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                                                                                     AIDS IN BLACK AMERICA

                                                                                     Los Angeles, California
                                                                                     The Honorable Antonio Villaraigosa
                                                                                     200 N. Spring St. #303, Los Angeles, CA 90012

                      Los Angeles

                                                                                     City AIDS Coordinator
                                                                                     Stephen David Simon, J.D.
                                                                                     201 N. Figueroa #100, Los Angeles, CA 90012

     os Angeles, California’s rich creative industry is exported throughout the
     country and the world by its many studios and filmmakers. Less known            County AIDS Director
     is the legacy of Black performers that made Central Avenue sizzle in the        Mario J Perez
early years such as Lucius Brooks, Spencer Williams and Dorothy Dandrige.            600 S. Commonwealth Ave., 10th Fl.
Since then Halle Berry and Forest Whitaker have gone on to win Oscars for roles      Los Angeles, CA 90005
that went beyond mainstream producers’ usual depiction of Black characters.          213-351-8000,
The city can sometimes feel like an ocean of sprawl connected by freeways  
and overpasses. The city encompasses the harbor and beach communities and
the valley districts over the mountains. Besides the entertainment industry,
healthcare and aircraft development are some of the area’s largest employers.        State AIDS Director
                                                                                     Michelle Roland, M.D.
Celebrities such as Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Sheryl Lee Ralph can often be         1616 Capitol #616, Sacramento, CA 95814
found lending their support and speaking out to raise awareness and increase         916-449-5900,
HIV prevention and treatment. There are a lot of resources here for area activists
to tap into. We are proud to call Los Angeles home and to share the city with
so many pioneering organizations like the Minority AIDS Project, Women
Alive, Bienestar, Oasis Clinic, AIDS Project Los Angeles and the AIDS Healthcare     State Health Department Director
                                                                                     Mark Horton
                                                                                     1501 Capitol #2004, Sacramento, CA 95814
Societies with policies addressing stigma are better prepared to combat AIDS.
At the federal level, prevention and treatment planning are hindered by the
absence of a national AIDS strategy. In California, mobilizers work under the
following aspects of their HIV/AIDS policy environment:

m California activists have fought to ensure that prevention strategies like
needle exchange and comprehensive sex and HIV/STI education are available in
the fight against the disease.

m Although sex education is voluntary in the state, the statute mandates that
HIV prevention information, contraception and abstinence be covered.                 CitySheets are a service of
                                                                                     Black AIDS Institute
m California criminalizes intentional HIV transmission.                              1833 W. Eighth St. #200
                                                                                     Los Angeles, CA 90057-4920
The city and county have recently launched initiatives to reach first-time testers   213-353-3610
and to encourage residents to know their HIV status. Area mobilizers will have       213-989-0181 fax
to work hard to achieve their goals and raise awareness in this era of deep state
cuts in prevention and programs funding. California’s leadership on AIDS is          Submit suggestions or corrections to
under siege today.                                                         
 Incidence and Prevalence: A Snapshot of the Epidemic in Los Angeles
                                                                                                     Black                       White                       Latino/a1
 Los Angeles County Population by Race/Ethnicity2                                             8.9% (883,911)              49.3% (4,870,294)            47.1% (4,658,878)
 Percentage and Actual Number of People Living with HIV/AIDS by                                22% (9,121)                   35% (14,642)                 39% (16,132)
 Race/Ethnicity, Los Angeles County, as of December 1, 20083
 Rate of People Living with HIV/AIDS per 100,000 People by Race/                                     967                          471                            331
 Ethnicity, Los Angeles County, as of December 1, 20083
 People Living with HIV by Race/Ethnicity, Los Angeles County, as                              23% (4,208)                    35% (6,256)                  37% (6,654)
 of December 1, 20083
 People Living with AIDS by Race/Ethnicity, Los Angeles County, as                             21% (4,913)                    35% (8,386)                  40% (9,478)
 of December 31, 20073
 Percentage of New AIDS Diagnoses by Race/Ethnicity, Los Angeles                               21.4% (136)                     15% (96)                    41.6% (264)
 County, 20083
 Percentage and Actual Number of People Living with HIV/AIDS by                               18.8% (18,971)                 47.2% (47,061)              29.6% (29,803)
 Race/Ethnicity, California, as of January 31, 20094

