Beginning of Year Social Studies

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					a Little Technology…..
in your Science and Social Studies Curriculum


Ready„.Get Set„..
 Check your curriculum guides. .htm

 Check the Terra-Nova Guidelines. htm

 Check the Bedford County

Curriculum Guides when available.

Don’t forget!
 Use your Social Studies and

Science textbooks with the curriculum.  Correlate to other areas of the curriculum when possible.  Don’t necessarily teach every single page of the text!

If you always do things the same way,

You’ll always get what you’ve always gotten!

Approach your day in a different way!

No Time for Technology?
Whole Group Instruction

Group 1

Group 2
Computer Assignment

Group 3 Research Time or Literature Connection

 Combine whole group, small group,

and individual activities.  Require students to keep a folder of their work.  Ask students for ideas.

 Won’t always be the main focus of

the lesson.  Let students learn by doing.  Use as a resource. Won’t do every page.

Try Thematic Units.
 Students learn best when

curriculum is integrated.  Themes permit a variety of activities to accommodate all learning styles.  Be sure to have definite goals.  Plan for evaluation.

Plan, plan, plan„„„„..


The “F” word„..


Examples of Webpages
 Guided Student Activity
Explorers Activity xp.html

 Group Activities Early Civilizations ec.htm

More Web Pages„„„„„
Animal Classification html

 Student Made Page /amgov.html

More Webpages
 Integrated Page /landforms.html  Choice Activity /sestates.html

Design your own webpage.
 More control over content.  Fit to the needs of all your

students.  Easy to adapt.

Easy Ways to Integrate Technology
 Design brochure of state.  Make a poster of state, animal, or

other subject.  Use databases to keep up with information.  Use a paint or draw program to make Venn diagrams to compare subjects.

More Easy Ways„„„„„.
 Write a letter to researched

person.  Design a book cover.  Use graphic organizer to draw a family tree for a biography.  Make a cereal box as a biography.  Design a greeting card in honor of an historic event.

PowerPoint Presentations
 Teacher presentations to

accompany lectures  Convert slides into transparencies.  Student report for individual or group work  Book reports

PowerPoint Help
 PowerPoint in the Classroom  Sample PowerPoint Presentations le_Power_Points.htm  Powerpoint as a Teaching Tool les/power_point_article.html

Accelerated Reader
 Have students choose books on the

topic being studied.  Require nonfiction reading. Include in research projects.  Write AR tests to cover pertinent chapters from the textbooks.

Literature & Internet
 Search for books and literature

units that complement your studies.

 Poppy, by Avi

 Sign of the Beaver,

 Ben and Me,

 Jean Fritz books

Online Resources for S. S.
 Global Grocery List http://landmark-  Teach map skills with Map Quest  Food Timeline ml

More online resources„.
 Mock sroom/index.html

 Creating posters for Social Studies

 The GeoNet Game indexhi.html

Online Resources for Science
 CellsAlive  Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body  Journey North

More Online Resources...
 The Great Plant Escape  Franklin’s Forecast

Virtual Field Trips
 Go where you’ve never been

before!  Check the compilation of listings on  Compile a list of questions to guide students’ visit.  Students make flow charts and maps to design their own trips.

Satellite Feeds
 Access through SCHS.  Cumberland Scinece Museum

Becky Matthews, 615-401-5073  Radnor Lake, Laura Franklin or Harry Hedgepath, 615-331-5739

Software for Science and Social Studies
 Cornerstone Reading Vocabulary

includes content areas.  Software by textbook company  Practice for skills: Zip! Zap! Map! Carmen San Diego  Other suggestions:

Have fun!

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