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The Ultimate Soulmate Summit Kick-Off Event with Marianne


									                       The Ultimate Soulmate Summit
                   Kick-Off Event with Marianne Willamson
                             February 14th, 2011
Welcome to The Ultimate Soulmate Summit brought to you by The Soulmate Secret
and The Calling In The One online course, with your hosts, Arielle Ford and Claire
Zammit. We are so glad you could join us for our special live Valentine’s Day event with
honored guest Marianne Williamson. Marianne Williamson is an internationally
acclaimed spiritual teacher. 6 of her 10 published books have been best sellers, 4 of
these have been #1 New York Times bestsellers. A Return To Love is considered a
must read of the new spirituality.

Arielle Ford is bestselling author of The Soulmate Secret and Claire Zammit is the co-
creator of The Calling In The One online course. On tonight’s call, Arielle and Claire will
also be giving you an overview of what you will experience over the next 11 days and
how to prepare yourself to get the most out of it. They will also share their stories about
how they applied many of the tools you are going to learn in the Summit to manifest
their own soulmates and the essence of what they’ve discovered in the years of helping
thousands of people find true love.

On tonight’s call, they are also going to teach you how to cultivate the love
manifestation mindset and set a magnetic intention to calling your soulmate in 2011.
There’s no more powerful place to be to manifest love this Valentine’s Day. We are so
glad you could join us, and once again, welcome to The Ultimate Soulmate Summit.

Arielle: Good evening everybody, my name is Arielle Ford.

Claire: And I’m Claire Zammit.

Arielle: And we are so excited to be welcoming more than 50,000 of you to Day One of
The Ultimate Soulmate Summit. As we begin this journey together, Claire and I want
you to know that we are holding the space for you to use the next 11 days as a
springboard to creating the love of your life. We have gathered the world’s greatest
authorities and greatest experts on love to assist you in healing your hearts from past
disappointments in love, while sharing with you the best and latest techniques for
manifesting the relationship of your dreams.

It’s our intention that this summit provides you with the healing, inspiration, clarity and
action plan that will lead you to a deep, nurturing, and fulfilling soulmate relationship. 6
months ago, Claire and I were talking about how fortunate we both felt to be married to
our soulmates. We were talking about how loved and cherished we felt, and what it was
like to be able to live with your best friend, lover, partner and playmate. We started
wondering what it would be like if everyone had the possibility to experience love this
way. What kind of world would it be if lots of people had their soulmates? And how
much better would the world be with that kind of love in it.

And that’s when we came up with this idea for The Ultimate Soulmate Summit, an event
where the brightest and best love experts gather to share their wisdom and knowledge
so that everyone who truly desires soulmate love will have access to the necessary
steps to manifesting and achieving it.

Claire: Given that the response to the summit has been so extraordinary, we have over
50,000 people coming together in our circle of love. We thought, who better to officially
open our event this evening with a love invocation and blessing than our dear friend and
spiritual leader, Marianne Williamson.

In 2001, Marianne wrote one of our all-time favorite books on all aspects of creating and
sustaining spiritual partnerships, called Enchanted Love: The Mystical Powers of
Intimate Relationships, in it she writes, “Men and women need each other, at least now
as much as we ever did, but for a deeper experience than mere procreation or
protection. We need each other now to conceive of the miraculous things of the spirit.”
Marianne’s latest New York Times best-seller is A Course In Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual
Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever, her other books include: The Age of
Miracles, Everyday Grace, A Woman's Worth, Illuminata, Healing the Soul of America,
and The Gift of Change. So we couldn't imagine anyone we'd rather be here today with
to welcome us to the series and give us a blessing than Marianne. Welcome, we
appreciate you so much for joining us tonight!

Marianne: Well thank you so much, it’s an honor to be here at the beginning of such a
wonderful convocation. You know, in A Course In Miracles there is a line that says “An
idea is stronger when it is shared.” So you have two things going on, first of all the
sharing, the field that is created by this summit, and the time that you will all spend
together thinking the same ideas, feeling the same feelings, thinking the same kinds of
thoughts, and also you have the larger field, which is that this begins on Valentine’s
Day, so you have millions of people that are thinking of this very subject today. This
makes it a pregnant ground, the very fact that each of us has been brought to the
summit for our own reasons with our own history, with all of these issues in the days to
come and all the work on the summit, working on the fact that many times it’s the
barriers that we have against love coming have to do with pain and trauma we have had
in the past.

We all know intellectually you can be bitter or you can be better, but sometimes it takes
more than an intellectual shift actually let go of the hurt and the layers of hurt and
mistrust and fear that we have when it comes to letting love in. So I think that Arielle and
Claire, all of the work done here, has a tender and a gentle approach to looking at those
places in our minds and hearts, where we know, we don’t express in the ways that
make it easiest for someone to get close to us. The energy that surrounds us
sometimes does not make it easy for true love to get close to us.
And I think the fact if you are even on the summit, it’s because you know that you are
ready. You know that you are ready to let go of the walls that surround your heart. You
know that you are ready to find that deep haven within yourself. Whatever the love is,
whatever form that that soulmate experience takes for you, whatever form that that
intimacy takes for you, I know that at on some level, everybody here is aware that we
are swimming in an ocean of love. We are swimming in a universe, that is love, but at
the same time we often feel like in that poem, “Water, water, everywhere, but not a sip
to drink.” We know that love is everywhere, but we feel we can’t make conscious
contact with it.

So I think the first thing we should do tonight is to take a moment, to honor the process
that has brought us to this point. We take this moment to think of every love experience
that we have had before this very moment. And we want to think of all the people who
have been in our lives who we have thought of, for however long a period of time,
whether it was a night or a decade or 50 years, who we might have thought in our lives,
“This is my safe haven;” to remember that moment when we thought that, and to simply
bless them, and to release them. To release every relationship that we have ever been
in up to this point, to remember that in a very fundamental way, all that’s real, all that we
can retain if we choose too, is the love that was given us, and the love that we gave.
Everything else exists only in our minds. There is a line in The Course in Miracles that
says the past is over, it can touch you not. The love in your past was real, and nothing
else exists.

