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					                                            No: 20                                         6 July, 2007

We rarely stop to consider that almost every item with which we interact has not only been manufactured, but has also
been designed. In Technology students learn and develop both of these skills which are essential to our consumer-led
Fabrics Students design and manufacture a number of items from boxer shorts to a backpacks in Year 9, through to a
ball gown in Year 10. Our Food students learn to develop not only skills essential to life, but also skills that could
enable them to undertake work in a commercial kitchen. Essential practical techniques and nutritional knowledge are
developed in Years 8 and 9, and in Years 10 to 12 students research the food of different cultures and plan social
occasions and functions.
Early Childhood Studies (Years 11 and 12) focuses on the development of young children. We have had two guest
speakers this term, Mrs Catherine Eppen-Van der Aa (with her baby daughter Elizabeth) and midwife Mrs Isobel
Pemberton from the Peel Health Campus, who have introduced the students to the realities of parenthood. Students
have trialled language activities in our Junior School and, most excitingly, have had the opportunity to take home
overnight (or for the brave, a weekend) the Virtual Baby, providing them with a full, simulated parental experience!
Year 9 and 10 Information Technology students have been experiencing industry standard programmes. Applied
Information Technology students have designed websites based on client meetings, and Digital Media students have
explored the techniques behind Wallace & Gromit and Harvey Krumpet by producing “claymation” movies using
Windows Movie Maker. Applied IT is a new Course of Study, as is Computer Science. Later this year students will be
working on a virtual “walkthrough” of the College campus, for eventual inclusion on the College website.
An essential skill for any designer is communication. Technical Graphics develops this through sketching, tonal work,
engineering drawing and CAD. Core skills are developed in Years 9 and 10, and in Year 11 students undertake an
architectural project, which this year will involve designing a shelter for the PE Department to be situated on the
College oval. Year 12 students have been redesigning mobile phones for a specific user group. Design Technology is
another subject that enables students to lead into either practical trades, or to a Design or Engineering course at
University. Year 8 students learn the fundamentals of design and communication and Year 9 students are currently
putting the final touches to their gas-powered model dragsters, hoping to repeat the success of last year when our
students‟ dragsters came 9th and 17th in the National Finals of the Toyota CO2 Dragster Challenge.
Another new Course of Study is Engineering Studies, and around thirty-five students are currently nearing completion
of their guitar necks, which will ultimately become the essential component of their electric guitars. This project, in
many ways a perfect design and make project, has not only been immensely popular with our students, but we have also
received visits from a number of other schools wishing to set up similar courses.
Furniture Design students learn and use the types of processes commonly found in the industrial production of furniture
and other items, as well as the related design skills. Our Year 11 students have been developing their jointing and
finishing skills in the design and manufacture of cutting boards. These, together with some occasional tables
manufactured by Year 12 students will be on display as part of the Out of the Woods exhibition/competition at the
West Australian Wood Show at Claremont Showgrounds on August 10-12.
The Technology subjects allow our students to undertake work that is very similar in its nature to that which they will
encounter in the world of work. As well as practical skills they learn how to communicate clients and how to solve
problems creatively. These are all not only skills for life, but also skills that could allow them to enter one of a large
number of employment areas. They are also, as our students will tell you, skills that lead to a great deal of satisfaction
and enjoyment.
                                                                          Mark Smith, Co-ordinator of Technology

