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					Accelerate                     It’s time to move fo


     How to Accelerate Using
     Microsoft Technology

                                                                                                       Dear Friend
                                                                                                   As I look ba
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                                                                                               Whether yo
                                                                                                              u're using A
                                                                                               or VB, you                   cc
                                                                                                            can leverag ess, Visual Studio .NE
                                                                                              Practices to                 e our experi                    T, SQL Serv
                                                                                                              b                            enc                             er,
                                                                                              and source ecome more valuable. e and learn from our B
                                                                                                             code librari                    From our A                     est
                                                                                              materials, w                 es                             na
                                                                                                             e have solu to our extensive selec lyzer products
                                                                                             immediately                   tions to acc                   ti
                                                                                                            .                              elerate you on of training
                                                                                                                                                       r productivit
                                                                                             We can help
                                                                                                              you learn th
                                                                                            notch profe                     e tips and te
                                                                                                           ss                                c
                                                                                            developers ional. Discover why so hniques to become a
                                                                                                           insist on FM                     many powe                    top-
                                                                                            valuable to                    S products!                   r
                                                                                                           your team,                      With FMS y users and
                                                                                                                         boss, and c                    ou can be m
                                                                                                                                        lients.                          ore
                                                                                            One of the
                                                                                                          most excitin
                                                                                           more! Take                   g things you
                                                                                                          yo                              ca
                                                                                           FMS and m ur knowledge and care n do at your job is to d
                                                                                                          ake yourse                                                    o
                                                                                                                       lf indispens er to the next level wit
                                                                                                                                      able.                           h
                                                                                           All the best,

                                                                                         Luke Chung
                                                                                         President a
                                                                                                     nd CEO                                                                                   Top 100
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Best Access
                                                                                                                                                                                            & Leaders       Developer
                                                                                        P.S. Not su                                                                                                       Tools Compa
                                                                                                    re                                                                                                                ny
                                                                                        FREE white how Access fits into yo
                                                                                                     p                     ur
                                                                                        http://www.f aper on Database Evo organization? Read m
                                                                                                     lution and A         y
                                                                                                                volution               ccess:

2   Microsoft, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Office, Visual Basic, Visual Studio .NET, C#, ASP, Visual Basic for Applications, ActiveX, SQL Server, Windows, and Windows NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
    Access is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries and is used under license from Microsoft. All references to “Access” are for Microsoft Access. All references to “VB” are
    for Microsoft Visual Basic. All references to “.NET” are for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. All references to “Excel” are for Microsoft Excel. FMS products are not associated with Total Access from American Airlines.
Suites                         4-5
Total Access Developer Suite        4
Total Access Ultimate Suite         4
Total Visual Developer Suite        5
Total .NET Developer Suite          5

“The Buzz”                          6
Access                         7-21
Total Access Emailer             7
Total Access Analyzer            8
Total Visual SourceBook         10
Total Access Memo               12
Total Access Components         13
Total Visual Agent              14
Total Visual CodeTools          16
Total Access Statistics         17
Total Access Speller            18
Total Access Detective          19
Total Access Admin              20
Total Access Startup            21

Visual Studio .NET         22-25
Total .NET SourceBook           22
Total .NET Analyzer             24
Total .NET XRef                 25

SQL Server                 26-27
Total SQL Analyzer PRO          26
Total SQL Statistics            17

Total ZipCode Database          28
Custom Development              29
Training Videos                 30
Ordering Information            31

We want to introduce you to a few
new faces here at FMS. Annie
joined the team in early 2004.
She is a senior customer service
representative with a wealth of
experience and cheer.
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                                                        Total Access Speller
                                                        Total Access Startup

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                                                        Total Access Statistics

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         products to maximize the power of Access!
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Total Access
      Developer                                     ™
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                                                        Total Access Detective
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                                                          Single   5-Seat
                 5 productivity tools for serious          $999    $2999
                      Access developers!                      Upgrade
                                                          $599     $1799

for .NET
                                   Save $300

Total .NET
                                                     Total .NET Analyzer
                                                     Total .NET SourceBook
                                              ™      Total .NET XRef

          All our .NET products to accelerate
                                                      *Includes a 1 year subscription to
                                                  Code Webservice for Total .NET SourceBook
                 your .NET productivity.

for Access & VB
                                    Save $200

Total Visual
   Developer                              ™          Includes:
                                                     Total Visual CodeTools

    Essential coding resources for VB/VBA!
                                                     Total Visual SourceBook

                                                         $349          $999

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    As technology evolves, you need to move faster or get      figure out a way for Access to mate with Outlook,
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    resources from every angle of the development                 referencing an Access tip...five easy steps to
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    race to improve your skill set.
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    experienced colleagues and pinching all their good        every once in a while she will
                    ideas! Thanks again.”                     toss out some of the funniest           Molly
6              Linda Lawson, Guildford, Surrey, UK            one liners.
 Total Access
        Emailer                                   ™           Personalized Email Blaster
Easily Email Your Contacts: Imagine the power of         “Now, with just a click of a button, Total Access
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personalized. Total Access Emailer leverages email           Phillip Kershaw, Triumph International (NZ) Ltd.
addresses to communicate with all your contacts
better than ever. Whether it’s a list of customers,
prospects, employees, or other acquaintances, Total
Access Emailer offers an efficient and effective way
to communicate with them.
For any table or query, send messages in text or
HTML format, attach files, and use field values to                                                       Email
create unique messages for each recipient. You can                                                       Wizard
preview messages and even maintain an audit trail.

Bypass Outlook: Security warning messages in
Outlook make it difficult to send multiple emails.
Total Access Emailer bypasses Outlook and uses
SMTP to allow an uninterrupted outbound flow.

Interactive and Programmatic Support: Total
Access Emailer runs as an Access add-in to allow you
to create and manage email blasts without
programming. You’ll be up and running in minutes.
Programmers can also add email blasts directly into
applications and distribute them Royalty-FREE.

