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everything you need to
 know about the local
         music industry.


Foreword . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

Music gear and lessons . . . . . 5

Places to rehearse . . . . . . . . . 7

Getting a gig . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Where to play . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

Recording studios . . . . . . . . . . 14

CD production . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

Building a profile . . . . . . . . . . 19

Case study . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21

APRA / AMCOS . . . . . . . . . . . . 23

Music courses . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24


“For artists or bands just starting out, who aren’t ready
to play a full gig, open mic night’s are the best way
to break into the industry. It gives you performance
experience and gets you used to crowds. ‘Feedback’
was a great open mic night for me and it really helped
to kick start my career. It enabled me to figure out what
songs and styles go down well with the crowd.

With social networking (MySpace, etc.), getting a
mailing list started is a HUGE must. You can do this
online with a site called www.‘’. People
are asked to write down their email addresses, names
and post codes on a set out list which can then can be
imported into your ‘fanbridge’ account. The post codes
help you select the people in certain areas you want to
let know about an upcoming gig you might be playing
in their town or local venue. You can also send out mass
messages about new music, new CDs or merchandise -;
anything you want your fans to know about.

I think it is important to emphasise that some recording
studios are better than others and that you really do
get what you pay for. It’s also important to do pre-
production in the studio, for example, record a song
and listen back to it. Think of what else will go really
well with the song in terms of instrumentation and
effects, and then re-record the whole song with those
changes or additions made.

Making sure that your song is the best it can be will
make a world of difference to the old fashioned ‘it’ll do’
concept. That little adjustment may just be what makes
a hit song.

Any good recording engineer will suggest this to you
when you book in to record. A cost effective way to do
this is to either buy a cheap home recording package
or go to a studio with low prices then go to the good
studio. Recording technology has come a very long way
in the past 10 years. Every man and his dog can ‘set up’
their own ‘recording studio,’ but there are professionals
in this business and they’re the ones who know what
they’re doing. You will be judged on the product you
sell and send out.

Another big thing is realising that you can’t wait for
the record labels and booking agents to come to you;
that doesn’t happen very often. It’s about as common
as Halley’s Comet. You need to contact and get in front
of every industry group you can.

Regular band practice is a must because, if you’re in a
new band and you haven’t practised for a gig as much
as you should have, it will show and if you mess up and
put on a poor show, you aren’t going to get another gig
at the venue unless they’re totally desperate. Making
sure that all band members are fully committed to
their role in the group is vital. You’re only as strong as
your weakest link and only as good as your last show.”

Richard Perso
Local musician

  Music gear and lessons
            Great stuff, advice and tuition
               to improve your sound.

All Music
631 Dean St,                     All types of music lessons
Albury                                   (no vocals),
Phone: (02) 6041 1765             with 10 tutors available.

            Allans Music &Billy Hyde Hi Fidelity
    Guitar, drums,     Shop 13 Thomas Mitchell Drive,
      bass and,                                 Wodonga
  recording lessons.          Phone: (02) 6056 4051
   Accredited RTO.

Custom Music                   Albury Music School runs
470 Dean St,
                                lessons in rooms above.
                              Lessons are one on one and
Phone: (02) 6041 2451
                                        30 mins.

                                Megas Music Store
  Range of lessons.                           130 High St,
 Around eight tutors                            Wodonga
     available.                  Phone: (02) 6056 1044

Murray Conservatorium              Lessons for all types
Cnr Dean and Olive streets,       of contemporary and
Albury                                classical music.
Phone: (02) 6041 4249               26 tutors available.              Music industry studies.

Faith City Academy of the Arts
Wodonga                        Nine tutors.
Phone: (02) 6056 1200    Range of music lessons. Jam sessions on Thursday nights.

                                           Tom Glover
 Guitar, drums         Wodonga Senior Secondary College
and bass lessons.                Woodland St, Wodonga
                                   Phone: 0431 188 338

           Music gear only

Partyoz Entertainment
Phone: 0412 045 973                 PA, sound and lighting
Email:          hire for bands and DJs.

