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					                            DGBR MONTHLY NEWS LETTER

1.    This News Letter covers the period from 01 May 2011 to 31 May 2011. The
information given is of informative nature and cannot be quoted as an authority.

                                     DG‟s SECRETARIAT

2. (a) Visit to Project Sampark. DGBR visited Project Sampark wef 09 May 2011 to 10
   May 2011, 16 May and 21 May 2011 to 23 May 2011 and carried out site inspection of
   Basohli Bridge site during above periods. DGBR also attended the foundation stone
   laying ceremony of Basohli Bridge laid by Smt Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson of National
   Advisory Council on 23 May 2011.

      (b)   Visit to Project Vartak & EBW. DGBR visited Project Vartak and EBW wef
      26 – 27 May 2011. The highlights of the visits are as under :-

            (i)     Inspection of ongoing works on the following road sectors:-

                    (a)    OKSRT road.

                    (b)    B-C-T road

                    (c)    Thelamara-Missamari-Foothill road

            (ii)    The DGBR called on GOC 4 Corps.

            (iii)   Interaction informally with PBOR at all locations..

                              PERSONNEL DIRECTORATE

BRO Raising Day

3.     51st Raising Day of BRO was celebrated with great enthusiasm at HQ DGBR. On
this occasion, following programmes were organised :-

      (a)   05 May 2011. BRDB Meeting Chaired by Hon‟ble RRM Dr MM Pallam Raju.

      (b)    06 May 2011. Special GREF Sammelan presided over by DGBR including
      release of BRO Annual Magazine “Reflections-2011”, Hindi Patrika “Path Vikas”,
      Technical Magazine “Oonchi Sadaken” and presentation of Hindi Shield followed by
      cultural programme and Barakhana.

      (c)     07 May 2011. Press Conference by DGBR attended by print and electronic media in
      the conference hall of HQ DGBR. During evening a Mess Social was attended by serving
      and retired BRO Officers.
                                BRDB Meet in progress Chaired by
                                Hon‟ble RRM Dr MM Pallam Raju

Lt Gen S Ravi Shankar, VSM,
DGBR presiding over Special
GREF Sammelan

                              DGBR releasing Hindi Patrika
                              “Path Vikas”
Assumption of Appointment

4.    The following offrs have assumed the appointments as shown against each during
the month of May 2011 :-

       (a)   Commandant
             (i)      GO-001887X SE (E&M)     -       Commandant (EBW)
                      Hari Prakash                    (24 Apr 2011)

             (ii)     IC-49689K Col           -       Commandant GREF Centre
                      G Muthukumar                    (28 May 2011)

       (b)   Commander Task Force

             (i)      GO-1916F SE (Civ) FS        -   Commander 47 TF
                      DP Sharma                        (02 May 2011)
Postings : GREF Officers
5.     Following posting orders of various cadres of GREF Offrs have been issued:-
       (a)   SE (Civ) FS         -       08
       (b)   EE (Civ) NFSG       -       02
       (c)   AEE (Civ)           -       04
       (d)   AE (Civ)            -       13
       (e)   EE (E&M)            -       01
       (f)   PS                  -       01
       (g)   AAO                 -       01
New Appointments in GREF

6.    Following Officers have been newly appointed in GREF during the month of
May 2011:-
       (a)   GO-3975K      AEE (Civ)     Durgesh Pratap Singh
       (b)   GO-3976P      AEE(Civ)      Vinay Singh
       (c)   GO-3977X      AEE (Civ)     Pratipal Singh Jadon
       (d)   GO-3978F      AEE(E&M)      Rakesh Kumar
       (e)   GO-3979A      AEE (E&M)     Satya Prakash Karmakar
       (f)   GO-3980X      AEE (E&M)     Vinod Kumar Pandey
       (g)   GO-3981A      AEE (E&M)     Subhash Meena
       (h)   GO-3982H      AEE (Civ)     Pramod Kumar
       (i)   GO-3983L      AEE (Civ)     Prashant Dubey

Wastage Data of GREF Officers
7.     Superannuation

     Ser GO No          Rank          Name               Project/TF/        Date of
                                                         Unit               Retirement
     (i) GO-2711Y       AEE (E&M) KR SUKUMARAN           HQ CE (P) HRK      31.05.2011
     (ii) GO-3149M      AEE(CIV)  PS DEVADAS             328 SPL/758 TF     31.05.2011
                                                         (P) SWTK
     (iii) GO-3739L     AAO           RK ADHIKARI        520 SSTC/          31.05.2011
                                                         15 TF/SWK
Loans and Advances

