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   Piano/Guitar Catalog
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                                                        Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33317-7424
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 QUANTITY      ITEM NO.     DESCRIPTION                                          PRICE         QUANTITY      ITEM NO.       DESCRIPTION                                   PRICE
              ••••••• HELEN MARLAIS’                                                                        FJH1553         Volume Two, Book 2–Elementary                   6.95
                      SUCCEEDING AT THE PIANO®                                                              FJH1554         Volume Two, Book 3–Late Elementary              6.95
                      A METHOD FOR EVERYONE                                                                 FJH1555         Volume Two, Book 4–Early Intermediate           6.95
                            Helen Marlais
                                                                                                            FJH1556         Volume Two, Book 5–Intermediate                 7.95
             FJH2051   Lesson and Technique Book–Prep, without CD                  7.95
                                                                                                            FJH1557         Volume Two, Book 6–Late Intermediate            7.95
             FJH2051CD Lesson and Technique Book–Prep, with CD                     8.95
             FJH2052   Recital Book–Preparatory, with CD                           6.50
             FJH2053   Theory and Activity Book–Preparatory                        6.50
                                                                                                                            IN RECITAL®
             FJH2054   Merry Christmas Book–Preparatory                            4.95
                                                                                                                            WITH CHRISTMAS FAVORITES
             FJH2055   Stickers–Preparatory                                        5.95                                     Each book includes a CD
             FJH2120   Flash Card Friend–Preparatory                               5.95                     FJH1573         Book 1–Early Elementary                         6.95
                                                                                                            FJH1574         Book 2–Elementary                               6.95
             FJH2056        Lesson and Technique Book–Grade 1, without CD          7.95                     FJH1575         Book 3–Late Elementary                          6.95
             FJH2056CD      Lesson and Technique Book–Grade 1, with CD             8.95                     FJH1576         Book 4–Early Intermediate                       7.95
             FJH2057        Recital Book–Grade 1, with CD                          6.50                     FJH1577         Book 5–Intermediate                             7.95
             FJH2058        Theory and Activity Book–Grade 1                       6.50                     FJH1578         Book 6–Late Intermediate                        7.95
             FJH2059        Merry Christmas Book–Grade 1                           4.95
             FJH2060        Stickers–Grade 1                                       5.95
             FJH2121        Flash Card Friend–Grade 1                              5.95                                     IN RECITAL® DUETS
                                                                                                                            Each book includes a CD
              FJH2136       Teacher’s Guide–Preparatory and Grade 1                8.95                     FJH1610         Volume One, Book 1–Early Elementary             6.95
                                                                                                            FJH1611         Volume One, Book 2–Elementary                   6.95
              FJH2061       Lesson and Technique Book–Grade 2A, without CD         6.95
              FJH2061CD     Lesson and Technique Book–Grade 2A, with CD            7.95                     FJH1612         Volume One, Book 3–Late Elementary              6.95
              FJH2062       Recital Book–Grade 2A, with CD                         6.50                     FJH1613         Volume One, Book 4–Early Intermediate           7.95
              FJH2063       Theory and Activity Book–Grade 2A                      6.50                     FJH1614         Volume One, Book 5–Intermediate                 7.95
              FJH2064       Merry Christmas Book–Grade 2A                          4.95                     FJH1615         Volume One, Book 6–Late Intermediate            7.95
              FJH2065       Stickers–Grade 2A                                      5.95
              FJH2122       Flash Card Friend–Grade 2A                             5.95
                                                                                                                            IN RECITAL®
                                                                                                                            WITH CLASSICAL THEMES
              ••••••• THE FJH PIANIST’S CURRICULUM®                                                                         Each book includes a CD
                            Helen Marlais                                                                   FJH1697         Volume One, Book 1–Early Elementary             6.95
                            IN RECITAL®                                                                     FJH1698         Volume One, Book 2–Elementary                   6.95
                            WITH LITTLE PIECES                                                              FJH1699         Volume One, Book 3–Late Elementary              6.95
                            FOR LITTLE FINGERS
                                                                                                            FJH1700         Volume One, Book 4–Early Intermediate           7.95
              FJH2017       Original Solos, Book 1–Preparatory                     5.95                     FJH1701         Volume One, Book 5–Intermediate                 8.95
    NEW       FJH2152       Original Solos, Book 2–Preparatory                     5.95                     FJH1702         Volume One, Book 6–Late Intermediate            8.95
              FJH2099       Children’s Songs–Preparatory                           5.95
              FJH2127       Holiday Songs–Preparatory                              5.95
                                                                                                                            IN RECITAL®
                                                                                                                            WITH JAZZ, BLUES, & RAGS
                            IN RECITAL®                                                                                     Each book includes a CD
                            READY, SET, PLAY                                                                FJH1739         Book 1–Early Elementary                         6.95
              FJH2126       Halloween Songs–Pre-Reading                            5.95                     FJH1740         Book 2–Elementary                               6.95
    NEW       FJH2151       Original Solos, Book 1–Pre-Reading                     5.95
                                                                                                            FJH1741         Book 3–Late Intermediate                        6.95
                                                                                                            FJH1742         Book 4–Early Intermediate                       7.95
                                            ®                                                               FJH1743         Book 5–Intermediate                             7.95
                            IN RECITAL
                            THROUGHOUT THE YEAR                                                             FJH1744         Book 6–Late Intermediate                        7.95
                            (WITH PERFORMANCE STRATEGIES)
                            Each book includes a CD
              FJH1459       Volume One, Book 1–Early Elementary                    6.95                                     IN RECITAL®
              FJH1460       Volume One, Book 2–Elementary                          6.95                                     WITH POPULAR CHRISTMAS MUSIC
                                                                                                                            Each book includes a CD
              FJH1461       Volume One, Book 3–Late Elementary                     6.95
                                                                                                            FJH1761         Book 1–Early Elementary                         6.95
              FJH1462       Volume One, Book 4–Early Intermediate                  6.95
                                                                                                            FJH1762         Book 2–Elementary                               6.95
              FJH1463       Volume One, Book 5–Intermediate                        7.95
                                                                                                            FJH1763         Book 3–Late Elementary                          6.95
              FJH1464       Volume One, Book 6–Late Intermediate                   7.95
                                                                                                            FJH1764         Book 4–Early Intermediate                       7.95
              FJH1552       Volume Two, Book 1–Early Elementary                    6.95
                                                                                                            FJH1765         Book 5–Intermediate                             7.95
               THE FJH MUSIC COMPANY INC. Toll Free U.S.A.: 1-800-262-8744               Phone: 954-382-6061     Fax: 954-382-3073      Email:              3
                                                                                RETAIL                                                                                    RETAIL
 QUANTITY       ITEM NO.     DESCRIPTION                                        PRICE        QUANTITY     ITEM NO.     DESCRIPTION                                        PRICE
               FJH1766      Book 6–Late Intermediate                             7.95                    FJH1433      On Your Way to Succeeding
                                                                                                                      with the Masters®, with CD
                                                                                                                      Elementary through Late Elementary                   7.95
                                                                                                         FJH2100      On Your Way to Succeeding
                            IN RECITAL®                                                                               with the Masters®, Theory Book
                            WITH POPULAR MUSIC                                                                        Elementary through Late Elementary                   8.95
                            Each book includes a CD                                                      FJH2134      On Your Way to Succeeding
               FJH2000      Book 1–Early Elementary                              6.95                                 with the Masters®, Theory Book, Answer Key
               FJH2001      Book 2–Elementary                                    6.95                                 Elementary through Late Elementary                   7.95
               FJH2002      Book 3–Late Elementary                               7.50
                                                                                                         FJH1438      Baroque Era, Volume One, with CD
               FJH2003      Book 4–Early Intermediate                            7.50
                                                                                                                      Late Elementary through Intermediate                 9.95
               FJH2004      Book 5–Intermediate                                  7.95
                                                                                                         FJH1660      Student Activity Book, Baroque Era, Volume One       6.95
               FJH2005      Book 6–Late Intermediate                             7.95
                                                                                                         FJH1661      Teacher’s Handbook, Baroque Era, Volume One          6.95
                                                                                                         FJH1439      Baroque Era, Volume Two, with CD
                                                                                                                      Intermediate through Early Advanced                 11.95
                            IN RECITAL®                                                                  FJH1436      Classical Era, Volume One, with CD
                            WITH ALL-TIME FAVORITES                                                                   Late Elementary through Intermediate                 9.95
                            Each book includes a CD
                                                                                                         FJH1656      Student Activity Book, Classical Era, Volume One     6.95
               FJH2041      Book 1–Early Intermediate                            6.95                    FJH1657      Teacher’s Handbook, Classical Era, Volume One        6.95
               FJH2042      Book 2–Elementary                                    6.95                    FJH1437      Classical Era, Volume Two, with CD
                                                                                                                      Intermediate through Early Advanced                 11.95
               FJH2043      Book 3–Late Intermediate                             6.95
                                                                                                         FJH1658      Student Activity Book, Classical Era,
               FJH2044      Book 4–Early Intermediate                            7.50                                 Volume Two                                           6.95
               FJH2045      Book 5–Intermediate                                  7.95                    FJH1659      Teacher’s Handbook, Classical Era, Volume Two        6.95
               FJH2046      Book 6–Late Intermediate                             7.95
                                                                                                         FJH1440      Romantic Era, Volume One, with CD
                                                                                                                      Late Elementary through Intermediate                 9.95
                                                                                                         FJH1441      Romantic Era, Volume Two, with CD
                            IN RECITAL                                                                                Intermediate through Early Advanced                 11.95
                            FOR THE ADVANCING PIANIST
                            Edited by Helen Marlais
               FJH1777      Christmas–Early Advanced                             7.95
               FJH2081      Popular Christmas–Early Advanced                     7.50
                                                                                                         ••••••• THE FESTIVAL COLLECTION®
                                                                                                                      Compiled and Edited by Helen Marlais
               FJH2104      Classical Themes–Early Advanced                      7.95
                                                                                                         FJH2048      Preparatory, with CD
               FJH2105      Duets–Early Advanced                                 7.95                                 Early Elementary through Mid-Elementary              6.50
               FJH1788      Original Solos, Book 1–Early Advanced                7.95                    FJH1625      Book 1, with CD–Elementary to Mid-Elem.              6.95
               FJH1796      Popular, Book 1–Early Advanced                       7.95                    FJH1586      Book 2, with CD–Late Elementary                      7.95
               FJH2016      Popular, Book 2–Early Advanced                       7.50                    FJH1587      Book 3, with CD–Early Intermediate                   8.95
               FJH2087      Jazz & Blues–Early Advanced                          7.50                    FJH1588      Book 4, with CD–Intermediate                         9.95
                                                                                                         FJH1589      Book 5, with CD–Late Intermediate                   11.95
                                                                                                         FJH1590      Book 6, with CD–Late Intermediate
                                                                                                                      to Early Advanced                                   13.95
               ••••••• THE FJH ADULT PIANO CURRICULUM
                            Helen Marlais                                                                FJH1591      Book 7, with 2 CDs–Early Advanced                   18.95
                            CHRISTMAS TREASURES
               FJH1771      Volume 1–Beginning                                   6.50
               FJH1772      Volume 2–Intermediate                                6.95                    ••••••• SUCCEEDING WITH THE MASTERS®/
                                                                                                                 THE FESTIVAL COLLECTION®
                            CLASSICAL TREASURES                                                                  ETUDES WITH TECHNIQUE
               FJH1773      Volume 1–Beginning                                   6.50                                 Helen Marlais with Suzanne Torkelson
               FJH1774      Volume 2–Intermediate                                6.95                    FJH2024      Preparatory–Early Elementary/Mid-Elem.               5.50
                                                                                                         FJH2025      Book 1–Elementary to Mid-Elementary                  6.50
                            DUET TREASURES                                                               FJH2026      Book 2–Late Elementary                               6.95
               FJH1751      Volume 1–Beginning                                   6.95                    FJH2027      Book 3–Early Intermediate                            7.95
               FJH1752      Volume 2–Intermediate                                7.50

                                                                                                         ••••••• SUCCEEDING WITH THE MASTERS®&
                                                                         ®                                       THE FESTIVAL COLLECTION®
               ••••••       SUCCEEDING WITH THE MASTERS
                            Compiled and Edited by Helen Marlais                                                      Helen Marlais with Sue Althouse
               FJH2015      An Introduction to                                                           FJH2050      Teacher’s Handbook                                  18.95
                            Succeeding with the Masters®, with CD
                            Late Elementary through Early Intermediate           6.95

4                          THE FJH MUSIC COMPANY INC. Toll Free U.S.A.: 1-800-262-8744                  Phone: 954-382-6061         Fax: 954-382-3073     Email:

                                                                                 RETAIL                                                                                    RETAIL
 QUANTITY      ITEM NO.     DESCRIPTION                                          PRICE         QUANTITY      ITEM NO.       DESCRIPTION                                    PRICE
              ••••••• SUCCEEDING WITH A NOTESPELLER                                                         ••••••• HELEN MARLAIS’
                            By Helen Marlais and Cynthia Coster                                                     STUDENT ASSIGNMENT BOOK
              FJH2111       Preparatory                                            8.50                             FOR EVERY DAY
                                                                                                            FJH1776         Student Assignment Book                          3.50

