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					   Volunteer Work Projects

            List of Volunteer Work Projects


SE1:       Centro de Educacion Especial – Don Jose de San Martin
Description       : The organization offers primary and elementary schooling as well as
 "manual work" for older children and adults such as carpentry and dressmaking.
Activities        : Working with deaf and mentally disabled children as a class assistant,
 developing educational materials, assisting in practical projects such as knitting, teaching
 the children how to wash and iron clothes, cooking, sewing, weaving, horticulture, “how
 to buy goods from a shop,” etc. Organizing recreational activities.
Minimum           : 4 weeks
Spanish           : low intermediate
Hours of work : 9am - 1pm
Capacity          : The institution is able to accommodate up to 10 volunteers
                  (one person in each classroom).

SE 2.      Jardin Infantil La Rinconada ´Kukuli´
Description       : Kindergarten for 4 and 5 year olds. The school consists of 2 classrooms,
 a small playground, a principals office (without furniture), a small kitchen and bathrooms
 where the children can take a hot shower if they like. Around 11am the children get a
 glass of milk and (occasionally) a cookie. Most kids have a poor background and come
 from the small communities close to the school.
Activities        : helping out as a class assistant, organizing physical activities and
 teaching very basic English classes.
Minimum           : 4 weeks
Spanish           : Intermediate
Schedule          : 8.30 / 9am - 12.30 pm
Requirements : Being enthusiastic in working with small children. A plan on what you
 would like to do with the children needs to be set up before you start volunteering.
Capacity          : Maximum of 1 volunteer at a time

SE 3.      Ludoteca Puckllacuy San Isidro
Description       : a play- and education center where 4 and 5 year old school kids and
 their teachers come to play and work with the available material. There are different
 areas, in which the children can play and learn: Communication (auditive and visual),
 logic and mathematics, personal and social skills and articulation. There is quite a lot of
 material available which has all been handmade.
Requirements: being creative, patient and liking to work with children
Activities:       assisting the children and their teachers in the organized activities
Minimum:          4 weeks
Spanish:          Intermediate
Schedule:         Monday through Friday 8.30 am - 2.30pm.
Capacity:         Maximum 1- 2 volunteers at one time

   Volunteer Work Projects

SE4:      Centro Educativo Inicial San Isidro
Description:      Kindergarten for 4 and 5 year olds. There are two classrooms, both with
 (more or less) 35 children. A class assistant is needed to help the teachers. There is a lot
 of classmaterial on the premises and the school is right next door to the Ludoteca (SE14).
Requirements: being creative, patient and liking to work with children
Activities:       assist the children and their teachers
Minimum:          4 weeks
Spanish:          Intermediate
Schedule:         8.30am - 1pm.
Capacity:         Maximum of 2 volunteers, 1 in each classroom.

SE5:       ´San Fransisco´ Hogar para niños con problemas de audiciony lenguaje
Description       : Institute for deaf children and children that are hard of hearing, run by
 the Catholic Church (nuns). The children live and attend school in the institute from
 April to December. They go back to their families from January - March. The Mother
 Superior would like to keep the institute open during this holiday period, if volunteers
 would commit themselves for this period of time.
Activities        : In the afternoons, you would be expected to participate in any of the
 following activities: helping the children with their homework, recreation, organizing
 theatre and dance classes, music and sports; depending where your talents lie. Once a
 week (mostly on the weekends) the children and the nuns go to a farm near Tipón (owned
 by the church) and tend to the animals and agriculture that basically feeds the institute.
 You might be asked to participate in these weekly excursions as well.
Minimum           : 4 weeks
Hours of work : 2.30pm - 5pm.
Requirements : Patience and a happy disposition.
Capacity          : maximum of 3 - 4 volunteers at one time.