Dates to Remember
Monday 23, July                  Pupil Free Day – SECONDARY SCHOOL ONLY
                              Junior School Birthdays
July 10        Brier Holman          5 years        July 10         Annin Cairnduff       10 years
July 13        MrsPauline Spencer    ??? years      July 17         Daneeka Hudson        6 years
July 17        Matthew Capone        9 years         July 18        Tristan Faure         9 years
July 23        Paige Tarr            10 years       July 24         Katie Fahey           7 years
July 25        Ethan Barrett         12 years
The end of the semester is upon, us and as I sit and reflect on the many events that have happened over the
last two terms I realize that there are too many to try to list them all. However, what I can say is that some
very powerful, exciting and motivating learning has been happening in all areas of our Junior School. It was
extremely heartwarming to hear the Junior School staff described as a dynamic staff, because they do put
their hearts and souls into providing the best for the children. It is nice to know that their commitment is
valued and appreciated.
This in turn is supported by the continual commitment from the parent body and that is evident everyday; as
there are usually some parents doing something with some classes everyday. It is also evident through the
dedication and commitment of our P&F Association. This semester we have been the beneficiaries of their
fundraising through the purchase of many new books for Literacy Programme, play equipment, games and
puzzles for many classes and most evident is the second half of the Early Childhood Adventure Playground.
The students are having a ball playing on it…even with all of this wet weather!
As many of you are aware, Mrs Linda Sloper has been off work for most of this term with a knee injury.
The good point is that she should be returning at the commencement of next term. I would like to
acknowledge and thank Mrs Sandra Coles and Mrs Kerry Spencer for stepping in and continuing the great
work that Mrs Sloper commenced in Term 1. Pre-Primary is such a crucial year and the transition from one
teacher to the other was very smooth. So I thank them both for all they have done to make the term as easy
as possible for the students.
Relay for Life: Mrs Gayle McGovern came and spoke to us at briefing on Monday morning about the
possibility of forming teams for the Relay for Life that is to be held in November. If you would like to find
out more about Relay for Life or watch the DVD about it, please contact your class co-ordinators.
I am off to Nairobi on Saturday, and I ask that you keep the staff, students and myself in your prayers over
the next two weeks and prayers for the work that we will be doing while we are there. I, too, will be keeping
you in my prayers that you have a safe and happy holiday and I look forward to what Term 3 will bring.
Please note that there IS school for the Junior School students on Monday July 23.

What‟s coming up in the Junior School….
Monday, July 23                                     Start of Term 3
Wednesday, July 25                                  Year 7 Confirmation Retreat
Saturday, July 28                                   Year 4 Communion Commitment Mass 6pm
May God‟s blessing be with you all                                  Kerry Merritt, Head of Junior School

…are YOU up to date on DRUGS..our KIDS are!!
Southland Care (SLC) & Greenfields Lions Club proudly present a number of courses being held at
Mandurah Senior Citizens Building from 28 July to 12 September. This progamme is designed to help
families be informed, build open communication, encourage and develop family relationships. The
progamme is supported by Teen Challenge, WA Police Dept (StreetNet Mandurah) and Focus on the
Family. Brochures are available from reception desk. Bookings are essential. Please direct any enquiries to
SLC on 9581 2485 or Karen Jarvis on 0401 133 776 after 3.00pm.
CDF BANKING - Banking will be done every Monday. Bank books must be into the school office by
Friday afternoon. New accounts please see Naomi at the Parish Office (3/65 Pinjarra Rd). Happy Banking !!

ATTENTION SUSHI LOVERS – Fresh and tasty Sushi will be available to all MCC Staff and Students
on the 8 August. Satisfy your taste buds with a vegetarian, chicken teriyaki and combination ordered
through Chef’s Delight. The cost is $3 per 3 pack. Spare order forms are available from office. Please
place your order forms and correct money in sushi box at the front office NO LATER THAN 27 JULY.


It has been a busy term for Year 12‟s. We have had presentations from Notre Dame, ECU and Murdoch
regarding their courses and entry requirements. The programme of University and TAFE talks is just about
completed with UWA scheduled for next term. Students had the opportunity to enrol to vote in the lead up
to exam week, forms will be returned as students turn 17. Forms are still available if students missed out.
Students will have had all their examination results back and should have a fair indication of where they are
at. If results were a little disappointing, there is still another term to make some improvements. With one
term of courses to go, all students should be preparing for a big effort next term.

Instep students were in the workplace for a week during the non-contact time and they acquitted themselves
very well. I would like to thank staff for all their effort with the Year 12‟s and for all the extra hours they
offer to students with after school tutoring. The students are extremely fortunate to have such dedicated
teachers looking after their interests.

Finally, a word about the assessment policy. Letters are sent home for late submission or if in-class
assessments are missed. They are an important communication between home and school to keep parents
informed of what is happening in the student‟s school life and to ensure they do not fall behind. In addition
to the work coming in, the letter also needs to be returned so that the work can be included in the final mark.
I encourage students to return their letters quickly so they are not forgotten. A lot of time is spent reminding
students to bring them in. Return within a week of receipt would be appreciated. To all students, enjoy the
break and come back ready to work hard!                            [Mrs Lynne Choate, Co-ordinator Year 12]

