The Formula for Success is Simpler than you Think by MillyMorales


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									               The Formula for Success is Simpler than you Think

Most people think that there is a magical formula for success that they must find in
order to achieve their goals. The truth is that there is no magical formula for success,
instead there are a few basic attributes that can help any achieve what they want.

The main attribute that successful people and successful women share is that they do
not give up. They pick themselves up and keep going no matter obstacles life throws in
their way. This quality often called tenacity or strength or bravery or commitment or
faith is perhaps the most important.

It is why many unimaginative plodders get ahead while many highly intelligent and
creative women fail. The plodders keep trying while the supposedly bright and brilliant
give up.

The next trait of success is independence, successful people do not listen to the crowd,
the experts, society or all the other voices telling them not succeed. Instead they make
their own plans and way and confirm things for themselves. They also create their own
goals and shoot for them.

Another important attribute of the successful is boldness or courage. They are simply
not afraid of those obstacles that deter others. This trait often displays itself in the form
of optimism. These people see opportunities where others see obstacles.

So how do you develop these traits? The best way is to hang around successful people
and model your behavior on theirs. Organizations like the National Association of
Professional Women provide a great opportunity to come into contact with such
persons. So are classes, and any other place where successful people congregate.

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