SE6:       Hogar de menores Rosa de Santa Maria de Acomoco
Description        : An orphanage for girls between 10 - 17 years old. The majority of the
 girls come from the local mountain villages and often only speak Quechua (local
 language), with only a bit of Spanish. Therefore, communicating with them may be
 difficult in the beginning. They all have to learn Spanish in school (they leave the
 orphanage in order to attend local schools). The older girls, however, all have a good
 grasp of the Spanish language. Most of the girls had a very bad childhood, therefore
 volunteers are only allowed to come as teachers for a few hours and teach English
 classes. In this case the girls won't get too attached and be heartbroken once the volunteer
 leaves again. Note that consistency is very important at this project.
Activities         : Helping to prepare the class material and teaching English classes.
Minimum            :4 weeks, preferably longer. During the period of January - April, the
 orphanage might be closed.
Spanish            : Intermediate.
Schedule           : a few hours between 8am - 5pm
Capacity           : 1-2 volunteers at one time

  Volunteer Work Projects

SE 7.      Hogar de menores Maria Salomé Ferro
Description       : Childrenshome for boys between 8-19 years old. They provide
 workshops for the children as well, such as carpentry, shoe-making, sewing, etc.
 Unfortunately, the workshops often lack money for maintenance of the machinery.
 Therefore at present, only the carpentry workshop is in operation. If you have any
 particular type of skills that you want to share with the children, they are always willing
 and eager to learn. A Dutch NGO is helping to build a small study center with enough
 books, study material and maybe a computer to encourage the children to study.
Activities        : Helping out with homework, organizing sport activities and giving
 English classes.
Minimum           : 4 weeks. During the period of January - April, there is the possibility
 the building might be closed.
Spanish           : Intermediate
Schedule          : variable, either in the mornings or in the afternoons
Requirements : The institute would prefer men but women are welcome as long as they
 are aware of the fact that all of the children are boys.
Capacity          : 1 - 2 volunteers at one time

SE 8.      Hogar de menores Maria Salomé Ferro ´San Judas Chico´
Description       : Childrenshome for girls and small boys between 4 - 18 years old, linked
 to Hogar de menores Maria Salomé Ferro (SE 7). A Dutch NGO helped building a small
 playroom for the younger children to play in. A teacher comes in every day to assist the
 children in the playroom.
Activities        : Activities include playing with the younger children, assisting the
 teacher in the playroom, teaching English classes, helping out with homework and
 organizing sport activities.
Minimum           : 4 weeks.
Spanish           : Intermediate.
Schedule          : 2.30pm - 6pm.
Capacity          : maximum 2 volunteers at one time

SE9.       Asociación ´Qosqo Maki´
Description       : Shelter for street children. The institute provides a bed in a dormitory
 for approx. 40 children up to the age of 18. Neither meals nor formal education are
 provided and the children are expected to go to public schools, either in the morning or in
 the afternoon. The rest of the day is spent working.
The institute does provide a library (10-12am; 5-11pm), which is also open to the general
 public. There are also various rooms in which socializing, games, lectures and practical
 workshops take place such as pottery, carpentry, fixing cars, etc. They also have a
 computer, TV and VHS for the children to use.
Job description : Participating in all activities such as working in the library, playing
 games and talking to the children. Teaching the children basic computer skills,
 conservation of their environment, health/hygiene, English, music (especially if you can
 play the guitar!), cleaning, developing educational material, organizing camping trips and
 outings, etc.
Minimum           : 4 weeks
Spanish           : Intermediate

   Volunteer Work Projects

Hours of work : 5pm -11pm
Capacity          : Up to 2 volunteers at one time
Requirements : You must be able to maintain distance with the children. The institute
 would prefer men but women are welcome as long as they are aware of the fact that most
 of the children are boys, with only a few girls.

SE10:      Asociación ´Puririsun´
Description       : After school project for poor children. The ages of the children range
 from 3 -17 years old. At the moment the project lacks a lot. There is hardly anything for
 the children to play with and no money to buy anything. Once there will be a bit of
 money they would like to start workshops such as carpentry and sewing. Lately
 volunteers have been organizing a lot of creative activities and the children are very
 enthusiastic about that.
Activities        : Helping the children with their homework, playing with them,
 organizing recreational and creative activities and eventually assisting in workshops.
 Minimum          : 4 weeks
Spanish           : Intermediate
Schedule          : 4.30pm - 7pm, closed on Mondays.

