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									                                                  MAX GU TI ERR E Z
                                                      Cinematographer | Director
                                                          Tel.: 310 809.1778

FILM S                                            PR ODUC TI O N C O MP A N Y                          DIREC T OR
Something’s Killing Tate                          Tate, LLC                                            Leon Lozano
FLOURISH                                          Petting Zoo Productions                              Kevin Palys
Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best (2nd Unit)        Brooklyn Brothers 5, LLC                             Ryan O’Nan
Seven Days in Utopia (2nd Unit & Plates)          Utopia, LLC                                          Matt Russell
The Curious Case of Curt Flood                    HBO Sports                                           Ezra Edleman
The Knife Grinder’s Tale (short)                  Sights & Sounds Productions                          R.L. Hooker
Fast Money (short)                                Ringleader Productions                               Jerry Chan
Tao of Pong (short)                               USC                                                  Elijah Craig
Ten Paces* (short)                                USC                                                  Chris Casper
Infamy ** (short)                                 USC                                                  Toben Nelson

TELEVISI O N                                      PR ODUC TI O N C O MP A N Y                          DIREC T OR
Hollywood Sunset: A Tribute To Entourage          HBO Creative Services                                Jesse Gordon
Food For Thought – The Food of Treme              HBO Creative Services                                Gwen Sarnoff
Clarke Peters & The Mardi Gras Indians            HBO Creative Services                                John Wilhelmy
Brave New Voices (series 2010)                    HBO Creative Services                                Justin Joseph
CBS Early Show (5 episodes)                       CBS News                                             David Friedman
Last Call With Carson Daly (97 episodes)          NBC Universal                                        Joe Lamattina
Puma Ocean Racing (32 episodes)                   Time Warner/Ripe Digital Entertainment               Max Gutierrez
X-Arm (32 episodes)                               Time Warner/Ripe Digital Entertainment               Max Gutierrez
Hip Hop Live: Ghostface & Rakim (32 episodes)     Time Warner/Ripe Digital Entertainment               Max Gutierrez
This Show Sucks (9 episodes)                      Time Warner/Ripe Digital Entertainment               Lamattina Brothers

C OM MER CI ALS & PR OM O S                       PR ODUC TI O N C O MP A N Y / CLIEN T                DIREC T OR
“Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy” Hung Season Three Promo      HBO Creative Services/HBO                            Chris Butler
 “Screen Test” True Blood Season Four Promo       HBO Creative Services/HBO                            Chris Denniston
 “S’leb Suit” Promo for Teenage Paparazzo         HBO Creative Services/HBO                            Adrian Grenier
Eastbound & Down Promo Season Two                 HBO Creative Services/HBO                            Yuki Yoshiike
 “Uncovering Sloan” Entourage Promo               HBO Creative Services/HBO                            John Wilhelmy
 “Never a Bad Day” Carolina Cash 5                Milk Productions/North Carolina Lottery              Max Gutierrez
It Gets Better PSA – True Blood Cast (20 spots)   HBO Community Outreach                               Chris Denniston
 “Soy” HIV Awareness Campaign (10 spots)          X-Up/Univision/Kaiser Family Foundation              Mike Franzini
Greensboro 200 Campaign (5 spots)                 Milk Productions/City of Greensboro, NC              Max Gutierrez
Comcast “Open the Door” (3 spots)                 Ringleader Productions/Comcast Utah                  Max Gutierrez
Yacht Party 2                                     SK/AR Media/Courage Campaign                         SK/AR

MU SIC VIDEOS                                     PR ODUC TI O N C O MP A N Y /LA BEL                  DIREC T OR
Doobie Brothers “Far From Home”                   Ringleader Productions/House of Rock                 Max Guttierrez
The Airborne Toxic Event “Changing”               Ringleader Productions/Island Def Jam                Jon Danovic
Christian Chavez & Anahi “Libertad”               Ringleader Productions/EMI                           Max Gutierrez
Christopher Uckermann “Sonambulo”                 Symbolic Entertainment/FOX                           Max Gutierrez
Spose “I’m Awesome”                               Mackingwell Productions/Universal Republic Records   Lucas Heyne
Anahi “Mi Delirio”                                Symbolic Entertainment/EMI Latin                     Max Gutierrez
Parachute “Under Control”                         Ringleader Productions/Island Def Jam                Scott Speer
Kim Sozzi “Feel Your Love”                        Ringleader Productions/Ultra Records                 Matt McDermitt
Danielle Peck “I Don’t”                           The Creative Dept./Universal Records                 Mark Borchetta
Romeo ft. Akon “Get Low Wid It”                   Symbolic Entertainment/No Limit Records              M. Gutierrez
Kudai “Nada Es Igual”                             Symbolic Entertainment/EMI                           M. Gutierrez
I Am Ghost “Lazarus Gently Sleeps”                Symbolic Entertainment/Epitaph                       Matt McDermitt
Styles of Beyond “Be Your Dog”                    Road Less Traveled Productions/Spytech Records       Brad Furman
AB Quintanilla “Hipnotika”                        Symbolic Entertainment/EMI                           Max Gutierrez
M.F.A – School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California – 2006
B.F.A. – College of Letters & Sciences, University of California – 1998

*Honoree – American Society of Cinematographers Charles B. Lang, Jr. Heritage Award 2005
**Nominee – American Society of Cinematographers Jordan Cronenweth Heritage Award 2006
Nominee – Premios Orgullosamente Latino “Best Latin Music Video” 2010
Nominee – Univision Premios Juventud Awards “Best Music Video of the Year” 2010
Featured – Shots magazine Issue 102 and 103
Winner – Worldfest 2008, Grand REMI Award, Gold REMI Award (4 total), Platinum REMI Award (2 total), Silver REMI Award
Winner – One Club OneScreen 2008, Best Live Action Narrative, Award of Merit
Winner – Midsummer Awards 2008, Best New Director Bronze
Honoree – Cannes Young Director Award 2007, Best Non-European Student Commercial
Short Listed – Clio Awards 2007, Best Student Commercial
Winner – Golden Award of Montreaux 2007, Cross Media Talent Award
Winner – Mobius Awards 2007, Student Award (5 total)
Winner – Addy Awards – Regional 2007, Student Gold (3 total), Silver (2 total), Bronze (2 total)
Short Listed – AICP Awards 2007, Best Student Commercial (6 nominations)
Featured – Create Magazine Nov./Dec. Issue 2007
Short Listed – Shark Awards 2007, Young Director Award
Winner – Create Awards 2007, Student Gold
Nominee – MTV Europe Best Music Video of the Year 2005

    •    Fu lly p ro f ici ent with Ale x, R E D E p ic, R ed MX, Phantom, Wei sscam, Panasonic and Sony HD, Ster e oscop ic
         3D, DS LR, 35mm, anamor phic and Sup er 16mm motion p ictur e im ag ing

    •    Working know ledg e o f S p anish, U.S./Canadi an dua l citi z enshi p, PAD I c erti f i ed

    •    Li st of furth er fi lm s, tele v i sion shows, commerci a ls/ p ro mos and music v ideos a v a i la b le u pon r equ est

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