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Jesus Project Ministries


									                                                                                  January 2010 Update              Jesus Project Ministries

Jesus Project Ministries                                                                                        PAGE 2

                                                                                                                 TESTIMONY
Passion for Jesus, Compassion for People                                                                         UPCOMING EVENTS
We are so grateful for God’s                                                Bible Stud y
                                                                                                                 CONTACT US
faithfulness. We had a very                                         In October we began our Bible
fruitful end of the year:                                           Study (Small Group) for adults.
                                                                    Wednesday nights we meet for
After School P rograms                                              the food, fellowship and the
This fall we launched our After         After School Snack          Word with the neighborhood. We
                                                                    are seeing people's lives                      Find us on facebook at:
School Programs for the kids in
the neighborhood. It has long     school snack for all the kids. We changed by the power of God.                      Jesusprojectmin
been our desire to help tutor     currently have 15-20 neighbor- This month we will add a Mon-
and educate the underserved       hood children who attend daily. day morning Bible study as well.
children in the inner city. We    Many receive help with reading,
have found that many of our       math and spelling. Thanks to             Miss ion Teams
children are unable to read or    Rachel and Sarah for their
                                                                      Last year we had over 200 lay                    Follow us on twitter:
even recite their alphabet. As    labor of love.
                                                                      ministers join us in ministry. They
                                                                      came from as close as New Or- 
                                          Bible Camp
                                                                      leans and as far away as Canada.
                                  Following up on our successful      What an awesome time we had!
                                  summer Bible Camp, we con-
                                  tinue to provide a Biblical after   In November and December, they
    After School Tutoring a       school program for the chil-        helped to serve the community
                                  dren. At Bible Camp we teach        and joined us in two of our biggest
result, we have started the                                           outreaches of the year, Cajun
                                  Bible lessons, scriptures, have
Learning Center. We provide                                           Thanksgiving and Christmas Out-
                                  praise and worship and teach                                               Thank you to all of the volunteers &
after school tutoring three                                           reach. In addition some helped in
                                  our kids to walk in the right-                                             mission teams that partnered with
days a week, as well as creative                                      the rebuilding of the All Nations
                                  eousness and power of God. It                                                us in November and December:
arts, reading programs and fun                                        Fellowship facility, which was
                                  is such a joy to see them grow in                                          ACM, New Orleans/Uganda
learning activities. In addition,                                     damaged by Katrina flood waters.
                                  God!                                                                       ADVENTURES IN MISSIONS, Gainesville, GA
we provide a healthy after
                                                                                                             ALL NATIONS FELLOWSHIP, New Orleans
                                                                                                             COREY HICKS, New Orleans
                                                                                                             CORNWALL CHURCH, Bellingham, WA
Reaching the Community                                                            Chris tmas                 FISHERS OF MEN, New Orleans
This season brought with it great   community Fried Turkey, Gumbo                                            JESUS MIRACLE POWER, New Orleans
                                    and Pies. Thanks to countless                                            JOHN & SANDRA GRAY, DeRidder, LA
opportunities to reach the com-
                                    donations, we also provided                                              MOFFETT RD BAPTIST, Mobile, AL
munity with the love of Christ.
                                    frozen turkeys and canned goods                                          OASIS CHRISTIAN CTR, Lennoxville, Canada
       Thanks giving                for some needy families. Rapper                                          STEPHANIE RIBAUDO, Cheektowaga, NY
                                                                              Christmas Outreach
                                    Corey Hicks shared his testi-
                                    mony & music as well. It was a       We had an incredible time at The
                                    great opportunity to minister to     Christmas Outreach. Several
                                    the whole neighborhood! Thank        organizations and individuals
    Cajun Thanksgiving              you all!                             donated gifts, time and finances.
                                                                         We gave away over 200 gifts to
The Cajun Thanksgiving Outreach
                                                                         underprivileged children in our
was a great success! With the
help of several mission teams                                            neighborhood and preached the
                                                                         gospel to their parents. It was a
from across the nation, we
                                                                         great joy sharing Christ with so
served over 200 people in the
                                        Parents hear the Gospel          many!
Salvation Testimony
They will be called oaks of righteous-   he was struggling to do the “right” Despite his loss, he knew he had
ness, a planting of the LORD for the     thing.                              made the “right” decision. His              Mission Team Testimony
display of his splendor. Is 61:3                                             heart was hurting, but the Father
                                         Our team member began to share was now beginning to fill it with              “My first trip to New Orleans
It was at one of our neighborhood        that God loved him and had a plan                                             was in the spring of 2007.
outreaches this past summer that                                             his love and revelation.
                                         for his life. “Ronnie” seemed to be                                           Since then, I have returned five
we met a young man named                 listening, but uncertainty flooded  Today, “Ronnie” continues to grow         times to work with Jesus Pro-
“Ronnie.” That day he seemed ex-         his heart. Still, he allowed our    in God, as he surrounds himself           ject Ministries. It is a place
tremely anxious as he held his new-      team to pray for him before he      with his new family. He is eager to       where I can concentrate on
born daughter in his arms.               walked off to meet his friend.      learn the things of God, faithfully       God, share His love, and serve
                                                                             attends our weekly Bible Study            as His hands and feet...sharing
Our ministry team approached him         As we left the outreach that day we and a few weeks ago God blessed           a meal, listening to a story,
and learned that “Ronnie,” in his        continued to pray that the seeds of                                           cooking for the outreach and
early twenties, had already been                                             him with a job.
                                         truth about God’s love for “Ronnie”                                           just loving one another. I have
through a lot in life. He had grown      would bear fruit.                   We are so excited to be a part of         such a love for New Orleans! “
up in poverty, lived in a rough                                              God touching and changing lives
neighborhood where hustling was          The following Sunday he came to     and displaying His glory in the           -Donna, Cornwall Church,
the only way to survive. He had also     church and gave his life to the     community! Please continue to             Bellingham, WA
spent time in jail as a result of        Lord, He later shared that He       pray for “Ronnie” and for more
some bad decisions.                      turned down the opportunity to
                                                                             fruit in this city.
                                         make “fast money” and it had cost
He admitted that he had been             him not only his friends, but his                  PRAY FOR US:
sought out by a friend to take part                                                          God’s Direction           Finances
                                         child. The mother had moved her
in breaking into homes to make                                                               Volunteers                Safety
                                         away because of his decision to do
some “fast money”. He shared that                                                            Disciples/souls           Our city

