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									                                                  Berner Foods

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                                                  Going Beyond Generic CRM: Berner Foods Implements Pivotal
                                                  CRM to enable IsO Compliance and Improve New Product

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Customer Details                                                                                     orders, requests and issues. Not only was
Berner Foods                                                                                         Berner experiencing a disconnect between
                                                                                                     the outside and the inside sales teams, but the
                                                  Berner Foods is a market-leading supplier          inside sales reps were physically separated
Challenges                                        of quality food products, including natural        from the rest of the company.
•	 Needed to cost-effectively ensure high level   cheese, specialty performance cheese,
   of customer service                                                                               “This physical disconnect within the sales
                                                  processed cheese and soy beverages.
                                                                                                     organization and between sales and the rest
•	 Required better system for ISO compliance      With entrepreneurial beginnings as a Swiss
                                                                                                     of the company was creating a number of
   purposes                                       cheese maker dating back 60 years, the
                                                                                                     communications problems,” said Jason Ulrich,
•	 Improve the internal knowledge of customer     company offers leading-edge products to
                                                                                                     IT business analyst at Berner Foods. “We
   data                                           the supermarket, drug, mass merchandiser,
                                                                                                     needed a way to ensure that everyone was on
                                                  club, dollar store, specialty food distributor,
•	 Rapid growth expedited the need for a                                                             the same page at all times.”
                                                  foodservice and contract manufacturing
   CRM system
                                                  channels. Berner offers the fullest range of       The communications challenge was
Solution                                          packaging and process options in the industry.     exacerbated by Berner’s rapid business
•	 Pivotal CRM for Process Manufacturing          Its facilities are USDA- and AIB-approved and      growth. Ulrich said, “We have a meeting every
                                                  ISO 9001 certified and meet the demanding          week that’s designed to get everyone on the
Benefits                                          standards of virtually every major retailer in     same page, but you can’t rely on one or two
•	 Improved new product development by            North America.                                     hours a week. You need to enable effective
   streamlining requests and feedback on new                                                         communications at all times.”
•	 Improved Berner’s purchasing process                                                              Increase Visibility Into Program Results
   through the supplier relationship module       enable More efficient IsO Compliance               Yet another challenge for Berner was its
•	 Successfully track ROI on customer samples     Berner’s biggest motivating factor for seeking     inability to accurately track marketing campaign
•	 Better enterprise view of customers from       a CRM solution was its need to cost-               success, ROI of product samples sent to
   all departments minimizes errors and time      effectively ensure a high level of customer        existing and prospective customers, new
   delays                                         service. As an ISO-certified organization, the     product requests from customers and the
•	 Flexibility allows adoption to unique          company needed a more standardized way             success of new products. Reporting was
   business requirements                          to track and manage customer interactions,         burdensome because of the disparity between
                                                  interdepartmental communications, product          systems and databases, and the quality of the
                                                  labels and customer orders.                        data was often questionable.

                                                  Part of the ISO auditing process requires          Ulrich and his team realized they needed a
                                                  that Berner be able to track and report quality    centralized system and database that could
                                                  issues, nonconforming materials, corrective        provide not just a unified view of customers and
                                                  actions and preventive actions. Additionally,      prospects, but also real-time information on
                                                  because Berner is a private label manufacturer,    orders, quality control, product data, product
                                                  its customers continually audit its production     samples and marketing activity. Moreover,
                                                  facilities to ensure that quality levels are       because of Berner’s projected growth, the
                                                  being met.                                         system had to be able to operate on a large
                                                  Berner recognized that its reliance on disparate
                                                  data sources and a manual approach to              These challenges required much more than a
                                                  managing these critical processes was hindering    generic CRM system—they required a robust
                                                  its ability to meet customer expectations.         and comprehensive solution designed for food
                                                                                                     and beverage manufacturers.
                                                  Improve Internal Communications
                                                  Berner was also looking to improve
                                                  interdepartmental communications. For              A long-time Ross Enterprise customer,
                                                  instance, some of Berner’s salespeople are         Berner came across Pivotal CRM for Process
                                                  continually traveling; others work in an office    Manufacturing in 2005 and immediately began
                                                  daily as internal coordinators, supporting the
                                                  external sales team and processing customer

