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									                                Bank of America, N.A.
                                   Acting as Co-Trustee
                                          of the

                      George E Trimble Special Needs Trust
                             is pleased to announce the annual

                     Trimble Scholarship Competition

Funds in this trust permitted the trustee to award scholarships in the total amount of
$10,000.00 in 2007. A comparable amount is expected top be awarded in 2008.

The George E Trimble Special Needs Trust Fund Scholarship Program was established in
memory of the life and achievements of George Trimble for the following purposes:

1. To Grant “George Trimble Good Citizen” scholarships to attend accredited two or
   four-year institutions of higher learning to graduates of El Dorado High School, El
   Dorado, Kansas, who have demonstrated the desire to endeavor toward useful
   citizenship; and

2. To Grant “George Trimble Opportunity for Advancement” scholarships to graduates
   of El Dorado High School, El Dorado, Kansas, who have expressed the desire for
   advancement in society through study at vocational or technical education

Applications:          Applications will be mailed to last year’s recipients and
                       Also may be obtained by any of the counselors of the El Dorado
                       High School or the El Dorado Bank of America office.

Deadline:              Application deadline is April 16, 2008.

Completed Applications should be mailed to:

                       Bank of America, N.A.
                       George E Trimble Special Needs Trust
                       P O Box 1122
                       Wichita, KS 67201-1122

Questions regarding the Scholarship process should be directed to Julie Dalton,
George E. Trimble Scholarship


Directory Information: Please show address and phone number of where you can be

       Student Name:       _______________________________________________________
                           (First)         (Middle)      (Last)          (Maiden)

       Student Address: ________________________________________________________


       Student Phone:     _______________________    SSN _________________________

Parent of Guardian
Name:                      _______________________________________________________

Address:                   _______________________________________________________


Telephone:                 ____________________      Number of Siblings: _____________

Educational Background:


       Grade Point Average through 7 Semesters: ______ Class Rank: ______ of ___________
       School Attending next Year: ________________________________________________


       Year of High School Graduation __________

       Post-Secondary Institutions         Dates of              Field of Study
       ______________________           _____________          ____________________

       ______________________            ____________          ____________________

       ______________________            ____________          ____________________

Grade Point Average (Present School):       _____________________
Years of College Completed as of June of this year: _____________
Expected Number of School Years Remaining:          _____________
       Number of Undergraduate Years Remaining: _____________
       Number of Graduate Years Remaining:            _____________
Present Scholarships

       Please indicate scholarship amounts and/or other current supplemental financial
       assistance you are currently receiving or expecting to receive.

             ____________________________________             _____________________
             (Source)                                         (Amount)
             ____________________________________             _____________________

             ____________________________________             _____________________

             ____________________________________             _____________________

Employment Background

Employer                                 Date of               Nature of Work

______________________                ____________        ________________________

______________________                ____________        ________________________

______________________                ____________        ________________________

______________________                ____________        ________________________

Extracurricular Activities and Honors Received:
       (Include both School and Community)
Occupational Choice and Future Educational Plans:

      Write a statement giving your reasons for wishing to pursue your chosen field of
      study. As an example, when did you first become interested and what
      circumstances or individual influenced your choice of career? What opportunities
      have you had so far to observe the practice of this profession? What do you know
      about the training required, job opportunities and salary expectations in your
      chosen field? What educational plans do you have for completing a course of
      study in this field?

Supplemental Information Requested:

      Transcript Request:

      1. High School – Enclose or mail copy of El Dorado High School Transcript

      2. College Applicants – Enclose or mail one copy of transcript(s) to cover all
         college work completed. If necessary to mail, have transcripts forwarded to address
         given on cover letter.

      3. Graduate School Applicants – Enclose or mail one copy of transcript(s) to
      cover all college work and graduate school work completed unless you have previously
      received George E Trimble Scholarships. In that case, only graduate school transcripts
      are required.

      Recommendations (to be supplied with applications):

      1. One general letter of recommendation from a member of the academic teaching staff.

      2. One general letter of recommendation from persons outside your current academic
      setting (exclude family).

      Letters of recommendation may be mailed with application or mailed separately to
      address as stated on cover letter.
Financial Needs and Sources

Applicants are requested to complete the following financial statement of
anticipated income and expenditures. Applicants who depend on partial support
from their parents must have their parents indicate their approval of the
information by signing in the proper space.

Estimated Income                              Estimated Expenses

Personal funds (cash,                         Tuition and Fees    $_____________
 Savings, etc.)          $_____________
                                              Room and Board       _____________
Summer earnings to be used
 towards education     _____________          Books/Supplies       _____________

Parental support          _____________       Personal living
                                                expenses            _____________
Personal loans            _____________
                                              Transportation        _____________

                                              Unusual expenses
                                              (please list below) _____________

Total estimated income                        Total estimated
   for education           $___________       expenses for
                                               education             $___________

I have examined the above figures and consider them to be an accurate estimate.

_______________________________________                        __________________
Parent of Guardian’s Signature                                 Date

I affirm that all information I have given is correct to the best of my knowledge.

_______________________________________                        __________________
Student’s Signature                                            Date

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