Audio and visual gear                 Media King
hire. Speakers, lighting      Phone: (02) 6023 6854
  and Microphones. Email:

Professional Audio Services - Tony Boon
17 Tourmaline Rd, Wodonga            Can provide audio and
Phone: (02) 6059 1652                 lighting for your gig.
Mobile: 0419 296 776

Albury Sound and Lighting
557 Hume St, Albury              Can provide
Phone: (02) 6021 1502        audio and lighting for
Mobile: 0407 211 502               your gig.

       Places to rehearse
             Finding a place to rehearse...
           that’s not in your mate’s garage.

Bernie Fudge                 Has a rehearsal room.
Phone: 0400 545 202       Also provides music lessons

                                         Damien Kondic
Air conditioned,sound proofed room.      Lincoln Causeway
   PA included. $40 for three hours.            Wodonga
                                       Phone: 0418 500 598

             Getting a gig
      Contacting people who have the contacts.

Retro Youth Cafe
Burrows House,        Can recommend you for other gigs
Albury                and put you in contact with event
Phone: (02) 6021 8208            organisers.
Mobile: 0409 906 474

                Above The Rest Entertainment
                                               330 Eden St,
    Booking agent for many                       Lavington
          local pubs                 Phone: (02) 6040 0806
                                      Mobile: 0418 652 769

Albury Musicians Hotline
Trevor Doddridge                    Arranges bookings for
Phone: (02) 6041 3000                      bands
Mobile: 0428 686465

                                 Borderline Promotions
Promotes, manages, markets                       Josh Liston
& assists local and indie acts                       Albury
                                      Phone: 0417 996 834

Cataclysmic Events
Sasha Lyons                 Venue bookings, promotion,
27 Lake St,                  event management, public
Wagga Wagga                   relations, marketing and,
Phone: 0431 402 108        experience with record labels.

Westside Talent Entertainment Agency
1st Floor 44 Watton St,
Werribee                      Live music booking agents.
Phone: (03) 9741 8399

Fazzcorp Entertainment
Tony Fazzolari              Delivering quality events to
Po Box 199, Mulwala              regional Australia.
Phone:(03) 5743 3183

             Where to play
       Local venues that showcase local talent.

Retro Youth Cafe
Burrows House,                Hosts Friday night gigs, gives
Albury                        upcoming bands a place to
Phone: (02) 6021 8208                  play for free.
Mob; 0409 906 474

                                FReeZA: Push Wamy
                                       Wodonga Council
                                           Nicole Cornell
                                   Phone: (02) 6022 9704
Supports young artists to perform at FReeZA events. If you
are interested in performing at live music or cultural FReeZA
     events, you can register as a FReeZA artist or band at

Indigo Shire Council
Phone: (02) 6028 1133

                                     Alpine FReeZA
                                  Alpine Shire Council
                                          Pieta Swann
                                Phone: (03) 5755 0555

Towong FReeZA
Towong Shire Council
Sharon McGaffin
Phone: (02) 6071 5100

                            Creative Youth Crew
                        Wangaratta Rural City Council
                                       Katy Hawkins
                             Phone: (03) 5722 0819

Wodonga Council       Held during National Youth Week
Nicole Cornell        each year. Opportunity for bands
Phone: (02) 6022 9704   to play 20 to 30 minute sets

                             Wodonga Children’s Fair
   Annual family event held by      Wodonga Council
Wodonga Council. Local stage for Phone: (02) 6022 9300
buskers doing 20 to 30 mintes sets

Yackandandah Folk Festival
Phone: (02) 6026 9220
 Buskers welcome to perform at any time during the festival.
    A small stage available in High St or choose your own
 location. Selected buskers invited to perform at the Sunday
      Blackboard Concert at The Star Hotel or The Shed.

                             Kinross Woolshed Hotel
     Open mic night on                     Old Sydney Rd,
       Wednesdays.                            Thurgoona
                                    Phone: (02) 6043 1155

Paddys: The New Albury Hotel
491 Kiewa St,                      Wednesday night is local
Albury                                  band night
Phone: (02) 6021 3599

                                         O’Maille’s Pub
 Metal night every Thursday.                 34-36 High St,
          Free entry.                           Wodonga
Must be over 18 years to attend.    Phone: (02) 6024 1335

 Live entertainment
                                             Astor Hotel
                         Corner Young and Guinea streets,
in beer garden most
  weekends. Rock,
                                       Ph: (02) 6021 1922
accoustics and duos.