                                                                                                                                   Pivotal CRM | Case Study
                 evaluating the system and its potential fit with its                     departments to track issues affecting quality and customer
                 unique requirements.                                                     satisfaction—something Berner previously managed with a
                                                                                          series of spreadsheets.
                 Pivotal CRM for Process Manufacturing is a process
                 manufacturing–specific solution designed for the complex                 For instance, Berner can now track and manage
                 needs of all process manufacturers, helping them to integrate            nonconforming materials and finished product more
                 and manage the entire business while increasing competitive              efficiently. Customer service can also log and resolve
                 advantage.                                                               customer issues faster. And if a customer issue is related
                                                                                          to quality, a rep can now easily associate a nonconforming
                 After extensive evaluation, Berner purchased and deployed
                                                                                          material’s report number—as well as the issue’s severity—to
                 Pivotal CRM in early 2006 and has since enjoyed a number of
                                                                                          the customer’s record so that an adequate priority can be
                 significant benefits.
                                                                                          Better Organizational Cohesion
                 Much More than traditional CRM                                           Ulrich commented that Pivotal CRM has also improved
                                                                                          internal communications within the sales team. An internal
                 “Traditional CRM answers questions like how many                         salesperson can now see what an outside sales rep
                 customers do I have? Which ones are the most profitable?                 discussed with a customer during an on-site visit. Outside

                                                                                          sales reps can easily see all daily activity for a customer,
    Having all of this information centralized and                                        including inbound and outbound calls and e-mails, as well as
                                                                                          orders placed and shipped. And Berner’s marketing team can
    available to so many different departments has been                                   now better track and trend promotional campaigns and other
    a boon for our business. It keeps all of us on the                                    marketing activities.
    same page, and that helps us avoid time delays,                                       But according to Ulrich, the benefits reach far beyond
    costly errors and inconsistencies.                                                    the sales and marketing organizations. “Having all of this

                                                        ”                 Jason Ulrich
                                                    IT business analyst - Berner Foods
                                                                                          information centralized and available to so many different
                                                                                          departments has been a boon for our business,” he said. “It
                                                                                          keeps all of us on the same page, and that helps us avoid
                                                                                          time delays, costly errors and inconsistencies.”
                 What products are they purchasing? When did I last speak to
                 them?” said Ulrich. “But [Pivotal] takes this to a different level.      ability to adapt to unique Business Requirements
                 You can manage much more than customers and prospects.”
                                                                                          For Berner, the flexibility of Pivotal CRM has been a key factor
                 According to Ulrich, Pivotal CRM has enabled Berner to                   in the system’s success. One area where the company has
                 improve its new product development by streamlining new                  made a number of customizations is Pivotal CRM’s label
                 product requests and customer feedback on new products.                  management area. Berner routinely sends out samples
                 The system’s supplier relationship management module                     to customers and prospective customers. This process
                 has also helped improve Berner’s purchasing process. And                 involves managing and tracking more than 350 labels and
                 Berner’s quality control team uses the system to efficiently             an enormous amount of product information. Pivotal CRM
                 track nonconforming materials, corrective actions and                    allows Berner to better track these samples—along with
                 preventive activities.                                                   their recipes; label data; product cost; where the samples
                                                                                          where sent; and what, if any, orders were generated from the
                 By having a truly unified view of all customer-related activities
                 and processes, Berner can now perform detailed analyses
                 of how assets are being used from sales all the way down
                 to production, enabling it to better analyze trends, identify            the Future: Full Integration With Ross eRP
                 potential issues and capitalize on opportunities.                        Ulrich is excited about the upcoming expanded integration
                 “For example, we can now easily determine how many quality               between Ross ERP and Pivotal CRM. A long-time Ross ERP
                 issues a specific customer has logged with us this year, how             user, Ulrich said that while the benefits from both solutions
                 many samples a customer has requested and how many of                    have already been significant, this expanded integration will
                 those samples have turned into orders,” explained Ulrich.                be a key factor in the company utilizing the systems to their
                 “We can also see what the ROI on those samples is, as well               fullest potential. “Being able to take data straight from our
                 as calculate our cost of sale. And we can take it to an even             ERP system to generate more and better reports through
                 deeper level and see what our ROI is on specific marketing               Pivotal CRM will be extremely beneficial.”

                 Improved support of IsO Requirements
                 Pivotal CRM has also enabled Berner to more easily comply
                 with ISO requirements. The system allows many of its

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