Khajuraho Tour: An Expedition to the Temple City!

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					                                  Khajuraho Tour: An Expedition to the Temple City!

Khajuraho is located at Chattarpur in Madhya Pradesh. This historic land beholds a number of Hindu and Jain temples. It
is mainly visited for its group of temples. The monuments of Khajuraho have been declared as a UNESCO World
Heritage Site. These monuments display extraordinary artwork and exquisite craftsmanship. Annual dance festival
organized in Khajuraho temple invites many visitors from all over the world. Outstanding carvings can be seen inside the
inner sanctum of Khajuraho temples which attract people to explore the appeal of elegance.

Some popular attractions of Khajuraho include:

This Jain temple was built in 11th century. It is dedicated to Adinath, a Jain Saint. The temple is an important constituent
of the famous Jain group of temples. Constructed in the shape of 'sapta-ratha' the temple is beautifully adorned with
exquisite carvings. It’s single towered 'shikhara' also gives a graceful look to the shrine. The walls are lavishly decorated
with beautifully sculptured images of court musicians. The elegance of carved images is a spectacle to behold.

Devi Jagdamba
This small temple is renowned for its erotic and beautifully carved figures. The Garbha griha has a grand image of
Jagdamba, the Devi of Universe. Initially started out as Vishnu temple, it has the three bands of sculptures, out of which
the third band houses the most erotic sculptures.

Parsvanath temple is known for its sculptures, architecture and various beautiful idols. The temple depicting its
significance in Khajuraho is a world heritage. There are many idols surrounding the place that have been precisely
constructed. The idols depict many Devis playing musical instruments like manjeera, gandharva, mridanga, shankha and
vadya. It also houses various idols related to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

This is an east-facing temple of Khajuraho, dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple dates back to the 10 th century A. D.
There are two open pavilions, known as mandaps right in front of the temple. The temple is beautifully carved with the
images of more than 600 gods and goddess of the Hindu mythology.

Chausath Yogini
The Chausath Yogini Temple is located in the south-western part. It belongs to the Western group of temples. The temple
is dedicated to 64 yoginis, the demonstrations of the Mother Goddess. It is constructed on a large raised podium which is
set in an open courtyard and is surrounded with small temples.

Khajuraho is accessible from all parts of India by rail, road and air. It is about 600 kilometres away from Delhi. Jhansi is
the nearest airport where many airlines fly. However, train is the main mode of transport which connects Khajuraho to the
remote corners of India.

Excursions in Khajuraho:
Following excursion sites are worth visiting during Khajuraho tour:

         Panna National Park- Located around 56 kms from Khajuraho, it is a perfect place for wildlife watchers.
         Dhubela Museum- Situated 64 km away, the museum houses a wide collection of sculpture of the Shakti cult.
         Benisagar Lake – It is an ideal tourist spot, located around 7 km away. Offering opportunities for boating and
          angling, this lake is worth to pay a visit.

Khajuraho Tourism offers you an opportunity to celebrate the ancient glory with its exquisitely carved temples. Travel
to Khajuraho to see the best temples, which are the popular tourist attractions inviting tourists from all over the world.

Description: Khajuraho is renowned for exquisitely carved temples which are the finest examples of Indo-Aryan architecture. The appealing temples of Khajuraho showcase a perfect blend of architectural and sculptural sheerness. It is believed that there were around 85 temples in Khajuraho, out of which now only 22 temples stand. The temples are amazingly decorated during the famous seven-days Khajuraho Dance Festival.