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The Attributes of Successful Networkers


What does it take for women to succeed in the business and corporate world?

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									              The Attributes of Successful Networkers

Successful networkers share a wide variety of attributes. All of which can make for
success, persons who do not have these attributes would be well advised to make
friends with successful networkers.

The best way to build a successful network is to identify successful networkers and get
included in their networks. That way you can build a large network with a large number
of contacts without doing that much work on your own.

Therefore you need to be aware of the attributes successful networkers share so you
can identify them. Here are a few of those characteristics:

   ●   A successful networker has what is called high emotional intelligence. That is she
       is very good at getting along with others and cultivating contacts and friendships.

   ●   A successful network builder is often very astute and well-informed about what
       is going on.

   ●   A good networker is a participator he or she regular attends meetings of
       organizations like the National Association of Professional Women or NAPW and
       gets involved. They are often the leaders and officers of groups.

   ●   An expert networker is often highly involved in many different organizations and
       causes. In many communities there are a few people who run everything and
       work on everything. Cultivating these people is often the way to get in the loop.

   ●   Competent networkers are free from prejudice and bigotry. They are willing to
       work with everybody and to try and include everybody in their activities. In many
       cases they are the first to welcome newcomers and the last to turn away a
       person in need.

   ●   The best networkers are very sensitive and intuitive they know what is going on
       and what people are doing. They are often good at reading people and will often
       cultivate relationships with those others ignore.
●   Really good networkers are often very good at avoiding persons with criminal or
    antisocial tendencies. They are often the first to spot and avoid stuffed shirts,
    blowhards and hucksters. Yet they will also be the first to spot a true

●   Finally, great networkers are great listeners, they may take little or no part in the
    conversation but they know everybody in the room and what everybody is doing.
    They get this way because they close their mouths and keep their ears and their
    minds open.

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