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					        Larrabee Herbs
                                                         Since 1872

7628 West North Ave., Elmwood Park, IL 60707 • 708-453-7898
   Larrabee Herbs Vitamin & Herb Selection
• Carlson Labs - Vitamin E • Irwin Naturals
• Nature's Plus                    • 450 Loose Herbs
• KAL                              • Stash Black, Green, White Teas
• BlueBonnet                       • Health King Teas
• Kyolic                           • Traditional Medicinal Teas
• Florajen - Probiotics            • Source Naturals
• LifeTime                         • Buried Treasure - Liquid Vitamins
                 and many more
   Certified Nutritionists: Ken Bernas • Anita Bernas • David Laurent
            Hours: M-W 9:30-6 Thur.-Fri. 9:30-8 Sat. 9:30-5
   We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and personal checks.
   We ship daily by United Parcel Service, locally & nationally.

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