              ••••••• THE FJH PIANIST’S CURRICULUM®
                            Helen Marlais                                                                   ••••••• HELEN MARLAIS’
                            SIGHT READING & RHYTHM                                                                  LYRIC BOOK AND CDS
                            EVERY DAY®                                                                      FJH1631         Helen Marlais’ Christmas Favorites
                            Helen Marlais with Kevin Olson                                                                  Lyric Book                                       6.95
              FJH1489       Book 1A–Early Elementary                               6.50                     SRCD1000 Helen Marlais’ Christmas Favorites CD                 10.95
              FJH1536       Book 1B–Elementary                                     6.50                     SRCD1001 Helen Marlais’ Piano Favorites
              FJH1537       Book 2A–Late Elementary                                6.50                              For All Seasons CD                                    10.95
              FJH1538       Book 2B–Late Elementary                                6.50                     SRCD1002 Helen Marlais’ Real Music for Kids CD                 10.95
              FJH1539       Book 3A–Late Elementary/Early Intermediate             6.50                     SRCD1003 Helen Marlais’ More Real Music for Kids CD            10.95
              FJH1540       Book 3B–Early Intermediate                             6.50                     SRCD1004 Helen Marlais’ Classics for Babies CD                 10.95
              FJH1541       Book 4A–Early Intermediate                             6.50                     SRCD1005 Helen Marlais’ Classics for Toddlers CD               10.95
              FJH1542       Book 4B–Intermediate                                   6.50                     SRCD1006 Helen Marlais’ Classics for Preschoolers CD           10.95
              FJH1543       Book 5–Intermediate                                    6.50
              FJH1544       Book 6–Late Intermediate                               7.50
                                                                                                            ••••••• THE FJH CONTEMPORARY
                                                                                                                    KEYBOARD EDITIONS
                            WRITE, PLAY, AND HEAR                                                                           Series Editor Helen Marlais
                            YOUR THEORY EVERY DAY®                                                          J1001           SOUND/WORLD
                            Helen Marlais, Peggy O’Dell, Kristen Avila                                                      Volume 1–Early Intermediate/Intermediate        5.50
              FJH2006       Book 1, with CD                                        6.95                     J1005           Modern Miniatures for Piano Solo,
              FJH2007       Answer Key, Book 1                                     5.95                                     Volume 1–Late Elementary/Intermediate           6.95
              FJH2008       Book 2, with CD                                        7.95                     J1006           Reaching Out, for Solo Piano
                                                                                                                            Early Intermediate/Intermediate                 5.50
              FJH2009       Answer Key, Book 2                                     6.95
                                                                                                            J1007           Piano Sonata No. 1, Op. 25–Advanced            14.95
              FJH2010       Book 3, with CD                                        7.95
                                                                                                            J1008           Piano Album–Late Intermediate/Early Advanced 5.95
              FJH2011       Answer Key, Book 3                                     6.95
                                                                                                            J1009           Echoes, Pictures, Riddles, and Tales
              FJH2102       Book 4, with CD                                        7.95
                                                                                                                            for Piano Solo–Elementary through Intermediate  5.50
              FJH2103       Answer Key, Book 4                                     6.95
                                                                                                            J1010           SOUND/WORLD
              FJH2137       Book 5, with CD                                        8.95
                                                                                                                            Volume 2–Intermediate/Early Advanced            5.50
              FJH2138       Answer Key, Book 5                                     7.50
                                                                                                            J1011           Modern Miniatures for Piano Solo,
                                                                                                                            Volume 2–Int. through Early Advanced            8.95
                                                                                                            J1012           Phantasie Variations, Op. 12–Advanced           9.95
                            BE A STAR!                                                                      J1013           Piano Sonata No. 2, Op. 31–Advanced            14.95
                            by Kevin Costley, Editing and Practice Strategies
                                                                                                            J1014           Piano Sonata No. 4, Op. 128–Advanced           14.95
                            by Helen Marlais Intervallic Reading Series
                                                                                                            J1015           Piano Sonata No. 3, “Odyssey,” Op. 83–Adv.     12.95
              FJH1568       Be A Star! Book 1–Early Elementary/Elem.               5.50
                                                                                                            J1016           Intuitive Journeys
              FJH1581       Be A Star! Book 2–Late Elementary                      5.95                                     Late Intermediate through Advanced               5.95
              FJH1678       Be A Star! Book 3–Early Int./Mid Int.                  5.95                     J1017           Preludes, Volume 1
              FJH1693       Be A Star at Christmas!–Elem./Late Elem.               5.95                                     Early Intermediate through Late Int.             9.95
              FJH2086       Be A Star! Hymns, Book 1–Early Elem./Elem.             6.95                     J1018           Preludes, Volume 2
                                                                                                                            Late Intermediate through Advanced             10.95
                                                                                                            J1019           Concertino No. 1, Op. 82 For Piano
                                                                                                                            and Orchestra–Intermediate                       6.95
                            ON STAGE!
                            by Christopher Goldston, Editing and                                            J1020           Contemporary Collage, Vol. 1, Book 1–Elem.       5.95
                            Practice Strategies by Helen Marlais                                            J1021           Watercolors for Ten Fingers
                            Intervallic Reading Series                                                                      Intermediate through Early Advanced              5.95
                                                                                                            J1022           Musical Treasures, Volume 1–Intermediate         5.95
              FJH1629       On Stage! Book 1–Early Elem./Elem.                     5.95
                                                                                                            J1023           Outside the Box–Late Intermediate                6.50
              FJH1708       On Stage! Book 2–Elem./Late Elem.                      5.95                     J1024           Contemporary Collage, Vol. 1, Book 2
              FJH1748       On Stage! Book 3–Early Int./Int.                       5.95                                     Late Elementary through Intermediate             7.95
                                                                                                            J1025           Dance Preludes–Advanced                          7.50
                                                                                                            J1026           Contemporary Collage, Vol 1, Book 3
                                                                                                                            Intermediate through Early Advanced              8.50
                                                                                                            J1027           Musical Treasures, Vol 2–Intermediate            7.50

               THE FJH MUSIC COMPANY INC. Toll Free U.S.A.: 1-800-262-8744               Phone: 954-382-6061      Fax: 954-382-3073      Email:              5
                                                                                RETAIL                                                                                     RETAIL
 QUANTITY        ITEM NO.     DESCRIPTION                                       PRICE         QUANTITY     ITEM NO.     DESCRIPTION                                        PRICE
               ••••••• FOCUS ON MELODY                                                                    FJH1386      Accelerando, Book 6–Intermediate                     5.95
                             GREAT PIANO LITERATURE                                                       FJH1387      Accelerando, Book 7–Late Intermediate                5.95
                             Selected and Edited by Suzanne W. Guy                                        FJH1392      Encyclopedia of Classical Piano Music
                             and Victoria McArthur                                                                     Elementary through Intermediate                     18.95
               FJH1224       Focus on Melody, Volume 1–Early Int./Late Int.       8.95                    FJH1498      The Five-Finger Piano Books
               FJH1226       Focus on Melody, Volume 2–Int./Early Adv.            9.95                                 Children’s Hymns–Elementary                          5.50
                                                                                                          FJH1495      The Five-Finger Piano Books
                                                                                                                       Christmas Carols–Elementary                          5.50
                                                                                                          FJH1496      The Five-Finger Piano Books
               ••••••• FOCUS ON RHYTHM                                                                                 Classical Themes–Elementary                          5.50
                             GREAT PIANO LITERATURE
                             Selected and Edited by Suzanne W. Guy                                        FJH1499      The Five-Finger Piano Books
                                                                                                                       Folk Songs–Elementary                                5.50
                             and Joanne Smith
               FJH1652       Focus on Rhythm, Volume 1                                                    FJH1497      The Five-Finger Piano Books
                                                                                                                       Traditional Hymns–Elementary                         5.50
                             Early Intermediate/Late Intermediate                10.95
                                                                                                          FJH1403      Jazz & Blues, Book 1–Early Intermediate              5.95
                                                                                                          FJH1404      Jazz & Blues, Book 2–Intermediate                    5.95
               ••••••• EXPRESSIVE ETUDES                                                                  FJH1405      Jazz & Blues, Book 3–Late Intermediate               5.95
                             Compiled and Edited by Suzanne W. Guy
               FJH1494       Primer–Early Elementary                              4.95
               FJH1297       Book One–Elementary                                  4.95                    ••••••• FJH MUSIC ACTIVITY BOOKS
               FJH1298       Book Two–Late Elementary                             6.50                    FJH1061      Fun & Games, Book 1–Elementary                       4.95
               FJH1307       Book Three–Early Intermediate                        6.50                    FJH1221      Fun & Games, Book 2–Elementary                       4.95
               FJH1308       Book Four–Intermediate                               6.50                    FJH1269      Fun & Games for Christmas–Late Elem.                 4.95
               FJH1346       Book Five–Late Intermediate                          6.95                    FJH1231      Games for Music Reading, Book 1–Primer               5.95
               FJH1347       Book Six–Early Advanced                              6.95

                                                                                                          ••••••• FJH PRE-READING PIANO SERIES
               ••••••• THE FJH CONTEMPORARY                                                                            Mary Leaf
                       HARPSICHORD EDITIONS                                                               FJH1341      A Day in the Country                                 5.50
               JH1000        Sonata No. 2 for Harpsichord                        11.95                    FJH1641      A Day in the Mountains                               5.50
               JH1001        Suite Española                                      11.95                    FJH1408      Kids’ Klassics, Volume 1                             5.50
               JH1002        Sonata for Harpsichord                              11.95                    FJH1409      Kids’ Klassics, Volume 2                             5.50

               ••••••• FJH CLASSIC EDITIONS                                                               ••••••• FINGERTIPS WITH A TOUCH
               H1001         J.S. Bach Two-Part Inventions                        4.95                            OF THEORY
                                                                                                                       Elizabeth D. Cobb, Jane S. Lewis,
               H1002         A Handel Anthology                                   6.95                                 Judith R. Strickland
               H1003         Brahms Waltzes, Op. 39                               4.95                                 Edited by Victoria McArthur
               H1004         Hanon: The Virtuoso Pianist, Part I                  6.50                    FJH1064      Book 1                                               5.50
               H1005         Hanon: The Virtuoso Pianist, Part II                 6.95                    FJH1065      Book 2                                               5.50
               H1006         Hanon: Complete Edition [Smyth-sewn]                 7.95                    FJH1066      Book 3                                               5.50
               H1008         Enrique Granados: Valses Poéticos                    5.95                    FJH1067      Book 4                                               5.50
               H1009         Schmitt Preparatory Exercises                        5.95                    FJH1309      Book 5                                               5.50
               H1011         Schumann: Album for the Young, Op. 68               12.95
               H1013         Schumann: Scenes from Childhood, Op. 15              6.95
               H1015         Carl Czerny, The School of Velocity                 13.95                    ••••••• TREASURES IN TECHNIQUE
               H1016         Edward MacDowell,                                                                         Wynn-Anne Rossi and Lucy W. Warren
                             Twelve Etudes, Op. 39                                8.95                    FJH1417      Primer Level: Introduction to Technique              6.95
               H1017         Edward MacDowell,                                                            FJH1219      Book One: Basic Technical Skills                     6.95
                             Woodland Sketches, Op. 51                            8.95
                                                                                                          FJH1246      Book Two: Lessons in
                                                                                                                       Technical Coordination                               6.95
                                                                                                          FJH1274      Book Three: Lessons in Finger
               ••••••• ROBERT SCHULTZ PIANO LIBRARY                                                                    Strength and Independence                            6.95
               FJH1353       7 Sketches–Intermediate                              5.95                    FJH1325      Book Four: Speed and Positioning                     6.95
               FJH1358       24 Expressions–Intermediate                          7.95
               FJH1381       Accelerando, Book 1–Beginner/Primer                  5.95
               FJH1382       Accelerando, Book 2–Early Elementary                 5.95
               FJH1383       Accelerando, Book 3–Elementary                       5.95
               FJH1384       Accelerando, Book 4–Late Elementary                  5.95
               FJH1385       Accelerando, Book 5–Early Intermediate               5.95
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                                                                                 RETAIL                                                                                   RETAIL
 QUANTITY      ITEM NO.     DESCRIPTION                                          PRICE         QUANTITY      ITEM NO.       DESCRIPTION                                   PRICE
              ••••••• THE BEST OF...SERIES                                                                  ••••••• MAKING RHYTHM EASY
              FJH1304       The Best of Timothy Brown, Book 1                                                               Victoria McArthur with Edwin McLean
                            Early Intermediate/Intermediate                        5.50                     FJH1176         Book 1– Early Elementary                        5.95
              FJH1305       The Best of Timothy Brown, Book 2                                               FJH1236         Book 2– Elementary                              5.95
                            Intermediate/Late Intermediate                         5.50
              FJH1324       The Best of Kevin Olson, Book 1
                            Elementary/Late Elementary                             5.50
                                                                                                            ••••••• COMPOSERS SHOWCASE
              FJH1327       The Best of Kevin Olson, Book 2                                                 FJH1354         Composers Showcase, Book 1–Early Int.           5.50
                            Early Intermediate/Intermediate                        5.95
                                                                                                            FJH1355         Composers Showcase, Book 2
                                                                                                                            Early Intermediate/Intermediate                 5.50
                                                                                                            FJH1356         Composers Showcase, Book 3–Int.                 5.50
              ••••••• MELODY’S CHOICE
                            Melody Bober
              FJH1632       Book 1–Early Elementary/Elementary                     6.50
              FJH1633       Book 2–Late Elementary/Early Intermediate              6.50                     ••••••• ALL ABOUT MUSIC
              FJH2116       Book 3–Intermediate                                    6.50                                     Carol Matz with Victoria McArthur
              FJH2117       Book 4–Late Intermediate                               7.50                     FJH1150         All About Music, Book 1                         5.50

              ••••••• FJH SOLO STANDOUTS                                                                    ••••••• EXPRESSIVELY YOURS
              FJH1636       Book 1–Early Elementary/Elementary                     5.95                                     Arranged by Melody Bober
              FJH1637       Book 2–Late Elementary/Early Intermediate              6.50                     FJH1222         Traditional Hymns–Advanced                      6.95
              FJH2095       Book 3–Intermediate/Late Intermediate                  6.95                     FJH1303         Wedding Treasures–Advanced                      5.95