 Transmission Routes: How Are Black People in Los Angeles Getting HIV?
 Black Men                                                                                      Reported Risk Behavior                   Percent Black Men Reporting
 Transmission Routes/Behavioral Risk of Black Men Diagnosed with                            Men Who Have Sex with Men                                 54% (73)
 AIDS, Los Angeles County, 20073
                                                                                            Men Who Have Sex with Men/                                 7% (9)
                                                                                                Injection Drug Use
                                                                                                   Injection Drug Use                                  — (<5)
                                                                                                 Heterosexual Contact                                  — (<5)
 Black Women                                                                                    Reported Risk Behavior                 Percent Black Women Reporting
 Transmission Routes/Behavioral Risk of Black Women Diagnosed                                    Heterosexual Contact                                 27% (12)
 with AIDS, Los Angeles County, 20073
                                                                                                   Injection Drug Use                                  11% (5)
                                                                                              Other or Unreported Risk                                58% (26)

 Segments of the Black Community
                                                                                            <13         13-19       20-29        30-39        40-49        50-59         60+
 Black People Living with AIDS by Age Group, Los Angeles County,                            <1%         <1%           4%          15%         43%          29%           8%
 20083                                                                                       (8)        (14)         (182)       (760)       (2,122)      (1,417)       (410)

 AIDS Deaths
                                                                                              Year               Black                   White                  Latino/a1
 Percent and Number of Annual Deaths among People Diagnosed                                  2002              28% (175)               32% (203)               37% (235)
 with AIDS by Race/Ethnicity, Los Angeles County, 2002-063
                                                                                             2003              28% (179)               35% (221)                34% (213)
                                                                                             2004              27% (175)               35% (227)                35% (230)
                                                                                             2005              25% (144)               36% (208)                36% (206)
                                                                                             2006              24% (116)               38% (182)                33% (157)