8.     Govt sanctions received towards loans and advances during the month are as
under :-

       (a)    Motor Cycle/Scooter Advance         :          Rs. 5,80,000/-
       (b)    Computer Advance                    :          Rs. 2,10,000/-

Wastage Data of GREF Subordinates
9.     Wastage data of GREF subordinates for the month is as under:-
       (a)    Voluntary Retirement                           -     20
       (b)    Superannuation                                 -     20
       (c)    Death Cases                                    -     03
       (d)    Resignation/Discharge/Removal                  -     16
              from Service/Permanent Absorption
       (e)    Promoted to Officer                            -     25
                                             Total           -     84
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                                                                            ” kk
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                     Ãd }kjk foekspu fd;k x;kA
Court Cases
11.   Following court cases have been decided infavour of the Deptt during the month of
May 2011 :-
  S/    Title of case           Filed by                     Subject               Remarks
   1         2                      3                         4                         5
 (a)    CWP             SS2 Ram Chander Vs UOI        Quashing order      Case decided in favour of
        No.3187/1997    & Others before Delhi H/C     of his              Deptt vide order dt
                                                      compulsory          08 Apr 2011.
 (b)   OA 276/2010      Milan Chand Das before        For Apptt to the    Decided in favour of Deptt
                        CAT Guwahati                  post of             vide order dated
                                                      Carpenter           25/03/2010
 (c)   Misc LA 42/07    Hardhan Chandra Dey           Land                Decided in favour of Deptt
                        Before Addl DJ Agartala       Compensation        vide order dated 25 Feb
 (d)   Misc LA          Shyamul Das before Addl       -do-                -do-
       36/2010        DJ Agartala
 (e)   Misc LA        Ajit Chakraborty before          -do-                -do-
       22/2010        Addl DJ Agartala
 (f)   CC 11D/2010    Shri Chand before ALC            For                 Decided in favour of Deptt
                      Kishtwar                         compensation        vide order dated 29 Dec
                                                       under WCA           2010
   1        2                     3                            4                        5
 (g)   OA 831/2011    Prem Ballabh Bhatt before        For higher pay      Decided in favour of Deptt
                      CAT Allahabad                    scale               vide order dated 28 Mar
 (h)   OA 500/2011    R Sadasivan Vs Dir JCA &         For grant of Ex     Dismissed vide order dated
                      Ors before Kerala High           Servicemen          25 May 2011
                      Court                            status
 (j)   CWP            Phalla Ram before Jammu          For re-             Decided in favour of Deptt
       844/2006       High Court                       instatement in      vide order dated 30 Apr
                                                       service             2011
 (k)   Court Case        Janak Singh Vs UOI            For land            Decided in favour of Deptt
                         before DJ Jammu               compensation        vide order dated 13 May
 (l)   Court Case        Ramesh singh Vs UOI           For Land            Decided in favour of Deptt
                         before DJ Jammu               compensation        vide order dated 13 May
 (m)   Court Case        Omkar Singh Vs UOI            For land            Decided in favour of Deptt
                         before DJ Jammu               Compensation        vide order dated 13 May
 (n)   CWJC              Ranjana Devi Vs UOI           For                 Decided in favour of Deptt
       2851/2008         beore Patna High Court        compassionate       vide order dated 19 Apr
                                                       Apptt               2011
 (o)   CWJC              Yogesh Prasad Vs TKA          -do-                Dismissed vide order dated
       1066/2007         Nair, Secy Min of Home                            04 May 2011
                         affairs & Ors before Patna
                         High Court
 (p)   SBC1792/2001      Pradeep Kumar Vs UOI          For grant of        Decided in favour of Deptt
                         before Jodhpur High           benefit of 6th      vide order dated 18 May
                         Court                         CPC                 2011
 (q)   MS 56/2007        UOI Vs United Insurance       For Recovery of     Decided in favour of Deptt
                         Coy, Dehradun before          compensation        vide order dated 04 Apr
                         Civil Judge Chamoli           amount              2011
 (r)   CC 1037/2005      CPL Jaspal Singh Vs Shri      For                 Contempt case dismissed
                         Harcharanjit Singh, Ex        regularization of   vide order dated 10 May
                         Secy BRDB & Ors before        service             2011
                         Chandigarh High Court