              ••••••• IN STYLE!
                            Timothy Brown                                                                   ••••••• FROM HANON TO JAZZ
              FJH1689       Book 1–Intermediate/Late Intermediate                  5.95                                     Bert Konowitz
              FJH1694       Book 2–Intermediate/Late Intermediate                  5.95                     FJH1348         From Hanon to Jazz with CD                    10.95
              FJH1736       Book 3–Late Intermediate                               6.50
              FJH2123       Book 4–Late Intermediate                               5.95
                                                                                                            ••••••• FJH STUDENT ASSIGNMENT BOOKS
                                                                                                            FJH1162         FJH Student Assignment Book                     3.50
              ••••••• BLAST OFF WITH MUSIC THEORY!                                                          FJH1123         Student Music Writing Book                      2.50
                            Maureen Cox, Edited by Victoria McArthur                                        FJH1294         The FJH Studio Organizer                        6.95
              FJH1169       Blast Off with Music Theory! Book 1                    5.50
              FJH1170       Blast Off with Music Theory! Book 2                    5.50
              FJH1171       Blast Off with Music Theory! Book 3                    5.50                     ••••••• MULTI-CULTURAL CHRISTMAS
                                                                                                                            Arranged by Elizabeth Gutierrez
              FJH1172       Blast Off with Music Theory! Book 4                    4.95
                                                                                                            FJH1074         Celebrating Christmas Around
              FJH1173       Blast Off with Music Theory! Book 5                    5.50
                                                                                                                            the World–Elementary                            4.95

              ••••••• TEACHING KEYBOARD                                                                     ••••••• MUSIC CROSSWORD PUZZLE BOOKS
                      EFFECTIVELY YOURSELF
                            Marienne Uszler                                                                 FJH1630         Edwin McLean’s Music Crossword Puzzles
                                                                                                                            and Games                                       4.95
              FJH1328       Play It Again, Sam...
                                                                                                            FJH1710         Edwin McLean’s Music Crossword
                            What, Why, and When to Repeat                          8.95
                                                                                                                            Puzzles and Games for Christmas                 4.95
              FJH1333       That’s a Good Question...
                            How to Teach by Asking Questions                       9.95                     FJH2092         Edwin McLean’s Music Crossword
              FJH1340       Time Flies...How to Make the                                                                    Puzzles and Games, Composers                    5.50
                            Best Use of Teaching Time                              9.50

                                                                                                            ••••••• FJH CLASSIC MANUSCRIPT PAPER
              ••••••• “IN TUNE WITH…” PIANO SERIES                                                          MM101W          No. 1–6 Stave (Wide)                            3.50
                            Arranged by Carol Matz                                                          MM102S          No. 2–10 Stave (Standard)                       4.95
              FJH1299       In Tune With Christmas–Easy Piano                      8.95                     MM103S          No. 3–12 Stave (Standard)                       4.95
              FJH1278       In Tune With Favorite Songs–Early Int./Int.            8.95
              FJH1244       In Tune With Jazz & Blues–Easy Piano                   8.95
              FJH1200       In Tune With Ragtime–Early Int./Int.                   8.95

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 QUANTITY       ITEM NO.     DESCRIPTION                                        PRICE        QUANTITY      ITEM NO.    DESCRIPTION                                        PRICE

               ••••••• MY KIND OF MUSIC                                                                  ••••••• THE FJH CLASSIC SERIES
                             Kevin Olson                                                                 FJH1266       The FJH First Scale Book                             5.95
               FJH1703       Book 1–Early Elementary to Elementary               5.50                    FJH1149       The FJH Classic Music Dictionary                     8.95
               FJH1704       Book 2–Elementary to Late Elementary                5.95                    FJH1132       The FJH Classic Scale Book (Revised Edition)         6.95

               FJH2019       Book 3–Early Intermediate                           5.95
               FJH2021       Book 4–Intermediate                                 6.50
                                                                                                         ••••••• GET READY FOR...SERIES
                                                                                                         FJH1316       Get Ready for Chord and Arpeggio
                                                                                                                       Duets!, Book 1                                       5.95
               ••••••• JAZZ IN FOCUS                                                                     FJH1363       Get Ready for Chord and Arpeggio
                                                                                                                       Duets!, Book 2                                       5.95
               FJH2018       Color Me Jazz, Book 1–Elem./Late Elem.              6.95
                                                                                                         FJH1188       Get Ready for Major Scale Duets!                     5.95
               FJH2115       Color Me Jazz, Book 2–Early Int./Int.               6.95
                                                                                                         FJH1230       Get Ready for Minor Scale Duets!                     5.95
               FJH1696      Gumshoes–Intermediate                                5.95
                                                                                                         FJH1679       Get Ready for One-Octave Scale Duets!                5.95
               FJH1738      In the Key of Jazz, Book 1                           6.50
                                                                                                         FJH1280       Get Ready for Pentascale Duets!                      5.95
               FJH2012      In the Key of Jazz, Book 2                           6.95
               FJH2013      Jazz Piano Projects–Late Elem./Early Int.            9.95
               FJH2038      ¡Olé!–Intermediate/Late Intermediate                 6.50
                                                                                                         ••••••• JAZZED UP...SERIES
   NEW         FJH2125      Pop Improv–Late Elementary (with CD)                 7.95                                  Arranged by Kevin Olson
                                                                                                         FJH1270       Jazzed Up! Christmas–Late Intermediate               5.95
                                                                                                         FJH2090       Advanced Jazzed Up! Christmas–Advanced               5.50
               ••••••• THE PERFECT START                                                                 FJH1351       Jazzed Up! Classics–Late Intermediate                5.50
                             Kevin and Julia Olson                                                       FJH1293       Jazzed Up! Folk Songs–Late Intermediate              5.50
               FJH2082      Note Reading, Book 1                                 9.95
               FJH2108      Note Reading, Book 2                                 9.95
   NEW         FJH2150      Note Reading, Book 3                                 7.95                    ••••••• KEYS TO SUCCESS
                                                                                                                       Kevin Olson
                                                                                                         FJH1338       Keys to Success, Book 1–Teaching Material            6.50
               ••••••• FJH PIANO TEACHING LIBRARY                                                        FJH1339       Keys to Success, Book 2–Teaching Material            6.50
               FJH1199       The Best of Scott Joplin–Intermediate               5.95                    FJH1563       Keys to Success, Book 3–Teaching Material            6.50
               FJH1072       C is for Christmas–Elementary                       4.95
               FJH1136       Catholic Hymns for the Young Pianist,
                             Book 1–Early Elementary                             4.95                    ••••••• MUSIC BY ME
               FJH2132       Celebrate the Season– Late Elementary               6.50                                  Kevin Olson and Wynn-Anne Rossi
               FJH1365       A Christmas Celebration–Intermediate                5.95                    FJH1422       Music by Me, Book One–Elementary                     6.50
               FJH1197       Christmas Encores, Book 1–Int./Late Int.            5.95                    FJH1486       Music by Me, Book Two–Late Elementary                6.50
               FJH1239       Christmas Encores, Book 2–Int./Late Int.            5.95                    FJH1488       Music by Me, Book Three–Early Int.                   6.50
               FJH1273       Christmas Encores for Two, Book 1                                           FJH1685       Music by Me, Book Four–Early Int./Int.               6.95
                             Intermediate/Late Int.                              6.50                    FJH1690       Music by Me, Book Five–Intermediate                  6.95
               FJH1265       Christmas in the Air–Int./Late Intermediate         4.95
               FJH1196       Christmas Near and Far–Late Elementary              4.50
               FJH1413       Five-Finger Photographs in Black & White–                                   ••••••• BRAVISSIMO!
                             Beginning                                           6.50                                  TImothy Brown
               FJH1164       Flights of Fancy–Elementary                         4.50                    FJH2089       Book 1–Elementary                                    5.95
               FJH1203       Folk Fantasies–Late Intermediate/Early Adv.         4.95                    FJH2131       Book 2– Late Elementary                              5.95
               FJH1148       Glory, Glory–Late Elementary                        4.50
               FJH1204       It’s Christmas Again!–Intermediate/Late Int.        5.50
               FJH1688       Jewish Festival and Folk Songs,                                             ••••••• A PATRIOTIC CELEBRATION
                             Book One–Early Elementary                           6.50                                  Arranged by Melody Bober
               FJH1734       Jewish Festival and Folk Songs,                                             FJH1329       A Patriotic Celebration, Book 1–Elem.                4.95
                             Book Two–Elementary/Late Elementary                 6.95                    FJH1335       A Patriotic Celebration, Book 2
               FJH2022       Jewish Festival and Folk Songs,                                                           Early Intermediate                                   5.50
                             Book Three–Late Elementary/Early Int.               6.95
                                                                                                         FJH1425       A Patriotic Celebration, Book 3
               FJH1193       Memories of Christmas–Intermediate                  5.95                                  Late Intermediate/Early Advanced                     5.95
               FJH1267       On the Other Hand…–Elementary                       4.50
               FJH1238       Puccini: Three Operatic Arias–Late Int.             5.95
               FJH1122       A Quiet Christmas–Intermediate                      6.50                    ••••••• PEDAL TECHNIQUE
                                                                                                                       Wynn-Anne Rossi
                                                                                                         FJH1361       Pedal Technique, Volume One                          5.95
                                                                                                         FJH1691       Pedal Technique, Volume Two                          6.50
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                                                                                 RETAIL                                                                                     RETAIL
 QUANTITY      ITEM NO.     DESCRIPTION                                          PRICE         QUANTITY      ITEM NO.       DESCRIPTION                                     PRICE
              ••••••• PERFORMANCE JAMS                                                                      ••••••• FJH PIANO ENSEMBLE SERIES
                            Kevin Olson                                                                     E1001           Sicilienne–Late Intermediate                      2.95
              FJH1672       Performance Jams, Book 1 with CD                                                E1002           Allegretto–Early Advanced                         2.95
                            Elementary                                             7.95
                                                                                                            E1003           The Phantom–Intermediate/Late Int.                3.50
              FJH1673       Performance Jams, Book 2 with CD
                            Late Elementary                                        7.95                     E1004           O Holy Night–Intermediate                         4.95
                                                                                                            E1005           Canon in D–Intermediate                           3.95
                                                                                                            E1006           The Young Prince and Princess from
              ••••••• PIANO FOR TWO                                                                                         Scheherazade–Intermediate/Late Int.               3.95
                            Arranged by Carol Matz                                                          E1007           Perpetual Commotion–Early Advanced                4.95
              FJH1145       Piano for Two, Book 1–Early Elementary                 5.95                     E1008           My Bold Argentina–Late Intermediate               3.50
              FJH1146       Piano for Two, Book 2–Elementary                       5.95                     E1009           Bluegrass Bounce–Elementary                       2.95
              FJH1147       Piano for Two, Book 3–Late Elementary                  5.95                     E1010           Crystal Lake–Late Elementary                      2.95
              FJH1152       Piano for Two, Book 4–Early Intermediate               5.95                     E1011           Celtic Charm–Elementary                           2.95
              FJH1158       Piano for Two, Book 5–Intermediate                     6.50                     E1012           America, the Beautiful–Intermediate               2.95
              FJH1163       Piano for Two, Book 6–Late Int./Adv.                   6.50                     E1013           Jingle Bells–Intermediate/Late Int.               3.50
                                                                                                            E1014           The Legend of Pirate Pete–Early Int.              2.95
                                                                                                            E1015           The Stars and Stripes Forever–Late Int.           4.50
              ••••••• STEP, SKIP, & REPEAT...SERIES                                                         E1016           The Washington Post March–Late Int.               3.50
                            Stephen Covello
                                                                                                            E1017           Let’s Go West!–Late Elementary                    2.95
              FJH1128       Step Skip & Repeat, Book 1–Early Elem.                 5.95
                                                                                                            E1018           Four Arkansas Travelers–Intermediate              4.95
              FJH1178       Step Skip & Repeat, Book 2–Elementary                  5.95
                                                                                                            E1019           Joyous Holiday–Late Intermediate                  3.95
                                                                                                            E1020           Greensleeves–Late Intermediate                    4.50
                                                                                                            E1021           Tag, You’re It!–Elementary                        2.95
              ••••••• TOGETHER AT THE PIANO
                                                                                                            E1022           Rock, Scissors, Paper–Elementary                  2.95
                            Arranged by Edwin McLean
              FJH1151       Together at the Piano, Book 1–Early Elem.              4.95                     E1023           Play It in Peoria–Intermediate                    2.95
              FJH1157       Together at the Piano, Book 2–Elementary               5.50                     E1024           Jazz Suite–Early Advanced                         5.50
              FJH1174       Together at the Piano, Book 3–Late Elem.               5.50                     E1025           Smoky Mountain Reel–Late Intermediate             2.95
              FJH1189       Together at the Piano, Book 4–Early Int.               5.95                     E1026           Maine Mambo–Late Intermediate                     2.95
              FJH1245       Together at the Piano, Book 5–Int.                     5.95                     E1027           Waltz in A Minor–Intermediate                     3.50
                                                                                                            E1028           Old Man of the Mountain–Early Advanced            4.50
                                                                                                            E1029           Toccata–Late Intermediate                         4.50
              ••••••• A WORLD OF...SERIES                                                                   E1030           The Bear and the Butterfly–Early Int.             2.95
                            Arranged by Victor Galindo                                                      E1031           Chasing Sunbeams–Early Int.                       2.95
              FJH1220       A World of Cowboy Favorites,                                                    E1032           Smoky Mountain Barn Dance–Int.                    3.95
                            Early Elementary                                       4.95                     E1033           Plymouth Polka–Late Intermediate                  3.95
              FJH1166       A World of Folk Songs, Book 1                                                   E1034           Hungarian Rhapsody No.2–Intermediate              3.95
                            Early Elementary                                       4.95                     E1035           The Pied Piper–Intermediate                       3.50
              FJH1301       A World of Folk Songs, Book 2–Elem.                    4.95                     E1036           Themes from Carmen–Intermediate                   3.95
                                                                                                            E1037           I Wanna Be A Spy–Early Intermediate               2.95
                                                                                                            E1038           Prairie Suite–Intermediate                        4.95
              ••••••• THE FJH CLASSIC NOTE SPELLER
                                                                                                            E1039           Legend of the Phoenix–Late Int.                   4.95
                            Carol Matz
                                                                                                            E1040           A Carmen Celebration,
              FJH1159       Book 1                                                 5.95
                                                                                                                            Late Intermediate/Early Advanced                  4.95
              FJH1185       Book 2                                                 5.95
                                                                                                            E1041           Cool Blue–Intermediate                            2.95
                                                                                                            E1042           Funtasia in F Minor–Intermediate                  3.50

