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     Giant Obstacle Course
         Putt Billiards                                                                                   Item #15705
What Are the Educational Applications?
Activities that involve striking with an implement are an
important component at any level in Physical Education.
When teaching these types of activities accuracy
should be an important point for discussion. By focusing
students on the target area to shoot a higher level of
success is usually achieved. In the same respect
students should also understand the importance of
body control and mayahoonipulation. By having body
awareness a student can fine tune movements and
have success performing various skills. Striking activities

How Can I Use This Product With My Students?
Make your course as difficult or easy as you’d like! Add
variety with this fun putt billiards course that can be set
up anywhere—and redesigned whenever you want!
Includes one 10’ x 5’6” carpeted green with rubber
bottom, twelve 7” foam pieces, four 11” foam pieces,
                                                              net. Students must make 6 Eagles to progress.
four 48” foam pieces, 6 black and yellow goals with
                                                              Variation 2 - Student must hit the bell ball and sink the
mesh nets, 5 arch obstacle course pieces with bell
                                                              putt in order to progress. Variation 3 - Instead of using
balls, 4 plastic 29”L golf clubs with foam handles, and
                                                              included balls, use a larger foam golf ball. This will make
4 small rubber balls, 1 each in red, yellow, blue and
                                                              it easier for students to make contact.
green. All obstacle pieces feature hook-and-loop
fasteners that attach easily to the green making it easy
                                                              This activity focuses on putting from a stationary
for you to change the course at anytime. Arch pieces
                                                              position to a designated target. In each situation, the
are constructed of nylon material over hard foam. 40
                                                              distance between the individual and the target increases.
pieces total. Some sample activities are described
                                                              By changing a size, shape, or weight of an object and
                                                              repeating the same movement, a child understands how
                                                              much force is necessary to propel varying objects. One
Activity #1-Make the Grade
                                                              way to emphasize cues is to have the student say the
Set up Giant Obstacle Course Putt Billiards so that the
                                                              cue as s/he is doing the movement. This kinesthetic and
carpeted green is long and use the foam pieces to
                                                              auditory combination helps the brain connection a child
create 5 separate straight putting greens. At each
                                                              needs to make to correctly do a movement, because it
station step the yellow and black mesh net behind an
                                                              combines two out of three learning styles instead of only
arch with the bell ball so that the distance between the
                                                              using one. Another benefit to these activities is students
tee off area and the arch mesh net increases as you
                                                              who are at different levels can do the same activity while
move down the line. Have students start at the
                                                              being challenged at the appropriate level.
closest tee and in order to “graduate” to the next
farthest distance, they must successfully make 3 Eagle
                                                              Activity #2-Exercise Strokes
putts in a row (“Eagle” is a hole in one). Student can
                                                              Set up Giant Obstacle Course Putt Billiards in any
only do 1 putt at a time and then must allow another
                                                              arrangement with the foam pieces and 1 mesh net or
student to take a turn. If successful at all stations,
                                                              mesh net with bell ball arch. Teach students golf
increase the tee off distance as appropriate and
                                                              terminology, for our purposes Par is set at 3 strokes,
                                                              which is the norm for most miniature golf courses.
                                                              This makes Eagle 1 stroke, Birdie 2 strokes, Bogey 4
Variation 1 - Instead of 5 stations, have 2 stations set
                                                              strokes, and Double Bogey 5 strokes. Each student will
up so that there is a near arch mesh net and a far mesh