12. Following courses have been conducted during the month :-
       Ser    Name of         Institution     Vacancy Vacancy
       No     Course                          Allotted Utilised

       (a)   V/Mech-42     GREF Centre,           30           29        25-04-2011 to 14-05-2011

       (b)   UDC-66        GREF Centre,           20           11        16-05-2011 to 25-06-2011
                               TECHNICAL PLANNING DIRECTORATE
Works Achievement

13.     Achievement of works up to May 2011 is as under:-

      S/      Name   A/U     Annual Works Plan BE 2011-12          Achievement up to 20 Apr Rks
      No       of                                                           2011
              work            GS      Agency     Total              GS     Agency     Total
      (a)     Fmn    Eqvt    2210.33   1081.06   3291.39           163.70    47.92 211.62
      (b) Surf       Eqvt    2639.79   2305.69   4945.48                        163.93     272.98
                     Cl-9                                 109.05
      (c) Rsurf      Cl-9    2644.04     73.21   2717.25                           1.45      36.87
                      Km                                   35.42
      (d) Pmt        Rs in 136166.97 118373.03 254540.00 4985.16               4165.80 9150.96
          Wks        Lakh

      (e) Maj        Mtr      3156.97      2045.13     5202.10      115.64      134.06     249.70


14.     Details of ISG/RSG issued during 01 May 2011 to 31 May 2011

            S/No ISG/                        Veh/Eqpt/Plants                         Date of Review
             (a) ISG     TATA Veh Model 1613 SE-SK fitted with TATA 697TCIC          10 May 2011
                         (BSII) Eng

15.     User Trials in Progress

            S/No Firm                  Subject                             Remarks
                                                                  (Proposal for NCNC Trial)
            (a)   M/s BEML             Snow cutter   Letter written to (P) Beacon for redeployment of
                                       BS-42         the Eqpt in snow bound area and submit
                                                     monthly trial progress report on 23 May 2011.
            (b)   M/s Dhama            Jacket,       Final trial report is under evaluation.
                  Apparel Innovation   Scarf and     Presentation by firm being held on 03 Jun
                  Pvt Ltd              shoe          2011.
            (c)   M/s Metalite         OKO           Final trial report from (P) Chetak has been recd.
                  International Pvt    puncture      CE(P) Chetak has not recommended. Trial on
                  Ltd                  free tyre     M/Gyspy carried out by (P) Shivalik but
                                       Selant        requested to test on heavy vehicles. Final
                                                     report from (P) Himank not yet recd.
            (d)   M/s TVS Motor Ltd    TVS Star      Trial under progress
                                       Sports &
                                       TVS Apache
16.   Training/Courses

      M/s Asia Motor Works – 10 Tradesmen

17.   Supply Order placed for Cat „A‟ Spares

       S/No Supply Order No,      Make & Type               Amount (In Rs,)    Sector
            and Date
       (a)  SO-1238 dated         Air Compr Atlas           15,48,674.00       Both Sector
            20 May 2011           Copco


18.    Following Seminars / Workshops were held during the month:-

      Ser Name of           Duration Organised Venue                   Officers Attended
           Seminar /                    By
       (a) Interactive     02 days   IIT Arb        New        a) Shri BB Lal, CE (Civ), DDG (D&S)
          workshop for                              Delhi      b) Shri AK Gupta, EE (Civ), B&T Dte
          “Arbitrators &
          Techno Legal
      (b) Workshop on      02 days CBIP & JUIT      Wakan-     (a) Shri PK Mahajan, VSM, CE (P)
          “Construction of                          ghat           Rohtang Tunnel
          Dams and                                  (Solan)    (b) Shri SS Prasad, EE(Civ) (P) Bcn
          Tunnels in weak                           HP         (c) Maj KV Vinayaka, (P) Bcn

                         BRIDGING AND TUNNELING DTE

19.   Major Permanent Bridges: The overall targets for the year 2011-12 and
achievements up to 20 May 2011 for Major permanent bridges are as under:-