              ••••••• THE FJH CLASSIC KEYBOARD CHART                                                        E1043           Along the Blackfoot River–Elem.                   2.95
                            Edwin McLean                                                                    E1045           Blue Danube Waltz–Early Intermediate              3.95
              FJH2033       The FJH Classic Keyboard Chart                         2.95                     E1046           Hopak–Late Intermediate                           3.95
                                                                                                            E1047           Miniature Suite–Intermediate                      4.95
                                                                                                            E1048           Rio Rhumba–Intermediate                           2.95
              ••••••• THE FJH KEYBOARD                                                                      E1049           Bases Loaded!–Intermediate                        2.95
                      CHORD ENCYCLOPEDIA
                            Edwin McLean with Derek Richard                                                 E1050           Fantastique! Op. 70, No. 2–Int.                   4.50
              FJH1434       The FJH Keyboard Chord Encyclopedia                   20.95                     E1051           Frère Jacques Rocka,
                                                                                                                            Op. 70, No. 1–Early Advanced                      4.50
                                                                                                            E1053           Danny the Drummer–Elementary                      2.95
                                                                                                            E1054           Phoenix Blues–Intermediate                        2.95

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                                                                                RETAIL                                                                                    RETAIL
 QUANTITY       ITEM NO.     DESCRIPTION                                        PRICE        QUANTITY      ITEM NO.    DESCRIPTION                                        PRICE
               E1055         Friends Forever–Late Elementary                     2.95                    FJH1215       Standing Ovations–Intermediate                       5.50
               E1056         Rock Talk–Intermediate/Late Int.                    3.50                    FJH1225       Tunes in Transit–Late Intermediate                   4.50
               E1057         A Colossal Day–Intermediate                         3.95
               E1058         Soaring–Intermediate/Late Intermediate              4.50
               E1059         Prairie Fire–Late Int./Early Advanced               4.50                                  MYRA BROOKS-TURNER
               E1060         Windrider–Intermediate                              2.95                    FJH2133       Celebrate America–Intermediate/Late Int.             5.50
               E1061         Race to the Peak–Early Intermediate                 2.95
               E1062         out...standing–Late Intermediate                    3.95
               E1063         Rockin’ the Boat–Late Intermediate                  2.95                                  TIMOTHY BROWN
               E1064         Three Scottish Jigs–Elementary                      4.50                    FJH1235       The Butterfly Garden–Early Elementary                4.95
               E1065         Sneaky Fox Boogie–Late Elementary                   2.95                    FJH1194       Can You Imagine, Book 1–Early Int.                   4.95
               E1066         Toe-Tappin’ Twins–Intermediate                      2.95                    FJH1223       Can You Imagine, Book 2–Int.                         4.95
                                                                                                         FJH1254       From Far Away Places–Early Int./Int.                 5.95
               E1067         Takin’ a Ride–Early Intermediate                    2.95
                                                                                                         FJH1709       The Little Butterfly Garden–Early Elem.              5.50
               E1068         Floating in the Clouds–Elementary                   2.95
                                                                                                         FJH1186       Lyric Expressions–Early Int./Int.                    5.95
               E1069         Triana–Intermediate                                 4.95
                                                                                                         FJH1279       Silhouettes for Piano, Vol. 1
    NEW        E1071         The Cowboy–Early Intermediate                       3.50
                                                                                                                       Intermediate/Late Intermediate                       4.95
               E1072         Symphony No.5 (Opus 67, Movement 1)–Int.            4.95
               E1073         Hanon Goes Haywire–Early Advanced                   4.50
               E1074         Two for the Show–Elementary                         3.50
                                                                                                                       REED BURKHOLDER
               E1075         The Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues–Int.                3.50
               E1076         Flower Duet–Intermediate                            3.50                    FJH1523       Best-Liked Solos–Late Elem./Early Int.               5.50
               E1077         Mountain Wildflowers–Late Elementary                3.50                    FJH1634       Look What I Can Do!–Elementary                       5.50
               E1078         Moroccan Breeze–Early Intermediate                  3.50
               E1079         The Cricket and the Bullfrog–Late Elem.             3.50
               E1081         Hoedown at Cripple Creek–Intermediate               3.95                                  KEVIN COSTLEY
                                                                                                         FJH2119       Autumn Portraits–Intermediate                        6.95
               E1082         Hoedown (Op. 73, No. 19)–Intermediate               3.50
                                                                                                         FJH1359       Be Cool–Play Jazz!–Early Int./Int.                   5.50
                                                                                                         FJH1430       Romantic Portraits–Intermediate                      5.50
                                                                                               NEW       FJH2141       Life Is Good–Intermediate                            5.50
               ••••••• COMPOSERS IN FOCUS
                                                                                                         FJH1493       More Romantic Portraits–Intermediate                 5.50
                       LAUREN BERNOFSKY                                                                  FJH2107       Spring Portraits–Intermediate                        6.95
               FJH1218       Australia Suite–Late Intermediate                   4.95
                                                                                                         FJH1480       Snapshots–Early Intermediate                         5.50
                                                                                                         FJH2020       Summer Portraits–Intermediate                        5.95

                             BRUCE BERR                                                                  FJH1572       Travels for Two–Intermediate                         6.50
               FJH1276       At the Seashore, Volume 1                                                   FJH1644       Winter Portraits                                     5.50
                             Late Elementary/Early Intermediate                  5.50
               FJH1277       At the Seashore, Volume 2–Early Int.                4.95
                                                                                                                       W.T. SKYE GARCIA
                                                                                                         FJH1471       I Love My Piano–Elementary/Late Elem.                5.95
                             MELODY BOBER                                                                FJH1232       Images of Spain–Intermediate                         4.50
               FJH1640       All Creatures Great...But Small–Elem.               5.95
               FJH1179       Cyclone!–Intermediate                               4.95
               FJH1202       Dynamic Duets, Book 1–Int./Late Int.                6.50                                  CHRISTOPHER GOLDSTON
               FJH1264       Dynamic Duets, Book 2–Int./Late Int.                5.95                    FJH1255       Fantastic Fingers, Book 1–Early Elementary           5.50
               FJH1237       From the Emerald Isle–Intermediate                  4.95                    FJH1275       Fantastic Fingers, Book 2–Elementary                 5.50
               FJH1487       Hats Off to You!–Late Elementary                    5.95                    FJH1313       Fantastic Fingers, Book 3–
                                                                                                                       Late Elementary/Early Intermediate                   5.50
               FJH1332       Jazzy Rags–Int./Late Intermediate                   6.50
                                                                                                         FJH1476       Fantastic Fingers, Book 4–Intermediate               5.50
               FJH1599       Just for Fun, Elementary–Elementary                 5.50                    FJH1478       Fantastic Fingers, Book 5–Late Int.                  5.50
               FJH1337       Just for Fun, Book 1
                             Late Elementary/Early Intermediate                  5.50
               FJH1598       Just for Fun, Book 2
                             Late Elementary/Early Intermediate                  5.50                                  ELIZABETH W. GREENLEAF
               FJH1343       My First Recital Book, Vol. 1–Early Elem.           5.50                    FJH1364       A Bird’s-Eye View–Elementary                         5.50
               FJH1395       My First Recital Book, Vol. 2–Early Elem.           5.50          NEW       FJH2097       Animals Around Us–Early Elem./Elem.                  5.50
               FJH1229       Solos in Style, Book 1–Elementary                   5.50                    FJH1160       C Is for Circus, Book 1–Early Elementary             4.50
               FJH1285       Solos in Style, Book 2–Late Elementary              5.95                    FJH1161       C Is for Circus, Book 2–Elementary                   4.50
10                         THE FJH MUSIC COMPANY INC. Toll Free U.S.A.: 1-800-262-8744                  Phone: 954-382-6061         Fax: 954-382-3073       Email:

                                                                                 RETAIL                                                                                      RETAIL
 QUANTITY      ITEM NO.     DESCRIPTION                                          PRICE         QUANTITY      ITEM NO.       DESCRIPTION                                      PRICE
              FJH1268       Hip, Hip, Hooray! I Can Play!                                                                   EDWIN MCLEAN
                            Early Elementary                                       4.95                     FJH1059         Impressions–Intermediate                           4.50
              FJH1062       A Little Mother Goose–Elementary                       4.50                     FJH1190         Jazz Nocturnes, Volume One,–Early Adv.             4.50
              FJH1291       My World in Motion, Book 1–Early Elem.                 4.95                     FJH1350         Jazz Nocturnes, Volume Two–Early Adv.              4.50
              FJH1306       My World in Motion, Book 2–Elementary                  4.95                     FJH1318         Miniatures, Book 1–Elementary                      4.95
              FJH1130       Sounds Around Me, Book 1–Early Elem.                   4.95
                                                                                                            FJH1407         Miniatures, Book 2–Late Elem./Early Int.           5.50
              FJH1131       Sounds Around Me, Book 2–Elementary                    4.95

                                                                                                                            CAROLYN MILLER
                            CLAUDETTE HUDELSON
                                                                                                            FJH1109         Student Favorites, Book 1–Early Int.               4.95
              FJH2106       Scenes from My Window–Early Elem./Elem.                6.50
                                                                                                            FJH1195         Student Favorites, Book 2–Early Int./Int.          4.95
                                                                                                            FJH1525         Student Favorites, Book 3–Early Int./Int.          6.50
                                                                                                            FJH1618         Student Hits–Early Intermediate                    5.95
                            DAVID KARP
              FJH1396       Let’s Go Solo! Book 1–Early Intermediate               5.50
              FJH1467       Let’s Go Solo! Book 2–Early Int./Int.                  5.50                                     KEVIN OLSON
              FJH1452       Let’s Go Solo! Book 3–Late Intermediate                5.50                     FJH1070         American Scenes–Late Intermediate                  4.95
              FJH1455       Signature Solos–Early Intermediate/Int.                5.50
                                                                                                            FJH1706         Concerto Bravo–Late Intermediate                   6.50
              FJH1281       Solo Souvenirs–Late Elem./Early Int.                   5.50
                                                                                                            FJH2039         Impressions on a Theme by Beethoven
              FJH1368       More Solo Souvenirs–Early Intermediate                 5.95
                                                                                                                            Advanced                                           5.95
              FJH1617       Solo-ettes–Intermediate                                6.50                     FJH2124         My Big & Easy Five-Finger Book
                                                                                                                            Elementary/Late Intermediate                       8.95
                                                                                                            FJH2047         Preludes in Patterns–Early Intermediate            5.50
                            ANDREY KOMANETSKY                                                               FJH1582         River Rhythms–Late Intermediate                    5.50
              FJH1735       In the Romantic Style–Int. to Late Int.                6.50                     FJH1198         A Seafaring Suite–Early Advanced                   6.50
              FJH2085       Seven Sonatinas in the Classical Style                                          FJH1125         Showcase Solos, Book 1–Late Elem./Early Int.       4.95
                            Early Intermediate                                     6.95                     FJH1126         Showcase Solos, Book 2–Early Int./Int.             4.95
                                                                                                            FJH1300         Simply Silly!–Early Elementary                     4.50
                                                                                                            FJH1549         Simply Silly Duets–Elementary                      5.50
                            NANCY LAU                                                                       FJH1156         Sonatina in Colors–Late Intermediate               4.95
              FJH1750       Gems for Two–Intermediate                              6.50                     FJH1402         Sonatina in Flight–Late Intermediate               4.95
              FJH2037       In the City–Early Advanced                             5.95                     FJH1252         Sonatina in Seasons–Int./Late Int.                 5.50
              FJH2109       The Magical Forest–Late Elem./Early Int.               5.50                     FJH1418         Sonatina of the Old West–Int.                      4.50
   NEW        FJH2139       Pets Will Play…When the Family’s Away–                                          FJH1129         What I Did Last Summer–Intermediate                4.95
                            Late Elementary/Early Intermediate                     5.50

                                                                                                                            JOHN ROBERT POE
                            MARY LEAF                                                                       FJH1284         I’d Rather Be...–Early Elementary/Elem.            4.95
              FJH1310       Going Buggy–Early Elem./Elementary                     4.95                     FJH1352         Look Who’s Visiting in My Garden
              FJH1561       Going Buggier–Elementary                               5.50                                     Early Elementary                                   4.95
              FJH1713       A Leaf Collection, Book 1–Elementary                   5.50                     FJH1253         Please Feed the Animals
                                                                                                                            Late Elementary/Early Intermediate                 4.95
              FJH2110       Two to Play, Book 1–Early Elementary                   5.95

                                                                                                                            REBECCA PULJU
                            EMILIE LIN                                                                      FJH1426         Musical Moods–Intermediate                         5.50
              FJH2091       Gifts of Asia–Late Elementary/Early Int.               6.50                     FJH1628         Watch Out! and Other Solos–Intermediate            5.50
              FJH1484       A Musical Collage–Intermediate                         5.50
              FJH1600       A Musical Collage, Book 2–Int.                         5.50
                                                                                                                            WYNN-ANNE ROSSI
                                                                                                            FJH1143         An Alaskan Tour–Late Intermediate                  4.95
                            CAROL MATZ                                                                      FJH1063         A Day in the Life of a Cat–Late Elementary         4.50
              FJH1127       My Friends at the Zoo–Elementary                       4.50                     FJH1183         A Day in the Life of a Dog–Early Int.              4.95
              FJH1108       Rivers of America: A Tribute–Int.                      4.95                     FJH1165         Once There Was a Boy–Late Elementary               4.95
              FJH1073       Scenes from Around the World–Early Int.                4.50                     FJH1177         Once There Was a Girl–Late Elementary              4.95
                                                                                                            FJH1295         Surprising Solos, Book 1–Elem./Late Elem.          4.95
                                                                                                            FJH1296         Surprising Solos, Book 2
                                                                                                                            Late Elementary/Early Intermediate                 4.95
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 QUANTITY       ITEM NO.     DESCRIPTION                                        PRICE        QUANTITY      ITEM NO.    DESCRIPTION                                        PRICE
               FJH1057       A Trip Through the Rainforest–Intermediate          4.50                    FJH1250       Book 3–Intermediate                                  5.95
                                                                                                         FJH1251       Book 4–Late Intermediate                             5.95