SE 11. Centro Juvenil de Marcavalle
Description      : Youth prison for boys between 10 - 18 years of age. The young
 delinquents have to participate in different workshops, such as carpentry, a tailor's firm, a
 shoemaking shop, helping out on the land and taking care of the animals. Sports are very
 important to them and lots of physical activities are being organized
Activities       : Teaching English, organize sport activities, theatre workshops, etc.
Minimum          : 4 weeks.
Spanish          : High intermediate.
Schedule         : Flexible - approx. 4 hours per day, preferably morning hours.
Requirements : being motivated and enthusiastic to teach. Most of all; being aware that
 teaching English to young delinquents is not always an easy task.
Capacity         : maximum of 3 volunteers at one time

SE 12         INABIF Wanchaq
Description       : INABIF stands for Instituto Nacional de Bienestar Familiar and is an
 after school project for children. Most of the children come from families whose parents
 work at the market. Besides education, INABIF also offers extra activities like dancing &
 sports and children are helped with their homework.
Activities        : helping the children with their homework, organizing creative
                    workshops and sports, teaching the children about other cultures.
Minimum           : 4 weeks
Spanish           : Intermediate
Requirements : Being enthusiastic in working with children. Preference is given to
 volunteers with experience. A plan on what you would like to do with the children needs
 to be set up before you start volunteering.
Hours of work : variable, either mornings or afternoons.
Capacity          : Maximum of 2 helpers at one time

    Volunteer Work Projects

 SE13:      Asilo de Ancianos ´La Recoleta´
 Description       : Home for elderly people. The home is run by a religious order with very
  friendly nuns that love having volunteers around.
 Activities : Various kinds of work related to the care of elderly people. Personal attention
  in recreation, serving meals, cleaning, assisting with the laundry, etc. The elderly people
  love having foreigners around and start smiling once you walk in the door.
 Minimum           : 4 weeks
 Spanish           : Intermediate
 Schedule          : 9am - 1pm
 Capacity          : maximum 2 volunteers at one time

 SE14       Hogar Clinica San Juan de Dios
 Description        : A clinic run by a religious order that offers free treatment (or treatment
  for a symbolic fee such as a bag of rice or a bag of corn) to mentally and physically
  disabled children. Due to the present economic situation in Peru, the government has cut
  in funding for institutions like this one. The institute is mostly self-efficient in respect that
  they grow their own corn, potatoes and vegetables (in greenhouses), and have numerous
  animals that they keep for their own consumption as well.
 Job description: Playing with the children and feeding them, giving them as much
  attentions as possible. Lately volunteers have been organizing fun activities for the
  children in order to stimulate creativity and necessary skills. There is a possibility to work
  as a class assistant as well in the special education section, which is in the same building.
 Minimum           : 4 weeks.
 Hours of work : Flexible. They do need a lot of help around lunch and dinnertime.
 Requirements : The NEED to want to HELP!
 Capacity      : up to 6 volunteers (3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon).

 SE15:     Hospital Regional
 Description     : El Hospital Regional is one of three hospitals in Cusco. It is a 'modern '
                   middle-class hospital with a capacity for 400 beds. La Seccion de
                   Quemados in the hospital is a department specifically for people who
                   have been severely burned. The majority of the victims are children
                   from Cusco and the surrounding villages.
Activities       : Volunteers can organize activities for the parents and
                   children, such as creative workshops to keep them occupied.
                   Volunteers with a medical background can also help attend to the
                   patients' medical needs and provide insights on new possible methods
                   of treatment. The daily schedule is flexible. This project is especially
                   suitable for people with experience in this field.
 Minimum         : 4 weeks
 Spanish         : Intermediate
 Schedule        : Flexible
 Requirements : This project is especially suitable for people with experience in this

