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Greenways Ink by dfgh4bnmu


									  F   o   x   C   i   t   i   e   s   G   r   e   e   n   w   a   y   s

                                                                                 Greenways Ink
                                                                                     w ww .f o co l . o rg / g re en w a y s            W i n ter   2 0 0 9

       “I go to
       nature to
       soothed                                                                Fox Cities Greenways Annual Meeting
                                                                              6:30 PM Thursday, January 29,
        healed,                                                               2009
        and to                                                                Heckrodt Wetland Reserve
       have my                                                                1305 Plank Road, Menasha, WI
      senses put
                                                                              Please join us for this annual event to
      in order.”
                                                                              celebrate progress made, to learn more
              John Burroughs
                                                                              about our future goals, and to meet the
                                                                              people who will work together to-
                                                                                                                        Heckrodt Wetland Reserve is the new
                                                                              ward achieving those goals. At our        site for Fox Cities Greenways Annual
                                                                              annual meeting, Brigit Brown, DNR         Meeting
                                                                              State Trails Coordinator, will present
Inside this                                                                   an award from the Mid America Trails
issue:                                                                        and Greenways Conference, and will
                                                                                                                        Our agenda will also include:
Contributors                                                              3   also speak about Water Trails in Wis-
                                                                              consin. Additional speakers will be
Trail Updates                                                             4                                                    Updates on projects and trails
                                                                              Candice Mortara and Pete Hensler rep-
                                                                                                                                throughout the Fox Valley
TE Grants                                                                 5
                                                                              resenting Friends of the Fox. Their
                                                                              presentation will include information            President's Annual Report
High Cliff Master 6                                                           about local water trails and opportuni-
Plan                                                                                                                           Treasurer's Annual Report
                                                                              ties for involvement in refurbishing
Safe Routes to                                                            6   four portage trails along the
School                                                                                                                         Introduction and election of
                                                                              Fox River. Exciting opportunities are
                                                                                                                                new board members
Events                                                                    6   emerging as plans for the Fox Wiscon-
                                                                              sin Heritage Parkway take                  *Please note that the location of
Fox Wisconsin    7                                                            shape. Come to learn more about the       the meeting is changed as com-
Heritage Parkway
                                                                              potential of this unique environmental
                                                                              resource and to share your thoughts       pared with prior years. Refresh-
                                                                              and ideas. We will also be holding a      ments will be provided by the
                                                                              silent auction during the meeting to      Greenways Board.
                                                                              raise funds for future trail develop-
                                                                              ment. Please see the note on page two       Board of Directors Meeting at
                                                                              regarding our request for donated            5:30 p.m., preceding Annual
                                                                              items for the auction.
         Page 2

                            President’s Letter
                            As our annual meeting approaches             and readily accessible recreation
                            once again, I would like to express          amenities that serve our citizens’
                            my most sincere appreciation for the         health and well being in a cost ef-
                            support, dedication, and inspiration I       fective manner, are perhaps more
                            have received from the board mem-            important than ever. With your
                            bers over the past two years.                help, we will continue to work to-
                            Thanks are also due to our members           ward a safe, cohesive, greenway and
                            and contributors, whose support and          trail system for the benefit of all. I
                            advocacy help our trail and green-           hope you will participate with us in
 Projects like the          way system to grow and prosper. In           our annual meeting and the upcom-
   Trestle Trail            this time of economic uncertainty,           ing events of 2009.
would not be possi-
 ble without your           alternative transportation choices