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have a maximum of 5 strokes per attempt so a Double            throughout the Giant Obstacle Course Putt Billiards.
Bogey is guaranteed. After each turn, students go to           Make sure you place the bell ball arches so that the point
the designated workout area and perform an exercise            value on the arch is showing at that the higher numbers
based on their score for that hole before returning to         are assigned to areas that have more difficulty. Some
the group’s safety hoop. For example, if a student gets        should be placed with a straight shot and some should
an Eagle s/he will do 10 ABC pushups, 10 Mountain              have a challenge, such as banking off a foam piece to go
Climbers for a Birdie, 10 Crunches for a Par, 10 Jumping       around another foam piece. When it is the student’s turn,
Jacks for a Bogey, or 10 Push-ups for a Double Bogey.          s/he will have 5 turns using a different ball for each turn
                                                               to make a hole in one shot for each designated bell ball
Variation - To incorporate math, instructor may opt to         arch. Student will receive the number of points indicated
have students keep score by recording their strokes            on that arch to determine their score for that round. After
at each hole then add up the score at the end of the           all students in the group have a turn, whoever has the
period. Student with lowest score wins.                        highest score for that round gets to rearrange the bell
                                                               ball arches for the next round, or gets to go first during
Activity #3-Designer Holes                                     the next round.
Use the foam pieces to create these different holes.
The mesh net or mesh net bell ball arch combo                  Activity #5-Design Your Own Hole
completes the hole.                                            Allow students to use the pieces from the set to create
  • Straight Putt - Student attempts a straight putt from      their own hole. After they are done creating, let them try
  a distance over a smooth flat surface.                        out the hole and make adjustments as needed.
  • The Cave - Student attempts a straight putt from a
  close distance with the hole under a mat.                    Activity #6-Putt Billiards
  • L Putt - Student attempts a shot where the hole is         Set up so that the carpeted green with the rubber bottom
  not a straight shot because the green is shaped like         has all the foam pieces around the perimeter, except in
  an L with walls.                                             each corner place one black and yellow goal with mesh
  • Water Hazard - Students must putt around a water           nets and one midway on each of the long sides to create
  hazard (blue tarp) to successfully reach the hole. If        a look similar to a pool table.
  the ball goes into the water, the student’s turn is over.
  • Captain’s Hook - Student attempts to put the ball          Includes: Carpeted green with rubber bottom, twelve 7”
  around a bend to get the ball into the hole.                 foam pieces, four 11” foam pieces, four 48” foam pieces,
  • The Box - Student attempts to putt the ball when an        6 black and yellow goals with mesh nets, 5 arch obstacle
  obstacle in the shape of a box is placed him/her and         course pieces with bell balls, 4 plastic 29”L golf clubs with
  the hole.                                                    foam handles, and 4 small rubber balls, 1 each in red,
                                                               yellow, blue and green.
Activity #4-Bell Ball Shoots for Accuracy
For this activity, place 5 bell ball arches in various areas   How Do I Make This Product Developmentally
                                                                                    Appropriate For My Students?
                                                                                     • Prior to using Giant Obstacle
                                                                                     Course Putt Billiards, instructors
                                                                                     should teach proper form for
                                                                                     grip and stance.
                                                                                     • Grip- non-dominant hand
                                                                                     at top, dominant below with
                                                                                     thumbs facing downward
                                                                                     • Stance- Feet shoulder length
                                                                                     apart, body square to ball, ball
                                                                                     centered to body
                                                                                     • Prior to using Giant Obstacle
                                                                                     Course Putt Billiards teachers
                                                                                     should give students guidelines
                                                                                     for swing height and form
                                                                                     • Make sure students who are
                                                                                     not putting stand in a designated
                                                                                     safe area to avoid injury
                                                                                     • Make sure if giving an
                                                                                     obstacle to shoot from it is an
                                                                                     appropriate for the given age
                                                                                     group. For example do not

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  have a complex maze for first grades to try and get a                       • Teaching safety skills
  par 3                                                                      • Practices striking using an implement
  • Can be used with various ages and skill levels, but                      • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  recommended for beginners and/or younger individuals                       • Appropriate for a variety of age ranges
  • If student is retrieving ball from the Giant Obstacle                    • Appropriate for a variety of skill ranges
  Course Putt Billiards make sure no one is putting                          • Allows individual development in a group activity
  during that time                                                           session
                                                                             • Easy to incorporate as a differentiated instruction
How Does This Product Relate to Current                                      tool
Educational Thinking?                                                        • Safe to use because pieces Velcro together
Manipulating objects with other objects or striking with
an implement is a common theme in main sport-like                         Safety Issues & Concerns
activities. These practices also promote the use of fine                    • Make sure Giant Obstacle Course Putt Billiards is
and gross motor skills. By practicing a golf-related                       securely unrolled and students will not trip or slip
activity, students also use a high level of self-control                   • Do not allow students to stand near Giant Obstacle
and focus to be successful. Many students who initially                    Course Putt Billiards when others are putting
do not use these skills will realize quickly that they are                 • Make sure students have a safe area to stand that is
essential to have success. In addition, although golf                      far from the swing length of the club
can be played in a group setting, it is an individualized                  • Do not allow students to pull on Giant Obstacle
practice so students can work in heterogeneous or                          Course Putt Billiards as this can result in the item
homogenous groupings and still be able to practice at                      coming apart
his or her own skill level. Lastly, golf is a considered a                 • Students should be aware and alert when retrieving
lifetime activity so students who are exposed to the                       balls from area where others are shooting
activity can add it to their physical activity repertoire                  • Students should only aim objects at Giant Obstacle
which they can use throughout their lifespan.                              Course Putt Billiards not other people

In view of COPEC’S (Council on Physical Education
of Children) position that all activities have both
appropriate and inappropriate practices, please list
and describe a few appropriate practices regarding
how this item or these activities are valuable to a
physical education program.
  • Teaching putting with accuracy
  • Teaching proper grip and stance technique
  • Teaching golf terminology
     • Four (move out of the way)
     • Par (the average number of hits before getting in
     the hole many courses use 3 as this number)
     • Eagle (Hole in one)

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