1. Latino/a includes those of all races.                                                     6. Los Angeles County includes 88 incorporated cities and numerous unincorporated
2. Source: U.S. Census Bureau. 2005-2007 American Community Survey 3-Year Estimates.            areas. Cities include Los Angeles City, Long Beach, Pasadena, Inglewood, Carson, Accessed September, 2009.                                      and Compton. Unincorporated areas include Baldwin Hills, East Compton, East Los
3. Source: Los Angeles County of Public Health. HIV Epidemiology Program. January               Angeles, Ladera Heights, West Carson, and West Compton.
   2009 HIV/AIDS Semi-Annual Surveillance Summary. Cases reported as of 12/31/08.            7. ALL 2008 DATA ARE PROVISIONAL DUE TO REPORTING DELAY.
   Accessed 9/2009. www.                                      8. California Confidential AIDS case reporting, by name, began in March 1983.
4. Source: California Department of Public Health, Office of AIDS, HIV/AIDS Case Registry    9. California HIV reporting was first implemented on July 1, 2002, by non-name code
   Section, data as of January 31, 2009. 2009 HIV/AIDS Statistics. http://www.cdph.         10. HIV reporting by name began on April 17, 2006 Accessed 9/2009.                  11. HIV Incidence Surveillance reporting began on March 1, 2005.
5. 2007 Data are provisional, numbers are based on tests not necessarily individuals.       12. Not all Races/Ethnicities included. Percentages may not equal 100.
Black Civil and                                                                 The CitySheet Series
Social Organizations                                                                This CitySheet is a resource intended to
                                                                                provide Black community stakeholders that
                                                                                want to get involved in stopping the disease
                                                                                with AIDS information and potential partners.
                                                                                These numbers represent real people in
NAACP                                     Brotherhood Crusade                   your community who are impacted by HIV
Los Angeles Branch                        200 E. Slauson Ave.                   and AIDS. These organizations represent
PO Box 6408                               Los Angeles, CA 90011                 traditional Black leadership and have an
Los Angeles, CA 90056                     323-846-1649                          important role to play in ending AIDS in the
310-397-1171                              323-235-5536 fax                      Black community.
                                                                                    In our annual State of AIDS reports, we
310-397-1179 fax                
                                                                                assess the national picture of AIDS in Black                     Charisse Bremond- Weaver, President   communities. Unfortunately, from year to                                                        year, the reality persists: Blacks bear the brunt
Leon Jenkins, President                   Black Journalists Association of      of HIV/AIDS in America, no matter how you
                                          Southern California                   look at it, whether by gender, age, sexual
National Coalition of 100 Black           P. O. Box 75129                       orientation, geography, and socioeconomic
Women                                     Los Angeles, CA 90075                 class. The reasons for high infection rates
Los Angeles Chapter                                      among Black people are complicated
P.O. Box 56337                                            and numerous; poverty, homelessness,
Los Angeles, CA 90056-0337                Lisa Cox, President                   incarceration, STDs, widespread concurrent
310-837-5495                                                                    sexual partnerships in dense networks. These                              Jewel’s Catch One                     immense and inter-connected challenges
Dove Savage Pinkney, President            4067 W. Pico Blvd.                    require powerful and varied responses
                                          Los Angeles, CA 90019                 that span across all sectors of the Black
National Council of Negro Women           323-734-8849                          community.
Southern California Area                  323-734-2467 fax                      Local Information
Council House                   
                                                                                     In this CitySheet we look at the local
3720 W. 54th St                           Jewel Thais-Williams, Founder and     picture. While most of this information is
Los Angeles, CA 90043                     Owner                                 publicly available in health department
323-299-9751                                                                    reports and websites, it is presented here
323-299-8751 fax                          Rainbow PUSH                          under our focus on Black people, framed by                              1313 W. 8th St. #232                  our analysis and call to action. There is still
Othetta Glover , California Co-Convener   Los Angeles, CA 90017                 a lot we don’t know about the epidemic; at
                                          213-483-3500                          least 25% of people who are infected don’t
National Action Network                   213-483-3577 fax                      know their status, and our ability to monitor
Western Regional Office                            the epidemic is not perfect.
5003 S. La Brea Ave.                      Mishael Israel, Executive Director         Use this information as you see fit. Call
Los Angeles, CA 90056                                                           the radio stations and politicians, connect
323-293-2406                              Congressional Black Caucus            the civil rights organizations with the AIDS             The Honorable Maxine Waters           organizations, and talk to your neighbors
Tony R. Wafford, President                California, 35th District             about the numbers. Ending AIDS in Black                       10124 S. Broadway #1                  America starts with you.
                                          Los Angeles, CA 90003                       Join our efforts; a description of our
100 Black Men of Los Angeles, Inc.        323-757-8900                          mobilization campaigns including Test
3701 Stocker St. #309                     323-757-9506 fax                      1 Million is available on our website. For
Los Angeles, CA 90008                             assistance on turning this information into
323-294-7444                                           action, please call the Black AIDS Institute at                                                                 213-353-3610.                       Congressional Black Caucus            Notes on the Data
Donald Lancaster, President               The Honorable Laura Richardson             m Data is collected each year, but due to
                                          California, 37th District             backlogs and reporting schedules the most
Los Angeles Urban League                  100 W. Broadway                       current numbers are not always available.
3450 Mount Vernon Dr.                     West Tower #600                            m Information is presented at the city,
Los Angeles, CA 90008                     Long Beach, CA 90802                  county and state level, depending on what
323-299-9660                              562-436-3828                          was available. Jurisdictions are noted.                              562-437-6434 fax                           m Some data show the number/                                   percentage of HIV infections alone and in
Blair H. Taylor, President                             some cases HIV infections are combined with
                                                                                cases of full blown AIDS. Be mindful of this
National Pan-Hellenic Council             Congressional Black Caucus            distinction.
Western Region                            The Honorable Diane E. Watson              m HIV is primarily transmitted through
P. O. Box 431152                          California, 33rd District             sex, injection drug use, and in childbirth.
Los Angeles, CA 90043                     4322 Wilshire Blvd. #302              HIV is spread through blood, semen, vaginal                            Los Angeles, CA 90010                 fluids and breast milk. Transmission route
Edward Carter, President                  323-965-1422                          information is collected from people who
                                          323-965-1113 fax                      test positive for HIV to find out how they
                                                                                think they got infected; also known as
Lucy Florence Cultural Center   
                                                                                “self-reporting.” The transmission route
3351 W. 43rd St.                                       information is not intended to stigmatize
Los Angeles, CA 90008                                                           groups or behaviors but to inform prevention
323-293-1356                              Coalition of Black Trade Unionists    planning efforts.
323-293-1276 fax                          Southern California Chapter                m Organizational contact information          213-760-8696                          represents that which was available at the                                   time this CitySheet was published.
Ron and Richard Harris, Owners            Ruby Spann, President
HIV/AIDS Organizations
Black AIDS Institute                AIDS Project Los Angeles           California Black Women’s          323-660-2450
1833 W. 8th St. #200                611 S. Kingsley Dr.                Health Project          
Los Angeles, CA 90057               Los Angeles, CA 90005              101 N. La Brea Ave. #610          Richard D. Cordova, FACHE,
213-353-3610                        213-201-1543                       Inglewood, CA 90301               President and Chief Executive
213-989-0181 fax                                 310-412-1828                      Officer                   Craig E. Thompson, Executive       310-412-0923 fax        
Phill Wilson, Founder and Chief     Director                 
Executive Officer                                                      Crystal Crawford, Esq., Chief     In the Meantime Men’s           Women Alive                        Executive Officer                 Group, Inc.
                                    1566 Burnside Ave.                       P. O. Box 29861
Asian Pacific AIDS                  Los Angeles, CA 90019                                                Los Angeles, CA 90024
Intervention Team                   323-965-1564                       Diva Foundation                   323-733-4868
605 W. Olympic Blvd. #610           323-965-1564 fax                   900 Sunset Blvd, #709   
Los Angeles, CA 90015                     West Hollywood, CA 90069          Jeffrey King, Founder and
213-553-1835                        Carrie Broadus, Executive          323-396-8951                      Executive Director
213-553-1833 fax                    Director                           323-936-0323 fax             Minority AIDS Project
                                                                     5149 Jefferson Blvd.
LA Gay & Lesbian Center             Oasis Clinic                       Sheryl Lee Ralph, Founder         Los Angeles, CA 90016
1625 N. Schrader Blvd.              1807 E. 120th St.                                                    323-936-4949
Los Angeles, CA 90028-6213          Los Angeles, CA 90059              Children’s Hospital LA  
323-993-7400                        310-668-4213                       4650 Sunset Blvd.                 Victor P. McKamie, M.P.A.,                 310-631-2934 fax                   Los Angeles, CA 90027             Executive Director
Lori L. Jean, Chief Executive
Officer                             Wilbert C. Jordan, M.D., M.P.H.,               Medical Director

