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                                                                                   FO ULA
                                                                                     R TI
                                                                                       PR ON
                                                                                         IV O
                                                                                           AT NL
                                                                                             E Y
                      DEAR MEMBERS,            proving the phrase, “Think Global, Act           approach in today’s business climate
                                               Local”, is aptly applied at all levels in BNI,   where instant results and fast money
                      WELCOME to               starting from our very own chapter levels        rule, those who get the idea, embrace its
                      another issue of         to international opportunities with fellow       principles, develop the necessary skills
                      SuccessNet! If you’re    members worldwide.                               and put them into practice will benefit
                      new to BNI, we                                                            tremendously, both in their professional
                                               BNI’s presence in over 30 countries proves
                      welcome you to our                                                        and personal capacities.
                                               business communities in both developing
                      worldwide family.
                                               and developed countries have accepted its        In this issue, we cover more success
                       KL’06—BNI’s             unique philosophy of Givers’ Gain and its        stories and achievements of BNI members
                       recent inaugural        continuing universal appeal is a glowing         where exemplary practitioners of Givers’
international conference—demonstrated          testament to its effectiveness. BNI’s             Gain share how we too can reap the same.
the truth in its theme, We All Speak the       philosophy centers around true success           As you will see, being part of an incredibly
Language of Referrals, where the diversity     founded on helping others to reach their         supportive organization has infinite
in nationality, culture and professional       business goals and in doing so, we receive       privileges.
background did not deter the exchange          support to do the same. BNI is essentially
of information and referrals. Being the        about farming and not hunting, where             I know KL’06 is just over but I can’t wait
first of its kind in BNI history, KL’06 was     building lasting relationships takes             for KL’08!
obviously a risk but true business people      precedence over mere short term profits.
take risks and for those who attended,         Although it is still a significant challenge
it was clear that the level of success of      to business professionals outside BNI            Avryl Au
the conference was beyond expectations,        to grasp and adopt an unconventional             National Director, BNI Malaysia.

                                               DR. IVAN MISNER VISITS                           Poland in April 2006; and Thailand in July
                                               AMPANG CHAPTER                                   2006. Thailand marks the 30th country in
                                               Dr Ivan Misner visited Ampang Chapter            the world to have the presence of BNI in
                                               and gave raving testimonies of the               its business communities.
                                               members, chapter and meeting.
                                                                                                NEW APPOINTMENT
                                               JOHOR MAKES HISTORY                              Susan Choo—Regional Director of Johor.
                                               Zun Oriental Chapter (Johor) made
                                               history by being the first Mandarin-
                                                                                                ON THE HUNT
                                               speaking chapter in Malaysia.
                                                                                                BNI is looking for Regional Directors
                                               BNI WELCOMES THAILAND                            in all states in Malaysia to launch BNI.
                                               BNI was launched in Hong Kong and                Enquiries are welcomed.

Last year, Kenny Tan of Winners Chapter, an    for teaching all members to qualify their        ‘professionals’ are not accustomed to.”,
insurance professional, generated close to     referrals!”, says Michael.                       says Azlina.
30% of his business from BNI which helped      Michael Soon                                     Azlina
him achieve MDRT status.                       SURIA CHAPTER                                    UNITED CHAPTER
Kenny Tan
WINNERS CHAPTER                                Azlina of United Chapter, a conveyancing
                                               lawyer, joined BNI in 2003 and is happy with     GIVERS’ GALLERY
Zhi Wen of Winners Chapter, an interior        the results she gets from BNI. Her records
designer, generated RM1.5 million worth                                                                               Jackie Ng
                                               show consistent growth every year and since                            gave RM350,000
of business from BNI. His company is now       2003, the number of successful business
represented in four BNI chapters in Johor.                                                                            worth of business
                                               transactions increased 300%.
Zhi Wen                                                                                                               to the signmaker in
                                               With 70% of her referrals coming from
WINNERS CHAPTER                                                                                                       United Chapter.
                                               external sources, she acquired eight new
                                               regular clients.
Michael Soon of Suria Chapter, a commercial    “Besides being referred for business,
printer, has been a member for 4 years. His    BNI’s system has taught me to be more
chapter members, who are business owners       focused and to adopt a structured way of
and CEOs, know him well and are actively       networking. It requires an open mind and           YOUR FEEDBACK IS VALUABLE!
promoting his business. Referrals given to     a keen interest in learning something new.         For comments on this issue or submission
him always turn out to be ready customers      Participation in BNI or chapter activities is      of BNI-related news and articles for future
with substantial orders—a feat that no sales   very important in establishing relationship        issues, please e-mail
staff can ever match. “Many thanks to BNI       with fellow members—something
MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE—Why have a                Maintaining the integrity of the chapter       This is all a part of a bigger equation that
Membership Committee?                          is vital for the chapter’s success. This is    adds up to more referrals, leading to more
                                               why the committee cannot afford to be           business opportunities and success for
The core duty of the Membership
                                               lackadaisical with the chronically late or     everyone.
Committee is not an easy one—to uphold
                                               absent members as non-attendance of            TIPS ON PUNCTUALITY
and maintain the integrity of the chapter.
                                               meetings strongly affects the effectiveness
                                                                                              Be on time; never be late!
One of the main duties of the committee        of the chapter. The committee will also
                                               interfere when it comes to passing weak        Being on time will illustrate your level of
is to screen potential members to ensure
                                               or bogus referrals, or not bringing any        professionalism and commitment.
that only the best applicants are accepted.
However, there is no fool-proof method         referrals at all to a meeting.                 Always be on time or early! As business
when it comes to screening members—            To be part of a highly successful and          persons, everything we do reflects on us.
and sometimes rotten apples do get mixed       super-charged chapter, you would               When we are late for a meeting, it will
up in the basket as well. In such cases,       want the Membership Committee to               reflect badly upon us. The same is true
the committee will have to step in to help     maintain the policies, and encourage           when it comes to attending a BNI meeting
resolve disputes and ensure that every         non-participating members to be more           or Leadership Team meeting.
single member adheres to the policies and      involved and to support the Leadership         Remember, the early bird,
guidelines set by BNI.                         Team.                                          catches the worm.