Sometimes we have in our past some very painful situations, very traumatic situations,
and in some people’s lives, some very heinous situations. But the miracle occurs in the
present. As we are willing to let go of the pain of our past, and to be open as I know that
in some way you are open, or you wouldn’t be here, to let the work that is provided here
by Arielle, by Claire, to take this present moment this eternal now, and once you’ve
given up, the pain and the trauma, and the barriers from the past, to let them enter with
you into a moment, right here, right now, where new ideas, ideas that you might have
known before, but couldn’t really allow to penetrate your heart before…

Tonight begins something new, and ideas you would not really have allowed to enter
into your heart before tonight, its time. You will allow new principles to enter your heart,
which you might have known before, but you haven’t really let them in before. New
kinds of looking at things, new perspectives, new commitments, new attitudes, new
energies, that you might have known before, but you didn’t really allow in before. That’s
what will happen in this summit, and if that happens, new people, some of whom you
might have even know before, you will be able to let in, as you have never let them in
before. When things like that happen, that’s when we understand the real meaning of

That is my wish for you, and I join all the people who are entering this night’s work with
hope and I enter this night with deep conviction between all the people; Arielle and
Claire, who enter here with expertise and ideas and guidance and illumination that they
are going to give to you. So let’s all join together and let’s just take this moment, as I
said we are honoring the past that brought us here at this moment. Every path, and we
are willing and open to be graced and to be blessed by a wisdom and understanding
that comes from beyond the mortal mind, and for this we pray:

Dear God, as we join here tonight at the beginning of this summit, we dedicate it to you,
we ask that it truly, dear God, be all that it can be, that it be lifted to its highest level of
creative possibility. May all people involved here in any way have their hearts and minds
opened as never before to receive just the insight, just the gift, just a nugget of wisdom
or a piece of information that truly will make all the difference. We know that you know
dear God, what each and every person gathered here most needs. What window needs
to be opened, dear God, open it. What door needs to be opened, dear God, please
open it. What space in mind or heart needs to be opened, dear God, please open it. It is
for this miracle, and these openings that we pray. We rejoice in advance, for we know
that our prayers are heard, and we consider it done. Thank you God, and so it is, we all
say, amen.

Arielle: Amen. Marianne, Claire and I thank you so much for making time for us.

Marianne: Well you are so welcome and I’m excited for every single person who is
going to be involved in what I know is going to be a very exciting and significant journey.
God bless you.

Arielle: Thank you so much, goodbye!

Claire: We want to remind everyone to visit to sign up to get Marianne’s
updates and visit Amazon to find out more about her wonderful book, Enchanted Love.

Arielle: So who is this summit for? Whether you are feeling you are so ready for love,
you are about to burst, or you are so disappointed with love that you are not sure you
will ever open your heart again, we want to assure you, this summit is for you. During
the next 11 days, our experts will prepare and inspire you manifest the love of your life,
while you willingly let go of the old, outdated, negative, and untrue beliefs about

For those of you who are hanging onto the myth that you are either too old, too fat, too
broke, too damaged, too unlovable for love, I want you to know that Claire and I are
here to love you, guide you and support you, and take you by the hand, step by step
into the love relationship of your dreams. And if part of your story about love is that all
the good ones are taken, we’ve got some really good news for you, it’s not true. There
are nearly 7 billion people alive on the planet right now, and half of them are single.
Statistically, there are more than 1.4 million possible soulmates for you. As my
grandmother always said, “There is a little bit for every pot, even yours.”

Claire: So whether you’re young or old, or straight, or bisexual, or gay, or if you’re not
sure what you are, whether you are a man or you are a woman, there is more than
enough love on the planet for you. We are going to take you by the hand and show you
how to magnetize it into your life. We’ve designed the summit to offer a variety of
approaches so that one or more will hold the key to opening your heart, to transforming
your limited beliefs, to understanding men or women in a way that will help you to create
a lasting bond, and give you the practical strategies you have been missing to make
yourself known and available to love.

Arielle: That sounds so yummy Claire. So we wanted to tell you a little bit about who we
are, and how we came to be with you on this evening. So 25 years ago, I had the great
good fortune to learn about manifesting, and I decided to take all the prayers and rituals
and processes that I learned about manifesting and apply them to my career.
I was a book publicist for many, many years. I worked with Deepak Chopra for 12 years,
I worked with Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Louise Hague, Don Miguel Ruiz,
Neale Donald Walsch, Dean Ornish, Gary Zukov, Mark Victor Hanson, Jack Canfield,
and my sister, Debbie Ford. And I never really thought about applying them to my love
life until I got to be 44. But along the way, I learned a few things from some of the
experts you are going to be learning from in the next 11 days.

Some people think of me as a bottom line person, I speak my mind, I don’t sugar coat
things, I kind of call things as I see it. While this communication style worked really well
in my career, I found out it’s not a quality most men don’t find endearing or attractive. I
want to share with you a kind of embarrassing story. One evening when I was in my
early 30s I went out on a date with a man who was pretty superficial and obnoxious, but
he completely and unintentionally said something that really changed my life. He said to
me “You know Arielle, you are one tough and powerful woman, and I’ll bet you scare the
shit out of most men.” Then he tried to kiss me good night, but I dodged him and got out
of the car. But his final words to me were like a negative audio loop that kept playing
over and over in my head again. All I kept hearing in my head was “You know Arielle,
you are one tough and powerful woman, and I’ll bet you scare the shit out of most men.”
And up until that moment, I had never ever thought of myself as either tough or
powerful, but the thought just wouldn’t leave my mind. What if he was right, what if that
was how I kept showing up to men?