                             VALERIE ROTH ROUBOS
               FJH1317       An American Portrait: Scenes                                                ••••••        FJH PIANO SOLO SHEETS
                             from the Great Plains–Intermediate                  5.50                    W9292         Above the Stars–Late Intermediate                    2.95
               FJH1627      An American Portrait: The Oregon Trail–Int.          5.50                    W9375         Agent in Disguise–Late Elementary                    2.95
               FJH1485      An American Portrait: The Pacific                                            W9087         Agent X–Intermediate                                 2.95
                            Northwest–Intermediate/Late Intermediate             4.95
                                                                                                         S4040         Allegro Furioso–Intermediate                         2.95
               FJH2118      An American Portrait: View of the West
                            Intermediate                                         5.50                    S4007         American Dream–Late Elementary                       2.95
               FJH2093      Four Miniature Suites–Elementary/Late Elem.          5.95                    W9177         Andalusian Rhapsody–Late Intermediate                2.95
   NEW         FJH2088      Jump! Jive! Swing!–Intermediate                      5.95                    W9357         Arabesque–Intermediate                               2.50
               FJH1369      Picture This! Book 1–Late Elementary                 5.50                    W9262         Aragonesa–Late Intermediate                          2.95
               FJH1423      Picture This! Book 2–Intermediate                    5.50                    W9316         The Arkansas Dancer–Intermediate                     2.50
                                                                                                         W9014         At a Paris Café–Intermediate                         2.95
               FJH1566       Picture This! Book 3–Intermediate                   5.50
                                                                                                         S4086         At the Air Show–Elementary                           1.95
               FJH1686       Stories in Sound, Book 1–Elementary                 5.50
                                                                                                         W9018         Autumn Ballad–Early Intermediate                     2.95
               FJH1687       Stories in Sound, Book 2–Late Elementary            5.50
                                                                                                         W9085         Autumn Days–Pre-Reading                              2.95
               FJH1597       Travel Tunes–Late Elementary                        5.50                    W9341         The Autumn Song–Late Elementary                      2.50
               FJH1595       Tunes for a Rainy Day–Late Elementary               5.50                    W9108         Awesome Possum–Early Elementary                      2.50
                                                                                                         W9255         Bach’s Twenty Kids–Elementary                        2.50
                                                                                                         W9329         Bad News Blues–Early Intermediate                    2.50
                             JUDITH STRICKLAND                                                           W9029         Ballad of the Matador–Late Intermediate              2.95
               FJH1477       All Aboard!–Early Intermediate/Intermediate         5.50                    W9289         Ballade–Intermediate                                 2.50
               FJH1524       Animal Suite–Early Intermediate/Int.                5.50                    S4145         Ballerina Waltz–Late Elementary                      2.50
               FJH1419       Four Easy Sonatinas–Late Elem./Early Int.           5.95                    S4167         The Bat-Cat-Hat-Flat Song–Early Elementary           2.50
               FJH1415       Join the Parade–Late Elem./Early Int.               5.50                    S4012         Bayou Boogaloo–Intermediate                          1.95
               FJH1456       Magic Suite                                                                 S4152         Beach Salsa–Early Intermediate                       2.50
                             Early Intermediate/Intermediate                     5.50                    W9193         Beautiful Dolphin–Elementary                         2.50
                                                                                                         W9040         Berceuse–Intermediate                                3.50
                                                                                                         S4021         Bittersweet–Late Elementary                          1.95
                             LUCY WILDE WARREN                                                           W9344         The Blue Dolphin–Early Elementary                    2.50
               FJH1292       Celestial Journey–Late Int./Early Advanced          4.95                    W9270         Bluebird at My Window–Elementary                     2.50
                                                                                                         S4011         Blues for Mother’s Shoes–Intermediate                2.25
                                                                                                         W9371         Bon Voyage–Intermediate                              3.50
                             FREDERICK WERLÉ                                                             S4123         Boogie Boardin’–Early Intermediate                   3.50
               FJH1134       Spelling at the Piano–Intermediate                  4.50                    W9327         Brady’s Beat–Intermediate                            2.50
                                                                                                         S4029         Buglers at Sunrise–Elementary                        1.95
                                                                                                         W9057         Build a Blanket House–Elementary                     2.50
               ••••••• SPOTLIGHT ON DUETS                                                                S4084         The Bullfrog’s Song–Early Elementary                 2.95
               FJH1481       Spotlight on Duets, Book 1                                                  S4166         Bunny Jumparoo–Elementary                            2.50
                             Elementary/Late Elementary                          5.95                    W9356         The Butterfly–Elementary                             2.50
               FJH1482       Spotlight on Duets, Book 2
                                                                                                         S4078         Butterfly Game–Early Elementary                      2.50
                             Intermediate/Late Intermediate                      6.95
                                                                                                         W9162         By the Brook–Early Intermediate                      3.50
               FJH1483       Spotlight on Duets, Book 3
                                                                                                         W9263         Call of the Meadowlark–Late Intermediate             2.95
                             Intermediate/Late Intermediate                      7.95
                                                                                                         W9342         Call of the Wilderness–Late Elementary               2.50
                                                                                                         W9119         Calliope Rag–Early Intermediate                      2.50
                                                                                                         W9121         Candy Corner–Early Elementary                        2.95
               ••••••• SPOTLIGHT SOLO COLLECTIONS                                                        W9235         Canyon Run–Elementary                                2.50
               FJH1233       Book 1–Early Elementary/Elementary                  5.50                    W9006         Canyons and Waterfalls–Late Intermediate             2.95
               FJH1234       Book 2–Late Elem./Early Intermediate                5.50                    W9083         Carnival Caprice–Elementary                          2.50
               FJH1247       Book 3–Intermediate/Late Intermediate               5.50                    S4147         Carnival Clown–Intermediate                          2.95
                                                                                                         W9197         Cartoon Kids–Early Elementary                        2.50
                                                                                                         S4138         Cascade–Late Intermediate                            2.95
               ••••••• “WRITTEN FOR YOU” COLLECTIONS                                                     W9295         Cassandra’s Harp–Late Intermediate                   2.95
               FJH1248       Book 1–Early Elementary/Elementary                  5.50                    S4055         Castle Days–Late Elementary                          2.50
               FJH1249       Book 2–Late Elementary/Early Int.                   5.50                    W9370         The Cat in the Halloween Hat–Early Elem.             2.95
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 QUANTITY      ITEM NO.     DESCRIPTION                                          PRICE         QUANTITY      ITEM NO.       DESCRIPTION                                       PRICE
              W9242         Cat on the Prowl–Early Intermediate                    2.50                     S4038           ¡Fiesta Alegre!–Early Intermediate                  2.50
              W9308         Celebration at Dunvegan Castle–Early Int.              2.95                     W9201           Fiesta Cha-Cha–Early Elementary                     2.50
              W9323         Cheerful Chimes–Early Elementary                       2.50                     W9076           Fiesta Mexicana–Early Intermediate                  2.95
              S4151         Chestnut, the Gerbil–Early Intermediate                2.50                     W9298           Fire Engine Boogie–Elementary                       2.50
              W9088         Chihuahua Cha-Cha–Elementary                           2.50                     W9276           First Etude–Early Intermediate                      2.50
              S4071         Chugga Chugga Choo-Choo–Elementary                     2.95                     W9194           First Light–Late Elementary                         2.50
              W9132         Circus Tumblers–Elementary                             2.95                     W9023           First Winter’s Snow–Late Elementary                 2.50
              W9190         Clever Cat–Late Elementary                             2.50                     W9317           Flight of the Mourning Dove–Late Int.               2.95
              W9099         The Clock Sonatina–Early Intermediate                  2.95                     S4015           Flight of the Witches–Early Intermediate            2.95
              W9343         Cloud Gazing–Early Intermediate                        2.95                     S4024           The Football Game–Elementary                        2.50
              S4006         Cloud Watching–Intermediate                            1.95                     W9310           Forget Me Not–Intermediate                          2.50
              W9330         Clown Rag–Intermediate                                 2.50                     W9156           The Fountain–Intermediate                           2.95
              S4113         Clowning Around–Early Intermediate                     2.50                     S4124           Free Fall–Late Elementary                           2.50
              S4136         Coconuts!–Late Intermediate                            2.50                     W9129           A Frightful Night–Early Elementary                  2.50
              W9035         The Comet’s Tale–Late Elementary                       2.25
                                                                                                            W9284           Froggies–Early Elementary                           2.50
              S4142         Conquistador–Intermediate                              2.95
                                                                                                            S4031           Full Moon Serenade–Intermediate                     2.50
              S4164         Cool Dog–Elementary                                    2.50                     W9163           Galloping Stallion–Intermediate                     2.95
              W9198         Cool Ghouls–Intermediate                               2.50                     W9290           Get A Clue!–Late Elementary                         2.50
              S4101         Crazy Cars–Elementary                                  2.50                     W9335           Ghost Waltz–Late Elementary                         2.95
              W9079         Creeping Footsteps–Early Elementary                    2.50                     W9053           A Ghostly “Tail”–Elementary                         2.50
              W9046         Crimson Rhapsody–Late Intermediate                     2.95                     S4023           Ghostrider–Intermediate                             2.95
              W9154         Crown Jewels–Elementary                                2.50                     S4139           The Giraffe Who Liked Mozart–Early Int.             2.50
              S4014         Cuban Nights–Intermediate                              2.95                     W9373           Goodnight, Golden Moon–Early Elementary             2.95
              W9122         Dance of the Autumn Leaves–Late Int.                   2.50                     W9048           Grandfather’s Grandfather Clock–Elementary          2.50
              W9368         Dance of the Wind–Intermediate                         2.95                     W9377           Granny Frog’s Gymnastic School–Elem.                2.95
              W9060         Dancing Donkey–Elementary                              2.50                     S4017           The Great Bike Race–Elementary                      2.50
              W9328         The Dandelion Song–Elementary                          2.50                     W9126           Greedy Goblins–Elementary                           2.50
              W9074         Danse Romantique–Intermediate                          2.95                     W9187           Halloween Boo!–Early Elementary                     2.50
              W9288         Danza de la Tierra Buena–Late Intermediate             2.95                     W9183           Halloween Comes Once a Year–Elementary              2.50
              W9184         Danza Española–Intermediate                            2.50                     W9285           Halloween is Coming Soon–Pre-Reading                2.50
              S4049         Daydreams–Intermediate                                 1.95                     W9176           Halloween Witch–Late Elementary                     2.50
              W9175         Desert Shadows–Intermediate                            2.50                     W9013           The Hermit Crab Cha-Cha–Elementary                  2.50
              W9333         Diamonds in the Sky–Elementary                         2.95                     S4028           Hide and Seek–Elementary                            2.50
              W9063         Diamonds on the Water–Late Intermediate                3.50                     W9249           High in the Pine Tree–Elementary                    2.50
              W9089         Dreaming by a Quiet Sea–Elementary                     2.50                     W9243           The Hippo and the Rhino–Elementary                  2.50
              W9365         Dreams from the Isles–Late Intermediate                3.50                     W9196           Homecoming Parade–Early Elementary                  2.50
              W9124         Drifting Leaves–Early Intermediate                     2.50                     W9211           Hoppy Toad Hop!–Early Elementary                    2.50
              W9144         Eat My Vegetables!–Elementary                          2.50                     W9282           Hungry Mosquitoes–Early Intermediate                2.50
              W9324         Echoes of Egypt–Late Elementary                        2.50                     S4027           If I Lived Under the Sea–Elementary                 2.25
              W9128         Echoes of Scotland–Pre-Reading                         2.95                     S4052           An Important Event/Marching Tune–Elementary         2.50
              W9042         Elephant Stomp–Late Elementary                         2.50                     W9012           In the Deep Blue “C”–Early Elementary               2.50
              W9115         The Emerald Sea–Late Intermediate                      2.95                     W9311           In the Night–Intermediate                           3.50
              S4005         Emerald Toccata–Intermediate                           1.95                     S4054           Interval Suite–Late Elementary                      2.95
              S4077         An Enchanted Castle–Early Intermediate                 2.50                     S4158           Italian Sonatina, Op. 70, No. 13–Intermediate       3.50
              W9247         The Enchanted Forest–Pre-Reading                       2.50                     W9185           Itasca Sunrise–Late Intermediate                    3.50
              W9374         The Enchantment–Late Elementary                        2.95                     W9078           It’s Halloween–Pre-Reading                          2.95
              S4098         Evening at the Ballet–Early Elem.                      2.50                     S4114           I’ve Got a Secret–Late Elementary                   2.50
              W9094         Evening Promenade–Late Elementary                      2.50                     W9104           Jalapeño Rag–Early Intermediate                     2.50
              W9001         The Evening Star–Early Intermediate                    1.95                     S4079           Jamaican Vacation–Elementary                        2.50
              S4133         Fairy Lights–Intermediate                              2.95                     W9017           Japanese Temple–Early Intermediate                  1.95
              S4039         Fancy Prancin’–Intermediate                            2.50                     W9216           Jazzy!–Elementary                                   2.95
              W9148         Fantasia–Late Intermediate                             3.50                     W9345           Joe the Bully–Elementary                            2.50
              W9313         Fantasy in A Minor–Intermediate                        2.95                     W9360           Johann the Cat–Elementary                           2.95
              W9073         Farewell to Ireland–Intermediate                       2.95                     W9369           The Juggler–Intermediate                            2.95
              W9133         Festiva!–Elementary                                    2.50                     W9267           Jukebox Boogie–Early Intermediate                   2.50
              W9140         Festival of Snow–Intermediate                          2.50                     W9232           The Jumping Bean–Late Elementary                    2.50
              W9033         ¡Fiesta!–Late Elementary                               2.50                     W9145           Jumping the Hurdles–Early Intermediate              2.50
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 QUANTITY        ITEM NO.     DESCRIPTION                                       PRICE         QUANTITY     ITEM NO.     DESCRIPTION                                        PRICE
               S4126         Just Like Dad!–Elementary                            2.50                    W9106        Monday Mornin’ Blues–Early Intermediate              2.50
               S4026         Kitten on the Keyboard–Elementary                    2.95                    S4130        Monkey Bars–Late Elementary                          2.50
               W9131         The Lady and the Dragon–Elementary                   2.50                    S4150        Monkey Business–Late Elementary                      2.50
               W9259         The Laird of Lothian–Intermediate                    2.95                    S4159        Monster Truck March–Elementary                       2.50
               W9097         Lakeside Reverie–Intermediate                        2.95                    W9240        Moonlight Fantasy–Late Intermediate                  3.50
               W9279         Land of Many Waters–Intermediate                     2.95                    S4082        Moonlight Sleigh Ride–Intermediate                   2.50
               W9100         Leapfrog Boogie–Elementary                           2.50                    S4037        Moonlight Waltz–Early Intermediate                   1.95
                                                                                                          S4102        Moonlit Shores–Elementary                            2.95
               W9020         Legend–Early Intermediate                            2.50
                                                                                                          S4036        Morning Has Broken–Early Elementary                  2.50
               W9258         The Legend of Arundel–Intermediate                   2.95
                                                                                                          W9082        Morning Vista–Late Intermediate                      3.50
               W9300         Leprechaun’s Jig–Elementary                          2.50
                                                                                                          W9032        Mountain Memories–Late Intermediate                  2.95
               S4010         Light One Candle–Early Intermediate                  2.50
                                                                                                          W9272        Mountain Rhapsody–Early Intermediate                 2.50
               W9322         Little Cloud–Late Elementary                         2.95
                                                                                                          W9195        Mozart by a Nose–Elementary                          2.50
               S4100         Little Cuckoo–Elementary                             2.50
                                                                                                          S4165        Mr. Cat–Elementary                                   2.95
               W9170         Little Lotus Blossom–Pre-Reading                     2.50
               W9246         Little Prelude–Early Intermediate                    2.50                    W9331        Music Is Everywhere–Elementary                       2.50
               W9354         The Little Red Caboose–Early Elementary              2.50         NEW        W9364        My Carousel Horse–Elementary                         2.95
               W9225         Little Red Robin–Early Elementary                    2.50                    W9150        My Dog Rusty–Late Elementary                         2.50
               W9229         The Little Robot–Late Elementary                     2.50                    W9230        My Favorite Pets–Late Elementary                     2.50
               S4143         A Little Scherzo–Early Intermediate                  2.50                    S4035        My First Halloween at the Piano–Early Elem.          2.50
                                                                                                          S4089        My First Sonatina–Late Elementary                    2.95
               W9326         The Llama–Elementary                                 2.50
                                                                                                          W9134        My Red Racer–Elementary                              2.95
               W9299         Loco-Motive–Late Elementary                          2.95
                                                                                                          S4092        My Scooter–Elementary                                2.50
               S4058         Locomotive Boogie–Elementary                         2.50
                                                                                                          W9172        My Time Machine–Early Intermediate                   2.50
               W9378         Lollipops and Butterflies–Early Elementary           2.95                    S4041        The Mysterious Private Eye–Intermediate              2.50
               S4061         The Lonely Ghost–Elementary                          2.50                    W9102        Mystery Man–Intermediate                             2.50
               S4047         A Long Goodbye–Intermediate                          2.50                    W9248        The Mystery of the Canyon–Intermediate               2.50
               W9137         Look at the Witches–Early Elementary                 2.50                    W9052        Mystic Legend–Intermediate                           1.95
               S4045         Lost Star–Late Elementary                            2.50                    W9090        Mystic Prelude–Early Intermediate                    2.50
                                                                                                          S4004        Nana’s Lullaby–Early Intermediate                    2.50
               W9219         Love That Boogie–Intermediate                        2.50
                                                                                                          W9015        Navajo Legend–Early Intermediate                     2.50
               W9257         Lullaby–Late Elementary                              2.50
                                                                                                          W9275        A New Beginning–Intermediate                         2.50
               W9315         Lullaby for Willow–Late Intermediate                 2.95
                                                                                                          W9095        New Orleans Nocturne–Intermediate                    2.50
               S4153         Lyric Etude–Early Intermediate                       2.50                    W9208        Night Flight–Intermediate                            2.95
               W9366         Lyric Rhapsody–Late Intermediate                     3.50                    W9186        Night Songs–Pre-Reading                              2.95
               S4131         Mad Max’s March–Early Intermediate                   2.50                    W9302        Nightwatch–Elementary                                2.50
               S4141         Magic Mountain–Early Intermediate/Int.               2.50                    W9189        No Worries–Intermediate                              2.50
               W9181         Magic Pony–Early Elementary                          2.95                    W9022        Nocturne (Nightfall in Tossa de Mar),
                                                                                                                       Late Intermediate                                    3.50
               W9080         Making Mischief–Late Elementary                      2.50
                                                                                                          S4093        Nouvelle Étude–Late Intermediate                     2.95
               W9064         March Macabre–Early Intermediate                     2.50
                                                                                                          W9059        Nuts & Bolts–Late Elementary                         2.50
               W9066         March Royale–Elementary                              2.50
               S4003         Marshmallow Rag–Intermediate                         2.95                    W9318        Ogg (The Caveman)–Elementary                         2.95
               W9153         Masked Rider–Elementary                              2.50                    S4096        The Old Haunted House–Early Intermediate             2.50
               W9005         Melody Cantabile–Intermediate                        1.95                    W9273        Old Man Oak Tree–Late Elementary                     2.50
               W9058         Memories of Midnight–Intermediate                    2.95                    W9223        The Old Soft Shoe–Early Intermediate                 2.50
               W9127         The Merry Mariachi–Intermediate                      2.95                    S4008        Old Time Rag–Intermediate                            1.95
               W9244         A Messy Day–Elementary                               2.50                    W9036        Olde English Dance–Elementary                        1.95
               W9271         Metamorphosis–Int./Late Intermediate                 2.95                    S4002        Olympic Fanfare–Intermediate                         2.95
               W9031         Meteor Showers–Late Intermediate                     2.95                    S4108        On a Summer’s Night–Late Int.                        2.95
               W9051         Midnight Chase–Intermediate                          3.50                    W9355        On Halloween–Late Elementary                         2.50
               W9233         Midnight Escapade–Intermediate                       3.50                    W9269        On the Trail of Buffalo–Pre-Reading                  2.50
               W9098         Midnight Rhapsody–Late Intermediate                  3.50                    W9379        On the Train–Elementary                              2.95
               S4140         Midnight Sonatina, Op. 70, No. 15                                            W9037        On Wings of Sound–Late Intermediate                  2.25
                             Late Intermediate                                    2.95                    W9218        Once Upon a Memory–Intermediate                      2.50
               S4056         Mighty Eagle–Early Intermediate                      2.50                    W9002        Once Upon a Time–Early Intermediate                  2.95
               W9239         Minute March–Late Elementary                         2.50                    W9141        One Inch Taller–Late Elementary                      2.50
               W9336         Mischievous Monkeys–Late Elementary                  2.95                    S4115        One Shining Star–Late Intermediate                   2.95
                                                                                                          W9340        Oquirrh Mountains Shining–Late Intermediate          2.95
               S4059         Mister Boko–Early Elementary                         2.50
               W9118         Modem Madness–Intermediate                           2.50                    W9382        Our Snowfort–Early Elementary                        2.95