Give                                To volunteer, bring a mission team or
                                    make financial Contributions contact us:
                                    504 -610-7396 / info@jesus projectminis / jesusprojectminis

              Tha nk You !                                         Upcoming Events
                                                                                                                              Jesus Project Ministries
 Jesus Project Ministries has just
 completed our first year of ministry.                        Plan to bring a team or volunteer at
                                                              these year’s upcoming events:                        Passion for Jesus, Compassion for People
 We are so grateful to God for allowing                       SPRING BREAK 2010
 us to be used in His Kingdom. The                            Spring, 2010
 entire year of outreach and ministry                                                                              CONTACT US:
                                                              GOOD FRIDAY FISH FRY OUTREACH
 to the adults and children has been
                                                              Friday, April 2nd
 made possible by all of you, the Body
                                                              MOTHER’S DAY OUTREACH                                Phone: 504-610-7396
 of Christ                                                                                                         E-mail:
                                                              Saturday May 8th
 Thank you to all of you who have come
                                                              IMPACT NEW ORLEANS SUMMER ’10
 to serve, and who continue to support                                                                                   Check us out on the web:
 us with prayer, financial contributions                                                                     
 and feet on the pavement. We pray
 that God will repay what we can not.                 Jesus Project Ministries operates as a training center for believers who want to be better equipped
 Many blessings to all of you.                        to fulfill their destiny in God. Community Outreaches, servant-hood evangelism, missions trips and
                                                      many other hands-on ministries are part of this training to bring the Kingdom of God to our cities
                                                      and nations.

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