Wisdom and the Path to Success by MillyMorales


What does it take for women to succeed in the business and corporate world?

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									              Wisdom and the Path to Success

Atlanta, GA September 12, 2011. Wisdom and advice from older sisters is the guide a
woman needs on her path to success. Unfortunately many women do not get this guide
because they have nobody to ask. They do not know older sisters who can guide them in
career or in business.

Many women fail at both their careers and businesses because they have no role
models or mentors. They do not know where to turn for advice or even for answers to
questions. This means it is always a good idea to get a mentor or several mentors.

You should start looking for a mentor as soon as you start your career if not earlier. Look
for wiser, older women with experience in your field or similar field and try to model
yourself upon them. Better yet become friends with such ladies so you can ask them for
help. Having somebody you can turn to for advice is often the only way to navigate
today’s world.

Look for such older role models in your workplace, your school, organizations, groups
like the National Association for Professional Women and any place else. They are
around and they are willing to help if you are willing to listen to them. In many cases
simply being around such people inspire you and help you take it to the next level.

No woman has to be alone upon the path to success. Instead, she can have an older
sister to help her along the trail and show her how to navigate around the obstacles.
Taking the time to find such a mentor and making her part of your life can be the most
important career decision that you’ve ever made.

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