varieties                                      Dozen
                                                                                                              Reg. 4.29                                      Reg. 4.55

                                6        59
                                                                                                           3            25                          $

                                                                                                                                                        4        19

    Super                                               OdwALLA
    Quencher                                                                                                                                   Juice
    PomaGrand Limeade
    Half gallon, Reg. 6.99
                                                        Half gallon, Lemonade & Limeade, Reg. 5.59........
                                                                                                                 399                                    Half gallon
                                                                                                                                                         Reg. 6.99

      4                                                                                                                                           5

    $          99                                      Nourishing                                                                               $            69
                                                       Food Bar
                                                       2.5 - 2.8 oz., Assorted varieties, Reg. 1.39 ........
                                                                                                               99         ¢

16 - July
new chapter
In-store prices reflect discount

                     JULY 17
 immersion into lifestyle change
As the program manager at Harmony Hill Retreat Center, I work on a daily basis with issues related to health,
disease and a holistic approach to life. Having the knowledge and resources doesn’t always translate to
taking action, however. I recognized the irony of working at a retreat center and bringing healing programs to
individuals, while I was consistently stressed out and unconsciously going through my busy day without taking the
time I needed for reflection and self care.
Harmon Hill was already well known
for its cancer program, but both I and
                                                                                                          With mugs of hot tea around a
director Gretchen Schodde felt it was
                                                                                                          fire in their pajamas, members of
important to balance that with programs
                                                                                                          a recent Lifestyle Change Retreat
that offering support for individuals
                                                                                                          glow. Harmony Hill founder
trying to improve their habits and
                                                                                                          Gretchen Schodde is third from
lifestyles. We piloted our first Lifestyle
                                                                                                          left and Cindy Shank, Program
Change Retreat for Women in January
                                                                                                          Manager, is fourth from left.
2010, facilitated by naturopathic
physicians Cathy Rogers and Rosemary
Wood, as well as a team of amazing
women who had recently graduated
or who were graduating soon from a            when they are prepared simply with           other women, all of whom are going
naturopathic college.                         healthy fats and seasonings, even for        through their own life challenges. With
So when I decided to delve into the           breakfast!                                   Cathy’s skilled facilitation, the process
Lifestyle Change retreat myself, it was       The evening spa times were my favorite       culminated in several breakthroughs and
not only for personal reasons but             part of the day. The Great Hall was          by the second day I truly felt connected
also so I could authentically share my        transformed into an exotic and beautiful     to each and every woman there.
experience with others interested in          spa, with dry brushing by the fireplace,     Looking back at my experience, I would
attending future retreats. In January         steam baths, contrast showers and salt       have to say it reminded me of the
of this year I immersed myself in five        scrubs, all assisted with unconditional      wonderful sense of community I felt
incredible days of physical, emotional        love and nurturing by Cathy and her          as a young girl at Girl Scout camp, the
and spiritual healing with a fabulous         team. After our spa treatments, we           first time I really experienced, outside
group of women who were also there to         would sit around in our robes for an         my immediate family, feeling connected,
learn how to better care for themselves.      herbal footbath and a cup of tea while       enlivened and energized by being with
Our daily schedule included movement          we enjoyed each other’s company – such       other human beings. I would have
and stretching each morning, group time       delicious decadence! We were also            stayed at camp forever if I could have,
with a facilitator, nurturing and luxurious   treated to an herbal neutral bath and full   and I have to admit that leaving the Hill
spa nights, and a whole foods/cleansing       body massage during our time at the          after this truly transformative retreat, I
diet with supportive supplements and          retreat.                                     felt very much the same way.
detoxification tea. I was surprised to        Most importantly, I experienced what
learn how delicious vegetables can taste      it’s like to be nurtured and supported by

 The Lifestyle Change Retreat for Women
 August 15-19, 2011 or February 17-21, 2012
 To register for this or any program at Harmony Hill,
 go to www.harmonyhill.org or call 360-898-2363.
 At Harmony Hill, located in Union, WA overlooking Hood Canal and the Olympic
 Mountains, our mission is to transform the lives of those affected by cancer and to inspire
 healthy living for all. The heart of our mission is our transformational cancer program,
 established in 1994, and offered free to participants since 2004. Our wellness and nurse
 renewal programs serve the part of our mission related to inspiring healthy living for all
 and also help us continue to offer the cancer programs at no cost to participants.