I was just incredibly embarrassed about the whole thing and I didn’t talk about it for
years to anybody. Then one day, my friend, Marianne Williamson, invited me to a
lecture by Dr. Pat Allen, and Dr. Pat Allen is a psychologist with a reputation for
providing women with strict dating rules that if you follow them precisely will lead to
marriage. That was the promise that got me in the front door of the first time I ever
heard her speak in Westwood, California. But what kept me coming back were her wise
and wonderful insights about masculine and feminine energy.
As it turned out, my practical assertive and result oriented approach to work meant that I
was living almost exclusively in my masculine side, while I had managed to sort of
suppress and hide my receptive, creative and feminine energies, they were actually
locked away. And during these talks, Dr. Pat would explain that both men and women
equally possess male and female energies. It’s actually okay for a woman when she is
working to tap into her masculine side, however, if you want to date and end up with a
masculine man, I would need to learn how to access my feminine energy. Because it’s
actually the polarity between masculine and feminine that really generates harmony and

So for the next several months, Tuesday nights, Dr. Pat became my newfound religion. I
began to hear her talks over and over again. And the reason I needed to do this, was
because it was hard for me to embrace what I was hearing, it was so different. But after
I went enough times, I started to understand that a big piece to the key of my ultimate
happiness and having a relationship that I really dreamed about meant I needed to
surrender to my feminine energy when I was with a masculine man. I needed to find
ways to let go of what I would call “work mode” and shift into “feminine dating mode.”

One of the funny things I did to help me access my feminine energy was I took up belly
dancing. The more I could sort of move and slide my hips side to side, I ended up
unleashing this part of myself that actually wanted an audience. It was a really good
way for me to start to get into the feminine. Then the more time I spent with Dr. Pat, the
more I started to understand that after working all day, I couldn’t just go from the office
to a date. I needed to go home, I needed to dance, I needed to take a bubble bath with
lavender oils in it, put on some makeup, and change my clothes. Eventually I learned
how to embrace my feminine.

Then one day, I can’t tell you the whole story tonight, but we will kind of cut to the
chase, one day I woke up, I was 44 years old and I had never been married. I decided
my deepest heart desire was to manifest a soulmate. So I took all the prayers and
processes and rituals I used to manifest this great career and I began to apply them to
my love life. Within 6 months, I met Brian, within 3 weeks, we got engaged, and a year
later we had 3 weddings. This June we’ll be celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary.

I just want to end by sharing with you, that being with my soulmate has improved my life
on every conceivable level. Not only am I happier, I’m actually healthier and I’m more
successful, and I feel so incredibly blessed that I get to spend every day I get to spend
my life with my best friend, my playmate, my lover, and my biggest supporter.

Claire: You guys are such an inspiration Arielle; I just can’t imagine a man who is more
perfect for you on this whole planet than Brian.

Arielle: Thank you, I couldn’t either.
Claire: So I want to share with you how I came to create this series with Arielle. Really,
I never would have imagined that I would ever be teaching about how to attract love. It
was such a source of pain in my own life. Now I had a very powerful spiritual experience
when I was 16 years old. I really knew that I was here to make a contribution, make a
difference in the world. That my own personal and spiritual growth is what was most
important, so I had this repeated experience of getting into relationships and feeling
somewhat stuck and somewhat trapped and having disappointment after
disappointment. I also had this dynamic where I would end up becoming their mother in
some way. I would feel alone and exhausted and depleted and somehow, my own
mission was suffering as a result of being in the relationship. So I really thought I had to
choose, either it was my mission, or it was love. So I chose my mission.

So I spent years by myself, and I achieved great things. I nearly completed my Ph.D. in
transformative learning and have had the opportunity to teach thousands of people and
work with some of today’s leading teachers and thinkers, creating extraordinary things.
I would come home at the end of contributing so much to other people and I would just
feel sad. One night I woke up at about 4 o’clock in the morning, just filled with an
overwhelming anxiety and knowing that I was on a path of leaving this world without
experiencing the love that deep down I yearned for. I yearned for a partner who was a
true equal, who I could really grow with, who I could share all aspects of life; and
something inside of me, in that moment, just knew there something was off.

I was fortunate because my new best friend at the time, who is now my teaching partner
in Calling in The One, Katherine Woodward Thomas (she just published her national
bestselling book, Calling In The One: 7 Weeks to Attracting The Love of Your Life that
was all about identifying your hidden barriers to love). Now I never thought I had any
hidden barriers for love, because I had yearned for this kind of love since I was probably
7 years old. But at this point, because I had that experience, I was coachable. I
surrendered to the process, and I began to see there were core beliefs that I had about
men lacking capacity. I had a core belief about my own value, that I wasn’t really worthy
of receiving love. As a result of engaging the processes in the course, I really began to
learn how to be much more vulnerable and transparent. I recognized that if I had
manifested a strong, capable powerful man, that I wouldn’t have been able to receive it,
because I was deep down actually feeling somewhat insecure. So I had a really
profound transformation working on these areas.

We are going to teach you how to do many of the process in this series itself. Katherine
is going to be on, I’m going to be teaching, and we have many wonderful teachers who
also go into this area of transforming core beliefs. I found immediately that what
happened was the kind of men that I was attracted to completely changed. One of what
we call “power statements,” the men in my life were more powerful, advanced, and
successful than me in ways that gave me a space to rise into the fullness of my
greatness, because I never had that experience. I never had an experience of having a
man that was up underneath me in a way that I was growing and developing, that I had
to kind of run to keep up with.
It was amazing, completely different men began to show up. I did a visioning process
that we also teach in our course. I began to have a vision of this extraordinary man, and
through a series of incredible synchronicities that we are going to share in our interview
in this series, Craig and I will be speaking together about what happened, the specifics
of it. Amazing experience of synchronicities, we both had premonitions of meeting each
other, and it was pretty much love at first sight. Really, if I had gone into a laboratory to
design the perfect partner, my now husband is more extraordinary than I could have
ever imagined. He truly challenges me and holds a space for me to grow. We are going
to be celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary this year.

It’s amazing because I look at what has happened in my life as a result of meeting my
soulmate. And that is because the potential of my contribution, who I am as a person,
everything that I could have dreamed of in terms of my own life, and work and passions,
really come into manifestation, and I look back at that old idea, that I could either have
my mission, or I could have a partnership, I just kind of see the craziness of it. The truth
is we need partnership; we need relationships, deeply bonded intimate connections to
really thrive. To become ourselves, to realize our gifts, to make our biggest contributions
to the world, and there is absolutely no external reason that anybody can’t have this
kind of love.

