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                                                                                                        Flinders Medical Centre is one of Australia’s
                                                                                                             leading public teaching hospitals.

The        Flinders                campus                 S p e c i a l i s t            c a r e                    W o r k i n g          t o g e t h e r
Established in 1976, Flinders Medical Centre was the      Flinders Medical Centre is unique in South Australia      Selected by the Commonwealth Government to
first medical school and teaching hospital in Australia   in providing a range of health services for people        participate in Phases 2, 3 and 4 of the National
to be planned and built as one institution.               of all ages.                                              Demonstration Hospitals Program (NDHP), Flinders
This led to the development of a model of integrated      Around 3,300 skilled staff, supported by the State’s      has played a leading role in developing health
patient care, education, research and health              largest volunteer service in a public hospital, provide   service initiatives in Australia.
promotion that has received international recognition.    high quality patient care, education, research and        Within this national program, we have worked
Today, Flinders Medical Centre is one of Australia’s      health promoting service.                                 collaboratively with hospitals across Australia,
leading public teaching hospitals. Our services reach     Flinders is both a specialist referral hospital and a     sharing innovative services we have developed
people across Australia, from Darwin in the Northern      thriving community hospital. Eight in ten inpatients at   with other service providers to assist people in
Territory to Mount Gambier in the State’s South East.     Flinders Medical Centre are emergency admissions –        hospital and in their own homes and communities.

The 430 bed public teaching hospital is on an 11.5        our Emergency Department is the busiest in                A key element in the successful delivery of services
hectare campus, co-located with the Flinders University   South Australia.                                          in the South is our partnership with other health
School of Medicine and the 130 bed Flinders               The hospital is one of two major trauma centres           service providers. These include the Repatriation
Private Hospital.                                         in South Australia, providing an around the clock         General Hospital, Noarlunga Health Services,
                                                          emergency retrieval service to bring patients to          Metropolitan Domiciliary Care (Southern Region)
Flinders Medical Centre is delightfully situated in
                                                          hospital by road or helicopter.                           and the Southern Division of General Practice.
the Adelaide Hills, approximately 12 kilometres from
the city centre. It is only a few kilometres from our
beautiful south coast beaches and close to our
famous southern vale wineries.

                                                    F L I N D E R S         M E D I C A L           C E N T R E
A d e l a i d e   –   S o u t h   A u s t r a l i a
I n n o v a t i v e
Our reputation for innovation is reflected in a number
of 'firsts'.
                                                                                                                              R e s e a r c h
                                                                                                                              Flinders Medical Centre has an international reputation
                                                                                                                              for research.
                                                                                                                              A teaching hospital co-located with a university brings
                                                                                                                              the opportunity for clinical and academic staff to work
                                                                                                                              together and ensures that the community benefits from
Flinders Medical Centre established the State’s first                                                                         the latest developments in research.
Patient Advisory Service and the first Medical Ethics                                                                         Researchers from around the world combine
Unit in a South Australian public hospital.                                                                                   investigation, learning and clinical practice in research
South Australia’s first IVF baby was born at Flinders,                                                                        and clinical trials at Flinders. This is reflected in our
and the State’s first liver transplant was undertaken here.                                                                   role as the national coordinating centre for a number
Australia’s first Eye Bank was established at Flinders                                                                        of international trials investigating the treatment
Medical Centre, and the Australian Corneal Graft                                                                              of heart attack.
                                                                 E d u c a t i o n
Registry at Flinders provides research and clinical                                                                           Research centres include:
information for ophthalmologists world wide.                     Our leadership in developing new models of education         • The Flinders Heart Centre
                                                                 for the 21st Century is reflected in the development of      • The Flinders Centre for Digestive Health
The Flinders Centre for Digestive Health brings together
clinical, academic and industry expertise to care for            Australia’s first four year graduate entry medical course.   • The Flinders Eye Centre
people with digestive health problems.                           The School of Medicine provides national leadership in       • The Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer
We established Australia's first Chest Pain Assessment           the training of medical students and health professionals    • The Centre for Neuroscience
Clinic, the State's first Hospital @ Home service and            in rural and remote Australia.                               Our partnership with Flinders University has led to the
the first Nursing Convalescent Unit in a South Australian        Our partnership with Flinders University and links with      establishment of the Flinders Medical Research
public hospital.                                                 other universities ensures medical, nursing, allied          Institute and the Flinders Institute for Health Research,
An Aboriginal Health Unit offers culturally sensitive            health and health science professionals develop sound        bringing together researchers from the biomedical and
support to Aboriginal patients and their families.               academic and practical skills for the future.                clinical sciences.