                                                                                                             Mt. Rainier
                                  start preparing                                                            Clinic for
                                 for school now!                                                             Wholistic
School starts soon and now is the time to implement the habits that will keep your family
healthy and on track all year long. At least two weeks before school, be sure you’re
following these essential guidelines for a successful – and healthy – school year:
                                                                                                           Services Offered
Schedule your sleep: Avoid lost zzz’s - gradually go to bed and get up earlier at least two                • IV Chelation / Nutrition
weeks before classes start.                                                                                • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
                                                                                                           • Naturopathy / Chiropractic
Immune support: Stay healthy rather than get well!                                                         • Wholistic Rejuvenation
•	    Daily vitamin C – Increases infection-fighting white blood cells, antibodies and                     • Nutrition / Health Education
      interferon (antibody coating cell surfaces that prevents entry of viruses)                           • Physiotherapy / Massage
                                                                                                           • Detoxification / Cleansing
•	     Supplement with immune-enhancing herbs like echinacea, goldenseal, and astragalus                   • Colon Hydrotherapy
•	    Probiotics, essential for intestinal health – where most of our immune system is based.              • Womens’ Health / GYN
      Probiotics help compensate for fast food, unhealthy lunches, lack of hydration, and                  Specialties
      stress in general.                                                                                   • Cardiovascular Disease
•	    Daily elimination is vital. Increase natural fiber from raw vegetables and fruits.                   • Digestive Disorders (Leaky Gut)
                                                                                                           • Fibromyalgia / Inflammation
Hydrate: Consume half your body weight in ounces of water daily, (example: 50 lbs. = 25                    • Chemical Sensitivities / Allergies
oz. of water) – more if physically active. Carry your own BPA-free water bottle – avoiding                 • Bio-identical Hormone Therapy
dangerous chemicals from plastic.                                                                          • Neurological (Brain) Disorders
                                                                                                           • Stroke Recovery / Burns
General Considerations
                                                                                                           • Environmental Health
Avoid sugar: Sugar suppresses immunity. Just 8 tablespoons of sugar (the amount in two
cans of soda), reduces ability of white blood cells to kill germs by 40%! Its effects begin 20-            • Russell Kolbo, DC, ND
30 minutes after ingestion, lasting up to 8 hours. Choose natural sweeteners like SweetLife™               • Karl Peterson, DC, ND
instead, which will not attack the body’s defenses like refined table sugar.                               • Gloria Gilbère, DAHom,
Hand sanitation: I don’t advocate using anti-bacterial soaps or wipes because they can                       PhD, EcoErgonomist,
                                                                                                             Wholistic Rejuvenist
have the same adverse affect long-term as antimicrobials – creating drug resistance and
                                                                                                           • Milagros Arocho, MD, GYN
drying the skin, creating macro (large) pores, making us more susceptible to infections. I
                                                                                                           Collectively, the doctors
prefer using a fragrance-free silver hydrosol gel, which kills germs and absorbs through the               exceed 100 years in the
skin to benefit local immune responses.                                                                    practice of natural health.
At First Sign of Symptoms/Exposure
Don’t ignore illness when symptoms first manifest. The following are signs to watch for                     The Integrative
and take proactive measures against:                                                                        Medical Clinic of
•	     First sign of sore throat, even slight, include additional vitamin C. Avoid orange juice –           the 21st Century
       it creates extra phlegm and mucous.                                                                  Total Wholistic Health
•	    Supplement with silver hydrosol 4 times a day until all symptoms are gone – both
      nasal spray and liquid. For my patients and family, this remedy is our first line of
      defense, the same as you’d use an antibiotic. It’s been used for centuries to kill
      bacteria, viruses and health-depleting microorganisms – without causing damage to
      the integrity of the digestive tract or compromising health-enhancing (good) intestinal
      bacteria. Keep in mind that antibiotics kill ALL bacteria, good and bad – leaving us                  6712 Kimball Drive NW
      vulnerable to another infection usually 6-8 weeks later, especially in children.
                                                                                                            Gig Harbor, WA 98335
Gloria Gilbère, D.A.Hom., Ph.D., D.S.C., EcoErgonomist, Wholistic Rejuvenist and Health Detective, can      Hwy #16, Exit #11
be reached at (253) 853-8853. After 30+ years in solo practice, Dr. Gilbère has joined Dr. Russell Kolbo
and Dr. Karl Peterson at Mt. Rainer Clinic for Wholistic Rejuvenation). See their ad this page.             253-853-8853
                                                                                                                                                  JULY 19
chocolate... food of the gods
In March Marlene’s hosted an evening with raw food advocates David Wolfe and Robin
Openshaw. “Sacred” Steve Adler was also there to introduce customers to Sacred
Chocolate, his joint venture with Wolfe. Based on your response, we’re now stocking this
wonderful raw chocolate. Read on to learn more...