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 QUANTITY      ITEM NO.     DESCRIPTION                                          PRICE         QUANTITY      ITEM NO.       DESCRIPTION                                    PRICE
              W9359         Outplanet—The Final Battle–Early Int.                  2.95                     S4097           Run with the Wind–Early Intermediate             2.50
              W9358         Ozark Dance–Elementary                                 2.50                     W9245           The Runaway Pumpkin–Elementary                   2.50
   NEW        W9385         My Pachyderm–Early Elementary                          2.95                     W9266           Rushing River–Early Intermediate                 2.50
              W9160         Pagodas–Early Intermediate                             2.50                     S4022           Russian Legend–Late Intermediate                 2.95
                                                                                                            W9164           Russian Prelude
              S4019         Parade of the Ants–Early Elementary                    2.50                                     Late Intermediate/Early Advanced                 2.95
              S4013         Party Monster–Early Intermediate                       2.50                     W9019           Russian Soldier’s Story–Intermediate             2.50
              W9350         Pedal Happy–Elementary                                 2.50                     S4160           Sail Away With Me–Elementary                     2.50
              W9253         A Perfect Day–Intermediate                             2.95                     S4118           Sail-Away Sonatina–Elementary                    3.50

              W9309         Petite Prelude–Early Intermediate                      2.50                     W9241           Sailing the Coral Sea–Early Int.                 2.50
              W9296         Petite Sonatina–Late Elementary                        2.95                     W9372           Sailing the Ocean Blue–Early Elementary          2.95
              S4064         Phantom of the Haunted House–Intermediate              2.95                     W9068           A Sailor’s Journey–Intermediate                  3.95
              W9212         The Piano-Playing Skeleton–Elementary                  2.50                     W9178           Sammy, the Soccer Star–Early Elementary          2.50
              W9380         A Piano Riddle–Late Elementary                         2.95                     W9303           San Antonio Rag–Intermediate                     2.50
              W9297         Pikes Peak Rag–Early Intermediate                      2.50                     W9237           Sapphire Fountain–Intermediate                   2.50
              W9287         The Pipes of Lochnagar–Early Intermediate              2.50                     S4048           Saturday Night–Intermediate                      2.25
              W9321         Pixie Pranks–Elementary                                2.50                     S4157           Saturday Sonatina–Late Elementary                3.50
              W9188         Play It in Peoria (Solo Version)–Intermediate          2.50                     W9109           Scary Larry–Elementary                           2.95
              W9142         Playing in the Park–Early Elementary                   2.50                     W9353           Scherzetto–Early Intermediate                    2.50
              S4128         Polka Dot Notes–Elementary                             2.50                     W9116           Scherzino–Intermediate                           2.50
              W9381         Potato Bug–Early Elementary                            2.95                     W9041           Scherzo–Intermediate                             2.50
              S4110         Prairie Sunset–Intermediate                            2.50                     W9169           Scherzo in E Minor–Early Advanced                2.95
              W9072         Prehistoric Processional–Early Intermediate            2.50                     S4161           School’s Out!–Late Elementary                    2.50
              W9348         Prelude in D Minor–Late Elementary                     2.50                     W9120           Scotland Sunrise–Intermediate                    2.50
              S4001         Prelude No. 1–Early Intermediate                       3.50
                                                                                                            S4172           Sea Otter Slide–Early Intermediate               2.95
              S4050         Prelude No. 2–Intermediate                             2.25
                                                                                                            W9209           Sea Voyage–Intermediate                          2.50
              W9250         Prelude No. 3–Early Intermediate                       2.50
                                                                                                            W9158           Sea Winds–Late Intermediate                      2.95
              W9307         Prowling in the Moonlight–Intermediate                 2.50
                                                                                                            S4173           Secret Agent Boogie–Early Intermediate           2.95
              W9174         Pumpkin Dance–Late Elementary                          2.95
                                                                                                            W9047           Serenade–Early Advanced                          2.50
              W9221         Puppy Play–Late Elementary                             2.50
                                                                                                            W9265           Serenata de Siero–Intermediate                   2.95
              W9161         Quartal Scherzo–Intermediate                           2.50
                                                                                                            W9280           Serenidad–Late Intermediate                      2.50
              W9252         The Quest–Intermediate                                 2.95
                                                                                                            W9054           Seven of Hearts–Late Intermediate                2.95
              S4104         Quiet Waters–Early Intermediate                        2.50
                                                                                                            W9004           Shades of Blue–Intermediate                      2.50
              S4137         Rabbits in the Snow–Late Elementary                    2.50
                                                                                                            W9159           Shadow Paintings–Late Elementary                 2.50
              S4063         Rag-a-Taggle–Early Intermediate                        2.50
                                                                                                            W9226           Shadows of Autumn–Late Intermediate              2.95
              W9203         Ragtag Rag–Early Intermediate                          2.50
                                                                                                            W9222           Shadows on the Moon–Early Intermediate           2.50
              S4075         Rain Ripples–Intermediate                              2.50                     S4042           Shanghai Shuffle–Intermediate                    2.50
              W9110         Rainbow Song–Elementary                                2.50                     W9199           Shimmering Prelude–Intermediate                  2.95
              W9152         The Rainbow’s Promise–Intermediate                     2.50                     W9215           Shooting Stars–Elementary                        2.50
              S4169         Rainbows Are Beautiful–Elementary                      2.50                     W9213           Showdown in Dodge City–Intermediate              2.50
              W9061         Raindrop Serenade–Elementary                           2.25                     W9214           The Silent Garden–Late Elementary                2.50
              W9113         Raindrops in the Garden Pool–Early Int.                2.50                     W9155           Silly Struttin’–Elementary                       2.50
              W9114         Raindrops on My Window/                                                         S4129           Skippin’ Along–Late Elementary                   2.50
                            Sunshine at My Door–Pre-Reading                        2.95                     S4134           Skippin’ Rocks–Intermediate                      2.95
              W9234         Ramblin’ Rails–Elementary                              2.50                     W9050           Sky at Dawn–Intermediate                         1.95
              W9217         Razzle-Dazzle Rag–Intermediate                         2.50                     W9319           Sky Sonatina–Late Elementary                     2.95
              W9376         Really Big Words–Late Elementary                       2.95                     S4155           Slapstick–Intermediate                           2.95
              S4069         Reflections–Late Elementary                            2.50                     W9026           Sleighride Fantasy–Late Intermediate             2.95
              W9084         Remember When–Intermediate                             2.95                     W9283           Snagglefritz–Elementary                          2.50
              W9191         Reverie–Early Intermediate                             2.50                     W9277           Sneaking Cookies–Elementary                      2.50
              S4025         Rhymin’ Simon–Elementary                               2.25                     W9008           Sneaky Salamander–Late Elementary                1.95
              W9192         Ride the Wind–Intermediate                             2.50                     S4121           Snow Angels–Intermediate                         2.50
              W9251         Riley’s Rhapsody–Intermediate                          2.95                     W9210           Snow Dance–Late Int./Early Advanced              2.50
              W9112         Rio Rhumba–Late Elementary                             2.95                     W9305           Snowfest–Early Intermediate                      2.50
              S4168         Robot Dance–Early Elementary                           2.95                     W9081           Snowflakes Dancing–Late Elementary               2.50
              W9147         Romance–Late Intermediate                              2.95                     W9227           So Goes the Moon–Intermediate                    2.50
              W9038         Romantic Promenade–Intermediate                        2.25                     W9332           Soaring on Eagle’s Wings–Late Intermediate       2.95
              W9268         Romanze–Early Advanced                                 2.50                     W9312           Softly Falling Snow–Intermediate                 2.50
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 QUANTITY        ITEM NO.     DESCRIPTION                                       PRICE         QUANTITY     ITEM NO.     DESCRIPTION                                        PRICE
               W9384         Softly Whisper–Late Elementary                       2.95
                                                                                                          S4135        Tarantella–Intermediate                              2.95
               W9334         Soliloquy–Late Intermediate                          2.95
                                                                                                          W9238        Tarantella Viva!–Early Intermediate                  2.95
               W9149         Something’s Under My Bed–Elementary                  2.50
                                                                                                          S4116        Tarantelle–Intermediate                              2.95
               W9207         Sonatina for the Wiregrass–Early Int.                3.50
                                                                                                          S4120        Tarantula’s Twist–Elementary                         2.50
               W9224         Sonatina in a Neoclassical Style–Early Int.          3.50
                                                                                                          W9228        Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear–Elementary                    2.50
               S4122         Sonatina No. 2–Intermediate                          3.95
                                                                                                          W9202        Temple Breezes–Elementary                            2.50
               W9130         Sonatina of the High Seas–Intermediate               3.95
                                                                                                          S4020        The Tennis Match–Early Intermediate                  1.95
               W9281         Sonatine (Les Pivoines)–Advanced                     2.95                    W9274        That Halloween Cat!–Early Intermediate               2.50
               W9231         Song of the Echo–Elementary                          2.50                    W9075        Theme and Variations on Gute Nacht–Int.              2.95
               W9091         Song of the Highlands–Late Intermediate              2.50                    S4149        A Thief in the Night–Early Intermediate              2.50
               W9055         Song of the Sea–Elementary                           2.50                    W9103        Things That Go Bump in the Night–Late Elem.          2.95
               S4170         Sounds of Madrid–Intermediate                        2.95                    W9293        This Wondrous Night–Pre-Reading                      2.50
               S4148         South of the Border Suite–Early Intermediate         2.95                    S4034        Three Country Dances–Late Elementary                 1.95
               W9021         Souvenir of Old Vienna–Intermediate                  1.95                    W9260        Three Little Kittens–Elementary                      2.50
   NEW         W9346         Souvenir of Paris–Early Intermediate                 2.95                    W9204        Three Wishes–Pre-Reading                             2.50
               S4030         Spanish Nocturne–Early Intermediate                  3.50                    S4146        Thundering Drums–Late Elementary                     2.95
               W9179         Spanish Rhapsody–Late Intermediate                   3.50                    W9107        Tick-Toccatina–Intermediate                          2.50
               W9304         Sparkling Stream–Intermediate                        2.95                    W9168        The Tick-Tock Clock–Elementary                       2.50
               S4072         Spirit of the Stallion–Elementary                    2.95                    W9139        A Time Forgotten–Late Intermediate                   2.50
               S4016         A Spooky Halloween–Elementary                        2.50                    S4132        Time to Get Up! Rag–Intermediate                     2.50
               S4125         Springtime–Early Intermediate                        2.50                    W9030        Time’s Up!–Early Intermediate                        2.95
               W9352         Springtime Memory–Intermediate                       3.50                    W9077        Toccata–Late Intermediate                            3.50
               S4018         Squeaky Sneakers–Elementary                          1.95                    W9065        Toccatina–Late Intermediate                          2.95
               S4060         The Squeaky-Squawky Carousel                                                 W9165        Toccatina in D Minor–Intermediate                    2.50
                             Early Elementary                                     2.50                    W9010        Tokyo Twilight–Intermediate                          2.25
               W9157         Star Sailing–Early Advanced                          2.95                    W9096        A Touch of a Dream–Intermediate                      2.95
               W9009         Starfish–Late Elementary                             2.95                    W9123        Traffic Jam Blues–Late Elementary                    2.50
               W9016         Stargazing–Early Intermediate                        1.95                    W9294        Tribute to Pikes Peak–Late Intermediate              2.95
               S4107         Starlight Lullaby–Late Elementary                    2.50                    S4127        Trick or Treat Night!–Early Intermediate             2.50
               S4090         Starlight on Aspen–Intermediate                      2.95                    W9028        Tropical Breezes–Early Elementary                    2.95
               W9173         Starlight Waltz–Late Elementary                      2.50                    W9254        The Troubadour–Intermediate                          2.50
               W9314         Starting Out–Intermediate                            2.95
                                                                                                          W9351        Turbocharged–Early Intermediate                      2.95
               S4154         Storm at Sea–Early Intermediate                      2.50                    W9349        Turkey Talk–Early Elementary                         2.50
               W9264         Storm Chasers–Intermediate                           2.95                    W9261        Twilight Bells–Pre-Reading                           2.50
               W9101         Streets of Hong Kong–Intermediate                    2.50
                                                                                                          S4051        Twirling Around/Fairy Tale–Early Elementary          1.95
               S4009         Strollin’ Along–Intermediate                         1.95
                                                                                                          S4032        Up on Buttercup Hill–Elementary                      2.50
               S4044         Struttin’ Uptown–Early Intermediate                  2.95
                                                                                                          S4144        The Vagabond–Early Intermediate                      2.95
               W9220         Suite in C–Early Intermediate                        2.95
               W9362         Suite in G Major–Early Int./Intermediate             4.95                    W9039        Vals Romántico–Late Intermediate                     2.95
               S4095         The Sultan’s Ride–Early Intermediate                 2.95                    W9093        Valse Caprice–Intermediate                           2.95
               W9111         Sun Chaser–Early Intermediate                        2.50                    W9182        Valse in A Minor–Late Intermediate                   2.50
               W9338         The Sun Comes Up–Elementary                          2.50                    W9306        Wagons on the Plains–Late Elememtary                 2.50
               W9092         Sundance Canyon–Intermediate                         2.95                    W9337        A Walk Through Time Suite–Intermediate               3.50
               S4163         Sundown, Op. 72, No. 8–Late Intermediate             2.95                    W9325        Waltz in A Minor–Intermediate                        2.50
               W9071         A Sunny Day–Elementary                               2.50                    S4162        Waltz in C Minor, Op. 63, No. 1–Intermediate         2.50
               S4080         Sunny Strut–Early Elementary                         2.50                    W9151        Waltz in the Wind–Late Elementary                    2.95
               S4043         Sunset Over the Bay–Early Intermediate               2.50                    S4033        Waltz of the Vampires–Early Intermediate             2.95
               W9105         Sunset Serenade–Late Intermediate                    2.95                    S4174        Waltz Parisienne Op. 63, No. 19.–Int.                2.95
               W9143         Sunshine Suite–Elementary                            2.50                    S4156        Waltz Rosé–Intermediate                              2.50
               W9135         Super Sleuth–Intermediate                            2.50                    W9206        Warm Summer Rain–Late Intermediate                   2.95
               W9138         Swans in the Sunset–Elementary                       2.50                    S4094        Watch My Fingers Rock!–Late Intermediate             3.50
               W9049         Sweet Dreams–Early Elementary                        2.50                    W9027        Watch Out for the Witch’s Cat!–Early Int.            2.50
               W9086         Sweet ’n’ Sassy–Intermediate                         2.50                    S4046        Wild Columbine Waltz–Intermediate                    1.95
               W9278         Symphony of Spring–Early Advanced                    2.50                    W9003        The Wild West–Intermediate                           2.95
