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					                       Cambridge HOA Meeting Minutes
                               May 13, 2010

Present:                                       Absent:

Peg Chambers                                   Diane Tye
Ed Luczak                                      Florence Present
Larry Roubitchek
Nancy Shaer
Pam Krause
Pam Scapin
Deborah Warda - Rowell

Start Time: 7:00 PM                            End Time: 9:15 PM

   1. The minutes from the March 11, 2010, meeting were approved.

   2. The Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday, June 10 at the
      Glenview Police Station at 7 PM. Mr. Joe Kenney of the Village of
      Glenview Storm Water Task Force will be our guest speaker. This
      meeting will be followed by the annual Townhome Owner’s Meeting.

   3. Treasurer’s Report – Diane Tye’s reports were circulated. We seem to
      be “on budget” this far in 2010. We should receive a full set of financials
      electronically from Rowell sometime during the 3rd week of each
      month. Diane Tye and Ed Luczak to meet with Rowell to go over any
      open financial items the first week in June so if anyone has any
      questions or issues, please contact Diane no later than May 31.

   4. Rowell Report
           a. Deborah to contact Kovitz to obtain prices on their various
               Retainer Options.
           b. Deborah has not been successful in contacting the vendor that
               treated the Townhome porches. She will try one more time
               before taking other action.
           c. Rowell to arrange for bench to be re-installed in Sculpture
           d. Rowell has sent out “nomination” forms to all owners for the
               two Board positions coming up for election.
           e. Pam Krause will be resigning from the Townhome Committee
               effective July 1. The Committee will provide Rowell the
               verbage to put on the General Meeting Notice asking for those
               interested in joining the Committee.
         f. Selection of vendor to provide tree trimming services was
            discussed. Best Trees, Inc. was selected.
         g. A discussion on whether to install mulch in the Townhome
            beds was discussed. This item is not in the 2010 budget. The
            Townhome Committee will provide their recommendation by
            May 21. I it is decided to go forward, the cost will have to be
            reflected in 2011 monthly assessment calculations.
         h. Regarding concrete repairs not covered by the Village, we still
            have only received one bid. Rowell waiting for at least one
            more bid.
         i. A long list of homeowner issues was discussed. Rowell to
            respond as directed by Bard and Townhome Committee.

5. Old Business
         a. Townhome Leaks – No feedback has been received from the
            brick sealing work that was done at the end of last year. We
            have to assume that the problems have been solved.
         b. Single Family Home Mailboxes – Will be on the agenda at the
            General Meeting. Rowell to contact Cambridge to see if they
            have source for the original boxes.
         c. Locking Mailboxes for Townhomes – This issue will be re-
            visited as a possible 2011 project and budget item.
         d. Groot Scavenger Service – Rowell to contact Groot to see if the
            Townhomes qualify for the new waste containers that are
            being offered to all single family homes in Glenview.
         e. Rowell to procure bids for Townhome asphalt driveway
            sealing. This item is in the budget for 2010.
         f. Purchase and installation of a “monument sign” is still
            desirable to the Board and Townhome Committee and will be
            a 2011 project.
         g. The Clark Roofing annual roof inspection bill for last
            December seems high. Rowell to look into this.

               Annual Meeting – Thurs., June 10 at 7PM
                      Glenview Police Station

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