What makes Sacred Chocolate®                                                                 mushroom varieties that work together
different from other chocolate?                                                              to synergistically enhance immunity.
David and Steve spent years studying                                                         Marlene’s does not yet stock all flavors,
chocolate making before building their                                                       so let them know if you’d like to special
carbon-neutral factory where they                                                            order!
slowly stone grind beans for days at
low temperatures to deliver the finest-                                                      Chocolate with a heart
tasting and most-nutrient rich chocolate                                                     Sacred Chocolate® proudly crafts bars
possible. Stone grinding and hand                                                            from cacao that is purchased from
assembly creates chocolates with a silky                                                     farmers at Fair Trade Standards. They
velvet mouth feel and depth that is lost                                                     dedicate resources to educating people
in popular high-heat, mass-production                                                        on the super-food properties of raw
chocolate manufacturing. All Sacred                                                          cacao and the value of traditional, slow
Chocolate® and TRUTH™ Truffles are                                                           food making processes. Also Sacred
dairy/gluten/soy free and contain no                                                         Chocolate® supports the Fruit Tree
refined sugars or additives. They are                                                        Planting Foundation. (www.FTPF.org).
also certified organic and vegan.                                                            From bean to bar, Sacred Chocolate®
                                                                                             reflects the love and dedication of its
What does this mean to you?                                                                  makers, and the divine nature of cacao.
Extremely rich in naturally occurring                                                        Watch for July in-
nutrients, all chocolate starts out as                                                       store demos and
raw cacao “beans” or nuts, which                                                             free samples
grow on the tropical tree, Theobroma             •	   Stimulates the pleasure centers        of Sacred
Cacao (“food of the gods” in Latin).                  of the brain with more than 300        Chocolate®!
Similar to fine wine, premium beans                   known phytonutrients, natural
grown and harvested under optimal                     anti-depressants, serotonin
conditions express terroir, the unique                builders, and stress defense shield             genuine health
flavor imparted by the environment. The               boosters
Sacred Chocolate raw process preserves           •	   High levels of theobromine which
this rich array of flavors naturally found            expands blood vessels, thereby
in raw cacao, as well as the amazing                  oxygenating the cells                                  120 caps
nutritional aspects of the raw bean. The                                                                    Reg. 44.99
                                                The combination of great flavor

benefits of raw chocolate include:
                                                and incredible health benefits make
  •	      One of the highest known sources      chocolate the perfect delivery vehicle                            $              99
          of anti-oxidants, surpassing even     for minerals, herbs, and super foods.
          green tea, dark berries, and red      Sacred Chocolate® takes advantage of
          wine                                  this with bars such as the Amazonian,
  •	      High magnesium, phosphorus and        with over thirty therapeutic and super
          chromium content                      food herbs, seeds, nuts, and berries; and,
  •	      1/20th the caffeine of coffee beans   the Immuno Mushroom, with ten plus

tips from

                                                                      Did you know your mouth can be home to 50 billion
                                                                      bacteria of some 100 different species? Some of them are
                                                                      friendly and healthful, but most of them are not, and can
                                                                      cause all kinds of trouble, including gum disease. To fight
                                                                      this naturally, look for a combination of concentrated plant
                                                                      oils – for internal use – that include peppermint, cinnamon,
                                                                      clove, and oregano. They have excellent anti-bacterial
                                                                      properties and get to the places that floss can’t reach.
                                                                      Find out more at www.TerryTalksNutrition.com in my article,
                                                                      Natural Medicines for Periodontal Gum Disease. While
                                                                      you’re there, sign up for our free weekly newsletter!