  Easily personalize email messages
  Send HTML and/or text messages
  Save and reuse email settings
  Easily add one or more attachments
  Create an email audit trail                            “I was thrilled with how easy it was to run and I
  Preview options guarantee success                     appreciated that I didn't need to build any special
                                                                         tables or queries.”
  Avoid Outlook confirmation nag screens                         Sandra Daigle, Microsoft Access MVP
  Pause and resume email blasts
                                                                                                         ion ingle Seat untim
  Schedule email blasts for future times                                                             Vers    S     5   R
                                                                                                      2003   $499 $1499 Included

  Send multiple email blasts at once                                                                 2002    $499 $1499 Included

                                                                                                      2000   $499 $1499 Included
  Integrate email blasts into your applications                                                        97    $499 $1499 Included
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  Royalty-Free runtime license                                                            ®
                                                                         Supports Microsoft Access

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    Total Access
            Analyzer                                     ™         Documentation and Analysis
    Total Access Analyzer gives you the information you        “Suffice it to say that this remains one of the most
    need to manage, fix, and enhance your databases              essential add-ins on the market for the serious
    with confidence. In addition to documentation for                            Access developer.”
    each object, you get information across your entire          Mike Gunderloy, Microsoft Online Certified Professional
    database about how objects work together.                                          Magazine

                                                                                     Suggestions for
           Click into
          Design mode

                     Reviewed column                                             Find unused objects,
                      retains status                                               procedures, and

    Redraw diagrams
      for any node
                                                                                New features for
                                                                               Access 2000, 2002
                                                                               and 2003 versions!
      Extensive Object Cross Reference See references to
      and from tables, queries, fields, forms, reports, data   NEW!
      access pages, macros, sub-macros, procedures,              Find 230+ types of errors, suggestions, and
      and command bars                                           performance tips - 40 more than before

      Module Analysis View detailed code analysis,               Flag issues as reviewed to simplify repeated
      procedure and variable cross reference, and                analysis
      suggestions to improve code                                View issues and open the referenced object in
      Global Search Find any value across properties,            design mode with one click
      modules and macros                                         Diagrams can be redrawn for individual nodes

8                       Contact us today call: 1-888-367-5298 or visit:

                                                             Best             Best          Best        Best             Best          Best          Best    Best Access    Best Access            Best
                                                            Access           Access     Development Documetation     Documetation    Debugging      Access    Developer    Documentation          Access
                                                            Add-In           Add-In       Library       Tool             Tool          Tool         Add-In      Tool           Tool               Add-In

                                                            Every Best Access Add-In Award Since 1994!
            Module Listing                             Application Diagram
        Bracketed Source Code Printout            Shows Events, Macros and Procedure Flow                              Form Blueprint
                                                                                                                   With Annotated Cross Reference
                                                Macro: AutoExec
   Sub SampleCode (intLoops as Integer)
      On Error GoTo SampleCodeErr
                                                   <OpenForm> MainMenu                                 Database: NWIND
                                                     <OnOpen> Form_Open
      Dim intCounter as Integer                        LoginEntry( )
                                                                                                       Form: Add Products
      Dim dblX as Double                                 LoginOk(strName, strPassword)                   Form Header
      For intCounter = 1 to 10                         ShowLogo(True)
         If intCounter > intLoops Then                   GetResolution( )                                            1 Next         2 Print      3 Clear
            Exit For                                       GetDisplayType(Current)
                                                       VerifyAttachments( )
                                                                                                         Page Header
            dblX = dblX * intCounter
                                                         DoCmd OpenForm "No Database"
         End If
      End For
                                                     [ComboBox] MenuChoice                                         Northwind Traders
      Exit Sub
                                                       <AfterUpdate> [Macro] RunMenu                           New Product Confirmation
                                                     [CommandButton] AddCustomers
   SampleCodeErr:                                      PrintReport("Customers")
      Call ErrorHandler ("SampleCode")                   IsPrinterReady( )                               Detail
      Exit Sub                                         <OpenReport> Sales by Customer
   End Sub                                           [CommandButton] Close
                                                       CloseApplication( )                                  Product ID:             4
                                                                                                            Supplier ID:            5
                                                                                                            Category ID:            6
     Module listings with                       One of 3 diagrams shows                                     Product Name:           7                               Form and report
  standardized indentation,                       how your application                                                                                        blueprints show layouts with
                                                                                                         Page Footer                                          each control numbered and
    bracketed loops, and                          flows across objects                                   Form Footer
     clearly visible exits                           and procedures                                                                                           defined in a separate listing

Take your Access applications to the next level
Improvement Suggestions!                                          Performance Suggestions!                                                        Error Detection!
Detect Unused Objects                                              Speed-up your Tables                                                           Find Broken References
•Tables and queries                                                •Tables without a primary key                                                  Show references to tables, queries,
•Macros and sub-macros                                             •Subdatasheet Name is [Auto]                                                   fields, forms, reports, macros, sub-
•Procedures and variables                                          Speed-up your Queries                                                          macros, command bars, DAPs, and
Make Fields Consistent Across Tables                               •Replace SELECT * queries to reduce the                                        procedures that do not exist (usually
•Same field with different data type or                             number of fields retrieved
  size across tables                                                                                                                              deleted or renamed)
                                                                   •Queries without WHERE clause                                                  Detect Object Errors
Improve your Forms                                                 •Use of slow COUNT functions and Domain
•Duplicate hotkeys                                                                                                                                •Corrupt objects
•Command Buttons that do nothing                                    functions                                                                     •Invalid linked tables
•Not using the default tab order                                   Speed-up your Forms                                                            •Query SQL syntax errors
•Combo boxes not limiting selection to list                        •OLE Objects and bitmaps to convert to                                         •Tables with duplicate indexes on the
•Windows system gray color not used                                 Image controls                                                                  same field
•Limit ability to change view or design                            Speed-up Module Code                                                           •Reports without Default Printer set
•Unassociated labels                                               •Procedures with no code (especially                                           Catch Module Errors
Improve your Reports                                                neglected Event Procedures)                                                   •Modules without Option Explicit
•Reports without a NoData event                                    •Replace FindFirst commands with Seek                                            (especially forms and reports with
•Reports without captions                                          •IIf commands with expressions                                                   code)
Improve your Modules                                               •Replace domain functions with DAO code                                        •Objects calling procedures with an
•Procedures that should be private                                 •Replace Variant and Object variable types                                       incorrect number of parameters
•Procedures without error handling                                 Optimize VBA Configuration                                                     Secure your Database
•Variables that conflict with identically                          •Auto Indent should be On                                                      •Users without passwords
  named global and module level variables                          •Auto Syntax Checks should be Off                                              •Verify object permissions
•Debug.Print & Stop Statements                                     •Require Variable Declaration should be On
•Functions without a return type                                   •Auto index on Import/Create should be
•Variables, constants, and procedure                                set to blank so indexes don't get created
  parameters that are not typecast                                                                                                                                                                       e
•Unused labels (which may indicate                                  automatically                                                                                                Vers
                                                                                                                                                                                     ion ingle Seat untim
                                                                                                                                                                                         S     5   R
  disabled error handling)                                                                                                                                                        2003     $299   $899     NA

