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					                   FINISH LINES
                                                                                                     Number 24, March 2002

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR                                                                               interference with the signal sent from
                                                                                                    transmitter to receiver, you can resend the
Nora Courtney - Customer Service Co-                                                                time stamped start signal any number of
ordinator                                                                                           times until it is received.
                                                                                                    RadioLynx will take over the serial port on
At its elemental level, Lynx technology                                                             your C-Box. If the “loss” of a serial port is
serves the very important function of                                                               going to cause you any consternation, just
ensuring fairness in competition. Using                                                             ask us how you can expand your
Lynx technology, a question of a false
                                                                                                    technology configuration options using
start, or a tight finish, or the accuracy of a                                                      SeriaLynx and VCPD.
throw or jump can all be answered with
                                                    The FSB team comprised Sonja Kleiner
But the benefits of technology exist on                                                             ROWING IN BEANTOWN
                                                    and Ingo Göppert from Imhof; Federico
many levels. Technology is the base from
which information is generated that rises           Gori and Vinicio Biasi from Microgate;          The ballroom at the Copley Marriott is
above the principals of fairness, so that it        and Giles Norton and Paul Lambert from          filled with racing “eights”.
can inform and entertain. Imagine tying             Lynx. Although the team could not cover
together all the data generated at a meet           quite as many languages as FinishLynx,          The USRowing Annual Convention was
and offering it to your athletes, coaches                                                           held in Boston in December of 2001 and
                                                    thanks to the multi-national makeup they        Giles Norton and Lucia Wade were in
and spectators in real time. Marks,                 were able to communicate with prospective
standings, start lists, running time, splits,                                                       attendance at the event. They used the
reaction times, finish times and results…all        clients from dozens of countries.               opportunity provided by the hometown
of these can be displayed at the tap of a                                 (continued on page 2)     location for this show to meet facility
stylus or by a touch on the keyboard.                                                               managers, coaches and race directors.
                                                                                                    Information was shared back and forth
Lynx technology shows itself through the            LYNX HEADS TO MOBILE                            between these two groups.
quality and quantity of information that is         The USATF Convention, 2001.
generated and disseminated.                                                                         Giles and Lucia were able to present the
                                                                                                    concept of Lynx technology to a number of
Nora                                                As is always the case when we get to the        new people and they in turn learned more
                                                    USATF convention, people want to know           about the technology needs, and desires, of                                 what is new in Lynx technology. Last year,      the rowing community.               (cont.)
                                                    LaserLynx was the standout new product.
                                                    This year, it was RadioLynx. And why
                                                    not? The prospect of eliminating start wire       Table of Contents
                                                    was enough to grab the attention of anyone
FSB KÖLN                                            who has ever set up a Lynx system for a           FSB KÖLN                               1
A trip to a city with a hugely popular              meet.                                             LYNX HEADS TO MOBILE                   1
trade show…and sausage by the meter.                RadioLynx is the new wireless start system        ROWING IN BEANTOWN                     1
Every two years the city of Köln in                 that works with your EtherLynx system.
Germany hosts the FSB sporting trade fair.          The RadioLynx package consists of                 MILLROSE                               2
With the assistance of our European                 transmitter and receiver units, start sensor
                                                    and the Serial Wireless software plug in.         FIELDLYNX                              2
resellers, Lynx was in Germany at the
beginning of November for the 2001 show.            The Starter carries a small transmitter,          LYNX TIME ON THE
                                                    weighing only ounces, with a short length         TODAY SHOW                             2
This was the first time that Lynx had               of cable connected to a Normally–Open
attended the FSB, but it clearly will not be        Start Sensor.                                     WHICH UPGRADE PROFILE
the last. The show was a major success on
                                                                                                      DO YOU FIT?                            2
                                                    The Starter uses RadioLynx in the same
many fronts. The display featured                   fashion as a regular wired start. The time        TIPS OF THE TRADE                      3
technology from Lynx and Microgate and              stamped signal is relayed back to the             TECH CORNER                            3
technical expertise from the high-level             receiver unit. The receiver unit is
staff from Imhof, Microgate and Lynx.               connected to the serial port on your              HALL OF FRAMES                         4
                                                    Connection Box. If there is any
                                                            175N NEW BOSTON STREET
                                                             W OBURN, MA 01801 U.S.A.