      S/No Target 2011-12        Achievement upto 20 May 2011

      (a)         5202.10                       249.70

Progress of Rohtang Tunnel

20.   The progress of Rohtang Tunnel works upto 31 May 2011 is 897.85 m.
                         WORKS PROJECT DIRECTORATE
21.   Following AEs / RAEs have been sanctioned during the month:-

        Project       Nos of AEs       Nos of RAEs    Nos of Revision   Remarks
                      sanctioned        sanctioned    AEs Sanctioned

      Beacon               -                 -                -
      Sampark              -                 -                -
      Deepak               -                 -                -
      Shivalik             -                 -                -
      Himank               -
      Vijayak              -                 -                -
      Chetak               -                 -                -
      Hirak                -                 -                -
      Pushpak              -                 -                -
      Dantak               -                 -                -
      Sewak                -                 -                -
      Udayak               -                 -                -
      Swastik              -                 -                -
      Vartak               -                 -                1
      Arunank              -                 -                -
      Rohtang              -                 -                -
      Setuk                -                 -                -
          Total            0                 0                1

22       We regret to inform the death of the following Officers/Pers and CPLs during the
month of May 2011 and convey our heart felt sympathies to the bereaved families:-

S/     GS No.   Trade                Name             Unit/TF/Project      Date of
No                                                                          death
(a)    GS-154149K     BR-2       ISWAR SINGH      1532 RMP/21            03.05.2011
                                 YADAV            TF/SVLK
(b)    No             NK         GAGANA BIHARI    759 BR(I) TF/          04.05.2011
       15336192Y                 NAYAK            ROHTANG TUNNEL
(c)    GS-162419H     CHME       HARI CHAND       320 SPL/14 TF/ VTK     09.05.2011
(d)    GS-169828Y     PNR        M KUMARAN        97 RCC/42 TF/VTK       15.05.2011
(e)    GS-182414L     OEM        MOHAN SINGH      338 SPL/14 TF/VTK      16.05.2011
(f)    GS-157861A     SKT        RAJBIR           SEC 1 OF 1447 BCC/     17.05.2011
                                                  758 TF/SWTK
(g)    GS-164739W     COOK       HARI SINGH       15 TF/ SWK             17.05.2011
(h)    GS-155834F     PTR        BACHAN RAM       1081 FW /761 TF/       17.05.2011
                                                  STF HRK
(j)    GS-173377F     SKT        CHAMUI ZIMIK     1081 FW /761 TF/       22.05.2011
                                                  STF HRK
(k)    GS-172026A     DVRMT      KULWANT          35TF / BCN             23.05.2011
(l)    GS-164239Y     OEM-2      DHAN SINGH       377 RMP/47 TF/DTK      23.05.2011
(m)    GS-173725X     JE (CIV)   NAGARAJA         328 SPL/758 TF/        22,05,2011
(n)    JC-348672H     SUB        BIRBAL SINGH     1599 PC / 764 TF/      24.05.2011
                      MAJ        BHUDANIA         SWTK
(o)    GS-168266A     PNR        SANTAN DEHRI     1605 PC/44 TF/ARK      24.05.2011
(p)    GS-159531K     COOK       HARISH CHAND     HQ CE(P) VJK           28.05.2011
(a)   C/No.5112       CPL        GAYAN BDR DAJI 1448 BCC/44 TF/          08.05.2011
(b)   C/No 1440       CPL        RAM BAHADUR    66 RCC/21 TF/ SVLK       11.05.2011
(c)   C/No.A-69       CPL        BHAGWAN        180 FCP/42 TF/VTK        20.05.2011
(d)   C/No.607        CPDVR      SARIMUL ISLAM  335 SPL/765 TF/          21.05.2011
                                 LASKAR         PSK
(e)   C/No 3180       CP         SHANTI PRASAD 66 RCC/21 TF/SVLK         21.05.2011
(f)   C/No 654        CPL        RANJEETH RAI      107 RCC / 758 TF /    27.05.2011
(g)   C/No NYA        CPL        RK MIRDHA         55 RCC / 762 TF/VJK   27.05.2011
(h)   C/No 1508       CP         LAKHI MUNDA       119 RCC / 756 TF/     27.05.2011
                      MATE                         ARK
(j)   C/No 12155      CPL        ASHOK KUMAR       60 RCC / 19 TF/DTK    27.05.2011
(k)   C/No 7627       CPL        RAKESH KUMAR      371 RMP/35 TF/BCN     29.05.2011

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