The Role of Networks inWomen’s Success

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					 The Role of Networks in Women’s Success

Most successful people get that way because they create a network of people that helps
and supports them. This often goes more so for women than for men.

The role of networks in women’s success is an obvious one yet many people do not see
it because they do not see the networks in actions. There are several different kinds of
networks that support successful women.

Types of Networks

A social network can provide support for a woman in her personal and family life. For
example a woman who can rely upon friends or family to baby sit her children or watch
her house is often free to concentrate on business or career.

A business network can provide contacts that are vital to success. For example sales
contacts, customers, contacts that can help a woman find a find etc. A successful realtor
can develop contacts with bankers, mortgage brokers, local government officials,
neighborhood leaders, contractors and many others.

A professional network usually involves people in your profession. It can include
coworkers, college classmates and others. Such a network is often valuable as a source
of information. It can also involve industry groups and trade organizations.

Political networks might involve groups in the community or organizations that you are
involved with. This could mean a church, schools, local government, neighborhood
groups, civic organizations etc. Such organizations often provide contacts and support.
This can also involve larger nationwide organizations that you are involved in such as the
National Association of Professional Women or NAPW.

How to Use Networking for Success

The role of networks in women’s success includes information and contacts.
Information gained from networks can often be more valuable than the contacts. A
saleswoman can meet new clients and learn of new opportunities through networks.
Studies indicate that networking is still the best way to find a job or learn of job

Description: What does it take for women to succeed in the business and corporate world?