That’s really what we have seen, Arielle and I, in working with thousands of people now,
from all parts of the world. That you can have a deep and profound love in your life, we
need each other to realize the potentials of who we are, regardless of your age, your
history, your body type, or your financial status. You deserve to have love and
partnership. It is not easy to know where to get started in overcoming these barriers and
obstacles that most of us who’ve had to support men in the past, or have conflicts such
as your career, for women particularly, you know we have to go into our masculine to
achieve things, and that’s very hard to shift back like Arielle was sharing. And you know
for men as well, it’s a very challenging time as far as the expectations between men and
women in relationships to be able to create a relationship that is truly satisfying and

There are so many different approaches out there that address all of these issues and
all of these areas. Which one will work best for you is really going to be the key that
unlocks where you have been stuck up until now, and isn’t always clear. You may have
tried many of these approaches and had difficulties in having a breakthrough in
attracting and sustaining great love in your life, and most likely it’s because you haven’t
been applying the right approach. You might think it’s a belief issue, when actually you
might have a good online profile. Or you might be doing all these things right to go out
and market yourself, but really you have core beliefs that are in your way. So we really
found that you need the right tools at the right moment wherever you are on your
journey to creating love.

These obstacles really have to do with four key areas that we have created a specific
program in the summit to address each of these areas. So you may find it’s actually this
area of being able to let go of an attachment to someone in your past, this was one of
my core ones as well. There was someone I had an attachment with, I had done all the
processes, the rituals, like cutting the cord, but I still couldn’t let go of that person in my
past. I thought that I did, but I really hadn’t. There were a couple of techniques that
really did end up helping in being one of the things that made the difference. The other
area is, like in my story I just shared, you may have limiting beliefs about men, about
women, about relationships being a trap in ways that are unconsciously keeping love at

Or like Arielle was sharing, you may be out of sync with the opposite sex or whatever
sex you fancy. Especially this is true if you are a conscious, successful woman. It’s very
difficult to embrace the feminine without feeling vulnerable, without feeling like it’s a loss
of power. This is something that is important to do and cultivate, to be able to attract the
kind of partner that would be satisfying and fulfilling.

The final area is just these practical skills about understanding how to navigate the
dating process. For me, I hadn’t dated for years, and lots of people really struggle with
when to open up, when to be intimate, when to hold back, and there’s so much
conflicting advice out there. Or getting online and getting 500 peoples responses! And
how to navigate that. There are lots of places that we get stopped.

Arielle: Claire you did a great job of outlining all the reasons we created this series.
Because even though we both run our own courses in the area of manifesting love,
there’s just so much more to know. We want you to know we carefully selected the best
of the best of the world’s leading experts in the four approaches to manifesting love. We
did this so we could save you time and the headache of having to sort through all the
information yourself. Each expert in the summit is going to give you the essence of their
unique approach, step by step, in our special soulmate seminars that they’ve created for
this event. Most of them have been teaching for many years, their books and other
materials have been out there and they’re published. But what we are really thrilled
about is that, with the summit, we are able to get their very latest thinking. The
exercises and tools that can fast track you to having a breakthrough with each

Now you may decide in the future that you want to go even deeper with one of these
approaches, and that’s just great, but we want you to know that we want you to connect
in the next 11 days with the path that will most empower you to attract the love in your
life. That’s what we truly care about.

Claire: Want to hear a few highlights about who you are going to meet in the summit.
How it’s going to work. How you are going to be able to access the seminars online.
What you are able to do if you can’t make the live broadcast. Then we are going to end
tonight teaching you how to get what we call the love manifestation mindset. We have
discovered in working with so many people, it’s really the foundation for being
successful at manifesting love with whichever approach you apply. We are going to end
by teaching you how to set a powerful intention for love. We want to encourage you to
write it down, so you can repeat it, go over it all the way through the series. If you have
a pen and paper standing by, you are going to need that a little later on.

Arielle: One of the main areas, one of the key four areas we are going to be talking
about, is “letting go of the past.” There’s a couple of pieces to this, the first part is, we
know, like Claire and I have dealt with in the past, some of you are still in love with
someone who is not your soulmate. It’s okay to still love somebody who is not going to
be your soulmate, but it’s really not ok to keep obsessing about them. So the first thing
we want to let you know is: stop trying not to love them. It’s ok to love them. In fact find
a little corner of your heart to tuck them away and continue to love them. Let go of the
obsession, and if you don’t know how; we have amazing experts to help you with this.
It’s about emotional freedom techniques, it’s about emotional maturity, having a toolkit
of things you can do to quickly and easily let go when your mind takes hold and you’re
spinning out of control obsessing about someone.

We have Debbie Rozman, from the Institute of Heart Math, which is one of the leading
think tanks and research facilities on the intelligence of the heart. She will be teaching
us the heart-lock in technique. We have Hale Dwoskan, from the Sedona Method,
another EFT technique that is remarkable; I use it every day. We have Nick Ortner,
from the tapping solution, who is going to tap us into emotional freedom. Tapping into
the letting go of the emotions and thoughts that are getting in the way. We are also
talking with Dr. Helen Fisher, who is the world’s leading scientist on the science of love
and attraction. She is going to share with us the brain chemistry that takes over when
you have been dumped in a relationship. Dr. Fisher has proven that when you have
been dumped, getting over it is harder than breaking a cocaine addiction. I know that
sounds crazy, but she is going to explain the science of why that is, and how to let go.
When I spoke earlier, I talked about Dr. Pat Allen, and she will be sharing with us her 60
day detox program for getting over and letting go of a past love that’s got you hooked.
We will also be talking with Neale Donald Walsch, who will talk us through the guilt and
regret we feel when we are the one who has dumped someone else.

Claire: So many things I have no idea about. [Laughter]

Arielle: It would have been useful if we knew it 10 years ago.

Claire: I wish I had known when I was in the throes of heartbreak, how to actually work
with that.