     Thanks are
      due to our
                            2008 Greenways Board Members
                            President Vickie Milde, Menasha
    members and
                            Action Vice President Dave Muench, Appleton
                            Secretary Peggy Cox, Appleton
   whose support
                            Treasurer Roger Orlady & Vickie Kluge, Appleton
    and advocacy                                                                   Our Board meetings
    help our trail          Newsletter Editor Pat Spiegelberg, Pickett
                                                                                     are held about six
   and greenway             Webmaster William and Barbara Kelly, Appleton
                                                                                   times a year and are
   system to grow           Member Chair Dick Kendall, Appleton
                                                                                    open to the public.
     and prosper            At large:     Tiffany Biedermann, Neenah
                                                                                   Contact any member
          We Need Your Help!
                                             Alex Camacho, Appleton                       for date
                                             Marilyn Gardner, Appleton              and location of up-
Help us raise money for the trails by do-    Sarah Higgins, Appleton
nating items for a silent auction to take                                            coming meetings.
                                             Jan Heifner, Appleton
place at the annual meeting. We need do-                                           Board members can
nations of nice clothing, art prints, gift   Dave Johnson, Greenville
certificates for restaurants or get-away
                                                                                       be reached at
                                             Mike Kading, Neenah
lodging, and outdoor equipment, etc.                                        
                                             Patsy Kiesow, Neenah
Please contact Dave Muench at 920-422-
1789 or e-mail by        Tom Walsh, Appleton
Jan. 24 to tell him what you can donate.     Val Wylie, Appleton
Ask your friends if they can help with do-
                                             Jeff Theisen, Appleton
nations as well. Then please come and bid
on some wonderful items!
                                                                                                                Page 3

                 Thanks to our 2008 Contributors
  This list recognizes this years membership renewals and unrestricted contributions to Fox Cities Green-
                                             ways. Thank you!
PATHFINDER                         David and Ellen Kneip        Janet Moldenhauer                Helen Gray

Richard and Mary Joe Aylward       Greg and Sue Knudson         Dave Muench                      Glenn and Joyce Hansen

TRAIL BLAZER                       Randall Kreuscher            Marie and Brian Murton           Karen Heavener

Mark and Janis Heifner             Steve and Lee Macrander      James and Joh Perry              Mike Hendrick

WI Energy Foundation               Ellen and Todd Needham       Dale and Penny Schaber           Lila Hurst

CONSERVATOR                        Roger Orlady                 Gerald F. Stevens                Alexander Irvine

Theodore Galloway                  Kent and Kristin Powley      Dale and Renee Torzala           Orlando and Janice Jansen

Bruce and Nancy Chudacoff          Tom and Pat Schinabeck       Brian and Lynn Tungate           Thomas Kees

Ironwood Foundation                Steve and Linda Stoll        Ron Vandervelden                 Carole and Jerome Kern

Mike and Vickie Milde              Tom Walsh                    Steve and Amy Wieckert           Bud and Dee Klister

Jeanna Owens                       Walter and Beverly Wiekert   Valerie Wylie                    Marjorie Koepke

Chris and Cate Rozewski            Dave Wuestenberg             Thomas and JeanneYoung           Janet Lange

Doug and Carla Salmon              Robert and Ruth Law          James and Clarice Belling        Richard Mason

Greg Schmidt                       Walter and Amelia Rugland    GUARDIAN                         Duane and Joan Matz

JS and MB Sensenbrenner            SENTINEL                     Richard C. McCrory               Marshall and Michele Missner

Mark Steinmetz-Children’s Dental   Nancy Brown Koeller          Dena Mleziva Calumet Co. Plan-   Judy Owen
                                                                ning Dept.
ADVOCATE                           Ed and Linda Calhan                                           Robert and Jeanne Pfister
                                                                Capital Credit Union
Kim and Steve Schueller            Evergreen Credit Union                                        Mary Katherine Reed
                                                                Cindy Carter
Alcina Belter                      Pat and Dick Filzen                                           Greta Rogers
                                                                Frank and Chris Church
B.G. Buchanan                      Marlys and Peter Fritzell                                     Fred Russler
                                                                Kathy and Chuck Collins
Christopher and Denise Brandt      David Gerlach                                                 Leah Schoenbohm
                                                                Peggy Cox
JA Egelhoff                        Paul and Nancy Hoffman                                        Kevin Schwanke
                                                                East Central Planning
Robert and Barbara Holly Fox       Dick and Mary Kendall                                         Aurelia Stampp
                                                                Lyle and Elizabeth English
Richard and Karen Gosse            Vickie Kluge                                                  John and Deanna Swanson
                                                                Brian Feest
Jeff and Maureen O’Hern Hahn       Becky or Richard Krumwiede                                    Marvin and Jayne Voissem
                                                                John and Sharon Fenlon
Leon Hartzeim                      Thomas Lonsway                                                Ted and Virginia Wilcox
                                                                Merten and Christine Finkler
Bob and Mary Huber                 Ronald Mason                                                  Clarence Wundrow
                                                                Gregg and Tammy Fredericks
Leonard and Barbara Kachinski      Donald Merkes
                                                                Don Goen
William and Barbara Kelly          Bob and Judy Mickelson
                                                                Thomas and Terri Jo Graverson
            Page 4

