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April2011 by keralaguest


									                    25th June 2011 Snowdens Field

We now have a Show dedicated website, which is great news. The website is now live, as it is new you will have to key in the address.

We have information on the Horse schedules and entry forms both available to
download and help you plan your day. If it’s a Stall booking, booking forms are also
available to download and submit. Details of the programme for the day are yet to be
confirmed but will be posted during this month. Classic Car/Vintage Vehicle entry
forms are also available as a download. Entry forms for the 12km run will also be
available at the end of March.

Our thanks must go to Tia Lush of Who ate my crayon and her husband Paul for the
website. Tia has done a great job once again capturing Crowland and the essence of
the show for us, which wouldn’t be possible without Paul who provides the great
photographs from the day, so BIG thanks to you both.

Anyone interested in joining in the WI Exhibition will find details of their Craft Classes
for 2011 on the website. There’s something there for everyone, children can enter a
decorated cake, and for those who often bake a cake but never enter, there area
selection of cake choices, Victoria Sponge (3 eggs), or Chocolate Brownies, why not
give it a go? You could be the Queen of Crowland’s Baking and not know it.

There are also flower classes, which promise a spectacular display of pew end
arrangements, arrangements using water, or quite simply a vase of flowers from your
garden. Nothing difficult, with the cost at 30p per entry, why not have a go and join in
the fun !

Plans for the Crowland Challenge are well underway with sponsorship agreed from G
M Frisby, Trucks Commercial, Crowland Cranes, Guillano’s and more to follow. Our
thanks to these sponsors and if anyone is interested in joining in by entering a team or
sponsoring a team please contact Trevor Harrison on 07930761768. This event alone
raised over £1000 for charity.

Our Show team maybe somewhat depleted this year due to illness, so if anyone is
interested in getting involved on the day, not necessarily all day but to offer a couple
hours relief we would love to hear from you. The show relies heavily on volunteers, and
those who join us usually have some fun, meet new people, so if you fancy joining in
please contact Helen on 07919912028.

Tom Henfrey            Chairman                                      01775-630548
Helen Turpin           Secretary to the Committee                    01733-211384
Lynn Wharton           Stall Bookings
Trevor Harrison        The Crowland Challenge                        01733212312 or
                       The Crowland Coach Trip                       07930761768

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