Albion Hotel
593 Dean St,                           Live music.
Albury                         Must be over 18 year to play.
Phone: (02) 6021 3377

                              SS&A Club - The Venue
  Battle of the Sounds; heats on a                  Olive St,
         Wednesday night.                            Albury
      Live music at The Venu.        Phone: (02) 6041 2222

Carriers Hotel
South St,                               Open mic night on
Wodonga                                  Thursday nights.
Phone: (02) 6024 2060

    Local DJs play the One           The Bended Elbow
 Nightclub some Friday and                     480 Dean St,
       Saturday nights.                             Albury
Must be over 18 years to attend.     Phone: (02) 6023 6266

Home Tavern          Open mic blues afternoon held on
Wagga Wagga            the first Sunday of the month.
Phone: (02) 6921 3117; 0428 693 447 .

         Recording studios
     Cutting a demo and recording your own sound:

                 Vista Sound Projects
          Paul Tynan PO Box 1091, Lavington
       Phone: (02) 6040 0689 Mobile; 0412 122 825
       Small recording studio. All aspects of production.

                     Damien Kondic
      Ph: 0418 500 598 Lincoln Causeway, Wodonga
 Full band recording. Demos from $199. Full protools. Five
                separate recording spaces.

       Wodonga Senior Secondary College
                   Woodland St, Wodonga
             Tom Glover Phone: 0431 188 338
    Large room for a huge sound. The ability to track up to
   16 mics at a time. Individual tracking, or live whole band
tracking available. Fully operational protools tracking/control

               Paul Gibbs Productions
                   Phone: 0417 465 349
 Project recording studio. Works with one or two musicians.
      Produces and records demos. Puts onto master.

Ditch Demos
   Ditch Demos                         Jared Roberts
Judd Ditchfield
      Thurgoona                           Baranduda
    Judd Ditchfield                  Phone: (02) 6020 9284
Phone 280 405280 405
  Phone: 0424                          Good quality demos

            HD Digital Audio Australia
Trevor Doddridge Phone: (02) 6041 3000 Mobile; 0428 686465
                  P.O. Box 7066, Albury
 Demo recordings and CDs for performing artists, composers
and music students. All recorded in high-quality digital audio.

                    Leatham Music
          Gregory Lewis Phone: 0439 430 536
                11 Coola Crt, Table Top
 Everything you need to plan, record, edit, master, design,
  duplicate and market your work. For classical musicians

                   Ashbury Studios
              535 Dallinger Rd, Lavington
            Mike Duffy Phone: 0417 079 781
Portable recording studio. Sixteen inputs. Caters for all types
of bands, vocalists, musicians, spoken word, voiceovers and

           Professional Audio Services
Adam Boon Phone: (02) 6059 1652 Mobile; 0419 296 776
           17 Tourmaline Rd, Wodonga
     Records original material. High- quality sound.

      Northern Rivers Academy of Music
                 90 Appin St, Wangaratta
        Phone: (03) 5722 4899 or (03) 5737 4060
Available for students to use to advance their learning and
experience in the field of audio production and recording
                    studio techniques.

              CD production
           Help with pre and post - production.

                 TGlover Productions
                     Phone: 0431 188 338
     Recording, tracking, mixing/mastering. Individuals and
                   bands. Packages supplied.

                  All Media Solutions
              1071 Mate Street, North Albury
                   Phone: (02) 6040 8066
     CD duplication. Produces promotional material such as
                   posters, flyers and , cards.

                    Ashbury Studios
              535 Dallinger Rd, Lavington
             Mike Duffy Phone: 0417 079 781
              CD packages and cover designs.

                  Orbit Media Group
                     611 Dean St, Albury
                    Phone: (02) 6041 5983
       All pre and post-production services. Voice overs.

            Wittingslow Productions
        Lucas Wittingslow Phone: 0403 854 476
  Flash, graphic art, 3-D animation and video production.

