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					Steve Jobs
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014

Dear Mr. Jobs,

I am writing to you today to bring attention to a customer service matter that has me
greatly concerned. In July of 2003, I acquired a 10G iPod. On March 13th, 2004, I
requested service on case# 22064811. The reason for service was the well-publicized
battery life issues. I knew the problem would only get worse, so I opted to get the unit
replaced while it was still under warranty.

While on the phone with a technician, I was informed that I had to pay $30 for shipping.
I found this to be ridiculous, no other company I have dealt with has a policy like that.
However, I am at your mercy in this case, and the unit is broken, and $30 is cheaper than
paying $99 when the warranty is out.

When I agree to pay the fee, the support representative tried to sell me the extended
warranty. I usually do not pay for these, but given the problems that everyone is having
with the battery, I felt that odds were good that I would need to return the unit again so
paying $60 now could in effect save me money down the road. I was vacillating on the
matter when the representative informed me that the extended warranty would extend out
a full two years from that days date, in other words March of 2006. I have never heard of
warranties doing this, so I asked several times for the person to reaffirm this statement,
and he did very clearly. This sounded like a really great deal under the circumstances,
which is not a complement to the reputation the iPod's quality, by the way.

I go through the service steps, ship the unit in, and get a brand-new iPod in the mail.
More on that in a moment. At some point during the "iPod downtime", I receive the
warranty documents in the mail. Somehow I was not surprised to find that the warranty
in fact does NOT extend two full years past the purchase date of the warranty, but only
the original purchase date of the iPod. I was explicitly lied to by one of your
representatives. Perhaps he did not fully understand how the program works, but he
certainly acted sure of himself when selling me the $60 warranty.

I call back to complain about this misdirection and am told by everyone I speak to that
there is no way the warranty could do what I was told, it's illegal. They ask if I want a
refund of the Applecare fee, but of course minus the $30 charge for shipping. This is not
what I want, I really do want the protection of the warranty as I do not trust your battery.
I just would not have purchased this protection for $60 had I known the effective term
was almost half what I was led to believe. I asked for a manager at the Customer Affairs
department in order to clear up this mess and was told flatly there is nobody else to speak
to and more, that there is nothing Apple will do for me.
Let's skip back to the shiny new iPod I received as warranty replacement (s/n
GQ4100BXNRH). It's broken! The unit simply does not charge. Neither connecting the
wall power or firewire cable from my computer to the iPod will cause the charge
indicator to light on this unit. It takes me a day to figure this out, as I left it "charging"
overnight. Instead of charging, it's so bone-dead that the display no longer works at all.

I call for service again and go through the process again. Now it's April 1st (no April
Fools) and I receive s/n GQ4100BXNRH in the mail. Ok, that's fine I think, as long as its
fixed. Well, it's not. Its having the exact same problem.

I am about fed up, and I certainly do not want to send this unit in again without getting
some sort of intervention, as I'm afraid it'll come back as-is once more.

What I would like for you to do, sir, is to send me a brand new iPod in the original box,
one with a newly effective date-of-purchase, one that will start the 1 year original
warranty over again, and on top of that I would like to stay on Applecare and end up with
the two full years of warranty that I thought I was buying in the first place. A 20G model
wouldn't hurt if you are feeling particularly generous. That might go a ways to return my
once fond feelings for your company.

If you like I would happily supply a credit card number so that you can cross ship a
replacement (like many companies do now, such as HP). If you cannot do this, let me
know and I will overnight this broken unit at my expense in the box in which it arrived.
Please, no more cross-country Airborne shipments of empty boxes.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Best Regards,

Hal Rottenberg

P.S. I do truly love my iPod, I use it on average about 5 hours a day. That is the most
maddening part about this experience.

                                     Hal Rottenberg
                                   923 Rose Creek Trail
                                  Woodstock, GA 30189

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