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									                                                                                                            L1    i    .       ' * SI"1 !
                                                                       I   — - : r ••- •

                                                                                            FAIRPORT HERALD-MAlL FaWrt, NX, May Zi, 1973
                                                                                                               e University of) Iowa's stu-
                                                                                           . * / • •

                                                                                                               newspaper, The aily Iowan;
                                                                                                           81 been nameH t' ;"beat all-
                At-,                                                                                       aund student newspaper" in its
                                                                                                            e-state region jby Sigma Delta
                                                                                                           ijj, a professironal'ijjournalism
                                                                                                           Three student staff jtiiembere o n
                       5 •                                                                                 W Daily Iowan received indivi-
                                                                                                        diilal honors. A .thira place certi-
                                                 V       OT3'
                                                       JUL                                                       in editorial rwjrijting was
                                                                                                        alifjarded to feature Editor, Barb
                                        _ **&&                                                          Ylafet. She is thq daughter of Mr.
                                                                                                              Mrs. WeldohiYofe 1!17 NetUc

                                                                                                         Schodl Menus
                    P A V I N O T H E WAY              ie t o w n of P e r in t o n r e -                 I JR. & SR.          H|GH|CHOOLS
              ceiitly a d d e r fifteen p a r k i g spaces to Krjeag R o a d
              P a r k . The e> pansion of the •arking lot w a s u n d e r t h e                          ' MONDAY, May'dfe,- Holiday
                                                                                                           [TUESDAY, Mayjf9 n Choice of
              direction !of [ H i g h w a y Supjj srintendjent Whitey O r n t                              •up or Juice; Stearin d Frank on a
              (far (right). The additional p a r k i n g spaces a r e n o w                                in; Pineapple & jQ t ttage Cheese
                                                                                                           dad; Warm Apple JDumpling;
              a v a i l a b l e for g e n e r a l use.
                                                                                                          ilk.                 v      ,jj
                                                                                                            WEDNESDAY, May 30- Pizza
             County VFW Aux. Installs Officials                                                            J/Meat & Moz. Cjneese; Tossed
                                                                                                           reen Salad; Chil|>|id Fruit Cup
                 Monroe      County Council V.F.W.        Monahar trustee 3 years, Mrs.                  w/Bananas; Choiqej of Desserts;
              Auxiliary       installed its new of-       Daniel Rj ah; secretary, Mrs. Louis            ''ilk.              !l
              ficers] at      a dji mer-meeting at        Reynolds assistant! sec, Mrs.                     THURSDAY, MifV 31- Chilled
              Burgundy       Basi Inn on May 19,          Leotta Mathews; A s s i s t a n t                ruit Juice; Baked Meat Ixiaf
              1973.                                       condiictresk, Mrs Heter Barber;                 ^Gravy; Pa^rslied Hice; Buttered
                                                          assistant! guard, Mrs Hazel Tice.             !fot Vegetablel Bread and Butter;
                                                                                                          •utterscotch Ifudcfllng with Wal-
                                                          GjlJ-jSwii                                      uts; Milk.    [
                                                                                                             BASKET IiUNCIH MENUS
                                                          Program Set                                       JR. & SR. HIGJljfeCHOOLS

