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					    1 PM Saturday, September 17 @ Pinellas Park Library
                                Everyone Welcome
            Tampa Bay Town Hall
           The Casey Anthony Trial

                Be part of our community's work to create
        a positive outcome from the Casey Anthony trial

                   Round Table Discussion of Caylee's Law
                     {proposed legislation for Florida}
     Participants from the legal community, child advocacy, and public officials.

                  Sponsored By Media & Culture Journalism
                   Call For Directions, Details 727-498-0112

         Be There For This Important Community Discussion
Meeting to be held at the Pinellas Park library primary public meeting room starting at 1 PM, Saturday, Sept. 17th.
                                   Town Hall Meeting Agenda
Opening Statement by Moderator outlining the need for a positive take away for the community from the
Casey Anthony trial experience. Our community which provided the jurors in the case should use this
opportunity for community discussions to assist us in arriving at a consensus on how to make this a learning

Moderator will review the media and nationwide reaction to the trial as it proceeded including the emerging
pubic consensus questioning the merits of the jury verdict. Moderator will review the legal professionals who
covered the trial itself, such as Tru TV, HLN, Nancy Grace, Geraldo Rivera, et al. Finally Moderator will
reflect on what the public's reaction to the trial reveals about our contemporary culture. A special discussion
on Caylee's Law.

First Speaker:

Introduction of a review outlining all available information including post trial evidence in support of the
position that a crime occurred resulting in the death of Caylee. {30 minutes}

Second Speaker:

Introduction of a review outlining all available information including post trial evidence in support of the
position that there was a terrible accident but not a crime in the death of Caylee. {30 minutes}

Round Table discussion by community and opinion leaders with the purpose of arriving at a consensus of what
should be the meaning and value of the Casey Anthony trial experience for the larger Tampabay community
and the nation as well. A close look at Caylee's Law as proposed by our State Legislature.

Community Input:

Everyone wishing to speak and voice their personal perspective and opinion, including their conclusions about
the trial and Caylee's Law will have 3 minutes at the microphone, uninterrupted. {max 20 audience members
to speak 60 min.}.

Advocates for and against the position of whether a crime was committed and for and their position on Caylee's
Law will have 10 minutes each to summarize their final arguments. The moderator and Round Table
Discussion members will have the opportunity to question each during their presentations.

Moderator will summarize the speakers arguments and present the audience with their opportunity to vote on
both whether a crime occurred and their vote for or against Caylee's Law.

The results will be announced and summarized and released to the press and public.

Communications Director will be available to the press for interviews and additional information. Phone is 727-
498-0112. Email Communications Director, Keith Long   
Media & Culture Journalism's focus is contemporary culture and the media. Communications Director, Keith Long
has a broad background including as an author published by Random House, he has written Op-Eds for the Financial
Times newspaper in London, and done radio shows on contemporary culture in Orlando. {Free audio CD's available}.
Keith regularly speaks at area Rotary, Kiwanis and other service organizations on the subject of how our
contemporary culture and news headlines impact the Tampabay area {ref attorney David Browder, Largo Kiwanis}. Keith has led seminars at the U of Tampa as well as for local area professionals to certify CE
professional credits.

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