   Volunteer Work Projects

SE16:      Centro de Salud Mental Almudena
Description       : Hospital for patients with psychological problems.
Activities        : Conversing and participating in various activities with the patients. The
 director takes the volunteers under his care and tries to teach them as much as possible.
 Psychology students have been very enthusiastic working at this project.
Minimum           : 6 weeks, preferably longer.
Spanish           : High intermediate
Schedule          : 8am - 4pm
Requirements : Only for Psychologists or Psychology students.
Capacity          : Maximum 2 volunteers at one time

SE17:     Casa del Cargador
Description:        A "shelter" were 100 to 150 "cargadores" (porters) can stay the night
 against a small fee. The porters are all men, mainly from the country (they often only
 speak Quechua), who work near the market area where they carry loads from one place to
 another in order to make a living. The men arrive at the shelter around 8pm where they
 can get something to eat, freshen up and spend the night. The next morning they'll leave
 after breakfast (around 5am) for another day of work.
Requirements: the organization prefers psychologists, sociologists, pedagogues or
 students in these fields.
Activities:        organizing musical activities, setting up a hygiene workshop, going out
 on the street to assist the psychologist and/or sociologist or help out at nighttime.
Minimum:           4 weeks
Spanish:           Intermediate
Schedule:          flexible
Capacity:          Maximum of 2 volunteers.

SE18:      Huchuy Runa
Description      : Project for street children, school on the premises.
Activities       : Class assistant, assisting in practical workshops such as carpentry.
Minimum          : 4 months.
Spanish          : High intermediate.
Schedule         : 8am - 4pm
Others           : Only for people with education in this field
                 (School teachers, social workers, nurses, etc.).

SE19.     Asociacion Pukllasunchis
Description       : Pukllasunchis is an institute that offers alternative schooling -
 Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Schools- to children from all social levels. Parents
 pay a school fee according to their means so that poor children get a chance to receive
 education among children from other social levels.
 There is also an educational services center where new educational materials are
 developed. People who are interested can come to obtain information and ideas about
 educational materials & education in general. Also workshops for teachers are organized.

  Volunteer Work Projects

Activities :
Pukllasunchis would like to share their knowledge and recourses with other institutes.
 Volunteers will prepare new educational materials in the workshop, mostly by recycling
 old materials. After one or two weeks you will go to one of the schools in the poor
 neighborhoods in or around Cusco to hand over the materials and to teach both the
 teachers and the children to prepare and work with the materials themselves.
Preference is given to creative people and volunteers work independently.
Minimum           : 4 weeks.
Between the months of December and April the school is closed.
Spanish           : Intermediate
Schedule          : During the preparation in the workshop the schedule is flexible.
                    The following weeks working in the school you will work from
                     8am till 1pm.
Capacity          : 4 volunteers, each working at a different school.

   Volunteer Work Projects

             List of Volunteer Work Projects


CT1:       Perol Chico *con fines de lucro
Description       : Perol Chico is located near Urubamba and offers adventurous
                    horseback riding for all levels of riders, from first timers to the
                    advanced, from a 2-hour trek to expeditions of 7 days. Perol Chico is
                    owned by a Dutchman named Eddy who has trained horses for over 23
                    years. In addition to the horse stables Perol Chico also has a small guest
                    house on the premises. All the horses are pure-bred Pasos, a Peruvian
                    breed with a special and very comfortable style of riding.
Activities        : Volunteers will be expected to assist with the maintenance and training
                    of the horses. Housing is provided on the premises, and is within
                    walking distance of Urubamba.
Minimum           : Four weeks stay is required, although if a volunteer chooses to stay for
                    a longer period of time, it can be arranged.
Spanish           : Intermediate.
Schedule          : Flexible.
Requirements : Previous experience with horses is essential.