THE EXCELLENT POWER TEAM STORY                                                                                  GREAT CHAPTER
                                                                                                                 Synergy Chapter’s
                                                                                                                 vision is displayed at
                                                                                                                 every chapter meeting
                                                                                                                 each week to remind
                                                                                                                 members why they
                                                                                                                 are with BNI and how
                                                                                              they can benefit more by being part of
                                                                                              a chapter that is centered on its vision,
The “Excellent Power Team” of Uptown           how testing is done on the machines.           goals and culture.
Chapter in over four months worked             Danny recorded over RM500,000 worth of
together on eight projects with a              business in the last two years.
transacted value of RM1,000,000.                                                              BNI SYNERGY CHAPTER VISION 2006
To succeed, understand first the dynamics                                                      Forty established members having a
of TEAM and teamwork; identify your                                                           great time together, benefiting from this
target market and contact sphere; and                                                         chapter and BNI, socially, mentally and
apply your knowledge by taking action!                                                        financially.
Here are some points to note:
1. BNI provides us a platform to meet
and a system to reach our goals and then                                                      Leadership starts from the top of the
educate us on how to maximize these                                                           pyramid. LT leads by example with all
opportunities—success is really up to us.                                                     members participating and working
We have to attend workshops to learn                                                          together—reaping the fruits of success.
because nothing is going to happen if we       A wedding in BNI? No, just a 10–minute         Our 2006 goal and vision for
just wait for business to come by.             presentation complete with a bride and a       Synergy Chapter:
2. If we continually learn from BNI’s          groom, a wedding cake and wine, a caterer
                                               and a chef, and even a diamond ring!           1) 40 quality and well-established
proven system, we will realize its
                                               All of this, presented in a wedding-like          members
potential. We attended most of the
workshops organized by BNI and                 reception hall decorated with flowers,          2) Having fun doing business between
even repeated some at the very first            candles and rose petals—all put together          members
opportunity. Equipped with the necessary       by members of Uptown Chapter. Jovita,
                                                                                              3) Develop a caring attitude
knowledge and skills, we are able to           a wedding planner received a handful of
recognize opportunities presented to us        referrals after her presentation.              4) Having a continuous learning
and turn them into transactions.                                                                 mind-set
                                                                        Chong from
3. Like it or not, the most effective way                                Inspire Chapter,      5) Play hard and keep fit
to make BNI work for us is to make it                                   brought a roomful     6) Ultimately, relationship and success
a priority and a part of our business                                   of gifts, trophies,
strategy. If we treat it like something that                            souvenirs to
we do only when we have time, we will                                   demonstrate                                          Card holders
certainly be disappointed with the results.                             what a souvenir                                      for visitors.
                                                                        man with a heart                                     ALLIANCE
                                               can do to deliver his service. Chong has                                      CHAPTER
                                               received close to RM1 million worth of
Danny placed 60 laptops around the room,       business from Inspire Chapter in a span of
one for each member and visitor to show        less than two years.