               W9171         Tabby in the Tree–Elementary                         2.50                    W9117        Wildflower Waltz–Intermediate                        2.50
               W9166         Tale of the Tempest–Late Intermediate                2.95                    W9146        Wind Chimes–Intermediate                             2.95
               W9136         Tallahassee Rag–Intermediate                         2.95                    W9056        Wind Through the Trees–Early Elementary              2.50
               W9200         Tango Argentino–Late Intermediate                    2.50                    W9205        The Winds of Change–Intermediate                     2.95
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                                                                                 RETAIL                                                                                       RETAIL
 QUANTITY      ITEM NO.     DESCRIPTION                                          PRICE         QUANTITY      ITEM NO.       DESCRIPTION                                       PRICE
                                                                                                            PS1006          Für Elise, Easy Piano                              2.95
              W9320         Winter Dream–Early Intermediate                        2.50
                                                                                                            PS1007          Maple Leaf Rag                                     2.50
              W9363         Winter Play–Early Elementary                           2.95
                                                                                                            PS1008          Moonlight Sonata (Op. 27, No. 2,
              W9069         Winter Wind–Late Intermediate                          2.95                                     1st Movement), Easy Piano                          2.95
              W9286         Witches on Broomsticks–Pre-Reading                     2.50
                                                                                                            PS1009          1812 Overture (Theme)                              2.50
              W9367         Wizard Fantasy–Late Intermediate                       3.50
                                                                                                            PS1010          Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring                        2.95
              W9347         The Woolly Mammoth–Early Elementary                    2.50
                                                                                                            PS1011          Air on the G String (from Suite No. 3 in D)        2.50
              W9361         The World Keeps on Spinning–Late Elem.                 2.95                     PS1012          Fantaisie-Impromptu,
              W9180         The Worst Ghost–Elementary                             2.50                                     Theme from Op. 66 (Posthumous)                     2.50
   NEW        W9387         Yard Sale U.S.A.–Late Elementary                       2.95                     PS1013          Le Cygne (The Swan)                                2.50
              S4065         Zigzag Rag–Early Intermediate                          2.50                     PS1014          Flight of the Bumble Bee                           2.95
              W9339         Zoo on Saturday–Early Elementary                       2.50                     PS1015          Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme, BWV 645           2.50
                                                                                                            PS1016          Clair de lune (from Suite bergamasque)             2.95
                                                                                                            PS1017          Elegie (Melodie, Op. 10)                           2.50
              ••••••• SPOTLIGHT DUET SHEETS                                                                 PS1018          Minuet in G
              SD7001        Monster Play–Elementary                                2.95                                     (Menuet a L’Antique, Op. 14, No. 1)                2.95
              SD7002        Harvest Hoedown–Late Elementary                        2.95                     PS1019          To a Wild Rose                                     2.50
              SD7003        Transylvania Trainride–Intermediate                    2.95                     PS1020          Canon in D                                         2.50
              SD7004        Side-by-Side Blues–Intermediate                        3.50                     PS1021          Solfeggietto                                       2.50
              SD7005        Midnight Horseman–Late Elementary                      3.50                     PS1022          Gymnopedie No. 1                                   2.50
                                                                                                            PS1023          Sonatina in C Major, Op. 36, No. 1                 2.95
                                                                                                            PS1024          First Arabesque                                    2.95
              ••••••• FJH BASIC TECHNIQUE SHEETS                                                            PS1025          Für Elise                                          2.95
              TS1001        Technique Sheet No.1                                   3.50                     PS1026          Moonlight Sonata                                   2.95
              TS1002        Technique Sheet No.2                                   3.50
              TS1003        Technique Sheet No.3                                   3.50
              TS1004        Technique Sheet No.4                                   3.50                     ••••••• FJH PIANO VOCAL SERIES
              TS1005        Technique Sheet No.5                                   3.50                     PV3000          America, the Beautiful                             2.50
              TS1006        Technique Sheet No.6                                   3.50                     PV3001          The Star-Spangled Banner                           2.50
                                                                                                            PV3002          The St. Louis Blues                                2.95
                                                                                                            PV3003          Habanera from the opera Carmen                     2.95
              ••••••• “ARRANGED FOR YOU”                                                                    PV3004          Ave Maria Op. 52, No. 6 - Low Voice                2.95
              YA9001        Fantasy on The Londonderry Air–Advanced                3.50                     PV3005          Ave Maria Op. 52, No. 6 - Medium Voice             2.95
              YA9002        A Day to Play–Elementary                               2.95                     PV3006          Ave Maria Op. 52, No. 6 - High Voice               2.95
              YA9003        America the Beautiful–Late Intermediate                2.50                     PV3007          Ave Maria - Low Voice                              2.95
              YA9004        Three Christmas Nocturnes–Late Int.                    3.95                     PV3008          Ave Maria - Medium Voice                           2.95
              YA9005        All the Pretty Little Horses–Late Elem.                2.50                     PV3009          Ave Maria - High Voice                             2.95
              YA9006        O Canada–Early Advanced                                2.95                     PV3010          Take Me Out to the Ball Game                       2.50
              YA9007        Themes from Hungarian Dance No. 5–Int.                 2.50                     PV3011          O Lord Most Holy (Panis Angelicus) - High Voice    2.95
              YA9008        Themes from Piano Concerto                                                      PV3012          Hava Nagila                                        2.50
                            in A Minor–Intermediate                                2.50
              YA9009        Sometimes I Feel Like a
                            Motherless Child–Advanced                              2.95
              YA9010        Deep River–Late Intermediate                           2.95
                                                                                                            ••••••• PIANO STUDENT
                                                                                                                    COMPOSITION WINNERS
                                                                                                            CW1000          Kangaroo Antics by Jacob Baltzegar
                                                                                                                            Late Elementary                                    2.50
              ••••••• PIANO/VOCAL SHEET MUSIC                                                               CW1001          The Haunted Clock by Megan Smania
              SM1002        Christmas Carols by the Old Corral                     3.95                                     Late Elementary                                    2.50
                                                                                                            CW1002          First Frost by Eve Panning–Late Elem.              2.50
                                                                                                            CW1003          Battle of the Pharaohs by Matthew Mauro
                                                                                                                            Late Elementary                                    2.50
              ••••••        FJH PIANO SOLO SERIES
                                                                                                            CW1004          Cosmic Seasons by Chris Hampson
              PS1000        Wedding March                                                                                   Late Intermediate                                  2.95
                            (from A Midsummer Night’s Dream)                       2.95
                                                                                                            CW1005          Movin’ On by Nick Szwedo–Int.                      2.95
              PS1001        Bridal Chorus (from Lohengrin)                         2.50
                                                                                                            CW1006          Starlit River by Patrick Kennedy–Early Int.        2.50
              PS1002        Ave Maria                                              2.95
                                                                                                            CW1007          Solitude by Tessa Huttenlocher–Early Int.          2.50
              PS1003        Blue Danube Waltz (An der schönen,
                            blauen Donau, Op. 314 excerpt)                         2.50
              PS1004        The Entertainer                                        2.95
              PS1005        Pomp and Circumstance (Op. 39, No. 1)                  2.95
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                                                                               RETAIL                                                                                    RETAIL
 QUANTITY       ITEM NO.    DESCRIPTION                                        PRICE        QUANTITY      ITEM NO.    DESCRIPTION                                        PRICE
               ••••••• THE AVE MARIA COLLECTION                                                                       Early Advanced                                       7.95
               FJH1737      The Ave Maria Collection                             7.95                   FJH1505       Rocky Mountain Praise–Early Advanced                 9.50
                                                                                                        FJH1491       Sacred Reflections–Advanced                          7.95
                                                                                                        FJH1457       Settings of Silver–Early Advanced                    6.50
               ••••••• TIMELESS PIANO CLASSICS                                                          FJH1567       Sing We Now of Christmas–Early Adv.                  6.95
               FJH2083      Timeless Piano Classics                              6.95                   FJH1401       A Smooth Jazz Christmas–Advanced                     7.95
                                                                                                        FJH1712       Tapestry of Praise–Intermediate                      6.50
                                                                                                        FJH1362       Timeless–Early Advanced                              9.95
               ••••••• THE WEDDING COLLECTION                                                           FJH1367       To God Be the Glory–Early Advanced                   7.50
               FJH2098      The Wedding Collection–Int./Late Int.                6.95                   FJH1222       Traditional Hymns–Advanced                           6.95
                                                                                                        FJH1546       Two-Minute Offertories–Late Intermediate            10.95
                                                                                                        FJH1303       Wedding Treasures–Advanced                           5.95
               ••••••• THE FJH SACRED PIANO LIBRARY                                                     FJH1565       Worship Suites–Intermediate                         12.95
               FJH1547      Amazed in the Presence–Early Adv.                   6.95
               FJH1326      A Baroque Christmas–Intermediate                    7.95
               FJH1551      Be Thou My Vision–Advanced                          8.50                    ••••••• THE FJH SACRED PIANO
               FJH2023      Best Loved Hymns I–Intermediate                    19.95                            ENSEMBLE LIBRARY
               FJH1548      Classical Piano Worship–Early Advanced              6.50                    FJH1579       Brethren, We Have Met to Worship
                                                                                                                      Early Advanced                                       8.95
               FJH1314      Down-Home Adoration–Intermediate                     6.95
                                                                                                        FJH1490       Playin’ and Praisin’–Elementary                      5.50
               FJH1584      Down-Home Glory–Intermediate                         6.95
                                                                                                        FJH1469       Sunday Co-Motions–Late Intermediate                 12.95
               FJH1583      Down-Home Praise–Intermediate                        7.95
                                                                                                        FJH1564       There Am I in the Midst, Vol. 1–Late Int.            7.95
               FJH1569      Down-Home Worship–Intermediate                       7.95
                                                                                                        FJH1545       Two for One–Early Advanced                          12.95
               FJH1331      Fingerprints of Faith–Early Advanced                 7.50
               FJH1674      Hymns and Classics–Advanced                          7.95
               FJH1360      Improvisations & Interludes–Late Int.                7.95
               FJH1626      It Is Well with My Soul–Early Advanced               6.95                   ••••••• THE FJH SACRED ORGAN LIBRARY
               FJH1454      Jesus Shall Reign–Advanced                           8.95                   FJH1394       Contemplations–Early Advanced                        8.95
               FJH1466      Joy to the World!–Advanced                           9.50                   FJH1427       Honor and Majesty–Early Advanced                     9.95
               FJH1562      Keyboard Reflections–Advanced                        7.50                   FJH1560       Organ Exaltation-Revised–Late Int.                   9.50
                                                                                                        FJH1319       Prayer, Praise, and Thanksgiving–Advanced            8.95
               FJH1322      Keys to Worship, Book 1–Early Elem.                  5.95
                                                                                                        FJH1406       Unceasing Praises–Early Advanced                     8.95
               FJH1410      Keys to Worship, Book 2–Early Elem.                 5.95
               FJH1680      Keys to Worship, Book 3–Late Elem.                  5.95
               FJH1428      Let All Things Now Living, Vol. 1–Early Adv.        7.50
               FJH1465      Let All Things Now Living, Vol. 2–Early Adv.        7.50                    ••••••• THE FJH CLASSICAL ORGAN LIBRARY
               FJH2014      Let’s Celebrate Hymns!–Intermediate                 5.95                    FJH1468       From This Day Forward: A Practical
                                                                                                                      Anthology for the Wedding Organist–Int.             17.95
               FJH1366      Little Fingers Go to Church–Early Elem.             5.50
                                                                                                        FJH1416       Inspirations–Early Advanced                          7.95
               FJH1492      Lord, Be Glorified–Early Advanced                   8.50
               FJH1683      Make A Joyful Noise–Intermediate                    6.95
               FJH1393      A Mighty Fortress Is Our God–Early Adv.            12.95
               CD1032       A Mighty Fortress Is Our God CD                    12.99
                                                                                                        ••••••• FJH BOOKS
                                                                                                        FB1001        If... You Would Add Beauty To The World
               FJH1594      Milestones on the Journey–Late Int.                 7.50                                  by Suzanne W. Guy                                    6.95
               FJH1559      Morning Has Broken–Early Advanced                   6.50
               FJH1453      My Favorite Baptist Hymns, Book 1–Elem.             5.50
               FJH1458      My Favorite Baptist Hymns, Book 2
                            Late Elem./Early Intermediate                        5.50                   ••••••• EVERYBODY’S GUITAR METHOD
               FJH1475      My Favorite Baptist Hymns, Book 3                                           G1025         Lesson Book 1—book alone                             5.95
                            Early Intermediate/Intermediate                      5.95
                                                                                                        G1025CD       Lesson Book 1—book with CD                           9.95
               FJH1676      My Favorite Sunday School Songs
                            Late Elementary                                      7.95                   G1026         Everybody’s Guitar Flash Cards                       5.50
               FJH1558      Nearer, My God, to Thee–Late Intermediate            6.50                   G1029         Everybody’s Basic Guitar Chords                      5.95
               FJH1521      Note-Worthy–Late Intermediate                        6.95                   G1030         Lesson Book 2—book alone                             5.95
               FJH1570      O God, Our Help–Late Intermediate                    6.50                   G1030CD       Lesson Book 2—book with CD                           9.95
               FJH1312      O Worship the King–Intermediate                      6.50                   G1031         Everybody’s Guitar Christmas—Book 1                  5.95
               FJH1311      Our God We Praise–Intermediate                       6.50                   G1032         Everybody’s Basic Guitar Scales                      9.95
               FJH1473      Piano Prayer and Praises–Early Advanced              7.95                   G1033         Everybody’s Guitar Christmas—Book 2                  5.95
               FJH1336      Piano Worship–Advanced                               7.50                   G1040         Everybody’s Popular Christmas Songs
               FJH1424      Poor Wayfaring Stranger–Early Advanced               6.50                                 For Guitar —Book 1                                   6.95
               FJH1342      Portraits of Praise–Advanced                         9.50                   G1041         Everybody's Popular Christmas Songs
               FJH1429      Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs                                                        For Guitar —Book 2                                   6.95