JWCH Institute, Inc.
1910 W. Sunset Blvd. #650
Los Angeles, CA 90026
                                    Common Ground-the
                                    Westside HIV Community
                                                                       Black Media
213-484-1186                        2012 Lincoln Blvd.
213-413-3443 fax                    Santa Monica, CA 90405             L.A. Metropolitan Gazette         KTWV 94.7 FM               310-314-5480                       14621 Titus St. #228              5670 Wilshire Blvd. #200
Alvaro Ballesteros, M.B.A., Chief   310-314-5487 fax                   Van Nuys, CA 91402                Los Angeles, CA 90036
Executive Officer                   www.commongroundwestside.          Hilliard Hamm, Publisher      org                                                                  310-840-7100
                                    Sharon Chamberlain, Executive      KJAZZ 88.1 FM
Bienestar Human Services            Director                           1288 N Bellflower Blvd.           L.A. Watts Times
5326 Beverly Blvd.                                                     Long Beach, CA 90815              3540 Wilshire Blvd. #PH3,
Los Angeles, CA 90022               Being Alive                        562-985-5566                      Los Angeles, CA 90010
323-727-7896                        7531 Santa Monica Blvd. #100       562-985-2982 fax                  213-251-5700, ext. 211
323-727-0284 fax                    West Hollywood, CA 90046               213-251-5720 fax                   323-874-4322                                               
Oscar De La O, President and        323-969-8753 fax                   KHHT 92.3 FM
Executive Director                       3400 W. Olive Ave. #550           KPWR 105.9 FM                Kevin Kurth, Executive Director    Burbank, CA 91505                 2600 W. Olive Ave., 8th Fl.
                                       818-559-2252                      Burbank, CA 91505
AltaMed Health Services,                                               818-955-8178 fax                  818-953-4200
Inc.                                AIDS Healthcare                              818-848-0961 fax
500 Citadel Dr. #490                Foundation                                                 
Los Angeles, CA 90040               6255 W. Sunset Blvd., 21st Fl.     Los Angeles Sentinel
323-725-8751                        Los Angeles, CA 90028              3800 Crenshaw Blvd.               Wave Newspapers                     323-860-5200                       Los Angeles, CA 90008             1730 W. Olympic Blvd. #500
Castulo de la Rocha, J.D.,          323-962-8513 fax                   323-299-3800                      Los Angeles, CA 90015
President and Chief Executive                 323-299-9896 fax                  323-556-5720
Officer                             Michael Weinstein, President                213-835-0584 fax                Jennifer Thomas, Publisher

   Black AIDS Institute                                                                                  This project is funded, in part, by
   The Black AIDS Institute, founded in 1999, is the only national HIV/AIDS think tank in the            the generous contributions of
   United States focused exclusively on Black people. The Institute’s mission is to stop the AIDS        the Ford Foundation, Broadway
   pandemic in Black communities by engaging and mobilizing Black leaders, institutions and              Cares and the Elton John AIDS
   individuals in efforts to confront HIV. The Institute conducts HIV policy research, interprets
   public and private sector HIV policies, conducts trainings, builds capacity, disseminates                  FORD
   information, and provides advocacy and mobilization from a uniquely and unapologetically                   FOUNDATION
   Black point of view.

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