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									                                   Powhatan Words and Facts
                                           Bogdan Manga

Algonquian    English
                                        The Powhatan language, also known as the Virginia Algonquian,
wingapo       my beloved friend,
                                         has not been spoken for centuries because the modern Powhatan
                                         Indians speak English. However, some Powhatan Indians
raccoon       raccoon
                                         continue to use Powhatan today for cultural and religious
squash        squash                     purposes.
wigwam        house
                                        The Powhatan Indians lived in Virginia, where they famously
wow           wonder and awe             interacted with the Jamestown colony. Some Powhatan
werowance     chief, he is               descendants still live in Virginia today. Other Powhatan Indians
              wealthy                    were driven northward and their descendants live in Pennsylvania
necut         one                        and New Jersey.
ningh         two                       The most famous Powhatan Indian was Chief Powhatan's
nuss          three                      daughter Pocahontas. A lot of stories told about Pocahontas are
yough         four                       not true. Pocahontas was only eleven years old when she met John
paranske      five                       Smith, and they did not have a romance. The story about
crenepo       woman                      Pocahontas saving his life may not be true either. But Pocahontas
nemarough     man                        really did marry another English colonist, John Rolfe. It was the
yehawkans     houses                     most famous interracial marriage of the time. Pocahontas was
moccasins     shoes                      only 21 when she died, but many people are descended from her
tomahawk      axe                        son Thomas.
terrapin      sea turtle                The Powhatan Indians lived in wigwams and longhouses.
Powhatan      waterfall                  Wigwams were covered in birch bark and the structure was made
pokatawer     fire                       from saplings.
attonce       arrows                    In the past, Indian kids had more chores and less time to play, just
netoppew      friends                    like early colonial children. They did have dolls and toys, such as
marrapough    enemies                    a miniature bow and arrow or hand-held ball games.
keshowse      sun                       A website you can visit to find out more about the Powhatan
umpsquoth     moon                       Indians is
suckquahan    water
opaivwh       white
oussawack     yellow
musqua        red
mahcatawaiuwh black
mecher        eat
vunamun       see
nowwuntamen   hear
attemous      dog

                                          These are the types of
                                          houses the Powhatan
                                          Indians lived in. The
                                          top one is a wigwam
                                          and the bottom one is
                                              a longhouse.

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