                                                              Registrations are now being                 MONDAY, May 28 I Holiday                                    f-OWEST PRICES IN WESTERN NEW t d ^ K u - | |
                                                           accepted for the Second Perintoh              TUESDAYnMaj> J29-; Submarine
                                                                                                        Sandwich; Corn jChips; Fresh                                   FURNITURE - RUGS - DRAPERIES - LAMPS ^
                                                           Recreation Summej Gymnastics
                                                           and! Swim Program. This pro-                 •>uit Cup; Warm A )|ple Dumpling;
                                                                                                        Milk-              |         If:                                                                -, 11                    i
                                                           gram, n|)W in its secjond year, pro-
                                                           vides instruction in gymnastics                                     '• 30 - Chil-
                                                           along J with an opportunity for                                       ken Salad
                                                           recreate >nal swimming. There will          Sandwich on a Butj] Pptato Chips;
                                                           be thiie;,' two wee ; sessions of-          ^elishes; Ice (J^reubi Bar; Milk.
                                                           fered.j >                                     THURSDAlf, May! 31 - Tuna-
                                                              1st Sessionj- July 9-July 20; 2nd        ish Sandwich ori|b Bun; Potato
                                                           Sessiojn - July 23- August 3; 3rd            hips; Fruit jAiicp;|Re ishes; Sand-
                                                           Session - Augiust 6- \ugust 17.             wich Cookies* Mi
                                                             The'Instructors for the program
                                                           will bejMr. Raul Jacoby, who is.            JOHANNA       PE IN; NOKTH-
                                                           Fairpork High School Gymnastics                          i.SID!
             Mrfer Anth <>»y -Torquato
                                                           Coach, Mrs. Jean jUcoby who has
                                                       L instruo ed girls gyrnhastic'B'fo'r'tiTe
                                                                                                                                                                    ROBERtSOM PROPERTY
             Srj                                           Recreai ion Depar ment for the               "lCfONDA^Y]lvtaj|i2f - Holiday                                   , FAIRPORT, ROUTE 31F EAST)
                The installation ceremony was              past tvojyears. M irk Cummings                TUESDATJ Mfely 29 - Chicken                                     i 370 IVtACEDON CENTER ROAp
             performed byltie V.F.W. 8th Dis-              former Fairport g /mnastics star            Noodle Sour|witHrCpckers; Gril-
             trict president}, Mrs. William GOBS;          and presently a member of Iowa              led Cheese puhc|'jvich; Peach' &                                     CAI4L 377-4115 For Information
             assisted by Miss J e a n e t t a              State GJymnastics team and Karen            Pear Salad;|,Cinanajmon Crumb                                           Is: Mon. thru Sat. 12-9 p.rtysj M
Jfl   t I    Hermans anc VIrs. Fred Morrow.,               Leslie, a member )f the Fairport            Coffee Cake! Milfi.
             Officers arc: president,, Mrs.                Girls C ymnastics earn.                       WEDNESDAYjJ May 30 - Chil-
             Anthony • Tosquato; Sr. vice-                   The : ass will b j divided into 3         led Fruit Jiuic'ffl j I izza w/Pep-
             president, Mrs Richard White; Jr.            groups beginners, intermediate               peroni and Cjjhee8f \ I: uttered Vege-
             vice-president M^s. C. Leonard
             Yates; treasurer, Mrs. Fred Mor-
                                                          and adv,ancesd. Eaqh group will be
                                                          working j in j all ireas of gym
                                                                                                       table; Ice Crf-amiDo lUt; Milk.
                                                                                                         THURSDAY, Ma" ;31 - Chilled                            SEAMLESS GUT1E
             row; C h a p l a i n , Mrs. Albert           nastict with spicial emphasis                Fruit Juicejj Ho!b| I^eatball Sub-
             Verkest; Con 1 ictress, Mrs. Robert          being jlacecj on timbling, vault-            marine; Ch4f Sa|ad with Tomato                           NO JOINTS
             Couchman; ?iard, Mrs. Gerald                 ing a n i trampolir e. Girls will be         Wedges; Banar ' Criimo Pudding;
                                                          given nfitruction .in ballet move-           Milk.
             Pollard ieeks                                ments J All Ipartiqi pants will be
                                                                                                          BROOKS HIIlpLpUI)LEY
                                                                                                                                                                N O SEAMS
                                                          instructel on developing a routine
                                                          in all areas.I                       ,           & JEFFERSON AVENUE                                  ONE-PIECE INSTALLATION
             School iboard Post                             The Advanced [class will have                        SCHOO. S
                                                          certain prerequisites to be eligible.                                                                ALL WHITE ALUMINUM
                 Kenneth E'. Pollard, 58 Red Barnf
              Circle, Pittsford today announced         ' Studentsi should be able to per-
                                                          form Front Hand Springs, Back
                                                                                                          MONDA'W, M?y 28 - Holiday
                                                                                                       » TUESDAV, May) 29 - Chicken                            ALLIWORKMfeN INSURED
              his candidacy for a "seat on the
              Fairport Bo ird of Education.
              Pollard served on the P'airport
                                                          Hand J Springs, i n d Front and
                                                          Back Walk Oyersj
                                                                                                        Noodle SouB with Crackers; Gril-
                                                                                                        led Cheesef'Sanldwiqh; peach &
