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A guide on how to check that your wrinkles puffy face and other facial anomalies are not caused by an underlying illness.

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                Are Wrinkles Droopy Eyes and Dry Skin A
                Sign of Bad Health

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                           Staring you in the Face.

                        How many times do you actually look in the
                        mirror and see yourself? Before you answer,
                just think for one minute. Close your eyes and think
                of what you look like. Make sure you do this in front
                of a mirror, so that after really thinking for a few
                minutes, open your eyes and look at your face. Does
                it match? Or are you shocked? Yep? though so! We
                do look at our reflection, but we don’t really see
                it. People get so used to seeing their face that they
                generally just take a glimpse of certain areas. For
                example a woman will look at her eyes and mouth.
                Why? because she is probably looking for Wrinkles                      Hidden Signs in Wrinkles and a
                or applying make-up. A man, on the other hand                                  Flushed Face
                will mainly look around the mouth area to see if
                he needs to shave. The rest of the examination of                Researches from the Yale school of Medicine have
                yourself will just be cursory. But it is important that          claimed that the more deep wrinkles that you have,
                you make time to study your face. The reason? Scien-             the more chance that you either have or will have
                tists have now realised that anything from droopy                brittle bones or osteoporosis. The study was carried
                eyelids to deep wrinkles or dry skin, can in fact be             out on 40 and 50 year old women. They took note
                a sign of illness. In other words these illnesses are            of how many wrinkles the women had then they
                really staring you In the face.                                  took X-Rays. It was discovered that the subjects with
                                                                                 the worse wrinkles had weaker bones than other
                I remember very well when my thyroid started to                  women their age.
                play up in the first place. The signs were all over
                my face. My eyelids swelled and my face puffed up                We all know that Collagen helps to form skin there-
                when my thyroid was too low. And the total opposite              fore, lacking in this substance will also mean less
                when it was too high. Staring eyes, and a thin gaunt             dense bones. Taking Vitamin C helps to develop
                face. I didn’t see me in the mirror for about a year,            stronger bones and skin. Smoking can deplete the

                just a complete stranger that kept changing.                     amount of Vitamin C that is necessary for keeping
                                                                                 yourself healthy in both departments.
                But that was a pretty drastic situation and could
                be easily seen. But what about subtle changes in
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                your face?


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                Are Wrinkles Droopy Eyes and Dry Skin A Sign of Bad Health

                                 Flushing of the Skin                            Most of the time you don’t realise that it is working to
                                                                                 hard or not hard enough. Your face is a perfect way
                If you notice that your facial skin is beginning to              of keeping tabs on it. For example my face swelled
                get redder than normal, or you flush when sitting                up like a balloon causing pockets of water to appear
                down, or not doing anything exertive, you may find               underneath each eye and down my cheeks. This
                that one of the reasons is high blood pressure. But              is what made me see my Doctor again. It seems
                it can also be something more serious. The heart                 my tablets were working to much, my thyroid had
                condition Mitral Stenosis can be an underlying pro-              gone too low. So always keep an eye on the size of
                blem as the blood can’t flow properly through the                your face and cheeks. This is a really indication
                heart because of a faulty valve. The oxygen levels               that something is not quite right with your thyroid
                in the blood lower and cause the blood pressure to               medication.
                rise to compensate.


                Rosacea is a disorder of the facial skin that affects
                millions of people worldwide. As of today there is
                no cure, and most Doctors don’t know exactly what
                causes it. The skin will look reddened, or have Acne
                type spots. Another sign of rosacea is small visible
                blood vessels on the face and watery irritated eyes.
                Even though there is no cure, there are various
                creams and methods available for treatment.

                Redness of the skin can also be a sign of Lupus, or
                other auto immune problems. Menopause is caused
                by hormone levels fluctuating and this can lead to
                your body temperature either going up or down
                according to how the hypothalmus is working. This
                is a normal side effect of menopause but should
                always be checked out by your GP to check that it
                isn’t something else causing the flushing.

                                     Swollen Face                                   Eyes The Windows Of The Soul But
                                                                                         Only If They Are Healthy
                As I mentioned above. Thyroid Disease can be a
                horrible disease, not only affecting the face but the                                   Droopy Eyes
                whole body. High levels of Thyroxine or low levels

                can cause the body and face to swell up, if it is too            Most of us have heard of Bell’s Palsy. this is a condi-
                low, or make your face very skinny and pale if the               tion of the nerve’s in the face that help the eye mo-
                hormone is too high. I have suffered with both of                vement. When someone gets Bell’s Palsy, it means
                these and they are great symptoms to watch out for.              that the nerves have been affected by a virus that
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                The trouble with a bad thyroid is that it is very subtle.        is interfering with the signal to the brain. In other


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                Are Wrinkles Droopy Eyes and Dry Skin A Sign of Bad Health

                words because the nerve is damaged or inflamed it
                will make the eye droop. Herpes is one of the main
                viruses that will attack the facial nerve. Obviously
                not the same strain of Herpes that occur with STD.
                A droopy eye can also be one of the first symptoms
                of a stroke. So if anyone starts to feel ill, their face
                starts to droop and their eye pulls down to the side,
                you must get them to the hospital straight away.

