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									from international organizations such as the          ACADEMIC STAFF:                                       The major lasts four years, and upon completion
Rockefeller Foundation, Deutsche Akademische          The academic staff includes a total of 33 full-time   the student receives the Academic Degree of
Austausch Dienst (D.A.A.D.), Ministerio de Cultura    and part-time professors, 52% of whom have            Licentiate in Acting and the Professional Title of
de España, USIAS program, the British Council,        formal graduate training.                             Actor.
Instituto Chileno-Francés, Fundación Andes,                                                                 The alumni can continue their studies in the
ALACIRE (Coimbra Group) and from various              scHool of Drama                                       Master’s of Arts, which offers specialization in
European and Latin American nations through                                                                 the disciplines of Theater, Music and Visual Arts,
its International School (exchange programs with      The School of Drama was founded in 945,              taught by high level faculty belonging to the
                                                      and since then has acted as a multidisciplinary
Germany, England, Italy, Spain, U.S.A., Argentina                                                           Faculty of Arts. Furthermore, students can attain
                                                      academic institution whose purpose is to
and Brazil). Faculty members have published                                                                 specialization through the Diplomas in Academic
                                                      educate professionals in the area of theater,
papers in the following international publications:                                                         Improvement in Theater Pedagogy and Artistic
                                                      and especially in acting, so that they may, as
Heterofonía (México), Yearbook Inter-American                                                               Education.
                                                      well-rounded, competent, creative and ethical
Institute for Musical Research (U.S.A.), Latin        leaders, contribute significantly to the artistic,    The School of Drama develops theoretical and
American Music Review, World New Music                educational and social fields, both nationally        practical lines of investigation, such as: Archives
Magazine, Inter-American Music Review (U.S.A.),       and internationally.                                  and Patrimony, Theater History, Theater Lab,
Anuario Musical and Diccionario de la Música                                                                Theater Pedagogy and Theater and Society,
                                                      The School of Drama disposes of specialized
Española e Hispanoamericana (Spain), Revista          infrastructure, including the Theater of the          among others. It also offers extension courses for
Musical Chilena (Chile) and in its own publication:   Universidad Católica TEUC, which showcases            diverse groups, publishes in the journal Apuntes,
Revista Resonancias. The Music Institute has          the highest level productions, professionally and     and collaborates with the Revista Cátedra of the
established agreements with the Hochschule            academically, in the national and international       Faculty of Arts.
für Musik of Detmold, Germany; Conservatoire          spheres.
National Superieur de Musique et Danse de Paris,      Some of the curricular areas include: Acting,         ACADEMIC STAFF:
France; Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana,        Voice, Movement, Theater History, Dramaturgy,         The academic staff includes a total of 2 full-time
Lugano, Swiss and Universidad de Guanajuato,          Cultural Theory of Drama, Singing, Dramatic           and part-time professors, 67% of whom have
México. In addition to its research and teaching      Theory and Technique, Theater Pedagogy and            formal graduate training.
activities, the Institute has a Strings Chamber       Sets and Makeup, among others. The School
Orchestra and a chamber chorus.                       also offers an Academic Certificate (similar to a
                                                      minor) in Dramaturgy.


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