                                                                                                                                                               AiJL W O R K G U A R A N T E E D
              Board of Edi pation from July 1,
              1969 to J u n ^ 30, 1972. He also
                                                            Students ,p(irti(Hpating should
                                                          wear proper,clothing. Girls should
                                                                                                        Pear Said; Cinnamon Crumb
                                                                                                       Coffee Cake; M2 k.       I                                $1.19 P | R FOOT
                                                          be dressed inj leotards and boys                WEDNESDAY} May 30:.-Chilled                            ; j   INSTALLED
              served as ine President of the                                                            Fruit Juice; P i ^ a w/Pbpperoni
              Monroe CouWty School Boards As              dressed in comfortable shorts and
                                                         aT-SlU. | |        f                          and Cheese; Bjt^e-ed Vegetable;                          (STRAP HANGERS EXTRA)
              sociation fojt the 1971-1972 year                                                        Ice Cream Donotji Milk.
                 When a s !ted about his decisio            A
                                                           > one hour recreational swim                                                                         CALL COLLECT AFTER 5 FOR FREE^J
                                                         will conclude! eacjh days activity               THURSDAY, May 31 [ Chilled
              to seek a seat on the Fairpor
             Board Pol laird responded, "I hav           Bathing) suits, bathing caps for!
                                                         girls i n l towels re to be broughl
                                                                                                       Fruit Juice;.Chicken Salad,Sand-
                                                                                                       wich;        na ;Cri?am Pudding;
                                                                                                                                                                        1-315-524-8283                       |              1*
             been interested in education fo                                                           Milk.
             many years. With three childret             by the students.
             attending |h a Fairport schools,                                                                                                                                                                               3?
             have a very personal interest ir
             the educational opportunities o '          Ch cinne I 21 Td
             our commjirjity's youngsters. In
             addition t a r i y past School Board
             experience I feel, as an eight-yea"
                                                        Ai Ambulance                                                                        E ARE OVERSTOCKED WITH
             resident elf Perinton, a horm-
             owner, ana t ixpayer, that I can e: -      Sto                                                                                              1973 DARfj                                                         I
             fectively I represent the people of
             the community."                               On FViday, May 25, frbm 7:30
                Pollard, jai Cornell University
             graduate, lip, employed as the
             Merchandising Director of the
                                                        P.M. :o3:00R.M.,throughIhecouj
                                                        tesy of Channel XXI, the new
                                                        "Public Access" program Catch 21 j
                                                                                                                                                9, .<
             Western I< ew York Apple Growei 8          will r rovide the V o l u n t e e r !                                                             IN STOCK WE HAVE]
                                                        Ambulance Services of Monroe.
             Associatic nj i Inc. and the Ne v
                                                        County with the opportunity of                                                         A TREMENDOUS SELECTION OF
             York Cherry Growers Associ-
            ation, Inc[ -[a position he has heljd       tellir g their story to the'public.!                               OLORS & EQUIPMENT OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROMll
            since 196                                   The training, structure, opera-:
               'The Fbjij-port central schoj)           tions, inuUial assistance, and ajll,                               OW IS THE TIME TO BUY!! BIG SAVINGS!! J                                                      1
                                                        phases of their organizations w|lL                                                                                                                              J: u i
            system Was] lover 7,850 studen .3           be dji8cus8ed by a representative'                                                              up to 20 miles or bitter   per    gallon
            and has            the current year a       crosfi fection of Ambulance SeY-!
            budget idfl $12,069,910:00. N«:ct           vicas' including         Perinton,,                                               O^EN EVERY NIGHT TIL 9 EXCEPT FRI. & SAT,1
            September's enrollment is ex-               Henrietta, Gates, Greece, arid'
            pected tQibe over 8,200 students
                Pollard I concluded, "With a
            growingtiii trict like we have at d
                                                        Spenc( rpdrt. Equipment and com'
                                                        municitions units will be demon
                                                        Btrakec and' pictorially shown. Al^
                                                                                                                                                         PAT MITCHELL DODGE LTD. .
            with t h h e j d a n y problems facing      volunteer: corps are constantly                                                          Route 104 Ontario, H.Y.                 315-524-5101
            education |t3day, I hope my back-           seeking new memberships, a i d
            ground, in^rest and experience              tbisjpr ogram will appeal for neif h\                                                      WE BACK WITH SERVICE WHAT WE SELL
            will ena alefrne to be elected by t ie      borjto join neighbor to serve th ;ir}                                                                                                                      *}
            citizens ofjlferinton to a seat on t i e
            Board olf Education.
                                                        neighbors and themselves                                                                           m DEPEND ON IT


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