Arielle: I could have used that 60 day detox program many times
Claire: I know, and Nicks EFT tapping is amazing. He is going to actually take us
through the tapping process to let go of past emotional blocks or holding on to
something. And EFT, I had such a powerful experience recently, it’s not something you
have to consciously try to focus on. It’s not like when someone tells you “let go of the
past” “Great, how do I actually do that?”, it’s an amazing technique, it’s just going to
unblock your meridians and free that emotional energy in a way that’s going to just open
you up if that’s an area that you really struggle with.

The next area that our experts are really going to be going into is the area of
transforming core beliefs and inner obstacles. New York Times bestselling author,
Debbie Ford, who is really the queen of these inner obstacles and the shadow process,
is going to be talking about the shadow single life, how to unblock these inner barriers to
open up to love. She has a wonderful process that she’s going to guide you through
about identifying and releasing your on the line commitments. These are your decisions
you may have made without even knowing it, that are keeping you blocked in the
process of attracting a soulmate.

Decisions like, “I’m never going to take the risk to love again.” Or “it’s not possible for
me to have love.” Or “I’m not worthy, I’m not good enough.” All of those decisions that
you made about yourself, about men, about women, about love, the experiences of your
life without even realizing it, are these unconscious barriers in ways that influence how
we show up, how we relate to other people, communicate to other people without even
knowing it, that we are not really available. So Debbie is going to take you through a
very deep and transformative process to help you become conscious of what they are
and let them go.

Katherine Woodward Thomas, my dear beloved, one of my soulmates in this world and
teaching partner, is going to teach you about the Calling In The One approach. Why
preparing for love is more powerful than running out there and trying to find it. She is
going to really teach the essence of how you can identify and release these hidden
barriers. Really notice and become conscious of the specific behaviors that keep these
locked into place. So if you have a pattern of not being good enough, or feeling
unworthy, if that’s a core belief of yours, there are specific behaviors that you are going
to do when you are out meeting people. Or in some cases if you have a core pattern or
experience of being alone and never go out and meeting people. That’s the behavior, to
learn to say “yes” to invitations and opportunities, and learn to extend your energy out to
people. So she’s going to teach where the rubber meets the road in transforming these
core inner barriers in ways that will have you break free from patterns you may have
been processing for decades. This is the core process that worked for me and for her
and for so many thousands of our students. I’m going to share a little more about that
during the summit. We are really excited to have the opportunity to introduce you to that
Arielle: I’m looking forward to that section; that is such important work. The third area
we are going to be tackling is understanding the masculine/feminine dynamics. Allison
Armstrong, one of our experts, will be explaining the things that women do that drive
men crazy – but not crazy in a good way. And the things men do to sabotage
relationships with women. We also gave Dr. Pat Allen who is going to be explaining that
relationships are most successful when there is an exchange of complementary
energies, meaning one female energy and one male energy, or you might call it yin and
yang. She knows that one type of each energy in the partnership works best, but she
doesn’t define it based on your genitals, she says there are yin men and yin women and
yang men and yang women. It doesn’t matter if you are straight or gay or lesbian, if you
are going to be in a committed loving relationship, you have to decide which side of you,
the yin or the yang is going to mate. So how do you know what energy you are? She’s
going to go into this in more detail, but here’s a little snapshot of it. If you are the yang,
or the male energy, you like giving, protecting, cherishing. If you are the yin, or the
female energy, you prefer being receptive, available, respecting. Another way to look at
it is, if you are the male energy, you want your thinking respected first. You feel
comfortable saying things like “I think, I want.” If you are the female energy, you are
more comfortable saying things like “I feel, I don’t want.” So we are going to go through
this in depth with both Allison Armstrong and Dr. Pat Allen, as I mentioned in my life, it
made all the difference in the world.

Claire: Again, where were they all those years ago? I realized in learning all these core
insights in this area. I really realized how I was very scary I was to men, and I had a
story going on how there were no good men out there, no good conscious men out
there. I’m glad I didn’t meet my husband at that time of my life; I would have scared him
away for sure.

Arielle: Yeah, Brian and I always talk about how even though we were older when we
got together – I was 44, I was a first time bride at 44; we knew it was great we didn’t
meet a minute earlier. I wouldn’t have been ready, and he wouldn’t have been ready. So
the divine timing of it was just perfect.

Claire: So that’s something to remember if you haven’t met your soulmate yet, it is
grace. You may not have been ready to receive him or her into your life and we are
going to really work with you in the summit to support the intention that you’re going to
set tonight to make that happen now and really be the person you need to be to receive
them and really manifest the fulfillment of your vision of love.

Arielle: Tell them about the dating section.
Claire: Yeah the final section here is this area that we are going to be bringing you on
dating strategies and navigating the stages of dating. One of the things that I have really
found in the people that we work with is, you can do a lot of emotional processing, you
can do these exercise around letting go of the past, you can transform your core
beliefs, get in sync with the opposite sex, but if you don’t have dating skills and
strategies, it’s very difficult to know where to start. I’ve seen so many people get
stopped on knowing what to say, when you are out on a date the person wants to get
physical and you’re not ready. What specifically do you say? How do you handle that?
How do you navigate the different stages of intimacy? You feel an amazing connection.
How soon is too soon to be really emotionally intimate?

A lot of our experts go into this area with specific strategies and advice. Specifically
John Gray, Dr. John Gray, author of the Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus,
I think his series has sold something like 40 million books. It’s amazing his level of
expertise having worked with so many people. He is speaking specifically on how to
navigate what he calls the “5 Stages of Dating” to create a lasting loving relationship
with your soulmate. He talks about the attraction phase of the relationship. In this first
stage there is an initial attraction. You know men and women do this in different ways,
and need to do this in different ways to attract each other in a way that is going to create

What follows that is what he calls stage 2, which he calls “uncertainty.” He really shares
about the biggest mistake many people make is when there is the uncertainty period,
stage 2. You will anticipate this is going to happen, you meet, there’s an amazing
connection, chemistry is firing off, and then there is a pulling back. The biggest mistake
we make is to put the pressure on to talk about where we are going with the
relationship. John shares with us this is the worst thing we can do in this stage of the
relationship, in uncertainty. Where we need to go is back to our own center, create a
space for the other person to come towards you. It’s not the moment to be having the
conversation, “Where is this going?” It really teaches you how to navigate that particular

Stage 3, which is “exclusivity,” and how to have the conversation with your potential life
partner, about “Are we getting exclusive?” And when to do that, and when not to do that.
He is really going to go into detail about how to navigate this conversation and the
danger that can also happen in this stage is that we can get too comfortable and stop
doing the little things that make our partners feel special. That leads to the next stage,
stage 4, “intimacy.”