•Variables assigned but not used                                                                                                                                                  2002     $299   $899     NA
•Explicitly reference DAO vs. ADO                                                                                                                                                 2000     $299   $899     NA

                                                                                                                                        FREE Demo Available                        97      $299 $899       NA

                                                                                                                                                                ®                Upgrade $199     $599     NA
                                                                                                                                              Supports Microsoft Access

                                         Contact us today call: 1-888-367-5298 or visit:                                                                                                             9
      Total Visual
               SourceBook                                                     ™
                                                                                                      Code Library
     Total Visual SourceBook is the most extensive                  “The Total Visual SourceBook is any developer's
     professional code library for Access, Office, and VB. It      best friend. The code library alone is worth many
     contains code for ADO, XML, Jet 4.0, Outlook and all          times the price of this tool. This tool goes a long
     Office programs, and even "How-to" code. You have full          way toward promoting reuse and consistency
     control: use our code, learn from it, modify it, and                 within a development environment.”
     enhance it. Written by our staff of Microsoft MVPs,
                                                                      Alison Balter, Author of Mastering Access Desktop
     much of this code you won’t find anywhere else!                                     Development

                                                    The code pane shows
                               Display our code,
        Over 160               your code, or both
                                                     the selected code                       Examples included
                                                                                              for all the code!
        Classes &                        Search through
                                          all the code
                                                                 The notes pane shows
                                                                the code documentation
                                                                                                  Over 85,000 lines of code
        Modules!                                                                                  for ADO, Outlook, VB, VBA
                                                                                                 SQL Server, XML, Office, etc.
        Code is organized
         into 40 logical                                                                               Add Your
                                                                                                      Own Code!
         Each category
        contains classes
        and/or modules                                                        NEW!
                                                                                 Code for Microsoft Excel, Outlook,
                                                                                  PowerPoint, Word, File search, Date and
                                                                                   text manipulation, Access snapshots
                                                                                    and subforms, System information
     Copy or export code
      into your project!

                                                                                                   Create bookmarks
                                                                                                  for your favorite code
       Source Code
                                                                                                Source Code!
         Click on search
      results or bookmarks
       to jump to the code

     The Total Visual SourceBook Code Explorer integrates        Leverage your existing work by having your
     directly into your code editor and is available from the    experienced developers store their custom code in the
     Add-ins menu. Export code directly into your projects,      code repository for everyone to share.
     or import your code into the powerful Code Repository.

10                          Contact us today call: 1-888-367-5298 or visit:
                                                                           4½ out of 5 stars!

                                            Best     Best       Best           4.5 Out of          Reader’s Choice        Best Best Collection   Reader’s Choice
                                           Access   Office   Source Code        5 Stars                Merit             Source   of General
                                           Add-In   Add-In     Library                                                    Code     Purpose
                                                                                                                         Library Components

                                                                                                                             Partial List
                                                             Work with dates and times using native VB

                                                             Maintain state information on current procedure
                      NEW!                                   name, the call stack, error information, and system
                     Apply your custom                       information.
                      error handling to
                          our code                           Compress, decompress, and encrypt data using
                                                             Huffman, LZ, RLE, and UUEncode algorithms.

                                                             Abstract Data Types: Create a history list to
                                                             manage recently used items, or a bit array to
                                                             efficiently manage storage.
Use ADO to access Jet, SQL Server, ODBC and other data
providers with the OLEDB data access model.                  Safely convert between data types, EBCDIC, units of
                                                             measure, and overpunched formats.
Working with SQL Server via ODBC or OLEDB
through ADO. Code included for creating and                  Manipulate files, disks, and folders using native VB
maintaining connections, working with tables, views,         commands.
keys, constraints, and stored procedures.
                                                             Work with HTTP and FTP sources and browser
Data Access Objects (DAO/Jet Engine), linked                 controls for flexible applications.
tables, ODBC data sources and security. Repair,
compact, encrypt, and decrypt databases.                     Office Interoperability: Work with Microsoft
                                                             Access, Word, and Excel through Automation with
Code for working with Extensible Markup Language             functional classes that handle common chores.
(XML) using the Microsoft XML Document Object
Model.                                                       Quick and efficient searching techniques such as
                                                             Boyer-Moore, fuzzy matching, MetaPhone and
Techniques: Launch and monitor programs, access              Soundex phonetic matching, and binary and variant
email and web pages, handle multiple instances of            searches.
programs, close forms on exit, handle debugging
from VB's editor, etc.                                       Perform search and replace, evaluate command line
                                                             arguments, and concatenate strings much faster
Access code to work with tables, queries, forms,             than standard VB string routines.
data access pages, reports, macros, and modules.
                                                             Work with RDO connections, including DSN and DSN-
Use our Outlook code to work with contacts,                  less connections and cursor models.
addresses, task lists, folders, email, and more.
                                                                                                                                        ion ingle Seat untim
                                                                                                                                    Vers    S     5   R
Enhance VB controls with binary searches,                                                                                           Access
dropdowns, incremental searches, and string finds.                                                                                   2003
                                                                                                                                     2002 $399 $1299         NA
                                                                                                                                    VB 6.0
                                                                                            FREE Trial Available
Use the Windows Graphical Device Interface (GDI) to                                                                  ®
                                                                                            Supports Microsoft Access/
                                                                                                                                      97     $399 $1299      NA

                                                                                                                                    Upgrade $299   $899      NA
draw arcs, chords, ellipses, flood fills, etc.                                                    Office & Visual Basic

                    Contact us today call: 1-888-367-5298 or visit:                                                                                     11
     Total Access