                                                              F L I N D E R S         M E D I C A L           C E N T R E
P r o m o t i n g             h e a l t h
Flinders Medical Centre is in the vanguard of health
promoting hospitals in Australia.
We were Australia’s first hospital to become an affiliated
member of the World Health Organisation’s International
Network of Health Promoting Hospitals.
In 1997 we became South Australia’s first public hospital
to create a major ‘Arts in Health’ project. Fostering
artwork within the hospital recognises that good health
requires care for people’s emotional and spiritual, as well
as physical, wellbeing.
The hospital has a bushland Heart Walk, offering
a pathway back to good health for patients.
We work beyond the hospital walls. There is the
community based Inner Southern Community Health
Service, services such as Hospital @ Home and mental
health services that support schools, families, children
and adolescents.

C o m m u n i t y
We value the support of our community, which contributes
time, energy and financial support toward our work.
The Volunteer Service for Flinders Medical Centre Inc
is a 480 strong team, which each year contributes 100,000
hours of service and has raised more than $6M to support
patients, their families and staff.
Community support helps our fundraising arm, the Flinders
Medical Centre Foundation, strengthen life saving research
work and enhance care for people.
Our funding is primarily from government, while individual,
corporate and community groups also give generously.
Care for people with cancer and their families, together
with cancer research is at the heart of fundraising for
our unique Centre for Innovation in Cancer.
Tax deductible donations can be made to our work through
the FMC Foundation Tel (08) 8204 5216.

                                                              F L I N D E R S   M E D I C A L   C E N T R E
                                                               FLINDERS MEDICAL CENTRE

                                                          Special units and services                               Environmental Health Unit
                                                          Flinders Medical Centre has a wide range                 Eye Bank of South Australia
                                                          of special units and services, including:                Familial Cancer Clinic
                                                          Aboriginal Health Unit (Karpa Ngarrattendi)              Family Planning Service
                                                          Anxiety Disorders Unit                                   Flinders Cancer Centre
                                                          Australian Centre for Evidence Based Clinical Practice   Flinders Centre for Digestive Health
                                                          Birth Centre                                             Flinders Eye Centre
                                                          Breast Unit                                              Flinders Heart Clinic
                                                          Cancer Care Nursing Service                              Flinders Reproductive Medicine
                                                          Cardiac Intensive Care Unit                              General Practice
                                                          Centre for Neuroscience                                  Hospital @ Home
                                                          Centre for Nursing Education and Research                Hydrotherapy Pool
                                                          Chaplaincy Service                                       Inner Southern Community Health Service
                                                          Chest Pain Assessment Unit                               Labour and Delivery Suite
Flinders Medical Centre main campus, co-located with
                                                          Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services                Lymphoedema Assessment Clinic
Flinders University and Flinders Private Hospital.
                                                          Child Nutrition Research Centre                          Medical Ethics Unit
                                                          Child Protection Unit                                    Neonatal Unit
                                                          Cleft Palate Clinic                                      Pain Management Unit
C l i n i c a l s e r v i c e s                           Clinical Epidemiology and Health Outcomes Unit           Palliative Care Service
Flinders Medical Centre offers a comprehensive            Consumer Advisory Service                                Perinatal Medicine Unit
range of Clinical Services, including:                    Convalescent Unit                                        Pre-Admission Unit
Allied Health                                             Critical Care Unit                                       Public Health
Anaesthesia and Intensive Care                            Day Oncology/Haematology Unit                            Renal Dialysis Unit
Emergency Medicine                                        Day Surgery                                              Respiratory Unit
Medical Imaging                                           Dental Service                                           South Australian Cochlear Implant Program
Medicine                                                  Dermatology Day Unit                                     South Australian Liver Transplant Unit
Mental Health                                             Diabetes Education Unit                                  Stomal Therapy Service
Nursing and Midwifery                                     Domiciliary Midwifery Service                            Stroke Unit
Ophthalmology                                             Drug Information Centre                                  Weight Disorder Unit
Pharmacy                                                  Emergency to Home Outreach Service                       Wound Management Service
SouthPath Diagnostic Laboratory Services                  Endoscopy Unit
Women’s and Children’s Health

                                                             FLINDERS MEDICAL CENTRE
                                       Bedford Park South Australia 5042 • Telephone (08) 8204 5511 • International (618) 8204 5511
                                           Fax (08) 8204 5450 • International (618) 8204 5450 • Website

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