                                                 781-935-6959 • 800-989-LYNX • 781-938-0580 (FAX)
Lynx was invited to attend the Convention       like Howard Schmertz – the Millrose Meet        along with product information and
by members of USRowing. We are                  Director - write letters like this to you       software, has a emulator that will allow
certainly pleased with the relationship that    afterwards, it all seems worthwhile:            you to preview and practice FieldLynx
has formed between Lynx and USRowing                                                            Version 2.0 from your computer screen
in the last two years.                          “Thank you one and all for your dedication      using your mouse as a stylus.
                                                and expertise in once again producing an
Beyond welcoming USRowing as a Lynx             exciting Millrose Games that moved              George organized an hour-long seminar in
client, we have trained and worked with         flawlessly from beginning to end. You           which Lynx was able to demonstrate the
some of their operators and through             produced the meet with the precision            software to a room full of highly
collaboration, brought Lynx a greater           essential for a live two-hour TV                experienced Field Event Officials. Those
understanding of the sport and Lynx             program…Thanks for the participation of         in attendance had the opportunity to ask
technology’s place in it. With USRowing,        the First Team and your great                   event specific questions and try various
we have had the opportunity to showcase         contribution.”                                  scenarios with the 2.0 emulator. It was a
the benefits of Lynx technology to many in                                                      learning experience for all as experts in
the rowing community.                                                                           their events put FieldLynx to the test.
                                                LYNX TIME ON THE TODAY SHOW                     Jim Hume has also been busy with
                                                                                                FieldLynx Clinics on the West Coast. Jim
FSB KÖLN                                        Doug DeAngelis on the morning talk              has recently come back to Lynx to
(continued from page 1)                         show circuit?                                   purchase 12 FieldLynx software licenses
                                                                                                after an initial purchase of 8 in the fall. I
Besides the obvious benefits of meeting         Katie Couric of the Today Show put in a         recently asked how his clinics were
new clients, one of the highlights of the       call to Lynx President, Doug DeAngelis,         progressing. He responded that,
show was the opportunity to meet and talk       recently. Doug thought it was a joke of
with other manufacturers and suppliers          some sort when he got the message but it        “The Officials Committee of the Pacific
from Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the      was Katie after all, doing some research.       Association/USATF has conducted four
Far East. With a full range of our products                                                     clinics to teach our officials how to use
on display we were able to give hands-on        In the ramp up to the Winter Olympics, the      FieldLynx. The association bought six
demonstrations of the very latest               Today Show produced a segment on the            Palm Pilots, and a number of other
technological advances from Lynx.               sport of Speed Skating. Eric Flaim, four-       officials either bought their own, or already
                                                time Olympian, two-time Olympic                 had one. As a former teacher, I created a
Members of dozens of National and               medallist and the only American to medal        nine page teach yourself document leading
International sporting federations also         as both a long and short track speed skater,    students step by step through using
came to talk to us, and frequently the          did his best to explain the particulars of      FieldLynx.”
display was so busy that people had to          each sport to Ms. Couric.
return time and time again in order to have
the opportunity to share information with       The onscreen conversation turned to the
                                                technology that surrounds the sport of          WHICH EXPANSION PROFILE DO
one of the team members.
                                                Speed Skating, from the hooded skin-suit        YOU FIT?
The evenings were almost as busy.               Katie was wearing to the technology that
Meetings continued over dinners where we        could determine a finish down to 1/2000th       System upgrades are in the spotlight.
had the chance to meet up with old friends      of a second.                                    Read how a wide spectrum of Lynx
who included Santiago Palomera and                                                              owners have expanded their capabilities
Carlos Torres from Mondo Iberica and            Doug supplied a Lynx image that got some
                                                airtime during the segment. The image was       over time.
Roger Smith from HS Sports…and where
Vinicio discovered that you can, in fact,       from a World Cup event in which U.S.            UPGRADE PROFILE #1
buy sausage by the meter in Köln.               skater Apolo Anton Ohno’s victory was           Brewer, ME.
                                                decided by 7/1000th of a second.
                                                                                                Brewer has been with Lynx since the early
                                                Lynx operators have certainly seen such         years. This is not surprising since company
MILLROSE                                        fractions of time that mean one place or the    founder Doug DeAngelis graduated from
Things go smoothly when there’s a Lynx          next. The time precision and what a single      Brewer High School. The theft, and
in the Garden.                                  second in a race can mean to an athlete         subsequent recovery, of their system in
                                                made an impression with Katie.                  1997 did not stop the crew from Brewer
                                                                                                from growing their system and their skills
                                                                                                far beyond the day they first unpacked the
                                                FIELDLYNX                                       system.