                                               ™                                  Rich Text Formatting
     Add Rich Text to Your Forms and Reports: Total                 “We here at Office Tools Pro love Total Access
     Access Memo breaks the Access limitation of one font           Memo. As a small programming shop, we had
     and point size for memo fields. Dazzle your users with      neither the time or money to develop a control with
     multiple fonts, styles, bullet points, paragraph              the breadth of features that Total Access Memo
     settings, and more in any Access form or report.             has, and we felt the price for the control was well
     Royalty-Free distribution rights are included so all your
     users can take advantage of rich text memos in your                        worth the investment.”
     Access applications.                                              Robert Harvey, Programming Manager
                                                                                 Office Tools Pro

     “Total Access Memo makes all the difference in my
     Access apps! Only Total Access Memo can give me
      fonts, colors, images, and all the formatting tools I
                        need. It’s great!”
        Bryan Simmons, Ciena, Linthicum, Maryland

      “If you have memo fields that could use rich text
          format (RTF), Total Access Memo is a great
       solution. Using this full-featured control, you can
     format the font and character style of selected text
                        in the text box.”
     Alison Balter, Author of Mastering Microsoft Office
                        Access 2003

       Bind data directly to memo fields in your tables
       Data is stored with industry standard RTF syntax
       Built-in rich text editor with undo and redo
       Add multiple fonts, point sizes, styles, and colors
       Set paragraph alignment, margins, indents, and
       line spacing
       Use bullet points and tabs
       Insert objects such as graphics and Excel
                                                                                                                 ion ingle Seat untim
                                                                                                             Vers    S     5   R
       Integrated with Office spell checking                                                                  2003
                                                                                                              2002   $299   $899 Included
       Programmatic interface available                                                                              $299 $899 Included
                                                                                 FREE Trial Available          97

       Royalty-Free runtime license                                                               ®
                                                                                 Supports Microsoft Access   Upgrade $199   $599 Included

12                       Contact us today call: 1-888-367-5298 or visit:
Total Access
        Components                                                          ™
                                                                                          Design Tool

                                                                                       Amaze Your Users

Awesome Visual Effects for Your Forms and                    “The flashiness and capabilities of some of these
Reports: Twenty-nine controls including form                 controls are impressive. If you want to make your
resizing, splitter bars, dazzling visual effects such as     work distinct from others, or you want to be well
“Outlook” menus, sticky notes, rotated text,                remembered by clients and get noticed, then these
enhanced tabs, bitmap animation, pop-up menus,                              controls are for you.”
enhanced buttons, and video.                                             Matt Leigh, Independent Consultant


                                                                                                                                6:00:42 PM

                                                                                                                                for folder
Easy to use
  Just insert the controls and set properties
  Extensive tutorial database with live examples                picker
                                                                                                                           ion ingle Seat untim
                                                                                                                       Vers    S     5   R
  Most controls require no programming                                                                                  2003
                                                                                                                        2002     $199   $599 Included
  Programmers can modify properties in code
                                                                                FREE Trial Available                     97      $199 $599 Included

  Royalty-Free runtime license                                                                          ®
                                                                                Supports Microsoft Access              Upgrade $119     $349 Included

                    Contact us today call: 1-888-367-5298 or visit:                                                                          13
          Total Visual
                Agent                      ™                                Database Insurance
     Microsoft recommends Access/Jet databases          “I knew Total Visual Agent was a great product, but
     receive regular maintenance. Total Visual Agent        I needed it to run as a service. When the new
     automates these chores to optimize performance           version came out, I bought it the first day”
     and prevent corruption. Perform a wide range of      Louis Levine, Senior Vice President, NGP Software Inc.
     tasks and schedule them hourly, daily, weekly,
     monthly, or just one time. Manage an unlimited
     number of databases or drives across your entire
     network, with a complete audit trail and email
     notification if problems arise.
                                                                   Complete control!
                                                                    Schedule multiple
                                                                     times per hour,
                                        Easy-to-use!               hourly, daily, weekly,
                                         Improved                  monthly, or one time.

                                                                          Manage all the
                                                                         databases across
                                                                           your network!

14                    Contact us today call: 1-888-367-5298 or visit:
                                                                                      Best VB       Most Useful      Reader’s      Middleware &
                                                                                      Add-In        Peripheral        Choice      Data Connectivity

The Total Visual Agent service option runs the program
as a Windows NT Service. This service operates even
without a user logged on to the computer, providing
increased security and automated restarts.                   NEW!Option to run as a
                                                                Windows NT Service!

                            Manage an unlimited
                            number of databases

  Manage individual databases, drives, directories,
  and subdirectories
  Automate database repair and compact
  Create rolling zipped backups                                 “Total Visual Agent is a rare find, a rare
  Perform data extract of data from databases that        combination of ease-of-use, and bang for the buck.
  are in use 24/7                                         In the end, no other competitor even comes close.”
  Run any Access macro, EXE, or batch file                     Thomas Wagner, MS Office and VBA Developer

  Collect database statistics
  Audit trail of performed tasks and email notification                                                               ion ingle Seat untim
                                                                                                                  Vers    S     5   R
  if errors occur                                                                                                 Access
                                                                                                                  & Office

                                                                                                                   2000 $299     $899     NA
                                                                                                                  97, 95

  Email notification supports SMTP using secure                           FREE Trial Available                     All VB
                                                                                                                   All Jet
                                                                           Supports Microsoft Access/
  SSL                                                                 Office, Visual Basic, & Jet Engine          Upgrade $199   $599     NA

                   Contact us today call: 1-888-367-5298 or visit:                                                                         15
     Total Visual
              CodeTools                                            ™
                                                                                     Best Access

                                                                               Development Tools
                                                                                                   Reader’s Choice          Best VB

     Simplify VB/VBA Code Writing: Integrated directly
     into the VBA and VB IDE, Total Visual CodeTools
     increases your productivity and lets your entire
     development team share and enforce a consistent
     set of coding standards. Great for getting new team
     members to adopt your styles and for cleaning up
     inherited code.
     Discover why so many developers use Total Visual
     CodeTools to help them create applications quicker,
     enhance pre-existing applications, and deliver more
     professional solutions.

