Networking for Success and Much More by MillyMorales


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									             Networking for Success and Much More

The first thing that you need to create if you plan to be successful is your own network
to help you and support. Such a network is composed of people that can provide advice,
contacts and support. Creating the network is easy all you need is a list of people that
might help you and their contact information.

Women are often very successful networkers because their abilities at social
interaction. Yet many ladies don’t take advantage of this important strategy for success.
They refuse to use the most powerful tool for achievement in business and careers they
have: networking.

You should start networking as soon as you can by recording the names and contact
information of anybody who might be able to help you. This can include clients,
classmates, friends, relatives, parents at your children’s school, people at church,
coworkers, former coworkers, contractors, anybody that you might know.

Successful networking also involves getting outside your social circle and your comfort
zone. It means getting involved in new organizations and activities and meeting as many
new people as possible. If you can double the number of people you meet you’ve just
doubled the number of people in your network.

Therefore get involved in as many organizations, causes and activities as you can. This
includes community groups, school groups, alumni organizations, the National
Association of Professional Women, political organizations and anything else that
interests you. This can be tough and time consuming but it can often be very awarding.

The more time you spend networking the easier it will be and the more people that you
meet. The more people in your network: the more opportunities that will be available to
you. Therefore you need to devote as much time and energy as you can to growing and
spreading your network.

You also need to join as many other peoples’ networks as you can. When you join
somebody else’s network you have a point of contact with all their friends and
acquaintances. So you will be able to get a bigger and more effective network.

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