CT 2.             Machu Picchu Project
Description       : Non-Governmental Organization, in charge of the environmental
                    politics concerning the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, located in Cusco.
Activities        : English/Spanish translations, organizing the library,
                     administrative work, etc.
Minimum           : 4 weeks.
Spanish           : Low intermediate.
Schedule          : 8am - 1pm or 4pm - 7pm

CT3.              SAAF: Servicios Ambientales y Agro Forestales
Description       : Organization engaged in the environmental development and
                    conservation of the southern part of Peru offering consultancy and
Activities        : English/Spanish translations, organizing the library,
                    administrative work, exchanging knowledge, etc. Sometimes
                    volunteers will be asked to do research near Machu Picchu as well.
Minimum           : 4 weeks
Spanish           : Low intermediate
Schedule          : Flexible
Requirements      : This project is especially suitable for those who have experience in this
                    field and want to exchange ideas.

   Volunteer Work Projects

CT4.       AMAUTA Spanish school *con fines de lucro
Description       : Spanish School for foreigners in Cusco.
Activities        : Working as a Student Coordinator: attending to the general needs of the
 students in the office, airport pickups, organizing and participating in student activities,
 organizing orientating meetings, organizing excursions, etc.
Minimum           : 6 months (bed and board may be arranged)
Spanish           : High intermediate
Schedule          : 10am - 4pm and all the student activities
Others            : Possibility of working in the Spanish School in Urubamba.

CT 5.      Museo Histórico Regional
Description      : Museum in Cusco
Activities       : Working as a guide.
Minimum          : 8 weeks.
Spanish          : Advanced.
Schedule         : Flexible.
Requirements : Inter-personal relationship skills.

CT 6.      Instituto Nacional de la Cultura
Description        : National Institute for Culture, located in Cusco. National organization
 in charge of the conservation of all Inca Heritage sites.
Activities         : Teaching English to the employees of the institute.
Minimum            : 4 weeks
Spanish            : Advanced.
Schedule           : 6pm - 7pm

CT7.             Jardin Zoológico de la Universidad Antonio Abad
Description:     Small zoo on the university ground in Cusco.
Activities:      Assisting in all kinds of work, such as construction, repairs, cleaning,
 informing visitors (especially schoolchildren), assisting zoological students in their study
 objects, looking for information on the different species to make folders, videos etc. for
Minimum          :4 weeks
Spanish          : Intermediate.
Requirements : being interested in the animals and the public
Schedule         : variable
Capacity         : Up to two volunteers a time

   Volunteer Work Projects

CT8.      Eric Adventures          *con fines de lucro
Description:      Tourist- and travel agent, specialized in adventure trips such as rafting,
 biking, mountain climbing, etc, located in Cusco.
Activities:       helping out at the office counter (selling tours, giving information, etc),
 filming and editing videos, making updates for the website, help the guides on
 excursions, working in the warehouse, picking people up from the airport, etc.
Minimum           : 4 weeks. Should you be able to stay for a longer period of time, there
 will be a possibility to learn to be a rafting guide.
Spanish           : Intermediate.
Requirements : Recommended to people who have a special interest in this field and
 would like to gain some experience in a foreign adventure agency
Schedule         : 8 hours a day and 5 days a week, times are variable (depending where
 you will be working).
Capacity:        Maximum number of volunteers is 2.
Others           : You will be offered a free trip (climbing, mountain biking, rafting,
 kayaking, etc) each week

CT 09. Agencia 'Wasi Tours' (Arequipa)
Description       : Travel agency in Arequipa, specializing in trips to the Colca Canyon.
                    Recently a hotel has been built as well.
Activities        : Giving information to clients, selling tours, administrative work,
                    evaluating guides, front desk, etc. You will be allowed to go on some of
                    the tours.
Minimum           : 4 weeks.
Spanish           : High intermediate.
Schedule          : 9am - 1pm / 4pm - 7pm
Others            : Opportunity to work in the Colca Canyon as liaison officer.
 (An air ticket will cost you approx. $89, duration: 30minutes).


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