     “Return on investment can be measured in days -
     Our developers write better quality code, adhering
       to our corporate standards, from day one....”
                         O. Strandberg, CTO

      “Total Visual CodeTools is by far my favorite third-
                       party product.”
     Alison Balter, Author, Mastering Access Desktop Development

       Add error handling to procedures that lack it
       Create procedures with comment and error handling
       Convert SQL queries to code with quotes and breaks
       Create DAO or ADO recordsets
       Create message boxes with icons and buttons
       Clean up existing code by standardizing indentations
       Apply variable naming conventions to your code
       Obfuscate your code (rename variables, remove
       comments, and blank space)
       Deliver code with line numbers

     NEW!                                                                                                      ion ingle Seat untim
       Macro recorder records and replays keystrokes                                                       Vers    S     5   R
       Copy event procedures from one control to another                                                     2003
                                                                                                             2002 $299    $899   NA
                                                                                                            VB 6.0
       Easily and visually create Format commands                      FREE Trial Available                   97     $299 $899   NA
                                                                       Supports Microsoft Access/          Upgrade $199   $599   NA
       Easily and visually create DateDiff functions                         Office & Visual Basic

16                        Contact us today call: 1-888-367-5298 or visit:
 Total Access
              Statistics                                      ™

                                                                                       Number Crunchers

The more data you accumulate, the more important              “This tool does a good job of making the most of your
it is to analyze it. FMS offers three statistical analysis      data. Couple that with royalty-free runtime license,
programs to perform a wide range of data analysis                        and you have a tool worth buying.”
beyond what Access/Jet and SQL offer. Choose the                  Craig Bobchin, Access Advisor Product Review
product for your platform and generate powerful
numerical results. You can even programmatically
add this analysis to your applications and distribute it
                                                                              The Wizard guides
Royalty-Free.                                                              you through creating, and
                                                                             running your analysis
Statistical Fuctions
Parametric Analysis
 Field Descriptives
 Frequency Distributions
 Field Comparison
 Matrix Comparison
 Regressions (Simple, Multiple, Polynomial)
 Crosstabs and Chi-Square
Group Analysis
 Two-sample t-Tests
 ANOVA (Analysis of Variance)
 Two-way ANOVA
Non-Parametric Analysis
 One Sample Chi-Square
 One Sample and Paired Sign Test
 K-S Goodness of Fit
 Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test
 Wald-Wolfowitz Runs Test
 K-S Two Sample Test
 K-W Analysis of Variance
 Friedman’s Two Way ANOVA
Probability Calculator
 Z Value, Student’s t, Chi-Square, and F

  General Features
  Use data from any table, linked table, or query                        New Features for
  Analyze an unlimited number of records                                Access 2000, 2002
  Analyze multiple fields at one time                                   and 2003 versions!
  All output stored in tables                                                                                    Vers
                                                                                                                     ion ingle
                                                                                                                               5 Se Run
  Optionally specify Group and Weighting fields                                                                   2003   $599 $1799 Included

  Runs as an Access Add-in with interactive Wizard                          Total Access                          2002   $599 $1799 Included

  Simple programmatic interface available                                      Statistics         ™
                                                                                                                  2000   $599 $1799 Included

  Royalty-free runtime license included                                     FREE Trial Available                   97    $599 $1799 Included

                                                                                              ®                  Upgrade $399 $1199 Included
                                                                            Supports Microsoft Access
  Random record selection: Nth Record, N records, %
  of records                                                                Total VB
  Ranking records: assigns a numeric rank to records,                          Statistics                            ion ingle Seat untim
  with options for handling ties - Average,                                FREE Trial Available
                                                                                                                         S     5   R
                                                                                                                         $599 $1799 Included
                                                                            Supports Microsoft Visual Basic        5.0
  Consecutive, or cumulative
  Data Transformation/Normalization                                                                                  ion ingle Seat untim
                                                                                                                         S     5   R
                                                                            Total SQL                             2000 $999 $2999 Included
  Other Enhancements                                                           Statistics             ™
                                                                                                                 Upgrade $699 $2099 Included
  Assign Percentile Values to your records                                  FREE Trial Available                    VB
                                                                                                                 Upgrade $699 $2099 Included
  Crosstabs with percentages in fields or rows                                                ®
                                                                            Supports Microsoft SQL Server
  Code Generator to automate your scenarios

                                Contact us today call: 1-888-367-5298 or visit:                                                     17
     Total Access
             Speller                               ™
                                                                                               Spell Checking
                                                                                                                               End User

     With Total Access Speller you can eliminate                 “If you’re worried about the spelling on your Access
     embarrassing errors by easily spell checking what is        database interface objects, check out Total Access
     visible to users. This program allows you to verify’ll have no problem figuring out how to
     labels, captions, status bars, validation text, and other                     use the program.”
     properties before you deliver the database.
                                                                      Craig Bobchin, Access Advisor Magazine

       Integrated with your Office spell checker
       Easy to use wizard
                                                                                                                 ion ingle Seat untim
                                                                                                             Vers    S     5   R
       Spell check tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, and command bars                                  2003   $199   $599   NA

       Examine all your objects in one pass                                                                  2002    $199   $599   NA

                                                                                                              2000   $199   $599   NA

       Verify spelling before you ship                                           FREE Trial Available          97    $199 $599     NA

                                                                                                  ®          Upgrade $149   $449   NA
       Avoid typos that spoil your user’s experience                             Supports Microsoft Access

18                       Contact us today call: 1-888-367-5298 or visit:
Total Access
                                                                                                        Best             Best
                                                                                                      Debugging       Debugging
                                                                                                        Tool         & Testing Tool

                                                         ™                   Comparison Wizard
Whether it’s two databases or two objects in one
database, you can quickly determine exactly what’s
different. Total Access Detective eliminates the guess
work and makes it easy to see what properties,
controls, data, macro lines, and module code were

  “Yikes! My client's last list of change requests
  included a couple of issues I knew I'd already
 addressed. Sure enough, their latest version and                                       1 of 4 new reports,
mine were out of sync, and additional changes had                                        shows a summary
been made in each. Total Access Detective saved                                            of differences
days of painstaking work. Just as important, I was                                      between databases
    confident that the resulting version of the
          application was 100% correct.”
   Phyllis Emign, South Woodstock, Connecticut