                                Friendship Trail
                                Fox Cities Greenways, Inc. continues to     Calumet County and the Town of Har-
                                work with Calumet County, the Town          rison for trail maintenance.
                                of Harrison, Wisconsin DNR, and the
                                City of Menasha to establish the              A federal grant of $350,000, awarded
                                Friendship Trail connection between         in 2005, is available to fund the Friend-
                                Menasha and High Cliff State Park.          ship Trail. Fox Cities Greenways will
                                Phase One will be from Lake Park            support this project by donating $8,000
A family enjoys a November      Road to High Cliff State Park. A por-       toward the local match for the grant and
  walk on a portion of the      tion of this phase utilizes the Old High-   by working to raise the additional
Friendship Trail just west of   way 114 frontage road and continues         $50,000 in matching funds that will be
 the Trestle Trail in Fritse    south on North Shore Road, using the        required. Negotiation with landowners
                                recently widened and paved shoulders.       for property acquisition for the remain-
                                The next segment, from North Shore          der of the trail is ongoing and will de-
                                Road to Firelane 12 (along the south        termine the trail’s final route. This trail

  Fox                           side of the railroad right of way) has      is an essential link in the state trail sys-
                                had engineering work done and con-          tem and continues to be one of our or-
                                struction could begin this spring or        ganization’s primary goals.
                                summer, pending agreement between

 Trail                           Trail Between the Parks
                                Greenways, Friends of High Cliff State Park, Northeast Wisconsin Land Trust,

  Up-                           Wisconsin DNR, National Park Service, Calumet County Park, High Cliff State
                                Park, Calumet County Planning, the Village of Sherwood, and other local groups
                                continue to work toward forming a trail connection between High Cliff State Park
                                and Calumet County Park. Local governments in the area have passed resolu-

                                tions in support of this trail and an informational meeting with landholders was
                                held in September. The steering committee will continue communication with
                                property owners to determine the most feasible corridor and assess acquisition
                                possibilities. The intention is to begin with a simple pedestrian access route and
                                continue to explore ways to expand access for additional users, such as bicyclists
                                and equestrians, between the parks. The ultimate goal is to preserve the Niagara
                                Escarpment's significant geological and environmental resources, while allow-
                                ing residents and park visitors access to the breathtaking views and outdoor rec-
                                reational activities of the area.
                                                                                                                  Page 5

  Menasha-Harrison Trail Link
The city of Menasha and the town of Harrison recently          ages are developed and the concept of a regional jointly
completed a joint trail project connecting Carpenter Street owned park for this area is explored.
and Plank Road. This short trail link has both immediate
and long term benefits for residents of both communi-
ties. First, it provides a direct link into Barker Farm Park
for city residents south of Manitowoc Road. Town of
Harrison residents to the east of Carpenter Street will also
benefit from this trail link. Conceptual long term plans
include extending an off road trail south of Carpenter
Street to the Menasha Conservancy providing better ac-
cess to this natural area for residents to enjoy. This pro-
ject is a small but significant example of two municipali-
ties working cooperatively for the good of both communi-
ties. This project is an important first step as further link-       The trail will provide a direct link into
                                                                              Barker Farm Park.

