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					USA Weightlifting Weekly Report: December 15-21, 2008

 National Office Holiday Closures - In accordance with the U.S. Olympic Training Center
 holiday schedule, USA Weightlifting’s National Office will be closed on the following dates:
 December 24-25, 2008 and Dec 31, 2008-January 1, 2009. There will be no weekly report next

 2009 National Junior Championship Entry Form- The 2009 National Junior
 Championship entry form is now available online. Please visit USA Weightlifting’s homepage for
 more information at: . The entry deadline is
 February 24 , 2009. No late entries will be accepted.

 2009 Junior World Funding- The 2009 Junior World Championships in Romania will be
 funded as follows:

 100% qualified requires no co-pay
 95-99.99% qualified requires 50% co-pay
 94.99% and below qualified requires 100% co-pay

 With the current status of our budget cuts, all staff members (coaches, team leader, team doctor,
 etc.) attending the 2009 Junior World Championships are now required to pay 50% of their
 expenses. If additional funding becomes available, amendments will be made.


 Effective January 1, 2009, USA Weightlifting membership dues and coaching recertification fees
 will be increased by $5.00 per year. This increase is necessitated by several factors. In 2008, our
 Sport Accident Insurance premiums were increased by 65%, resulting in an additional expense to
 USA Weightlifting of $34,352. In addition to ever-increasing operational costs, we have also
 experienced a 50% reduction in funding received from the United States Olympic Committee, which
 has impacted our programs across the board.

 Increases will apply to all membership categories, for members of all ages, and to recertification of
 Club Coaches (to whom waiver does not apply) and Sport Performance Coaches. The new rates
 will be:

                       School Age Athlete                                  $25
                       Junior Athlete                                      $35
                       Senior Athlete                                      $40
                       Master Athlete                                      $45
                       Club Coach with                                     $40
                       Waiver/Advanced Level
                       Volunteer/Referee/Other                             $40
                       Coach with Certification                            $75
                       Coach with Dual                                     $100
No additional assessment will be made for members with expiration dates beyond 2009, who
purchased multi-year memberships prior to 1/1/2009. Those whose memberships are due to expire
within the next 90 days may renew on line before January 1 at the current rates. Please be aware
that new or renewing members submitting outdated membership forms with the old rates after
January 1, 2009, will be subject to their membership period being shortened to account for the
increase in the annual fees.

2008 Christmas School Age Camp- USA Weightlifting would like to welcome all the 2008
Christmas School Age Camp participants to Colorado Springs December 27- January 4 . The
coaches for the camp will be Mr. Tim Swords, Mr. Victor Gallego and Miss Anna Martin. This camp
was made possible by WerkSan Barbells.

2009 National Collegiate Championship Host City Change- Please be advised that
Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan will no longer be hosting the 2009 National
Collegiate Championships. The event will now be held April 17-19 in Shreveport, Louisiana by
meet director, Dr. Kyle Pierce. We look forward to this event in the New Year.

IWF Electoral Congress Candidature Form- For those USA Weightlifting members
interested in applying for an International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) position, please fill out the
following form on the IWF website: and
return it to the national office no later than December 29 . The form will be submitted by USA
Weightlifting to the IWF prior to the deadline. Please be advised that any fees that apply are the
responsibility of the applicant, not USA Weightlifting.

2009 Performance Pool Funding-
Clarification to last week’s weekly report (December 8-14, 2008):

Starting January 1, 2009, the resident athlete program will be cut to 6 men and 5 women. 4 men
and 3 women will be selected with a 2012 Olympic Games focus, and 2 men and 2 women
will be selected with a 2016 Olympic Games focus. We hope that it is clear that these
athletes are not guaranteed to qualify for 2012 & 2016 Olympic teams.

FINAL NOTICE: New Board of Directors to be Identified - USA Weightlifting
(USAW) has gone through its long process of governance reform and it is now time for the first
Board of Directors to be elected under the new Bylaws. Pursuant to USAW Bylaw Section 6.6, it is
time for the members to nominate their preferred Nominees for the areas of Technical, Grassroots
and Director at Large. Instructions for nominating, forms and FAQ’s have been e-mailed to all
members for whom USAW has e-mail addresses on file. Complete nomination materials and a list
of eligible members can also be found at .

All nominations are due back to the USAW National Office by the close of
business (MST) on Monday, January 5, 2009. Following the nomination period, the
Nominating and Governance Committee (“NGC”) will proceed with the interview and election
process as described in Section 6.6 of the USAW Bylaws.

On Monday, February 16, 2009 the new board of Directors will be
announced. This announcement will be made by e-mailing the Membership, posting on the
website and a mailer sent out from the National Office. If you have any questions concerning this
process please call the acting Chairman of the Board, Tim Willis, Esq., at (719) 866-4536.
FINAL NOTICE: USADA Reminder: Whereabouts Filing Forms are Due
December 31, 2008-
This is a friendly reminder to those athletes in the Quarter 1 2009 Registered Testing Pool (RTP) that
your Whereabouts Filling Forms are due on December 31, 2008. For a list of those athletes included
in Quarter 1 2009 RTP, please check out USA Weightlifting’s website under RESOURCES and the
USADA tab for a complete list, or click on the link provided: .
If you have any additional questions contact Kara Yessie at the National Office. In addition, please
be advised of the new changes coming into effect as of January 1, 2009. See below:

USADA Alert for All Athletes in the Registered Testing Pool (formerly Out of Competition
Testing Pool)-
Please be advised of the new USADA changes coming into to effect. Starting November 1, 2008,
USADA will require ALL Whereabouts Filings -- formerly called Athlete Location Forms (ALFs) -- to
be submitted via the athletes' online account on USADA's website at Hard
copies of the Whereabouts Filing will no longer be available.

One of the new Whereabouts Filing requirements is the "60-minute time slot". Athletes in the
Registered Testing Pool must submit a 60-minute time slot for each day in the quarter between the
times of 6 am-11pm. If the 60-minute time slot changes, athletes are responsible to make sure
their Whereabouts Filings are updated. It is suggested by USADA that this time slot is routine as

When locating an athlete for testing, the Doping Control Officer (DCO) will make a reasonable
attempt based on the information given for each day. Please be aware that as of January 2009,
DCOs will NOT make phone calls, in accordance with the International Standards of Testing.

A Missed Test will occur if an athlete has:

A) A Filing Failure, which comprises of: 1) No submission of Whereabouts Filing, 2) No 60-minute
window is indicated 3) Your Whereabouts Filing is inaccurate or incomplete. If this occurs, a
declared Filing Failure will be shared with WADA and the International Weightlifting Federation.

B) Athletes are only subject to a Missed Test if they are NOT available during the 60-minute time

Note: Three (3) Whereabouts Filing Failures within any 18 month period will result in an Anti-
Doping Rule Violation.

For those athletes in the Registered Testing Pool for Quarter 1 2009, the "Athlete's
Advantage" Online Tutorial will be mandatory and all athletes will be required to
successfully complete four tutorials prior to submitting their 1 Quarter whereabouts.

In addition, please be advised that the new list for Prohibited Substances is available online at: It includes a summary of modifications and the monitoring list.

For more information, please visit USADA's website at: .

If you have any additional questions, please contact Clark Kelley at USADA at: 719-785-2053

Kara Yessie
USA Weightlifting
High Performance Communications Coordinator
719 866-4508
719 866-4741 Fax
“The Mission of USA Weightlifting is for our athletes to win Gold Medals in the Olympic and
Pan American Games and World Championships through the development of weightlifting in
the United States”.

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