  Detect all the differences between two objects in
  one database
  Find control, property, data, macro, and module
  code differences
  Identify objects, relations, and references in on
  database but not the other                                                           NEW! feature
                                                                                         combines data
  Find differences between identically named                                            between 2 tables
  objects in two databases
  Compare code differences between modules, text
  blocks, or files
  Find data differences between tables
                                                              “We received the software Friday, found the
NEW!                                                     differences between the two databases and got the
  Compare Access Data Projects (ADPs) in addition           revised version to our client Monday morning...
  to MDBs                                                could not have done it without you or the software!”
                                                                    Pete Prados, Apex IT Solutions
  Export object comparison results to a table in
  another database
  Filter comparison results by object, property, and                                                     ion ingle Seat untim

  data difference type                                        New features for                       Vers    S
                                                                                                                   5   R
                                                             Access 2000, 2002                        2003                   NA

  Consolidated Data Differences report for all               and 2003 versions!                      2002




  compared tables                                                                                     97     $199   $599     NA

  Combine data from two tables into one                                                   ®
                                                                         Supports Microsoft Access   Upgrade $119 $349       NA

                   Contact us today call: 1-888-367-5298 or visit:                                                         19
      Total Access
             Admin                             ™                     Live Database Insight
     Gain Control and Visibility into Who’s using Your
     Access/Jet Database: Whether you’re a system          “Total Access Admin is another favorite!”
     administrator or developer, you’ll appreciate the       Sandra Daigle, Microsoft Access MVP
     ability to see who’s currently in any Access/Jet
     database, prevent new users from getting in, and
     pinpoint users or network connections that cause
     database corruption.

       See who’s connected to the database
       Prevent new connections
       Identify dropped or suspect connections
        Pinpoint users with bad network connections
        Identify potential cause of database corruption
       Disconnect idle users                                                                         ion ingle Seat untim
                                                                                                 Vers    S     5   R
       Send messages to application users                            FREE Trial Available        2002
                                                                                                 2000   $199   $599   NA
                                                                     Supports Microsoft Access    97
       Monitor any database across your network

20                      Contact us today call: 1-888-367-5298 or visit:
                                                                             Enterprise Ready: Independently

 Total Access                                                             verified by Veritest, Total Access Startup
                                                                                is a lightweight program that
                                                                            supports all versions of Access and

                                                                                 Windows operating systems.

                                                ™                             Version Launcher

Centrally Manage Access Databases: Total                “Total Access Startup eases Access deployment.
Access Startup guarantees that users always launch         Use the tool to launch a database with the
the right version of Access with the right version of      appropriate version of Access every time.”
your Access database. Centrally manage Access and                         Advisor Zone
your databases by giving users a simple shortcut
link. Migrate to new versions of Office while safely
running legacy Access applications.

          Administrator                        Network Server
   Specifies for each application:
   - Which version of Access to use
                                             Total Access Startup
   - Which database to run
                                             Administrator settings
   - How to check for updates
                                             Databases (may be hidden)
   - How to install
                                             Setup programs (optional)
     Email shortcut to each user

                                                                  User Workstations
                                                        Users run the shortcut and Total Access Startup
                                                        - Launches the correct version of Access
                                                          Verifies the local database exists and is the
  Eliminate database deployment hassles                   latest version, or updates it
   Email shortcuts to users                               If anything fails, user is presented with your
   Easily deploy the lastest version to each desktop      instructions
  Manage multiple Access version environments
   Prevent accidental conversion of Access 97
   Upgrade Access 97 databases to 2000 or later,
   and deploy across all users with a setting change
  Zero deployment: Installed on the network, Total                                                          ion ingle Pack untim
                                                                                                        Vers    S    5    R
  Access Startup is not on each desktop                                                                  2003
                                                                     FREE Trial Available                2002
                                                                                                         2000 $499 $1499 Included
  One copy can support all databases on your network                                      ®
                                                                      Supports Microsoft Access         97 & 95

                   Contact us today call: 1-888-367-5298 or visit:                                                       21
     Total .NET
              SourceBook                                                ™
                                                                                          Code Library

     Total .NET SourceBook is the ultimate code library.    “The mother of all Visual Studio code libraries.”
     Quickly learn .NET and start with thousands of lines         Mike Gunderloy, MCP Magazine
     of C# and Visual Basic .NET code. Hundreds of
     categories, samples, tips, and examples make
     coding a snap.

                                        Code Webservice Updates
                    Every time you start Total .NET SourceBook, the program automatically
                    connects to the service. New code, articles, and tips are automatically
                    downloaded to your database. If you have an internet connection, you can
                    get new content automatically.

22                      Contact us today call: 1-888-367-5298 or visit:
“Awesome! You guys rock! This product is helping turn                                                                     2004

      a steep learning curve into a gentle hill.”
            Michael McCreary, Developer                                                                                 Tools

                                                                                 Quickly learn .NET
Active Directory
Conversion, Domain names, Groups, Group members,         Office Interop
Logins, Properties, Users                                Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word

ADO.NET                                                  Security
Access and Jet, ADO.NET with XML, Caching,               Data encryption, Decryption, Web security
Collections, Business layers, Data binding, Data sets,
Data tables, Data utilities, Demos and samples,          Server and Application Techniques
Dialogs, OleDB, Queries, Runtime collections, SQL        BizTalk Server, Commerce Server, Exchange Server,
Server, Streaming, Tables, Web server controls           Microsoft Office, MSMQ

ASP.NET                                                  Visual Studio .NET
Authentication, Client-side behavior, Configuration,     Immediate window, Intellisense, Namespace usage,
Data Binding, General techniques, Managing state,        Macros, Tips and tricks
Security, Server controls, User controls
Data Structures                                          Demos and samples, FTP, HTML, HTTP, JavaScript,
Arrays, Collections, Enumerations                        Mobile web development, Tips and tricks

Date and Time                                            Web Services
Data and time calculations, Business and holiday math,   Authentication, Consuming Webservices, Creating
Leap years, System timers, Windows timers                Webservices, Overloading methods, SSL Stress testing,
                                                         Windows authentication
Event logs, Processes, System resources, Web             Windows Forms
performance counters, Windows performance counters       ComboBoxes, Common dialogs, Cursors, Data grids,
                                                         Garbage collection, General form techniques, Handling
Files, Disks, and Folders                                Events, Help, Inheritance, Lauching and instancing, List
Batch files, Directories, Flat Files, Logical disks,     views, Mirrored controls, Mouse processing, Rich text
Reading and writing, Searching, UNC drives               boxes, Splash screens, Threading, Tree views, User
                                                         controls, Web browsing
General .NET Programming
Clipboard, Exception handling, Hourglass,                Windows Management Interface and OS
Impersonation, Keyboard, Multimedia Control Interface    Domains, groups and users, Environment information,
(MCI), Networking, Overloading, Reflection, Registry,    Object class creation, Operating system information
Screen scraping, Sorting, Strings, Threading, Windows
services                                                 XML
                                                         Conversion, Read and write, Samples, SQL Server
Graphics, Images, and Drawing                            select, Transform, Web form transformation, XML and
Colors, Fonts, Forms and Controls, Images, Shapes,       ADO.NET, XML and CSS