      Fox Valley Benefits from TE Grants
  The Fox Valley will be getting a number of improve-         pected to be completed in 2009 with construction in
  ments due to Transportation Enhancement Grants              2010.
  awarded by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.
                                                              The Village of Kimberly was awarded $480,000 to build
   The Town of Menasha was awarded $302,718 to connect a trail under Country Trunk Highway CE. This will pro-
  the Fritse Park portion of the Friendship Trail to the City vide a critical link to Gerritts Middle School for students
  of Neenah. The majority of the trail will be off road with on the south side of Highway CE. This will also link
  a small portion of on-road bike path by Cellu-Tissue .      residents to recreational facilities, specifically the CE
  Town officials have met with Kimberly Clark, Lakeview Trail and the YMCA, as well as commercial facilities
  Credit Union, Cellu-Tissue, and the City of Neenah to       such as Festival Foods and the Regal Cinema.
  begin laying the ground work. Engineering work is ex-

 Are you interested in investigating other groups with purposes similar to ours? If so, listed below
 are the websites of groups affiliated with Fox Cities Greenways. These groups share our desire to help
 local residents live healthy lives in harmony with our natural environment.

 Friends of the Fox            Fox Cities Triathlon Club

 Wisconsin Bicycle federation              Pacesetters
             Page 6

           Events                 High Cliff Park Master Plan
           January                                                            ments. If an item is not on the Master
                                  On a Wednesday in November the
17 Beginner Cross Country Ski     DNR led a program seeking input to          Plan, it will not be considered; how-
Instruction . 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.   update the High Cliff Master Plan,          ever, inclusion in the Master Plan does
Gordon Bubolz Nature Center
920-731-6041                      which will determine how the park is        not guarantee an amenity. Monies must Fee      improved and used in the future. Thirty     be available to proceed with any item
required.                                                                     on the Master Plan. Some meeting par-
                                  -five interested citizens offered sugges-
17 Beginner Cross Country Ski     tions for improvements that would           ticipants suggested raising the park en-
Clinic. 1-3 p.m. Fallen Timbers   please current users and attract new        trance fees as a way to finance im-
Envionmental Center, Black
Creek 920-984-3700. Fee re-       ones. Suggestions included more horse       provements and increase staffing in the
quired.                           trails and camping facilities for eques-    park. A draft of the new Master Plan
                                  trians, more cross country and snow-        will be presented at another public
24 Naturalist-led Snowshoe
Hike. 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. Gordon    shoe trails, expansion of the marina,       meeting in the summer of 2009 and the
Bubolz Nature Center 920-731-     and improved beach facilities. Support      new plan will be presented to the DNR
6041 Fee      was also expressed for a biking/hiking      for approval in December 2009. Ques-
required.                         trail to link the park with the Fox Cit-    tions about the master plan should be
                                  ies, and a connecting trail from High       directed to Jason Wiese, High Cliff
24 Candlelight Ski. 5-8 p.m.
Hartman Creek Park Lake           Cliff to Calumet County Park. Citizens      State Park Manager at 920-989-1106 or
Shelter Building, Waupaca. 715    were allowed to submit ideas after the Addi-
-258-2372 . Free
                                  meeting up until December 2008. The         tional information on the Master Plan is
          February                planning process is necessary in order      available at
                                  to procure funds for future improve-        master_planning/highcliff/
13 Moonlight Ski & Hike 6-9
p.m. Gordon Bubolz Nature
Center 920-731-6041 Fee      Safe Routes to School Update
                                  Schools around the Fox Cities have          begin implementing the plan for each
14 Evening for Sweethearts. 7-    made great progress in developing Safe      school. This group supported the Vil-
10 p.m. Mosquito Hill Nature
Center, New London 920-779-       Routes to School (SRTS) programs. In        lage of Kimberly in their successful
6433 Fee required.                the Appleton Area School District Rich-     grant application for a tunnel under
21 Snowshoe Race. 9:30 a.m.
                                  mond Elementary has developed Walk-         CTH CE. The Little Chute School Dis-
Mosquito Hill Nature Center,      ing School Busses and a successful          trict is just about done with the planning
New London 920-779-6433 Fee       “Tuesday Trekkers” program. Franklin        phase of their Safe Routes to School
                                  has increased the safety of walkers by      Program. Meetings will be held with
22 Sierra Club Snowshoe Walk.     building a trail through the playground     the individual schools in the very near
12-2 p.m. Mosquito Hill Nature
Center, New London.
                                  of the school allowing walkers to be        future to begin putting the plan into
27-28 XC Ski Trip to Ironwood,    moved away from drivers. The Town           place. Preferred walking and biking
MI                                of Grand Chute has begun working with       routes for the schools are being coordi-
Details on both events above      Badger and Houdini Elementary               nated with the bike routes in the Vil-
can be found at                   schools to develop plans with help from     lage’s Open Space and Recreation plan.
foxvalley or by calling Nancy
                                  a planning grant from the Wisconsin         All of these programs can use your help
Brown-Koeller 920-830-6625        Department of Transportation. The           and support. If you would like to help
weeknights or 715-524-2293        Kimberly Area School District has com-      the kids in your neighborhood walk or
                                  pleted their plan and is moving toward      bike to school please contact Tom
                                  implementation. Meetings will be held       Walsh at or 830-
                                  with each school in the near future to      6325.
                                                                                                     Page 7