                         Thyroid Eyes or Grave’s Disease

                If you have thyroid problems this can be a real pain
                for your eyes. Its also the one thing that will tell you
                that you have Grave’s Disease or Hyper thyroidism.
                And of course Hypo thyroidism. For some reason
                it seems to attack the eyes more than anywhere
                else. When you have it under control it gets back
                to normal, most of the time. But a thyroid problem
                can either make your lids very puffy or make your
                eyes look really large and staring. If you have these
                symptoms, get to the Doctor as soon as you can for
                diagnosis and medication.
                                                                                                    Bloodshot Eyes
                                 Pan-Coast Tumour
                                                                                 We all know the jokes about bloodshot eyes! We
                There is one more very disturbing syndrome that                  always associate them with drinking. And I am sure
                can cause the eye to droop. Lung Cancer! The reason              we all have suffered at some stage or another. But
                for this diagnosis is that the tumour, called pan-coast,         there are many other reasons why this can occur.
                is situated at the top of the lung. The nerves surroun-          Iritis, inflammation of the color part of the eye, is a
                ding it are pressed down and they stop working.                  symptom of Ankylosing Spondylitis. This is an auto
                Even though they are in the lungs, because they                  immune disease which is a form of arthritis. If the
                are at the top, they directly affect the nerves of the           eye becomes really bloodshot this is usually caused
                face. Other symptoms include pain in the arms and                be either damage to the eye or high blood pressure.
                shoulders, and a tingling in the fingers of the hands.
                                                                                                       Twitching Eye

                                                                                 A twitch in the eye can be caused by either stress
                                                                                 or vitamin B deficiency. If the twitch persists it can

                                                                                 be a sign of something more sinister like Multiple
                                                                                 Sclerosis. The reason is that the nervous system
                                                                                 is going into spasm caused by the disease. Other
                                                                                 symptoms being, numbness, balance and the vision
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                                                                                 becoming blurred.


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                Are Wrinkles Droopy Eyes and Dry Skin A Sign of Bad Health

                                                                                 Cracks in the corner of the mouth can be a sign of
                Pale Fingernails show anaemia too!                               anaemia or diabetes. The cause is believed to be a
                                                                                 deficiency in iron for anaemia, and diabetes through
                                      Eye Rings                                  too much glucose in the blood. Going to the toilet to
                                                                                 pass water, and drinking too much water are another
                If you notice white rings around your iris, this is a            sign. You can also get Candida, or Thrush because
                sure indication of high cholesterol. Fatty deposits              of the affect of these illnesses too. So if you find that
                float around your system and cling to the most blood             the cracks in your mouth do not go on their own,
                filled parts of your body.                                       please see you GP for tests as soon as possible.

                Not as horrible as Wilson’s Disease. This is when                The trouble is that we most people get these sort of
                you see rusty red rings around the iris. Copper de-              occasional cracks and splits in their lips. So it is best
                posits stay in the body, only showing up in the eye.             to be sensible and not ignore it. We tend to put it
                The disease is genetic, causing failure to get rid of            down to the cold weather or a cold sore, so always
                copper. The other problem is that it can affect the              look out for other signs of tiredness or weakness.
                liver too. Other symptoms are, tremors, difficulty               Best to be careful!
                walking and confusion. Strangely enough it usual
                affects people under the age of 35.

                           Pale Eyelids And Fingernails

                Pale eyelids are usually a sign of anaemia. If you

                check your finger nails you will be able to see this
                symptom too. Feeling weak is usually the other sign,
                along with confusion and tiredness.
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                Are Wrinkles Droopy Eyes and Dry Skin A Sign of Bad Health

                A few years ago I never really took notice of my face.
                Which is surprising because of the amount of time
                that I stand in front of a mirror. Either putting on
                make-up or plucking eyebrows, cleaning teeth or
                just combing my hair. But you will be surprised to
                realise just how much we do this from memory. In
                the first paragraph I mentioned closing your eyes
                and trying to remember what you looked like.

                This actually proves my point very well. We tend to
                see the whole face in one go. Take time out to look
                at each and every individual point of your face.
                Take notice of any changes, apart from the obvious

                signs of aging. This will not only surprise you, it will
                make you see yourself properly for the first time in
                years! And more importantly, will give you a firm
                background to work on if you do spot anything dif-
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                ferent in your appearance.


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