Exchange, MAPI, Outlook, SMTP                                                                         Vers
                                                                                                          ion ingle Seat untim
                                                                                                              S     5   R

                                                                                                       1.1   $399 $1299     NA
                                                                          FREE Trial Available        Upgrade $299 $899     NA

General calculations, Area and volume, Rounding,                                Supports Microsoft®    Code
                                                                                                       Web $199   $599      NA
Statistics, Trigonometry, Unit conversions                                       Visual Studio .NET   Service

                      Contact us today call: 1-888-367-5298 or visit:                                                   23
     Total .NET                                                                                                           2004

                                                                                                                     Profiling and

                                                                                          Code Analysis
     Total .NET Analyzer increases performance and           “...It's a great way to pick up some of the best
     quality – guaranteed! With lightning-quick speed,                    practices in .NET coding.”
     Total .NET Analyzer detects over 150 potential               Rick Wayne, Software Development
     issues. Scan projects for hidden bugs, unused code,
     performance issues, and more.

                 Total .NET Analyzer runs
                   within the .NET IDE

                                                             “I’ve just run Total .NET Analyzer over one of the
                                                             first commercial products we released for .NET
                                                             about a year ago, *cough*, 4456 ‘issues’ were
                                                           found! This is great! No longer do I personally have
     Over 150 types of issues detected                      to pore over the developer’s code. I just run Total
                                                           .NET Analyzer, and send them a list! 4000+. Got to
       Find fields and variables whose scope can be         say, you’re in my good books, but the rest of the
       tightened to optimize performance                               crew are going to ‘HATE’ you :)”
       Find non-optimal arrays                                        Shane Mortensen, Australia
       Discover where the StringBuilder class can be
       used to increase performance
       Detect inefficient boxing and unboxing operations
       Detect unused or “dead” code
       Find references to Runtime library
       Detect inefficient operations                                      FREE Trial Available        Vers
                                                                                                          ion ingle Seat untim
                                                                                                              S     5   R

                                                                                Supports Microsoft®    1.1   $499 $1499     NA
       Detect legacy Visual Basic code                                           Visual Studio .NET

24                     Contact us today call: 1-888-367-5298 or visit:
 Total .NET
         XRef                     ™
                                                     Code Cross Reference On Demand

Total .NET XRef allows you to click on any object in       "The end result is a tool that you can just use, as if
your code and instantly find all locations where that        it had been built in all along. And after a while
object is used. Understand C# and VB.NET to                       you'll wonder how you did without it."”
accurately identify your method or variable even if it’s             Mike Gunderloy,
defined multiple times. Locate object references
that would be missed by the built-in Visual Studio
.NET search tools.

                                                           "It is blazingly fast...I was completely astonished at
                                                                           the speed of this tool."”
                                                                   Thomas Wagner, eTechPartner, Inc.
                       Step 1
               Right click and select

                                                                               Step 2
                                                                     See everywhere it is used

  Sort and group results according to your preference
  Background parser updates as you work                                    FREE Trial Available        Vers
                                                                                                           ion ingle Seat untim
                                                                                                               S     5   R

                                                                                 Supports Microsoft®    1.1   $199   $599   NA
  Integrated and appears as a tool window in IDE                                  Visual Studio .NET    1.0

                    Contact us today call: 1-888-367-5298 or visit:                                                     25
     Total SQL
           Analyzer                        ™

                              PRO                                Analysis and Documentation
     Total SQL Analyzer PRO generates in-depth analysis of   Even for one server, it would take you hundreds of
     an entire Microsoft SQL Server system, including        hours to do all of this manually, and it may still have
     performance optimizations, configuration problems,      many errors. Total SQL Analyzer PRO creates
     best-practices suggestions, an interactive object       thorough, easily-navigated analysis with just the
     dependencies diagram, and complete documentation        click of a mouse.
     of all objects.

                                                                                 shows dependencies
                                                                                    among objects

       Improve performance and scalability
       Improve reliability and maintainability
       Complete documentation

26                      Contact us today call: 1-888-367-5298 or visit:
                                                                                          Review              4 Star Review

                                                       “I hate documenting things as much as anyone, but
                                                       I recognize the value and try to spend time working
                                                          on it. I was excited to see a product that would
                                                                ease the burden of documentation.”
          “Overall, this is a great tool.”
       Danny J. Lesandrini,                    Steve Jones, SQL Server

                               Detect over
                            120 performance
                            configuration, and
                              design issues                                                          80+ filterable
                                                       Over 80 presentation quality reports
Detect over 95 performance issues
  Identify Tables without clustered indexes              Drill-down detailed reports
  Locate cursor usage                                    Top level “big picture” reports
  Find column data types that can be optimized           Select multiple reports for printing, or export to
                                                         Word or HTML

Detect over 25 reliability issues
  Detect tables without primary keys
                                                        “Total SQL Analyzer is a unique tool with a great
  Find handling of null values that does not conform     price...Building on 15 years of experience, FMS
  to ANSI specifications                               continues to deliver outstanding bang-for-the-buck
  Locate identically named columns among all              development tools. I highly recommend this
  tables with different data types                                           product.”
  And much more                                             Thomas Wagner, asp.netPRO Magazine

                                                                                                           ion ingle Seat untim
                                                                     FREE Demo Available               Vers    S     5   R
                                                                                                       2000   $999 $2999      NA
                                                                     Supports Microsoft SQL Server      7.0

                  Contact us today call: 1-888-367-5298 or visit:                                                       27
     Total                                                                                                                                                                    UNITED STATES
        ZipCode                                                      ™
                                                                                                                                                                              POSTAL SERVICE
               Database                                                                                           Simplify Data Entry of Addresses
     Total ZipCode Database lets you provide automatic
     city and state identification when a zip code is
     entered. Improve accuracy, and eliminate typos.
     Your users will think it’s magic and love you for it.
     This officially licensed zip code database from the
     US Postal Service is in an Access database or ASCII                                                                 “With the automation of city and state, we save a
     file and includes monthly updates.                                                                                 ton of errors and so much time. The users think it’s
                                                                                                                                                                 Ken Watkins, DOE

                                                                                                                                                     By entering the zip
                                                                                                                                                     code, the city and
                                                                                                                                                      state are filled in

                                                                                                                       Getting and maintaining an accurate list of US zip
                                                                                                                       codes and associated city and state names couldn’t
                                                                                                                       be easier!