He shares that you can’t really begin to fully open up and share your innermost feelings
until you get to stage 4. This is a mistake many people make in stage 1, during the
attraction phase of the relationship. There is chemistry flying, so we reveal. John really
gives us the insight that we shouldn’t do that until stage 4 until there is a container. We
have been through stage 2, uncertainty, we are in exclusivity, and now we are at stage
4, which is the time to really be vulnerable, transparent, to share, let your guard down,
let who you are fully, the wholeness of you, become fully visible, seen and known to
your partner. And if you are able to navigate that stage of your relationship, it leads to

Whether that leads to marriage, it leads to commitment, a long-term committed
relationship. He also shares that is a very, very important stage of the process of
bonding to a partner before you have the responsibility of marriage, and having a house
together and paying bills. Very important in the engagement stage of the relationship to
be making lots memories; happy memories that will really be the anchor points for your
relationships as you weather the storms of love and partnership. So it’s just so helpful –
this map he’s going to give you, about the attraction stage, navigating uncertainty, to
exclusivity, to intimacy, all the way to long-term commitment. Again, I wish I had this
information. I did the wrong thing, I would have a connection with someone, we would
meet and I would just pour my heart out, then they would pull back, I would say “Where
is this relationship going?” And it wouldn’t end up going well.

Arielle: I used to drag them into therapy. “What’s the matter with you, why can’t you see
I’m the right one for you?” [Laughter]

Claire: Worst timing in the world. So these are great practices about what to do. We are
so excited to be giving you that information. Evan Marc Katz, one of our other favorite
soulmate experts, is going to be talking about finding “the one” online. How to attract
quality people in the online environment. He is an absolute master at teaching you a
couple of simple shifts that you can make in how you can go online. Things like, “Which
sites do I go on? How do I set up my profile?” A lot of these things that get us really
overwhelmed in the process of making ourselves visible and known. He’s going to teach
you how navigate that with ease and grace, in a way that will reduce the number of
responses that you get, but will elevate the quality of the people that are responding to
you. He also has amazing advice about how to avoid the chemistry trap, and how to get
a really accurate, clear picture about the difference between settling and being open to
the possibility. You know, the mistake most people make when they are assessing
whether someone is the right person when they are out online, or they are out dating.
So many people will often make the mistake of eliminating somebody who actually is
their soulmate, because they many not necessarily be your “type” or what you are
looking for. He recently wrote a great article about how he didn’t know his wife was his
soulmate until 6 months after they were married. So he’s going to share his story about
that and insight to ensure you don’t make a mistake when you are dating so you don’t
eliminate your soulmate. That you are able to be open without settling in a way that
ensures that you attract someone and create a realationshp with someone who is in line
with your values and has a very high character and is going in the same direction as
you, that you can create a deep and fulfilling lasting bond with.

Arielle: Evan is just amazing, if I had to do online dating, I wouldn’t make a move
without talking to him first.
So here is the really great news, you don’t have to wait to meet that special someone to
begin experiencing the heart-opening, soul-stirring feelings of love. By being here
tonight and jumping in and listening to our experts over the next 11 days. You are going
to being living in a constant conversation of love.

Guess what? That awareness creates more love, it makes you a magnet for love. I
know you have heard the old adage, “What you put your attention on grows.” When it
comes to love, this is 100% true. So with each love expert, new paths to love will be
revealed, and you are simultaneously going to pick up their proven tips and techniques.
So even those of you that are nursing a broken heart, or if you are feeling resigned,
because of multiple disappointing relationships. Trust me, Claire and I feel your pain, we
have been there, we know what that feels like. We want you to know that our experts
are here to offer solid advice for healing and resolution and completion.

Good for you for taking this first step to manifesting love by being here and registering
for the event. We are going to teach you all kinds of new love skills, and even though
they may not happen instantly, we know that if you dedicate the time each day for
focusing on love and prioritizing love in your life, you will get there.

Claire: So we want to give you an overview of how it’s going to work, and how you are
going to access all of these soulmate seminars and interviews with our inspiring
soulmate couples. So every day for the next 11 days, we are going to email you a direct
link that will give you all the information that you need to participate in that day’s event.
Including a website path to our virtual event room. For the next 11 days, from today
February 14th, through the following Thursday, February 24th, each day there are going
to be 2 soulmate seminars. These are going to be with our experts on a specific topic,
where they will take you on a step-by-step approach to manifesting love. Plus there is
going to be a bonus interview with an inspiring soulmate couple. We have amazing
soulmate couples like Dr. Joan Borysenko and her husband Gordon Dverin, and Neale
Donald Walsch, and his wife Em, Arielle and Brian, my husband Craig and I are going to
be sharing as well as a lot of other amazing soulmate couples. They are going to share
about how they attracted each other, what their manifestation process is. We find that
these stories really help to anchor us to a consciousness of possibility, which really
helps us in our journey to manifesting love in our lives.