What is the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway?
When early explorers paddled up the Fox       Lower Wisconsin River. The three seg-
River in hope of finding the fabled "Route    ments are connected midstream by the
to the Orient" they could not have imag-      historic Portage Canal.
ined the myriad opportunities that would
                                              Establishing the Heritage Parkway will tie
be unleashed by their travels. Today, we
                                              the current landscape with the history
can see that their historic journey on the
                                              which brought us to it and make that his-
Fox and Wisconsin Rivers ultimately led
                                              tory come alive. It will allow residents
to the opening of the Northwest Territory,
                                              and visitors to roam the area by power
and a great expansion of our nation. The                                                      Establishing
                                              boat, canoe, or kayak along the water
Fox River Valley and the Lower Wiscon-                                                        the Heritage
                                              trail; by foot or wheel along walking and
sin waterway played a unique role in                                                          Parkway will
                                              biking trails; or by car on a driving tour.
shaping our nation's growth and forming                                                      tie the current
                                              As they roam, they will encounter pieces
our nation's history. Besides playing a                                                         landscape
                                              of the many stories that have occurred
critical role in the opening of the North-                                                        with the
                                              here. Whatever the historic era, we all
west Territory, the river corridor has sig-                                                  history which
                                              have the river in common. Therefore,
nificance in early Native American his-
                                              each of our stories is the same story and to    brought us to
tory as well as importance during the in-
                                              tell them, to keep them alive, to enhance        it and make
dustrial development era of the late
                                              the pride we already feel in our home …          that history
                                              that is what the Parkway is all about.            come alive
 Over a decade ago a plan was conceived
                                              This is the first of a series of articles on
to acknowledge and promote an apprecia-
                                              the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway.
tion for this route. The plan, called the
Fox River Heritage State Parkway Con-         For more information or to become a
cept Plan sought to establish as a recrea-    member of Friends of the Fox contact
tional and historic parkway, the route        Candice Mortara @ 920-739-0299 or go
along the Fox and Wisconsin Rivers that       to
Marquette and Joliet followed in 1673 in
their explorations. In recent years, the
Friends of the Fox organization, along
with other interested parties, have resur-
rected this idea and are attempting to turn
it into reality.

The Fox and Wisconsin Rivers stretch
approximately 275 miles from Green Bay
southwest to Prairie du Chien. The water-
way consists of three segments: the Lower
Fox-Lake Winnebago pool, the Upper
Fox-Wolf-Lake Winnebago pool, and the
                                                                                                                                                   Nonprofit US
                                                                                                                                                    Postage Paid
                                                                                                                                                   Appleton, WI
                                                                                                                                                   Permit No 139

            P.O. Box 5
            Menasha, WI 54952-0005
            Winter 2009
            Change Service Requested

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