COMPUTING COURSE FOR NOVICES - The College will be running a computing course for
parents and friends of the College in Term 3. The course will teach people how to:
       Set up and use email accounts, so you can send and receive emails using a hotmail account.
       Set up and use MS messenger, lets you talk to people over the net.
       Use search engines to find thing, refine your searches, and which search engine to use.
       How to Shop on line using EBay, to log on, set an account and browse through the catalogues.
       Help with any other problems where possible.
Details of the course:            Place: Mandurah Catholic College in Technology Labs
                                  Time: 3.20 - 4.30 Wednesday afternoons
                                  Dates: 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 August & 5 & 12 September
                                  Cost: $5.00
If you are interested in doing this course fill in the slip below and return it to Mr Hayden Bandy, Service
Learning Co-ordinator via administration. All enquires to Mr Bandy: 0400887691
Computing course for Novices
I ______________________ would like to enroll in the computing course starting on Wednesday, 1 August
at Mandurah Catholic College

DANCE AUDITIONS - If you consider yourself to have excellent training in classical and jazz dancing
and would like to audition for Moulin Rouge there will be auditions at the Ausdance Studio 2 – King Street
Art Centre – Perth on Saturday, 14 July at 1.00 pm. A requirement is that you are minimum height of 175
cms for girls and minimum height of 185 cms for boys. For more information email Miss Janet Pharaoh at
PHOTGRAPHY COMPETITION WINNERS - The focus for the Year 10 Career classes this term has
been researching occupations, as part of this process students entered a statewide photography competition.
We aim was for students to take photos of diverse occupations. I am thrilled to announce we had four
placements for the Peel region. The photographs are now entered in a statewide competition.
Congratulations to the following students: First Place: Dean McKittrick (Earth Moving Company).
Second Place: Molly Gordon (Chemist). Third Place: Elizabeth Hardingham (Farrier). Fourth Place:
Molly Gordon ( Doctor & Patient).
2007 TEE REVISION – Academic Taskforce provides Study skills and exam preparation courses for
students preparing for TEE for more information contact Dr. Pam Bagworth at or phone 9316 3599.
SAE INSTITUTE - If you are interested in a career in music, animation, film or multimedia The SAE
institute in Perth has many courses that maybe of interest to you. For more information go to
or phone 9325 4533
ABILITIES CAREERS EXPO – Information for students, families and teachers about employment,
further education, post school options available to students with physical, sensory, intellectual or psychiatric
disabilities. Forrest Place Perth City, 21 September 9.30 – 2.00 pm.            [Mrs Lynn Wilson, Careers]

I think my son or daughter might be being bullied. Your son or daughter may be reluctant to tell anyone if
he/she is being bullied. There are many things your son or daughter may do or say which may be taken as
warning signs that he/she may be being bullied at school.
These signs include:
        Less interest in school or not wanting to go to school;
        Lower school performance;
        Frequent complaints of headaches or stomach aches;
        Frequent damage or loss of items such as clothing, property or school work;
        Frequent injuries such as bruises or cuts and a reluctance to say why;
        Difficulty sleeping or having nightmares;
        Asking for extra lunch or pocket money;
        Generally unhappy, miserable, moody and/or irritable;
        Having no friends to share free time with; and/or
        Rarely invited to parties or other social activities with peers.
How to raise your concerns with your son or daughter:
If you think your son or daughter may be being bullied try the following:
 Talk with your child at an „informal‟ eg - when you are driving, shopping or doing a chore together;
 Sit side by side rather than face to face as this may be too confrontational for your son or daughter;
 Try to discuss your son or daughter‟s friends rather than ask him/her about bullying in the first instance;
 Ask your son or daughter how he/she is enjoying school and his/her classes;
 Use open ended questions such as „What did you do at school today?‟ and „Which friends do you sit
    with at lunch time?‟;
 Encourage your son or daughter to talk with a teacher at school he/she trusts if he/she is having any
    problems with his/her school work or friends;
 Ask another family member or significant adult in your son or daughter‟s life to also talk with him/her
    about school.

A BARGAIN FOR THE BALL – Where can you enjoy a sumptuous three-course meal and a night of
live entertainment for just $65? At the 2007 Spring Ball, of course! And that‟s at last year‟s price. This
night of nights will happen on Saturday, September 1 at the Atrium Convention Centre. Guests will be
able to select fine fare from a menu prepared by one of Mandurah‟s leading chefs and Perth band, “The
Corvettes” will keep the dance floor busy, playing music to suit everyone‟s tastes. Tables will seat 8 people,
so organise your group now. Tickets will be available for purchase by Friday, July 27 (first week of Term
Three). The dress code is strictly formal (No Jeans). What better way to herald in Spring!!
Movie Bonus over the Holidays:
If you enjoy going to the movies make sure you get some vouchers from Mrs Screaigh at Student Reception.
You then hand in the vouchers at the Reading Cinemas box office when purchasing tickets. One voucher can
be used per movie ticket; these are then tallied and the P&F receives complimentary passes that can be used
as prizes, in raffles etc                                 [Mrs Nancy Belfrage, Fundraising Co-ordinator]

HOLIDAY TENNIS CLINICS – Mandurah Tennis Club are running holiday clinics from 9-13 July.
Coaching is available please call Paul on 0430 340 282.

commences Tuesday, 24 July at 4.00pm. Contact Steve Turner mobile 0438 060 507.