If you are online, you can see the full program schedule, complete with a calendar of the
event days and the titles and the speakers at The sessions are
going to broadcast at 12 noon Pacific Time every day. If you can’t make the live
broadcast don’t worry, the recordings of the soulmate seminars each day and the
soulmate interview are going to be available for free for 24 hours after the initial
broadcast. We structured the event this way to make sure it’s possible for everyone to
access the information regardless of your time zone or financial resources.
However, we want to encourage you to consider investing in one of our upgrade
options. If you think you might miss one of the seminars, as they all build on each other,
it’s important to be working on all these areas that we shared to discover where your
particular barrier to love might be. Or if you think you might like to listen more than once,
or you’d like to get a written transcript, as opposed to taking notes to deepen your
engagement with the material. Or if you would rather listen to the audios on your iPod or
mp3 player or get the CDs to listen to in your car on the way to and from work, as
opposed to at your computer. If you would like to refer back to the teachings and put the
lessons into practice, and anchor yourself into the consciousness of love through
repetition, listening again and again. Or if you would like to share the highlights with
your family and friends. So often I will hear tele-seminars and they will say something
amazing and I will want to write it down or go back and share it with someone I know
that could really benefit from it. So if this sounds like you, we want to encourage you to
invest in either our Platinum Plus or Gold upgrade options. So by choosing one of these
upgrade options, you can listen anytime, anywhere, and have access to a ton of
fantastic bonuses, to be able to really embed the information in your subconscious for
maximum results. We are also more than happy for you to share the materials with your
family and friends.

Arielle: I know for me, especially when I was going to Dr. Pat’s seminars in Westwood,
I wish I had them on CD to listen to in the car 24/7. For me that helps, hearing it over
and over again, each time I hear something, I find something I missed. As someone
who has been a seeker for a long time, I learned that in order for me to get long-term
results and transformation, repetition is key, because I learned that repetition creates
habit, and habit creates lifestyle. So when you do have unlimited access to these
lessons; you will have the resources to do exactly what you want to do. To listen over
and over again, to put it away for a while and then come back to it, and really go deep
with the information.

Claire: Again you can get all the information about the schedule and the upgrade
options if you want to own the recordings. Either download the digital recordings or
invest in the physical CDs by going to, you can see the whole
program and calendar of events there as well.

Our most popular upgrade option is what we call the Platinum Plus, VIP All-Access
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listening back to each of the sessions.
You are also going to get, one of the things we thought, we wanted to give a couple of
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soulmate. So we put together 2 bonus packages, called the Relationship
Communication Secrets package, and the Love And Sex Secrets package, so you can
avoid these mistakes many people make when they first get into new relationships.
There is a whole new set of problems, once you actually find the one about what to do.
So our bonus packages really address these issues in the Relationship Communication
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The other option is the Gold Package, where you get pretty much the same package,
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to give you a refund for the next 6 months. We feel this is “even better than money
back”. We really want to support you, to honor your knowing if you are feeling called to
make sure you have long term access to the audios from the summit.

Arielle: Thank you Claire.

Claire: And again,, you can go right now and visit and find the full
program details of the live broadcast and the Gold and Platinum upgrade options.

Arielle: One of the things we promised to give you tonight, is how to create the “love
manifestation mindset,” so Claire is this a good time to do that?

Claire: Absolutely, this is absolutely the difference that makes the difference, regardless
of whichever approach you use.

Arielle: So for those of you who have not been living around here for a while and don’t
know what the law of attraction is, let’s start with that definition, because that’s what
made the difference for me, the law of attraction in manifesting my soulmate. The law of
attraction. The law of attraction states that we draw to us the people, places, and
experiences that match our state of being. The good news for most of you is that you
already know how to manifest. You’ve done it many, many times. Maybe you didn’t think
of it as manifestation, but you’ve done it. Whether its creating a new job or new place to
live, or parking place, or finding a little black dress at the mall. So you have used your
manifestation muscles before in the past, so what I want to do is teach how to do is how
toy strengthen them in the area of romance.

One of the first things to understand, when you are manifesting, is to understand the
difference between wanting versus knowing. When we are in a state of wanting, or
needing, or hoping, or dreaming, or wishing, all we are going to draw to us is more of
that same feeling, wanting, hoping, dreaming, wishing, yearning, which doesn’t get you
close to that relationship that you truly desire. So we need to make a shift, and the shift
is to knowing, to knowing and trusting that the one we asked for is already ours. Our
perfect right partner is out there, right now, just waiting for us to put out the cosmic
welcome mat. I shared with you earlier, that statistically there is more than enough love
in the world, and the soulmate possibilities are truly out there. So it’s time for you to
choose to believe and own and embrace and live in the knowingness that your perfect
right partner already exists, to get out of the wanting.

If you can’t make that shift on your own, then when you’re listening to Hale Dwoskin
about the Sedona Method, work with him on that, when you are listening to Nick Ortner
on tapping, work with him on that. We have so many experts who can help you move
from the space of wanting to knowing and believing. Tonight I want to give you a little bit
of homework which we will use later on in the conference. The first piece of homework
is, I want you to make a list of all the things you don’t want your soulmate to be. You
can look at your past relationships to come up with that. You can say “I don’t want my
soulmate to be a liar. I don’t want my soulmate to be a cheater.” Those kinds of things.

Write it all down, whatever the “don’t wants” are. The reason we do this is because we
look to the past to create the future. The reason we do this is because you make a
second list and you turn them into powerful positive statements, so if betrayal has been
your issue in past relationships and you’ve written “I don’t want a cheater,” then you
write on your new list, my soulmate is loyal and monogamous. You start looking inside
and ask yourself, what is the heart traits and qualities that I truly desire in a soulmate.
You may end up with things like my soulmate is loving, kind, affectionate, generous, and
compassionate. Start to prioritize, what are those heart traits and qualities that are really
going to make your heart sing.

 Finally a third part of this is to start writing a paragraph that is about your lifestyle
together. I mean I really want you to go for it, and see your days and your nights, your
weekends, and your holidays and your vacations. Begin to marinate in the juiciness of
this life that you are creating with your beloved, put it on paper. Then on day 10 when I
am taking you through the soulmate secrets, we are going to use these lists to help you
create and manifest the relationship of your dreams.
Claire: Thank you so much Arielle, just beautiful, I really want to encourage everybody
to take the time to do that. It’s wonderful preparation, it’s actually the most important
piece of preparation that you can do, just anchor into your consciousness of possibility.

