FIME - PayPass Terminal debug combination testing by dfgh4bnmu


                                                                                  FIME can help you in
                     PayPass™ Terminal                                            performance optimization
                                                                                  thanks to our expertise in:

                     debug combination                                            • Chip and Antenna design

                                                                                  • Card and Reader
                     testing                                                      technologies

                                                                                  This service is provided on
In our constant search to offer new services that will help our customers
achieve their certification goals, FIME now proposes a new MasterCard
PayPass debug combination testing.                                                Benefits
                                                                                  • Assess your product
Debug combination testing is an excellent way to prepare your product for         performance based on
                                                                                  approved PayPass cards
MasterCard Type Approval session and allow you to identify at the early
stages of your project any possible issues with combination testing, correct      • Provide incentive information
                                                                                  on your PayPass card weak
them and make sure your product will pass formal MasterCard combination           points
testing.                                                                          • Accelerate your preparation
                                                                                  for PayPass Type Approval

                                                                                  • Increase your chances of
Test description                                                                  passing your Type Approval

The test consists of checking transactions between the terminal under test
and a few reference cards at various distances and positions. Due to              Contact
confidentiality required by MasterCard regarding the reference devices, this
                                                                                  For further information or
test is done without your presence at the laboratory (based in Caen or            quotation, please contact our
                                                                                  sales team.
Taiwan). Combination testing is automatically controlled by a robot in the
operating field indicated in PayPass specifications.                    
The panel of reference cards depends on the terminal type:
• M/Stripe terminal: a panel of 6 reference cards (5 M/Stripe and 1
   M/Chip) is used.
• M/Chip terminal: 7 cards (2 M/Chip and 5 M/Stripe) are used.
NB: These numbers may change upon MasterCard’s request.

Testing time

A terminal debugging session takes 2 days. Testing can be scheduled
within an average of 3 weeks after your formal acceptance of our proposal.


In the end of the testing session, FIME sends you a final standard report.
Note that this report will not mention the brand name of each card
according to our MasterCard non discloser agreement.
In case of failures, we will be glad to help you further with expertise and
supply a report that provides transaction analysis. This kind of report is very
useful to explain failures occurred with cards. We can also perform re-
testing for the units with which failures occurred once your improvements
have been introduced to the reader.

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