   “Having been in the Corporate Sector for more than 20 years, attending countless business talks and development courses, and had travelled
   overseas to attend international conferences. It is the BNI International Members Conference (KL06 ) that beats them all. After hearing from
   Dr Ivan Misner, a man who could drive an organisation to 4,300 chapters world-wide, get more than 80,000 business people to meet at 7.00
   am, you will understand what it takes to be a true entrepreneur. That statement ‘Uncommon Application of Common Knowledge’, if fully
   understood is worth the fee for the whole KL06.
   This conference has moved us from a Domestic Business Platform to an International Business Platform.”

   “KL06 was a fantastic conference which was beyond my expectation.
   The function has just ended but the networking has just begun.”

   “My company is now doing business with Brunei, Sri Lanka and in contact with a US lease equipment supplier.”

   For more testimonies, log on to

For more pictures, log on to
                            It is                           years and BNI members will obviously                                                 in every
                            incredibly                      benefit with possibilities of business                                                aspect of its
                            satisfying to                   connection throughout Asia. I would                                                  economy,
                            see how BNI                     like to congratulate the Malaysian                                                   remains a
                            Malaysia has                    team, Robert French and Avryl Au, for                                                competitive
                            developed                       a successful event and I wish to thank                                               choice that
                            over the last                   all the Malaysians for their hospitality                                             has no
                            five years                       which was truly Malaysian.                                                           language
                            and how                                                                                                              barrier and
                            different it                     DR. IVAN MISNER                                                                      being one of
                            has become                      BNI Chairman & Founder                                                               the centers
                            since my                                                                                                             of business
last visit five years ago. I’m totally                                                                                 in Asia, there cannot be a better place
impressed with what is happening on                         We look forward to having the 2nd                         to hold the next conference. We aim
this side of the globe. Networking is                       BNI International Conference in KL                        to have 1,000 members at the next
clearly in every Malaysian’s blood as                       again. With the world class facilities of                 international conference!
I see the exceptionally high level of                       the new KL Convention Centre, it will
acceptance of the concept in Malaysia.                      certainly be a conducive venue for any                    ROBERT FRENCH
The growth in this part of the world                        international conference. Malaysia,                       National Director, Malaysia & Spain,
will be phenomenal in the coming                            being a country ready to take off                          Organizing Chairman, KL’06

Winners Chapter was awarded the                             things differently.”                                       responsible and committed to do what
Director’s Outstanding Chapter of                           By adopting the concept of “growth”                       it takes to win.
the Year at the recent International                        as their chapter culture, the core                        A thermometer reading for both
Conference held in Kuala Lumpur.                            fundamentals of BNI are truly                             business and relationships are
They are also the largest chapter in                        enforced and executed in the chapter.                     favourably balanced to create a buzz
Malaysia, with over fifty members.                           To achieve such incredible results,                       that allows them to attract visitors
                                                            winning tools such as Enthusiasm and                      into the chapter.
WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO ACHIEVE THIS                           Commitment saw this chapter through                       As a result, members that come in for
STATUS?                                                     any campaigns that were introduced.                       business are rewarded with so much
The members of this outstanding                             In addition to that, LT meetings are                      more along the way.
chapter live by the saying “Winners                         carried out professionally with issues                    Winners Chapter—‘Winners All The
don’t do different things; Winners do                        discussed and led by leaders who are                      Way.’

Guess what is my profession?
                                                                                                                      101 WAYS TO DEVELOP REFERRALS
                                                                                                                      This Issue’s Tip: Arrange for your staff,
                                                                                                                      business partners or family members,
                                                                                                                      e.g. your spouse to attend a BNI
                                                                                                                      meeting. They will help you to generate
                                                                                                                      referrals from people that they know.
                                                                                                                      Ask them to inform you when they have
                                                                                                                      a need.
From Left: KK Chai (Xcellent), Lexus Liau (Eagle), Evelyn (Midas), Dr. Jaya (Inspire).
                                                                                                                      GREAT MEMORY HOOK
A PICTURE PAINTS A THOUSAND WORDS                                                                                     “Good talking... Great Savings...”
Props make a great visual to display your products, services, skills and talent—it helps                              Melvin Kwang, INSPIRE CHAPTER
                                                                                                                                                                 Edited & Designed by Compass Creative Sdn Bhd

fellow members to remember better!                                                                                    Call Savings

Business Network Int’l (BNI) is a business and professional networking organization that offers its members the
opportunity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly, referrals. With over 80,000 members in 30 countries, BNI
members exchanged over 4 million referred opportunities in 2004, translating to over RM6 billion worth of business
done. BNI meets in various locations in Malaysia—Klang Valley, Penang and Johor. BNI Malaysia is located at Wisma
WIM, Jalan Abang Haji Openg, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. BNI Johor is located at Taman Pelangi Indah, Ulu
Tiram Johor. For more information on BNI, email                                            

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