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					JOHN BOWNE H.S.                              HOWARD KWAIT, PRINCIPAL
                                             M. KEARSE, A.P.Admin.PPS

TO:             D. Ailoggiamento, L Castillo, M. Catenacci, Sgt. Colbert, K. Faris,
                M. GallO, K. Gouede, M. Leal, S. Ma?        Perez, S. Perry,
                Sgt. Robles, V. Romano        .~                       __ ){\

FROM:           M. Kearse, Assistant pri7a1                                  \

RE:             OPEN HOUSE - October 6, 2010

DATE:           September 23,2010

All Assistant Principals are asked to please organize a story board for parents and
students to view. Story boards should reflect AP classes and any special programs that
we offer in house, i.e., Humanities, Performing Arts, Computer, Math Research, and
  I                                                         \
At our Open House, we want to convey to prospective parents and students that the
courses we offer are academically challenging. In addition, we must impress upon parents
that John Bowne is a "safe" school and as a staff, we will do our best to provide a .safe
atmosphere for their child.

                WHERE:                Students' Cafeteria
                                      CFW - Room 150
                                      Agriculture - Room 148
                                      Doshi - Teachers' Cafeteria

                WHEN:                 October 6, 2010

                 TIME:                5:30 -7:30 p.m.

~s always, thanks for your cooperation and assistance. If you have any questions
concerning this issue, please contact me. A copy of our flyer is attached.

c:I' H . K Walt, P-nnclpa I
             .      ..
     1. Kamen, A.P.O.
     All Guidance Counselors/Grade Advisor
   . Attachment OH Flyer
Open House 10

.••• . /. e;.

                                 JOHN BOWNE HIGH SCHOOL
                                                    Howard Kwait, Principal
                                                        63-25 Main Street
                                                      Flushing, NY 11367
           ...--             .                 ".The Relentless Pursuit of Success"


                        AGRICULTURE          SCIENCERESEARCHPROGRAM                   CENTERFOR WRITING
                        CODE Q14B            CODEQ14H                                 CODEQ14A
                        Mr. Perry, x1381     Ms. Catenacci, x3051                     Ms. Maya, x2321

                                                    Advanced      Placement

                        Chemistry            Spanish Languazeand       Literature     Calculus AB/BC
                        Biology              English                                  American History
                                             Chinese                                  Economics

                LEARN ABOUT OUR
                                 • Educational Option Program in Agriculture
                                 • Educational Option Program in Center For 'Vriting
                                 ~ Screened Program - Science Research Program
                                 • Air Force JROTC Program
                                 4> Math and Science Sequences
                                 + Drama Classes and Production
                                 + Student Activities - teams, dubs, special events
                                 ~Honors Program
                                 ~Conege Now and Humanities Classes
                                 ~ Conflict Resolution Program
                                 • Languages - Spanish./French/Halian/Latin/Chinese

                For additional information contact Mr. Ivan Castillo, Parent Coordinator at
                718-263-1919 ext. 13J!.1,~ (347) 563-4456, e-mail
                Open House          \

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