     There are over 42,000 unique zip codes, each with a                                                               We provide you with the official USPS zip code
     “primary” city and state name. However, some zip                                                                  database with the list of every valid zip code and their
     codes have more than one acceptable city. This                                                                    acceptable city and state names across the entire
     database gives you all the acceptable city names.                                                                 USA. That’s over 50,000 records! Each month, an
     Let users choose the one they need without spelling                                                               email notifies you when the new database is ready.
     a city name or state abbreviation EVER again!

      Additional Resources
      List of all countries
      State abbreviations for United States, Canada,
      Mexico, and Australia
      List of county names and numbers
      Sample form and code with Royalty-Free class
      module for zip code data lookup with city/state fill-in                                                                                                                                                             ptio
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      scri ingle Seat Runtim
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sub      S    5
      Licensing is on a per copy basis and valid during                                                                                                FREE Demo Available                                          12
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           $99   $299   NA
      subscription period                                                                                                                              Supports Microsoft Access/ASCII

                     Non-exclusive licensee of the United States Postal Service. USPS logo is a trademark of the United States Postal Service. Product advertising is neither approved nor endorsed by the USPS.

28                             Contact us today call: 1-888-367-5298 or visit:
 FMS                  Professional
                     Solutions Group
                                                           Speedy Custom Development
The Professional Solutions Groups provides
accelerated consulting services to clients who need
more than our packaged commercial software.
These custom applications are developed by our in-
house team of experts. From Access to .NET, we
invite you to engage our specialists to create better,
faster, and more sophisticated applications for your
next project.                                                   Ron

                                                         As Vice President of Professional Services, Ron
 “FMS has delivered solid solutions to several of our    manages the Professional Solution Group and is a
  companies and we regard them as our preferred          member of the executive team. A former CIO of a
      vendor for custom applications. They are           data accounting firm, Ron has over 25 years
professional, talented and offer tremendous value to     experience in IT infrastructure management,
 us and our related firms. I am always comfortable       application development, and implementation of
   when I know that FMS will be involved with our        proprietary and off-the-shelf applications. He is a
                 development needs.”                     hands-on, team oriented leader who continues to
             CIO, Fortune 500 Company                    improve our company atmosphere. Ron joined FMS
                                                         in 2004.

  Services                                                 Technologies
  Project Review                                           SQL Server
  System Design                                            Access
  System Development                                       SharePoint
  System Migration                                         Visual Studio .NET
  Application Integration
                                                           Visual Basic
  Enhancing Existing Systems
  Data Analysis and Modeling                               Commerce Server
  Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)           Exchange

          Contact us today call: 1-888-367-5298 or visit:                                29
                                                               Developer Learning Systems
     We are pleased to introduce some great                                           Bruce Jones

     training courseware we’ve found for

     Blast Through Learning offers the best in self-
     paced training courses for today's most
     popular development languages, platforms,
     and applications, such as ASP.NET, Visual            Paul Sheriff
     Basic.NET, C#.NET, and Microsoft Access. The
     courses are designed and presented by some
     of the very best trainers in the industry. These
     trainers have actually built successful
     development and consulting careers for
     themselves, and are able to help you develop
     the skills required to do the same.

     “This has helped me so much in my new office. I am
        able to take these home and learn at my own          Alison Balter
               Josh Holiday, Flowers Express

     Learn Microsoft Technologies
       Access 2003 Development
       Complete Access 2003 and SQL Server
       Access 2003 Development and SQL Server
       .NET Programmer’s Bundle
       Deluxe .NET Programmer Bundle
       C#.NET Training
       Advanced .NET Training
       VB.NET Training
       ASP.NET Training

30                       Contact us today call: 1-888-367-5298 or visit:
   With your order:                                           Professional Tech Support
   You get a choice of a physical product with                FMS has dedicated staff to provide technical
   printed manual and CD and/or an Electronic                 support. They can be reached via email, phone,
   Software Download (ESD). Every physical FMS                and fax. Premium support options are also
   product comes complete with a 30--day money                available.
   back guarantee - your satisfaction is assured!

                                                             “I recently had a very pleasant experience working
                                                             with one of your technical support specialists on a
                  Visit On-Line                             problem. In this day and age of product support, it’s
   Get all the facts about your favorite product on-line.    uncommon to find someone who will actually take
                                                            the time to solve a customer’s problems like he did.
                                        He knew the program well and solved my problems.
                           Call                                            Michael E., Developer
   Chat with knowledgeable and friendly representatives.


           Send information at your convenience.


Meet Madhuja! She joined us in late 2004. She is a
superior Quality Assurance Specialist. We fear
Madhuja’s error testing reports, but it only makes us
work that much harder.                                      Just another day at the office for Zeus and Dan
                                                            Haught, Executive Vice President.

 8150 Leesburg Pike, Suite 600, Vienna, VA 22182-2721 Phone: 888-367-5298 Fax: 703-448-3861 Email: 31
                                                                              Save $
                                                                                    20       00
                                         The Ultimate Acceleration - 12 products!

                                                             Total Access Admin
                                                             Total Visual Agent
                                                             Total Access Analyzer
                                                             Total Visual CodeTools
                                                             Total Access Components
                                                             Total Access Detective
     d Winning Company                                       Total Access Emailer      See page 4
Awar                                                         Total Access Memo
                                                             Total Visual SourceBook
                                                             Total Access Speller

   Top 100       Best Access                     GUARA       Total Access Startup

                                 Best             M
  Innovators      Developer     Access             ONEY BA   Total Access Statistics
  & Leaders     Tools Company   Add-In

 8150 Leesburg Pike, Suite 600
    Vienna, VA 22182-2721

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