THE IMPACTERS CATHOLIC YOUTH CONFERENCE – Is being held from 11-13 July. For a
brochure, registration form or more information phone the Youth Impact office on 9445 3722. email or website:

FOR PARENTS – Challenger TAFE in Mandurah has a range of exciting options to help you take that
first step back into work or training. Contact us now to study next term. For more information call Gwyn
on 9586 7432.

Christian Brothers Schools in Western Australia are invited to attend a function at the Burswood Theatre on
August 26 this year. This celebration will afford us the opportunity to acknowledge an extraordinary era
spanning 113 years of Christian Brothers education within Western Australia, while learning more of their
continuing Mission in Australia embracing the Asia Pacific region.
This event is being held at the Burswood Theatre on August 26 at 4.30pm. Tickets are $25 each. For further
particulars contact Maureen Colgan on 08 9317 2753 any time, Michael Perrott on 08 9474 1799 (during
business hours), or download the Registration Form at: This function is
open to all friends and associates who wish to participate in this unique opportunity to acknowledge the
Christian Brothers, to thank them for their past commitment and to wish them well in their future

between the ages of 6 and 16. To be held in the second week of the school holidays. The camp will be
conducted by SBL Men‟s Head Coach Jason Chalk. Don‟t Miss Out Book Early on 9534 7908.

AFS is seeking volunteer host families to let exchange students from other cultures enjoy and explore the
Australian way of life. AFS have students arriving in 8 weeks and others arriving in February 2008 for 5-11
months. Please call Bianca on 0424 504 613, Marnelke on 9444 1009 or visit for more

BILLY DOWER SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAMME – From 9-18 July at Billy Dower Youth Center
please telephone 9550 3670.
AFS is seeking volunteer host families to let exchange students from other cultures enjoy and explore the
Australian way of life. AFS have students arriving in 8 weeks and others arriving in February 2008 for 5-11
months. Please call Bianca on 0424 504 613, Marnelke on 9444 1009 or visit

HELP WANTED – If anyone has unwanted working household appliances/white goods to donate to a
family of MCC, whose house burnt down. Please contact Joanne Bickford on 0427 312 249. It will be
greatly appreciated as they have lost everything.


                                  WEDNESDAY 22 AUGUST 2007
With the College continually growing we have had to divide the Interhouse Athletics Carnival over two
days. The Canteen will operate as normal with lunch orders and serving at recess and lunch on both days for
those students who are not participating at the carnival.

Students who are involved with the carnival on either day will NOT BE PERMITTED to use the Canteen.
However, for these students the Canteen will also be providing facilities down on the oval for those who are
involved with the carnivals on either days.

Closer to the day will be calling for additional volunteers to help man the drink van and hot food stall on
both days. If your children tell you that you are not required to attend the carnival and you would like to do
so without being intrusive then the Canteen Staff would like to hear from you as soon as possible. Please
contact Kim on 9531 9760 early in Term 3 to be placed on the roster for theses days. We would like to wish
all families a safe and restful holiday break…Canteen Staff

ARE YOU FREE? - Canteen Helpers URGENTLY Required! The Canteen is short 7 helpers in term 3
due to current volunteers returning to the workforce. In order to prepare the roster for Term 3 the Canteen
URGENTLY needs more helpers. Please if you can be of assistance contact Kim in the Canteen on 9531
9760 ASAP thank you.

SERVERY ROSTER                       COMMENCING                     Term 3 Monday 23 July 2007

MONDAY                                   WEDNESDAY                                   FRIDAY
23/07/07                                25/07/07                                   27/07/07
Canteen Staff to Man Servery           Leah Briffa                                 Susanna Cocivera

CANTEEN ROSTER              COMMENCING                              Term 3 Monday 23 July 2007
MONDAY            TUESDAY         WEDNESDAY                           THURSDAY         FRIDAY
23/07/07       24/07/07         25/07/07                              26/07/07       27/07/07
Pupil Free Day Jacky Denning    Beverly Curtis                       Shirley Ianello Mark Taylor
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