18                         THE FJH MUSIC COMPANY INC. Toll Free U.S.A.: 1-800-262-8744                  Phone: 954-382-6061          Fax: 954-382-3073        Email:

                                                                                 RETAIL                                                                                        RETAIL
 QUANTITY      ITEM NO.     DESCRIPTION                                          PRICE         QUANTITY      ITEM NO.       DESCRIPTION                                        PRICE
              G1042         Everybody’s Strum & Play Chords with CD                9.95                     ••••••• FJH CLASSIC EDITIONS FOR
              G1043         Everybody’s Guitar Ensembles 1 with CD                 8.95                             CLASSICAL GUITAR
              G1044         Everybody’s Popular Music for Guitar, Bk. 1            6.95
                                                                                                            G1013           25 Melodious and Progressive Studies
              G1045         Everybody’s Popular Music for Guitar, Bk. 2            6.95                                     Op. 60 (Carcassi)                                    5.95
              G1046         Everybody’s Classical Guitar with CD                  12.95                     G1014           120 Right-Hand Studies, Op. 1a (Giuliani)            5.50
                                                                                                            G1015           6 Pavanas (Milán)                                    3.95

              ••••••• THE FJH YOUNG BEGINNER
                      GUITAR METHOD                                                                         ••••••• GRADUATED REPERTOIRE FOR THE
              G1016         Lesson Book 1—book alone                               5.95                             CLASSICAL GUITARIST
              G1016CD       Lesson Book 1—book with CD                             9.95                     G1038           Book 1                                               6.50
              G1017         Theory Activity Book 1                                 5.95                     G1039           Book 2                                               6.95
              G1018         Performance Book 1                                     5.50
              G1019         Exploring Chords Book 1                                4.95
              G1021         Lesson Book 2—book alone                               6.50                     ••••••• GUITAR SKILL SHEETS
              G1021CD       Lesson Book 2—book with 2 CDs                         12.95                     GS8001          No. 1, First Position Major Scales                   3.50
              G1022         Theory Activity Book 2                                 5.50                     GS8002          No. 2, First Position Minor Scales                   3.50
              G1023         Performance Book 2                                     5.50                     GS8003          No. 3, Movable Position Major Scales                 1.95
              G1024         Exploring Chords Book 2                                5.50                     GS8004          No. 4, Movable Position Minor Scales                 1.95
              G1034         Lesson Book 3—book alone                               6.95                     GS8005          No. 5, Chords and Arpeggios                          1.95
              G1034CD       Lesson Book 3—book with CD                             9.95
              G1035         Theory Activity Book 3                                 5.50
              G1036         Performance Book 3                                     5.50
                                                                                                            ••••••• MANUSCRIPT BOOKS
              G1037         Exploring Chords Book 3                                5.95
                                                                                                            G1020           The FJH Student Manuscript Book                      2.95
                                                                                                            G1027           Everybody’s Guitar Writing Book                      4.95
                                                                                                            G1028           Everybody’s Guitar Tablature Writing Book            4.95
              ••••••• GUITARTIME POPULAR FOLK
              G1007         GuitarTime Popular Folk,
                            Primer Level /Early Elem., Pick Style                  4.95

              G1008         GuitarTime Popular Folk,
                            Level 1/Late Elementary, Pick Style                    4.95

              G1009         GuitarTime Popular Folk,
                            Level 2 /Early Int., Pick Style                        5.50

              G1010         GuitarTime Popular Folk,
                            Level 3 /Late Int., Pick Style                         5.95

              G1011         GuitarTime Popular Folk,
                            Level 1/Elem., Classical Style                         4.95

              G1012         GuitarTime Popular Folk, Level 2
                            Early Intermediate, Classical Style                    5.50

              ••••••• GUITARTIIME CHRISTMAS
              G1001         GuitarTime Christmas,
                            Primer Level /Early Elem., Pick Style                  5.50

              G1002         GuitarTime Christmas,
                            Level 1 /Late Elementary, Pick Style                   4.95

              G1003         GuitarTime Christmas,
                            Level 2 /Early Int., Pick Style                        5.50

              G1004         GuitarTime Christmas,
                            Level 3 /Late Int., Pick Style                         5.95

              G1005         GuitarTime Christmas,
                            Level 1/Elem., Classical Style                         5.50

              G1006         GuitarTime Christmas, Level 2
                            Early Intermediate, Classical Style                    5.50

               THE FJH MUSIC COMPANY INC. Toll Free U.S.A.: 1-800-262-8744             Phone: 954-382-6061      Fax: 954-382-3073     Email:            19
                                                                              RETAIL                                                                                    RETAIL
 QUANTITY       ITEM NO.    DESCRIPTION                                       PRICE         QUANTITY     ITEM NO.    DESCRIPTION                                        PRICE

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