            CRCooper Photography
         Chris Cooper Phone: 0413 306 076
    Band promo stuff. Cool photographs for CD covers.

             62 Clandeboye Rd, Baranduda
    Phone: (02) 6020 8085 Mobile; 0417 066 412
Producer, director, cameraman and editor. Can produce and
                       film your clip.

              Parkway Productions
                        Neal Kelly
                 Phone: 0422 982 580

         Promotional film clips to market your CD.

                    Alistair McBurnie
                    Phone:0402 839 823
     Photography for your CD cover and band photography.

          Break The Silence Photography
             Jess Kibble Phone:0400 855 425
          Photography for your CD cover and pages.

                      Zac McMillan
                     Graphic Designer
         Websites, MySpace designs, logos, merch, etc.
                        Cheap deals.

        Or do it yourself CD production....

                         All Music
                       631 Dean St,
                   Phone: (02) 6041 1765
         Do your own home recordings for under $200.
         USB audio devices, mixers and home studios.

         Building a profile
            Getting your name out there:

Get your work to others by creating your own MySpace page
            and uploading your music onto it.

             Upload your work onto YouTube.

          Pinkygara Web and Graphic Design
                  Phone: 0402 721 415
     Create your own website and build your fan base.

                  The Border Mail
               Phone: (02) 6024 0555

               The Midweek Xpress
                 Phone: (02) 6024 0588

        Albury Wodonga News Weekly
                 Phone: (02) 6022 5800
Use the media to promote your music. Contact newspapers
and community radio stations to advertise upcoming gigs.

              2 REM 107.3 FM
             Phone: (02) 6040 1482

                Mail outs

                Custom Music
                 470 Dean St,
             Phone: (02) 6041 2451

          CRCooper Photography
                 Chris Cooper
              Phone: 0413 306 076

     Pinkygara Web and Graphic Design
             Phone: 0402 721 415

                Hue Graphics
                  Graphic Design
               Phone: 02 6023 3880

               Case study

                EP by Grace and Juliet

       Steps we took to producing our first EP:

1) We looked around for local producers and places to
record and decided to contact a friend who does a lot
of the recording for other local bands. We arranged a
price, time and location to record five songs with him.

2) We’d recently done some promo pictures with a
local photographer, so we organised for him to send
us the pictures we were interested in using in high
resolution so they would be good quality for the CD
cover. He helped edit these to make them look the way
we wanted them to.

3) We created a rough design of what we wanted the
EP to look like using Adobe Photoshop and sent this to
a friend who worked at a printing shop in Albury.

4) We decided we’d use a low cost, cardboard envelope
for the cover. He looked at our rough design and
created a final draft of it, deleting words that made it
too cluttered and changing the place of some of the
others. He then printed them off for us.

5) We saved money on the printing by taping the
envelopes closed ourselves with double sided-tape.

6) When the master copy of our recordings arrived, we
burnt it onto printable CDs ourselves.

7) We wanted to have an image printed onto the CD, so
we found an extra printer part on ebay that cost about
$20 and downloaded some free drivers to make our
own printer compatible to print the images.

8) We sell the CDs ourselves at most of our gigs and
distributed them to some of the local music shops, The
Retro Youth Cafe and Sanction BMX Shop.


1) Before you record, make sure you have practised the
songs heaps so you don’t waste time redoing takes, and
have a good idea of what you want the final product
to sound like. This could include thinking about extra
things such as harmonies and including instruments
that aren’t involved in your live performance. Even if
this sounds a bit different to how you play live, it is
important to get the best sound you can from your
recordings. An experienced sound engineer can advise

2) Use a photographer you are comfortable with and
make sure they have the equipment necessary to give
you a printable product.

3) Always get legal advice before signing any contract.

4) We are always happy to talk about what we’ve learnt.
We can be contacted via youth services.

By Grace Gibson
(Grace and Juliet)

APRA/AMCOS’ joint objective is to ensure composers/
songwriters and publishers are rewarded whenever, and
wherever, their musical works are played, performed or
reproduced and help Australian and New Zealand music
consumers get access to the world’s musical repertoire.