                                                In demand with USATF Officials.                 The team from Brewer moved the system
                                                FieldLynx is certainly in demand. Sales of      around quite a bit timing events. This
                                                the product have spiked in the last few         generated their solid reputation with the
                                                months and show no sign of slowing. We          use of the equipment and brought them
                                                like to think that the technology is selling    more events in turn. Their purchase of a
                                                itself, though it could be the fact that we     running time clock benefited their timing
                                                have advocates in the field that are making     services as well as the track team at
                                                a real push to get officials trained in using   Brewer High School.
                                                this product. Each unit that leaves this        The Maine Distance Festival has been a
                                                office to be used at an event increases the     hallmark event for the Lynx operators at
It’s hard to know whether the Millrose          visibility of this powerful event               Brewer. It has also allowed them to
Games at Madison Square Garden are              management tool. Each official that learns      generate income that was funneled back
enjoyable or not – for the officials that is.   the software can in turn teach others. This     into their program. They have sold race
On the one hand you have the kudos and          has certainly factored into the recent surge    images at the Festival for the last few years
the excitement of one of the premier indoor     in sales.                                       to athletes and spectators. The demand is
track events in the World, and on the other     George Kleeman was instrumental in              always high for race images printed on
hand you have the complicated logistics of      getting almost 200 FieldLynx emulators          paper, laminated or heat transferred on to t-
setting up at the Garden.                       into the hands of USATF Officials while         shirts.
However, when Track and Field legends           we were at this year’s convention in            The operators at Brewer have made the
                                                Mobile, AL. Lynx produced a CD that,            system pay for itself and then some. In the
                                                               FINISH LINES 2
past few years, Brewer High School has         to seed athletes at the start line from a .ppl
been able to purchase 8 FieldLynx units, a     file generated by Hy-Tek.
two-lane ReacTime Sprint Training
System, and an alphanumeric Infield            Ideal for an All-Comers Meet, B.U. has
Display.                                       already put the technology to use.
This leaves the Witches of Brewer with a
well-rounded system of Lynx technology.                                  UPGRADE
With training devices, meet management                                  PROFILE #4
through Lynx technology at the finish line                              Durham, NC              Battery Care
and at field event venues, to the                                                               In order to maximize the battery life in the
presentation of information to inform and      The Durham Striders Track Club added the
                                                                                                SeriaLynx and ReacTime units, some
entertain, Brewer has it covered with the      RadioLynx Wireless Start and a MicroTab          forethought must be given to their
system they have built through the years.      display to their technology setup after          maintenance. You will need to create a
                                               seeing both at the USATF Convention in           balance between not charging the units too
UPGRADE                                        Mobile. They also purchased a copy of            frequently and having them ready when
PROFILE #2                                     VCPD and a SeriaLynx unit in order to use        they are needed. To accomplish these
                                               these latest additions to their system in a
Baton Rouge, LA                                                                                 seemingly disparate tasks, we recommend
                                               configuration of their choosing.                 you     periodically    recondition      your
One of Lynx’s first                            They are now able to run two pieces of           rechargeable batteries. A recondition
customers        was                           hardware, RadioLynx and the MicroTab             consists of 3 to 5 cycles of full drain / full
Louisiana State University. When they          display board, in the infield. Despite the       charge of the batteries. This should be
recently upgraded to the EtherLynx             fact that RadioLynx is connected to the          done one or two times a season.
hardware, a few of the cameras they            serial port on their connection box, they
returned to Lynx had serial numbers in the                                                      The portable units use Nickel Metal
                                               are able to drive their new MicroTab             Hydride batteries. Battery memory effect is
single digits.                                 scoreboard by installing the VCPD                the term used for capacity loss on nickel-
LSU has made upgrades to their system          software on their FinishLynx computer and        based batteries. Periodic reconditioning of
throughout the years. They added a Classic     connecting it to their SeriaLynx unit.           the batteries will negate the memory effect,
Color Camera when it came on the market,       The people at Durham Striders had                or the chemical reactions within the
and did the same when Lynx began to offer      visualized a setup and Lynx was able to          batteries that affect its capacity to charge to
the Remote Positioner and ResulTV.             help them achieve what they wanted with          100%. As an example, a battery at 60%
                                               some discussion and by putting the right         will be fully recharged with a 40% charge.
In 2001, LSU sent Lynx six cameras and                                                          Over time, a battery will remember these
two Timer Boxes towards the purchase of        Lynx technology in place.
                                                                                                partial charges, the memory effect, and
one of the most advanced systems for                                                            diminish the charge capacity of a battery.
