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This report considers global obesity and overweight statistics and considers how different products and diets affect the body’s natural weight control mechanism.

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									Trends in Weight Management 2011

Published:June 2011
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This report considers global obesity and overweight statistics and considers how
different products and diets affect the body’s natural weight control mechanism.
The report also examines current health claims regulation for food and drinks and
explores recent developments in diet brands, key innovations in functional foods
and other strategies such as novel delivery methods and using social media.

Features and benefits

* Assess some of the latest weight management products and branded diet trends
on the market and understand what makes them popular with consumers.
* Review the current legislative changes affecting the weight management category
with a focus on the EU and the current status of EFSA opinions.
* Understand the current obesity statistics and demographics as well as the causes
of overweight and obese society.
* Identify the key factors for creating successful weight management program and
diet products
* Understand the biological mechanisms of approaches to weight management.

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The growth of obesity in has increased significantly from 15% in 1980 to 46% in
2010 in the US and from 7% to 15.5% in 2010 in the EU. This equates to 150
million adults and 15 million children in the EU expected to be obese by 2010
according the WHO. The US and France have the highest populations of overweight
men, and the US of overweight women.

Of the total number of claims assessed by EFSA, weight management represents
around 4%. About 35% of the 200 weight management claims have been assessed;
92% of these assessed claims have been given a negative opinion by EFSA on
grounds of characterization or of substantiation related to the claim of a cause and
effect relationship.
With more stringent regulations in the US and EU there is a decline in real
innovation. Opportunities for weight management plans and diet systems are
becoming apparent as regulations seem to be real less restrictive when exercise
and sensible diet plans with realistic weight loss claims are marketed as part of the
total weight management solution.

Your key questions answered

* What is the current prevalence and sociodemographic impact of overweight and
obese consumers in the US and EU?
* What are the key regulatory changes affecting the weight management category
in 2011 and beyond?
* What new technologies are weight loss brands using to communicate and help
their customers achieve their goals?
* What new developments have occurred in weight management ingredients
* What are the key biological weight-loss mechanisms to target with functional

Table Of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Global obesity and overweight statistics

Chapter 3 Weight management claims regulation

Chapter 4 Approaches to weight management

Chapter 5 Innovations in weight management

Chapter 6 Branded diet plans
About the authors
Mark J. Tallon, PhD
James O’Byrne, MBA
Aims of the report
Report structure
Global obesity and overweight statistics
Obesity demographics

Adult obesity and overweight
Adult obesity demographics in the US
Childhood obesity

Are obesity levels stabilizing?


Gender and socioeconomic issues

The causes of obesity

Social and cultural impact on obesity
Consumer spending behavior and obesity

The cost of obesity
Obesity policy and role of the government
Weight management claims regulation
Introduction to legislation
European regulations and weight management

Weight management claims
Jumping the hurdles for weight management claim approval
The future of health claims regulation

US claims regulation and weight management

Key weight management health claim enforcements in the US

Approaches to weight management
Research into the causes of being overweight and obese
Biological causes of overweight and obesity
How diets work

Central nervous system (CNS) stimulation
Metabolic modifiers
Tackling weight management through diet
Supplementation and functional foods for weight management

Innovations in weight management

Branded ingredients for weight loss
Novel ingredient applications for weight loss

Food and drinks products targeting weight management

Metabolic modifiers
Innovative delivery mechanisms for weight management products

Innovation opportunities for weight management products

Managing appetite
Targeting meal occasions
Psychological benefits
Beverages for weight management

Branded diet plans and regimens
Diet plan brands

Atkins Nutritionals
Jenny Craig
Nutrisystem, Inc
Weight Watchers International
The Dukan Diet
Key trends in diet plans

Convenience and snacking
Websites, e-tools, and mobile apps
Celebrity endorsements

Key strategies for success in the diet plan market

Regimens that advocate radical lifestyle changes
Gradual weight loss
Encouraging long term compliance
The future of diet plans and products: a positive and permanent lifestyle change


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