The Australasian Performing Right Association Limited (APRA)
was established in 1926 and now administers the performing
and   communication      rights   of   60,000   plus   composer,
songwriter and music publisher members in Australia and
New Zealand.

If your music is performed in public, for example, at pubs,
clubs, festivals and concerts or broadcast on radio, TV
(including pay TV ), you are entitled to royalty payments. This is
because the Commonwealth Copyright Act gives writers what
are called “performing rights” which cover these uses of their
music. APRA membership gives you worldwide representation
through our reciprocal arrangements with other performing
right societies. We will collect royalties for you when your
music is played overseas.

The Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society
(AMCOS) collects and distributes mechanical royalties for
the reproduction of its members’ musical works for many
different purposes. These include the manufacture of CDs,
music videos and DVDs, the sale of mobile phone ringtones
and digital downloads, the use of production music and
the making of radio and television programs. Since 1997,
APRA has managed the day-to-day operations of the AMCOS

  For more information about APRA and AMCOS and
          how to become a member, go to:

                Music courses
     Where you can learn even more about music.!

                      Wodonga TAFE
               Certificate IV in Audio Engineering
             •Part-time sound recording and mixing

                       JMC Academy
           Audio engineering and sound production
                Popular music and performance

       North Melbourne Institute of TAFE
                        Courses offered:
                      •Music performance
                       •Music technology
                       •Sound production
                         •Music business
               •Music degrees (higher education)
      •Advanced Diploma of Music Performance ( jazz and
      contemporary) incorporating Certificate IV in Music
             •Performance ( jazz and contemporary)
     •Certificate III in Music - performance and musicianship
•Certificate IV in Music Performance ( jazz and contemporary)

                  RMIT University
          Media, journalism, screen and music::
                     TAFE programs:
  •Audiovisual technology – Certificate IV and Diploma
     •Creative industries – Certificate IV and Diploma
•Music industry (technical production) – Certificate IV and
  •Film and television production (screen and media) –
    •Professional Screenwriting – Advanced diploma
•Screen plan: Film and television production (screen and
               media) – Advanced diploma

                    Undergraduate :
            •Music industry – Bachelor of Arts
          •Media – Bachelor of Communication
        •Journalism – Bachelor of Communication
   •Media specialisation – Bachelor of Communication

                   Honours programs:
       •Creative media – Honours: Bachelor of Arts
   •Journalism - Honours: Bachelor of Communication
     •Media – Honours: Bachelor of Communication

                Postgraduate programs:
             •Journalism – Graduate Diploma
•Film and television production specialisation – Master of
                     Creative Media
    •Screen specialisation – Master of Creative Media
         Journalism – Master of Communication

            •Music Industry – Bachelor of Arts

    •Multiple TAFE courses related to music subjects


     VCA and Music at Melbourne University
                      •Bachelor of Music
               •Bachelor of Music Performance

                   Boxhill Institute
                        Long courses:
        •Bachelor of Applied Music (audio production)
          •Bachelor of Applied Music (Performance)
            •Advanced Diploma of Music Industry
 specialising in technical production - (audio production)
                •Advanced Diploma of Music
         specialising in performance ( jazz/popular)
            •Diploma of Music Industry (Business)

                        Short courses:
                      •Advanced guitar
                           •DJ skills
                   •Introduction to guitar
             •Musicianship Preparation Studies I
             •Musicianship Preparation Studies II

             SAE Institute Melbourne
               •Bachelor of Audio Production
                Electronic music production
               •Certificate III in Music Industry (technical
      •Diploma of Music Industry (technical production)

                ANU School of Music
                        Open school:
              •Early childhood music program
•Music Education Program (MEP) (including music for primary
    •Music After School [previously called Single Studies]
 •Music for Secondary Schools (previously called Music For
                    Students With Talent)
   •Music for Colleges (including Type 1 - College Course
         Classical and Type 1 - College Course Jazz)
 Advanced Certificate Course and Preparatory Jazz Studies

                     •Bachelor of Music
               •Bachelor of Music (Specialist)
                  •Bachelor of Arts (Music)
          •Bachelor of Professional Music Practice
      •Bachelor of Education (secondary music majors)
           •Associate degree specialising in music


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