                                                          Terry Lemerond has over 40 years experience in the health food industry. He is currently the president of
                                                          EuroPharma. With his wife, Debra, they also own and operate a natural food store in Green Bay, Terry
                                                          Naturally. Terry has created over 400 formulations and has tremendous experience and knowledge in
                                                          developing natural formulations. Terry writes a weekly educational column covering a variety of health
                                                          topics, and hosts a live weekly web-based radio program, Terry Talks Nutrition. Terry’s mission is to
                                                          introduce revolutionary natural products that will improve the health of America.

                                                                                                  Duane Jones D.D.S.
                                                                                                    33507 9th Ave. S. Bldg E, Federal Way, WA

                                                                                                        Call today! 253.941.8000
                             Holistic Focus, High- Tech Approach, Beautiful Result
                                                                                            A Holistic Approach to Your Dental Health
                                     No more allergies,                                        • Conscious Sedation • Mercury Free Dentistry
                                     asthma or chronic
                                      sinus infections                                       • Biological Root Canals - Don’t lose your teeth
                                     A holistic, non-pharmaceutical
                                    treatment for upper respiratory
                                       infections & ear infections.                                    • Digital X-rays • Dental Implants

                                                                                                       • Laser Fillings - no drills, no shots
                                           Guilt Free
                                       Dental Experiences                                                • Functional Orthodontic Care
                                 We will never lecture or ridicule
                                   our patients for their past
      VELscope                            dental history.                                    •TMJ, Headaches & Craniofacial pain treatment
   1st FDA approved oral         WE’RE HERE TO HELP YOU
  tissue cancer screening.
  Every hour of every day
                                  FROM TODAY FORWARD.                                     •Treatment for Sleep Apnea- an alternative to CPAP
 someone in America dies
        of Oral Cancer.

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                                                                                                                                                              JULY 21
                                 it’s peak
                                                                  berry season!
                                                    Local raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries
                                                    are the pinnacle of summer time perfection. The flavors of these
                                                    backyard beauties surpass any imported or shipped variety, with
                                                    sugars so ripe and delicate they nearly preserve themselves within
                                                    hours of picking. Here at Marlene’s we are lucky enough to get
                                                    a few superb varieties of fresh berries from local farms like Terrie’s
                                                    Berries and Little Earth Farms.

                                                    Such ripe, precious gems hardly warrant anything besides popping
                                                    them continuously into one’s mouth until only stained fingertips
                                                    remain as evidence. However, I find if I do wish to concoct a recipe,
                                                    I want it to be simple and above all, highlight a food’s deliciousness.
                                                    This recipe is just that and can be made with any one of the berries
                                                    from any of your favorite local summertime brambles. They’re also
                                                    a great treat to bring to potlucks and picnics.
Strawberries have a high water content and don’t    Christie Mae Qualey works in the Produce Dept. at Marlene’s-Tacoma and writes
set up as well as other berries. Add a teaspoon     her own food blog at www.reciprocity-foods.com.
of chia seeds to this recipe if you desire a more
solidified mixture.

  Summer Berry Tart Recipe
 Makes 8-10 mini tarts
1/2 cup               shredded coconut
1 cup                 medjool dates, pitted
1/2 lemon             zest and juice

 Put above ingredients into food processor and pulse until fine sticky texture is
 reached. Taking a 2 inch size ball of mixture, form into little tart shells, pinching
 evenly with thumb and index finger. Place in fridge while filling is prepared.

Berry Filling
1 cup berries of choice (I used blueberries)
5-6      medjool dates, pitted
1/2      zest and juice of orange

Place ingredients into food processor and blend smooth. Place a dollop into
each tart and top with your favorite contrasting berry. Chill in fridge for at least
an hour to set and enjoy!

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