I’d like to share with you a process we teach in Calling In The One, about how to set a
powerful intention. It’s really about a shift from trying to get love, to moving into a
consciousness of trying of being a creator of love. So we want to invite you to set an
intention that is really an intention as to what you are up to creating or generating, as
opposed to wishing for love, hoping for love, praying under the phases of the moon for
love to happen. We have all been there, and we’ve done that. Instead we want to invite
you to set a powerful intention, and you as a conscious co-creator of your love life.

What I want you to do, is find some time where you can really let go of your mind and let
go of everything that is on your list and your preconceived ideas about what it is that
you think you may want. One of the things to want and to serve as a list of things to
have, but just put them aside. Instead take the time to ask yourself these questions to
close your eyes, to drop down into your body. Breathe all the way down into your hips
and really align with this consciousness of possibility. After doing this exercise that
Arielle just guided you through. Entering into a consciousness of possibility, really
breathing into a place inside of you, where you know you were not made to live this life
alone, that you were made for love, you came into this world to create, to experience, to
express, to create and contribute extraordinary, exquisite love and partnership.

From this deeper center, ask yourself the question, “What do I most deeply desire to
experience with my beloved?” Just listen for the answer from the deepest part of
yourself. “What do I most deeply desire to express with my beloved, to my beloved?”
Listen for the answer from the deepest part of yourself. Taking a breath and breathing
down to your hips and, “What do I most deeply desire to create with my beloved?
What’s the life I desire to create?” Asking yourself the final question, what do I most
deeply desire to contribute to the world through this union with my soulmate? What do I
most deeply desire to contribute to desire to my community, to my friends, to my family,
to the world through this partnership?”

Then look at what you have, look at the answers and craft an intention for love that
really captures your deeper desires of what it is that you most wish to create,

“My intention for love is to create an extraordinary, fulfilling partnership with a mate that
I can experience a profound mutuality of giving and receiving, where I can express the
fullness of who I am without holding anything back. Where we can create a life that
supports each other to give the world a gift in the biggest way. Where our relationship
becomes a model of possibility and contributes a sense of hope and really empowers
the vibration of love in the world, and contributes to the feeling of love and
interconnectedness in our world.”
That becomes your anchor, your stand, you are no longer waiting to get something from
the universe, or get something from life. You are standing as a powerful co-creator with
an intention to bring forth this exquisite love into your life, into our world, and in standing
in that place you will discover heaven and earth will begin to move on your behalf in
ways you couldn’t possibly begin to imagine. To bring forth everything you might need.
To realize it in our manifest world.

We want to encourage you to really take the time, you’re going to have this audio. You
are going to be able to download this audio, we are going to send it out tomorrow as a
recording so you can listen back to tonight’s audio, you will have that to keep. You can
listen to these exercises. We really want to encourage you to take the time to really
anchor into the love manifestation mindset and really set your intention for love in this

You are going to be in an open and receptive space to be empowered by each of our
experts through the 11 days of the series. So again, just a quick reminder, tomorrow
you are going to receive an email with the access codes, 12 o’clock Pacific Time, our
live broadcast for 24 hours. Tomorrow on the series we have Dr. John Gray and Carol
Allen, who is a Vedic astrologist; you can visit for a complete
schedule of speakers.

They are going to on that page, also have our program information page, there is all our
information about the VIP Platinum Plus upgrade. Where you can get the physical CDs
and the digital downloads and all the bonus workbooks and the Relationship
Communication Secrets, the Love and Sex Secrets bonus, sign up and get unlimited
access to all of our seminars with Platinum or with Gold if you just want to get the
audios to download, and the schedule is there also if you are going to be listening to the
live broadcast from your computer. Everything you need to know is there on that page So look for the email tomorrow, where you will get the
downloadable recording of tonight’s call so you can go back and check out the schedule
and mark which events are coming up. I think we want to close in a moment just with a
closing prayer.

Arielle: I just really want to thank you Claire for that really stunning and beautiful and
powerful intention. That was really wonderful. And everybody know that whatever option
you choose, please know that your really deserve to have great love in your life and we
are standing with you. Having worked with thousands of people we know beyond a
shadow of a doubt, there is no external reason why you can’t have big love in your life in

So take the time to listen to these audios, we have invested a lot of time and energy and
care to bring you really the very best information from the worlds most experienced
experts. And we truly know that one or more of these approaches are going to provide
the key that will unlock your love destiny. So Claire, if you will close us out with a prayer.
Claire: Thank you Arielle. We are going to be standing with you every step of the way
and holding your hand through the 11 days of the summit, we are so grateful to have
the opportunity to have you in our circle, and we are standing with you to manifest an
exquisite love in your life. So let’s just imagine we are coming together in our global
circle of love over 48 countries represented, over 50,000 of us, in this moment, if we can
just sense into and extend our awareness into the powerful collective intention of this
moment. And just taking a deep breath, closing your eyes, allowing your awareness to
drop down into your hips, down into your legs, down into the soles of your feet, and into
the heart.

Just breathing deep into the yearning for love. Expanding your awareness to anchor into
a sense of possibility. You can have an extraordinary love in your life. You were made
to experience, express and contribute big love. And in this moment you say “yes”
together we say “yes” to the greatest possibility of love in our lives. We let go of any
inner obstacles or inner barriers and we move into this next 11 days deeply connected
to our own intuitive knowing, receptive and open to the power of this collective field of
intention and support. Knowing that we are here together to midwife miracles for
ourselves and each other, and as each one of us takes a stand for possibility and says
“yes” to love, it becomes available for all of us. And for the precious gift of this
opportunity to awaken to the fulfillment of love, we say together, “Yes!” And thank you
and so it is, and so it shall be.

Thank you so much everybody, we love you, we will stand for you. Happy Valentine’s

Arielle: Yes! Happy Valentine’s Day, Claire!

Claire: Exquisite, extraordinary, amazing time on our planet. And it really couldn’t be
more important right now for all of us in the world right now to be anchoring into a
vibration of love in our world in our planet, to really midwife the world through this period
of time. It’s very, very exciting. So we look forward to seeing you online and in the
series, much love, and much blessings.

Arielle: We will see you tomorrow, good night, everybody!

Claire: Good night.

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