Track and Field in the United States. Six
                                                                                                Therefore, you could be running the
EtherLynx Color Cameras could allow            TIPS OF THE TRADE                                batteries below 100%, though the unit
them to run two independent systems at                                                          indicates it is fully charged.
one finish and cover three or four alternate   Matsport comes up with a simple but
finish lines at once.                          effective solution to marking lane lines in      This can be reversed with user
                                               bright sunshine.                                 maintenance. In preparation for an event,
The management of their field events has                                                        between the periodic reconditioning of the
also taken a leap forward in technology        Ever arrived at                                  batteries, we recommend that you fully
this past year.      LaserLynx, multiple       a track only to                                  discharge the batteries 2 days before an
FieldLynx units, and two Infield Display       discover that                                    event. The day before an event, fully
boards can communicate without wires           the     black                                    charge the batteries and remove the unit
thanks to the number of Wireless               squares on                                       from the charger when it indicates a full
SeriaLynx units they now have in place at      the                                              charge. The batteries should take 8 hours
LSU.                                           finish line marking the lanes were either        to discharge if the unit is inactive and
                                               missing or damaged? Ever wondered about          began at full charge. The charge should
                       UPGRADE                 the best solution?                               take 4 hours.
                       PROFILE #3
                       Boston, MA              Some operators, like Mo Haneef carry a           Fully charge the batteries before storing
                                               small bottle of black shoe polish, some a        the units in the off-season. The batteries
                      Boston University        spray can of black paint and masking tape.       will slowly drain during this time and
                      upgraded    their        The problem is always the same in bright         therefore we recommend a full recondition
SCSI hardware to EtherLynx and their           sunlight the sun can reflect off these           at the beginning of the next season.
software from DOS to the Windows-based         temporary solutions and make the markers
FinishLynx32 in 2001.                          practically invisible.                           A word of warning to those new to the
                                                                                                world of hand-held PDA’s.
In addition to new Finishlynx hardware         Benoit Tanniou of Matsport gave us this
and software, they will go wireless in 2002    tip: take a roll of black tape about 5cm (2”)    Information stored on a PDA and any
by using two more recent Lynx products,        wide with you. Pull off a piece about 10cm       applications you have added will be lost
ClerkLynx and Wireless SeriaLynx. We           (4”) long and fold it as shown in the            when the batteries run out. Programs like
made mention of ClerkLynx in our               diagram above. Then place it on the              FieldLynx will need to be reinstalled. No
newsletter dated May 2001 when it was          finishline at the intersection of the lane       worries, but some forethought can save
used at the Penn Relays. That was its first    lines, so that the middle portion stands up      you time and possible frustration.
field test. It is now another Lynx product     from the track facing the camera.
that fits within the larger picture of Lynx                                                     You have 1-2 minutes to change your
technology.                                    Repeat this process for every lane. No           batteries without fear of losing information
                                               matter how bright the sun is, the vertical       or applications. Keep a pack of AAA
Boston University will be able to create       portion of tape will register as black on        batteries handy and change batteries with a
start lists “on the fly”. A list of athletes   your FinishLynx image. The soft tape is no       frequency reflective of use. To plan for the
created at the start line and sent via         threat to the athletes, and even if it gets      possibility of program loss, keep a copy of
Wireless SeriaLynx can be imported into        trodden on, it will spring back into             FieldLynx on a disk or computer, have
FinishLynx seconds before a race, or           position. If one gets totally destroyed, it is   access to your serial number and pack your
during one. ClerkLynx will allow the Clerk     only the work of a moment to replace it.         cradle with your computer.
                                                               FINISH LINES 3
                    FINISHLYNX HALL OF FRAMES
Is this the latest in baton technology? Lynx caught this image at Millrose in 2002. Of course, a reverse angle camera was able to
capture the true third place finisher, seen here obscured by a mass of cotton candy, in the PSAL Boys 4X400M Relay.

HIS BEST TIME YET                                          LEAP FOR FIRST
                                     The official in the   Roger Jennings of Flash Results supplied this image in which a long-jump
                                     foreground made       competitor seemingly beats the pack to the finish line.
                                     numerous finish
                                     line crossings at
                                     this FinishLynx
                                     timed Cross-
                                     Country event.
                                     He is captured
                                     here with his best
                                     time of 32:26.4.

                                                      LYNX SYSTEM DEVELOPERS, INC.
                                                        175 N NEW BOSTON STREET
                                                        W OBURN, MA 01801 U.S.A.

 1-800-989-LYNX (TOLL FREE)                                 1-781-935-6959 (TEL)                                 1-781-938-0580 (FAX)
                                                               FINISH LINES 4

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